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Ikea customer service is ranked #587 out of the 940 companies that have a sportpref.ru rating with an overall score of 28.58 out of a possible 200 based upon 346 ratings. This score rates Ikea customer service and customer support as Terrible.


326 Negative Comments out of 346 Total Comments is 94.22%.


20 Positive Comments out of 346 Total Comments is 5.78%.

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    • 28.58 Overall Rating
      (out of 200 possible)
    • 326 negative comments (94.22%)
    • 20 positive comments (5.78%)
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Posted by Anonymous

I will NEVER order from IKEA again. Ordered a table and 4 chairs in mid-November, received an incomplete order a week later than expected on December 12. After 7 calls to customer service (one to a supervisor), and multiple assurances that it would be handled in 3 to 4 days, I'm still waiting for the return credit on my card. I confirmed with Fed Ex that the merchandise was received back at IKEA on December 29. STILL no refund as of today, January 20. Every phone call took 45 minutes to get a human, then the human reviews notes and makes promises. So, at least an hour for every call, times 7 calls. NEVER AGAIN. How do I get my refund??

Posted by Suzanne

IKEA Ciustomer service not responding -- on hold 30 minutes

Posted by spyderhead

Stay away from IKEA. I canceled an order the day after I placed it; now, three weeks later, the charge for $2260.91 is still on my credit card. Forget trying to call IKEA. I have tried three times and hung up after being on hold for thirty minutes each time. There simply is no customer service with IKEA.
I have a cancellation number which I will give to my credit card company after thirty days have passed. Perhaps Bank of America can get something done.
Like I said before, STAY AWAY FROM IKEA.

Posted by Anonymous

I returned an item in August 2017 that I received in July 2917. After 4 phone calls and promises to be reimbursed I have still not received payment on my credit card for $ 348.00, after almost 6 months. I was given a Claim # 3649072. At this time I do not know how to resolve this situation and am running out of patience. I have never had so much difficulty and been given the run around as I have with IKEA.

Posted by Unhappy customer

Returned a bed frame for four weeks now and still did not get the reimbursement on my credit card. How long do I have to wait? Customer service did not help. He said "soon." How long is soon?

Posted by MS


Posted by PJ

this doesnt work - Ive now been calling for 5 hours - no one answers - the 3 zeros dont work.

Posted by Boiling

Your customer service is the absolute worst I have had to use. Excessive wait time on the phone. Then service rep cant resolve the problem. Very frustrating.

Posted by Anonymous

Horrible customer service!!! It has been two weeks since I returned my mattress but I have not been reimbursed. Of course, it is impossible to reach anyone at the customer service number- waited 3 hours to speak to someone for no avail.

Posted by Anonymous

thanks for saving me TONS of time trying to reach IKEA

Posted by Shazza

My daughter 9 months pregnant bought a mattress for the babies bed not knowing Ikea's sizing are different. Currently in the middle of moving into her own house and lost the receipt. She drove back to IKEA half hour drive to be told no receipt no refund or credit note...she messaged me upset I told her to ask for the manager...just messaged back got the cash back!!!!!

Posted by NIUHerb

Delivery person at first unpacked and delivered the wrong merchandise. Wasted over 30 minutes of our time and then had the audacity to cut his visit short with us because he had another delivery to make!

Everything came out nice in the end, but just to hear the installer blame all the mishaps on other employees when it is his responsibility to check before coming out to a customer's site, to me goes badly on Ikea. Not once did Ikea call us to see if we were satisfied.
At first we forgot to go to the cashier but unbeknownst to us, they cancelled the order as opposed to notifying us that we forgot to pay. Some places get payment at time of delivery.

Posted by Kaykaed

Purchased a sofa and assembled it. The cushions are horrific it's like sitting on concrete ... return policy says for assembled items you can only get credit..... why? When we tested sofa in store it was cushiony not this hard cardboard.

Posted by Not happy in Oceanside

02.04.2017 Purchased Myrbacka latex mattress from Ikea SanDiego. Was told it was going on sale for Ikea Family on 02.08.2017 to 02.28.2017 and if I swiped my Ikea Family card, I would receive a 15% discount. I returned to the store on 02.09.2017 and swiped my card, but never received the discount. I called customer service, only to now hear I need to go to the refund/returns desk for my credit. 3 hours of heavy traffic again. Not happy.

Posted by Bill Dred

In Canada its a 20 minute wait time to discuss your damaged order. Promised a pickup which never happened. Phone again and again. These clowns are about moving the merch, not satisfying the customer.

Posted by Anonymous

IKEA provided a defective product, as many key components of the item to be assembled were missing. When I called for help - #1, it was extremely hard to find the phone number and #2, they refused to help me with the missing parts - unlike every other company I know of, they refuse to provide parts missing from their package without a receipt; keep in mind - I have the physical product (at least the part that was in the package) and the box provided to me - and, I actually had to pay for the product to walk out of the store with it plus, these parts will not fit anything else. How is this refusal to be cooperative of any help?

They are telling me, the consumer, that I need to follow their policy, which provides little protection or opportunity for them to help customers who have been wronged - even when they provided the defective product; I never subscribed to their policy on correcting their mistakes - I just need the missing parts.

I would get it if the product were not in stock; but, it is!

Posted by Mama Sue

Will never buy from Ikea again. I order a table on-line and paid $40.00 for shipping. I received the wrong item. I called 3 times, only to be put on hold for about 45 minutes to an hour, before anyone answered. Then they told me I had to return the item to the store. The nearest store is 3 hours away and I won't get my shipping cost refunded, for their error. Very poor customer service.

Posted by Unbelievable

I think the company is outrageously unprofessional. I spent over 2 hours both on the phone and online before going there when I had to make an office purchase with an American Express card. I then spent another hour and half in the store trying to make the purchase only to not have my payment go through in the end because my name wasn't on the company AMEX card. They said only someone who has their name on the card can make the purchase and my not being able to do so was an outcome of an AMEX policy and not IKEA's. I don't know who to be more mad at- my workplace for recommending a place we've had a dreadful history with or IKEA for being dreadful. Not accepting AMEX in the physical store was alot of nonsense in the digital age. I have used this same company card to make office purchases both physically and online without any hassle so I really don't think it's fitting of IKEA to blame AMEX for this. Also, for us Canucks, I don't know why they didn't enable AMEX online when they've enabled the other credit cards. It would have saved me alot of effort if they had. I never thought highly of IKEA but now I am way beyond that stage.

Posted by Forewarned

IKEA is great if you require no help with an order, and need no help after the fact with delivery issues, damaged product, etc. Customer Service is non existent, after numerous phone calls, on hold for hours, etc., I've come to picture a room with one person in front of a computer playing games. I believe THAT is "Customer Service" for the entire IKEA world wide company.

Posted by Sam

Never deal with Ikea. I mistakenly thought joining the ikea family might truly bring some benefits. There are none to be had.

Ikea really has no idea about customer service and staff training. If they offer cheap products you will pay the price in frustration from dealing with their stuff ups, wrong information and completely incompetent staff.

I went to the Tempe store in early September. I compiled a list of items i wanted to purchase. As not everything was available at the time and i was told i couldn't order online i delayed making the purchase. I was told i would have to come back to the store.

I returned in early October to the store. This time I found out from the same employee that i initially spoke to that being from Wollongong i could have actually ordered online! Where was this vital information before i made a second trip all the way to Sydney? Failure number 1...

I ordered over $2600.00 worth of furniture from the Tempe store to be delivered to Wollongong. I also purchased over $150.00 of smaller items while there.

Initially my order was delayed and i received no response to my emails for several days.

Finally i took the initiative to call the store and ask why nothing had been done. They told me that they had sold out of the lounge I ordered over the weekend of the 8th/9th of October. This is Failure number 2 here.... I had placed my order before the weekend so it should have been processed and the stock put aside for delivery!

As they sold out of the type of lounge i wanted I was told i would need to wait until November to get that lounge or i could order another they had in stock.

I decided to spend an extra $150.00 and ordered a lounge that was in stock to ensure that i could get the furniture delivered on time.

I was verbally told over the phone the furniture would be delivered on the 22nd of October. This date was also sent to me in a confirmation email.

However after waiting all day at home i phoned ikea. After being transferred to various departments and being on hold for a combined total of about 30 minutes I was given the news that the date i was given and the date given to their delivery company were one week apart meaning my furniture wouldn't come until the 29th of October!!! Failure number 3.......

No amount of reasoning with their untrained and incompetent staff could yield any result other than being told i can wait for it or cancel my order. Really? They can't do more than that?
No discount? No coupon to apologize for their error? Not even just delivering the items when they said they would?

I now despise Ikea and everything it stands for: stuff ups, wrong information and completely incompetent staff.

Do yourself a favor: shop with the local furniture and household goods retailers. They may cost a little more but the time you'll save and the frustration you will avoid makes it worth every dollar.

Posted by Anonymous

I think it's easier to win the lottery than to speak to the IKEA customer services. I spent 45 min waiting to have my call picked up!!! Unbelievable.

Posted by Anonymous

Normally I'd give Ikea a 10 out of 10 rating. With my most recent experience I can no longer feel that way. There computer system is not updated at all. I arrived Saturday to discover a dresser was not in stock. Was told by a west Chester rep they would be in Tuesday. Arrived on Tuesday, no dresser. Said come back tomorrow. I arrived the next day and still no dresser! This is after 2 west chester reps and their call service told me. I have driven 25 minutes 3 times and still no dresser!! Update your inventory system Ikea!!

Posted by Anonymous

An hour and a half later, still holding.

Posted by Debbie

I just wanted to get my son's bedroom finished for him as a surprise when he came back from his holiday. Instead I now have to drive for another three hours just to put this right. I am disgusted.

Posted by Debbie

Absolutely dreadful. I drove 40 miles to the nearest Ikea and bought a chest of drawers which was extremely heavy. It came in two boxes, and because it was so heavy the only way to get it upstairs to build it was to open the boxes on the ground floor and carry the pieces up separately. I did the first box (which was actually number 2, and smaller) before tackling the number 1 box. Despite having collected it from the racking where it was described as white (the colour is helpfully not written on the outside of the box). upon opening it, after spending half a day driving to get it and taking it out of my car, the colour was oak veneer. So half of the piece of furniture will be white, the rest - the main pieces - oak veneer. Nice! I have been on hold for over an hour, but I did get some response out of a customer rep on the webchat service (after about half an hour). And now that's frozen me out too, just as we were getting somewhere.
It's appalling and the low prices do not make the stress and anger I am feeling worth it. I shall never, ever shop at IKEA again.

Add your review!

Posted by NYCe

I just got through! Use the 888 number, choose the option to change your kitchen order, regardless of your issue. A real live person answered!

Posted by Anonymous

I have just spoken to Gary in your customer service department.

He was charming, extremely focussed, efficient and helpful. He has helped me to know what to do next and how to do this. I hope when I call back I manage to get him again.

My query was in relation to new door panels for your previous kitchen range.

Posted by lindag

Their customer service stinks. Got a delivery link that didn't work. After 45 minutes on hold, I was basically told that they it didn't work because they don't update the links over the weekend. But the link still doesn't work (and it is Tuesday). Woman was rude.

Posted by Anonymous

Ikea Miami is an awesome store!!! There was a girl named Kim, in the living rooms department that was so helpful!!! Very patient, and knowledgeable

Posted by Anonymous

I recently went to the new IKEA in Miami. I was feeling overwhelmed, when a worker named Kimberly,who worked in the sofa department, came over to me and took care of me. She was the most polite, educated worker that actually took the time to help me! She was so patient and kind! Because of her, I will refer many friends to buy at IKEA! Please give this girl credit!

Posted by anachronista

My purchase started out as a horror story, but Ikea ultimately made good and deserves some recognition for that.

I purchased a bed online. Even though Seattle has an Ikea, the bed was shipped from California by a fulfillment vendor called Dynamex (who, by the way, is just a fubar factory). When the truck came, it was short one box---the headboard! The driver said to call Ikea, who might be able to send a replacement box the same day.

I was skeptical, but called Ikea customer service immediately. They said they couldn't send a new box---only open an investigation, which *might* result in an update after three days and a new shipment ina couple of weeks. Since that sounded like a black hole and I was tired of sleeping on the floor, I asked for other options. The rep said there weren't any.

Well, we went a few rounds on that assertion and finally I asked whether, if I rented a truck and drove to Ikea, they could a) give me the missing headboard without recharging me; and b) reimburse me for the truck. The rep said: a) yes, and b) maybe. She gave me a case number and said I could call back for an "accommodation" after I rented the truck. An accommodation is, apparently, some kind of reimbursement option.

This all sounded too easy to be true, so I tried to call the local Ikea to confirm. Of course, they don't have a general public line---which is a little outrageous. So I gritted my teeth, printed my order receipt (which was necessary, since they can't look up your order in the store), and drove down to Ikea.

At the store service counter, they checked my receipt and then had the pickers fetch me a headboard from the floor. After that, I simply signed a confirmation of receipt and left---really, without further fuss or runaround. So, even though I'd been 80% certain that driving down would be a waste of time. Turned out, it was actually totally easy and satisfying.

BTW, it turned out the replacement box did fit in my car, and I ultimately didn't need to rent a truck. Possibly, it's an option for others, though. I'd be interested in reading here if it actually pans out for someone else.

Posted by ICQ7

Ikea is pretty good.. many european brands. Everything I buy from them stays together well and is made to last. When I call customer service to check if an item is in the store, they are always friendly and quick with the correct info.

Posted by Anonymous

Here's a tip for contacting a real, live person: If you used a credit card to make the purchase call the card company and ask if they have a contact number for the store because you have a problem with the purchase which needs to be resolved or disputed. In my case they gave me a number to the administrative offices of the local store! This is the number, for example, that employees call in sick. The operator was very nice and helpful, and so was the manager I spoke with. The issue was resolved in a matter of minutes. This beats calling the toll-free number and waiting on hold forever, and still failing to speak with a person.

Posted by kimmycat5

Well, I waited for customer service for what seemed like an hour over the phone. I was transferred from one recording to the next over and over again and started calling from both my home and cell phone. A real human did finally answer the phone and she actually helped you. I am still waiting on my home deliver though. It was scheduled between 2pm and 6pm EST. It is now 9pm EST. It will soon be too late for me to let anyone in.

Posted by Erik

I was on hold for less than 5 minutes, and customer service was very good.

Posted by Eva Schneider

I was shopping in ikea located in Pomonona
ON 11.13 11 IN FUNRNITURE warehouse,where
employee named Jimmy approched me and was very helpful,he gave me exellent customer service.I want to thank him one more time.
Sincerely,Eva Schneider

Posted by gev

There is no way to contact the delivery department through the labyrinth of voice messages on the Stoughton IKEA store's main line. Eventually I called the 1-800 number, and they had to speak with the delivery department directly. They eventually transferred me to speak with them, whereas I was told the delivery time could not be changed. There go 30 minutes of my morning. I am waiting to see when my sofa will arrive and in what condition.

Posted by Anonymous

Problem: Micke computer desk; part in step 1 doesn't have two critical holes drilled.
The general post-purchase information of the 1-800 # above (opt 2 I think) led me to enter my zip code for the local store.
I was then on hold for less than 10 minutes, and the gentleman after looking at the directions for the computer desk we bought recommended that we bring that one piece back for exchange.
So far so good, we'll see from here. :-)

Posted by MAESTRO

It was with great trepidation and reservation that I thought of dealing with IKEA on an item that I wanted to order. I tried for three days and was in complete agreement and understanding about their service, helpfulness and ease of making a purchase. I put the idea out of my mind. Then, as I was cleaning off my desk I discovered the chit with the item I had wanted to order and thought I would give it another try. I called 800-434-4532 number and after what I thought was much-to-long a wait the call was answered by a rep named TROY. This man could not have been more helpful He was more than just courteous, helpful and by the time we were finished he made up for all the horrible negative comments I had previously read, the negativity I had experienced and so I have decided to go forward and make my purchase. He did admit that IKEA has somewhat of a different way of doing things than we in the USA may be used to... not to say that service in most areas these days absolutely SUCKS, STINKS and one would think that we are in a financial glut rather than a financial depression these days. What ever happened to customer service...satisfaction and a desire to boost the economy rather than help destroy it? Whether it is COMCAST CABLE CO., telephone companies (cell and landline) or the guy doing yard work... these people must hate their jobs. You know, try starting at the bottom of the work force and EARN your level and rise to higher levels like you should rather than think you need to START at the TOP. Going to a restaurant is not such a pleasure any longer. The only thing the servers want is a 50% tip. Often the only pleasantries are when they bring you the check and return with your charge-chit. The consumer needs to FIGHT BACK and be vocal about things.

Posted by Omar Fontanez

My first visit to ikea in schamburg illinos was a good start the asian women greeted us and made me feel welcome which was nice because you just don't see that anymore.I only wish i had taken her name she was great and knew more about the store than other employee's.But after that it was terrible no one to ask questions and staff rude i will never shop there again or reccomend your store to anyone

Posted by Anonymous

Ikea was average

Posted by Anonymous

Ikea was extremely helpful although making my way around the shop was tricky as it was so big. OVerall i am pleased.

Posted by Anonymous

Have not neede a lot of customer service from IKEA, but the little I have had has been good. Every employee in the Seattle store has been helpful, even the one who might have been on his lunch break who climbed the wall to take down the clock I wanted since the only one there was the one on display. Had to return a couple items once and had no hassle at all.

Posted by Anonymous

Thank you - this number actually worked and I received an answer to my problem from an Ikea representative.

Posted by mobiuschic42

I had a problem with a couch I bought at IKEA. I called Customer Service as soon as I noticed (on a Sunday afternoon). Everyone I dealt with on the phone and in the store was very friendly and apologized for the problem. The only drawback was that I had to go into the store to return it - I rented a zipcar truck for my original trip and I was worried I would need to do this again. Luckily, it fit into my sedan with the back seats flipped down.

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