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JCPenney customer service is ranked #215 out of the 946 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 44.90 out of a possible 200 based upon 667 ratings. This score rates JCPenney customer service and customer support as Disappointing.


605 Negative Comments out of 667 Total Comments is 90.70%.


62 Positive Comments out of 667 Total Comments is 9.30%.

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    • 44.90 Overall Rating
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    • 605 negative comments (90.70%)
    • 62 positive comments (9.30%)
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Posted by lemonluke

I placed an order for grandkids school clothes. I had checked to have all the items delivered to my home. After paying and checking out, I immediately seen that approx. 1/2 the order was being delivered to the store, which is 50 miles from my home. There is a 10 minute time frame, after ordering, to cancel the order. I got a phone associate, who spent more than 10 minutes asking questions and playing dumb. However, she said she would cancel the order. Approx. 30 minutes later, I got an email telling me that the items that was in the store was ready for pickup. The next day, I got another email telling me that the rest of the items had shipped.
I had to drive 100 miles round trip to pick up 24.00 worth of items. Then when I got the shipped items, there was a woman's blouse, size large instead of the little girl's shirt that I had ordered....UGH! I used FB to connect with them and they did refund me the money for the blouse. I also placed another order and the package come without a return slip, so I guess I will have to drive the 100 mile round trip again. "Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me"!! #neveragainPenneys!!

Posted by Tgirl

I have never had a problem returning items.

Posted by # Unsatisfied Long Time Customer

We purchased a mattress for $665 on sale in Jan 2018 online. When it arrived my GF didn't like it so we called to return it 3 days later. They said someone would contact us to arrange for pickup. Two months later we called and they said they had no record of the request. Then a month later two guys picked it up. Now it is June 2018 and my credit card has not been refunded and I am being charged interest. After four calls they started in inquiry then concluded there was no record of the return. We called the place that picked it up got the tracking and return # they hadn't processed it in the warehouse yet after 3 months total BS. It's 5 months after we started the return process and the balance is still on my card. Every time we call it's the run around call this number then wait on hold then click only to start all over again. We're filing a complaint with the Attorney General of NY State enough is enough.

Posted by Gjurgja Pandalieva

I placed an order online over a month ago and didn't receive it because of error address. I called customer service multiple times amd kept telling me to wait one week till they get it back and automatically they will give my refund on credit card. It's been over a month and still nothing!!! I don't think I will get my money back which is a shame. I will never shop again at Jcpenny, lousy customer service, lousy company. If it was any other company I'm sure I would've got my money by now 3 times!!! Terrible experience, i shop online all the time, never happened something like this never!!!

Posted by Kim

I returned an item to jcpenney yesterday, and was told the money (19.xx) would be put back on my visa debit card. It has not gone back into my account.

Posted by Jamieaur1

I brought in some items tags intact and was told she could not return them, not even for a store credit. I was very upset by this and won't be purchasing from them anymore.

Posted by Anonymous

I really didn't care for their customer service. Called about an order that I was never able to go pick up and was being sent back. They said to wait a few more weeks which I didn't like but I did. Then over 5 weeks later called and kinda off for run around then she admitted they received it back a few weeks ago. But they never issued a refund till I called, which I didn't like. My number one thing with company's is customer service and think theirs is lacking. They messed, I'm up buying new house and need allot of stuff but not from them don't need the hassle.

Posted by JB

With the problem of vulnerability to hackers, I think that it is irresponsible to ask for and ID, especially if any information is copied or recorded from a drivers license. This does not prove that the item was legitimately purchased. It does, however, allow access to information, that can be sold, or otherwise distributed without the customers consent.
From that "valid id" much information can be gleaned, and information that should NOT be distributed, even to your stores. There is noting on a "valid ID" that says the item was purchased by the owner. Ridiculous, and dishonest.

Posted by SIdebet

Attempted to make a return on clothes purchased on a Debit Card. I no longer had the card as it was expired. They told me my only option i had was a gift card. So if i have the reciept and its a debit purchase isnt that just as good as cash. When every other place offers cash on debit card purchases JCPennys doesnt do so. Isnt that amazing. Screw that store. Ill never shop there again.

Posted by cboykin

I ordered 3 dresses online. received 6 in the mail but none of them was what I ordered. I had to drive to a store to return. Not a good experience.

Posted by Bill

JC Penny sent me the wrong appliance. We inspected the produced. It was incorrect. We did not accept product. It took 3 months and 3 phone calls to get credit. Mean while they expected me to make payments. Which I did. They will not refund my money. They are crediting my credit card. Mean while I am out $900 dollars.

Posted by DONE....with JCP

Only went to use $10 coupon tried to purchase slippers that were marked 60% off, clerk got nasty said, "nope not these, while the sign clearly said clearance." Went to a second cashier she checked and YES they were supposed to be 60% off, the store is a horrible disaster cluttered with clothes that look OLD the first clerk was a mess, bad clothes, messy hair, bad attitude. This coupled with their ridiculous NO RETURN policy for many customers will be their downfall. There was nothing else in that store I would have wanted.

Posted by suzie

went to return item purchased because you sent me the wrong size. used the return label enclosed and took it back to the ups store only to find out the label had insufficient information (no street address). ups would not accept the package and told me to go home on find out the address so it can be returned. it would be nice to put the return address on the label as not to inconvenience the customer.

Posted by Anonymous

Horrible Service when ordering online. I placed an order on Feb.10, 2018 for 5 items and paid for delivery by the 15th. Two items were delivered on the 14th in separate packages. One was not the size I ordered. When I called customer service I was told the other items would ship on Feb 21 even though my tracking info says the 15th. Apparently the left hand doesn't know what the right hand is doing at J C Penneys. Customer service said all they can do is refund the amount I paid for shipping and I'll just have to wait until the 21st for my items. I tried calling the corporate office and you have to type in the name of the person you want to talk to but any employee name you type you get a "not valid" response for. Be Smart - shop somewhere else. Now I also get to pay for gas to go to my local store to return the item that was the wrong size or I can pay for shipping to send it back. Nothing like paying for their mistake!

Posted by Jacqueline Lowery

I placed an order and all ordering information was correct. The problem was that the picker pulled a 10 instead of 12. I called 800 number and asked for a return label as this was a picking problem and I should not have to pay for the return postage since it was wrong and the individual hung up on me. This was most appalling since JCPenney is one of my favorite shopping sites and I am a Platinum card holder. I insist on not paying the return postage. Can you assist?

Posted by Debbie

I have never been so frustrated with a company. Trying to order from the fantastic sale today and it states you ship internationally but ordering online will not accept my order. Get with it and make it user friendly for a Canadian shopper

Posted by JCPenny Sucks!!

I received a JCPenney gift card for Christmas so unfortunately I had to purchase something from them. I decided to order a comforter set online, 7 days later the comforter finally arrived. Right away I notice a flaw with the stitching on one side so I call customer service and ask what my options are. I was given two choices, return the item to the nearest store, receive a refund and then repurchase the comforter set and wait another 7 days for delivery or ship the comforter back, wait anywhere from 7 - 21 days for the refund to be processed and then wait another 7 - 21 days for a check to be sent to my house because I made partial payment with a gift card. I literally laughed at the customer care agent, I'm expected to wait a minimum of 14 days and potentially a maximum of 42 days to receive a refund? Definitely not acceptable... I can of course receive a refund and gift card instantly if I return the comforter to a store but I won't be able to make it to the store for at least a week. This is why I never shop at a place like JCPenney unless I'm forced to, I will be making a point of telling everyone to never give me a JCPenney gift card in the future. I can order the same item from Amazon, have it at my front door in 2 days, start a return/exchange the same day and Amazon will ship the same item that day and have it at my house in 2 days. I just have to ship the original item back before a certain date or Amazon will charge my credit card for the replacement item. 2 comforters in 4 days from Amazon or 2 comforters from JCPenney in a minimum of 14 days and that's only if I go out of my way to return the item at the store. What a joke JCPenney is, they want my business but expect me to either wait an unreasonable amount of time or go out of my way to return a defective item they sent me to receive a replacement. I'm glad Amazon is putting companies like this out of business and they're doing it with nothing more than customer friendly service and fast shipping. JCPenney will NEVER receive another penny from me again.

Posted by Jill

False advertisement in your recent ad has lead me to not want to shop in any of your stores. This also leads me to believe your company is not interested in what makes your customers want to come back. Also doing the stupid survey is not going to want me to come back either. I will let all my friends, relatives, neighbors and whomever that asks what I think about your store how I really feel about it. And in a small community word of mouth gets around. This might be a deal breaker for your store here. It certainly is for me. In closing instead of trying to make a dollar why don't you go back to trying to somehow please your customers. That way maybe they will want to come back to your store. Just a smallest assistance and not just an operator telling me that isn't store policy and no I wouldn't be able to speak to a supervisor or manager.

Posted by Anonymous

I bought a sweater on black Friday for Christmas. I wore it once washed on hand wash and it came unsewed on the collar seam. I took back to store with receipt and was told could not return or refund. I was told JCP return policy was 30 days with tag and receipt,and because I had wore and washed. I told the manager there was nothing on receipt about a 30 day return policy.

I have never had a issue returning or exchanging anything at JCP. I am very upset and don't plan to do business with JCP any longer. Lost a customer over 9.99 sweater.

Thank you for your time.

Posted by Kari

After 42 years of having a JCPenney account, and spending many thousands of dollars at the stores and catalog, I closed my account. I will no longer shop at Penneys because the customer service has progressively gotten worse. They used to have some knowledgeable experienced associates, who have gradually been replaced by "Burger King" quality employees who have zero customer service skills. The catalog department is unorganized, does not send confirmations, inconsistently includes packing slips, and one order may arrive in 5 different packages over the course of a week, with no notice such as "This is part of your order...". The crummy clerks say they cannot tell you what the balance on your account is, or verify your account number if you do not have your card! The Tallahassee, FL store is dying a slow death: it's time to pull the plug;.

Posted by Anonymous

Today (Jan 28) I returned a fleece vest that my son had bought me for Christmas. I didn't have the receipt. The Clerk told me their "policy" was the purchase price of $24.xx (she looked it up) only received store credit of $7.22 .. a discount of about 70%. I would have expected a re-stocking fee of may 15% or even 20%, but 70%? Having no choice I took the "gift card" with some grumbles.
Maybe Penny is in the same boat as Sears. At least for me, I'll never shop there again. ----- Rob Schlegel, Indianapolis

Posted by Laura

I returned two dresses at the Odessa,Tx JCPenney recently. The cashier was friendly and helpful, she found my receipt through records and I was returned the difference to my debit (I decided to exchange for two other dresses). I asked when it would show up on my debit and she said it usually shows up after 24 hours.

Posted by Anonymous

Worst customer service I have ever dealt with in my entire life, 15 representatives, 5 Supervisors and still all I need is to show I have paid off a account opened in December 2017 and PIF January 2018 they sent the credit bureau a letter that i closed the account but still owe the money this is insane it is pif.

Posted by Lucky #5

I placed an order using a gift card and paid the balance with a MasterCard. A few days later I received an email from that the item I want it is no longer in stock and that I was not charged for this order. A bit too late because I had already discarded the gift card at after using it. So today was my fourth time calling regarding the refund for the item that's no longer in stock Cust. Svc stated a partial refund was issued and that another partial refund will be issued in 7 days. But it does not equal what I paid for the boots. I was told to call the corporate office and file a complaint with them.

Posted by Anonymous

I would like a call from some one in customer service management to contact me regarding my last visit to jcpenny last Sunday January 14th. My name is JoAnne Peters what a complete hassle it was.

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Posted by Anonymous

I Visited Your Jcpennytroy Mi48083 Store To Pick Up And Exchange Items. I Met Two Of Your Finest Customer Service Associates Laronda And Palinee. These Two Ladies Went Out Of The Way To Help A Male Customer That Was At Another Register From Me.i Told Them That I Would Make Mention To Jcpenny For The Awesome Service.i Did Not Keep My Promise Until Today When I Was Watching Joyce Meyer Daily Devotional Show On My Computer.joyce Talked About How It Took Her 2years To Be Obedient To God To Just Put Her Grocery Cart Away At The After Use,yet She Was Praying For God To Use Her In A( Greater) Way,and She Wasn't Obedient In Something As Small As This.i Immediately Thought How I Hadn"t Taken The Time To Write This Note Of Thanks To These Two Took Hearing This Message Today,as I Know That Everything Is In God's

Divine Order For Me And My Disobedience In This Means Me Not Growing In God Direction And Purpose In My Life.i Apologize To Laronda And Palinee And Ask That They (please Forgive Me)and Again I Do Appreciate The Professional Service That They Give In Your Company.sincerly

Posted by Anonymous

I had placed an order on line. Went to the store at oak park mall in January to pick it up. There was no record of my order. The sales person that helped me. Was so patient with me and so kind., helpful, suggested what I should do. To be sure I was not charged for it . I went back sgain because the telephone person told me to . The sales person (Rhonda). Was so helpful she could not have been more kind and helpful. It was on a lSunday . I hope you will tell her what a great person and good job she did . Hard to find a sales person that. Does such a great job and helpful to a customer that has a problem.

Posted by Anonymous

I was there on Saturday and a young lady named Katrina was so very helpful to me. I was l looking for certain sizes abd she found them so quickly. She also rang me up and had such a beautiful smile tje whole time. Thank you.

Posted by Kdr1991

I recentky visited your j c penny store at yhe highlands.I bought a bed in a bix and Jodi was so friendly and knew exactly what i was takking about .she even walked me to small appliances when we were done and help me find the keurig i was looking for ..your employees are amazing !

Posted by Anonymous

I wanted to tell you about a gal who helped me over the phone from Jc penny's in
San Bruno ca,
Her Name is Justine, she was absolutely wonderful, helpful, and friendly,
She was the best!
It was such a pleasure to work with,
Gail Brown

Posted by Anonymous

At the Batavia Store 2 employees need to be recognized for their friendliness and helpfulness. They went above and beyond in helping me find a pair of shoes that fit me properly. I am disabled and they
measured me, brought shoes and tried them on my feet. I left a happy customer! They were Lucille O. and Lisa !

Posted by Anonymous

Some people try rippi g the stores off by buying merchandise when the price is low and then wanting to return it when the price comes back up so they can make a few bucks off the store. Its sad that stores have to have strick policies on returns but if you just save you receict you wouldnt have any problems. Now how hard is that. I love shopping at jcpenney and I will continue to do so.

Posted by ventimiglia

there is a saleman at the JC Penney in chesterfield twp MI named Fred. IM sorry i dont have his last name. Anyhow, hes helped me several times this past year and once again today and hes the nicest, patient kind saleman and he needs to be commended for his hard work for your store

Posted by Dianne

We had wonderful service at two of your stores in Vermont. Kristine at the store in the Berlin Mall and Lee in St.Johnsbury were so kind and helpful. What great folks and thanks for employing such "stars."

Posted by Steve

I would just like to give credit where credit is due to a young lady by the name of Wendy N. I believe she is a supervisor for the women's Department at the Lima Ohio JCPenney store went way out of her way to help myself and my wife. Very lucky to have an employee like that.

Posted by Anonymous

I met this very nice lady in lingerie her name was Mrs Hall she was very friendly.She work in the Lynchburg Virginia store.I love the customer service she has .

Posted by Anonymous

JCPenneys is back. Recent order...great product...good price...prompt delivery... perfect packaging. Good job!

Posted by Truby

I shopped today (December 23rd) at JC Penney at Dadeland in Kendall. (Florida) I had a great experience. The prices were much better than expected and the service was great. What looked like a long line at the counter turned out to take less than five minutes to get out of there. In particular Yecilette was helpful in finding items and very pleasant, as was the young man at the counter. I don't know his name but my receipt says "Assoc: 0055."

Posted by audreyrsmith

I am writing to commend your associate at the Dayton Mall (Miamisburg, OH store) named Karen, who works in the jewelry department. She was extraordinarily helpful to me as I purchased both fashion and fine jewelry, showing immense patience with my many questions and displaying knowledge of products. Thank you for hiring employees of her quality, and I hope that you will commend her, as well!
Dr. Audrey R. Smith

Posted by J Fiel

This email comes in response to the excellent and unexpected service my wife and I received on the evening of 11/27/2015 from an associate named Wendy in store #2108. There was a high volume of customers in the cookware department when we arrived. In a reasonable period of time, Wendy inquired what we had in mind. We told her a cookware set. Instead of directing us to the items at hand, she accompanied us in search of a product that served our needs. Once assured that we found a product we liked, she excused herself to minister to the other customers. Her manner was most professional and conveyed a real concern. We purchased the set. Windy is a credit to your company.

Posted by Deborah Trent Hester

I am a regular jcpenney customer for many years and satisfied with the service that I have received at the Danville Va. store I am also a customer of the JCPenney Salon. I have been a customer of Beverly Lipscomb for over 10 years now.She is an excellent stylist, my sisters also go to Beverly to get their hair done. When people ask who does my hair I say Beverly Lipscomb at JCPenney styling salon. Deborah

Posted by Anonymous

Iam from Corpus Christi an when to the rolling oak jc penny I want to buy the Queen bed on special, the only person who really an true care an help me was a Lady call Maggie,I rare comment but she deserves two thumbs up, award, thank you. BLACK CRD HOLDER MR.MICHEAL ROCHA

Posted by Anonymous

We shop at the mobile store, great job to nice young black man, who told me that he and his staff keep them up,Spectacular Job, I will be back to shop again★★★★, Chicago group of senior citizens. .

Posted by Anonymous

I shopped at your store in christiansburg VA and was helped by a woman named Billie. I lost my receipt so I could not put in a access code but really wanted to talk about my Experience with Billie. Before I approached he I observed her for a while because I also work in retail. I own my own successful chain of stores. She was very nice seemed to know where everything was that I was looking for. I originally just came in to buy a a couple of things but because she was so helpful I ended up spending 2 to 4 hundred dollars. She greeted me with a smile and even though she was very busy she stopped what she was doing to help me. Oh she isn't a manager she should be because she truly puts the customer first. I even offered her a manager job at one of my stores. I told her I would be back again to look for her. I normally don't shop JcPenny because like I said I have my own chain of retail stores but I have had friends tell me about her and the customer service she offers. She is a wonderful person and a valuable employee and if your not careful I might steal her from you. I hear that there is a new kholes coming to that mall soon and I know that you sometimes compete with them but I guarantee you that with people like her you would have no problem with kholes coming there because after all with me being in retail I do know that alot of selling is due to the customer service the customer receives. When I asked her if she would like to come work for me and be a manager she did tell me that she would love to be a manger and if she was never considered as being one there that she might takecne up on my offer but that she really did enjoy working at JcPenny. I think that you should reassess what ever her position is and maybe if you had room for another manager I would concider thinking about asking her. I observed for a few days and I know that's kind of creepy and I'm sorry but I really wish she would come work for me because I will give her the title she deserves. I really hope you legalize what you have with her expecially before its to late. She is a real value to your company and because of her I will refer friends and continue shopping there. I also know that there is no way that I am the only one that had said those things about Billie. I will also say that your store is entirely to hot and while I was in the there I also heard other customers complain about the heat.

Posted by [email protected]

I am very disappointed in the website. I was searching for a polo shirt with pickets and instead polos without pockets come up on the computer. With pockets was on the side of each entry. So I immediately thought that the polo shirt had pockets. When the item was picked up at Penney's, there were no pockets on any of the shirts. I am very dissappointed. I don't think I will ever order clothing items on again.

Posted by Anonymous

Today I visited the store in bay plaza . I wanted to purchase 1 or 2 quilts & some curtains. With the sale going on I wasn't sure on price. I asked for the price scanner which they no longer have. I stood in line for a cashier to do price check. The cashier was taking care of a customer when she was finished she asked if I was purchasing I answered I wanted to the price. She then told me she has a customer waiting and told me to go to another register. That made no sense. & wasn't customer service at all. I decided to leave the store & make the purchase elsewhere. More training is needed. The service I received elsewhere was exceptional.

Posted by Anonymous

I am sending this letter to praise Associate Tanya C.#903 from the Valencia, CA store. I was shopping in the Northridge, CA store for dress slacks on Friday June 5th. I style I was shopping was not available in Northridge. An associate called the Valencia location and they were able to set aside the slacks for a Saturday pick up. I arrived at the Valencia store for purchase but the previous evenings associate set aside the wrong style and never had the style number I required. Associate Tanya C. #903 apologized for the error and called the Culver City store which was approx. 35 miles away and I had already traveled 16 miles out of my way for the wrong style. Tanya was able to have my slacks shipped to my local JCPenneys from Culver City. Tanya explained the situation of my inconvenience to the Culver City associate and they eliminated the $8.95 shipping charge. My many thanks to Tanya and her tenacious, confidant, calm, courteous, knowledgeable assistance which led to a pleasant outcome. Please do not let her slip out through your fingers. All your associates should follow her example. BRAVO!! Miss Tanya, in my opinion you deserve a wage increase. I have been known to be a difficult customer with little tolerance for incompetence. Once again thank you JCPennys for hiring and allowing Tanya to be an excellent sales Ambassador.

Respectfully, David B Rodriguez

Posted by Anonymous

To whom it may concern, on 2/22/15 my husband and I took my 14 old son to your men's suit department to buy him a suit for a wedding in Arizona he's going to in March. We walked into your men's suit dept. and there was one sales associate putting out dress shirts. He saw us but continued doing what he was doing. We looked around a bit but your associate continued ignoring us. So my husband approached him, explained what we needed and your associate just pointed to some blazers and said to look there. That type of costomer service is appalling. I've been in retail for over 30yrs. And I've never treated a customer that way. If you see a customer you approach them and ask how you can help. You walk them to we're they need to be, NEVER point and say look over there!! Needless to say Macy's got our business. Yes I paid more but we received excellent customer service and it was worth it.

Posted by Seasock1

Bought a dress for my mothers wedding. Paid about $70. Loved the dress, but I was broke so I returned it a week later without tags or anything and got a full refund!! Only wore it a couple of hours, but still they took it back. Thanks JCP!

Posted by Anonymous

Had GREAT service in the Women's dept. at the C.R. store. Thank you Linda and others who helped me with my jeans.

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Posted by Anonymous

My daughter has worked for JcPenney for almost 45 years, starting when she was 16 years old. The company has never been fair to her. She has picked up the slack through several managers, the takeover where they had to reconstruct, filling in when people are fired, because the work is too hard for them.

The most horrific is her having to work the Holidays. She cannot be happy for family time, since she doesn't have any. Thanksgiving is coming up, and once again we are all disappointed once again. When I saw on tv that her mall, West County, and South County mall, where my granddaughter were scheduled to close for the day. But once again, JC Penney was not included.Why don't you CEOS come and take her place. You all will be celebrating the holiday with YOUR families, like everybody should with their families. No, they cannot be grateful for they have to go home and get some sleep so you can make MORE money while you are being thankful with YOUR families.
Disgusted in Missouri!!!!!!!!

Posted by someone who cares

How is it your corp hires only part timers and works them hard.think you are using these poor workers like slaves! Just so your Corp doesn't want to pay benefits! That's really sad no wonder it has a bad reputation to work for you use these people who need jobs for a few hours a day when you want them at your beck in call should be reported to labor board!

Posted by Anonymous

June 29, 2013

To Whom It May Concern,

I would like to share my feeling on some things at the Hiram Georgia location, Store #0161. I have been an associate with JCPenney for over 9 years. I have resigned and June 28th was my last day. I really want to bring these things to your attention even though I will no longer be with the company. JCPenney does an excellent job at taking care of their customers, as always, however, not so much their associates. There are so many unhappy associates working at this location and I was included in that number. I feel that no one is interested in listening to the associates or implementing any changes that would help us perform our jobs better. Complaining on the sales floor among the associates as well as several members of management is a daily occurrence.

Although I am no longer with the company, I would love to see some changes made for the associates that are clearly unhappy. There are lots of associates still there that I care about, and I want to see them happy. Many dread coming to work daily, which is sad. Associates are afraid to voice their opinions for fear of being removed from the schedule until the system drops you out. This is what management does to anyone they have an issue with. I do not understand why they do not sit down with associates and discuss the issues. Also, management often comments, "You don't have to work here" when an associate chooses to voice their opinion. Having had both of these example occur during my employment there, I speak from personal experience. I have also been a witness to it being said to other associates. Associates that has been with JCPenney for any length of time have also been a witness to it happening to someone, or have fallen victim to it themselves. It has also been confirmed by a few members of management, that this is indeed what takes place. When supervisors make their schedules, they tell us that the store manager goes in and makes changes as she chooses. By her doing this, it results in some associates dropping out of the system for not working any hours within a certain time frame. Supervisors are aware of this happening, but apparently cannot prevent it. This is a form of retaliation that JCPenney claims to prohibit, but is being exercised frequently at the Hiram, Georgia location.

Many associates would have much of the same to say, and more, if giving the opportunity to do so without retaliation. They remain silent in order to protect their positions. It is very sad that so many associate do not enjoy coming to work anymore. I really hope this matter can be addressed in order to make JCPenney a more desirable workplace for associates. I cannot address everything that takes place at the store in this letter. I really hope that someone will give the associates in Hiram a chance to have a voice. I know that JCPenney is always willing to listen and address any need or complaint from a customer. I hope that you are willing to do the same for associates.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this letter

Posted by Melo75

Worked for my local JC Penneys here in Valdosta Ga. I was hired approx. 7 months ago in the shoe department. My fellow associates were paid 9.50 a hour or more. They started me off at $7.50 a hour. My job was to do theirs, my department manager (Pam) and my job as well. I was never acknowledge, offered a pay increase, or offered a promotion. I was actually let go today because of that very same reason. I was yeld at by the Store Manager (Mr. Bynum) and told I wasn't doing my job because I asked my department manager to speak with employees who weren't doing theirs or for a pay increase. It is beyond me how companies treat their employees. The ones who work the hardest, get degraded and the lazy, unreliable ones get rewarded. Theres's no fair and square treatment of any kind here!


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When asked why she though JCPenney has been able to stick around so long, Howard said, "It's all about the customer service. That's what James Cash Penney stood for- he was all about servicing the customer. That's just something we believe in day in ...
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When it comes to Tracee Ellis Ross, what you see is what you get. As observers of her bold yet consistently on target style, we've loved everything we've received. From her royal blue Comme des Garçons ensemble at her Met Gala debut to her strategic ...
Fanatics to Open 325 Retail Shops Inside JCPenney Stores
For sports devotees, June certainly resonates as one of the calendar's most fruitful months, with the NBA and Stanley Cup finals, the Belmont Stakes, the French Open, golf's U.S. Open Championship, the World Cup and Major League Baseball giving fans 30...