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Jensen customer service is ranked #273 out of the 947 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 40.69 out of a possible 200 based upon 22 ratings. This score rates Jensen customer service and customer support as Disappointing.


20 Negative Comments out of 22 Total Comments is 90.91%.


2 Positive Comments out of 22 Total Comments is 9.09%.

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  • Jensen

    Customer Service Scoreboard

    • 40.69 Overall Rating
      (out of 200 possible)
    • 20 negative comments (90.91%)
    • 2 positive comments (9.09%)
    • 0 employee comments
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    • 2.8 Issue Resolution
    • 3.9 Reachability
    • 1.3 Cancellation
    • 4.3 Friendliness
    • 3.5 Product Knowledge

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Posted by CGHZ

brought my vx7020 double din from crutchfield, worked little more than a year, stop working powers up, checked all fuses fine, no response, no sound of radio, blank white
screen but no images. paid to crutchfield $349 and now jensen asking to fix for $185 plus shipping, poor product for this price not buying jensen products in future. rip off.

Posted by Anonymous

Why do you make products that don't work? Brand new 2015 Mercedes Sprinter with a Jensen VM92726BT will not power up. Fuses are OK.

Posted by Reiki Jan

I was planning on purchasing the Jensen Dual Alarm Clock Radio with Top-Loading CD Player & Large Easy to Read Backlit Display Plus 6ft Aux Cable to Connect Any Ipod, Iphone or Mp3 Digital Audio Player but would like to know if it has a jack for headphones. I went to the Jensen site and called the phone number they gave on the web. It said press 5, no joy. The main menu doesn't give an option that works for me. The site doesn't have email support yet, etc. As far as I am concerned there is no "Jensen customer service and support" so this review addresses the 'lack thereof'. I really need a CD player alarm clock . . . .

Posted by l stout

If my comments are kept confidential whereas company personnel can't see the post then what's the point I bought a 6 in 1 recorder 5 months ago it quit working yesterday none of the function buttons work CD trays won't open just a 300.00 piece of garbage Jensen products would have to get better to be considered garbage should have known better will be shopping tomorrow for something similar as long as its not made by jensen

Posted by Anonymous

we bought a Jensen jta 980 in 2014 to burn all our old cassettes to cd's. we were
able to burn three before it quit working. called Jensen and was told to send the
unit in along with 75.00. we didn't like that. so in sept. 2015 like two mindless
idiots we bought another Jensen 980 because we really want to convert our cassette
collection to cd. Jensen and spectra international couldn't sell me a book of
matches E V E R !!!

Posted by Anonymous

hi there ....i bought a Jensen portable am/fm compact disc player model CD-472.... when i bought it the cd player would not work at all except to barely spin the cd .. no doesnt play any music except in radio function... very dissapointing... i need it for work... i cannot find my reciept to return it to Target where i bought it... it is still in box--- brand new.... can yall help me at all .... i really like the compact size but the unit is defective and i am out the money i paid for it.... i thought Jensen was a trusted brand name but now im having 2nd thoughts...

Posted by iteachkin

I just purchased the following recorder from Amazon: Jaras® Limited Edition Jensen Bundle Cassette Player and Recorder Portable Shoe-box Cassette/recorder Built in Microphone & Speakers (Bundle Includes External Microphone & AC Adapter). After playing two tapes on it, the record button jammed and now we cannot play any tapes on it. We only used it on two tapes and then had the issue. I read the directions and we are not doing anything wrong, it just won't operate. I bought this to use for a project in my classroom, and now it cannot be used for it. Please advise me as to what I need to do. Thank you.

Posted by Anonymous

My Jensen AM/FM armband radio (SAB-55A) is junk. I have had it for 2 days and all it does is switch back to the original time (12:00) and station settings (lowest AM and FM stations). Virtually no AM channels at all, even within blocks of a station. I'm returning it to Target.

Posted by Anonymous

Your personal compact disc players are terrible. There's nothing portable about them as they are so sensitive, a gust of wind causes them to restart on each disc. Unless you know of a solution, I ought to ask for my money returned in double, one for the cost and the rest for the immense frustration.

Posted by Anonymous

hi all I have Jensen VM9726BT navigation receiver I had big complain about this radio since was installed by the company AUDIOVOX happauge NY because is not working properly the navigation system ( any time when i need use i have to do setup again and again and again why ????? also the rear output video always is off no way to turn on. I ask to Ms. Silvia she is in charge in this building but always says wait ill call you and never give me a solution. Please I need help

Posted by ?

I updated the software version on my new vx7020 auto radio using the SD Card that came with the unit. Little did I know that card holds the navigation software.. Since I formatted the SD as the upgrade instructions stated, the navigation feature no longer works.. Contacted Jenen's customer support and my only option was to pay $59.00 for a new card. This is very poor support and I feel I have been victimized... I certainly will not do business with Jensen products from this date forward.. I suggested additional verbiage be place on the instruction webpage stating not to use the sd card that comes with the unit... The customer support person did not support my suggestion...

Posted by Anonymous

I just got a jmc-180 that will not play cd it says no disk nice thing to get not working right out of the box .cost more to send back than what it is worth junk junk junk

Posted by Anonymous

I have tried unsuccessfully to reach technical support to no avail. I have a Jensen JCD3050 in camper just need information as how to turn outside speakers on.

Diane Cannon

Posted by Anonymous

I have the original iPad and an iPad2. My Jensen Rocker software now doesn't work on either. I understand that you have a fix for seating the iPad 2 in the JiPS-250i. How do I acquire same? Why don't the time and supplementary screens still work on the iPad 1?

Posted by hippie tim

no help at all Jensen sells crap and dont stand behind it there touch screen in dash model #VM9311TS first it did not except or eject a cd or dvd the touch screen only worked when it wanted to then volume just spends dosnt go up or down now it is stuck on one radio station and almost no volume( GREAT PRODUCT NOT ) all this happened in one year looked on ebay and there are a lot of factory recondition touch screen same model # thanks jensen for your lemon & no help hippie tim

Posted by Anonymous

i have a 490 that does not work the cord only connect for a few seconds and the disk moves the same amount, i went on your website and found another customer complaining about the same problem. what can you do for me and is this a problem with this model,

johanna siegmann bought from sears i will contact them about this problem
i do not understand your terms and conditions just get this fixed

Posted by Brent

I called the company (Jenson) because I purchased a usb/aux jack to connect to my Sony radio. My problem was with the usb feature; my iPod would not work when hooked to the device. So I called the company to see if they had any idea why, and all they could say was, "it only works with jenson products". So then I proceeded to ask a number of questions that would endorse that theory. Was the pinout different on the usb from the jenson product than on the Sony? Did the usb jack not have a feature that would support charging while steaming data? I was answered I don't know to every question. Then when I asked was there anyone that I could talk to that would know, he then answer no again and told me to look it up online. And all of this came to be after being on hold for 15 min. I know an 8 year old that knows more about stereos than jenson tech support! Perhaps maybe I should ask him. Terrible!

Posted by HIEU916

Barely had the GPS Unit and it acts up. I call their awful customer service, I wait 1 hour, hang up call again and waited another hour, and they don't even help you at all, " Call again, Monday, and I'm waiting again, automated nonsense says your next in line, Does the guy in front of me take hours? Talking about sending it in, he didn't even ask for the damn model number. They have no experience and CUSTOMER SUPPORT is ALL BAD.

Posted by dontbuyjensenoraudiovox

I have had a jensen in-dash car stereo for 7 months now. It has never worked correctly. It just came back from 'repair' for the second time and STILL isn't repaired. I will never, ever, ever, NEVER purchase Jensen or Audiovox equipment again. They use an outside firm "Protech Electronics" that makes YOU pay to send their crappy equipment in repeatedly for repair. They are rude at protech and clearly incompetent. I would NOT recommend their products. I'm filing a BBB complaint and won't give up until they refund my money, take their P.O.S. radio back and PAY to have my old stereo reinstalled in the vehicle.

Posted by Anonymous

Called Jensen customer service because my car stereo was malfunctioning. Was bounced around between two people, both of which were completely rude and not helpful in any way. Will destroy my jensen product and never buy Jensen again.

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Posted by Anonymous

I just called customer service and they helped me wonderfully . they know exactly what I was talking about and what I needed help with. I couldn't have asked for a better phone call from this company.

Posted by ead0001

I just called and didn't have any problems. Needed a cable for my Jensen car stereo and had it ordered in less than 5 minutes. Quick and easy. Thanks.

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