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Jabra customer service is ranked #127 out of the 946 companies that have a CustomerServiceScoreboard.com rating with an overall score of 53.92 out of a possible 200 based upon 27 ratings. This score rates Jabra customer service and customer support as Disappointing.


22 Negative Comments out of 27 Total Comments is 81.48%.


5 Positive Comments out of 27 Total Comments is 18.52%.

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    • 53.92 Overall Rating
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    • 22 negative comments (81.48%)
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Posted by Steve

My complaint is about crappy customer service. I purchased a bluetooth device and I was suppose to get 3-5 day shipping. After a week I tracked the package and UPS didnt even have it yet. So I emailed customer service wanting to know where my package is with a couple other questions. They emailed me the next day saying they found it and UPS still has it does this help?, so I checked again and UPS doesnt have it even a day later and they didnt bother to address the other questions I had. So I told them that this was ridiculous and to keep the package and refund my money. Now I ordered this on Nov. 27 and I have sent 2 more emails that they have not responded to about my refund and the progress of. I feel when your not a paying customer at jabra the customer service stops and to me this is what is the differance between a good company and bad company.

Posted by Ken Artis

I have a Jabra Supreme. I bought it because I have had success with other Jabra products. This device is junk. Yes, the headband is a good idea. But the device does not hold a charge for more than 2 hours and it does not pair up with my telephone dependably.

Frankly, I am sorry that I spent a single dollar for it. I would like to exchange it for the over-the-ear (orange ear bud) device that is superior in every way.

Unfortunately I am past the return period, so I think that I am stuck. Unless you want to make good on this unsatisfactory product.

May I hear from you as soon as possible?

Thank you.

Ken Artis

Posted by Anonymous

Jabra Wave very disappointing. I have two. The first one gave best case 2 hours talktime, only once gave me "low battery" warning, very seldom do I get two beeps, just sudden death. Thought I might have bought a bad one, so, foolishly bought another - same exact issues. Buy Plantronics 5200 instead. They really do have 7 hours talktime, much better product.

Posted by Anonymous

Jabra talk headset is junk will not hold a charge disconnects when you are talking and customer support is a joke they give you the run around hurry you off the phone and you still have the same problem no matter how many times you contact them waste of money will not buy jabra again

Posted by Anonymous

Ok here is my complaint in a nut she'll jabra sucks you pay over 100.00 for there bluetooth device and when it comes to replacing one forget it. They did replace Mt device the first time which was about 6 to 8 months then it messed up again about 4 or 5 months. I call them and theyou basically told me I was on my own. jabra sucks I will NEVER own another.

Posted by Outlander

I've been lucky owner of the Jabra Freeway bluetooth device but unfortunately after I decided to replace my old Nokia Lumia 800 phone to Samsung S6 edge, I found that my Jabra is started disconnecting and switching off without any good reason. Explained all what I tried to do already (factory reset, phone reset, firmware reinstall etc.) in my email to Jabra customer support and said that is definitely compatibility issue and they need to upgrade firmware on their product, but in response I've received explanation how to reset my Jabra device and my phone. Nice! Never ever will buy any JABRA device in the future.

Posted by shaz

One of the worse products i ever bought... the wireless headphones..everytime i use it i get angry because the stupid headphones dont plug in my ears correctly..i am considering simply chucking this product in the bin..they give u different ear plugs that tear so easily... thrn they dont fit at all..then they fall off while ur running..what an absolute waste of money..one brand that i will definitely keep away from

Posted by RDL

After weeks of waiting for responses and having to follow up with additional emails, I finally gave up on their total lack of tech support. I spent hours "trying" different "solutions" to no avail. If you don't follow up with them in six business days to keep a trouble ticket open, they close it automatically. That's their level of commitment, or lack thereof, for their customers.
Thankfully, they have competitors since I returned the Jabra Freeway and purchased a Motorola Roadster which works perfectly!

Posted by Anonymous

This is a company that doesn't stand behind their product. They don't try to help you resolve problems and don't honor their warranty. I WILL switch to Motorola for my next Bluetooth device! I will NEVER buy another Jabra product and will not recommend them to anyone, ever!

Posted by Anonymous

terrible customer service
phoned company 4 times plus several emails
over a month later and still no product replacement

Posted by Mr. Palmer

I had a Jabra Bluetooth that one day for no
reason I could figure out, gave off a squeal like feedback. It caused me to go deaf, and I had to see an Audiologist for testing. I notified the company and spoke with an executive. The executive was quite cooperative at first, sending me a replacement bluetooth and requesting I send the old one back to them postage paid. When I asked would I be reimbursed for my time, travel and doctor's bills. He told me that the parent company was in Copenhagen, and I would be hearing from them. My hearing returned in ten days. I never heard again from the company once I sent in the defective Bluetooth. So beware of Jabra and their customer relations. After owning a Jabra for about ten years I would never use another one of their bluetooths, including the new one I was sent.

Posted by mikep

UPDATE. ELECTRONICS WILL FAIL, CUSTOMER SERVICE MUST NOT!!im sorry to say this, but Jabra customer service. I purchased a couple of Jabra Bluetooth ear pcs. been a LOYAL customer for ten years . One failed. Would not charge. I called customer service. They couldn't have been nicer. "NO PROBLEM, JUST SEND US PROOF OF PURCHASE. WE WILL SEND NEW ONE, EVEN THOUGH IT IS KNOW OUT OF PRODUCTION.so I did. Emailed everything they asked for in detail. I RECEIVE AN EMAIL, STATING OUT OF THEIR 1000'S OF RETAILERS THEY DONT RECONGNIZE recognize the seller. it came to in a sealed box, obviously never opened. in 4 different emails to me Jabra made excuse after excuse. Elevating the excuses in each email. to the point they were claiming it must not be new, it was now out of production( on the fon they said it was not a problem). Jabra did not want the broken one, from sealed package. I offered to send to them, on my dime. Refused. Then they started telling me, the policies I was quoted over fon, were not valid. Wow how convenient for them.


Posted by nomad

I have several Jabra products, most are very good. but the worst that I have tried is the Jabra Stone and Stone ll. One I purchased for myself, the ll was purchased for me by a friend. They both stopped working after about the second charge. One stopped charging and the other just stopped working. And this is the first time I found somewhere to actually complain about this, I have about 6 products total from Jabra and am mostly satisfied but with the price of the Stone and Stone ll. There really ought to be a repair line or return line that can be reached in some timely manner.

Posted by Jecanp

Do NOT buy from Jabra's web site. They will NOT provide you with a refund until you get days and days of run around. I was on the phone for two hours and had numerous e-mails back and forth before I finally got a manager to okay the refund.
This was unacceptable and a total waste of time.

Posted by offshore_idol

just recieved my jabra sport. very bummed out. This thing breaks signal at less than two feet from phone. What's the point in having bluetooth when the device your connecting to has to be right by you? very disappointed in the fit too. ear gels with the wave I owned were way more comfortable and sound quality too. These buds won't even fit in my ear to produce decent sound. kinda wish I would have saved the money. is there a return policy?

Posted by Danni

I purchased a battery for my headset. It turned out that it wasn't a battery issue. For a week now, I have been calling customer service and been on hold for over an hour each time, and still have not been able to talk to anyone. You cannot return a product without a return authorization number. You can't get one because they don't answer the phone! WORST Customer Service EVER...not service when you can't talk anyone. Be careful about purchasing from this company.

Posted by Anonymous

This business is completely ridiculous. If I weren't buying this as a Christmas present, I wouldn't choose to buy from this company.

I ordered a product online and 2 weeks later I still hadn't received it. Since they DO NOT send out tracking numbers for some reason to track the status of delivery, I emailed them. I received an email back saying my order was CANCELLED. Excuse me?! I NEVER received a call that my order was being cancelled. Apparently it was because they couldn't verify my number to the address...yeah, it's because it's my cell phone..on a family plan..and the address was my parent's house that matched the credit card billing address. Maybe if the company would have CALLED ME to verify all this, I wouldn't have to go out and buy another product.

They also would not order me a new one and expedite shipping even though the fault was on their end. They said I had to go back and order online. Ended up re-buying at Best Buy, wish I would have known from the beginning that it was located there. Horrible business practices and I will NEVER shop on this site again.

Posted by getitright1x

What an 'A HOLE' operation! Jabra, if you say you have great products, if we as your 'customer' need help on your products allow us to speak to a meer mortal and not a run-around recording that directs us to a website that is difficult to navagate.

Posted by Geza

I have purchased a Jabra Halo stereo headset. Works fine with cellphones but impossible with pc. Again cannot get technical support. Avoid this company if you can.

Posted by rpwestbrook

Worst customer support in the industry. Ive called Plantronics and they were very helpful. I have called Jabra and emailed them at least 10 times and can't get thru to anyone and never get a response on email. I ordered earhooks because mine kept breaking and they were never sent. Again, no one to follow up with. I'm done with Jabra...

Posted by tazadir

They have a wonderful way of customer service. Press 1 or 2 or 3 . It goes to a message letting the user to check the website. Thats not called customer service. Its frustrating.

Posted by Anonymous

jabras customer service is terrible!!!! on hold for ever i hung up after 30 mins

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Posted by Busterah

Bought a Jabra Vega but noise cancelation was becomming worse. Customer suport offered me 2 new Jabra products with the same worth as the Vega was no longer in production. Top quality service!

Posted by cybergrail

The 800 number listed on this site worked! I could not get through any other way. I am very grateful.

I did get to speak with an actual person at Jobra right away and they helped me cure my technical problem.

Very nice.

Posted by Scott696d

Called them today regarding an issue I had while testing a setup - they were knowledgeable and knew exactly what would work (and why it wasn't working for me while testing). I am happy to see this company has turned around their customer service from some previous posts.

Posted by Anonymous

I just called customer service and couldn't be more pleasantly surprised. Incredibly helpful and friendly. Push 0 when message begins to get a live person...

Posted by Kevin C.

My call was handled fast. Took two tranfers to get a supervisor but he fixed my problem in less than a minute. Would do bussines again.

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