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Jiffy Lube customer service is ranked #472 out of the 946 companies that have a CustomerServiceScoreboard.com rating with an overall score of 32.36 out of a possible 200 based upon 122 ratings. This score rates Jiffy Lube customer service and customer support as Disappointing.


114 Negative Comments out of 122 Total Comments is 93.44%.


8 Positive Comments out of 122 Total Comments is 6.56%.

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    • 32.36 Overall Rating
      (out of 200 possible)
    • 114 negative comments (93.44%)
    • 8 positive comments (6.56%)
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Posted by Anonymous

I had my oil changed at North Charleston Jiffy Lube South Carolina and it started leaking oil and I have no oil left in my motor I am very upset I was to leave to go out of town tomorrow morning and I need some help right away

Posted by Alex

I went to Jiffy Lube in Hayward California Jackson Street. They are rude unprofessional very disappointing. Went in there to top off my oil due to my light was coming on oil was low this is a Monday afternoon and he told me I would have to go to a different one to two not having the oil synthetic this is not the first time last time I was in they cannot do my oil change due to not having oil filters that fit Honda accord. This location is getting worse and worse itâs sad because itâs really close to my house have to find somewhere else to go or just do it myself.

Posted by Washington

Dear Jiffy Lube I experienced some bad service at your site in Evanston on dempster and dodge .I came in for a oil change on friday evening and one of the employees closed the doors down on in my face rudely I say because, the business was still open I told him why I was there and give me a moment I needed to make a phone call and then we can talk. Is that the way you do business? That was on the 15th of March. So I took my car to the Jiffy Lube on Touhy/Crawford and got excellent service.And by the way the price was much cheaper. The person on dempster wanted to almost 100.00 for oil change. Do the agent thier set their own prices. I have use your service for 10 years at least and very pleased until that day and person.

Posted by Keba myles

I have a 07 Chevy Impala LS 3.5 I took it to Jiffy Lube to get oil change the mechanic told me that I had a oil leak that needs to be fixed he never mentioned that the screw on the oil pan was stripped or if he stripped it I drove to Sacramento and drove back and I have a blown head gasket mechanic looked under my car to remove the drain plug to see if water was mixed in oil and the boat completely was loose and came off boat is very strict I'm going to file a lawsuit against Jiffy Lube if my engine isn't replaced

Posted by Anonymous

2 weeks ago I visited your Gresham location for an oil change. It was time, as I was reminded via email. I was also reminded while I was there that my tires need to be rotated as well. I decided to go ahead and let that service be done too. I was concerned that my wheels and hub caps were on corectly having heard a horror story from a friend in the Seattle WA area. When she returned home from her visit after her tires were rotated she was missing a hubcap. I asked the techniction, as well as the the manager 3 times to make sure the job was done properly. I live less than 2 miles from the Gresham store. 2 hubcaps were gone by the time I got home. I was then quite concerned that my wheels were on tight enough. It was pointed out to me a few days later that they were not. I have a picture of my wheel. I went directly to Les Schwab to have my bolts all tightened and had them make sure they were safe to drive on. If all that wasn't bad enough while I was sharing my bizarre story with a friend, he informed me he had worked for Jiffy lube in the past and that they loved to prey on single woman of my age (58). Talking us into buying premium oil and then giving us the lowest standard of oil which was kept in a barrel underneath. Wow! Story after story. It has been two weeks since my tire nightmare. I still don't have my hubcaps replaced. I have a signed letter stating intent to do so. I bought my van to carry my four grandkids who ride in my car on a daily basis. Thank God my wheel did not cause an accident while they were riding in it before the loose bolts were discovered.

Posted by Ray

Went to the Jiffy Lube s Durango location in las vegas, was refused service and mgr refused to step away from an interview to speak to me I was the only customer. Will not return m

Posted by Chen

Incident = my car( 2001 saturn ) was supposed to be service @jiff lube in Hampton, VA STORE#132 1month later the car stop working. the car was towed to the repair shop and was told: that the timing chained had jumped timingand at the same time the engine was dry from oil. the repair man replaced the timing chain and add three quarts of oil was add to pre-lube the engine pryor to starting. all plugs were removed and the enginecranked several revolutions untill oil was noticed reaching the valve train components. with the plugs re-installed, the engine was then cranked to start. upon craking, no compression was note. the plugs were removed and a compression test was done all cyl. is 20psi FURTHER INVESTIGATION DETERMAINED that the piston rings were allallowing compression to pass. this happens as a result of no oil in the engine.ther is no oil leaksor evidence of oil burning

Damage Resulting = A new engine built with only saturn parts no rebuilt engine

Posted by Ahmed

Hi my name is ahmed shakir i went to chang oil today to this location 1 E Roosevelt Rd, Lombard, IL 60148 They changed oil and The filter was tie my car was leaking oil in the ground and the manager was so rude with me I change For Toyota Camry 2007If something happened for my engine he will be responsible in the future thanks

Posted by Martie Dwyer

I had my oil changed and requested that my wipers be changed and tires inflated, as my indicator light was on. After leaving, I realized my tires hadn't been adjusted and when I pulled back in, they said one of my tires was 3 pounds under inflated. After leaving I realized that my wipers weren't replaced either. I returned a week later to #1077, 37 Main Street, Kingston, MA and John helped me. Apparently they have had issues with Jonathan McAdams and he was the one to have done the work. Please remove him from the store, as until he is, I can't trust that location.

Posted by Colvit

I went to your Tunnersville location today for an oil change. They also changed my cabin filter and left a light they were using attached to my brake. I could not stop my car and could have be killed today. I called the store and all I got was an apology. I am sick to my stomach and really could have gotten more than an apology. Total negligence. My family would have been devastated. Please make sure this doesn't happen to anyone else. Colleen Vitullo

Posted by Ramzi

Yesterday 5/30/2017 I want to Jiffy Lube located in Waterloo Iowa Crossroad mall behind Target I went to do an oil change they did horrible job they did not fill the power steering they did not check the windshield washer didn't open anything and a vehicle to look at the wiper blades or anything as they usually do and they did an oil change for $64 and some change without my knowledge I was there for a signature oil change which is 3499 totally a rip-off if Jiffy Lube customer service really care they would follow up with me on that service here's call me

Posted by Ramzi

I have multiple vehicles and everytime I go to Jiffy Lube I would have a bad bad experience and every time due to the fact that the guys that serve on the counter are trying hard to add up the bill as high as possible that's one thing second it seems that they use in Hospitality as a strategy to persuade you and convince you that there's things that has to be done to your vehicle when there's actually you have no plan other than doing a simple oil change my experience tells me that this is a street hustle on a street rip off totally.
They always attempt at Jiffy Lube to open the doors for you drive your vehicle in and have you wait in the lobby until your vehicle is done and then when you go to check the work that they done you find that always something is wrong I'm complete if not wrong Jiffy Lube always have other ties that there's a signature oil change for $34.99 but once you arrive there they will add up the bill purposely I have no doubt that these guys are doing something else beside just ripping you off maybe doing something to your vehicle ripping off of wire or cutting up a hose just in purpose to make you pay more I have no doubt that this is the case this is a straight hustling money that they want to rip you off each and every time you go there.
So for me never again Jiffy Lube never again I can go to Sears I'm go to Firestone Midas anywhere else but never again to Jiffy Lube.

Posted by swright

Jiffy Lube at Dairy Ashford managed by Calvin assisted by Eric has cost my vehicleto overheat and burn my engine due to their negligence and lack of customer care or even listening. Not only do they ignore customer requests but give false information as to the status of fluids, such as coolant levels. This is by far the worst service I have ever received. I specifically asked them to check coolant levels in my vehicle and to please make sure after checking fluids and starting my vehicle to please check for any obvious leaks. They said they did. 24 hrs later my engine overheated due to no coolant in the reservoir. So in effect my car has started to melt gaskets and increasing temperatures caused by lack of coolant has burned my motor up due to the negligence of their employees. Once I tried to call and speak to their mngr Calvin he was very rude and hung up on me twice and then refused to speak with me. I felt physically threatened by the language he used and I'm halfway thinking civil liability. After the second time he hung up on me I tried to call back and he had his asst Eric refer me to his district mngr whose number he would not give me. Overall the worst and most expensive oil change. It cost me my car!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by Latonya

I stay in st louis an i went to the jeffy lube 2/28/17 to get a oil change they charge me 180. I been asking for my money.they playing game with myoney i will get a laywer to get my money an im gonna sue ur company for pain an suffering cause i have things to do an i shouldnt have to wait for my money that your employees took from me my name is latonya bevly

Posted by Anonymous

Absolutely horrible this is the 2nd time I've had an issue with Jiffy Lube about a groupon for oil change & tire rotation!! Last time they told me my car didn't need it this time they tell me their lift wouldn't lift my truck so they couldn't do it?? Then going to charge me $57 for an oil change and not to rotate the tires on a Groupon that I paid $34 for?? I have now called corporate office 10 times get zero response or a person to talk to? I WILL never take any of my vehicles to a Jiffy Lube ever again

Posted by Anonymous

Will NEVER return to them for service. They did small damage to my SUV spoke with claims and was told I would receive a refund in 7-10 day as well as a area manager would be in contact with me... 7 weeks later (and still waiting) nothing

Posted by MC

WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE!!!! Called 1-800 # and nobody ever answers. I will never go again and will pass on for people not to use

Posted by Anonymous

This is not a driect line to a liver person. the 800# listed sends you to their website.

Posted by Anonymous

Worst company!!!! They say "Jiffy Lubeî takes pride in providing their customers with a quality and consistent experience. Contact us today" that is just bs! They broke my boyfriend vehicle during an oil change and refuse to pay for the bill that I now have to get it fixed. He spend 4 hours in the garage must getting the truck looked at to see what can be done and needs to take it back to get it fixed. He is missing out if work thanks to this. The company does not take responsibility for their employees actions

Posted by Rosendo R

This is the WORST company you could ever deal with. Even after a year they Will Bouyd (district manager) has not responded to my letter asking him to at least give me the money I spent on their horrible services that were never done to my car. They should close this one down as well as all the other Jiffy Lubes, anyway there are a million other places that do what they claim to do better and respectfully. I have read other people's stories and they are just unbelievable. I decided to withdraw my lawsuit after my lawyer told me that this would be a long case that would persist for a very long time and I didn't want to be upset and feel impotent for so long after what these idiots did to me. To this day, I still do not believe this happened and I cannot believe that not a single person has contacted me about it either. Even the headquarters in Texas want to clean their hands with this matter since they are a franchise.
Terrible and disgusting company; AVOID IT at all costs.
The following happened to me. I tried to explain everything in detail and as accurate as possible. People please, stay away from them. This is not the first time it happens. They are actually famous for their horrific jobs...

On October 1st 2015, I took my 2003 Dodge Sprinter 2500 to Jiffy Lube facilities for an oil change. I went to the one located in 7798 Coral Way, Miami, FL 33155, where the manager Jonathan helped me that day. While there, they offered a filter change and an engine treatment and services, which I agreed to for $199. It took them approximately 10 minutes to do everything and because it was so fast, I asked him if they had done everything previously agreed to the car and he claimed they were professionals so it was quick. The vehicle had absolutely no issues previously to attending Jiffy Lube and operated in an optimal condition; in reality, I only went for an oil change. Before leaving, he also suggested I changed one of the anterior headlights. When I asked how long it would take he said it would be approximately 15 minutes but the place got filled with people so he said to come back another day because also the only person that knew how to take off the headlights was not there that day, so I left. Two days later on October 3rd I went back to Jiffy Lube to change the headlights for another $29.
Three days later, on October 6th as I was coming back from work, the light indicating malfunctioning of the filter turned on. The next day, October 7th I took the car back to Jiffy Lube, where the manager Jonathan told me that it wasn't a problem and that they were going to change the filter again even though this was supposed to have happened back in October 1st, the very first day I took the car there and paid for it to be changed. Then they came back saying that they had to order the filter because they didn't have them in the store, which I thought was strange since they did "have" it the first time. I went inside to the lobby to wait for my car and I started hearing weird noises and smoke started to come out of the car. This is when I realized that they had never changed the filters for oil/petroleum and I am almost certain as well that they never changed the oil itself either. When I stepped outside to see what was going on with my car, I asked Jonathan what was going on and he simply said to not worry that they were going to fix it. When I looked at the filter, it looked like the one it had previous to the new one and I told him once again that the filter was old and they never changed it in the first place. He got really nervous and kept saying not to worry. I decided to take pictures of the filter to have proof that a brand new filter does not look like that one the slightest. Also, they told a mechanic from the shop to go to the gas station to bring back a liquid, which they poured in a plastic water bottle container, I guess for me to not know what was in it. They brought back gas to put in the car even though my car does not use gas, it uses petroleum. As soon as I started taking pictures and videos of everything that was going on, the mechanic hid the plastic bottle container with the gasoline inside of it. I am certain this was one of the main reasons why the car made an internal explosion and hence the fact the engine became inoperable. Then the car turned on but the smoke it was producing was so much and overwhelming that they had to turn on the fan. The car started making a sound as if two metals were hitting each other so I told Jonathan to turn it off because that was not good for the engine. Jonathan told me not to worry that the mechanic knew was he was doing and that it was okay for that to happen. They kept the car on for around 15 minutes and the smoke kept getting worse as well as the sound that was really loud; they also kept on putting more gasoline to the car and messing with the filter. After almost three hours of this, they decided to call Victor Moreno, manager of the store in US1 and Jonathan's boss. Victor told Jonathan to tell me to 1. To look for a tow truck because they didn't have any and 2. To look for a shop to take it to, that they were going to take full responsibility for the damages and fix the car they broke down. I told them that I was concerned because the car had thousands of dollars invested in my working tools and I couldn't just leave the car there. Soon after, I was able to contact a shop and called a tow truck (which I had to pay for) to take it to a facility because it could not stay at their location.
I followed the tow truck to the shop, which I consider one of them should have done but I had to do it. When we arrived at the shop, the mechanic Ivan turned it on and quickly turned it off and checked the oil and the engine and told me that Jiffy Lube had completely messed up the engine. He also said that this happened because they put gasoline instead of petroleum to turn it on and that's what caused the explosion and messed other things inside as well. Ivan also mentioned that most of the mechanics at Jiffy Lube do not know what they're doing and don't have a clue about anything else other than oil change which is what they're certified for. Ivan gave me an estimate and I called Jonathan to tell him about it and he called Victor. Victor immediately backed up and said that he was not going to take responsibility over anything that happened, even though he did not know the details that it was their fault. Jonathan gave me Victor's phone number and after endless calls that were never answered, I presented myself to Victor's store in Miami, FL US1. There, he had no option but to speak to me. He told me that he had to contract an inspector to go check the car and I simply told him I didn't care what he had to do but he had to give me my car back in the same conditions as it entered their Jiffy Lube facilities. I also told him to check the cameras at the store to make sure he would see that the car entered in perfect conditions and came out inoperable.
As Victor said, he sent an inspector of their choice for a physical and mechanical appraisal 4 days after this. The inspector completed the report, which was filled with errors about my car. Details like the type of gas, doors, pistons, and many other things that are basic about the car were wrong and even the name of the "owner" of the car, which they made the report to my brother's name for no reason. The only correlation between my brother and the car was that he had taken it years before to that same location but that was not the case this time. On the other hand, the guy doing the inspection told me that he had been working for Jiffy Lube many times before and he took pictures of the car in areas where is it not subjective/ helpful in this case. The pictures never included pictures of the oil and the amount it had to prove it had been changed, it does not state the condition of the oil filter and whether it is new or old. However, it does state that the diesel filter is new, but of course it has to be new after having to change it (the first time they were supposed to do it on October 2nd and the second time on October 7th) "so many times." The inspector also stated that he vehicle's oil was low even though they were supposed to have done it days before this happened; either they did not put the required amount or they did not change it at all. It also does not state the viscosity or quality of the oil they put in the car.
After calling Victor for so many days after the inspection, he never had the decency to worry about accelerating the process. I asked him to please do what he could to finish this quick because this car contains the tools required for my job and I have employees that are depended from me. I had been without working for days and he just didn't seem to care or to help me at all. This is my job and with it I have to pay lots of bills that my family depend from. Starting from my daughter's university studies, to my son's sport and the plate of food I have to provide daily, along many other important bills needed for everyday survival.
Without care, he finally said that they were not responsible for anything that happened to that car and that he didn't care, but they were not going to pay for any damage made to the car. I then asked him to give me his boss' number for me to contact him and he kept insisting to not give it to me because he didn't speak Spanish and that he was American so I insisted and he ended up giving me his number. I called him endless times different days and did not receive a single call back. I, along with my daughter who speaks the language, went to Jiffy Lube in coral way where this incident happened to ask them to call Will Bouyd, the person who I was trying to get in contact with. There, they told me that they didn't have direct contact with him and that I had to call Victor but I didn't because he was going to tell me the same thing, that Will would call me back, which had not happened in days. I left him four more voicemails and no response. I decided to call the police because they were not being concise, it was just bounding be around and around. When the cops arrived, I explained the situation and even they agreed that I needed to do something because they didn't care. They went inside the store to ask for their information and when they came back outside they provided all the details from the company to me in order to call corporate and make a complaint and have someone with higher authority to call me and solve the problem; obviously that never happened.
Days after, Will contacted my daughter and told her that he was going to further investigate the case because he had just heard about it and he wanted to have the details and call me back as soon as possible. It is until today that we have not heard from him even after my daughter calling him more times.

This is a conversation I had with Victor afterwards and was also stated on the letter they sent to my house:
-Victor stated: we are not going to pay for anything because the car had too many miles.
(However, this car went in perfectly fine just for an oil change and they ruined the rest.)
-I responded: then why did you agree to charge me everything and "do all those things to the car?" even though it had so many miles?
-Victor said: the car had a leakage.
-I responded: Which diesel car with a year of being used does not have leakage? Independently of this, the leakage has nothing to do with anything else. The car went in perfectly fine inside Jiffy Lube facilities the three days that it went in and Jonathan, who drove it, knows it drove well without any noise or smoke coming off of it. Then why does Bill Bouyd want to return the money they charged for the filters and oils and services when supposedly they did it right? I did not break the engine or do anything to the car, it was not in my hands when you decided to put something I'm not knowledgeable about inside of it that you hid in a plastic water bottle container. Obviously they don't want to take responsibility for something that was done wrong.

I also visited two other Jiffy Lubes in order to obtain information about their services with these types of cars. I asked for information for an oil change on this car type of car (Dodge Sprinter 2003) and they said that they would do it. When I insisted and asked whether they had the filter in the store they backed up and said that they didn't have it, and that they only did the oil change on those cars. This confirmed that they never did a filter change the first day that I took the car because they do not do filter change according to the other Jiffy Lubes. They also said that the diesel filter was something they didn't do commonly either, that if I were to ask for that service they would do the same thing the other people did with my car, leave the filters untouched and once you turn on the car with the old filters after changing the rest the oil gets contaminated and causes the rest of the problems.

** I have pictures and videos of everything done this day.

Rosendo R.

Posted by Anonymous

I need to talk to someone about the service I received from one of your locations. I've been on the phone for 30mins waiting to speak to someone from customer service

Posted by Anonymous

Help.. Jiffy Lube messed up my car durning a routine oil change. I did not drive it off. 12/8/16. They towed my car to an unknown location and refuse to call me

I want to know about the repairs toyou car

Posted by None

I just went to the Jiffy Lube store that my wife and I have been taking both of our cars to for about the last 10 years or so and the manager there told me that for GMC cars, they can only put synthetic oil in the car. I asked if he was sure that it was not just that synthetic is recommended but it would be OK to put regular oil in as long as the viscosity was the same as that recommended. He assured me that no, they can only use synthetic for GMC cars. I just called Chevy and they said no, any oil was OK as long as the viscosity was the same. What a scam! Then I tried to call Jiffy Lube customer support and sat on hold for 45 minutes before giving up. Safe to say that Jiffy has just lost our business for the cars in our family.

Posted by UPSET

I am very disappointed in the service that I received on the 16 of November 2016. I was charged for and oil change, new oilfilter, fuel injector flush and a transmission flush that was never done which caused my engine to lock. I contact the place of business and the General Manager and all I got was a run around.

Posted by John Doe

My options whit in this matter my wife had her vehicle done for service on two separate jiffy Lube location. Throughout my complain they had my pay more for replacing some parts that has no issues to be replace at all not even just that thay took a bolt screw out located to stabilize your steering upon operating throughout your journey and for the other separate jiffy Lube location simple task for service only everything was complet on oil change setting her off with $30payments on next up date for service we had no choice but to look for low rate discount for service we found one as they were getting through the processes they called us to observed a discovery finding at the oil pan wrong Bolt they put on plus all threads are gone and forcing Bolt back in with some sealer they added to prevent from leaking now tell me if this a the way help your customers needs

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Posted by Anonymous

I just called the jiffy lube (location Hawks Prairie Lacey WA) talked to the manager Kim, and she explained to me the difference in the prices, and gave me a refund! I told her they did use the high milage oil, but she still refunded the difference! Thank you kim!

Posted by Jen

I was at your Montgomeryville pa location today to get an oil change. It was insanely busy, and I wanted to drop off my car to pick up later. Everyone there was friendly and efficient. Later when I went to pick up my car, Sean explained what else my car would need in the near future. He took the time to show me exactly what it was and I could not have asked for better customer service. As a company you should be proud to have such diligent, efficient and friendly employees. The customer service that I experienced is hard to come by these days and I will definitely be returning!

Posted by Anonymous

Monica at the Helena jiffylube was very helpful. Good service!!!

Posted by Donald

I am terribly sorry for everything that these people went through. I know that companies hire people that really have no clue what they are doing and are only given a brief training period. But I also know that there are very dedicated employees out there as well. These people NEED to be recognized for their outstanding performance. They truly care about giving the customer a satisfactory service. One such employee is Russell from your Port Townsend store. This guy knows his stuff! He found a few things on my vehicle that needed immediate attention. My car runs great thanks to Russell! I will always bring my vehicle to Jiffy Lube! (but only to Russell) Kudos to you Russell! Your dedication has NOT gone unnoticed! I wish you success!

Posted by Anonymous

Hi,i Am A Regular Customer At The Jiffy Lube In Fresno,ca 5317 W Spruce, There Is A Young Man Named Micheal,he Makes Every Visit Enjoyable,he Is Very Polite,and If I Have Any Questions Or Concerns This Young Make Will Explain,and Put Me At Ease,i Appreciate Him As Your Employee. I Feel Like A Queen When I Go There,thank You Jiffy Lube,and Micheal,have Great Day

Posted by Anonymous

Went to jiffy lube in Puyallup WA. The peron
Who greeted me was young ladid named Cal I told what I wanted and nothing
More, and she came 15 min later the problem causes by Sears was fixed and I left telling i would be back!
It was grear experiance and Cal was really great she is a very good employee hou are lucky to have her
Thank You Ron Brazeau

Posted by Anonymous

we want to compliment a technician named Jeremy at the shop in Sparks Nevada on Los Altos. He replaced a gasket at no charge and was very efficent and courteous. We had just had the car serviced at your Jiffy Lube in Redmond Oregon and they too gave us good wservice

Posted by shababy

i love my jiffy lube i have been going there every since i bought my truck in 2009 an i wouldnt take my car any were else even when i move to hawaii i had my car shipped an i soon as it got off the boat i took it straight to jiffy lube i love the people an the services. i go now to the jiffy lube in tacoma wa on sprague were Jerry helps me an gives me exceptional services. thank you jiffylube

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Posted by Sam rosa manager jiffy lube..

I was treated with no respect and was hungry up the phone by the manager same Rosa..he got me in for an interview and said he would call me back and never did said I am not a priority for that company. But they are still hiring also told me with a tone voice he hires who he feels like hiring wow when I have all the quality to work there..that's the types of management they have..

Posted by father of 3

I was an ops manager at 3126 Hilliard Ohio I asked for days off over a month in advance schedule didn't get posted till 11-25-2014 no schedules were on the boards so when I took a family vacation for thanksgiving and Friday the 29th I'm asked where I'm at and they knew that I needed the days off then my DM calls me leaving a rude voicemail .... then when I got to work my sm text my DM and my DM stated that I was always late but in fact I told my store manager I won't be able to work till 9 am he forgets to fix it then finally starts scheduling me at 9 or 10 and I haven't been late since I don't know who will receive this but my DM name is Jeff Conway and I want something done about him he is rude and confusing when it comes to this buisness .thank you for your time my name is Andrew Clark worked at store #3126 Hilliard Ohio 43026


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