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Jack In The Box customer service is ranked #831 out of the 946 companies that have a CustomerServiceScoreboard.com rating with an overall score of 21.00 out of a possible 200 based upon 100 ratings. This score rates Jack In The Box customer service and customer support as Terrible.


98 Negative Comments out of 100 Total Comments is 98.00%.


2 Positive Comments out of 100 Total Comments is 2.00%.

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  • Jack In The Box

    Customer Service Scoreboard

    • 21.00 Overall Rating
      (out of 200 possible)
    • 98 negative comments (98.00%)
    • 2 positive comments (2.00%)
    • 2 employee comments
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      (out of 10 possible)
    • 1.6 Issue Resolution
    • 1.5 Reachability
    • 1.7 Cancellation
    • 2.8 Friendliness
    • 1.9 Product Knowledge

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Posted by Anonymous

Went in to jib in LAS Vegas Store # 464, ordered # 8 burger, then found a piece of plastic in side my burger, went and told a employee cashier Jose, asked to talk to maneuver then he said he wasn't in, then this tall girl in a very unpleasant attitude asked me, well what do you want another burger or your money back, I told her my money, cause I coudnt stomach another burger, not after what I experienced

Posted by Alexander

This,is second time that my order was wrong. Jack in the box #3682 .this time order was way over .I explain to manager Isabel 5/27/18, 9:32:33 am drive thru #155 .she was very rude, she don.t have any respect for customer also .when I mentioned to going complaint about her actitud. She was laught from my daughter. How you can have a manager with this behavior. Really I don.t want comeback here anymore .burger king, mc donalds or popeyes chicken have better customer service. Comparing to this jack in the box. Thank you .

Posted by Toni

Toni Wong in Hawaii I have visited Jack-in-the-Box the last two days this is Wednesday, May 9 and I try to use the coupons for your buttery classics one for two for nine and one today the combo I came home yesterday I ordered a bacon Swiss cheese and there was no lettuce and tomato I called yesterday left a number no one calls me back I went today and use the coupon for the combo again I ordered a bacon Swiss cheese came home but before I came home I asked the teller if all that hamburgers included lettuce and tomatoes because mine didn�t have yesterday and he said yes they all do

Posted by Lashona

The jack in the box in Dayton Texas is ran real unprofessionally. Employees are working by themselves at 1 and 2 in the morning. I was in the restaurant when at least 3 or 4 workers complaining about their pay checks and the store manager seem unbotherd. Someone really needs to look deeply into this store because I believe there is a lot of dirty business going on. Someone really need to go and investigate Landon and Amber. This is serious. This is people lives and money at risk and her don't care about no one. There are school kids working after 10 pm, employees working when they have not been put in the system and didn't get paid, and much more. This store needs to be SHUT DOWN. someone needs to visit this location before something bad happens.

Posted by Anonymous

Every time I go to this jack in the box in temple TX 3608SW HK Dodgen Loop I am 65% of the time disappointed all I get is two jumbo jacks only mustard ketchup and pickles and something is always wrong with it and then when I ask to get it corrected the people are rude mostly in drive thru I wish the staff was better trained I worked for Jack for ten years and the system is still broken--JIB #3862

Posted by Maryalice

Went to jack in the box located in ventura ca on seward last night had order inside they employees forgot to make our order we had 4 orders we waoted 30 minutes went up to see what was taking so long they said they forgot but to wsit anothet 2 minutes i adk to talk to manager when she came to the front i told her what happen she took our receipts she never came back to talk to us again very bad customer service

Posted by Brittney

Stop by Jack in the box located in Midland TX 79707 on Wadly drive worst Jack in the box EVER gals advertising it's 12 pm and they were closed the he lady by the name of Brittany has the nerve to tell us they were closed after she had a full room full of employees so we asked her why were they closed she said due to employees. What who dose such thing there were five people there and we asked for her name she yelled at us BRITTNEY and we told her we were contracting corporate she said you go right ahead why that is a law suit and I recorded her on my phone I highly suggest that employees should watch them self's how they speak to people or customer service and they need to rehire to there people that will keep me here food restaurant in business this is so unexseptabl and rude and I wish someone would reach out to me from corporate my information is below and I myself am from food industry franchise.

Posted by Vicky

Pass 2 visits to Jack in Box

516 Wood St. Gilmer TX....

I have ordered large orders of regular tacos ...extra crispy....even waited 10 minutes for them....just to get rubbery,greasy ones so bad sack has grease coming through it....

I believe I am entiled to be reimbursed for this.Even if it is coupons for free ones.....I am a widow on fixed income.. Can't afford to just throw money away.

My email address

Posted by Anonymous

We stopped at restaurant #6318. After waiting 16 minutes we dysciveed our burgers sitting on counter but they just had started fries. When we complained manger said she would remake burgers after fries finished. So I could basically have cold burgers and hot fries or hot fries and cold burger. Asked for refund and number of her supervisor. Got number to take survey instead.

Posted by Anonymous

I just went up to the Jack and the Box by my house I've been going to for years and years I had $10 on my credit card it took the money off but did not give me the order now she said the money will be put back sometime it took the money I had on my card and didn't give me the order the order was $7 she took $10.23 off my card I want my money back or my food my number my name is Burtis Dockery

And the girl at the window was rude and unprofessional she shut the window in my face because I guess because I am not Hispanic this is bullcrap not a way to run a business Jack and the Box PS I live at 8801 little Walnut Drive for 50 years I have lived in this house your Jack and the box is located on North Lamar between 183 and Rundberg in Austin Texas

Posted by Mad

Bad service.didnt get my order treated like a animal we go there before I want my money back 35.00

Posted by Perly

I went to jack in the box was in line 30 minutes.didn't get a receipt and she didn't even say sorry for the wait.barely opened the window and shoved me my bag!the service was terrible.I've lived here all my life and never had that kind of service.I was like for real?!!

Posted by Martina


I wish to file a complaint against Gladys the Manager of the Jack in-the-box at 1130 Leisure Town Road in Vacaville CA. PLEASE CONTACT THE ME IMMEDIATELY

Your immediate attention to this matter is appreciated.

Thank you

Martina Smith

Posted by Anonymous

I was very disturb when this morning around 6am I went to the Jack in the Box at 2 locations. One on McCart and off sycamore school road in ft worth tx. The one one McCart said he had a issue and couldnt take my order. The other one said she was the only one here and was unable to take orders. Very unhappy customer.

Posted by Anonymous

Just finished work and wanted Jacks fajita pita. First, they get my order wrong than they give me a fajita with welted lettuce. Totally lost my appetite still hungry and highly dissatisfied and disappointed. I will never go to the Jack in the box on S.king st again.

Posted by Anonymous

The jack in the box in San Antonio TX at Perrin beitel rd has 20 day expired milk. When having breakfast, drank the milk and had to go to the hospital on Christmas day to get treatment

Posted by Anonymous

We live in Waller, tx. Stopped by your store on 2920 at 290 fwy. The order was placed and we paid the total. Got home nd the #7 had curly fries and a drink but no hamburger. Also ordered two burgers off the budget order and 4 tacos and a chicken burger but got another type chicken burger. This was close to 11pm. Not sure how the mistake was made as the order was placed but lacked the #7 burger and no budget chicken burger other than a regular chicken sandwich. The jr budget burgers were not the same as normally. These people are doing a horrible job following orders and need to either be released or better trained. I fell I needed to let you know we were not happy with our service received. I can be reached at Thanks

Posted by Anonymous

I was visiting jack in the box getting food thru the drive thru when driving out I notes this pop noise and it was a big pot hole contact end the city they said to contact jack in the box this happened 11/10/2016 around 3:00pm please give me a call asap thank u very much

Posted by Anonymous

I had gone to jack in the box on 91st lowerbuckeye I had asked for a side salad and 2 chicken strips and the man said he can only do one I was like I have always gotten 2 and i never had a problem before and he said okay that's fine ill do 2 and I was okay I pulled up I gave the lady a 10 dollar bill and I was checking for my chicken strips when recieved the bag and I didn't see any an she's like oh the one chicken strip is inside the salad and I was like I asked for 2 and there like no you can only have one so I took off and plus I got NO RECEIPT AT ALL. And my change back was 3 and some cents suppose to get 6dollar bill and 4cents and when I saw I got 3 dollars I was that wrong and no receipt well there it sums up my bad EXPERIENCE !!!!!!!!!!

Posted by Anonymous

I had a very bad experience at the Jack in the box at 4111 Linnell at Louis no 63108 and also a bad experience trying to contact customer service,this is not the first time I've had a disrespectful worker bit it will be my last I would like to speak to someone this is ridiculous how the workers treat customer if no response I'm gone to call the BBB it is no excuse for this kind of service I will be waiting my phone thanks and everyone don't have the internet to contact you about your rude workers,then when a customer calls it's more rude that we can't get anyone to help it says that your off open @ 7:30 try again I called @ 8:30

Posted by Anonymous

I just recently visited the Jack in the box on homestead and tidwell in Houston Texas. the employee working at the window was very rude and ill mannered. he had an attitude and would not repeat the total after requesting to hear it once more. I then asked to speak to a manager. he then said he was the manager. I told him I wanted to speak to his supervisor and he rudely stated we could not order then slammed the drive thru window in our face. we visited this location at 3:40 a.m. on Tue Nov. 15, 2016. in my opinion, this employee should be repramanded immediately. worse service I have ever received.

Posted by Anonymous

The Jack in the Box 1737 Bascom Avenue Campbell California the most rudest employees I've ever come across very very prejudiced every one of them I have been dealing with this Jack in the Box for the past 3 weeks very disgusting very nasty Poor service

Posted by Ro

The Jack in the Box at 1737 Bascom Avenue Campbell California is very very rude and Prejudiced employees managers very rude terrible customer service I have never ever been to a Jack In The Box so disgusting

Posted by not happy

The food today was horrible.me an my daughter an grandson were unable to finish our food our fries an curly fries were hard an cold my grandson said his bacon was to hard. My daughter meal they forgot about it I had to remind them.the bathroom had roaches in it we left will not eat at that jack in the box again.

Posted by Tom McCarthy

I almost,lost my life,in Jack in the box,franchise.Riverside Ca.Riverside Plaza.restaurant.On 10-3-16. I was almost attacked,several times,inside,restaurant,by a person,who blew up like a bomb.Got in my face,for No reason.Kept yelling,at me.Moved about the restaurant,One side to the other.Threatening To shoot me,Vulgar threats,that kept on goin.Approach ed me at the Counter,from behind. I pleaded with the staff to call police,and told them that I cant take cany more chances,if this man keeps threating me,and pursuing me Staff told me that I needed to show restaint,Are U kidding? Staff,let him keep on yelling.Staff did nothibg,but smile,through it all. This was just before noon. Place was full. Dont people watch the news? My phone

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Posted by Dominick

I went to the jack in the box store 8304 in Tacoma wa on 6th ave. I am in a customer service business so I am aware of great service when received. I knew what I want when I was placing my order even though I messed it up, the person taking my order was great in explaining with making me feel like he was there to serve me. After completing my order he made sure that every thing was correct down to the price of my order. When up to the window to pay asked how was my day and the made sure everything was correct. A lot of the time people make you feel like here's your order good bye. Dominick made me feel like here's your order thank you for allowing me to serve you. I would give him are perfect 10 from start to finish . The was a representation of great customer service.

Posted by Anonymous

The Jack in the Box at 2905 Altaview Drive, San Diego, CA 92139 on 03/25/12016, at 8:22 PM. I drove through the drive thru, the young man who attending me, I believe his named is Alex was very friendly and has a congenial personality. I was somewhat surprise because when I have gone to this Jack in the Box the person at the drive thru is usually somber. I just though that you may want to hear a positive affirmation. Thank you.

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Posted by Anonymous

I work at jack in the box on an me an my family went on Friday 9/23/2016 an around 4evening this manager was yelling cussing I believe his name is RUBEN he is someone that needs to look for another job, he was yelling an there was a lot of customers eating, the food was grate, complements to your cook, I don't ever want to go to that jacks again he needs to be fired he yelled all that time we where there, so annoying

Posted by Jme

Jack in the box is horrible to work for my 16 year old daughter is constantly being cussed out and the manger yells t her and throws stuff at her. Bonney lake WA jack in the box is not the place to work for underage kids


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