Posted by hwriggins

Today, August 28, 2015 approx 11am I experienced what I call unprofessional conduct and could be a liability if I had gotten sick. Now let me make you aware that I am partially deaf and have a hearing problem. I ordered a #3 from a female cashier to be eaten inside the business. After approx. 15 minutes and seeing others that ordered after me get their order, I went to the counter to check on my order and was told that my number which is 10 was called. I told her that I did not hear the number. All I have heard after entering the building was employees shouting to each other as if they were having a good time. It was not busy at this time and it appeared as if the employees were goofing off, having fun and not concerned about customer relations. My order was sacked as if I had ordered a take out which is not correct because the ticket showed eat in order. I took the order as is and went to the table. The burger and fries were cold due to them sitting on the counter. I took the order to the counter and told the female who ask a male to talk with me. I told him what happened and the burger was cold and he told me they did not have a microwave to warm the burger and that he had called my number. I told him I did not hear him call the number because I have a hearing problem. He then told me next time he would scream louder which was an insult to me. He then ask me if I wanted them to cook another burger for me and I said yes that I did not want to eat a cold burger. Approx. 2 minutes later a female brought a new burger and fries to my table. I bit into the burger and it was raw. I assumed that was in retaliation for me wanting a new burger cooked. I took it to the counter and another male ask me what I needed. I told him and showed him the burger was raw and he told me that all hamburgers are cooked rare and if I wanted it cooked done then I should had told them. That is not true because I have been purchasing burgers at this store since it opened and I have never experienced a rare or raw burger or I would have returned it. I ask for my money back which was returned and I left with a feeling of probably never returning to and In and Out Burger. I know your business is built on customer friendly relations and I appreciate that but what happened to me today is unacceptable so I would like a corporate individual so this matter can be resolved to my satisfaction. My recommendation is terminate the responsible person or persons. Thanks.....Hollis Riggins