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Isuzu customer service is ranked #660 out of the 946 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 26.63 out of a possible 200 based upon 33 ratings. This score rates Isuzu customer service and customer support as Terrible.


32 Negative Comments out of 33 Total Comments is 96.97%.


1 Positive Comment out of 33 Total Comments is 3.03%.

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    • 26.63 Overall Rating
      (out of 200 possible)
    • 32 negative comments (96.97%)
    • 1 positive comments (3.03%)
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Posted by roger

i just sent my car to universal motor to service and im asking why u didnt service my air con since the first day i brought this car he telling me they dont have a service air con places and asking me to go to his panel im telling him i been filling a complain before about this matter he telling me there is no free i say i know i come here service my car also i pay but im asking can u intro me to another place to fix my air con he telling me that he been selling more then 20000 isuzu car there be no such matter but my car has this problem he even telling me even the (UMNO) people come compalin they also will not do anything about the complain im asking the manager jeffrey as i know why he telling me the politic matter it nothing to do with my cases.i telling im not satisfied with the aircon panel because he been charging me for a themostat for rm700 but when i when back to universal motor the part only cost not more then rm150 i telling the manager there name jeffrey as i know he saying me making problem the sell many isuzu car dont have this problem i want to record the conversation on the spot just now but the manager there asking me to put down my phone if not he will not approach to me

Posted by EL CAMINO CMW, Inc.

You Isuzu Philippine dealerships are poorly accredited. The sales force are poorly trained and handing Isuzu brochures to consumers that are outdated. Why is your Isuzu Philippine Corporation Customer Service Department Head tolerating it? Inability to address customers concerns are inexcusable.

Posted by EL CAMINO CMW, Inc.

It has been a nightmare buying your Isuzu truck products here in the Philippines. The 2 brand new Isuzu NHR Flexi Trucks were so filthy with paint oversprayed that was delivered by Isuzu Cavite at Imus Cavite.The Isuzu Dmax LT 4 x 4 pickup that was paid in full and totally unacceptable late delivery by Isuzu Philippines and now being rushed by Isuzu Cavite Imus to complete all the other part accessories. The other 2 Isuzu NHR Flexi trucks purchased from Gencars Isuzu Makati was a terrible sales experience where I was required to paid in full when the units were not ready and still being assembled by the local truck body builder. The after sales service by both dealerships are really bad. And your Isuzu Philippines customer service headed by Ms.Jinky Zavala inability to communicate effectively with the dealerships here. I had to call the Office of President Isuzu Philippines to get results. Please act accordingly or loose more customers with their unprofessional behavior.

Posted by Big G

Very disappointed with the after sales need a new handle been 3 months now no one ever rings me or keeps me up to date

Posted by BHIS

I have a 1989 Isuzu Pup that still runs very well, hated to see the production of this vehicle come to a end. The truck is very dependable would like to see them make a comeback in America. The new crew cab in the 4wd are a sharp truck keep up the good work.

Posted by EDNA

My experience with Isuzu Urdaneta, Pangasinan is terribly disappointing and I cannot think of a word to further describe them. They are the worst people is an understatement. I wrote a letter dated October 12, 2016. They refused to heed to my complaint, and worse, they even refused to talk to us. I have used so much load calling them up. Myles, the agent has committed so many representations. The Branch manager refused to talk to us until my husband called him up. He is so arrogant. I bought a top of the line MUX and this is all we get from them. WE are treated like this unit is a donation. The stereo, audio control navigator system is defective and they refused to act on it. It is only on December 6, 2016 that they came. They are so incompetent and deceiving.They deceived me. If I do not make a follow up, they do not bother to update me. The defective unit was discovered during the PMS in Baguio on October 8, 2016. Till December 6, 2016, no action. PLease contact me for more details.

Posted by ROB

We have 4 izuzu d-maz yesterday the battery just died. we called the dealership in our area and they advise they will have to call us back as system is down. I received a cll at 11.15 this morning a day later. I have advised this is the battery and as this is used for work I cannot afford to have this off the road. Can they fix a new battery on it as this is what is needed. They advise they cannot do this it will need to go up on the ramps even though I advise I do know about cars and this is definatly a battery problems as the battery will not hold a charge and is completly dead. Still no they cannot fit one
Do they think we can leave this sitting around till the 4th and then they keep it for 2 days. It would take 10 mins to change the battery if I take the car there. They have no concept of I cannot be without it.

Posted by Anonymous

The service in Polokwane is verry poor I am working fore a company that use trucks on more then one occation oure vechile bracke down and one of Izuzu guys were send out and then it takes the the hole day to get to the vechile and then still nothing happends and no feed back from them. the assistent is poor

Posted by Rick

Hi Warwick from kingaroy i have a 2014 fsd 850 isuzu body truck 192000 kms.on 22 july the chassis rails cracked in half both sides. Truck undriveable unusable.
insurance company NTI inspected the truck and said its a design fault clearly isuzu problem but isuzu care or assit nor isuzu dealers want to do anything not there problem. Isuzu japan wont talk to us or even there own dealership in Toowoomba. Isuzu care is perthetic isuzu japan well there worse Not very impressed

Posted by elaine

We very recently purchased an Isuzu D-Max LST CrewCab Ute Hi-Ride T/D and want to complain about the following. The lack of sensors! The reversing camera is VERY useful BUT why aren't there any sensors? Children move quickly [main reason for wanting the reversing camera] BUT without any noise to warn of a little one rushing into danger we still need to be [what we always are] super vigilant. BIG DISAPPOINTMENT...we never, ever thought that a reversing camera would not come with the noisy sensors!!!

Posted by sb

I Love This Car.... .... Would Love To Get Help Here In The Us With My Wonderful 2001 Isuzu Rodeo That We Have Baby ... Looks Great But When Doing The Service Work To It. My Husband Found Terrible Corrosion Under Our Isuzu . Took It For The Recall They Told Us That It Was Unfixible Wanted To Get Us 9 Hundred Dollores .. For Our Good Vehicle..!!!!!!!!!!!! We Are In Big Trouble .!!!!!!!!!!!! We Need Your Help!!!!!!!!! We Want Our Isuzu Fix Please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!............ Isuzu You Should Be Ashame !!!!! To Take Our Money And Leave Us With Nothing


For all customers please don't buy isuzu commercial or private vechile

After buying the vechile there service will be very very worst

First is when we leave for water wash there will be no proper washing

If we say there is a problem in vechicle they will not check the problem

If they attach the any addition parts in the vechile they will not fix properly

Worst worst service sml isuzu service in ambattur chn - 53 area

Mainly GM (general manager) will never give respect to the customer

While we asking to the GM why u did not do properly he said we will do like this only

Posted by isuzu service is worst

Isuzu service is very very worst in ambattur showroom
I told them to add the 2 leaf plate in back side of load vechile
They added 3 leaf plate loosely it has been moved 1 inch right and left,
I told them the leaf let is not properly in alignment please fix it
The general manager is saying we will do like this only

We r paying money direct to isuzu company service to do properly but they r not doing properly they r shouting

Posted by Anonymous

Im very dissaponted with the company in San Pedro Sula, Honduras. This is my second 4x2 car I get from you, we had an accident on Dec 20, 2015 and this is the day I have not gotten my car. I've paying every month and they care less if I have to borrow, pay or walk in order to move. Very dissapointed and will tell all my friends about it
Ricardo Chinchilla.

Posted by lyla20

Extremely disappointing Customer Service from Simon Josephs (Customer Care Manager UK) - just not interested at all in the poor service and misinformation we were given by one of the dealers. Will definitely avoid buying Iszuzu again. Once the vehicle is sold they just don't care.

Posted by Koh Ah Moey

Dear Sir/Madam,
Serious Complaint on Isuzu D-Max Model with Plat No. MCP 7033
I, Koh Ah Moey, would like to express my deep disappointment and anger on your product and the way your side handle a complaint at service centre. I had made the decision to purchase from Isuzu Malaysia is because I trust your brand and you had been long established in Malaysia since 2004. Your product of D-MAX had made me regretted for making a silly decision to trust the image you portrayed and the core value of Isuzu Company as an international organization which your mission is to be the leading position in automotive market with best services. The attitude of your customer service officers had made me so irritated and jaw dropped. It is very irresponsible action from your side that makes me decided to launch this serious complaint not only to you and also to Ministry of Domestic Trade, Co-operatives & Consumerism and even papers.
2. I bought my car D-Max with plat number MCP 7033 months before and it was still under warranty as at to date. The problem occurred is only at the first month I received my car, I felt my car was unusually bumpy compare to others and I checked with the dealer and he just mentioned it is meant to be bumpy. It is a ridiculously answer but I accepted it because of your brand name is ISUZU MOTOR. The facts had proved me wrong to trust on your brand, product and even service provide. After 7 months, I realized that my new tires in the front was completely wear out which is not suppose to happen in the first place as I just bought my car for 7 months and I am not totally heavy user. After sending to the not so effective service centre of ISUZU in Malacca, they found out that it was the jumpers of both side were loosen and caused the tire exhausted. Well, here are the answers given to me by ISUZU when I requested for fixture and change of tire because I am still under warranty. The not so friendly and effective service centre refused to compensate my tires which caused by the loosen jumpers. They told me, I should take my new car to workshop for aligning before I could drive. Please tell me who earth will take a new car for alignment, it is because of all ISUZU VEHICLE is a defect product and you never did gone through PUSPAKOM for inspection before releasing it to me. The jumpers are loosening because it was not nicely fixed in the first place when your side delivered it to me. Is this the quality of a Japanese Company? So many complaints, I had launched and called your dealer and service centre, your side keeps passing my issues around and my car had been left in your dealer centre for 4 months and it caused my loss of business for not having the vehicle for 4 months. I need a clear answer from your side immediately.
3. My request is to fix my jumpers, compensate the tires and my loss caused by your mistakes and negligence. I also had decided to file this issue to the Ministry of Domestic Trade, Co-operatives & Consumerism because if your product is a misleading me to purchase and end up I am leaving my car at your end 4 months without any action taken and now I am nearing the expiry of my warranty. What a fraud organization that diminish my consumer right.
4. I requested a clear response to be answered immediately and I shall receive my compensation with the fixture of my vehicle MCP 7033 to be returned with fix of all including change of tires.

Posted by HateIsuzu

Will never buy another Isuzu again. The car is in good shape. The motor runs great because I have taken really great care of my 1999 Isuzu Rodeo. The only problem is the back end has rusted out because of how it was manufactured. Pieces have actually rusted off of my car. Isuzu's remedy is just to keep driving it or pay for their mechanic to look at it to see if it falls under the recall, but they refused to tell me what options I will have when the mechanic tells them it is under the recall. So I have to pay to have it looked at... Fixing it would prob be more than the car and I'm sure they will offer nothing. So selling for parts. Such a waste of time and money. I took such good care of my car... and now I can't drive it, though no fault of my own. Such a waste... Customer Service is a joke too! If you get the misfortune of talking to Klode at 237 hang up the phone. He will refuse to give you to a supervisor. He is so rude and won't let you talk or answer any questions. I've attempted to find a place to report him, but I just get sent right back to him and he will not give me to anyone else. My advice... Don't buy an Isuzu... you can take great care of it, but because of the poor way they manufacture their vehicles and their inability to correct this problem you might as well burn your money!!! What a waste

Posted by Anonymous

Our company has had nothing but problems with the 2008 Isuzu NPR diesel truck we purchased brand new. Our other 2 Isuzu trucks have not given us near the trouble that this truck has. It was a lemon from the start. We have replaced the fuel tank 3 times, injectors, fuel pump, filters, etc., multiple times. Been broke down on the freeway, in the mountains, in the city, at night, during the day-been towed so many times...Now it is in the shop AGAIN with a $7,500 (+) bill to repair-I would rather drive it off a cliff than spend another dime on this truck. The repair shop called the Isuzu rep to ask for help with the repair costs given the dismal history of this rig-and Isuzu will not step up and do the right thing. I will be buying another brand of truck from now on...

Posted by Akshay

respected sir i have your beast car mu7 which i purchased in month ov November 2014 i am fed up off your service i send my car MU7 three time to your different service provider in Delhi, Jaipur, Noida

first i send my car to Delhi for issue of break pad, front tyre jam, and staring get tight and sound vibration so on they kept my car for 3 week and called us when they are satisfied but when we drive back my car to home town same problem arises i called them again they talk talk to me rudely even they also said they cannot resolve my problem regarding this the devise provider was JAI AUTO in sarita vihar delhi
Mr. Manish Sharma

after that i send my car to jaipur for same problem and they kept my car for 2 weeks they change some parts and when they get satisfied they called me to picked my car from jaipur, on the same day i picked my car and i was returning back to my home town during that journey my front wheel got jammed and same problem aries when i contact to them they gave me unsatisfied answer that they cannot resolve my problem service provider name PL motors put ltd more over your engineer also check my car earn h visited to jaipur
Mr Bansal

than i call to your Chennai office to customer executive they did not reply me i call them again and again regarding my problem suddenly your north service incharge called me and said that i send my car to noida sector 63
i send my car they kept my var for three days and when they call us that they are satisfied and my problem is resolve i went there and collect my car but i drive back my car my home town same problem aries
Mr. Thomas your noida service provider

This time i am not asking for resolve my problem coz i give three chances to you and your company service provider i will send u consumer court letter to your company and your service provider because all the time they make fake bill i payed all of it i will start anti promotion against your company through social media because you and your company service provide are chicanery
i will make your reputation worst in the indian market as well as international market i promise

Posted by paul.1970

we have a izuzu lorry new its been to the dealers with faults and nothing is fixed the speedo is out by 4 mph and the suspension is so bad after driving for about an hour you get back pain
the restrictor is set wrong on asking the garage to put it right we get the answer cant do that its set at the factory
funny if you have other makes and go to there garages things get put right and problems solved

just go s to show you pay your money and there not interested

Posted by Anonymous

My name is Michael i absolutely love my isuzu rodeo but sadly my fram to the middle back is rotted to th pinot that my shock mounts as well as my spring mounts and my axle links r no longer fetched to the farm . My rear axle wants to go one way and the front another. I am not a wealthy man n cannot afford to pay for a extensive project . I do not understand y I can not have my recall done for nothing when this problem is so obviously has been an issue for some time now . Look I am not the type to even do this but I need your help please I don't want money or a new car all I wish is that the farm that should not be rotting to the degree that it is be fixed . I can't buy another car n can't pay to fix this it is my lively hood I beg u have the understanding n Hart I will advertise for the rest of my life how awesome n just nearly perfect isuzu in general r . I have already inspired at the least 15 people to perches an isuzu of some kind . What dependable n just over all great vehicle . But like I said half of my fram is just destroyed n I really love this car n really need it to live. I beg u please help me I am going to try to contact the Japanese manufacturer I'm sure they love isuzu as much as I do n will b pleased to accommodate me . This rodeo is in great shape other wise I merely need half of my farm fixed please put your self in my shoes. I truly thank u n hope to hear from u soon I left a message on your phone all my info is on that message. Yours truly an isuzu lover Michael B thanks.

Posted by willow

Isuzu customer service is condescending and hostile if you don't do exactly what they want you to do. "There will be no reconsideration at all." They claim our 2002 Rodeo is in poor condition, the only problem with the vehicle is that the frame cracked - for which there is a recall. They won't fix it and are offering us 37 cents on the dollar we paid. $1800 doesn't buy another used vehicle.

Posted by Erf 257 Main street,Port St John

Got a terrible service when I lost my car key yet the duplicate is with the Company. They issued the duplicate without a mobilizer and my car has been standing on the street for 4 weeks. The sales manager drops the phone on my ear when I try to make a conversation with him telling me to wait because it is not his problem. I am Z Mgqibi It was done at Bates in port Shepstone and their number and the Sales Man is Daya Reddy

Posted by Karen

On Monday, April 14, 2014, a young seventeen year old man went to Lafayette Indiana, to the Bob Rohrman Isuzu Dealership. He knew exactly which car he wanted to test drive, a used Impreza.

After the usual review of the car, conversation with sales, he carefully pulled out a large roll of cash. In bills of five, ten, twenty, up to one hundred dollar bills totaling $5000: the money was his life savings. He had scraped & painted houses, dug fence posts, worked in a horse barn with a shovel, mowed lawns, even sold perfumed candles. His father, my husband, paid an additional amount of cash, a loan to our son of nearly $2000.

Justin had read about cars, dreamed about cars, thought about different engines, all of the different specifications of all of the vehicles ever produced. He had decided this Subaru Impreza would get him on the highway and likely last until he was out of college. He drove home absolutely ecstatic, so happy.

We live nearly 100 miles from the dealership, and after arriving home that night, in the garage, he and his dad thought there might be an oil leak.

The next night they were pretty sure there was a bad head gasket. Sober faces.

The next night they were sure there were two blown head gaskets. Justin started looking for ;junk cars& to see if he could find another engine. His dad was trying to figure out how he would get the time to help our son with the repair, Justin couldt afford to hire it done. This was our son responsibility: it is difficult to parent with ;tough love at times, but this is how we raise our children.

Justin never said a bad word about the salesman, the dealership, no one. He is a terrific kid: good grades, good friends, leads Fellowship of Christian Athletes at school, leads songs and gives short talks and has other participation in church. He loves small children.

I was absolutely sick to think about his lifelong savings so quickly at loss, knowing how hard he had worked and saved, the items he had not bought over the years that his friends possessed.

I emailed the dealership manager the next day, keenly aware a used car is �as is�. I explained the above and asked if anything could be done. I was immediately surprised, he was highly concerned. He even said if needed, he would purchase the car back from our son, to maintain a good reputation for the business. The tension at our house immediately deflated.

Mr. Scoyoc soon found the problem. An employee, no longer employed for reasons such as this, had put the car on the sale lot knowing the two head gaskets were blown. There was also a belt needing replacement which had not been replaced. But despite this, $4000 in repair had already been done to the car. In short, the car should have gone to auction to begin with: now the dealership had nothing but loss on the car. If they were going to be honest and fair, the loss even greater.

Mr. Scoyoc assured me he would ;make it right& Approximately a week later, I took my son back to Lafayette to pick up his car. The invoice was stunning: repairs free to us parts and labor included a long, long list of replaced belts, an oil change, two new head gaskets, and free labor on installation of new manual transmission parts (we requested this ahead of time and paid for these parts, Mr Scoyoc said they would take care of the labor). In short, Bob Rohrman Isuzu and Ryan Scoyoc had decided that as much as they were able, this young man was going to have a dependable car for some time to come.

I explained to Justin that this was so more than an exceptional experience, and that he won&t likely ever see such an exchange again. The paperwork confirming the damaged engine could have been shredded and never acknowledged, which would be typical. My son is driving what is virtually a new car.

Our world is increasingly short of goodness, kindness, decency, respect. We found all of this at Bob Rohrman Isuzu. Customer satisfaction, having a good reputation with clients, these attributes are rare and very much still matter. I want to thank all there who helped us, and am so very grateful. I am extending much praise and appreciation to Ryan Scoyoc, the staff, and Bob Rohrman for this experience.


Posted by Anonymous

I have an 97 Isuzu Rodeo. The frame has serious rust problems. Otherwise looks and runs excellent. The right front and left rear frame are so rusted that I don't trust driving it anymore. Less than half the metal is left. It has 3 inch holes that you can see through. It is a shame that such a car has to be put to rest because of a FRAME DEFECT. You would think the frame would last longer than than the body.

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Posted by Meku

I am very satisfied with my customer service experience with Isuzu dealership for the concern I had with my manual transmission fluid type and level to solve the hard shift in which arises using a wrong type of fluid .thank you very much for your help ! meku

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