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JP Morgan Chase customer service is ranked #628 out of the 946 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 27.50 out of a possible 200 based upon 321 ratings. This score rates JP Morgan Chase customer service and customer support as Terrible.


304 Negative Comments out of 321 Total Comments is 94.70%.


17 Positive Comments out of 321 Total Comments is 5.30%.

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  • JP Morgan Chase

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    • 27.50 Overall Rating
      (out of 200 possible)
    • 304 negative comments (94.70%)
    • 17 positive comments (5.30%)
    • 8 employee comments
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    • 1.6 Issue Resolution
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Posted by Anonymous

I have had cash numerous times to be deposited to my account and was not able to go to the branch due to the fact that I run a company. The people I send ARE ALWAYS turned back due to the fact that it is not me depositing the cash. I understand about money laundering, etc. BUT why does Chase not have a limit as to the amount of cash it will accept. Is anything from one dollar to one thousand dollars really going to qualify as money laundering? And if the person or more people come back during the same day to deposit a thousand dollars more, even 100 people depositing to the same account trigger some question as to what is going on? Right now I have insufficient funds in my account and my husband tried to put in $800.00 which was rejected by the bank. Now I have to go home early and leave my business because no one else but me can deposit this money. What is wrong with this bank? Read the comments of your customers. You need to change this rule, or you will lose many customers such as me. Fern Epstein

Posted by Anonymous

I called customer service today to gather more information about why my application was denied (I'm already a customer; this was for a second card.) The woman I spoke with was very unhelpful, so I kept asking questions. She interrupted and yelled at me! I was polite the whole time, just asking questions, so I was very taken aback. There was a long, awkward silence between us as I processed what just happened.

Something is wrong with this company that a basic phone call ends like this. They don't value their customers at all.

Posted by Rolybrom

Most unhelpful and you just end up going round in circles with them. They should not be allowed to look after anybodys assets.

Posted by Anonymous

I am having a horrible time closing on a contract. Then not being able to reach the Sr. Lending MGR, Scott Neri | BSC Senior Lending Manager. I was told by his department that they did not have a number I could call to reach the closing department. That was not correct. I called the customer complaint line to find out. They gave me the number right away!!

Posted by SILOTTE

If Anyone Wants To See Hell,they Can Request A Loan Or Morgage From Chase.they Will Dstroy D Like They Destroy Me. The Loan Officer,scott Johnson, Rhonda, the Underwriter Created All Kind Of Excuses To Make My Life A Living Hell, When I Tried To Contact The Manager She Never Return My Calls Or Replied To My Emais. The Banks Should Not Hire People Thet Have No Sense Of Humanity. What Experience

Posted by Michelle

Thanks for interesting article! I use JPMorgan Chase Bank for 7 years and I can say that I am satisfied with its work. I think that it is a good bank. By the way, here you can find all information about this bank then you should search here Hope it will be useful!

Posted by Anonymous

I took out a mortgage with Chase in July 2003, and because I was a single mother raising my two children on my own with no help from my ex-husband I told Chase that I would be paying my property taxes and home insurance separately. They said that was OK with them. Since 2003 I have never, ever missed a mortgage payment! Last February 2014, I received a letter from Chase saying they paid my property taxes and from now on my monthly mortgage payment is going to change from $647.77 a month to .... $2,119.99 a month!!! I called my former boss right away ... we were both laid off from one of the top law firms in NYC when our economy crashed in 2008 ... he was so shocked and said he would do everything he could to help. He contacted Chase right away and for five months he spoke to people and wrote letters before they would stop! Even though my boss told them that I was a single woman living alone on a fixed income ... THEY DON'T CARE!!! My boss informed them that I was unemployed and that they went behind my back and without any notice or word to me arbitrarily paid my property taxes, and then proceeded to increase my monthly mortgage payment sky high! He requested that they add the money they paid to the Town to the end balance of my mortgage with them which is quite low ... and they claimed they could not and instead spread the money they paid to the Town over five years, which increased my monthly mortgage payment to $804.96. Last year they did not cause me any trouble, however January 29, 2016 when I drove to the County Treasurer's Office to pay on my property taxes I was told that I did not owe anything as my property taxes were paid!!! I cannot believe that they are doing the same thing they did in 2014 to me ... again!!! They are not backing down. They have informed me that as of May 1, 2016, my new monthly mortgage payment is going to be $1,716.63 which is more than double I have been paying since they increased it 1 1/2 years ago! Even though they were told for five months in 2014 that what they did was wrong, especially since I have been a good customer of Chase since 2003, and never, ever missed a mortgage payment THEY DON'T CARE!!! They think they are above the Law and can do anything they please. What is very strange is that there have been a number of class action suits against them and they had to pay out money to the customers they wronged ... BUT THEY DON'T CARE!!! I have filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau and I received a notice a day ago saying they closed the file because Chase will not answer. I call the Better Bureau and spoke to a service representative who told me that she has been working at Chase for seven years and Chase has been doing these wrongful, unjust acts against their customers longer than seven years! Not only have they been foreclosing on their own customers, but they have also been foreclosing on soldiers' homes who are over in Iraq and Afghanistan! Other customers asked to have a loan modification so they can have their interest rate lowered, and while they were waiting for what they though Chase was going to do a loan modification for them, instead Chase foreclosed on their homes!!!! Chase has been doing terrible things to their customers without caring that their customers are losing their homes, or how much pain and suffering they are causing them. This is very serious and must be stopped at once! Chase has to learn that if it wants to exist as a bank, they cannot treat its customers like this!

Posted by eli

I was waiting an HOUR in the sitting area, for them to help us. And finally when she is helping us, and we think we are done, she starts making sure everything she printed is correct and It WAS NOT! She had to go back in the system and then we sign the paper ad as we get up to leave, I ask how long till I receive my debit card, and she says she forgot to order it....that I can come back another day or order it online....!!! Because the system was already down because they were closed. Oh yeah because we were he last customers in the bank!! So we leave, and once I'm parking at my home, she calls to come back because she cannot find the copy of my license and residence card...!! Who does that!!! Horrible, horrible service!!!

Posted by Anonymous

I deposited a check friday 10.23 my check had an error that i was not notified of by chase. The reason being not my nmy fiance's name whom ive deposit checks for before in my account . I contacted chase after seeing the error in my account and was told I would get the check via mail it was automatically submitted and I would receiev it by Monday 10.26 TODAY at 3pm. It is currently 7:21 pm and I have not received it. I contacted chase to check on the status of my delivery and was told it was just sent out today. First I do not appreciate being lied to as I asked fridayif my check could be transferred to my fiances account or if he can verify in any way that it is ok for his check to be deposited into my account. The representative said the only reason They were not abel to do that is because it had already been shipped out OVERNIGHTED for me to receive by monday 3pm. Now I have gotten the tracking information and it showed a label was created today which confirms that they did this when i got on the phone today. I contact UPS 3 TIMES and they confirmed they received electronic information but have not picked up the package and do not have it in their possession. I work for a shipping company and know that electronic information is what is sent for a package to be picked up does not mean that It was shipped or picked up as ups confirmed it was NOT. I do not appreciate lying to me various times and telling me ill receive it tomorrow when it hasn't been picked up today. Overnight would be picked up the day before to be delivered overnight if they do not have it today means they will not pick it up until tomorrow which would be delivered WEDNESDAY this check is for my rent and it is $2,700!!!! not 100-200 I need my check asap and your representative Juan L senior specialist from claims confirmed I cannot speak to a supervisor and that your executive department will not help me only his dept manager (Ira) which will call me in 1-3 days. I will not wait that long this is ridiculous!6 ppl 2hrs no help!

Posted by vexxx

I have been in this chase since 1208 it is now 115pm and still have people in front of me this one teller Ala t a window is not working for any of these banks. I hate it and I am canceling my accounts with them just for this reason.

Posted by Anonymous

About a week ago I accidentally cleared the chase app I had on my phone when I tried to reinstall it I didn't have an I phone or the right android phone I'm just a every day person trying to make it on medical disabilaty m can't go buy a phone every time you all decide to update for what ever reason whoever made the decision to change what youhad should be fired. Very disappointed. Thanks. Jim Martin

Posted by Anonymous

Today my sister went to the Chase Bank in Shirley, NY and was told by Christian she could not deposit money into my account because it was money laundering. She then asked to speak with a supervisor in which Christian told her, there was not one. She then spoke with a young lady that was very pleasant. She explained they're new "policy" regarding deposits in to accounts that are not your own. She was informed she had to get a money order. When she returned, Christian found it necessary to tell her, "Next time you and your sister should do your homework before arriving." I was listening on the phone the whole time. I think that was very rude of him. I normally do not have an issue with Chase and I would like for it to remain that way. Thank you

Posted by Jose

My wife was ill so she had her adult son go to chase bank to deposit $500. At the bank my son was told they could no accept the cash as his name was not on the account. I called and was told this policy started last year. What a terribly asinine policy.

Posted by Angry client Riverside

After four years Chase Bank suddenly closed my account freezing my money and not telling me why. Went into the branch talked with the Branch Manager and someone at Chase main office I they refuse to tell me why. The representative on the phone kept repeating the same line: Sorry however the law doesn't require us to tell you so we won't" The branch office tells me this is the standard line and is all they ever know and these closures are happening at an increased rate.
Just because there is not a law requiring them to state why they closed the account doesn't alleviate Chase of their moral responsibilities to the customer. I was a customer who had been a good client with a good account for over four years. Chase themselves told me this as they waived four NSF fees for me (three weeks ago told me that they could do this since 1) I had not had a NSF in over a year and 2) I was such a good customer. Why would they have done this if I was such a bad customer?
If I go to a restaurant and they refuse service the restaurant would tell me why - i.e.; dress attire, etc. Why should not a business that is more important to the customer than a restaurant, not offer same curtesy to their customers?
Being disabled in a wheel chair is hard enough without being discriminated against because my only income is from SSA which is the reason I believe they closed my account. Further based on my history in the banking industry also I believed that my account did not meet the revenue requirements threshold and that was also a factor in closing my account. If I had $100,000 in my account do you think they would have closed my account?

Posted by mike22950

I have been on hold for 45 min so they can unlock my account, pathetic.

Posted by AnonymousAnalyst

You have been warned
There is not a single pro that i can think of.
Managers drawn from local population, have us verses them mentality and are consistently engaged in slander and name calling of employees. Bullying and harassment of employees fairly common practice, putting company at huge risk even after well knowing that company is responsible and liable for its activities around the world. Employment laws have caught up at onshore is catching up at offshore factory locations. VP and higher have very little or no understanding of business, current trends and technologies and are engaged in blame game, always suspicious and are in argument with employees. Terrible mismanagement of funds with no investment in current trends and technologies again due to very little or no understanding by management. Employees forced to work on open source and outdated technologies leading to poor performance, failure to meet deadlines and deliverables while funds wasted on huge salary and perks of management. If you still here or planning to join, you have been conned.

Posted by Anonymous

My name is Darlene Wolfinbarger, and I'm the owner of DotCom Leasing LLC, Tulsa, OK. Farrin Morgan provided Progressive Insurance my checking account number to transfer funds out of DotCom Leasing's checking account to Progressive Insurance's bank account with JP Morgan Chase. A police report has been filed for this fraudulent activity and an on going investigation is taking place in Tulsa OK. I have the documents to show this fraudulent activity took place between Triad Bank Tulsa OK and JP Morgan Chase. However, I'm not sure which number I need to call to reach JP Morgan's fraudulent activity department for embezzlement. My cell phone number2. Please call me or email me.

Posted by anassociate3000

jp morgan services india pvt ltd, mumbai, india, this is worst career decision of life and career.
None. Long shift and long work hours. 12+ hrs and work on weekend is common and is highly encouraged. Management and hr will constantly pushes for long work hours weekend work by any means necessary. Most of the work here is not even worth putting on profile. You will never choose what you can and what you don't want to work on.
Job of hr and recruiters is to spy on employees. They constantly check if employees are doing job search, once hr knows and they will know, hr and manager will come down on you real hard. They will come after you even after you left the company and make sure that they derail your career and you loose 2-3 years of your career.
To me most of the positive review here about Jp morgan india looks similar and thus are written from hr and recruiters.
Hr and recruiters are from week educational and career background, so they work as cronies for managers and vps.
Hr and recruitment department will go after you upon instructions form vp/manager.
Disgusting work culture, managers and vps are local bullies.
No avp for India, ya that right. Be prepared to work like animal for 6-10 years just to be promoted from associate to vp, remember no avp for India. AVP role and tittle has been eliminated for India.
Forget about onsite on the contrary management will ask onsite people to come to India. So onsite comes to you, bang on your head and ask for delivery.
Stay away, save yourself and your career. Working here will be a real bad deal. You will loose more that you can gain career wise and financially.

Posted by Karen

Went to Chase to apply for a mortgage loan. I have banked at Chase for almost 30 yrs., I have a high credit score, very little debt and a good retirement fund.
I thought this would be a slam dunk...was I wrong.
I applied for the mortgage loan in January for a closing on April 1st. I paid the $480. for the loan application, everything was going well....appraisal was good, inspection was completed, etc.
I furnished Chase with everything they requested except that my annual Retirement Statement was still in the works and was due to be mailed to me mid March.
All systems were "go" and we were just waiting for the Retirement Statement.
The sellers of course requested that a loan commitment letter be received by March 8th. I was told that Chase could only do a "Conditional Loan Commitment" as the 2014 Retirement Statement had not yet been received.
I was also told that the Conditional Loan Commitment would be ready the next wasn't. Then I was told that it should be ready the next wasn't.
On about March 6th I was told that Chase could not give me even a Conditional Loan Commitment because the 2014 Retirement Statement was not in their possession.
And...not only would they need the 2014 Retirement Statement dated Sept. 30, 2014, they would need another statement dated Dec. 31, 2014 and as I remember also a current statement. This was impossible because I only receive a statement once a year (dated Sept. 30). I told them I could only furnish a Retirement Statement dated Sept.30th and then a letter from the Chief Financial Officer of the company holding my retirement funds verifying the amount in the fund. They would not accept that letter. It had to be an official Retirement Statement.
Because I knew I could not furnish that information and they wouldn't accept any facsimile of the same, I cancelled the loan process with Chase.
By this time it was too late to pursue another loan with another bank, etc.
I believe Chase underwriters knew all along that they would need this information (I told the loan officer in the beginning what the situation was with my retirement statement) - they took my money and chose to make it totally impossible for me to qualify for the mortgage loan by not accepting a confirmation of funds letter from the CFO of my former employer.
BEWARE - Chase doesn't give a hoot about their customers.

Posted by HopingForTheBest

My long experience with JPMorganChase is satisfactory, BUT it is extremely annoying that its Sapphire Credit Card allows online access to transactions only over the previous 3 months.
I need to download these transaction in comma-separated form for all 2014, and all I can do for the Sapphire Visa credit card is to obtain a PDF file that is almost useless.

I have communicated several times with Chase on their secure message center and they confirm that only 3 months of record is available.

THEREFORE, I and my wife are using our American Express card rather than the Chase Visa card for almost all of our credit-card transactions.

If AmEx can do it, why can't JPMorganChase? I hope Chase reads this and shapes up.

Posted by abc

So poor it is not possible to rate

Posted by Jeannie

JP Morgan Chase is the worst banking institution on the planet. They closed my account without my knowledge and left me stranded in a restaurant unable to pay the bill because i could not even withdraw my funds from the ATM. I had outstanding checks that they refused to pay and now it is costing me more money even though the funds were in the account. If you have money in JP Morgan Chase please save yourself and TAKE IT OUT>!!!!!!!! They will screw YOU!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by davidson1234

I have had the most horrible customer service experience in my lifetime ever in my 27 years of existence on Earth. My bank teller named Elijah M. Jones Jr. and his manager Raven Rodriguez(whom knew about this mishap) in order to override to put me into the negative messed up and gave me someone else checks so I automatically assume that my account number would be listed on there. The direct deposit went through and gave my paycheck to the random person whom was not my check but someone elses that I gave to my HR department assuming that I would get paid. I have spent a total of 10 plus hours on the phone wit Chase's customer service trying to rectify the situation which still over 5 days later and still has no resolution.

No one seems to want to take responsibility for messing up and clearly showing that the other persons account had the full amounted deposited to them. Over 50 calls later, and be getting hung up on when asking for senior management or supervisors. They promised they would call me back and they promised this issue would get resolved in a timely manner. 5 days later we are actually in a worst position then I was before... I am not really sure what to do now because I do not have money to be able to pay my bills on time as well as the additional stress of dealing with this issue has gone way too far... I have written to the executives of the bank as well with only one person reaching out to me but has cold of course like everyone else that has "promised" to work on this issue for me.

They "think" something might get resolved within 3-5 days as I wait to get paid from my biweekly check to be able to afford food and groceries...

If this is what Chase bank is all about. I want to warn others before opening up an account with these thieves...

Posted by Anonymous

JPMorgan Chase is probably the most unethical institution I have ever had the misfortune to deal with. They operate just within the law, but thier practices are designed to ultimately extract unneeded fees and charges from clients.
Beware of their offers !! They are mostly Bait and Switch operations or, you will unwitiingly paying more than you would have to without the offer.
When trying to resolve an issue, their representatives are trained to avoid responding to the real issues and simply getting you off their back.
Don't use them for anything !!!

Posted by Anonymous

The worst customer service that you can get from a bank. They are so clueless and so irresponsible.
I had to call them 5 times to resolve the mistake that they made on my loan.

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Posted by Anonymous

Today I spoke with a customer service rep, Luis Sedillo and without a doubt, he was one of the most helpful and caring customer service person I have ever dealt with. Great Job!!!!!

Posted by john kiewit

I stopped and talked with Mike Cirino at the downtown Painesville, OH branch on Monday. Long story short was that I had talked with a Chase customer service rep on the phone last week which led me to believe that I would be able to receive a credit card for an existing account in 3-5 days. Monday was 5 days and no sign or readily known when this card would get to me.

I had promised a Hospital that I would pay a large portion of my bill on this card. It had taken quite a bit of time and energy to come to an agreement with the bank to accept the amount and means of payment for my account.

Again, trying to shorten the story: Mike explained that it might take longer than the 3 - 5 days but suggested (after hearing my sob story) the he make a request for an additional card and have it expedited ( 2 day service ) to me.

Well, the card came in one day! I should have talked with Mike first rather than anyone on the phone.

You have a quality customer oriented,extremely pleasant and efficient employee with Mike Cirino. You don't want to lose him... best to give him a perk or maybe a promotion!

Excellent service from Mike at Chase!

Posted by Lisaluv24

On Friday the morning of the 24th of July, I drove from berkely to hayward aftr a 9hr graveyard shift, dead beat tired all because the day before i received some. Insufficient funds charges for something i felt was (unnecessarily charged) to my account.. Now im constantly in the past paying fee aftr fee aftr fees..well i called the customer serv. Line and to my surprise the rep couldnt help me, so she passed me to a senior advisor by the name of Arthur- now aftr mr arthur mafe me affair that at the end of the day instead of issuing me a credit for $34 insufficient funds fees, hed rather lose me as a customer in another words!!! So i then drive to rockridge location where i waited for a rep to help me inside that branch, however again to my surprise. Mr.munoz referred me to my original branch i started an account with back 6yrs ago in Hayward, calif. Approximately 30 mikes away just because he suggested since he couldnt reverse the fees he gave me the branch managrs name at the hayward location, and the next morning after id workd a 9hr graveyard shift, i headed to hayward branch- i then was helped by a lady by the name of ( Marcella Serrano). She was grreattt!!! All my years with Chase bank ive gotten (ok) service- but this time she went above an beyond !!! Not only did she take the time to help me set up online banking on my cell phone, she had a line of people waiting I might add, and she also gave me some good suggestions on how to keep my acct. From constantly getting myself all these accrued fees every month..Then to top it off she left me seated for a few moments an when she returned, she logged me online on my phone an she got her boss to work with her to reverse $200 worth of insufficient fees from my acct..IVE NEVER HAD SOMEBODY IN CHASE TAKE THAT much time out an patience with me to show me a few greatt tips to banking, as well as makeup for all the driving an efforts an reps id spoken with via phone an dffrent branches, not to mention a sr. Advisor as well who let me tell him i was switching to a credit union behind not reversing 1measely $34 fee i felt i wasnt responsible for out of (5)in the last month alone. I NEVER HAVE WENT ONLINE TO GIVE A COMPLIMENT nor a Complaint!!! But i would like CHASE BANK IN HAYWARD ON FOOTHILL BLVD. to acknowledge Miss MARCELLA M. SERRANO for her EXCELLENT CUSTOMER SERVICE SKILLS!! She HELPED ME OUT WAY MORE THEN SHE EVEN KNEW that day 7/24/15 ...I left HAPPY an CRYING tears of joy!! Just because. She understood my acct situation an listened to me tryin to make it right, and nobody really TrULY listening, because i was READY to SWITCH FINANCIAL INSTITUTIONS until miss SERRANO CHANGED MY THOUGHTS... I HOPE SHE GETS ACKNOWLEDGED FOR HER WORK SHE is great @what she does

Posted by May

I've never had a problem with their customer service. If I have an issue they will fix it. I have a student account.

Posted by sandy lee

My husband and I only recently learned that someone in Ohio area was writing hot checks on our checking account. We still don't know how this happened, but I want to tell his employers at Chase what a wonderful employee they have in Manuel Berrios who is the relationship banker in the Temple, TX Chase Bank. I have been at the bank almost daily receiving more upsetting information about the hot checks, and Manuel has helped us through this long ordeal. I am 71 and my husband is almost 80, and I have never written a hot check -- so this has been upsetting to us both. I hope this accolade will be passed along to his bosses, and that Manuel will be also notified of our appreciation. Thank you,
Sandy and Doyle Lee, Chase customers in Temple, TX

Posted by bigred

I do paper billing by mail,not on line.My April bill was late due to the mail system.So says Chase they waited until June 1st to call me.I belive they purposely did not mail me a statement to charge me a $51 late fee and to negate paying be my April cash points for the quarter.I received my May bill the 31st and mailed it same day.Although they are not responsible for a mail carrier or a Chase tech bill foul up...they could have contacted me before late payment period.Yes I believe they purposely screw the consumer to make $$$.

Posted by Anonymous

I relly like how the agents take care of the customer especiali, gloria fraijo now when I go to chase i just call and see if she is at the bank before I get there.

Posted by mdfmoss

I live in Texas and someone in New York made a copy of my ATM debit card and withdrew almost 600 dollars from my account. I contact the customer service and they figured out someone had copied my card, reassured me it wasn't my fault and that they would send me a new card. The customer service rep was very nice in understanding. She told me it would take a day or 2 for the funds to be returned to me. I told her I was concerned about overdraft fees because my rent and car insurance where due. She put me on hold so she could contact the claim service and explain my situation. I probably on hold for no more than a minute. She transferred me to claims and I spoke with women there. She said it would take up to 4 hours for the funds to be returned. I check my account 20 minutes later and the funds were there. I I am highly impressed and thankful.

Posted by Anonymous


Posted by Lisa

I had an incredibly positive experience with a supervisor named Claudia today, I think she was somwhere in the Midwest . My card got hacked and it was a very frustrating experience but she made me feel very at ease and handled the situation quite professionally.

Posted by Stephen

My name is stephen J McGeady and I would like to thank Jorge E Vargas 80 rt 6 baldwin ny. He is very professional and has helped me numerous times. Always friendly and He is a definite asset to your Company. Thank You

Posted by Stephen

Dear Sirs.
I just wanted to write in regard to one of the members of your customer service. Her name is Agnes Sereega? She was very helpful and professional,and very friendly. I just thought that as a Chase cardholder I do thank the people who do a great job

Posted by Anonymous

Chase and Daniell were the greatest thing that happen to myself and my family. Had to do a modification when I became disabled temporially in Oct of 2011, I submitted modification docs on Nov of 2011 and got approved Jan 5 2012. I missed Oct,Nov and was able to make a normal payment at the end of Dec 2011, they put the rears in the loan, made my first payment due in Feb and are even giving me a $5000 credit at the end of 5 year if the payments are made on time. Got me approved through the HAMP program and my Rep Daniell was very helpfull and kept me update throughout the 57 days from when I submitted to the approval. I cannot say enough good things about Chase and their Rep Daniell. Got a 2% loan on a $500,000 Mortg with a LTV of 97%.

My buisness is with Chase and if they wanted me to wear a sandwhich board in front of one of their branches to bring people in I would do it happily

Doug Miller

Posted by bickelmik

I must admit, dealing with JPMorgan Chase customer service has been quite challenging since I started my checking account two years ago. Dealing with some of the branch personnel has been even more challenging. I was beginning to think JPMorgan Chase was hiring banking industry rejects -- UNTIL -- I spoke to BOBBI JOHNSON! She is a supervisor in Claims (Phone Number: 866-564-2262). I have never had anyone from Chase (or any other banks for that matter) understand Problems Resolution like she did. She diagnosed my problem like an executive level professional and was able to make a complete and accurate assessment while I was on the phone. I have been a business owner all my life (I am 54 yers old) and I wish I had had BOBBI JOHNSON as my Customer Service Manager and Quality Assurance Manager not to mention Chief Operations Officer -- and mostly my Call Center Director. I must say that if any JPMorgan Chase executives read this you better take note -- BOBBI JOHNSON SHOULD BE PROMOTED TO AN EXECUTIVE LEVEL (WITH UNLIMITED DECISION-MAKING ABILITY) IMMEDIATELY!!!

Posted by tbaz

I do not care for banks and was dis-heartened when I read the customer service comments. upon calling your 1-800 number, I just had a great experience and was provided the three pieces of information I was seeking in a matter of minutes...Thank you


I love the convenience of the banking products offered and I have always had great service at my local branch in Brownsburg, Indiana.

Posted by Shpend

I live in Queens, NY. After I called costumer support regarding some issues with my checking account and had the chance to talk with one of your employees who was extremely polite and helpful. His told his name is Raymond Bering.
He was the easiest person to talk to and solved the problem right away and I just wanted to thank him and give you my compliments to your costumer service.
Best regards,
Shpend Xani
New York

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Posted by sysadministrator

Not a place and a company for professionals to work
Pros- Well known brand name, this may actually be a con.
Con- Horrible management and hr, terminations and layoffs.
3-4 months of hiring process just to give impression that job here is worth it due to brand name.
Management, hr and recruitment work in concert to give that impression.
Terrible work life balance, no policy regarding work/shift timings so that working hours are long and irregular.
Weekend work, long commute and bad traffic makes life harder resulting in sick leaves and no vacations.
Unrealistic estimations and delivery agreed previously by management.
Management constantly failing in delivery to onsite client resulting in bad appraisal, poor salary and low benefits.
Week management and lack of leadership resulting in pathetic and hostile work culture.
Don't fall for employment with JP Morgan. Its not worth your sweat and hard work.
There are better and much better opportunities out there. keep-up your job search and good luck.

Posted by trying-r-best

I am a personal banker for Chase. All of our customers are important. You know every business opens up to make a profit so that it can grow and give more.
Chase has so meny diffrent services and tools to help keep our customers out of the red and we still will refund some fees. We try our best to be open, honest and up front with our customers. We want to put our customrs in the right account. Yes all of our accounts hold a monthly service fee but their are ways to waive the fees. If one did not meet the requirements and had to pay the fee, the fee would be less then what they would have to pay when they cash their check at the currency exchange and pay their bills. The time, gas and money saved on that alone would be more then the $12.

Posted by anon

I used to work at a Chase call center as a bilingual consumer csr. Let's just say, the English calls were a lot easier than the Spanish calls--we had to have a LOT of patience! We were trained as "Online Light" reps, meaning we could reset your password, give you basic navigation, etc. Anything else we had to transfer to the Online department. This was an alright idea...except when you couldn't help the customer and had to transfer them to a second person, it was frustrating not only the customer, but also to us! Sometimes the other person blatantly would refuse to take the call so we would have to call someone else, and the wait times for supervisors are ridiculous, especially for spanish supervisors! So, please keep in mind that when you're on hold foreverrrr, the rep is sometimes on hold with you, and that affects our Average Handle Time (AHT) which in turn affects our monthly incentives. Around the time I left Chase, they were finally getting the hint about CUSTOMER service, and told us that we shouldn't worry about how long a call is taking rather then actually resolving our customer's issue(s). In the end, I left because I felt that they were too worried about "offering" (not selling) "solutions" (not products) instead of actually helping the customers. We receive a huge number of calls from customers that have received either erroneous information from the branch or no information at all just a "call the 1-800 number". Attention branch reps: help your customers!! You're the face of the company, so when you mess up, we take the brunt of it! A word of advice to current Chase customers, READ everything that is given to you when opening an account, especially when you open it with a promotion coupon; you usually have to have a direct deposit come in within a certain period or make a certain number of transactions before they actually give you the $50 or $100--and then if you decide to close the account before 3 months they will charge you $25 and can charge the promotion amount as well. A check register is actually a GREAT tool to avoid nsf fees and overdrawn accounts, because as some of you have mentioned, they items post in different order then actually made and the biggest items usually come through first. Hope this helps!

Posted by Anonymous

The worst place to work for and the worst place for managers to allow power to get to their head. Bankers are pressured daily with goals that are attainable but even more pressured when a customer does not bring all their money over and the internal hostility makes this one of the worst places to bank and/or ever work for. They do not know how to retain top talent and when employees leave so do the customers.

Posted by RE Closer

I am a Settlement processor. One of our normal activities is to update and obtain payoffs. We order payoffs from countless lenders. None is more difficult than JPMorgan Chase. I do understand privacy issues, but 48 hours after the authorization is sent, one party says it's there and the next time you call, it's not there and you have to resend and wait another 48 hours. Then there are the times the computers are down and they can't help you at all. And their computers are down A LOT. This happens numerous times per month. This lender is a nightmare and I think a large part of it is their network system. Unless shooting yourself in the foot is a form of entertainment stay away from this lender!

Posted by lookingouutforyou

I am an employee and I can tell you all that the problems that you have all had so far are only the start. If you thought the current fees campaign was it wait for the rest of 2011. If you were a former WAMU customer then I am sure you have already seen the decline of service and the rise of lies. The current company is arrogant (Should be, the stole the largest S&L in history and didn't even blink), elitist (The really only want the people with money or those willing to pay through the nose, bottom line oriented (Trust me, the care about both you and the employees the same... not at all) and about as unfocused on service as you could imagine. Every person has the god given gift of judgement and common sense so I leave the decision to leave to each person as an individual, but it is important for the clients especially the old WAMU ones whats going on inside. We wish we could have continued to given you all the bank that you loved and that we loved working for. I'm sure that as each of you have your own experiences you will come to only one conclusion, and I am so sure of it I know that I dont even have to say it.

Posted by anonymous

I am an employee of chase, and I cant help but come here to alert people on what this bank is doing to their customers...I am in the process of looking for another job, and as soon as I find one, I will be gone! chase bank does not post transactions according to how customers make them....they purposely pay the largest amounts first in order to overdraw the customers' account and charge all those ridiculous fees...they tell us to lie to the customers and tell them that we pay the largest amounts first to ensure that the most important items are paid for them...the bank makes it look like we are doing customers a favor by paying the largest ones...dont ever make large deposits into a chase account because it will be held for days, and if u have a huge payments coming out of your acct, you will be charged a fee if its returned or paid insufficient...I have accounts at other banks, but i can honestly tell you that chase is the WORST of all. I am sorry to say that, but I have to be brutally honest. I have seen many customers calling in crying because they have been charged hundreds of dollars in FEES and we are forced to refund only $70 a year! Please look elsewhere for your banking is out of the question...I am an employee and I am speaking from knowledge.

Posted by shame

i work for a chase call center... GET OUT NOW!


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