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    • 27 negative comments (96.43%)
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Posted by Bad service

Without alerting resheduled departure time from 15:10 to 07:00 09.12.2017 from Tenerife Norte to Barcelona. No any satisfaction, issued tickets for 07:00 / 10.12.2017, only. Due, myself bought tickets by Air Europa from Tenerife Norte to Barcelona at 15:40 / 09.12.2017 by own cost.
Pls inform custrmers for future.
With kind regards
Vasyl Stenderchuk

Posted by Paul

Iberia service is the worst I ever met. I was denied access on board, although I had a paid ticket and tried to check in 1 hour before departure. The plain appeared to be overbooked! They said "your fault, you should have checked in earlier!" I could get my compensation (so I was told) at the airport in Madrid. There was a waiting queue of 2 hours, so I had to try and get compensation via their complaint form. This is horrible: no feedback, no email address or Phone number to ask questions about processing. When you want to comoplain about not handling your complaint (I was waiting for nearly 3 months!!), you are forced to fill in a new complaint form to complain. This is also not handled. Every otehr from of contact is not possible. "Service" employees at the Phone simply refer to the complaint form on their website. This is a dead end.....

Posted by Wande

My flight was reschedulled such that my arrival will be 1 hour late. That was a huge constrain with my arrival / pick up arrangement so i asked to cancel the booking but it's been the worst customer service experience i have ever had. I was told the meeting cannot be that important if i could plan it in the evening. Another attendant hung up on me after i demanded i wanted to know how long it will take to get my voucher or refund. It is in short a nasty experience i'll never forget expecially when i have to wait indefinatly to get a voucher before i can re-book my ticket.

Posted by Glen

My family and I had a bad experience travelling with Iberia in July. I went to the website to complain, after spending half a day trying to send the webform and it coming up with 'errors' I called them up. I was directed back to their website and told to try hours later due to a system problem. I did and still could not submit my complaint. I called again and was told that the only way to complain is through the webform. It seems to me that Iberia are not interested in addressing any complaint. There isn't even an address to mail any complaints to!

Posted by Anonymous

Have reservations for Oct. 28 2015 flight from O'Hare Airport in Chicago to Madrid

and then Barcelona.

Will be using bus transport to O'Hare but must get off bus at bus terminal instead of

terminal 3 due to road construction at airport.

Can we arrange for wheelchair service from bus terminal to terminal 3.

Henry D. Hildebrandt,

Posted by KVK

Iberia has awful customer service. No response on claims, I called their customer service on 9th September 2015 at 11:17 and the male agent was extremely rude and even hung up the call simply because I asked if Iberia had offices in the UK which I could contact directly. He replied that Iberia had offices everywhere, even "in the moon". Appalling behaviour, completely unnaceptable.

Posted by Anonymous

In spite of my determined efforts, I was unable to select seats or a meal on this AY-IB code share flight through neither the Finnair or Iberia websites nor reservation lines.
The IB agent told me to call AY and, guess what? The AY agent (A self-proclaimed "supervisor" with an attitude, named Amanda) told me to call IB. Incidentally, customer service line for AY had a wait time in excess of 20 minutes at about 1300H on July 28.
Great customer experience, guys.

Posted by Iberia Airlines Customer Service

Iberia's customer service is horrendous! Run now if you value your money, your time & your sanity.

In April, I purchased tickets for my daughter to travel alone to Spain as an unaccompanied minor. I purchased the tickets 4 months in advance of her trip. I called Iberia directly & purchased the tickets on the phone with an Iberia customer service agent. The Iberia customer service agent "never put in my credit card information" even though I DEFINITELY provided it.

I discovered that my daughter's ticket was CANCELLED without any notification or warning. I had no idea why so I called Iberia customer service to investigate. I was told that I "never provided payment information" and I would be required to pay an additional $1,000 USD in order to re-book these tickets that I had already purchased.

Fast forward later - after 5 phone calls to Iberia customer service, 4 times being HUNG UP ON by customer service reps who were "transferring me to their manager", THREE AND HALF HOURS LATER Iberia finally offers me a "resolution". The manager (who NEVER came on the phone directly) found the recording of my original 40 minute phone call to Iberia back in April. The manager reviewed the call & discovered that I INDEED provided payment information & that I INDEED HAD PREVIOUSLY PAID! The manager told the customer service representative to re-book my flight & offer me the same price I originally paid back in April.

Given all the inconvenience, headache, frustration Iberia should have AT LEAST offered my daughter an upgrade. They offered nothing, no apologies, no upgrades, nothing. Only a slap in the face, wasting several hours of my life and a huge headache.

I frequently fly from NY to Spain & I would NEVER use Iberia again. Customer service is so subpar it is sad. Below is a list of the various unacceptable resolutions Iberia offered me prior to finally reviewing the recording of my original phone call where I purchased the tickets:
1- call back in 3 days after the manager has time to review the information (the flight is scheduled for a mere 7 days away, this is grossly inappropriate)
2- call back in 1 day after the manager has time to review the information (again, the flight is in a mere 7 days, the issue should be resolved immediately not days later especially given how soon the flight is scheduled)
3- call back in 1 hour since the manager was "busy" (there should always be other managers available/ or that manager's supervisor should be available)
4- stay on hold for another 1 hour while you wait for the manager to free up
5- pay for new tickets costing an additional $1,000 (goes without saying that I should not have to pay an additional $1,000 for Iberia's mistake).
6- hold on while you are "being transferred to a manager" only to be HUNG UP ON EACH TIME for a total of FOUR TIMES!!!!

The original customer service representative who "never put in my credit card information" should be fired. Customer service representatives should be retrained so that they provide resolutions that are acceptable. Upgrades should always be automatically offered when Iberia's does such horrible mistakes. Managers / alternate managers should always be available to help customers with urgent issues. In conclusion, I am irate with the horrible customer service Iberia has provided to me so much so to the point I feel the need to file a complaint and provide this lengthy explanation resulting in the issue with Iberia's customer service taking up yet more of my time.

An Irate Customer

Posted by Disillusioned

Avoid IBERIA at all costs. Delays into and out of Madrid causing missed connections. No refreshments or updates despite a 7-hour delay. Not easy to find who to complain to. Headsets didn't work on a 12-hour flight - complaints go on....

Posted by Anonymous

I have tried to call your customer support number many times (more than 12 times) and I can't reach any one to assist me. I have booked my ticket online and trying to reserve seats on the segment on Royal Jordanian airlines. I called RJ and they said they can't access the website. I tried to do it through Iberia website and it can't be done.

Can you please advise me what to do?

Thanks in advance.

Posted by Anonymous

Possibly the worst airline website ever. The number they refer to is Spanish only. They refuse to check me in on line because I bought the ticket on line using a non-Spanish credit card from within Spain. I bought RENFE train tickets on line using the same card without problems. They are chauvinist idiots, don't use them.

Posted by Scipio

I travelled on the 14th March 2014 from Heathrow to Madrid and changed plane to a larger aircraft to Santiago both flight offered poor customer service flight attendants were rude. They have given BA a bad name. One had to wait a considerable time for a drink and a main meal and steward complain when ask for a different meal from the one given. One could not select their seat on check in .

Posted by Anonymous

All i need is to confirm my reservation. I got through the first time but put me on hold for 20 minutes. After 20 minutes passed still no answer. All of a sudden it got switch to a Spanish voice and waited for another 20 still no answer then i got disconnected. I dialed back twice this time no answer at all. Is someone there handling calls?

Posted by WTF Iberia?!?

More like customer DIS-service. 3 calls and had to wait 20 minutes each time for someone to answer the phone. All I needed was a receipt for my flight, which was promised when I made the booking. Still waiting for someone to answer the phone.....

Posted by sai

horrible customer service. Dont use this air lines.worst service

Posted by bubba

Usually Your Right On The Money-however
Its A Wasted Number-the Prompt-is 2-1-1
And It Still Doesn't Work-i Tried Contacting
N.y.and Boston Offices
Either There Out Of Order Or They Don't Work
Maybe I'll Try La.or Maybe Spain Or Maybe
I'll Try Planet Zircon
-so Much Wasted Time Or By The Way
Just Go Thru Their Customer Service On The
Internet-not Good Luck!!!

Posted by dpsunset

Called this 800 number and pressed 1 and could only hear Spanish spoken. Your service leaves a LOT to be desired.

We are a party of 4 seniors with a reservation booked in August 2013 for a trip to Spain/Portugal leaving Cleveland, Ohio on November 14. We have attempted many times to see seat assignments/perhaps buy extra legroom on our flight from JFK to Madrid. We have one person in our party who is somewhat handicapped and another who has knee issues. Our desire is to assure they have seats to accommodate their needs. We have had no success at all. Can you possibly help? Thank you.Phone

Posted by Guad

I flew Iberia out of Bostonto Barcelona and the flight was late the staff was unfriendly and that was just the beginning of my nightmare.After arriving to Barcelona 3 hours late my luggage never arrived and of course no one answered the phonne to inform me what was going with my luggage. I took a cruise leaving from Barcelona and my luggage arrived the last day of the cruise and I was charged 50 Euros to pick my luggage.I filed a complain with the airline and never got an answer- DO NOT FLY THIS AIRLINE

Posted by Shellie_bean

I would like to urge everyone to NEVER EVER EVER FLY WITH IBERIA. I would like to urge everyone to NEVER EVER EVER FLY WITH IBERIA. Before I tell this story I just want it to be noted that I am an incredibly patient person and have never made a complaint against anyone in my life, but this has been the most shocking experience of my life and I feel compelled to warn others. As a person who as worked in customer service call centre I know that some people can be difficult and so i always treat customer service agents in the most polite and friendly manner. I seriously cannot believe that this company is actually still in any way reputable with the way they treat their customers. It is literally the most ridiculous service i have had the misfortune of experiencing. We spent Eur 1400 on tickets and they have treated us (and our baggage) with absolutely no respect. It is literally the most ridiculous service i have had the misfortune of experiencing. We spent Eur 1400 on tickets and they have treated us (and our baggage) with absolutely no respect.

From the check in desk, we were met by the rudest man we have ever met. He was so abrupt with us and the whole time he was "serving" us he was turned around laughing and talking to his co workers. I don't think he even made eye contact once.

Next, as we waited at our boarding gate, Iberia made an announcement 15 minutes before we were supposed to board that the gate had moved... TO THE OTHER SIDE OF THE AIRPORT. So we had to rush all the way to get there.

On the plane, the air hostesses were obnoxious. Despite this being an international flight, they would continuously address the passenger in Spanish and then look at you as if you are insane when you try to explain you aren't Spanish. I noticed them doing this to several passengers and each time they had the same reaction. I understand that this is a Spanish airline but surely an air hostess on an international flight should at least be bilingual and not be so rude when you ask her to speak English. I also noticed that several passengers who pressed the service button never got served. These passengers were very agitated.

When we land in Madrid, we have to get a connecting flight to JFK. This connecting flight is literally at the other side of the airport. We had and hour 15 min connection time, but had to run and literally made it on time for last call. Iberia never once even tried to make a passenger call, or organize some sort of transport for us to our connection. When we got to there just as they were closing the gate (without any last call or passenger call), we were again greeted by rude staff that only spoke to us in Spanish.

The second flight was similar to the first flight, only longer and incredibly frustrating. So when we finally landed in JFK we were delighted. Only to get to the carousel and realise that our bags had been lost. When we told an Iberia representative all he said was "Oh really" and walked away. Eventually, we found JFK baggage reclaim and they told us the bags would be on the next flight out of spain, which would land at JFK at 2.30pm and our bags would be delivered that same evening. While at the baggage reclaim, I noticed several other passengers from my same flight that had come in to make claims against IBERIA for damaging their bags.

Yesterday (the day our bags were supposedly supposed to arrive) we tried to use IBERIA websites online tracking for lost baggage Yesterday (the day our bags were supposedly supposed to arrive) we tried to use IBERIA websites on-line tracking for lost baggage, however when you select the English language option the site remains in Spanish. So using a translator we eventually found the correct link, and it was broken. So at this point we decide to call the IBERIA "customer service line". First of all no one answered the first 5 times we called. When we finally got through to someone who could barely speak English, she told us that our bags were in JFK airport and that they would deliver it that night. When we asked her for help navigating the IBERIA on line tracking so that we could check the progress, she became notably annoyed and put us on mute on several occasions.

So, needless to say the bags never came as she said they would. So the next morning we call again. Again we have trouble getting through to someone. Eventually we get through to a man who is so rude from the second he answers the phone. We explain the situation and he looks up our reference number. He tells us the bags have been sent back to Dublin and it will arrive at jfk today. So obviously we are shocked and we tell him that yesterday we were told the bags were already in JFK. He starts to get very agitated and says that its impossible for the bags to get from Madrid to jfk in one day. So i tell him its a 7 hour flight how can it not get there in one day, if our bags had been on the same plane as us as they should have been they would have gotten there in one day. He gets very angry and just keeps repeating that its impossible until we decide to hang up on him.

So we call back a second time in the hope of speaking to a competent person and this woman tells us that not only is the bag at JFK it is with the courier on its way to us. Fantastic! So we manage to get the delivery guys number after some online searching on the world tracer services web page. We call the courrier and he says he does not have our bags yet. We call Iberia back again and ask them why would they lie to us and tell us the courier has the bag if they dont even have that information, they apologise and say that all they know is that the bags are in JFK. We ask them then why the previous man had told us the bags were in Dublin and they just said "I dont know".

So here we are, day two in America on our holidays with no clothes, toiletries, make up, towels, our electronics, chargers, adapters. Some these items we had to purchase after landing at our own expense, just to get by until our bags arrive and we have yet to receive so much as an apology. In fact every individual we have dealt with seemed to think this whole situation is somehow our fault and we should be grateful to them. WELL IBERIA I SINCERELY APOLOGISE FOR INCONVENIENCING YOU WITH THE FACT THAT WE SPENT OUR HARD EARNED MONEY TO FLY YOUR AIRLINE AND YOU LOST OUR BAGS AND TREATED US LIKE DIRT. I am a frequent flyer and have made several long haul journeys and never in my life have I been treated like this. I have flown with SAA, BA, KLM, Airfrance, Korean air, Emirates, Etihad, Quatar, aer lingus, ryan air, Delta and I have never received anything but exceptional service and professionalism from all of them. So please heed my advice and never ever fly with IBERIA. I will be posting this comment to every website I can find and send emails to every Iberia address out there.

Posted by Sandi

This shocking airline should be avoided at any and all costs. Dont bother to complain, all you will get is a "sorry for the inconvenience" letter and no resolution, this airline cost us $4000 dollars in buying new tickets to get back home, missed connections and refused boarding, because I live in Colombia, but am a Citizen of South Africa, traveling on a South African passport, denied boarding and left stranded at Airport cause the "system says" i need a visa, bags lost for 4 days, refused boarding for being 4 mins late on a connection, over booked flights, Just a shocking nightmare, STAY THE HECK AWAY FROM THIS AIRLINE

Posted by disappointed customer

Where: Boston-Madrid-Moscow
When: December 15, 2011
My Iberia connecting flight from Madrid to Moscow was canceled. I found out about it only when I was checking in my baggage in Boston. With no Schengen visa I had to stay in the airport of Madrid for almost 20 hours for another flight. But this was the end of this story. The beginning was when my original flight was canceled and moved from December 9th to December 15th. I will never fly with Iberia again.

Posted by Jasper Tom

Flew business class from Ecuador to Madrid and on to London Heathrow - what a shambles. Iberia decided not to fly the first leg until it was over 4 hours late, rescheduled the London connection which we still missed, and arrived at nearly midnight at empty Heathrow. Worst part was no information, smirking staff at Ecuador as passengers pressed for info,re-ticketing scramble at Madrid, topped off by baggage going astray. Almost impossible to get any contact with Iberia through website or phone afterwards as they try to avoid paying compensation - I will not giveup on this.
Also, faced with the 4 hour delay they even tried to charge 5 euro for a glass of wine in the business class lounge - what a joke.
Will avoid all future travel with Iberia - organisational shambles with cynical attitude to giving customers the brush off.
My advice - use UK small claims court to get compensation.

Posted by haranged

3 times I have travel with Iberia and all 3 times they have lost my luggage. Most unhelp at the airports and with giving the correct information. All that the staff do is give passengers the run around and mis-information. Very Very poor service and do not deserve to be in the travel business. Someone in the EU or ABTA need to take some action and hold them accountable by fines and compensations. They are a disgrace !!

Posted by Foubaby

A little bit over 43 days ago, I went to Morocco via Iberia. I took advantage of their cheap rates (huge mistake of my part). The trip was a very long one. First, I flew from Washington DC to London. Then from London to Madrid. And last from Madrid to Casablanca. Once I arrived to Casablanca, my luggage never made it. I returned the next day to retrieve my luggage and I was able to do so. This trip to the airport cost me a lot of money. Once I asked to be compensated for the transportation fees, the agent told me that she could not do anything; however, she advised me to ask for my compensation in Madrid (during my return trip). On March the first, I was in Madrid. No one was willing to help. Spagnards refuse to talk in any other foreign language. The agent at the customer service desk was the rudest person I have ever delt with. First she told me that I needed to go to Iberia's office which was located outside of the airport. I refused politely since I did not want to get out of the airport and did not know Madrid well. She placed a couple of phone calls and told me that I was not going to be compensated because I got my luggage within 24 hours. I explained that I still had to pay for transportation to the airport. She did not care and was not willing to listen, I told her that a customer would never be treated the way I was treated by her in the US. Her answer was: "this is Spain!" She was quite sarcastic to say the least.

I made a pledge, I will never fly Iberia again.

Posted by J Jamoulle

Brux to Madrid a disaster after waiting 1/1/2 and then two hours on plane before takeoff. As a consequence all
other connections - Madrid/Malaga missed as well as Malaga/Casablanca. Also five hour wait to have ticket revalidated in Malaga (after having tickets confirmed and also of course paying in advance as we all do). No food offered during five-hour queue - hotel in Malaga unforeseen and not yet reimboursed (two months ago). Not to mention worry of those waiting for information - one couldn't rely on Iberia they knew less than the tracking device on internet. So no way will I travel via Iberia ever again.

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Posted by casteo_bc

Thank you George Carrigan for all your help if not for you I would still be hanging. George deseves a huge KUDOS he was prfessional and got to the bottom of my issue without delay. 10 star service.

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