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JVC customer service is ranked #408 out of the 946 companies that have a CustomerServiceScoreboard.com rating with an overall score of 34.43 out of a possible 200 based upon 83 ratings. This score rates JVC customer service and customer support as Disappointing.


76 Negative Comments out of 83 Total Comments is 91.57%.


7 Positive Comments out of 83 Total Comments is 8.43%.

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Disappointing Overall Customer Service Rating

  • JVC

    Customer Service Scoreboard

    • 34.43 Overall Rating
      (out of 200 possible)
    • 76 negative comments (91.57%)
    • 7 positive comments (8.43%)
    • 2 employee comments
    • Attribute Ratings
      (out of 10 possible)
    • 2.0 Issue Resolution
    • 3.1 Reachability
    • 1.7 Cancellation
    • 3.5 Friendliness
    • 2.7 Product Knowledge

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Posted by Ben

ive got a jvc dj sound system xs-ns212dj do you sell spares for it we need the mainboard for the dj unit my email addres and my nr from Ben

Posted by Sfree

My name is Shelia Freeman, I purchase an 55 inch Tv from Walmart after Thanks giving, I just got around to having it install, I am very unsatisfactory with this purchase, I can get my credit card receipt from the bank if needed. The sound is definitely not good, 348.00 was suppose to have be the flat slim Smart Tv it was flat slim not a smart tv. After just getting around to setting it up. I am deeply disappointed 😔.

Posted by yogen

Hi sir iam from nepal ...I have jvc hi fi system and need repair ..please is there any repairs in nepal

Posted by keith

I purchased a 50" JVCTV model numberLT-50N530A turned it on sound and no picture, advise given backlight inverter but searching and entering the model number comes back not available " Not Happy " lousy service

Posted by Anonymous

Good day.
I have been trying to get a TV remote RM-C3130 remote for my TV from your so called agents in South Africa for the past 9 months. The parts never seem to arrive and your agents never answer the phones. With the back up service I receive for my TV I fear what will happen if any of my other JVC appliances gives troubles. No wonder Samsung and LG is outselling you in South Africa.

Posted by Anonymous

I had the worst experience with any service for electronics in Dubai in JVC. This just happened 15 minutes ago. I spoke to a person in the service Name Teddy. He was rude, aggiated, unwilling to help, lack common courtesy, his tone of voice was inappropriate and He seemed to busy to answer customers trivial questions like how to get to the service centre, if he would be able to repair my camcorder if I inform him the model number. He uses words like you are imagining things, you are worked up, he was abrupt with his conversation and seemed like he is having a terrible day and he was set on making every one who will call this line for help have a bad day because of his in consideration and bad attitude towards the customers. I am truly disappointed with my experience and I would highly recommend that Teddy undergo some anger management classes and some training on customer service.


Posted by Anonymous

Sir, My name is M.V.NARASINGA RAO from India Andhra pradesh (state) Now i am Lives .My TV model no LT-42G20 Suddenly stoped .Iwas serched authorised servece centre in my home town . No body responce the above address. Pl send authorised service centre address.

Thank you very much.

Posted by JVC Flat screen, HD, smart TV.

I have NOT had the support I need regarding my smart TV JVC HD. I have called several times in attempt to understand and connect through the wireless connection my TV received in order to watch NETFLIX. I watched one movie and then could not receive another one. Please help. I spoke to two people who hung up without giving me the information I need nor connecting me properly. I either have to return the TV or get connected properly. If there is someone who understands the issue and speaks clear English and articulate the technology; it would be greatly appreciated.

I watch Netflix from the laptop but the TV wireless connection seems uncertain and inconsistent. One person even told me I couldn't have possibly watched a NETFLIX move because I don't have a smart TV. Ridiculous, since I had already watched one and for some reason the second would not come up on the screen and I could not get back into the Tools icon page on the TV screen; where I began the connection. Please call do not email.

Posted by Ambie

I Purchased A Jvc Tv 42inch Roku, Last Year For My Mom As A Birthday Gift. Unfortunaletly Due To Health Issues The Tv Remained Unopened In Her Guest Bedroom. Last Night We Opened The Tv For The First Time So It Could Be Mounted For Her Enjoyment And Found That The Box Was Never Packed With A Remote Control Or A Power Cord Two Very Much Needed Items!!! I Called Customer Support And Was Told The Tv Would Not Be Covered For Missing Parts Due To The Warranty Being Up!! Now Im Not Asking For A New Tv I Just Need The Parts That Should Have Been Packaged When It Left Their Wharehouse!! I Was Told To Buy The Parts, Which I Am, Waiting For Tht Department To Open To Make That Call!!! As I Told The Rep On The Phone I Will Never Purchase Another Jvc Product In Life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If Products Can't Be Packaged Correctly Or The Issue Corrected Without Being Given Grief Due To The Time Fram The Tv Was Purchased Or Being Told "read Your Warranty We Don't Cover It." Unaccteptable!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Never Again Jvc!!!!!
(lets Hope The Tv Works, Once I Pay For A Cord And A Remote Control!!) Smdh

Posted by Anonymous

Called jvc support--absolutely NO HELP

Posted by Angry Australian Consumer

Rang and emailed your "Service Department" and talked to "Jeremy" who took my details and hasn't got back to me since. Useless idea that it costs $199.95 to update a car GPS on software that is available for free, and support sites offered by the product are no longer available. Added to insult the Technician suggested I had to send the unit in to be fixed, for a Flashcard update of software. Get your act together.

Posted by Anonymous

Bought KD-S39JD radio from walmart and bought an extended warranty also fixxing to run out in a mouth or three walmart doesnt have anymore extended warranties past two years looking for another warranty if your co. has one let me know might be interested in it at thank you

Posted by gphjody

I will never buy a Jvc product again .. i am on mysecond tv as no1 died after 9 months .No2 is riddled with problems ..All the contact numbers are premium rate charges.. Absolutely useless..

Posted by One Ear Headphone

Purchased a set of JVC M55X headphones. 4 months new and one of the speakers stopped working. I purchased a product care plan from Walmart. (Don't EVER buy one of these plans, they're worthless) Called Walmart product care plan # and they said it was still under manufacturers (JVC) warranty. Called JVC customer service, they told me to send a picture of receipt to They may as well call this . It's been several weeks and nothing has been done.

Posted by JVC KW-R400

Respected Sir/Madam
This is Jetkins from marthandam. I had given my JVC stereo for repair in Delhi.After 2 months they informed me that your system has ready but when i receive my system it was in the same condition.After that i had sent my system to Mount Electronics/Old no:30(New no:63),Big Street,Triplicane which is in Chennai.One month ago i had received a phone call from Mount Electronics and they informed me that your stereo got ready.After three days i had receive my system in same condition.when i saw inside the stereo the board was brooked,But still now i have guaranty.Already i had informed this to you but there was no response.Please take necessary action and get prepared my stereo immediately.Otherwise i will make it big issue by legal and media.
Contact 9677663635 .

Thank you

Posted by Anonymous

My name is Andrew Cunnington

I have a tv remote for my tv model no. LT-42P510. Need the remote can we purchase thru you? Please email me if you can and how much it is. To t please

Posted by Anonymous

Your customer support is bad. I have called 3 times with know resolution. 2 customer service reps. not very knowledgable. 3rd person kept saying he didn't understand question. I will never buy another JVC product again.

Posted by David

Purchased a set of noise cancelling headphones at Kuala Lumpar airport earlier this year.
Shortly after arrival back in the UK they stopped noise cancelling. Tried contacting JVC UK but have only got "brushed off" Looked at JVC corporate site for a corporate email contact but didn't find one. Wonder why?

Next step Twitter Facebook?

Posted by Mark

I bought a JVC 3D LED TV - Model LT-50N810 in July 2013 from a Game store and last year in August 2014 just after the one year warranty expired it stopped working, so I took it to a service centre in East London (South Africa) and they told me that the power supply unit was blown. They tried to source a PSU from Nuworld in JHB but could not get a reply from them even after calling they had no joy till this year 28 May 2015.

I then took it upon myself to contact Nuworld and what a shocking experience when I spoke to the sales lady said that she can only give me a answer after 5 days which I didn't find amusing so I called the Mr Brian van der Westhuizen, Service Director but he was not available so spoke to his secretory whom sped thing up and I had an answer within one day.

I ordered the part but to my disappointment the service centre told me that it was a second hand board because it wasn't supplied in a box nor did it come in its original ESD free packaging, I contacted Nuworld again and told them what I was told and they immediately offered to send me an exchange board but I asked them why they sent me a second hand board when I paid for a new one, they asked me why I said it was second hand and I explained, they replied and said that the boards comes like that to them without any packaging.

I do not believe that any company that builds electronic component and supply a big company like JVC would not package their goods in the proper packaging.

Nuworld think they are dealing with idiots little they know that some people know a little more than what they know.

I am very disappointed in the service they deliver and they are dragging JVC's name through the mud.

Posted by baris

the international support in middle east almost null.

There is no e-mail that I can reach.

Posted by Anonymous

I have a JVC KD-R 540 radio. && I can't seem to find the setting that let's me change the color of my radio. I need help.

Posted by Figgy

Not only difficult but impossible! The back of the warranty card give you a phone number and a web site. If you go to the web site and select your model from the list it offers then says there are no TVs available! Why do they list it if it is not available? If you go to the parts area and enter the model, you will again get "no parts available". Try to call them and after being put on hold for 10 - 20 minutes they cut you off and you have to start all over again. If your JVC is broken just throw it away and save yourself the aggravation dealing with customer "service".

Posted by JVC

I bought the jvc 55 inch 3d smart tv they stole it, when I go back to the store as they promise me that the was insurance that was included on my payment but the store manager sad no the was no insurance included, I ask to get the person who was the sales person they sad she is no long working their, the manager sad she won't include her self on that because the sales lady who was helping me is no longer working there, so no I am paying the TV that is no longer existing to me, what type of customer service is that if they is no sympathetic about you customer, I bought the TV at OK furniture is Midrand, it was nice when I came to purchase the TV but now I am unhappy about the service as they not cover what they promise me from the date of purchase, I wish I could do something about their service that was provided to me

Posted by JVC

I Have a brand New in the box JVC o HD memory camera camescope And I really dont or haven't used it.its in box brand New and I want my money back for it.I paid 599.99 so how can you get this and give me my money back cause I have the money back warranty? My phone number is

Posted by Anonymous

I send this story to as many JVC sites as possible!
A few years ago, I tried to get a JVC boombox fixed under warranty. Three times they fixed it - and in a few days the unit wouldn't turn on. The problem was the same each time. Can you say lemon? Well the warranty ran out and they said I was now out of luck. I ran the issue through their complaint process and pursued remedies all the way up to their North America President's office. I got a reply from the president's office saying to take a hike. Now I have a job where I buy electronics and JVC is not on my approved vendor list. Revenge is sweet! JVC is getting what it deserves - lower market share. I do my best to share my story to any and all consumers and fellow procurement professionals to stop supporting this company!

Add your review!

Posted by longbid

I have two JVC products.
A DVRM1S and a BP100.
Both unfortunately, were out of warranty by a few days and they understood and took care
of all my concerns.
You have to know how to communicate what you expect for things to happen

Posted by Sue Sullivan

With all of the bad things said about JVC's customer service I have to tell you that I was a little worried when my 42" Black Crystal TV just stopped working. I called their 800 number, got the information that I needed to do to get my TV fixed. I received my TV as a gift and did not have a receipt of purchase. Once I got a copy of the receipt I emailed them with the information. Two days later, I got a call from the service tech. He not only showed up on time, but it only took him 30 minutes to fix the problem. I am SO impressed with JVC service and the people they hire to do their repair work. Justice, my service tech was a very professional and knowledgeable young man. THANK YOU JVC you are the best. I will only buy JVC products from now on.

Posted by Shawn

I bought a JVC boombox in 1995 and the only thing broke so far is the antenna. It has lived through college beer parties, bachelor pad, & kids. Not sure if this was luck, but if they make products like this then I highly recommend.


Posted by shareef

sir i want a battery of jvc camcorder model no gr-fxm170a battery bn-v22u

Posted by Anonymous

I just received a JVC Dvr150. I had trouble hooking it up to my cable/tv system. I called JVC. Within 60 seconds a rep was on the phone. He guided me through the process seemlessly. I was very pleased by the service.

Posted by Ohthere

I had purchase a Everio Camcorder. The CD Software would not work. I contacted JVC and spoke to a gentleman named " Joe " Employee # 6081. In less than 5 minutes he took care of the problem and shipped me the new software at no cost. Great Job Joe! He is an employee that shows the true meaning of what Customer Service is all about...taking care of the Customer. JVC you need to keep this man and give him a raise!

Posted by Anonymous

I called for help on a TV this morning. The help was immediate and thehelpers were pleasant. Immediate positive results.
Thank you

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Posted by youarefiredJVC

I used to work for JVC UK Customer Services, until I made comments about their so called agreement with Comet to sell JVC badged Televisions as exclusives on a public forum. What people do not realise is JVC never supplied us with new products, so how do customers expect support? JVC/Comet are ideal partners they fob customers off with lies all the time. A word of advise would be never to purchase a Television from Comet cause you will get no support, you will be unlikely to get it repaired cause parts are not available, lose the remote never get a genuine one but a universal one will be sold to you that does not control all functions. JVC Managers knew of the complaints just ignored them all eh Mr Broadbent. I am glad to no longer represent them.

Posted by Anonymous

I use this website at work as I am customer support for Comcast, this site in it's entirety is amazing, 95% overall approval, from customers and staff, keep up the good work guys!


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