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Posted by [email protected]

I left my car at 12:45 service closes at 4 o'clock p.m. nobody called me back nobody let me know that my car was in service store wasn't done now I'm left on foot not able to get my car until Monday

Posted by Anonymous

Apparently my Infiniti M56 has a timing belt recall, unfortunately I was not made aware of this, until my car was services $888.00 later at the Mechanicsburg Infiniti dealership in Pa. Before hand, I spoke to the service guy about the symptoms my car was throwing off, couldn't accelerate in my car without it jolting and jerking violently, BIG SAFETY ISSUE!!!! and (never told the timing belt was recalled and it could be the time belt). Made an appointment to find the issue, dropped the car off and spoke with the service guy again about what was going on (AGAIN never told the timing belt was recalled and it could be the time belt) but was solicited different service and maintenance packages. The services informed me in passing that the timing belt was recalled but I would have to make another appoint to have this address because it would take a week to get the parts in. I asked if this could be the problem and was informed NO. Got a phone call later that day about what could be the problem, with more solicitation, and needed breaks. Was told my transmission needed a program up date and 60,000 mile maintenance, needed new rear brakes and need a new windshield kit because the old was after market.. This was suppose to fix the problem and safety issue. One day later & $888 dollars later my car is sitting because it does not accelerate passed 10 miles/hr and jolts and jerks violently leaving me stranded on the highway. Doing my own consumer research, those are the exact symptoms are the timing belt which has been recalled. Now I feel a though I need to pursue legal action because I was lead astray and was ripped off to a problem that is not fixed yet. I feel as though I cannot trust dealership, I have been lied to and cannot trust their mechanical skill and I am gonna be taken the cleaners to profit themselves. I am a nurse trying to get to work early this morning and was stranded along the road. Nothing has been rectified.

Posted by jim

Policy number absolutely horrible customer service 6 days till I get my windshield fixed head appointment to set up for my windshield today 0 response numerous calls to the adjuster no response from Dave Loggins This is the worst Insurance experience in my 48 years I've ever had can someone please call me because everytime I call the numbers they put me through to Dave croghan's who's an incompetent idiot my number thank you

Posted by Julius Hattell

I just purchase a infinti Q37X. Friday 15th. Doing the test drive was nothing wrong with vehicle. I also purchase warrant with vehicle. On that Saturday night the dash board light was blinking off and on and appear not to wrk again on left side of the dash board

So I took back Monday and the service Manger threw out a wolf story by telling me wow push down on gas paddle cause light to go out. Wow what a story to tell a customer who just purchase a vechile to avoid edging not to fix the repairs. Within 2 days. Was avoid to take car back to them to fix the repair. They keep your vehicle from Tuesday until Thursday I call each day left several message no return call back. So when I went up there stated was able to fix the repair would cost a total of $1300.00 I will need to wait for the warranty to kick in to get it fix for me to come out my pocket again of $250.00 after I just purchase and giving $4000.00 as a down payment. Was giving my vehicle back with no knowledge of them the Infiniti was not fix after they found out what needs to be repair.i feel I was taking advantage of and used with my vehicle not fix. Renea

Posted by dpauk

The absolute worse service by any lender I have ever been provided. Lender accepted my payoff on a lease and never posted it to the account . Will not refund my money or send me my title . To top it all off their are charging me interest too even thou they have my payoff!!!!

Posted by Anonymous

I go to the service dept at least two or more times a month for the same problem. This happens every month or every other momth. This tells me thst something is not being handle correctly. What ot eho do I talk to to have this solved.

Posted by Big l

Infiniti is junk and I don't give a Damn how fast they are, I will be replacing my
Engine after only 4 month.s of ownership. Bought from dealership it's a one owner
All service records. I did tune up and two oil changes in 4!months. Burns crazy oil
And what a pain to owe on car and have replace engine.. 04 fx45 will replace engine sell the damn thing get my money back get a jeep or something. I've owned and sold and traded 25 cars . Infiniti is nicest looking piece of crap I have ever owned but as soon as it's fixed its out of here and I will never buy a piece of junk again.

Posted by Very disappointed

Highly dissatisfied! We have been trying to establish service in our home where the previous owner had service. It's been two months! We will be looking into a competitor today.

Posted by Shuegal

I recently brought my car in for service and was told I had to make an appointment. I said okay and wanted to get an oil change. An hour later my car still hadn't been seevuced. I asked what was going on and I was told to speak to the person that gave me an appointment. I then get an attitude instead of an apolgy. I was told I could come back another time, I didn't have the time I needed it done on this specific day. So I was told in a condescending manner that it would be another 45 minutes. I have never had this type of treatment before and really enjoyed the service here at crossroads but if this is what I will have to deal with at this location, I may need to find another dealer. Having to wait several hours for an oil change and then dealing with someone who clearly doesn't know how to treat customers has really put me behind. I shouldn't have to spend a day at the service department for an oil change. The sad part is that I had to sit in the waiting room, wouldn't that be a clue when I am the only one there, to ask if I am waiting on something?

Posted by Anonymous

You can NEVER get through to a REAL Person! I called their customer services dept many diff dates many diff times and ALWAYS get put on INFINITY HOLD!

Posted by Kim

I took my 08 G37 in clean/ good condition to Southwest Infiniti in Houston to have a diagnostic test run on it due to a hesitation and missing at 40-50 mph. Diagnostic was run and I was told that I needed spark plugs, engine air filters, 120K service, injection flush and decarb. I elected to have mass air sensors and injection flush and decarb performed at Infiniti. After picking up my car which continued to hesitate and miss (I was told it would do so from Jeff Dorman the "Service Advisor" / "High Pressure Salesman") until I got the spark plugs changed, which I did the next day. The car continued to hesitate. Several days later as I was on my way to work at 02:00 in the morning my car just stopped running on me. It would turn over, but not start. I had it towed to a shop as this was Christmas weekend I had to wait several days to be told that I needed a new engine. I was told It had to do with Cam and oil issue. On my vehicle inspection sheet from Infiniti the oil and fluid leaks checked okay. All I was advised I needed was new wiper blades, engine air filer and air condition filter. OIl was fine. On a side note the high pressure service salesman called me days after my service at Infiniti wanted to know if I had my spark plugs changed yet and how much had it cost me, which I refused to tell him as it was such an strange call and none of his business. Upon calling Mr. Fred Gallucci the Executive Manager he was immediately condescending and began lecturing me. He wanted to know why had I not been bringing my car into Infiniti for maintenance. How does he know that I have "ever" had my oil changed, he stated. How does he know that this car repair shop was trust worthy? I had to watch these types of shops. As well, he went down the list of anything I was told I needed on that inspection sheet and chastised me on each one. I would try to bring the conversation back around to the issue at hand which he would not address head on. Long story short he hung up on me. Yes, he hung up on me as toward the end of our conversation as I could no longer take his chastisement I told him I guess I would have to get a lawyer as I am a middle aged woman whose car I rely on to take me 45 minutes one way to work paying my own bills. I have no recourse and can not afford an engine on my own. He reply, "do you know what I do when someone mentions the word lawyer to me"? He continues, "I hang up on them" to which I replied, "your going to have to hang up on me then because I have no alternative" and so he did. My car ran fine before this hesitation and I had my car serviced regularly, before this hesitation, just not at the dealership. I took my car in to have diagnostic testing and it states they checked my oil yet apparently it had not been checked or they would have found the true problem for the hesitation. The shop that my car was towed to has been in our community for 45 years and is well respected. They were and are astounded that Southwest Infiniti has responded this way and/or sent my car out on the road and now refuse to address the problem. Because I can not afford a new engine I have to take this issue into my own hands through media, lawyer and whatever it takes to bring attention to the injustice of this car dealership and it's lack of respect and unprofessionalism from the top to the bottom. I had a car until I brought it in to Southwest Infiniti in Houston and now I am paying to lease and/or rent, which is not in my limited budget. If there is anyone out there who have had these issues with Southwest Infiniti in Houston TX please let me know I would like to speak with you.

Posted by anonymous

Sawgrass infiniti a word of caution. If you are planning on rolling over from one leased vehicle to another with the promise of the dealership picking up your last payment to place you into a new leased vehicle, don't trust their word. It took me over 6 weeks to get them to fulfill their promise, after countless calls to Infiniti financial and calls to Louis, Gabe and Walter Anderson. They repeatedly
lied and dropped the ball. I kept receiving bills from Infiniti long after the dealership told me the matter was resolved. Should not have gotten that kind of treatment. Be very careful and don't take anyone at their word. We all know why car salespeople have the reputation they do! This was NO Different!

Posted by Tysoniep

I have tried 4 times to reach Infiniti Financial Services, and each time I am on hold for 20 minutes. After 20 minutes, I hang up. I honestly don't want to buy my 3rd Infiniti because of the terrible customer service. I will be looking at Lexus this time around or maybe even Acura. I had a Honda before and there were no issues at all.

Posted by Robert Beleson

I currently lease an Infiniti Q50. It is my third Infiniti in a row, and I have always been pleased with the performance of the automobile. Because of this I am sorry to say that once this lease expires, I WILL NEVER LEASE OR BUY A NISSAN PRODUCT AGAIN.

The reason for this is the terrible service provided by Infiniti Financial Services. I take great pride in always paying all my bills within 3 days of receipt, and have never had any overdue debts or loans. The one exception has been with Infiniti Financial Services, where i have had several months where for whatever reason I did not receive a bill, and the following month received notice that I was overdue. In every instance I immediately repaid the past due amount, as your records will show. This was quite annoying to me, and I tried to prevent this by signing up for automatic payments. However, when I tried to log on to your website I had nothing but problems, and when I tried to call your so-called "customer service" 800 number I was put on hold repeatedly until I no longer had the patience to stay on the line. This is a DISGRACE. Your customer service is horrible. I give up.

Posted by sue

I have a 2007 FX35 Infiniti. I bought this car 2nd hand. over a couple of years, the dash developed multiple blusters or bumps all over dashboard. after contacting several repair places for my own personal resolving, I was told to look on internet for a dashboard cover. That is when I found the extended warranty of fixing this faulty materials used for the dashboard. warranty went out February 6 2015. Not being notified by any resources. I contacted Infiniti by phone, by letter and was turned down within 5 min. My opinion is NOT to buy an expense vehicle as an Infiniti for they WILL NOT stand by their cars...........I am very dissatisfied with INFINITI.......

Posted by Infiniti management hassle not t

Eight months have passed since l have brought a battery(warranty)to be replaced to Bammarito Infiniti.No reply of any kind. Finally l went to see what's greatest minds of automotive industry has decided after 8 months of tiredness work. The General manager after lengthy conversation basically had told me that there are many variables in why You are as Co. choosing treat your customers like a brainless cattle. I just wanted to get a battery, that l had paid for and You had warranted,not a lecture on extenuating circumstances. Needless to say it's a last lnfininty l would ever buy,and as to Co. polices lnfininty management can learn a whole lot from Walmart.

Posted by Anonymous

I purchased this used car from your dealership in Oct 2013. The car had 102k miles when I purchased it.

In Feb 2015 (approx 120k miles) the car had me stranded on the road with a block radiator. I had to spend quite a lot of money towing the car to the dealership and then spend another 1500 dollars or so to get the car repaired. They said they checked everything and replaced the radiators and related components.

Fast forward 4 months later, on Jun 2015, I had over heating issues again. I again had to tow the car to the dealership to be serviced. This time it is a fan that controls radiator or something that would would incur another 700 dollars.

The response I am getting from service specialist is that the car has 125k miles and it is natural for parts to go bad. My assumption when I purchased a premium car like Infiniti was that things would hold together much longer than what is happening in my car. That's the main reason one purchases a premium luxury car like Infniti, for that comfort and reliability. If it is known that infiniti will start breaking apart after 110k miles, I would have purchased another car which would have costed lot less to me, both cost of buying and ongoing services.

I sure feel that the car has some underlying stability and reliability issues for which I am being made to pay for. Infiniti reps have categorically refused to even look at the car saying it is our of warranty. I guess Infiniti doesnt take customers seriously and just want to make more money. Very poor service.

Posted by HSW

I'm sending this email because I had the worst service since owning my 2005 Q45. The Decatur, GA Nalley Infiniti is usually very good in Customer Service. I have had a few problems with the Gwinnett, GA Infiniti car services in the past, so I solely used the Decatur location.
I was sent an email from Decatur, GA Nalley Infiniti for an oil change. The last day to use the coupon was on the 3 of July. I set an appointment for 08:00 AM, arrived around 07:40 AM to check in. I advised the Service Representative that I needed an oil change and I needed my suspension checked because of squeaking sound. The Service Representative asked if I was going to wait. I told him depending on what size loaner vehicles they had.
As I was waiting in line for a loaner vehicle, I was told that there was no paperwork for me to get a loaner. Which I do not understand, because I informed the Service Representative I needed one. One of the Guys who was working with the loaner vehicles, got my paperwork and said "Oh, he just getting an oil change". I asked him if that was the only thing on my paperwork. He advised me, "Yes". I told him to forget it and I went to the waiting area.
While sitting outside, because no room inside, my Service Representative comes and tells me around 09:10 or 09:15 AM (a good hour and a half later) that I need front and rear struts. I am lost now. I guess I did have something other than oil change on my paperwork. He also told me that my car was ready just needed to come from the Wash. It would take 20 to 25 minutes.
It started to rain, so the few of us that was outside had to leave to come and stand inside. I stood and looked out of the window for another hour and fifteen to thirty minutes waiting on my vehicle that was coming from the Wash. The Service Representative walked by me at least four times, that I counted, and never said anything to me about why it was taking so long.
This was one of the biggest kickers, there was a guy right in front of me getting a loaner vehicle. I saw the same guy return his loaner and picked up his personal vehicle. That just is not right.
Finally, the Service Representative called me to come to his office to pay my bill and get my key. He never said anything about why it took over three hours. Nothing!
There was only a few things I brag about one is the hidden secret that I have in the 2005 Infiniti Q45 and the great service that Infiniti gives to its customers. The last year or two Infiniti services has declined for me, or at least in the Metro Atlanta area. Very, very disappointed!!

Posted by nothappy

Customer service is not what you would expect from a luxury brand auto company, Infiniti motors customer service is horrible and the dealers, well the were very nice when i was making the purchase. Still fighting a month long battle to get my transmission fixed that's under warranty on the most expensive vehicle they sell hopefully i'll get it fixed after reading the reviews about this company i'm sure one day they will be forgotten like the yugo car company.

Posted by Anonymous

I do not like how you guys run your service I would like a refund back customer service is very horrible

Posted by Ian

I think that all Infinity customer related staff should attend the Honda training school, to learn how to treat and deal with customers.

Posted by Anonymous

Hi. I just recently had yet another disastrous visit to Lake Norman Infiniti in NC.

On Yelp you can find this ;

Please read entire comment/review!!

Well. I wrote a review last year that was long and accurate. The management contacted me to plead that I take the review off which I did. I am not a bad person and for Infiniti a great customer.

I was promised that next time in Infiniti would take care of me in some special way. Just needed to make myself known I was there. Well all I did today was do just that. Current car needed an oil change and new key batteries. No biggy. So mentioned this to the lad as I checked my car for service and that is all. Guessed I would find out when I left what way they would take care of me.

Last time they tried to extract as much money for nothing as they could. That was the issue without a smile even.

All in all I have bought over $250k worth of vehicles there since 2009/10

Also in past 9 months bought a new Hyundai from the sister dealer next door for my daughter. Brand new $20k college car, bad father I am.

Today, just now the service director came down and got on my case. Very rude. Tells me all they get from me is trouble over the past 5 years. Wow. I told him the reason I have been around for 5 years is all the cars I have bought.

I did what was asked. I was asked to let known next time i was in. Got crap for it. ??? WTF. So many better dealers. Don't mind the Infiniti cars but so many others. BMW or Mercedes now.

The man who just confronted me in the most rude manner was Robert Tancredi he was so rude and confrontational. He is Service Director. Very very rude person. Ended up turning his back on me and not returning. I had words with him to let him know how I felt on leaving. NOT Good ones.

After this outrage I just didn't want this car and any need to return to this dealer. I went to the sales office where all characters have yet changed again. Clint Whitley a young smart ass was about as sarcastic as one could be to another told me just to leave my keys and leave. More detail on that but boring. Other man there who write his name on a business card was Dick McKean. I understand he is the owner of the dealership perhaps. If so. That is 100% good enough reason to never return.

Unbelievable. But then again I am not ever returning. Never. This dealership

Apparently I am not welcome there ever again. Just had a call. Guess what, the call was not needed.

Nissan/Infiniti should get a hold of Victor in the service department and give him the means to buy this dealership or another. He rocks. See. Positive comment.

Oh well.


Anyhow. One G 37 S now back on the market. Won't deal with this any longer.

PS. 1 star as they still exist. Needs better managers

Posted by Cburd63

Do NOT ever buy an Infiniti! They are OK until you need them, then they are NON-EXISTENT! I am on my 4th (and last) Infiniti and my current Q50s has serious steering issues in which the power steering goes out while driving AND the car constantly turns by itself. Infiniti claims this car is operating as normal. UNIMAGINABLE! I will spend my life telling as many people as possible to NOT touch this scumbag of a company. I have about 15 clear videos of the car steering by itself but Infiniti refuses to accept it and will DO NOTHING. Can you imagine? Shouldn't they learn from Toyota?

Posted by Anonymous

After receiving the worst car buying experience of my life i complained about it. They did not return calls or emails. I got nothing. No apology, no admittance of any problem. This company are beyond belief - the most appalling service i have ever recieved.

Posted by Lexus rule

Sales staff are great but the management are appalling. No ownership or apparent customer focus or understanding. Rude, ineffective and without ownership. The worst car buying experience of of life (50 years.

Add your review!

Posted by Grateful

On Thursday, September 10, 2015, I went to get an oil change and after it was completed, I left to go home. Not even a mile from the JBA my car stalled and there I was stranded. I called JBA Infinite and Tonya(Customer Service Manager) picked up and the first question asked was "What's wrong, Ms. Tabb?" She's phenomenal, (love her) that is how close she pays attention to detail without me saying a word, she knew something wasn't right. I was then transferred to Ken Kuessner, Service manager; and he said," I will be there in 5 minutes". WOW, without hesitation. 5 minutes later, there was Ken (service manager) with Robert (mechanic) pulling in the parking lot behind me and mind you it was very humid out so they tried to assess the problem without complaining about the heat but at that time could not figure out what was going on with my car so I had my car towed back to JBA Infinite. Ken and Robert escorted me back to JBA Infinite and provided me with a loaner car. The problem was assessed the next day and I was told that it was the throttle body and when Ken quoted me a price, OMG, I'm so glad that I was sitting down, LOL. Even though the price was very steep for my pockets, Ken gave me a great deal. So to sum it all up. Words can not express my gratitude for the unselfishness shown from Tonya, Ken and Robert. I THANK YOU, individually and collectively . Your kindness shall never be forgotten !

Gratefully submitted,

Lora Tabb

Posted by Service consultation

I went in for a car check up on Saturday 7/25/15, gerald henry assisted me and made my transaction a smooth one. He provided recomndeation that needed fix right away. He explained the car issues in a manner I would understand. Hr took the time to make sure I understood everything. He kept checking back and fourth with me and provided excellent customer service.... This will be my new place to bring in my car for repair. I trust Gerald, and I would defiantly recommend him as the best service agent I've ever encounter.

Posted by Johns

I own two Infintis -- a 2002 I and a 2006 M. Other than a single battery issue with the I, it has been problem-free. And if you look at the used-car market, there are very few available for good reason. They last forever. Mine has 125,000 miles. Great car.

When people complain about their cars, you can usually track many issues back to the quality of the dealer.

I use Sewell in Dallas. Free loaner cars, a passion for customer satisfaction and all salesmen must have a college degree. This is no normal car dealership.

The one time I did have a battery issue -- I took the I in at 5:15 on Thursday before a long July 4th holiday. They jumped through hoops to install a new battery and washed and vacuumed the car. I was out of there at 5:55 PM. They told me if the could not get it fixed, I could use a loaner for my trip -- 110 miles away to my weekend home.


My M is a dream. Fully loaded and zero maintenance issues.

Posted by Anonymous

I have a 2005 Infiniti QX56, I have had it for a while. Whenever I happen to have a problem with the truck, I always go to Pearson Infiniti, in Richmond, VA. There's a man there and his name is Mike; he is great, he always taking what you need and want into consideration. He always want to make sure there was a loaner car there for you if you needed one. He will never just give you quote until the truck has been inspected. I find that to be very refreshing. Everybody seems to want to quote you a price without inspecting the truck. I wish everybody who worked with the public had his attitude.

Posted by Anonymous

i was recently helped by a person named elliot regarding my account who had wonderful customer service skills, my car was badly hit on my street while i was at work..and he assured me that things would be taken care of. he made me feel very confident of my insurance,i had to wait ten min., to speak to a rep., and was swearing that after this i was switching companys. but elliots professional and take charge attitude made me feel that maybe my co., wasnt so bad - so thanks to him u have a second chance-u never know really how good your insurance is till u need it.

Posted by Anonymous

Great service department at Metro Infiniti

Posted by Anonymous

We have owned 8 Infinitis from sedans, to suv's, 2 door and the crossover. We have had very few, if any issues with any of the vehicles. Any we did have while leased were taken care of with no questions. We have always been treated like family while in for service. They are the best car out their for the amenities, power and luxury.

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