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ING Direct customer service is ranked #80 out of the 947 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 62.10 out of a possible 200 based upon 131 ratings. This score rates ING Direct customer service and customer support as Disappointing.


101 Negative Comments out of 131 Total Comments is 77.10%.


30 Positive Comments out of 131 Total Comments is 22.90%.

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    • 62.10 Overall Rating
      (out of 200 possible)
    • 101 negative comments (77.10%)
    • 30 positive comments (22.90%)
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    • 3.4 Issue Resolution
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    • 4.4 Product Knowledge

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Posted by Anonymous

What is the number for ING direct. The number I can call anytime to transfer money

Posted by [email protected]

I have moved house and am trying to discover what happened to my ING Direct Isa which I took out in 2013 and used to access on my computer. My customer number was I have an account number and sort code as well. I am unable to find a UK phone number so would like to be able to speak to someone who may be able to help?

Posted by williamsj47

When I became an employee of the State of Michigan I was 62 years old. The only retirement plan available to me was an "opt in" where the employer would make aa automatic contribution and I could add a contribution that would be matched by the State, up to 3%. However, it would take 10 years to be vested. I did not opt into the program as I was too old to be sure I would be working for 10 years. Also, I was advised against getting involved with ING. When I checked my earning statements, I found that ING was taking out unauthorized "employee contributions". I asked around and learned that this was standard practice by Ing, and new employees had to fight to stop the process and have their money refunded. I did so and made a mental note never to do busines with ING.

Fast forward 2 years and about 10 months. My checks are directly deposited to a bank account and if I want to see an earnings statement I have to look up my userID and password and access a website. I hadn't done that in a while and was surprised to find that from January 2015 through June 2015 ING was again taking unauthorized payments out of my paycheck! I again asked around and found that this is not unusual. I can't imagine how much ING makes in interest on money stolen from paychecks without authorization. I'm sure it improves their bottom line. This practice is too frequent and widespread to be an error. It is quite systematic and it is nothing short of fraud and theft.

Now I have to battle through the double talk, obfuscation and avoidance to get a refund. This is a slimey company. Consult an expert before you do business with them. I did and they're still stealing my money!

Posted by Anonymous

I was injured at work, rang and asked for an extension on payments. Told would be contacted in new year.Was off disabled for 4 months when I got 2 Police knocking on door asking why I was tresspassing on property. Several items were removed from said property, and when I called up *** was told they were repossessing property and selling despite the lack of trying to contact and notify me. Only owed about $4k. Made arrangements to pay this off, actually had to pay $9k in 30 days, asked where all this extra capital was going to, no reply, requested statement of account which showed that these funds were not deposited in my account. Asked again where all the Money went. Was told I had to pay for their evaluation of property to sell and recovery agents costs despite it being their stuff up by not contacting & giving me the opportunity to assess the situation. How can you foreclose on someone without attempting to contact them ?

Posted by INGRipOff

Please be aware that ING Direct has a policy to 'hold' on to any first time pay anyone transactions (including ING to ING accounts) for 12 hours. This is despite the fact that they require an sms code to initiate the transfer in the first place. This is terrible customer service and appears like an attempt to use the money in the meantime which is no longer available in your account (but not in the transferees account either). My advice...stick to the Big 4 Banks.

Posted by Anonymous

I have given ING Direct plenty of opportunity but they still won't do my rollover. They keep wasting my time. I asked a manager contact me and they ignored my request. My next step is with BBB.

Posted by Whoopdeedo

I have only negative things to say about ING Customer Service. I took out a variable home loan with them and whilst I had no problems with the loan itself, every time I had to speak to a service operator I was spoken to in a manner that implied I was doing something wrong (for which there would be consequences) because I was paying it off quickly. Your not the mafia ING! Or are you? You should train your staff to speak to people in a friendly manner not in a manner tone and manner designed to cause as much anxiety possible. Never again.

Posted by Anonymous

I forgot my password, phoned on an 0845 number, waited for being transferred for ages, had to put phone down, still dont know my password to access my account, what can I do?

Posted by Frustrated

My husband has tried to roll over a 403(b) account with ING for 4 (four) months. Has been requested to submit paperwork 3 different times to do rollover to Wells Fargo who doesn't understand why ING is making this supposedly simple transaction impossible. Customer service tells you the party line and has more excuses about why they can't do their job than an elementary school of students about why they didn't do their homework. DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THIS INSTITUTION OR YOU WILL NEVER BE ABLE TO GET ANY MONIES YOU INVEST WITH THEM BACK.

Posted by Anonymous

I need the policy # for the Quay in Oceanen city Md or if you could e-mail me a copy of the policy.


Tom Geisser

Posted by Anonymous

ING has the worst customer service I have ever had to deal with.

I have been trying to resolve a problem with one of my mother's annuities for a month now. Mom had two annuities from ING. When she died, my brother and I had to fill out reams of paperwork so they could be distributed between us. Long story short, one got distributed quite promptly, but the other has not yet been.

So last week on a day I had off of work I called the ING Customer Support line, to find out what was holding it up.

When I called, I was put on hold. So I waited. And waited. And waaaaaaiiiiiiited. For FORTY MINUTES. Listening to the tinniest, most distorted music track I’ve ever heard. Of course, every minute or two the music would be interrupted by a voice saying “Your call is important to us!” Just not important enough to actually hire someone to answer it.

When someone finally answered the phone, I could barely hear or understand her. This was clearly the cheapest call center in Bangalore. I struggled to get her to understand what I was calling about. She had no clue. She finally put me on hold so she could go ask someone else my question. After several minutes, she came back on and gave me a totally nonsensical answer. I tried to explain it to her, but it was hopeless. Eventually, I gave up.

So yesterday I tried again. Got in line. Waited. Finally the call was answered by a man who I could barely hear or understand. I tried to explain why I was calling. He said he couldn’t answer. He said I should call this other number. I pointed out that that was the number I’d dialed. He wouldn’t believe me. He then said that the person who could answer my question was ‘busy’, so he would transfer me to an answering machine, and the person would call me back ‘sometime in the next 24 hours’. I said that wasn’t acceptable. He didn’t care. He transferred me, and after waiting FIVE MINUTES on hold FOR AN ANSWERING MACHINE, I hung up.

So this morning I called the broker who’d sold the annuity to Mom. I figured that, while ING might feel comfortable treating its customers like dirt, they’d probably be more careful with the people who were actually selling their products. Well, the guy said that he’s been having the same problems getting ahold of them. He thinks they switched call centers at the first of the year, and the new one is having a rough start-up. If that’s what’s going on, then whoever was in charge of switching call centers should be fired. After they’re tarred and feathered and boiled in oil.

If you value your sanity, don’t ever do business with ING.

Posted by rteach58

I have been out-of-work because of asthma, chronic bronchitis, depression, and anxiety since May of 2013. As a teacher, my doctor agreed to release me from short-term disability because I had easy access to my (7) medications/inhalers, nebulizer, and oxygen machine. I have provided -ING with every document/access to medical records they have requested and I am still waiting on my short-term disability, seven months later. I am very disappointed in their lack of compassion and communication with me. It's amazing that they have no problem collecting my premium every month. I am currently looking for their CEO/President over Short-term Disability to contact, but no luck so far finding this elusive person. If you have -ING, good luck! :(

Posted by Anonymous

Your customer service is awful. I called your help number only to get someone in the Philippines who kept me on the phone for over an hour with no resolution. I am a former General Agent with your company, so I intimately know how things should work. My client and I are totally fed up with your life insurance customer service department. I have been a General Agent for over 30 years and I can safely state that your CSR department is without a doubt, the worst I have had ever dealt with. Too bad. From: John Scifo

Posted by Anonymous

I was a customer many years ago and stop it because of the bad customer service. When I wanted to take my money out they refuse giving me excuses and postponing ....asking me a lot of questions. Jesus it was my money and I do with it what I want. It really was a nightmare so I left that bank. After 10 years I decided to give them a try because it had grown a lot. Lol, they are even worse!!!!, no customer service at all, they think they are the center of the world, poor boys. I will not recommend it to any one. There are plenty of banks out there and with a decent customer service.

Posted by JMagilicutty

I have a retirement fund with ING that was originally set up with my prior employer . In the past, on at least 2 separate occasions I attempted to move my account outside of my previous employer's control without success. I will not go into detail on the previous attempts, but suffice it to say I did not have the stamina to deal with the avalanche of roadblocks, paperwork, and wild goose chases put in my path in order to complete the transaction.
I have currently redoubled my efforts and have been attempting to move my money into another branch of ING, hoping that keeping it within the same institution would speed things along. This has not been the case.
I have made arrangements only to transfer funds only to have the matter completely ignored or dropped from ING's end. I have enlisted the aid of an ING agent I know personally to assist in the matter. I have been at this for over 7 months now and I have finally confirmed the transfer of funds!
I was also told that $150 in fees was going to be charged for a transfer of my funds from 1 ING account to another! I completely objected to these fees from day 1! At no time did I agree to such terms, and when I spoke with agents of ING requesting signed copies of any documentation which indicates my acceptance to such fees, I was at first ignored, then postponed and delayed. Finally they admitted that they had no such expressed consent from me but they refused to refund the charge.
I am currently pursuing a resolution to this dispute.

Posted by Ken

In March I received a letter from Sears Financial indicating I needed to make an election on my small pension. I chose lump sum distribution. ING received my request for lump sum on 03/26. I called to varify that you had received my request during the 1st week in April. A very pleasant agent checked for me and said that my request had been through auditing and was in processing. I asked when I could expect to receive the money. He indicated that most payments go out the 1st of the month. I asked if I could expect payment around May 1st--He replied yes but that I should check once a week on the status.

On subsequent checks, status remained the same --In processing. At a late april call, I was told that it could take up to 45 days for processing. I indicated that there was no indication of that 48 day period in the letter or the 1st call. I explained that I had scheduled a Vacation beginning the 1st of June based on the info I was given by ING.

I was depending on the money and could they please expidite my payment. The answer then and during subsequent calls was that nothing could be done. Very, very Poor customer service. Can anyone in your company help me with this issue?

Posted by Upset

This is the most horrible company I have ever dealt with. You try taking some of your own money out because you're in the hospital on disability and they ask for your house mortgage, your debt, what your husband makes, your food difficult. I don't even know why the county allows this company to be a part of our retirement. I am writing a letter to the FCC and whoever else will listen starting today, April 24, 2013. Congress will hear of this.

Posted by sicksicksick13

Opened an ING account a year ago. They froze my account for overdrafting ONE time for the amount of $7. My account was frozen for over a month, with my direct deposit being put in, so I had no access to any of our money for this period of time. They kept promising it would only be another week before I would get my funds but it drug on. They said they were waiting on a charge from Redbox for $1 before they could release my funds. Called Redbox and they said everything going on was on INGs end. After nearly 2 months without access to my money, they sent me a check in the mail. I was unable to open a new bank account right away because of the damage ING did, and WalMart refused to cash my check from ING -- their machines could not read it. Don't do business with ING, they ruined my credit and my faith in banks.

Posted by monica

my name is Monica Kwick. Im not a customer, my boyfriend is. He asked me to find out location near La Habra or Brea in CA. Ive been driving crazy trying the phone numbers they have in any location, but none are working. my emailaddress is We need a location in la Brea, near Whittier, or la Habra CA, and also phone numbers to call. Thank you. We really appreciate your assistance

Posted by ropermail208

You will never be able to speak to a customer service representative that can actually assist you. You will receive a call back to leave a message. ING will rob you of your money and will close up and throw up the privacy issue on a dead person, even when you have proven your identity and your rightful claim. They will stall at every single thing that you try to get assistance with. You will WAIT AND WAIT AND WAIT on them and be at their mercy to assist you. DON'T give them any business, and don't trust them with you money!

Posted by gerardmanlyhopkins

ING is incredibly difficult to contact online. The site is down or it does not recognize my which case, resetting the pin is extremely difficult and tricky. Eventually I have to have them snail mail me a new pin. I have been trying to get into the site for 5 days now...really!

Posted by Anonymous

I have been waiting for 9 days to sell a stock and have the proceds transfered to my bank, this is horrible, the customer service people make no attempt to help

Posted by very mad PA

My father passed away in september 2012. I sent them all the documents they needed to process his 401k so that my brother and I could settle his estate. They told me the longest that it would take was 30 days. Well it is well past thirty days. This is a horrible company and I am so glad the company I work for deals with another company for my 401k.

Posted by tndhandy

DON'T ever get thier acident insurance,I've had them for 4 years now, I've never used it, my wife rolled a quad on herself and broke 7 of her ribs along with other items, when I wen't to use the insurance thats when the problems began, they love to take your money but when you try to use the insurance it's nothing but problems they want this and that and this and that, it is a joke, I'll be canceling my acident insurance with ing for next year, NO JOKE if you don't beleve me try it and you"ll see.

Posted by h

I am living overseas in a foreign country and have been saving my money in an ING account, able to transfer it to another bank account. Suddenly, when I try to transfer my money, I get a message saying it can't process my request at this time, despite the fact that I've got thousands of dollars in my ING account. I've written to customer service but haven't heard back. Now I have no way of accessing my money and I'm trapped in a foreign country!

Add your review!

Posted by Anonymous

My experience with ING DIRECT customer service is top notch.Everytime I have called I hardly have to wait. My request is always attended to immediately by the friendly representative and without any hassles.
Can't praise them highly enough. Many other organizations could learn from these guys.

Posted by Dooger

ING has been very easy for me to deal with over the years (first account in 2004). Easy to move money between accounts, easy to set up accounts, easy to transfer between accounts, easy to transfer from ING to outside accounts. Have had to deal with customer service a few times, but only due to my inability to adequately record passwords and such. Usually has a competitive rate for the types of products I've used.

Posted by WM198526

The best bank in the universe is ING. Ing has everything a person could want. Customer service reps are always friendly and outgoing. You will never have to wait when you call their customer service phone line. They know how to treat you. Thank yall so much for everything and keep up the great work.

Posted by Mrs. Happy

Excellent customer service courtesy and fast. No annoying menu options got straight to a live breathing human customer service agent!!! They must get paid well :-)

Posted by Ozzy

Aloha from the Family Island of Hawaii...I want to take this oppurtunity to comment on a person that is extra ordinary in his ability to reflect positivity, professionalism, yet shows no favoritism...He makes everyone feel special and shows customers that ING is a direction they should consider going to for a step up in life...In the state of Hawaii at the corner of Kalakaua/NIU ST. Paul works there. That his name and if you ever wanted to meet someone who is bigger than what he is doing, it is Paul. I once told him he was bound for the United Nations and the International Monutary Fund. He is extraordinary in his approaches that draws in those he shares with. He is a leader there is no doubt. He is not offensive and creates a atmosphere that makes you want to be apart of true fulfillment in life endeavors.

Posted by Linda S

I have had nothing but professional, friendly, and helpful interactions with the staff at ING. There may be a brief (no more than 5 minutes) wait to get someone to talk to when you call in but I don't consider that excessive compared to many business places I call. I always feel satisfied with the interactions and results.

Posted by Anonymous

I L-O-V-E ING Direct! Their customer service is superb and has never let me down! Their mortgage department is the best and caters to all of your needs as a customer. The individuals are very knowledgeable and extremely helpful.

Posted by Bernard

For those of us who are comfortable with the digital age, using computers, the internet, and smart phones, ING Direct is hands down the best bank out there. They don't charge fees, instead they pay interest on your checking account. No one does this. Every time I have called them on the phone they were very quick to respond to me. If I want to deposit a check I can photograph it with my cell phone. That's better than an ATM.

The downsides of ING is that you cannot get cash in, and if you want to withdraw cash you'll probably pay an ATM fee. ING is best if you rarely deal with cash. For me, depositing and writing checks, wire transfers, and debit card use, and the rare ATM withdrawal, fills all of my banking needs.

Posted by Anonymous

Excellent customer service provided when I called.

Posted by Anonymous

I've held multiple accounts with ING since 2004, without ever having a single problem. Have recommended them repeatedly.

Posted by satisfyING

We have two ING mortgages and a HELOC so it's fair to say we've spoken many times to customer service. The company has some of the best trained support staff -courteous, knowledgeable and prompt (no long waits on hold) - we've come across in a long time.

Posted by ErnieJ

You get right through to a live person. People are friendly. One of the best I deal with.

Posted by nicolem2180

I have had several savings account with ING over the years and recently opened a checking account with them. I have NEVER had a problem with them or their service. I LOVE their checking because they do not chargbe overdraft fees. Every other bank I have dealt with should be fined for their overdraft charges and service fees. It outragous that they are kick people while they are down. You can never get on track once you start paying the back overdraft charges. I would recommend ING to anyone!!!!

Posted by Anonymous

I have had no issues every time I call. Banking is easy and the lack of fees is good for me. Overall nice work so far ING, but keep it up

Posted by Anonymous

Good customer service. Their "Conveyancing Partner" Enact are hopeless though.

Posted by EmmaPeel

i have had accounts with INGdirect for many many years and never had even a slight scare until this morning. their site was apparently down, and i got thru to check my holdings on their phone interactive.

they're SUPERB.

Posted by dolphins

this company is great and the service is amazing

Posted by Anonymous

Quick answer prompt service great results.

Posted by meme

Have a few different accounts with ING and have never had a problem. Interest rates on savings accounts are among the best. Their website is easy to use and when/if you have to phone for info or assistance the staff is great and I've never had to wait on hold.

All in all, a very good institution to deal with and I highly recommend.

Posted by Anonymous

I called to check my balance. A live person immediately picked up and read my balance aloud. The process was much quicker than a computerized voice. Love their customer service.

Posted by anonymous

In general I have had no problems with customer service except once in three years with a rude unknowledgeable rep. In fairness with an email the problem was fixed but it never should have happened. My other problem is when you offer 4.00% int. rate to get you to open an account and you start socking money into your account only to watch the rates go down sometimes twice a month to what is now 1.15% int. in a saving account. It is time to start looking somewhere else.

Posted by Anonymous

Matt answered the call on the first ring. No annoying menu tree. Just a person on the phone. A person who understood what I needed, and took care of it. In this day and age, reaching a live person on a customer service line on one ring is AMAZING! Thanks, ING!

Posted by Anonymous

Was great, sent directly to a English speaking employee without having to select anything from a menu. Issue was resolved within 5 minutes and I was back on my way.


Posted by Anonymous

The rep was helpful and attentive; would not hesitate to call them again.

Posted by Anonymous

CSR was kind and polite and answered all my questions. Wait time was short and I did not encounter the usual maze of voice or number prompts.

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