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Iomega customer service is ranked #90 out of the 946 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 59.85 out of a possible 200 based upon 57 ratings. This score rates Iomega customer service and customer support as Disappointing.


45 Negative Comments out of 57 Total Comments is 78.95%.


12 Positive Comments out of 57 Total Comments is 21.05%.

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    • 59.85 Overall Rating
      (out of 200 possible)
    • 45 negative comments (78.95%)
    • 12 positive comments (21.05%)
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    • 3.2 Issue Resolution
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Posted by wbryan8835

Looking for replacement disc for my IOMEGA network hard drive. Changed computers and original disc not found. Website was no help. Info on drive label is P/N - Model . I don't find other numbers. Can not use the drive without software and/or setup disc. Thanks,

Posted by Anonymous

I tried to log in to your website and got a 'false alert' that took 4 hours to resolve with Norton Utilities agents. I tried again just now to get to and Norton blocked the same false alert. YOU ARE INFECTED!!!!!!! Please do something about it!

Posted by RickR seems gone and no forwarding. so much for their customer support.

Posted by Anonymous

I Can't get a support person at any Leopard l Lenovo support number listed. All options are invalid.

On another note. I have an IX2 storage server. It was losing its ip connectivity, but maintained network connectivity. No one in support could help me since the unit was in warranty I had to power rest the server daily to keep connectivity. I just did the last 2 firmware updates and it appears my problem is resolved. Why did I have this struggle for the past year?

Posted by angsuman

iOmega India never replaced my NAS within warranty, said will contact by email, never did. I wasted around Rs. 8000 on them. Worst customer service ever! Never buy any iOmega products. They will not provide any service whatsoever.

Posted by Anonymous

When the hardware goes wrong (and it will go wrong) iomega will try every trick in the book to make it as difficult as possible for you to get the device repaired or replaced without them actually breaking the law.

Posted by Gordo12

Iomega is now Lenovo who just play dumb. I have a media player Screen Play MX2. It didn't last a year and there is no one to repair it and now that it's Lenovo they just give me BS telephone numbers and the run around.
Will never buy Iomega again nor will I buy Lenovo, new name onto crappy equipment and no customer service.

Posted by IOFAIL

Purchased the IOMEGA Storecenter i2-200 4TB cloud edition NAS. I had a hard drive fail disk 1. I thought it wouldn't be a big deal to exchange the faulty drive for a replacement. The unit is well within the warrantee. Called customer support twice. The first time got the song and dance about the firmware. Firmware is up to the latest rev. Second step they want the log files. That would be fine but this unit is sitting in another state and only on a local network. I purchased another drive and it rebuilt the Raid 1 mirror. Data is protected again. Called to see about getting this drive replaced. They wouldn't do it unless I popped in the old drive and sent them the log. Really, Lenovo Customer service is awful. I will never purchase another Iomega product and more importantly not a product that is serviced by Lenovo. EMC really missed the mark on this one. It's awful they could care less. They should just answer the phone go pound sand Mr. Customer. My last effort was to try Seagate to get the drive replaced through an RMA. The SN: of the drive pops up and say's contact your OEM vendor which is Lenovo now. I thnk the product is ok just they don't help the customer. Even if the drive was good and I sent it back to them they can format and ship it back out. I don't get this practice. Saves them money on hardware because they don't hand out RMA's. They lost me as a customer and everyone that I speak with in the IT community will hear about my poor experience. There are many other companies that you can purchase a home NAS solution with. I wouldn't get another product that is supported by Lenovo even if you paid me. It's a cheap NAS solution and when the hardware fails you can only throw away there product because there Customer Service is probably told not to replace any hardware in these units.

Posted by AHID

I'm a IT Manager of a mid size company and i chose Iomega Storecenter IX4200D for my shardrives. Everyday 200 ppl use this device. After buying the device, within one week, the device has some problem with voltage and its hung up. I called customer service and after almost a month, i got my replacement unit. When i tried to use the replacement unit, it also not working. Called customer service where their phone line is not even and hard to understand the conversation and couldn't resolve the problem right away. Now my business critical data was unavailable for more than two months. THEIR CUSTOMER SERVICE IS BRUTAL AND PLS DON'T EVER CHOOSE IOMEGA FOR BUSINESS...

Posted by ICQ7

Iomega Drive that we bought was faulty and was made (at least in part) in China.
P/N: 31763600 Assembled in: LDHD-UP
S/N: 99A84933E6

The entire drive became corrupted and we lost all of my data at the beginning of September. I eventually reformatted the drive and it worked for a few weeks, and then lost the data again... none of the partitions will even mount. I tried to reformat it again, but it can't even do that any more.

Support refused to assist us. They gave us the run around. Do not purchase IOMEGA

Posted by Koolga

Purchased and IOMEGA Storecenter i2-200 4TB cloud edition NAS and the unit is great. The issue is after a year & a half, one drive went bad. Contacted them and went thru the trouble shooting... Received the RMA in an email... Ok, all is ok up to here. Then, I waited, and waited, and waited. Almost a month and still no replacement hard drive. What is the issue? They gave me the line that they have these devices all over the world and have lots of calls to send out replacements, so I have to be patient. I've called every week and get no answers as to when I'm getting the replacement drive, and I've also got the "Escalated" answer. I finally bought a new drive (a Toshiba, which NewEgg delivered in 2 days) and put that in instead. Now I will go thru Seagate to replace the defective drive instead of Iomega. I want in on the Class Action Lawsuit when it happens (it's gonna happen I'm sure). The Store center is not a bad unit, it works well (even with 2 different 2TB drives), but the Tech Support is the worst I've ever dealt with. These are the lifelines of many home businesses, and more than a week is too long for a drive replacement. And very unacceptable.

Posted by Anonymous

Had a hard drive go bad on a StorCenter ix4-200d. Finally got a support rep via chat who instructed me to send the drive back before a new replacement would be issued. I sent the drive back, it has now been 2 MONTHS and still no replacement. Contacted support several times and they keep telling me it "has been escalated at the warehouse, should receive it in a week, notified my supervisor, will have someone contact you right away", etc... This company's support is awful and unprofessional. I've convinced my boss to find a different solution for our data storage needs.

Posted by Diggers

Iomega told me that new items bought from retailers via ebay "count as second hand" and so are out of warranty. On that basis they switched the in warranty to out of warranty on their service site and told me I have to pay them to discuss the matter further as emails are not free out of warranty.

Posted by lukasiwicz

The number given is not in service, and no new number is offered. Iomega has dropped in my esteem. It's almost as if they're saying, "Just try and find us for some direct support." Boo hiss.

Posted by Chase M

After my in-warranty hard drive of 1 year stopped being detected on my computer for no reason, I waited patiently for two weeks while a replacement cable came in the mail (after inexplicably being stalled in shipping/receiving for a week). Once it arrived and I received a brand new error message, I waited three very long days to get someone on chat support, only for the session to time out/cancel without reaching anyone. In order to call these people, you have to pay about $30 upfront. Are you kidding me? I resorted to sending a detailed email message and received no response. Then a Facebook message/post to their Facebook page. There is no info in their online forums on my issue. Finally got a rep on the chat support and he was brief, unhelpful and tried to end the conversation before I was finished by stating 'We are done'. (!) Basically told me my hard drive is ruined and I have to return it. He said 'this is a common problem with these devices.' Glad to hear even customer service doesn't believe in their products. Learn from my mistake: DO NOT BUY PRODUCTS FROM IOMEGA - you will lose money, valuable files and your sanity. Someone needs to report this company.

Posted by Anonymous

My Iomega back up took so long to run on start up that I unplugged it. Then it would not start. I tried to reload the drivers but they disconnected my account. After two weeks I still can't get a new account setup. Don't buy products fro these people waste of money..

Posted by Anonymous

I purchased an external hard drive last December. By March it had stopped working. I live overseas and was not able to mail it back to the company until October. I received a return authorization, and was told to mail it back with proof of reciept. They said a replacement would be shipped within 48 hours.

7 weeks later (and 4 phone calls later) I am still waiting. I asked to speak to a manager and was told he is very busy and could not speak to me. They seem to have lost my hard drive and can not ship me a replacement until they find it. They said they moved warehouses and this is why.

I am sad that the product didn't work very well and even more sad by the poor customer service with no replies back to me. To say a manager is too busy to respond to a customer is wrong. It only takes a minute to send an email.

They also should have never said it would ship in 24-48 hours if they could not live up to that promise.

I will think twice before purchasing anything through Iomega again.

Posted by Anonymous

Iomega sucks. I purchased an Iomega Home Media Network Hard Drive Cloud Edition in 4/11 but I did not open the box until recently. On the outside of the box it reads 3 year warranty. When I began to use the hard drive I went online for help. When I entered the serial number it said it was out of warranty. As instructed on the website I emailed a copy of my receipt as proof of purchase. After I got no response in 4 days I called Iomega. I waited 25 minutes the first time and could wait no longer. I then called a second customer service number I found online and they transfered me to the same voicemail. After waiting 40 minutes and called back the second customer service number. This person said she had received my email but it was in the wrong format. She did know why no one bothered to let me know. Then she said, "by the way the warranty is 3 years only if you register the product within 90 days." I told her that I did not open the product until recently and the box is labeled 3 year warranty. She said she is just following the rules. Fortunately I purchased it at Costco. I will be returning it.

Posted by Anonymous

customer service does not exist. They deactivated my account after my 3rd attempt to find where the hard drive I had ordered and paid for is. The order tracking page does not exist according to their noted that comes up. Good thing I used a CC so I can recoup my money.

Posted by S/NW1AB39AA283

Its impossible to deal with Iomaga . go some where else for your products. I waited 35 Min on phone (I gave up!)

Posted by Dee

I purchase a second hard drive after my first one went bad from IOMEGA at the advice of my tech guy! It was the worst. I purchased a 500GB external HD and a 1 TB external HD both did not last a year before failing!

Customer service lied about my warranty when it was in fact still under warranty! I took a screenshot showing that it was still in warranty! He told me I still had to pay a fee!

Posted by Anonymous

can someone please give me a uk contact number for Iomega?- worst website in the world no customer service!!

Posted by Anonymous

Tech support CANNOT be reached. I am tired of contacting you. I have had 3 replacements which entitles me to a NEW IOMEGA 1 tb external driver AND I am going to report you to the IRS Investigation division. if this situation is not corrected.

packing slip order 4797607 04/09/2012
packing slip order 4491186 10/31/2011
packing slip order 4888916 06/26/2012

Wanda Gant
562 Gant Hollow Lane
McMinnville, TN 37110-4676

Posted by Pal

I have a 250 and a 100 mb zip drives and associated disks with data in them. Somehow both the drives became bad and I could not read my disks. it says fault in I/O device. My efforts to contact iOmega failed all the time. It is five years now. Someone told me they were not reachable and the zip drives were no more in market. How do I read my data disks? Those data are important to me. My attempts even today to call the service centres were unfruitful. No one picks up the phone and there is no e-mail service. It is quite frustrating and this is my last attempt before permanently avoiding iOmega as a whole for future.

Posted by Anonymous

Worst company I have ever had the pain of dealing with. Purchased an external hard drive that never worked correctly out of the box. Had to spend an hour on their chat line as they charge $25 up front for phone support - need to give them your credit card number before you can even place the call. Information from the chat session was useless - a bunch of canned responses that didn't help. After two months the drive completely dead and back to the chat for another wasted hour. In order to get a replacement I have to first send back the dead drive at my own expense. They won't pay for the return of their own defective product. Never in my life have I encountered a company that forced you to pay for their own problem. Was told that it was a "business decision." I've made a decision never to to business with them again. I'm totally appalled.

Add your review!

Posted by ICQ7

Iomega called to replace my device that was poorly made in China and I am happy with the customer service. They are the best and understood the nature of our desire to continue doing business with them.

Posted by Anonymous

My experience today with a tech by the name of Peter
was exceptional. He was extremely friendly, patient, & knowledgeable.
He totally solved my problem.
Sherry Iveson

Posted by bond1976

Was on hold for only a few seconds and after getting a nice rep and going through some TS, we had to do an rma. A bit of a hassle since i had my unit for 3 years but the replacement works well.

Posted by Anonymous

After reading several of these cases, and being a part of this technical group I will say that if you are respectful and willing follow with IOMEGA's process and procedures they are willing to bend over backwards to resolve your issues with any device you have.

As a customer service REP, All I hear all day is other peoples problems and their threats about this drive is horrible so and so forth. When most of the problem is that the user has no idea what they bought or they bought a network attached storage device and attempted to use it as a Domain Controller.

Understand that we are human beings too. We are not a punching bag waiting to get hit by a user who is mad that their device isn't working.

If we are treated like a human beings and not emotional punching bags we will go above and beyond to help you. We do NOT carry magic wands to fix your issue in an instant, but we are more than capable of resolving your issue with a little cooperation.

Unfortunately most of the ones that do call in threaten us and scream before we can actually identify the problem. Which only delays us in finding a resolution and makes the situation 100x more complicated than it really is.

If you call in please have mutual respect for the agent that is talking to you. If there is a question that the agent doesn't know off of the top of their head, they have no issues researching the issue and finding a permanent resolution.

Regarding getting a refund for the device, any manufacturer that you contact not just IOMEGA, operates under the same policy. If you want your refund take it back to the place of purchase if you are that fed up with it.

If its out of the stores return date we have no problem escalating it and attempting to get you a different model product that will better suit you.

Just make sure you have the serial number of your device and a valid email when you call in.

Posted by Anonymous

4/11/11, John answered immediately,and was very knowledgable and polite.
He provided everything I needed quickly and I will be an Iomega customer without hesitation in the future!
ET in Arizona

Posted by lovebug3010

I have both Mac and windows laptop and was looking for a compatible external hard drive. After lot of research I purchased Iomega Prestige Portable SuperSpeed 500 GB USB 3.0 External Hard Drive 35192. I first connected the external hard drive to my windows laptop and it worked fine. But when I tried connecting it to my Mac it encountered some problems and was denying access. I called up Iomega customer care after collecting the system specifications from me, they asked me to follow their directions and guess what, I was able to connect to my Mac comfortably. Thanks Guys

Posted by Fresher

I was facing problems while trying to copy files on to my Iomega Screenplay Pro HD wirelessly without having to connect to my desktop. Though the product clearly states it supports wireless access I was unable to do it despite several tries. I gave up my attempts as it said no SSID detected. I called Iomega customer service and they were quick enough to set right the connection for me. The technician who attended my call was not only good mannered but knowledgeable enough to sort out my problem quickly. Thanks for your timely help.

Posted by Butterfly

My digital camcorder has FireWire port and since I wanted a hard drive for both FireWire and USB I opted for Iomega Desktop Hard Drive Silver Series Hard Drive. After installing the necessary software I was unable to connect my camcorder with external hard drive though it was connecting perfectly with my desktop. After a few attempts I called up technical support and they helped me set right the issue.Mark sorted the issue out, great job guys!

Posted by Carter

I bought an Iomega Home Media Network Drive (1TB) for its stylish and compact look. When I tried to connect the device I encountered few problems. I called the phone support and they got my problem sorted out immediately. I was impressed by their service; they were not only courteous to me but provided technical support within minutes and my Network Drive was up and running perfectly fine. I like their customer support really good.

Posted by Winniep

Sad that it had to happen to you. But my experience with Iomega customer care was excellent. Recently I bought an Iomega SuperHero to backup my data on my iPhone. I was unable to use the device as I did not know where to download the apps from. Their technical support was so good that they gave me all the pertaining information and I was able to take backup in minutes.

Posted by Strongtree

I had an issues with my 2tb UltraMax Plus eSATA/USB/FW/FW.
One of the drives failed and when I logged on to the site to find out how to return it. I was suprised to see tha tthe srial # told me I wasn't entitled to any service because the warranty expird. The process of proving that the warranty should still be in effect was lengthy and a pain because you have to provide documents that have to be reviewed, and then they want you to pursue the issue on line tghrough emails and one on one chats.

Ifound Iomega CS to be very helpful when you deal with them by phone.
The emails they send to you that are supposed to direct you to a live one one chat with customer service are a big problem. They don't work.

Everyone I've Spoken to by phone has been great. Very willing to assist and provide service.

After everything was verified, they sent me new drive and I just put the failed unit in the box and shipped it back. Not bad. Still had to pay $25 for shipping though.

Posted by Euphotic

Sorry that you two had trouble. Not just did they help me right away but they bent their rules to meet the requirements to help me get a cable I was missing; for free + no s&h! Wow, that deserves a 5 on the scale. FYI: I never registered my 6mos old product, opted for their chat help option and they had me call in to varify my details with the tech dept. Thanx Doug (Sales/Chat) and Eric (Tech)!

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