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Posted by Anonymous

Was at Jimmy John's#2342 @2:15 pm on 3-29-17
The woman in front of me was trying to place her order & the cashier
could clearly not hear her!! The customer stated the reason you can't hear me is because the music is BLARING!! The customer said, you need to lower the music. I experienced the same problem & say for the manager, the manager Collin turned around & said, What I can't hear you! He, then went on to say the music is typically louder Thanh this & he can turn it up if we like!! So unprofessional & to think he is the manager..

Posted by Anonymous

I am a regular customer and have been pleased until today. I purchased a Tuna sandwich on whole wheat and a bag of Jalapeno chips. The sandwich was terrible!!!! it had more onions than tuna, too much mayo-the bread was soaked. I called and was placed on hold for 10 minutes before speaking with management. I expressed my displeasure with management and another sandwich was delivered which was exactly the same as the previous sandwich--Terrible. I paid $8.99 for an awful lunch and want to be reimbursed. I am extremely disappointed with Jimmy


Posted by Anonymous

I am appalled at the quality and customer service received in the Cumming, GA store. My bread was so hard I could not even bite into it. When I called "Hunter" the Manager, he said that is all they had when I came in, it was not stale, just overcooked, and if I wanted to travel back t the store and wait an hour, they would have fresh bread. I asked for the corporate office and he said "You'll have to look that up." He was condescending and rude. My company orders from JJ every week ... I will make sure that they do not any longer.

Posted by Timothy L Snyder

I live in Newark Ohio I've had Jimmy John's for the past three years I brag about the number 9 all the time two my friends the last two have been very very gross today there were so many onions that over buried a whole sub The Taste was nasty I had to spit it out I don't know what's going on with that store but somebody needs to check it out the sub there the last two times I've been very very bad I will not be back

Posted by jmv123

BAD CUSTOMER SERVICE & UNEATABLE SANDWICHES! I purchased three sandwiches & three chips at the Rolla, MO Jimmy John's yesterday. At the register I asked for a bag to carry them in. When my order came up, the sandwiches were not bagged so I asked the young woman for a bag. She snatched up a bag and slapped it down on the counter in front of me and walked off to chit chat with her friends. I tried to bag my sandwiches & chips on the small counter but dropped a bag of chips on the floor. This young woman was very rude. PLUS...the sandwich bread was STALE & the lettuce was shriveled and turning brown. We could not stomach to eat the sandwiches. I will not be returning to the Jimmy John's in Rolla, MO.

Posted by Anonymous

Employee was very rude at the establishment in Raleigh NC. I called to confirm closing for 12/24 16. I called 3 times, finally when someone picked up the phone he stated 'we closed' and hung up. I will not be doing business there again personally or my business.

Posted by Anonymous

I'm really disappointed in the service I received.
I was the only customer in the store so it wasn't busy and still my order was messed up. I received a slim 1 instead of a blt which I didn't discover until 15 minutes later when I was home. It wouldn't have been a big deal if I liked ham and cheese but I don't. I ordered 3 sandwiches. Getting 3/3 correct when it's not busy is not an unreasonable expectation.!

Posted by Anonymous

Just went to Jimmy johns for the first time and the staff at the niles ohio location wasn't very helpful and kinda of rude. Te girl's making my sandwich talking to another girl who works there and made my sandwich not how i ordered it n even gave me the completely wrong meat. Not sure i will go back just a bad first impression

Posted by PDM

I just visited the Jimmy Johns store in Maryland Heights MO. The worst Customer Service. I to ask for everything, no bag supplied for my food, no napkins, nor any condiments wasn't even asked . The young man that waited on me was very unaware acted like he didn't even care . I don't know if he was new and this was his first work experience but no joy about himself. They should be more careful who they place in these positions meeting the public.

Posted by Donald J Urban

My wife and i love Jimmy John's food. To my surprise we are at hotel in naperville il and the store i called told me no delivery could be made i was in a dead zone sorry no Jimmy John food for us. However the Jimmy john's store was less then 2 miles from hotel. I was turned down from 3 store with in 3 miles all told me dead zone sorry

Posted by Steve B

Jimmy Johns in Denver on Yosemite are very insulting to people who don't wish to wait on hold. I called twice, got recording, let go. Later I was accused of heavy breathing on their phone line. What jerks. I have COPD and the rep/punk i spoke to was very insulting.

Posted by Anonymous

I applied here in Wilmington NC for a delivery driver position. I recently retired .I am 62. Well I had the interview and did not get a call back. Today JJ has an ad for all positions all 5 locations. How about that. I have a clean driving record also no criminal history. So I can only guess that the young girl who interviewed me practices age discrimination. I am thinking of making a complaint to the EEOC. If this is JJ policy it needs attention quickly. Thank you W. Alverson

Posted by Anonymous

Near accident today with careless driver. Almost run over in parking lot. I'm elderly and would hope drivers pay better attention so someone isn't killed. Quick service should not be more important than safety.

Posted by Brain

I tried to make an order at the Riverton store in Utah 3/4 of mile from my home I live in Riverton they told me I was out of there boundaries and we're very rude heck with Jimmy john's

Posted by Customers Matter

Last night around 9:25PM, I made a call to the Jimmy John's Store on Snelling Ave. (80 Snelling Ave, St. Paul . I provided them with my address, I placed my order. I ordered two number 5's (Vito) and one Hunter's. The Jimmy John's employee gave me the total amount for the order which was about $23.00. I asked how long it will take for my food to arrive, he told me in about 30 minutes. Cool great, I can wait 30 minutes.

10 minutes pass by and I get a call from the Manager of the Snelling store. The Manager told me that they cannot delivery my food due to them not being able to delivery in my area. It is 9:35PM, I am hungry, my daughter is hungry and my boyfriend is hungry. The store that supposed to deliver in my area is the Midway store but that store was closed. (Midway store closes at 9PM). At this point I am upset due to the lack of care and customer service on the Managers part. I was told by the Manager that this kind of thing happens all the time. Well this is a problem within your store. I wanted to make a complaint regarding this kind of thing happening all the time. When you take a customer's address, the correct thing to do is Search the address first to see if you are able to delivery to that area. The incorrect thing to do is to take a customer's address, take the order, wait 10 minutes to call the customer back to tell the Hungry customer that we cannot delivery to you, this is wrong.

The Manager told me that we have new employees. Well it looks like Jimmy John's needs to provide better training to their employees but being a new employee has nothing to do with me. I do not care about your new employees what are you going to do about this incorrect kind of thing that happens all the time. I was very upset at the Manager. He accused me of harassing him, when I only wanted to make a complaint. (I am making a complaint and he accuses me of harassment, really, smh). Then he accused me of yelling. His tone of voice was the same as mines. He even told me he was going to call the police. I did nothing wrong at all. I was being accused of something I did not do; now this is very wrong the way I am being treated. I am an upset customer. At this point I am like ok I need your name. He would not provide his name at all. To me you have something to hide if you cannot provide your name; this tells you what kind of person you are dealing with. The Manager was very careless of my concerns; he was impolite and showed no customer service on his part as a Manager. I didn't even get an apology, sad.

This morning about 9:15AM I decided to call the Snelling Ave store to get the Managers name I spoke to last night. A lady answered the phone. FYI - the phone greeting was not friendly. She kind of answered the phone like she didn't want to be there, like she was unhappy or something. I guess you need to also train your employees on phone etiquette.

When I asked for the Mangers name the lady gave the phone to the General Manager. I asked the General Manager for the name of the Manager from last night. The General Manager asked me what was the problem... (at this point I do not trust or want to complain to anyone at the Snelling store anymore). I told the General Manager I just need the Managers name so I can make a Complaint to the Owner of the Snelling store. The General Manager would not provide me with the Managers name. I said, ok well I am pretty sure I can find out for myself, so I asked the General Manager for his name. He wouldn't even provide me with his name. What is going on, no one wants to provide names??? What kind of business is this??? In business the first thing you are suppose to do is at least provide your first name. Again like I said before, to me you have something to hide if you cannot provide your name. What is the Snelling Ave store Hiding??? I asked the General Manager for the name and number of the person who is above him. He wouldn't provide me with the information I needed. I told him ok well I guess I will just have to find out all the information I need all by myself. He told me good luck with that, you can try. Really this is coming from the General Manager??? If I want to get the contact information from your higher up the ladder of Jimmy John's it is really not that hard to do. It will take me phone calls, after phone calls, emails after emails and even this post of complaints. But guess what, my complaint will reach someone higher up.

In the Food/Restaurant business, when you mess up, when you make a customer unhappy and provide no customer service, when you show no concerns, you lose the customer for life.

I am upset, unhappy and disappointed with the Snelling Ave store. I will never go to that store again. Actually after the bad experience and mistreatment I had with the Manager and General Manager, I am no longer a customer of Jimmy John's. Really said because I really like your sandwiches and I purchase from there a lot. I am very unhappy and it will take a lot to win me back as a customer. I am a value customer at least show me that.


Posted by Anonymous

I am currently in store location camp Creek. I upgraded my 4.99 tuna to a #15 club tuna ...I could not recieve the double
Meat....Kevassajah is the manager as she has given me her name she is disgruntled and rude...she said I would be required to pay am additional 1.25....the sandwich has been made while we are arguing in front of staff and clients as my sister has already made a 17$ purchase and I came in with her to order separate. I am disappointed that they rather throw the sandwich away because they decided I could not have double meat as this sandwich can only have double cheese ...why when I chose double meet. I am a business owner and I cannot believe the behavior of the manager ....all other staff members were friendly and professional. I decided to go though Subway and I not only received accurate amount of meat the purchase was quick and easy atmosphere.

Posted by Anonymous

I Have A Compliant. I Went To Jimmy Johns In Oakbrook And Also Spoke To The Manager Mark. I Paid For A Sandwich And Chips And They Made It And Just Gave It To Me, Without The Chips Or A Bag. I Ordered Another Sandwich And They Made It And Gave It To Me, Without A Bag Or Napkins. I Asked For A Bag And They Said, This Is A Self Service Place, You Have To Take It. There Are 4/5/6 People Standing Around Starring At You, And If A Customer Requested A Bag, They Stood There Stating This Is A Self Service Place. The Worst Customer Service I Have Ever Seen. Finally I Said Wow, You All Are Standing There And No One Can Give Me A Bag (1 Der Was For Me And Second One For My Friend). Unbelievable!!! And They Forgot To Give My A Bag Of Chips.i Think You In Corporate Should Know About The Terrible Service With A Bad Attitude I Received.

Posted by Craig

I stopped at the New JimmyJohns site in Bridgeville Pa
Parked betteeen lines outside in the parking lot that had 2 vehicles in it rest of lot was empty .
Team member greeeted me outsisidd telling me delivery drivers need those spots .
Ironically, no customer in store . ( Guess Why )
Luckily I was able to go back to Jersey Mkkesul the road for another great Customee service experience and quality sandwich .

Posted by Tlm123

Your employees in the Woodfield mall location located in Schaumburg il. Need to Stop running in the mall. It's unprofessional and unsafe for people shopping!

Posted by Tony

Yes my name is Tony I spoke to somebody a couple weeks ago about a Jimmy John's in Lake Orian Michigan Fred is your manager there that he was rude to my wife and my kids what we decided to try it one more time yesterday and I'm very surprised that Fred is still working there and he was rude to our kids again so we will definitely never be going there again I'm very disappointed that this situation wasn't taken care of

Posted by September

9/21/2016 - between 5 - 5:30pm - Columbus Ohio - Cassidy Avenue near Airport
drive thru waited for seven minutes - could not wait any longer - turned corner and because of single lane with side cement barrier could not go around customer in front of me. Waited for ten minutes behind large black SUV so I could just drive home without placing an order as my two year old granddaughter needed to take care of an immediate need to get home. One of my main problems is once I reached the drive thru window NO ONE was there to apologize for the inconvenience. It is as if your employee disregarded any and all issues that kept me from doing business with your establishment. Is that OK with you? I have always frequented or place of business, but just in the past year there have been very disappointing circumstances that have made have second thoughts about re-visiting your particular establishment.
Two concerns: (one) Establishment a way out of drive thru line just in case there is a large order that should have gone inside.
AND (two) Hiring employees that do not interact with customers and let the customer know that they are sorry for the long delay so that the customer does feel that they should want to re-visit and give an apology for the inconsiderate individual who preceded you in line.

Posted by Anonymous

I am writing this to complain about over charges on 2 of my bank accounts for sandwiches. Between both account there has been almost 100. I have never authorized anything more than the cost of what I ordered. This is rediculous that these people think they can just add whatever they want and won't get called on it.I called a few days ago to get this fixed on No One has returned my call.

Posted by Ethel

Your online service is no good I ordered a #2
..and payment was take from my credit card and the manager DILLON of the Cenntenial.Co.store told me that could not bring my order I am 3 blocks out of there area...yet I have already paid for my food....

Posted by Anonymous

I called the JJ @ 4980 Beltline Road in Addison, Texas. The first person that answered by call spoke with such a heavy accent and did not have a sufficient command of the English language, that I had to call back and get another person. The second person sounded as if he was either high or annoyed because he had to take my call. He then said "wait, hold up", and then another person got on the phone. When I explained to this person that $32 for #10, #6 and #3, 3 bags of chips is too high. He said, that's the delivery fee. I asked him does the delivery fee go to the driver that will deliver, because that is incredibly high for that small order - he rudely responded no, it's for the store. I said you charge that much to put my sandwich in the same bag that you would charge if I went and picked it up myself. He said yes and hung up the phone. THIS IS NOT HOW YOU TALK TO CUSTOMERS AND HOW YOU CONDUCT BUSINESS. I have eaten at JJ's for years, and our office was delighted that this location added our office for delivery. However, given the horrible service at this location, this will be our first and last order with JJ.

Posted by Anonymous

Apparently no one trains the employees how to listen to and fulfill a customer request. Even though the request was repeated more than twice. And the employee assured the request would be fulfilled. If this was a one time thing, or they were completely busy I could understand. However this is the 3rd time and now Jimmy Johns has struck out. No one will get a recommendation for this place from our household. I understand that we are just one family but we will make sure others follow.

Add your review!

Posted by Anonymous

Look the woman I talked to who was the manager on 1/30/2018 at 8:44 p.m who took my order when I called in was so ridiculous itâs sad I just want someone to know so this is me just letting you know from Columbus Ohio Jimmy Johns on Cassidy Ave God bless you and that poor driver God bless her heart thanks

Posted by Anonymous

Extremely impressed that when I called the Jimmy Johns Corporate number listed, someone picked up immediately and was able to give the feeling that someone would look into the local issue that I had. Very impressed that their systems are all connected. I was able to give her my confirmation number and she was able to pull up the order.

Posted by Tiddy

I was in Jimmy John on Page rd in Durham today and Ashley was very nice she changed her gloves for me because I am vegan and I dont like animal products on my food. Some restaurants frowned upon me when I ask for this request. Kudos to Ashley. She deserves a raise.

Posted by Madoxm

So I work in streetsboro and order from jj's frequently. I've had such a good experience all the drivers are fast despite the heavy traffic and always deliver a good sand which. More importantly from whoever picks up the phone to the person delivering I've always had positive polite experiences. Small chats, people remembering me and my likes, I almost feel like they know my card number. You guys have an awesome team at streetsboro and I feel like I should have made this review a long time ago.

Posted by Kelley Brown

Thank you for your $1.00 delicious Vito sub sandwich. The long line at the Akron, Ohio location on South Main Street was rapped around the building; the line moved orderly and quickly.

Again, thank you corporate.

Posted by Anonymous

As a customer, I thoroughly enjoy your subs. However, I went to get one today & of course the line was out the door. I couldn't wait, because I had just come off of dialysis treatment. Anyway, the staff & some patients wanted to order. But you were not taking phone orders or doing deliveries. They had close to a $100 order. The staff only gets a 30 minute lunch break. So by the time each one made the trip there, waited in line, their lunch would have been over. Perhaps the next time this is done, you could deliver with a specific $ amount to be ordered with delivery charge. They had to order elsewhere, so they could send someone to pick up. I'm sure this wasn't the only business that missed out on this great deal. Not only that, but y'all missed quite a few $, I'm sure. Maybe next time. I'll continue to eat there. The food is good

Posted by Morgan

We ordered lunch to be delivered to our work, like we often do. Our delivery driver was this incredibly friendly and kind man who thanked us for our business. He is 74 years old and was a joy to talk with. He is presenting SUCH a good face for Jimmy John's. We hope he delivers to us again.

Posted by Anonymous

Since Tipping is not allowed, I would like to at least commend the Employees at you for the level of service that I receive. I happen to really love your Pickles and buy 10 to 20 at a time. I live in Chowchilla, CA which is about 40 miles north of Fresno. The length of time between trips determine the number of Pickles I buy. Because I can't digest (I'm 75 years young) the Skins, I purchase whole Pickles. It's easier to remove the Skins than the Spears in the Buckets. Also, after peeling them, there is not much left if they are small. This is where the extra consideration comes in. Your Pickles are not all the same size and there are some people that feel it doesn't matter if lot of then are small since you're buying so many at once. I must say the Employees at that particular Deli don't feel that way. I know (since I've worked at a Deli) that Pickle Brine is quite Cold, but they go to the extra trouble to make sure the majority of my Pickles are a nice size. If you're at or near the bottom of the Barrel, most of what's left is going to be small. That's when they will open a new Barrel to ensure that I get good selection. I travel quite frequently (and always try to find a JJ) and find that the Employees at some of your Stores don't extend themselves to that degree (you get what ever is there). Since those are (in most cases) situations I'm not likely to encounter again, I have not felt motivated to submit Comments. However, I do feel motivated to commend this Group of Employees. Thank you so much for your Courtesy and Professionalism.

Posted by Anonymous


Today was about our 4th trip back to the new Jimmy John's located at 83rd Avenue & Thunderbird in Peoria, AZ and once again, the team exceeded our expectations. A walk through the door brings big smiles from behind the counter and a fast step in their pace to serve us. During our short, short wait for our to-go sandwiches, the franchise order appeared and her smile, as always, is a mile long. Thank you to this team for always getting superior customer service right!

Posted by MKM

I was very impressed by the personnel at Jimmy John's in Faribault MN. They are very courteous, helpful and my husband & I received the quickest service we've ever received in Minnesota, not just once but every week when we patronize the restaurant on Fridays. (I had mailed in my comments several weeks ago but was not sure they went to the right department,
so am sending this accolade again. It is well deserved.

Posted by kevin

this is a walk in order. at the register I placed my order. the sandwich genious was 2 ft away, had to hav heard the order. nope still got it wrong. im on the road so cant realy turn around and go back. had similar problems 3 times. its a sandwich not an engine

Posted by Anonymous

Your are freaking fast!
I was in a meeting of about 20 people, at around 11:30 am we ordered out from various places.
Only one person ordered from Jimmy Johns. The Jimmy Johns order arrived at about 11:45 the other orders arrived about 1:00. We all sat there ( very hungry) staring at the Guy eating Jimmy Johns. This is a true happening but would make a great commercial.

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Posted by Shay

I recently was employed at the chillicothe ohio location. I missed one day if work an even called in. It was that afternoon being stalked an harassed by another employee by the name of terry copeland. He had taken pictures of me out with my family. I'm only 16 it's against the law to take pictures of minors with out there permission. The head owner had fired me becouse I was out in public an not inside on my day I took off. I'm very conserned about the picures he has on his phone that I've been told been showing them to others. I would to file a complaint on terry. I'm going to contact the police if nothing is done in 2 days. I do not feel it's right the way they handled it. Thanks

Posted by Blackgirlrocks

Wen i first started working at jimmy johns it was fun but now its bs the managers dont know how to talk to the employes they take you off of the schedule and dont even inform you the dodge you web u need important papers they dont reapond back to ur emails .

Posted by Anonymous

I do not like to typically complain but I work at one of your Jimmy CJohns in Colorado Springs. We have a new gm and he is constantly coming into work high. He does not handle stress well at yells when customers are in the store because he is running out of bread. I feel bad for the and hope this guy can get some mentorship before everyone in the storr quits.

Posted by Anonymous

Please.....someone needs to drug test employees at the Alexandria, Louisiana location 2539. (specifically the managers) The manager there is not effective at leading employees. She is manipulative, excessively punitive and dishonest. I have witnessed first hand how she talks to employees. Totally unprofessional. It would be a great idea to talk to several of the previous employees. I am certain that they can give you valuable information about her unstable, erratic behavior. She has been terminated from management positions in the past after she was required to seek anger management training. I think that Jimmy Johns franchise is a great one. I would hate to see a manager limit the new store's success!

Posted by Tatyana

I am a worker at 2485 Hamilton Ave Worthington MN, 56187. Me and a few others that work there would like to complain about your boss because he hasn't made a schedule for over a month and he callsaid us 15 minutes before we have to be there. And he told one of the girls autumn she is 17 that she could not take 6 weeks of maternity leave when she has her baby and that if she did he was going to let her go. And today I didn't know I was supposed to work because I got no message to come in and when I told him I couldn't cuz I had important stuff to do that I either came in or he was gunna let me go. But I am currently helping my mom be used she was in the ER and can't watch all the kids she babysit by self. But she usually has someone with her. And our boss gets very mad when we have to take days off for things that we let him know a month in advance. And during sports season he gets mad when we are scheduled to work but we can't because of games and he has our schedule and throws them away.

Posted by Anonymous

The maneger at the the fulton industrial location in Atlanta Georgia (Sean) is stealing employee tip money as well as altaring time clock without notifiying employees. He is Also sexually harassing young under age girls who seek employment at his Store.

Posted by Angry Grandma

The Manager at the Jimmy John's in Bellevue Ne on hwy 370 in the No Frills parking lot is a terrible liar. He hired two young people and then strung them along for two weeks. He gave them excuse after excuse for not putting them on the schedule. These two have a baby and spent their last money saved to purchase clothing for this job thay was promised to them even though the Manager had no intention of ever putting them to work. Relax taxpayers you are not supporting the baby, his grandparents are however it's people like this Manager that help others get on state aid! These two young people are trying and will continue to try. No thanks to that jerk! I hope someone realizes it and fires that guy! He deserves to be strung along and let down as well.

Posted by An Employee

Hi there,

I suppose most people come here to complain, I came here to feel better about our store to be honest. Our store is fairly decent; yes we get the complaints we can't do anything about like super small delivery area and no side items, but for the most part, what we get most are compliments on our speed.

I really just wanted to say that out of all the places I've worked Jimmy Johns has been the place I have felt most at home. That has a lot to do with the amazing people around me but also because I feel fully supportive of what we do. I see all the meats and vegetables come in, I have sliced and diced all of them from the lettuce to making the tuna, and have also taken the bread from start to finish. I love how fresh everything is and tastes. I came to Jimmy Johns thinking it was a clothing store and have not regretted it since :)

Posted by Xmal_Amerika

Re: Dressing on slims.

Read the menu. It clearly says that there are no condiments or fixings on the slims. That's why they're called "slims".

Maybe your order was sent through the scenic route because they didn't know what to make of your order. You gotta know what you're ordering before you walk up to the counter. We're usually very busy and we can't simply walk you through your food nor explain to you what our menu is like.

Posted by Sted

Hello! I am an employee at JJ and I think you treat your employees unfairly. We get yelled at by our boss in front of our own customers and they are rude to us. We also should have the right to get a free sub once in a while and not make us pay for everything we have. Because with my diabetes I really need something to keep me going throughout the day. I hope you consider this info. If you need anything I am happy to talk to you


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