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27 Negative Comments out of 30 Total Comments is 90.00%.


3 Positive Comments out of 30 Total Comments is 10.00%.

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  • Jamba Juice

    Customer Service Scoreboard

    • 31.20 Overall Rating
      (out of 200 possible)
    • 27 negative comments (90.00%)
    • 3 positive comments (10.00%)
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Posted by Anonymous

I had a bad experience with a small Chicano male at the store in San Carlos, on industrial road. If this ever happens again I will make a complaint to the main company about this individual. Vary out of place person to be serving the public.

Posted by Tavy29

I have been visiting Jamba Juice for close to a year now and I love the açaí primo energy bowl. The location I visit at 6669 Security Blvd. Woodlawn, MD. produces a consistent quality product however the customer service lacks a great deal. After visiting the location for over six months I discovered that the company had a rewards program which was never mentioned to me as a customer thatâs visited up to twice a day during the summer months. I am now creating this review because I from time to time receive an $1 off coupon through a company partnered app. called SurveyMini. I used the coupon once before at the location during afternoon hours without a problem however at more then 30 days ago now I received another coupon which the morning staff could not process. I left my name and number for the manager a couple weeks later I was given the name and number of a manager whom I could never reach on top of the fact that my service has increasingly declined since the incident where my coupon could not be applied. It seems as if the two young lady that work the location in the morning are in some way bothered by my desire to have this situation resolved and to receive my appropriate coupon. This is my last attempt to receive some resolution before I discontinue supporting this organization. I am now a rewards member therefore I am certain that it could be seen how frequent I can visit the company and each of my hard earned dollars.

Posted by Anonymous

I visited your Antioch ca location quite frequently due to my last 3 visits I will not return no professionalism what so ever I had to be refunded twice because they skipped my order by at least 10 people and today was the final straw there system went down understandable but there was 5 people standing in line as 3 associates we're communicating amongst themselves 15 minutes later the said we're closed period.

Posted by Anonymous

I purchase $150 to $250 weekly from Jamba Juice, you can look up my phone numbers as needed to prove. I have been coming to Jamba Juice Wellington since they opened. Yesterday I purchased 2 oatmeals which were half cooked and served. After I got to work which is 45 minutes away we started eating and it was raw. I called store right away and spoke to the gentleman Danny. He explained it is better when it sits for awhile and told me I could replace them. In which I advise I am at work. He said no problem I will leave a note for my manager you will be coming in the am to replace. This morning I called and spoke to your manager Heather whom said she is only replacing one and she didn't see the note. She asked why didn't I bring the oatmeal back. I explained to her I work 45 mins away and I had already paid for them and did not get reimbursed from the other person. Had I know she wanted me to save the oatmeal instead of disposing I would have brought the following day before I went to work. She said we only have an in store policy. I explained to her that isn't right and I will not be purchasing anything else from Jamba Juice ever again and to cancel my order for this morning for the 4 Acai's. She knows me by name. She said OK sarcastically. I will be reporting this customer service to other sites as well as posting the pics of the broken glass/hard plastic that was blended in the smoothie in the acai on a prior visit. This was a dangerous situation but I just let the manager know. Because things happen. But rectification is golden. As a business owner and a professional; I would have never ever handled this situation like this over $3. But now you have lost me as a customer as well as all my family members. I will not step foot into your establishment ever again with this manager. Aren't businesses built on customer satisfaction???? I guess not Heather proved that. Wellington FL location

Posted by Anonymous

My daughter and I were just at Hanna juice located At The Crossings in federal way wa state. It was aroun 9 when we arrived 2 girls trying to make our drinks, we were the only 2 customers. I asked for apples and charge and my daughter for a peanut butter No bananas and no honey because she is diabetic (and she is pregnant) . They didn't start our drinks right away, instead they were washing blenders and getting all kinds of ingredients from the back such as the peanut butter, the apples, the lemons, it took them 27 min to make 2 drinks. While preparing the drink for my daughter we realized they put bananas and honey, the girl was upset about having to make the drink again even though the ticket said no bananas and honey... as for my drink the girl forgot to put the yogurt, so she had to add that at the end and had to add extra stuff to make it work. While they were fixing our drinks a lady came in (older) both stopped making our drinks and took the ladies order and read it together, then they continued. By the time we left, 27 min later, the lady had already been waiting for about 12 min and started complaining as well. I want to make a point that I've worked retail for 23 years and this is some of the poorest service I've ever had, needless to say the actual medical issue with my daughter if we haven't catch the bananas honey issue. I don't know who's franchise that location belongs to but this person needs to be there and see the horrible customer service. He or she is loosing money because of the incompetence and bratiness of 2 teenagers. The name of one of the girls was brandy.

Posted by Anonymous

Rude employee's. I have been doing busy with this location for over a year, and I have had several incidents. Well this just took the cake. I work right around the corner form the location, so on Sat 05/20/2017 I was on my 10 minute break. I placed an on-line order for a: "Apples ââ?¬Ë?N Charge: at 11:17am, I waited about 05 minutes, then walked over (the on-line receipt) ..I walked over to the store about 11:20, and well their was a line out the door, and the employee's were stressed, and over whelmed and my order wasn't even made, not even pulled. When I asked about the employees looked confused. I told them I would back in 30 minutes or less (I'm in here all the time)..I went back about 12 Noon, and some rude Millennial (male) employee stated: "We made it, but we didn't think you would be back, so we threw it out". I asked for the manager and was told one was not available. I'm done with Jamba. Not again! This is the 3rd bad experience I have had with this location., and I'm threw with Jamba Juice. Screwy store.

Posted by Aida

04-17-17 Jumba juice Port Authority had system problem- they ended up charging my drink 3x over- the store phone contact number doesn't answer my calls. This is the end of jumba juice for me.

Posted by Kkelley

It's ridiculous that they won't take my 100$ bill. There was literally 30 people in line infront of me! Why can't they make change I witnessed them receive the change I needed. Stupid policy left me with money to spend but not here

This is dumb

Posted by Disappointed customer

Just went into Jamba juice by South Center and tried to order a juice but they were out of almost everything, maybe you should close the store. The cashier was happy to see me leave with out placing an order. Used to be a good place to get a unique juice, but not anymore.

Posted by Anonymous

I always come to this location, in the morning and they seem to be very friendly. I came today in the afternoon and the guy that helpe me had a bad attitude was more worry about cleaning than helping me. He did not make eye contact and he didnt even listen to what i asked for. He gave a incorrect size of juice and didnt give me a receipt. The other guy came in and i told him is this the biggest juice and the guy rudely answer yes thats what she got. But in the morning my juice was larger. Therefore brandon came in and said ill make it better and he dis, he change our juices cups and made it the correct size with a smile and was very helpful. Brandon has a great customer service not like the other guy that was such a rude and actes like a jerk.

Posted by Anonymous

To whom it may concern,

Please contact me. I have been trying to call the customer service number for 3 weeks now and I get a busy signal. I ordered a $10.00 gift card on your website on December 14th 2016 and never received it. Please let me know what happened or refund my $10.00.

Posted by Such Rude Staff!

I usually *love* Jamba and miss it now that I live in a state where we dont have it. Recently at FLL I was excited to see Jamba inside the TEA at gates F1-10. The line looked a little crowded but not too bad, and there were 3 workers, so I thought I would be in and out in 5 or so minutes.

Unfortunately it took 20, and I got plenty of sass and attitude from one of the workers to boot. I waited 10 minutes to place my order (and at this point I really should have given up), but then it took *another* 10 between the time stamp on my credit card and drink pickup. When the 2 people behind me got their drinks before me, I politely inquired where my drink might be, starting off, "Hello, ma'sam, so, I've been here for about 20 minutes now and..." Then she cut me off and said, "Ma'am, you have NOT been here for 20 minutes. I just took your order." Unfortunately for her, I have the time stamp to prove the actual time I swiped my card. I understand that it might not be fun to work at an airport Jamba, but the staff was soooo slooow and clearly hated their jobs and didn't like their customers very much. So disappointed.

Posted by Anonymous

Terminal 5 JFK is your worst location. Continually out of carrots and or wheat grass. However this morning at around 0940 on Dec 5th the girl, African American tried to give me the wheatgrass shot out of the trip container instead of a fresh one. That's my final straw with this place. I will post this on all other social media sites.

Posted by Anonymous

I'm very dissatisfied with my recent experience at jamba I specifically asked for the Pb banana protein. When I got my drink it tasted nothing like pb or banana it tasted like peach. I asked for almond milk due to a lactose intolerance and she put regular milk. I did not have time to go back due to my busy schedule. Just very unsatisfied and disappointed

Posted by carlos

Jamba juice at location 13505 biscayne blvd #28 north Miami beach fl 33181. yesterday 11/15/2016 I went over there with my wife like almost every normal day,we was the only two customer in there, I kissed my wife and the employeers ( PAOLA GONZALEZ)and the other two employeers they started to shushed (shhhhh) me and my wife, they was so disrespectful! is my wife we merry for 16 years, what is wrong with this people? is not a free country?? THAT IS WHAT PEOPLE CALL RACISM!! NOT KISS YOUR WIFE??!!! IF YOU DONT LIKE THAT, THE COMPANY NEED TO PUT SINGS IN EACH STORE!! every time that we went there we spend around 16 dollars and then less we have to wait 12 minutes to they make the shakes, and we never made any complain sbout it!!! this general manager... "PAOLA GONZALEZ" SHE NEED TO GO BACK TO THE SCHOOL AND TRY TO LEARN SOME RESPECT FOR PEOPLE!! THIS IS UNBELIEVABLE AND TOTALLY DISRESPECTFUL!!

Posted by Most dissatisfied

Ordered an Orange Dream drink at the Citadel Outlet Stores, it was watery, no sweet taste that I like. Walked all the way back stood there for couple minutes, 3 workers there non of them asked me if I needed anything. I finally spoke up and told her that my drink is toowatery can I get another one. She tells me "I'll add more ice cream" . I can't believe she poured what I had in my cup into mixer added one scoop of ice cream blended it and said here! OMG others would've just made a brand new one! Was so upset and angry I walked out and threw it away! This would never happen in Hawaii!

Posted by Anonymous

I went on my lunch to Jamba Juice in Lancaster California on 10th street west and avenue K, I waited for 26 minutes for my order people came a went that came after me, fall the staff were taking and socializing being loud and not caring that I was standing there waiting, I finally went and asked what the hold up was and a male staff said I am sorry I am not on the clock, I can't help you... Another guy came and a young lady by the name Christine and tried to help after they saw me upset,, very unprofessional and not a care that people are in a hurry in their lunch time,, worse service I ever had

Posted by Jess

HORRIBLE!! Waited in line for over 20 minutes, never got helped and 8 of us finally walked away. Reason - Safeway said not enough business to warrant more then One employee!! Now o know why lol!! Orange Julius, we're heading your way! Will never ever go to Jamba Juice again!!

Posted by Anonymous

Hi, im sorry that im writing to send a complaint. I would also like to tell you that all the stores I have been to in Utah have done an excellent job. My complaint is about your Fundraiser cards. I bought five cards from a girls soccer team selling them. At no time was I told that they would expire. I have three cards left that expired less than one month after I purchased them. Is there any way the expiration date can be extended? Can I send these back to you?

Thank you for your time. Jill Goodliffe.

Posted by Anonymous

west covina jamba juice did not make my carrot juice fresh. They did not put threw extractor. Had carrot juice already extracted and added water. Handed to new employee and she added zink and antioxident and blended. My drink costed about $6.00. This happened today August 4 at about 1pm. That has never happened to me before. I questioned one of the employees about my drink being so light colored. Tried to call there and talk to manager, but no one answers. My name is Jacqueline Exposito

Posted by sm

Today in SLO foothill at 11:14 am I ordered 2 lg cookies cream protein and 1 lg macha, I was disgusted by the level of customer service I told the employee (girl) i was not happy the my drinks were uneven and below the white fill line I said I paid for a full portion, she said oh the protein cups don't get filled all the way? I told her I was unhappy, two other employees heard me and said nothing clearly Jamba Juice does not train their employees on customer service. I have been a loyal customer since it was called Juice Club you have lost me and my family as a customer! I am disappointed in the foothill manager and their team. I look forward to a response. Your employees were suboptimal and clearly not been instructed on how to make a customer leave with a great experience. I also came back in returned two straws and the silly survey I was given. I made eye contact with 3 employees no one said anything nor offered me anything. I was not forceful in any way, look at the tapes I know we're being recorded!

Posted by Anonymous

The Gm Ryan At Your Schaumburg Location Needs To Find A New Job! He's Very Rude And Disrectful!

Posted by Jamba Juice stealed my money

My Jamba gift card was zero out. Jamba Juice won't help or provide any information/transactions regarding the balance of my card.

I received a gift card for $80 on 12/20/2015. Validated the amount on Jamba webside () on the same day.

On 12/28/2015, I used the card at Union City store for 2 juices without any problems. On 01/24/2016, when I want to use the card for the second time, the store staff told me the card balance was zero.

I contact Jamba Juice customer services (510-596-0100) on 1/25/2016. The representative told me that from their system, she can see that there is only one transaction from Union City for my card, and also confirmed the current balance is zero. As far as what happened to the remaining balance, they can't tell or help me since I can't prove I purchased the card from their stores or authorized dealers.

My complaints are as follow:

1. It's a gift card. I can't prove the original purchase. But I have the card with me since I received the card.

2. As a legit card holder, I deserve to know where or what happened to my remaining balance .

For Jamba Juice simply saying I can't help you and I can't tell/prove to you what happened to you card is not acceptable. Since the gift card is prepaid, Jamba Juice can't just sell the card and wipe out the balance without prove to card holder how did they fulfill their gift card liabilities to the card holder.

I reached help with local Jamba Juice store manager (she reached Regional Manager) and Better Business Bureau Nothern CA.

But Jamba Juice corporate office (customer services) never reply to any of us (ie. consumer, independent credit bureau or even their own employees).

Posted by Anonymous

I was in Friday of last week friday I believe and I wont be back to that store location again the manger at the Campbell and Glenn location was acting in a very unprofessional manor.He was making it very know that he was in a bad mood throwing blenders and slamming everything he came into contact with and the lady at the register looked very uncomfortable and embarrassed and kept apologizing for his behavior I told her that I was sorry that she had to work with him.I will not be back

Posted by Anonymous

I've tried calling several times and no one ever answers the phone?!!!

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Posted by Anonymous

Commenting on your employee by the name of Mr. Isaac Knight in Chgo location on Madison st, he was very courteous, polite and made me the best and healthy smoothie,I wanted to talk to his manager but I was in a hurry, this young man is definitely management material! Thanks for the great jamba juice experience and I will spread the word.

Posted by Val

My favorite place to buy fruit drinks. However lately I have been ordering my smoothies thick and they have not been thick at all. I am paying for thick therfore I should get thick. Not happy tired of giving chances. Compton Towne center location time to get it right

Posted by Supplysidr

Kudos to Tristen at your store in Covington, WA. I'm a retired entrepreneur and current volunteer for the City of Covington on the Arts Commission. It was a pleasure to met her while canvassing area businesses in regards to an upcoming public art display. Out of dozens of contacts made, Tristen was one of only two people that promptly got back to me on the next day. I'd keep her.

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