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JetBlue Airlines customer service is ranked #70 out of the 946 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 65.69 out of a possible 200 based upon 137 ratings. This score rates JetBlue Airlines customer service and customer support as Disappointing.


104 Negative Comments out of 137 Total Comments is 75.91%.


33 Positive Comments out of 137 Total Comments is 24.09%.

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    • 65.69 Overall Rating
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    • 104 negative comments (75.91%)
    • 33 positive comments (24.09%)
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Posted by Anonymous

Flew from Austin Texas to Long Beach California, your number one flight attendant was truly knowledgeable. On this flight most or all the seats where taken. I was truly blessed to have been assisted by a most wonderful flight attendant. Her energy was truly amazing from the time we took off to the time we exited your aircraft.
I'd like to share my personal experience. As a disable person I'm often confronted with tremendous challenges. But not today,because from the time I introduced myself to your ticket agents I was treated with total Dignity & Respect. Numerous individuals representing Jet blue where extremely commentating. Making 3 hour trip truly amazing. The captain and the crew represented the highest quality of customer service. I was taken by how much your number one flight attendant. Focused her total attention in ensuring each passengers comfort and needs where met. On this international flight I seated next to two senior citizens such as myself. Whom were I believe we're non-english speaking Vietnamese. My attempts to communicate a simple message regarding our seat assignments. We're met with great great difficulties. But your flight attendant came to the rescue. You see your flight attendant pulled out her cell phone and translated a message from English to Vietnamese regarding her seat assignments. What was truly amazing here was they too wanted to switch seats. But didn't know how to communicate this information to myself or your Filipino flight attendant. In closing I'd like to thank your organization, for having such Dynamic individuals working for your organization. There are only two airlines that I enjoy fyling these days and Jet blue is at the top of my list...
Sincerely yours
Salvador Araujo,K Jr.

Posted by Pissed off

Troy gate attendant flight 627 POP 11/19/16 very rude and gave preference to friends of his.

Posted by Anonymous

Hi. I recently shared this feedback on Expedia from my experience with Jet Blue at Logan Airport on 10-18-16.

I had 3 separate flights that I didn't Make it on - 1 that I missed (my fault), the second that I missed bc the gate was incorrect on my boarding pass - gate C34 vs gate C21 - a BIG difference bc of the distance in between and the heavy bag I was carrying. I ran to the other gate, after being told they were holding it, arrived at 6:50am for 7:00 flight and gate was closed and no recollection of them holding it for the 15 mins it took me to make it there. Then - when I saw the customer service desk to rebook again - the woman proceeded to argue with me about how I should have known to not look at my ticket for the gate but to check the tvs. I asked her how would I know this? I checked in that morning - how on earth would a non-frequent flier know that erroneous gate information was on my boarding pass?? She proceeded to argue this point with me until she booked me on a flight to Seattle in 30 minutes that connected in NY. She asked if I could guarantee that I could make it to the gate in time. I said I have no idea but I will try my best. When I got to that gate, I was informed the flight was delayed 35 mins and that I would miss my connection to Seattle.

So here I am at Logan, 24 hours and 3 missed flight attempts later - flying out on the same 4:34 direct flight to Seattle.

My ONLY issue was with this entire experience was with the 'Customer Service' woman at Terminal C (on the Gate 21 wing of the terminal), who said informed me that she was a supervisor that morning. My dialogue with her involved a 10 minute reprimanding - by her - I would call it, where she continued to reiterate that I was at fault for not knowing the gate # on my ticket was incorrect. And went on to tell me that I fabricated how long it takes to make it from gate 34 to gate 21 in Terminal C at Logan Airport (took me 15 mins, she claims she can do it in less than 5). Which is, in fact, impossible. I encouraged her to escort me back to that gate so I too could witness the 5-min. magic journey. She declined my request.

In my 45 years as both a consumer and business traveler - I have never encountered a customer service experience as poor and upsetting as this. The effort and time she invested in telling me how many ways I was at fault, and how I misrepresented the information I told her, floored me, to be honest. The last encounter a weary traveler - who is missing presenting at a company event in Redmond, WA - and who has been up since 3:30am, expected or appreciated.

I fly Jet Blue because I usually have a far better experience than this - from all Jet Blue employees. (And, candidly, bc I used to work for the Red Sox so supported the affiliation of our beloved team and 'Fenway South'.).

I believe this encounter was an analomy, and have no doubt that I'll have a positive experience on my return flight back to Boston tomorrow. But I will say when flying to Microsoft's headquartered again from my office in Cambridge, I I had 3 separate flights that I didn't Make it on - 1 that I missed (my fault), the second that I missed bc the gate was incorrect on my boarding pass - gate C34 vs gate C21 - a BIG difference bc of the distance in between and the heavy bag I was carrying. I ran to the other gate, after being told they were holding it, arrived at 6:50am for 7:00 flight and gate was closed and no recollection of them holding it for the 15 mins it took me to make it there. Then - when I saw the customer service desk to rebook again - the woman proceeded to argue with me about how I should have known to not look at my ticket for the gate but to check the tvs. I asked her how would I know this? I checked in that morning - how on earth would a non-frequent flier know that erroneous gate information was on my boarding pass?? She proceeded to argue this point with me until she booked me on a flight to Seattle in 30 minutes that connected in NY. She asked if I could guarantee that I could make it to the gate in time. I said I have no idea but I will try my best. When I got to that gate, I was informed the flight was delayed 35 mins and that I would miss my connection to Seattle.

So here I am at Logan, 24 hours and 3 missed flight attempt later - flying out on the same 4:34 direct flight to Seattle.

My ONLY issue was with the woman, who said she was a supervisor that morning, who continued to reiterate that I was at fault for not knowing the gate # on my ticket was incorrect and then basically called me a liar about how long it takes to make it from gate 34 to gate 21 in Terminal C at Logan Airport. In my 45 years as a consumer and business traveler - I was floored by the effort she expended telling me how many ways I was at fault, and how I misrepresented the information I told her. Just what a weary traveler - who is missing presenting at a company event in Redmond, WA - and who has been up since 3:30am. I fly Jet Blue because I usually have a far better experience (and, candidly bc I used to work for the Red Sox so supported the affiliation of our beloved team and 'Fenway South'.).

I believe it was an analomy and have no doubt I'll have a positive experience on my flight home tomorrow. But I will say when I fly next to Microsoft's headquarters outside Seattle from my office in Cambridge, I most likely will elect to go with American/Alaska Airlines. It was that poor of an experience and impacted my arrival and my experience while attending this key work event.

Thank you for allowing me to share my experience.


-Theresa Nolan

Posted by Anonymous

As a customer and former employee my experience with service were horrible. Never in my life have i worked in such a bad, unprofessional, hostile environment. The people department were unfair and fast to judge, they are bias to the people they know and fail to be honest, instead they behave passive aggressive when communicating with you. The welcome package is deceiving, the VP claims "Our goal is to provide you with the ... resources and support to help you achieve your full potential. We want you to thrive!" his own words on the welcome package, but this was false and deceiving.
Unfortunately, I was unable to experience the five values JetBlue so dearly holds Safety, Integrity, Passion, Fun and Caring. I did not feel safe in the mist of the crewmembers, instead they made me feel uncomfortable with daily questioning my race and heritage background. The deceptive practices and manner that the People department used did not relay Integrity by not communicating in an open and honest conversation relayed lack of trust. By the fourth day the Passion and enthusiasms was opaque by the supervisor constantly micro-managing my daily task, not allowing any room to process what I was learning. The lack of caring revealed no empathy which clearly is needed while training external hires who are starting in the airline field. I did not have the chance to experience the fun factor from the five values, as I was nervous everyday and felt I was being pushed out and felt very self-conscious about my chances of succeeding. They lied during my interview, I was expected to do a job and the job description changed as soon as I started working. They are not caring and not interested in your success, only to oppress you and make you feel stupid.
After sending an email to the VP, they disregarded my complaint about the work ethic, work environment and bad management in Boston and did nothing about it. Not a good company to work.

Posted by Anonymous

Dear JetBlue customer service. I am usually very happy with the services your company provides. However, today my flight was cancelled! The screen board at the gate said the flight was delayed. The gate attendsnts had ansolutely no idea about the cancellation. It was clear they were not notified. Things at the gate got very messy very fast. There were people blocking the walkways for other fligts, and there were people tring to cut the lines to re-schedule their flight. It was a very stressful for me as a passager, that precisely purchases "even more leg room" seats, in order to avoid these types of messes! Needless to say, I was very dissatisfied and dissapointed with the way JetBlue handled this situation.

Posted by Aruna

Ridiculous is all I can say... Travelled on Flight 282 from Houston to JFK on Aug 2nd. Website says 10 mins delayed but we were still in Houston for an hour after boarding the flight.. guess what...miss my connection to Buffalo. What I could not find acceptable was that flight 102 from JFK to Buffalo was cited as delayed by the airline but when I reach the gate I am tld they are closed even though I see the flight is still there.. I talk to Just Ask and get myself on the next flight to Buffalo which reaches at 11.15pm.. not impressed but no choice.. the ladies at just ask pocketed my food coupon..which tells me I am never travelling by this airline ever again... sitting in Terminal 5 waiting for my next flight and all I hear is delays and rerouting and people asked to go home.. I hope I can go home tonight.. no more Jet blue for my family and I

Posted by Anonymous

I traveled on June 28, 2015 with my 1 year old with Jetblue airlines. I first end up missing my flight at 5:45am. Then they had rescheduled it for the same day at 11:45am. I had got to JFK airport around 1am, to have a layover till almost 5pm. Imagine traveling with a 1 year old and how difficult it would be sitting at an airport for that long. So I sit down to wait for my next flight and maybe 45 mins to an hour in I see the screen that says cancelled. So automatically I start think Oh my gosh what now. I go to customer service where they told me they could help me and find me the next flight. When I speak to them they tell me yea it's cancelled but your flight was cancelled before you left the first airport. Why would they put me on a flight knowing it was canceled. I told them they never told me anything, I would have got on the plan with my baby if this was going to happen. My eyes got watery because all im thinking is in stuck in an airport and these people aren't going to do anything for me. So as he is looking on his computer trying to find me a next flight he tells me they are all booked for the next 3 days. We can get you back to where you came from but not sure what time. Mind you once again I have a baby with me. He tells me I know you have a baby with you and I will see what I can do but no promises. I go sit down and I automatically start crying. I'm in panic mood and start calling my family back home telling tell I don't know what to do and they aren't helping me. Just telling me to wait now basically until they finish attending other customers. All I'm thinking is I have to stay in Ann airport over night or they going to send me back room my first destination. They had such a huge line I know they forgot I was waiting so I took it upon myself and called jetblue and explained what happened and how I'm traveling with a baby. Spoke to an agent for jetblue and she found me a flight for the next morning at 6am. So I was not as nervous now until I thought of staying in an airport over night with the baby. The most uncomfortable thing that could happen. Luckily my boyfriends family that I have never met lives in NYC and was able to come get us and bring us back to the airport. I was very mad that why do I have to go out my way to reach out for a place to stay and the airport couldn't find me a place. I'm traveling with a 1 year old and they should have did something more then just Oh you have to stay over night at the airport. Well I got picked up and now I have to get my 1 baggage I had that was my car seat. I waited more than 1 hour an half for it after I had a ride that was waiting for me outside. I even went to baggage claim and it still took forever, but eventually I end up getting it. Next day comes and I get on my flight at 6am and go to Boston then have to take another flight to charlotte. When she had gave me this new flight I knew it was going to be a headache just because I was getting on plane after plane. So as I'm going to board my flight I have my carry on and my stroller that I have been carrying with no problems. In NYC they tell me I have to check in my suitcase because it was a full flight and that the stoller I would get at the end of my flight. I didn't get it because my final destination wasn't Boston but since they know what suppose to be talking about I let them. So I get on and fly to Boston, then arrive and have at least an hour of layover. So when I ask where my suitcase is they tell me it's in baggage. Once again I start panicking because I have the baby and I have to go out my way to get my suitcase. I speak to security on where I have to go and she asks me why it was in baggage when you have another flight soon. She tells me go speak to jetblue customer service and I did. She also tells me why would they put your thing separate from eachother and you would have had to go to baggage then go through security again. So she helped me and called baggage to help find my suitcase and to put it on my next flight and they did, thank goodness. So now we wait till we bored the flight again and end up going to our final destination. When I get to charlotte I go to baggage and I don't find my suitcase! Once again I'm panicking, and I wait and speak to jetblue baggage claim and she ends up giving me a claim number and tells me they will call me when they find my bag. It's been such a horrible day and to end horrible too. I didn't get my bag till the next day but they delivered it at least. I have had flights with jetblue before with no problem but this was by far the worst experience I've had and especially traveling with my baby.

Posted by Anonymous

Arrived over two hours before my flight. The lines were horrendous. JetBlue sent emails stating we should arrive early due to heighten security. As we waited on the line, JetBlue personnel were walking around telling everyone the flight status boards were wrong. They were showing all departures were on time. JetBlue told us several times all flights were delayed. Crowd control was non existent, people cutting the line, didn't know where to go, mass confusion.

Two hours later we get to the front of the line and turns out it was due to JetBlue not having enough people to process travelers. The TSA lines were non existent. Wow...Missed our flight by give minutes.

Never again using JetBlue. I have one more trip already booked with this incompetent operator, and that it. I'm canceling my true blue account as well.

What a joke.

Posted by Anonymous

I am on flight 1129 with my brother who Is disable. We were not notified about the flight being delayed for over two hours then when we get on the plane there was no service to watch movies and no wifi. I always fly JetBlue . I am very disappointed what happen today. My husband is flying with us too.

Posted by [email protected]

I am a passenger on flight 298 to Lga to NY and was treated with the utmost and hedious discrimination treatment. I am traveling with my husband and had to sit apart from him. My bags were small enough to take in the plane but was asked to pay $50.00 to check them in. I am on my honeymoon and was treated like crap. I have always used jet blue as my airline, but from now on, it's very discouraging. I am human like everyone else. This is unacceptable. I went to the gate in ample time to be sit apart from my husband. The accommodation was terrible. Some one need to compensate me for this.

Posted by Rosalinda

Good day! This is a must!!! You must start treating the Aguadilla Airport in Puerto Rico as a priority. There are a lot of connections and people from the mainland that travelled to this important destiny in the west coast of the Island! Start providing Good Service and better time schedules from all over or don't tease us anymore and treat us like second class citizens ! The airport is ready and prepare do use it well and start caring about us!

Posted by Ikuy

Checking in online could not book a seat. Was told when i called customer service to go to gate and they would assign seat. I have never been treated with such disrespect by the jet blue employee at the gate. I am flying out of newsrk to fort myers. On feb 5 at flught #1511. This is the first and last time i will be flying jet blue. The employees name was donald. And what a disappointment.

Posted by Anonymous

I am writing to complain about missing our flight from Boston to Buffalo 1/24/16 @10:22 am flight 1215. We checked in yesterday by email and were to get our boarding passes @ the airport. We got to the airport 45 min prior to the departure and checked n curbside. We proceeded to security they were exceptionally slow and would not let us go ahead in line when we told them that we would miss our flight. We ran to our gate, which is always the farthest away! Yes we were not at the gate by 10:07, but the door was already closed. The plane sat on the ground but we still couldn't board! If people are checked in and so is their luggage, why can't they be let in the AFplane? Now we can't get another flight until tomorrow morning! We have been JetBlue customers since it began to fly. We are true blue members also. JetBlue has always been our first choice to fly, now I am not so sure! This is a terrible policy. I also thought it was illegal to fly luggage without a passenger! I guess that is only when you feel like it!

Posted by [email protected]

We had a terrible situation today on jet blue flight 1902 fll to jfk. My husband had reserved a wheelchair and a handicapped seat due to knee replacement of left knee. When we booked he was given sest 8 d on left aisle to accommodate his handicap. When I checked in his special seat was gone!!! They insisted that he take a center seat!! He cannot bend left knee. How can that be!! After much stress and changing he finally got seat 23d. How the heck is he supposed to get yo the back of the plane!!! What happened to our original seats?? The final solution was that he was moved to seat 23 d. I am in 13b. How am I supposed to help him?? He has a physical problem. Jet blue should be ashamed!! I have been a very good customer of jet blue. I have lost my faith!! This is disgusting treatment of physical handicap person

Posted by Anonymous

After 8 years we jet blue some of counter check person they need know how to talk to people,like Okmar he need to fixed he attitude so disuspecfull I will never hire on from counter to talk to my customer.

Posted by Jahvonna

Disappointed !!!!!!! Because of jet blue customer rep ...she put the wrong spelling of My son name in the jet blue computer although the my email confirmation was correct I missed my flight missed my sister destination wedding .. Due to jet bkue error very angry !!!!!!!!!!! Oct 22 from NYC to Barbodos

Posted by [email protected]

This is a comment about the poor communication between orbitz and jet blue twice in one trip jet blue didn't accept our reservation that was set for 2 months. They conveniently suggest you upgrade without offering any other alternative.

Posted by Anonymous

Flight from Boston to Jax sitting in row 1. Paid a bit more of course.

Wiped seat and the wet wipe was black with dirt. Does the passenger bill of rights stipulate a clean seat? If not it should.

Maybe clean the aircraft once in a while. Jet blue? Maybe jet black

Posted by Anonymous

Information about my connecting from fort Dca was wrongly communicated to me .My boarding says gate E10 while the flight was departing from F10 instead. No efforts was made to reach me. No pages were made to reach me instead I dealt with an unfriendly customer clerk you told to double check my gate next time and booked me into the next flight 4 hours later.
I booked my flight got at the boarding gate communicated to me .Should I also be the one to do jetblue job? Why am I paying for the fare then? So so disappointed
Marie Louise

Posted by Linda Cutruzzula

We are long term United airlines Customers and wanted to

experience Jet Blue.

We have a registered doctor approved

motional support pet traveling with us.

We processed our pet Arabella

on the manifest and came with her registration

Card along with her certification. In order to

obtain a certification you need a Doctors

note. I explained to the supervisor the

At Newark airport we have a Doctor

Note ahe refused to let our pet fly.

Kriten the supervisor stated she is not a registered

Support Pet which is false. kristin the supervisor at

Terminal A. Gate 16 at Newark Airport

Treated us rudely and made us pay $100

for our registered certified emotional

Support pet to fly.

This caused intense anxiety and

My husbands blood pressure to


Under the disability act we can

File a discrimination law suit.

I strongly recommend a refund

for Arabella's fee.

The object was to keep my

Husband calm during the flight

Kristen made us feel intimated

and disrespected and hiegtened

the level of my husband's

blood pressure and anxiety.

All your employees should be

educated on disability support pets.

I anticipate a refund to my credit card



SEPT 23 2015

Posted by Anonymous

Missed a flight during my layover. Who knew that my boarding pass has the wrong gate number. Rebooked on a later flight and was warned to keep checking the board because this gate may change also. Now I know why they have to call so many customers names for flights.

Posted by shauna

I am solely disappointed I fly on JetBlue this morning fort Lauderdale to Kingston I had one check bag and one carry on. I have travel with the same two pieces of luggage when I arrived in the US with JetBlue May 14 I did not pay$35 for my carry on but this morning I had to I was on flight 1675. The bag was 22" the lady did not even look. I wanted to join the JetBlue family but I'm reconsidering that.

Posted by Wilma

Well. Here I am stock at Oakland airport because my flight got canceled at the last minute. I checked in online since I have to work before heading to the airport and the flight was on time. The next flight I got put on is tomorrow. Really!!!! Had to get another flight with Southwest which cost me more that I expected to pay. Of course! I need to get to Long beach today. Jet blue failed big time. I am not a happy customer and I will never travel with Jet Blue again.

Posted by Msquespecial

I was scheduled to leave out of St Croix on the 615p.m. flight number 3593 on August the 16th. Not only was I not notified of my flight change I just got there early because I got a ride. Then I end up having a layover over 10 hours I wasn't comped for anything and they had me waiting at A4 only to find out one hour before that I was supposed to be at A2 it was probably 10 degrees in there I'm handicapped didn't have any assistance whatsoever the service was just horrible I've never ever had this problem before at any airline and I've been traveling since I was 5 years old I'm 53 years old and handicap! I got the run around from Seaborne to JetBlue! NO ONE WANTED TO OWN THEIR MISTAKE or unprofessionalism!

Posted by ryancaron

To Whom it my concern:
I am a disabled veteran that was traveling with my emotional support animal from San Diego to Boston on Aug 5th, 2015 flight 620(HEYEXS). I have been traveling with the same paperwork from the VA for my service animal since 2012; however, this time a man named JR would not let me on the plane with my service animal at the boarding gate. I asked to speak with a supervisor, but they said JR was the supervisor. The papers were checked by several individuals during my route to the Jet Blue gate and I was cleared by all of these individuals.I do understand that the service papers were over a year old, but I have never had a problem in the past flying with these papers. I tried to explain to JR that the VA has switched my mental health doctors 5 times since 2012,and getting paper work from the VA is difficult to say the least. I had 2 letters showing my diagnosis of PTSD, anxiety, and panic attack disorder, but since they were over a year old he just pushed me to the side like I did not matter. I have been a loyal customer with JetBlue for years, but after JR's treatment to me I feel that JetBlue does not care about their disabled Veterans. I have updated papers now, which I have faxed to you(The new paperwork is from my private doctor in SD, since I can not get an appointment at the VA until October), and I am requesting my refund as well as a voucher for the time, stress, inconvenience and money that this caused me. I was not able to enjoy my flight home to Boston and ruined my first night with my family. I would appreciate a voucher to compensate for this experience. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Ryan Caron

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Posted by Grateful customer from Houston

I want to sincerely thank Mohammad at JFK @NYC! He was awesome and helped me make my flight to Houston so that I could attend a funeral. He is a true asset and credit to JetBlue!!
He is a lead at the counter and I am so grateful for how he helped me!

Posted by Anonymous

On October 24, 2015 we flew Jet Blue from BDL-TPA. Jet Blue should be commended for hiring flight attendednt Ishmael. What a pleasure it was to fly with him--an assest to your company.
Deidre Shea-Tougias
Teresa R. Brown

Posted by Anonymous

My family and I flew from JFK to San Diego on August 2 flight 89. My 14 year old son was sick the whole way. The staff was extremely helpful and accommodating. They continually checked on him and I and offered ginger ale and antacids. It turned out my son had appendicitis and had an appendectomy a couple days after we got home to San Diego and is still in the Hospital. I can't tell you how much I appreciated how we were handled on that flight. Thank you.

Posted by Anonymous

I want to thank Jet Blue employee, Stacy, who helped me on the phone for my flight accommodations. I am handicapped and needed information, seat changes and disability questions answered. she was sooo kind and patient, as well as accommodating!!

Posted by Anonymous

Flight 482 from Ft Myers to Regan National on 3-12-15...
Flight Attendant Elizabeth was superb in service making the the flight very comfortable with a "I love my job" kinda of attitude! That's what I call " Friendly Skies". She stands out in a crowd by her workmanship! Please let her be aware she is valued!

Return Flight B6 481 from DCA/RSW on 3-15-15...
George was keenly aware of the need to be polite,efficient and wearing a most impressive smile while filling the needs of passengers on the flight!!

With these two VIP on your staff your Airline could be number 1!!

I would also like to note the Pilots were wonderful in adding information/updates to the passengers during the flight! Two thumbs up to the Cockpit Crew for a safe flight with welcomed knowledge given during the flight!

Updating your passengers is a nice way of keeping them calm and aware which helps add "COMFORT" to the flight!

Posted by Anonymous

Debbie at the front counter was very courtesy and went out of her way to help the elderly. Very very impressed. Thanks for the great service.

Posted by Taha

Amazing personnel! Debbie and Melissa were very courteous and understood my problem, much appreciate how they treated me. can not wait to fly again.

Posted by Elaine

I am providing Jet Blue with some positive Jet Blue promotional feedback. I live in the Boston area and commute via the public MBTA transit (Red Line). I was impressed upon entering the train car today to discover that inside of the entire car was refurbished (even the ceiling) with Jet Blue advertising (love the clouds). Actually, it was quite refreshing because it was bright (white/blue) and cheery rather than the standard gloominess of the car. Thanks for the change of scenery. 1/8/2014

Posted by Anonymous

LYONEL NARCISSE,JR. Customer Service Counter @ JFK

Mr. Narcisse,JR. went above and beyond for me on Dec. 30, 2013 to get me listed on a flight when the gate agent sent me to the customer service desk.

He not only called a special agent to obtain my personal information but he also listed and checked me in so that I would not need to do so at the gate.

During the entire time, Mr. Narcisse, Jr. was very personal, courteous, and very helpful as I had been trying to get to PHX from CMH since early AM. This was the first time I had flown JetBlue Airlines and it was a wonderful experience to have dealt with him as other airlines did not provide the same level of service.

In conclusion, JetBlue Airlines can be appreciative to have him in their employ.

Posted by Celeste

The night of July 15th, my husband and flew into Regan International Airport. A box of souveniors purchased in St. Croix did not arrive at Regan International Airport. We went to the baggage claim office and met with Ms. Dawn Celeste Jones. Ms. Jones was professional, polite, and very helpful. The following day we received the e-mail below:

This email serves as confirmation that a baggage report for your Mishandled Bag(s) has been filed under report number

The bag tag number(s) associated with this report are:

Two days after the report was filed, the airline sent a driver who delivered the box. WE were delighted!

We attribute the finding of our box to Ms. Dawn, Celeste Jones. She is the best!


Celeste & Richard Garver

548 Old Bachmans Valley Road, Westminster, Md 21157

Posted by Randy

OK, it was a rocky start waiting in Seattle due to a delay because of 'weather' at EWR. If ATC 'thinks' there's going to be rain sometime in the near future, any flight to Newark is delayed. In any event, 2 hours later, we boarded the plane.
There is not enough space to express my overall appreciation to the crew of flight 176. It has been an eternity since I have seen flight attendants treat passengers with the respect and consideration of being a customer aboard an airline instead of being intimidated and left to feel that they were doing us a favor. It should be mandatory for flight attendants from every other airline be required to take lessons from Danielle, Baybe (Yes, that's her real name) and Christopher. Simple common sense, a fantastic attitude and great customer service skills put these three far above the pack. Your policy of taking the beverage and snack order adn bringing it to the seats instead of rolling the cart down the aisle, breaking elbows, running over feet or trying to get around it to get to the bathroom. Having the snacks and soft drinks out in the galley to take as you need them; what a concept!
I think it was great that when the pilots come out of the cockpit for their break, the front gets cordened off with one of the carts. One of the male flight attendants stands there to direct anyone coming up to use the rest room or get a snack with a simple hand gesture to walk to the rear.
It was a pleasant change compared to what flying has become. As for me, I now look for a JetBlue flight whenever possible.
Thank you!


See my previous message concerning "a lost quilt" that could never be replaced. GREAT NEWS!! IT WAS FOUND BY THE GOOD FOLKS AT JETBLUE AND DELIVERED TO ME LATE LAST NIGHT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! All the sweeter was that the suitcase also had all the cards I had given to my Mom over the years, family photos, and newspaper articles/photos on my Dad that were in the Hartford Courant some 30+ years ago. THANK YOU to everyone!! Ernie Sadosky

Posted by Anonymous

Joe in BSO went above and beyond his duties as an agent in baggage claims deptment.
I was devasted that I left my library book on the plane that was headed back to Florida. I reported the problem to Joe and he immediately called the plane and had them search and find my book...even though I had to leave the airport. He then called me and not only told me that he found my book but would deliever it to my place of work ...since there was no way I could get to the airport.
He is an assest to your airline and should be commended.

Posted by Valuable Time

As a first time flyer with JB I was very impressed. Until yesterday on my way back home. Flight 214 scheduled to leave at 4:30PM to EWR was struck by a catering cart which caused a big delay with our flight.

Finally after all the waiting we were re- boarded onto another aircraft with a departure time of 7:30PM. After arriving to EWR we encountered another delay with the Baggage Claims Dept. for an additional 45 mins.

My recommendation is that JB, Customer Service Dept. step it up and implement a process where there is a backup plan to avoid any unnecessary delays or compensate the customers for their valuable time lost.

I do beleive that JB goal is to be #1 in todays business world and the goal should be to gain more customers not to lose the one they already have.

Posted by Sabina

I have nothing to say to Lori but . . . thank you, thank you, thank you! You corrected a name problem I had. I know it was difficult but you stayed with me until you
finally found an answer to my problem!

Wouldn't it be great if everyone could be as patient and helpful as you?

Thanks again!

Posted by wallsatin

Yesterday I was on a Jet Blue flight from Tampa to JFK at the Tampa Airport I left my credit card at the check in kiosk.I was all the way to the gate .One of the Jet Blue employee's found my credit card and looked up my info to get my phone number and called me . After she found out I have already pass customs and I was at the gate . If I had to go back I would had to take a train to the check in area and go through customs again and maybe missing my flight.I was told to stay at the gate and she would bring it to me.She did I had a great flight and a good meeting with the Shriners in Tampa. Thank you to Kimmie for doing your best Get Blue is lucky to have you as an emplyee.Robert

Posted by Anonymous

Flight 1222 from RDU to Boston,flight attendant John Hennelly was excellent,both in his service and manner. We enjoyed an excellent flight.

Jim & Patricia Barry

Posted by carol watts

my comments are negative i was told i could ask for assistance with my carry on bag upon entering the air plane i was held back as well as other customs to be told i should have paid to store it. i feel this was poor customer service i am an older woman and can not afford to pay extra and need just a little assistance to store my personal carry on items i8 was also told that one of the customers could help me what a joke carol watts

Posted by Anonymous

my mom flight was 8/29/12 from Jamaican and she did not want to fly on plane but when jet blue bring her to Florida she most her flight she up in age she never go to hotel she flip out. Jet blue call me and I told them my mom never go to hotel she will flip out they put her on the first plain coming to Boston she was to take two more plane they candle the two other plane. She now love to fly all the staff from Jamaican was very good to her she said the all show her love she said in Florida and Boston they was there for her they put her in wheel chair all the location and push her and make sure all need was taking care off. Now she have no fair to fly. Thank to jet blue.

Posted by The Golden Girls

On April 17, my friends and i were delayed in Orlando FL and missed our connecting flight. The second shift supervisor Ken and his employees Jennifer O and Franklin were so helpful and arranged our accomadations for the night and our return flight. I would like you to know that the Customer Service shown is #1!

Thank you and keep up the good work!!

Posted by Anonymous

Please be aware that we traveled on the following confirmation number # PKQZFL

My husband, myself, and our 7 month old traveled on Jet Blue due to the unexpected death of my husband's father. During this very sad time, Angela was at the ticket counter in Tamap on 2-28-12 and she worked so hard on our seating in order to allow us to keep our baby in his baby seat. It truly made for a happy sleeping baby the entire trip back home. Please be sure to recognize Angela for her kind, compassionate, and professional ways. Her knowledge, smile and wave goodbye meant the world to us.

Sincerely, The Profeta's
[email protected]
See our travel information below:

Tue, Feb 28 8:35 p.m.
11:07 p.m. TAMPA, FL to
Kevin G Profeta
N/A Select seat
Carmina M Profeta
N/A Select seat
Rocco J Profeta
N/A Select seat

Posted by Anonymous

Kudos to the flight attendant who had an unruly passenger with a dog get off the plane!!!!!
Flt #372 from Ft Lauderdale to Laguardia Feb 7
Departed Ft Lauderdale 948am (arrive 1236PM)

This passenger would not put her dog in travel case and was annoying to passenger sitting next to her She would have held up this flt for sure
The stewardess did the right thing!!!! She was courteous and firm

Love your airline!!!!!!!

Posted by Anonymous

My flight this morning has been delayed two hours. Despite the monitor showing "on time" even after the original departure time, we were finally notified our aircraft was in need of a part from another city and it would take approximately 90minutes to get here. A little frustrating, but I I suppose I should know better than to fly on Friday the 13th. I am impelled to report a positive comment as the Jet Blue staff and passengers for that matter seem to remain in positive spirits. The staff continues to keep us posted and optimistic and provided complimentary refreshments as we continue to wait to board our plane sooner or later. I'm actually surprised I'm as understanding as I am. Thanks Jet Blue for making this a somewhat tolerable experience.

Posted by Anonymous

I thought my flight was comfortable and relaxing. The seats had good leg room, T.V.s were nice and refeshments pleasing.

Posted by happy flier

I traveled on the 12:05P flight 868 from Kingston to New York, JFK on Nov.22, 2011. after we boarded a problem developed and there was a delay of 4hrs before we were able to take off, the flight crew, especially Beverly in my section in the back was outstanding, they were patient, friendly & reassuring in dealing with our concerns, they kept us informed every step of the way. Snacks and refreshments were served even though we we were still grounded. Thank you pilot and crew for making a stressful situation bearable and for getting us to our destination safely, Thank God

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