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Incredimail customer service is ranked #860 out of the 947 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 19.70 out of a possible 200 based upon 222 ratings. This score rates Incredimail customer service and customer support as Terrible.


220 Negative Comments out of 222 Total Comments is 99.10%.


2 Positive Comments out of 222 Total Comments is 0.90%.

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    • 19.70 Overall Rating
      (out of 200 possible)
    • 220 negative comments (99.10%)
    • 2 positive comments (0.90%)
    • 0 employee comments
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    • 1.3 Issue Resolution
    • 1.5 Reachability
    • 1.7 Cancellation
    • 2.7 Friendliness
    • 2.2 Product Knowledge

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Posted by Anonymous

I have tried to reach you three times and have no luck getting an acknowledgement. I have been working with your support for over two weeks now. I purchased just about everything you have to sell. I have been a customer for over ten years and I can't seem to get an service. I have less now and I lost everything I had. The support group can't seem to get my data that they had me load. Now all I get is the same thing over again that they had me do already. Now I am being ignored. Do they want me to cease using IM?

Posted by No screen name

Still no word form IM yet . I guess it don't want my business anymore after 15 years.

Tom Colapietro

Posted by ????????????

I have written you before and still don't have a answer. I have been working on my IM for over two weeks and did everything (1) day and a try at a time. They made me save my data filers to my desktop (which I did) and they had me delete all my IM and files. Now we have been (1) day at a time and it is still not fixed. I cannot import these files . I have paid for almosy all of your programs and lost it all. My only recourse is to delete all my IM files and never deal with IM again.
If I don't hear from somebody soon that's what I will do.

Posted by Tom

I have been working with someone to fix my email. Two weeks now and no fix. Now two days and no one will return my emails. I did everything they wanted me to and no fix yet. They had me copy all my data to my desktop and now I can't get it back. I have already paid for Plus, premium etc. If this can't be fixed I will delete IM and never go back.

Posted by Anonymous

I have been in contact with your support system for about two weeks. I am worse off now than I was before. They made me delete all my IM and save it to my desktop which I did. Now I can't get it all back. This is a one thing a day to try and it's not working. I have bought just about everything you sell. I am having more problems that it's worth . Please help me or I will have to delete IM altogether.

Posted by N/A

Have been without Incredimail for about a week now. Can't seem to make them understand the problem. They have not been helpful at all! My incoming mail is not showing up (get blank lines), my deleted folder (properties) says I have several messages but none are showing; when I delete a message (try to)it does not show up in the deleted folder but goes right back to the in basket--yet new emails I have to go to my server to get. Sent message folder is blank but "properties" says I have several. Extremely frustrating. I have used Incredimail for years but this is the worst it's ever been.

Posted by Anonymous

I Am Trying To Renew My Incredimail Plus But Do Not Know How .it Is Expiring Tomorrow Please Help

My Gold Galllry Has Been Renewed

Posted by debraymond

My father is 90 years old and has used incredimail for many years. There was a terrible problem with false billing by your company which my father won. Recently, we had an issue with google and incredimail and the Google tech called your support and got a very rude man who actually called her a b>>>>, said he was the only enployee, there was no supervisor, refused to give his name and told her not to call back. REALLY? This is what your business is about? So sad. I will be letting the public and anyone else worth listening about this situation. Google has the incident recorded.

Posted by Anonymous

I can not get any response to my reports of my incredimail not working again. I have sent in so many I can't count anymore. I am a Gold member and I have tried to send in reports to the VIP support page and also on the IncrediMail home page. Please help. Since I renewed my Plus membership all incredimail went down and it is telling me that it is incompatable program. Don't understand as I have used this program since the early 2000's. I am using my AT&T mail as my main and tried to install and uninstall and nothing works.

Posted by Anonymous

I was charged 24.99 for something to do with Incredimail.I stopped using that program 6 months ago and deleted the program from my computer.

I need you to credit my bank account that you charged the 24.99 to. ASAP thank you.

Posted by Silversurfer

Although I have used Incredimail for some years whenever I have a problem which I have had with Windows 10 new vwesions they advise as though I have never used Incredimail. One problem I have which is unable to send BCC's appears to unsolvable, the latest answer is that it has been referred to the QA department, they are aware of the problem then I am cut loose. Either the "technician" treats me like a 5 year old or he is a 5 year old.

Posted by Anonymous

Ive just purchased gold gallery for 1year for 24.95 and recieved my registration code is im- gold and woldnt work ge me a error of 5. please help or cancell. MY name is Thomas Dannettelle

Posted by mama211

After 4 months of email exchanges trying to get the Registration code to be accepted again in a reloaded Incredimail Premium 2.5 program, I have given up. There seems to be only one person named Kuldeep that EVER answers my pleas for a new code to try, this person repeatedly asked for me to do everything from the simplest steps, like "put the code into the box that says 'Registration code' (well, yeah!)to turning off the Anti-virus, to sending all the data in the program (NOT sending my letters, docs, etc., pal) and after a break of a few weeks before coming back to tackle the issue again, I sent copies of all the email exchanges thus far - ONLY TO HAVE the same Kuldeep start all over again with the SAME RECOMMENDATIONS!! as though the attached emails were never read. The last one just said, "Enter the registration code under the Help menu, etc...." I think Kuldeep is a robot. :-( I'm done.

Posted by Three Feathers

I can't seem to connect with their Support. Two friends have Incredimail that e-mail me. I can not forward their e-mails without removing the emoticons and Incredimail doo-dads and you can no longer just highlight and delete. I'm not sure why Incredimail has made it so difficult but I can't forward mail with their 'click here' box and emoticons to probably 8 people in my mailbox because the people want no part of it. Cute little service but not everyone in this world is enamored with it.

Posted by Anonymous

I originally wrote to the Customer Service center to complain about my most recent problem: no inclusion of "create sub-folder" on ANY of the drop-down menus, nor the ability to click-and-drag folders to my desired location. As usual, the reply assumed I was completely clueless, and proceeded to condescendingly tell me to do what I'd already said in my email that I'd done NUMEROUS times. So, once again, they're not paying much attention -- if any -- to the content of my complaint. (I've since found out the answers come from Israel, not India...?? I can see the stupidity coming from India, but Israel?? I thought they were pretty smart...) Transcript follows:

Grrrrrr... Why is it you guys NEVER seem to actually read the emails I send?? So, I repeat: THERE ARE NO RIGHT-CLICK OPTIONS FOR "SUB-FOLDER"... ANYWHERE! I am not stupid, and have had Incredimail for many, many years. I know how to work it. I know how to problem-solve. I've created many sub-folders since subscribing to Incredimail, and I've used that feature many times. I know how to do it. What I'm trying to get across to you is that NONE of the drop-down menus contain that option anymore. It is a glitch in YOUR system; it is not my failure to understand how to do it. Has it sunk in yet??? I am greatly offended not only by your condescending attitude, but by your very obvious disinterest in really helping... Do you get paid simply by the number of responses you send to customers' inquiries, and not by the quality of your help?

I am also no longer able to click-and-drag a folder to a different location in the listing, either. It simply doesn't work. (And YES, I know how to do that, too.) And I already know how to alphabetize the folder listing.

Please stop assuming I'm ignorant by giving me responses that are appropriate only for a new user. If you can't figure out how to solve the issue, then send it to your U.S. counterparts. Responses from India are, 99% of the time, completely useless.


Posted by Anonymous

I have used Incredimail for about 12 years or so and I think it is by far the best e-mail program available and I have tried many. HOWEVER... the customer service is the WORST I have ever encountered, having never solved any of the few problems I have encountered. Alas too bad because a great program get "panned" because of bad management and bad service.

Posted by Georgia

Horrible, just horrible! It freezes up, mail won't come in or go out, no one to call for help, and worst of all, no easy way of cancelling once you're stuck with auto payments. There is no cancellation option through Paypal. I've resorted to using an alternative email program.

Posted by Festus

I have been a life member for at least 15 years and now they wont reply to problems and when the do the response has nothing to do with the reported problem. Looking for a replacement!!!!!

Posted by dgayteale

getting message that "authorization failed." review server details. CAN NOT do this!

Just paid for premium service. Very disappointed.

Posted by tomcvat

I keep getting charged by IM and I am supposed to be a IM Plus lifetime member. I can't get an answer from IM at all. They arem not answering my help request. I am about to delete all my IM accounts. I have been a faithful member for over 12 years.

Posted by Mummyesq

Incredimail used to be a great program. No longer. Their customer support is useless. In the past month, after being instructed to re-install Incredimail in order to patch Windows 10 problems, an entire year's worth of emails (in all folders and the folders themselves) disappeared. I was instructed to import message folders from the computer, which I did, adding 35,000 emails and duplicating everything I already had and taking an entire day, but the missing folders were not restored. Now, I cannot move a message to a folder -- it deletes entirely. I get no help from them. It's impossible to talk to a real person. STAY AWAY.

Posted by boblak

Since the creation of Windows 10 and Incredimail trying to upgrade their system which failed and crashed nothing has been working right. After weeks they partially got back on track but now it's starting again.
I bought my products as needed and the one I use mostly is Letter Creator, all of a sudden it's not working.
I know this is petty stuff for a corporate office to receive but I get no help from where ever it's supposed to come from, only form letters. I'm older and LC kept my mind working and up on my toes, now it's not working again. I think I'm fed up with the whole process, in other words I'm ticked.


I Have Paid For Product Protection 5 Days Ago They Took Money From My Credit Dard
I Have Still To Get The Propduct And Worst Is No Reply To E Mails.

This Company Sucks

Posted by anonymous former incredimail use

I too have had problems with incredimail since the windows 10 update. The phone numbers given are for paid technical support. They wanted me to pay 149.99 to 199.99 to have one year of help after they supposedly would clear my computer of a Trojan virus. This is not customer support at all. I have installed and uninstalled the incredimail several times and no results. I used their "fix" for windows 10, no results. Very disappointed in their lack of concern. I have been unable to get e mails since January 11. Very angry now. Will probably have to change e mail to somewhere else and hope there was nothing major on the incredimail.

Posted by Booms

I have used Incredimail for years, but upon buying a new PC with Windows 10 my imported data was duplicated no end of times, and it will not update or let me change any options as it can't connect to server. I have sent 6 questions to the forums, none of them have been posted. I have emailed customer support 4 times, but with no reply. They soon took my £ there is nothing I can do. Angry does not sum up my feelings.

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Posted by David

Well its bad that we cannot talk to incredimail
But i have added incredimail as my facebook friend and i send them message and they call me back
you can search on facebook .. incredimail helpdesk they are in boston Massachusets

Posted by Anonymous

I have never had anything but good results each time I have had to get in touch with Incredimail support. They have sometimes taken a little long to get back to me but have always done so in the end. Any issue I have had has always been corrected. I purchased a lifetime subscription many many years ago and on purchasing a new laptop was unable to re register on the new one. Incredimail support got back to me immediately to say they had re set my registration for me. I have nothing but praise for them.

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