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Jaguar customer service is ranked #150 out of the 946 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 50.69 out of a possible 200 based upon 13 ratings. This score rates Jaguar customer service and customer support as Disappointing.


12 Negative Comments out of 13 Total Comments is 92.31%.


1 Positive Comment out of 13 Total Comments is 7.69%.

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    • 50.69 Overall Rating
      (out of 200 possible)
    • 12 negative comments (92.31%)
    • 1 positive comments (7.69%)
    • 0 employee comments
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    • 3.5 Issue Resolution
    • 4.2 Reachability
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    • 5.2 Friendliness
    • 4.6 Product Knowledge

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Posted by siddiqi

One of the worst service department for Jaguar ETC is in Jeddah - KSA
I hate to go back there and hate to buy ever this vehicle because of there poor and stupid services in relation to maintenance and after sales service

Posted by NA

I was told I need to take my Jaguar to the dealership as there was some sort of recall on the computer equipment. I made my appointment to do this on a Monday, took it in today (Thursday) and was told 1. They could not find my appointment. 2. They had no record of me ever having service there. 3. When I explained to them why I was there and also mentioned that the radio code given to CJ Tires when they replaced my battery was in correct the guy first said he was not the one speaking to CJ Tires, then retracted that and said oh yes, I did give them the radio code (which by the way was incorrect, I had to fix this myself) then he claimed he never told CJ Tires that my car was part of a recall even though CJ Tires gave me the code that was given to them. The customer service - Wayne, PA Jaguar needs a lot of improvement.

Posted by N/A

Jaguar Svc In Sacramento At Fulton Getting Worse - You Call And Leave Massage For Manager And Assistant They Never Get Back With You Or Call Back - I Called And Left So Many Massage To Call Back For Service If Part Is Ready To Get My Car Service To Replace New Part - Never Call Back - They Said We Are Busy. Please Explain Them Service Getting Poor. Hope In The Future I Get Svc Better.


Posted by doctoright

I have abig problem with jaguar dealer in Saudi Arabia regarding airbag which isn't work during around 5 months waiting with no response.

Posted by Anonymous

I had made a complaint on the 28th feb 2015 (122356) followed up by another call on the 9th and 12th March 15, but no one has come to rectify my faulty gadget.

Posted by Allan

I bought a 'certified' pre-owned 2010 XK 22 months ago. SIX DAYS AGO -For the second time the car was totally unresponsive as I try to start it. Last time this happened I was told it was the battery. This time it is stuck in PARK in my garage. I called customer service 6 days ago. They have sent 4 providers out with inadequate equipment, and the car is still stick in my garage. This is the most aggravating experience I have ever had with a car and it is still unresolved. My view of Jaguar has certainly changed during these 6 days.

Posted by Anonymous

went in to get a recall performed,,,they service mgr. tried to sell me a transmission,,,WTF ? they think everyone who drives an expensive car is rich but stupid. they need ethics training

Posted by subash chander

I am the latest user of Jaguar bath fittings. my experience is this company makes the other fool. there are some problems with the new fittings despite lodging the complaint No one had attended it.

Posted by Anonymous

Dear Customer Care Representative

I am a proud owner of the Jaguar XJ I premium luxury vehicle and I am currently residing in Doha, Qatar. I am extremely delighted with the performance and sense of luxury that the vehicle provides. As far as the product is involved, the vehicle is an exceptional work of art.

However, not only was I infuriated with the level of service by the local dealer, I was disgusted by the treatment provided.

Firstly, this was my first service and I reported the phone charger to be defective. Secondly, the car had some small scratches on it for which the customer service agent recommended that I pay an additional sum of QR 1800 so that the car is polished, the leather inside is properly cleaned and a food stain on the interior of the car is removed. Finally, the vehicle was shaking a bit over speeds of a 100 km/hr which I believe the cause to be one of the tires I hit recently. The period set by the agent for the service was three days, which I did not mind if all the issues I faced were looked into.

Disappointment is only one of the feelings I had when I came in to receive the car. According to the same customer service agent who I believe should be relocated to Sales, the food stain could not come off and suggested that I replace the entire interior spare part costing around QR 1000. This is absurd for me as I never knew that a scoop of baskin robins icecream could cost me that much. Having examined the vehicle, I could easily see that it was not polished properly, let alone that some of the exterior was not even touched. The interior was poorly handled and though the phone charger was fixed, the ipod connector next to it stopped working. As for the vehicle shaking I complained of, the recommendation was to change all four tires, which sounds absurd to me. The customer service agent's persistence on me buying new parts for the car instead of fixing it is an indicator that he approached the wrong career.

Disappointment, anger, frustration are mere small words that show how I felt about the issue. This was the first time I experienced regret in my decision to purchase a Jaguar. Nevertheless, I decided to contact the service manager to let him know the problems in his organization. I placed around 10 calls in a period of three days to which I always got the same answer for his assistant, "he is very busy, he will get back to you". Till this day I have not heard a word from him.

I was forced to take the car and then give a call to the Showroom manager, where he requested me to bring in the car again to a specific employee in the service part of the dealership, and he will take care of it. The only reason I was able to bring the car in again was because of my personal connections and not the behavior of the service staff and manager.

How can a service manager leave a customer unsatisfied? What kind of marketing strategy is this? Let alone the strategy, not getting a reply after ten calls is quite rude. My frustration with the service could make me write pages but I would like to keep it short and clear. This service provided to my vehicle is miles away from the product I thought I purchased, I expected luxury service for a luxury product but all I received was mediocre service.

I urge you to look into the performance of the service of the dealership in Doha because I am certain that Jaguar is looking to sell a complete product, one where the service and the staff involved, the service manager in particular, are at the same level as the vehicle.


Mohammed AlMohannadi

Posted by William

I would appreciate if somebody will get back to me to solve my Jaguar problems .(Car key doesn't work anymore -alarm system )
I send emails and nobody is taking time to give me an answer .
It is very disappointing that such a big Company doesn't want to make customer happy and comply with the law .
It will be appreciated if somebody will get back to me regarding my problems !
P.S. What is the code submission for if nobody get back to the customer email ?????

Posted by Bill

Hello, dear
My name is William Evans and I purchased a 2003 X-Type 2.5 Litre. I had some problems with this car but in general We were happy . We bought bran new from a dealer Bauer Jaguar-Santa Ana. We had an recall for a problem and after that we maintained very well our jag . The dealer from Santa Ana closed down and moved very far from us . We took the car to another dealer on Cerritos city . They over charge us always and mess up our electric system for the lights . We had to buy both back units lights for just one light which was not working proper for left turn. Still the system it is not working proper but we don't want to go to a dealer anymore ! We have two sets of keys and we try to use for "The first time one set " and did not worked at all ! We are very disappointed that such a expensive car, new and to have this lack ! We looked on internet and sure enough we found out that was a recall for our jaguar regarding car keys . Our serial number is SAJEA51D93X D38952 . Again nobody contacted us do to this recall. We went to Jaguar dealer in Cerritos and they want us to pay $400-$500 to replace each set of key . We can not afford to pay because we got hit we a lot of problems .We lost our Moms and my wife after a back surgery got big complications, infections and left her disabled for life . We have another spine implant surgery scheduled for March 18 th, 2014 . We have very hard time with all these things going on and we keep putting off time to solve our jaguar keys problems . I forgot to mention that we changed the battery in both and still are not working . We would like to be help to solve this problem .We have low Jack to and we like to be able to use and keep this car ! Please, please help me ! I sent a few emails a while ago to another site and I never received any response !
Thank you for your time and we hope that your Company will consider our email and the inconveniences we had .

William Evans

Posted by julied

I'm sure this is going to sound silly, but here I go. I purchased a used (14,000 miles) 2003 S-type 4 door sport sedan. I absolutely love the look, comfort, & (when things are going smooth)it's a lovely, smooth, quiet ride with enough power for me when needed. There have been many issues, but so far nothing that indicates it's going to blow up soon. However, I must say, I don't feel safe in it anymore. I'm simply writing to see if I can get the correct owners manual. I know it's been a LONG time, but I got/am very ill, and simply other things going on. Got the wrong one in first place, and think, no proof, a mechanic took it. Can you send a new one please oh please! I've tried to order, but they charge for it!! Just about every dollar I have goes to health issues. Will you help me? Thank you so much, Julie D

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Posted by Anonymous

Jaguar has lots of great products in which to me are great for the value, they last a long long time. So,jagguar has done me good.

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