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IHOP customer service is ranked #383 out of the 946 companies that have a CustomerServiceScoreboard.com rating with an overall score of 35.34 out of a possible 200 based upon 322 ratings. This score rates IHOP customer service and customer support as Disappointing.


299 Negative Comments out of 322 Total Comments is 92.86%.


23 Positive Comments out of 322 Total Comments is 7.14%.

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  • IHOP

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    • 35.34 Overall Rating
      (out of 200 possible)
    • 299 negative comments (92.86%)
    • 23 positive comments (7.14%)
    • 9 employee comments
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    • 2.2 Issue Resolution
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Posted by Charlotte

At IHOP today for lunch with friends. Restaurant not busy. waited 45 minutes to be seated. waited another 30 minutes for waiters. then 20 minutes for meal, had to ask for silverware and napkins.. We won't be back, needless to say

Posted by HORRIBLE

My family went to the IHOP. Bowling green ky, 0every single time we went, we had problems with either the food, service, wait tipme, or some other ordeal. We tried going to a further IHOP in tennesse, bput still horrible. They don't apologize, and only make excuses. I always get the beef omelette with dry sour dough toast. It has come hard boiled, not cooked through, half the size, and we always (I mean every single time), get told we can't sub toast . Which they always end up doing after a very unpleasant confrontation

Posted by Tanya

I just experienced a group of 5 workers that literally just walked out on the company on the most busiest day. The IHOP on 3003 S Cicero Ave, Cicero, IL 60804
It's to the point where they stopped seating people and it was a chaos ran out of help waitress mainly just terrible. The wait was suppose to be 20 minutes ended up waiting longer standing up and I'm pregnant and had other kids with me who were impatient of waiting I decided to leave bad customer service. You guys shouldn't special events if you're not going to be prepared or have trustworthy employees.

Posted by LSmith536

I just heard on the radio that you have changed your name to IHOB. I have a better name than that.

IHOP'N B This way folks that have always loved your restaurants that are known for the greatest pancakes in the whole wide world, will see that they can still get their pancakes.

Who was thinking when they decided to change the name to IHOB??? There has to be a P still in your name.

You truly should have given this more thought. Oh well too late now right?

Posted by Mesa, location on Dobson

Very bad service, don't give us water or the server dont come around to ask if we where okay, or check up on us.. the management was not in the floor,employees where just walking around and having there own meeting up front talking about not work... I cann't belive believe how bad the services is .. the Windows dirty, outside in the parking lot dirty.. the tables dirty... looks like management doesn't care about this place ...corporate needs to visit this place ... the walls or dirty,chairs dirty. They need to do detail walk in this restaurant with Corp...
Management should be walking around marking sure the customers or doing okay...

Posted by Connor

Good Evening,

Hello, My name is Connor Fuller I recently had dining in at IHop on Roosevelt Blvd to be exact This was my second time dining in at IHop and both time I vist my servers were outstanding, great customer service, friendly and, full with joy. The reason why I making this complaint is because when I recently came I had ask my server about the perious server I had before when I was explaining and describing how the young lady look, she immediately told me she no longer work here. I told the young lady when I periously came there I seen my server and manager having a disagreement was that the reason why she don�¢ï¿½ï¿½t work here and she just nodded her head. The young lady really didn�¢ï¿½ï¿½t get into details with me stating why the other server doesn�¢ï¿½ï¿½t work here but I understood that it�¢ï¿½ï¿½s probably against the IHop policy. The first time I came was around the beginning of April, I was with my co-worker we were on our break getting coffee, the server I had she was short with piercing on her nose and braces in her teeth I really couldn�¢ï¿½ï¿½t remember her name. Me and my coworker were talking about business thing as I turn my head around I seen my server and one of IHop manager discussing something but the way she was talking to her to my server you could see aggressiveness and anger she was doing all this hand movements all in the young lady face. This is the reason why I�¢ï¿½ï¿½m complaining as a manager that was so unprofessional putting your fingers in people face is so rude, improper, and unethical. As manager that really unsuitable she should of bought the young lady to office and talk to her there and as a manager you shouldn�¢ï¿½ï¿½t let anyone take you out of character. The fact I had to see really annoyed. If server got fired the manager should�¢ï¿½ï¿½ve got fired too for putting her hands all in the Child face.

Posted by Lola

We have visited the IHOP in Norton Shores michigan twice the first time we waited 35 minutes to be seated and then we're told that our name was already called and they had scratched our name off the list we were standing right by the hosted the whole time and she never called our name then we went there again 4/8/2018 today there was 6 people not kids and waited again for over 35 minutes to be told that we could set in a both for six which is was not big enough for us all to set and eat comfortably and then they said they had no available tables when I talked to the manager she was arguing with me and very rude they are very unorganized rude and have no idea how to run a restaurant bad service bad managers and would not recommend this place to anyone

Posted by Emily

My family and I went to IHOP tonight. It was the worst experience ever. Our service was horrible our food was cold they took it back and said they remade the food the food had my moms finger print still in it from the first time. The manager called us lies. She was rude and swear at us. How could you have management like that to represent your business. We will be calling the corporate in the morning when they open.

Posted by Anonymous

The Athens Alabama location has had some serious issues inside the store . Customer service is always poor . They never have enough help and itâs all due to a GM who is not certified to be a General Manager . She was hired in as a hostess and then went on to a GM . She is very abusive to her employees . She withholds paychecks of those who quit, sometimes as long as 2 weeks or until she gets a phone call from an attorney . If she gets mad at an employee, she immediately changes their schedule to shifts she knows canât be worked . She has allowed $127 to come up missing from the safe without pulling the video footage to see who did it . She has fired an employee for stealing money but then hired her right back the next day due to it being her buddy. Employees are allowed to come to work just whenever, not when scheduled . There are sooo many wrongs about this store when just having the right management and employees that store could become a Gold Mine .
Please feel welcome to contact me for more information about this location . I can tell you things that would make your stomach turn flips .
Thanks for your time

Posted by Anonymous

Please take off what color is a customer on your customers recipe. That's Not Right, It's Discriminating. I'm A Great Fan Of Your Restaurant And If This Is Not Done You Will Lose Me As A Customer. They're Many Other People Feel The Same Way . Mrs. Shelly Wing

Posted by Tammy

I would like you to know I love IHOP,but I had the worst experience the Ihop in Springfield Ohio store number 3567. My family and I stop for lunch. The wait to get table was long and when we where sitted,we had to wait 10 mins. to place are drink order.Another 10 minutes to get are drinks. We ordered are food,we waited 40 mins. and not all food we ordered and it was cold, and only half us got food. Then to top it all the kids didn't get their apple sauce, where told they where out. I did even get to eat because they couldn't get my order right. So I didn't get to eat.

Posted by Anonymous

State College, PA location
Oh my goodness I have seen a decline in this location; my family and I dined there last night around 6:45 PM and the floors were filthy and I only saw two servers on the floor for a very busy restaurant.
My mother orders hot tea. The server comes back and says the machineâs not working. So she orders hot chocolate. The server comes back and says the machineâs not working. Then he brings her hot chocolate anyhow! She doesnât even drink half of that â she says it doesnât taste right. So he just brings her coffee. She orders the triple cheeseburger sliders. A while later the server comes back and says they are out of them. What a disaster! When we get our bill we were charge for the hot chocolate, where I asked the server to please remove that from the check. I mean, it was the least he could do given the ridiculousness of the evening.
A restaurant that specializes in breakfast cannot serve hot chocolate nor party⦠Really?!

Posted by Kristin

This is refgatding your Knoxville TN location located on Merchamts Road. We just left because we walked in ans waited 5 minutes before being greeted. The last time we ate there I said I would never eat there again.

The customer service is horrible, it takes forever to get your food.

There is no music in the restaurant; leaving awkward silence and kitchen bangs and employee chatter.

This location needs to be revamped from top to bottom.

Feel free to call me with any questions.

Thanks for your time,

Kristin Reneau

Posted by Bad service

It was my first time eating at this ihop location 10910 New halls ferry road Ferguson mo 63136 location I did a carry out it was February 28, 2018 the time was 8:48 am it took a long time to be seen a guy came up and wrong me up a the sirloin tip and eggs no mushrooms cheese on the eggs and t bone steak and eggs with a side hash browns both well done your server rung me up I set in your waiting area til my order was up so people coming in waiting to be seated no one served them they left to go to another location staff came back and told me due to they had one cook and two servers no managers so it�¢ï¿½ï¿½s go be 5-10 minuet after he rung me up so it�¢ï¿½ï¿½s 9:38 when I got my order I had told one of your staff I didn�¢ï¿½ï¿½t get my hash browns I heard someone in the back called here it is I got home in realize my wife feeling sick i ask her was she ok she said they put mushrooms on her tips I took pictures and the tips very hard to chew and chew bit into another piece it was really done it was really raw I�¢ï¿½ï¿½m was writing about it because the was very poor service and it was the closest one to my location I hated I spent $35.04 on a breakfast that my wife Allergic mushrooms and her meal wasn�¢ï¿½ï¿½t cook properly and my meal was the steak meal it was very fatty and very dry my name is Derrell phone if further questions us as a customer shouldn�¢ï¿½ï¿½t had to experience service like that I have pictures of what my wife ate

Posted by Anonymous

My Granddaughter, and Great Granddaughter went to the I Hop on Florin Rd. near hwy 99. We received the worst service. We asked for crackers for our soup and they brought 1 package. When we asked for more she said that is all we were allowed. We even called for the manager, same
attitude. I am a 73 year old women and I have never seen such service in my life. Needless to say we will not be returning. I never complain to any restaurant but this takes the cake.
Marcia Faulkner

Posted by Loyal Customer

I eat at the same IHOP 4-5 times per week. Store #1756 in Spokane, Wa. This is a franchised store & the manager is great. Most of the servers do a decent job. I have been eating at this store 20 years or so. In the past year I have seen a decline in service & quality of food preparation. Cook times are all over the board! Inconsistent cooking of the same food. I know minimum wage went up & its harder to hire but I hate to see this store going down hill. Now it appears IHOP is doing away with the survey. I have a Sharis equal distance & maybe its time to change.Alot of older regulars are gone already. Its just hard to see this happen.

Posted by Anonymous

I Seen Yours Cooks Handle Food Without Gloves On Several Occasions!they Do Not Wear A Hairnet Or A Hat! I Ordered Food There At Lake Worth And Military Trail In Lake Worth Wearing No Gloves Touching Food With There Bare Hands And I Got Sick To My Stomache!

Posted by Anonymous

On Feb 22 2018 I placed an order online for pickup in a future hour at Nashua NH location. My order wasn't no reading until half hour after my arrival time. I was told my the manager that the online order never are accurate because in fact the order go through their system at the time that you set for pickup. For my part IHOP lost a customer for ever since this is disrespectful and inappropriate for the customer.

Posted by mindy

I've been sitting in your tacoma hosemer for 30 minutes half the resterant is empty very bad service asked to speak to manager no one came people are complaining about food taking too long bills wrong this is crazy a woman has wanted a hour to get a to go order makes you want to eat somewhere else get new manager.

Posted by Toni

Hello. We were so excited to finally get an ihop in Springfield Ohio. We use to go all the time. Went for the first time in months yesterday. Sad to see such a new building and new business going to waste.
Our server was Kathryn. She was great. I felt sorry for her. She was trying to wait tables and clean tables off. It was a mess. Tables dirty not cleaned off,floor so nasty. 4 people passed us and said hope you get better service than we did and left. I called the manager when I left told him. He acted like he didn't even care. Nice job manager. Just makes me sad no one cares about doing good at their jobs.. bad reputation...

Posted by Sharon

I had a awful experience at your New Jersey I hope. On 1-27-2018. The person setting people tried to sit six grown adults in a booth and put my four grandchildren at the back of the restaurant. She finally sat us as a family at a dirty filthy table. The orders weren't right. Then I flagged down another waitress and asked if my grandchildren could have more orange juice her comment I'll find your waitress. I was furious. And so was my daughter. We spent as a family of ten $120.00 and the food was over cooked hard and wasn't fit to eat. We had one bottle of syrup no sugar we had to ask for everything. Our waitress on her cell phone dealing with drama. I live in Rhode Island and visit your New Port I hope every Sunday after church and have nothing but great service clean tables and never have had another waitress tell me to wait till she finds my waitress for a drink. I asked for a receipt and no receipt paper I paid cash the amount paint $120.00 . A total waste of money. I wrote the better business bureau. We left there hungry. I am appalled at the way we where treated.I can't even ask for a refund no receipt paper.
If you don't believe me you can run a daily report and the amount will be there.
Thank you in-advance for reading my comment but my experience in New Jersey was a total horror show.
You may contact me via mail only at:
Sharon Sylvia
P.O. Box 34
Ashaway, Rhode Island 02804
I more than likely won't hear from you but I won't be going back to that location. If my daughter and her family wants to that's up to them.

Posted by Smudge

I went to the IHOP in Richmond BC this morning to celebrate my son's 42 birthday. My 6 year old granddaughter ordered the kids meal which she chose the chocolate milk for her drink. I asked the waiter if I could order the same as I wasn't too hungry (granddaughter thought that was fun). I was told I had to pay $2 extra to have the kids meal, I was shocked but said okay. For my drink I requested chocolate milk as well. I was told I can't order the chocolate milk with my kids order because I was over 12. My complaint is that I had to pay $2 extra to order the kids meal, and I wasn't allowed to order the chocolate milk that came with it! My 42 year old son, who owns his own restaurant down the street was also shocked as he would never treat his customers like that.

Posted by Gary

I spent 37.50 this was the worries servise I ever had the good was all cold the coffe was so strong I could not drink it

Gary brown 556 juniper Dr pehram

Posted by Anonymous

Ihop customer service is terrible now. On December 28th at 10:30 am in Orlando, FL, the store on international drive had us waiting an hour and fifteen minutes to be seated. The lady at the front said she made a mistake and gave our tables away. Once we were seated we order and it took forty five minutes to get our food. Ridiculous..
On January 15th at 10:45am my family and I went to IHOP in Canton, MI. The service here was terrible too. The manager only have three people staffed for a restaurant full of people. People left from tables and informed people at the door so over 40 people left. Not sure the policy on volunteers but IHOP needs help. I told the manager after i pay my bill I can help bus tables so people dont leave. She informed me that she has three staff members and a plan.The corporate team really needs to evaluate service before stores are forced to closed due to no service.

Posted by [email protected]

Customer service employees r rude and unprofessional and had the worse eating experience.. manager there did nothing to make better..I will not be back there ever again

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Posted by Anonymous

I'm a truck driver and went to the IHOP, In S. Meridian Oklahoma City. And the waitress was named ROSALBA, she was amazing. She went above and beyond to accommodate me and my "very picky vegetarian friend" she had a great attitude, great personality. She should be how all All/ IHOP employees should be. I hope yall appreciate workers like her. My name is Picasso.

Posted by Anonymous

Iâd like to tell you whatâ a greT employee you have at store #585. DAMIEN FOUNTAIN. HE WAS OUR WAITER ON MARCH 25 on General Booth Blvd. he went out of his way to give information on our meal suggest something we never tried befor just so friendly and outgoing. Such a pleasure having him as our waiter.

Posted by Anonymous

I want to bring to your attention a waiter by the name of Jose Luis Hernandez (I-HOP Store # 1434, Houston, Texas). The young man went way beyond his job description to satisfy his customeres! Not only is his service great, but Jose has a wonderful way of enter-acting with whom he waits on.

A good example; I mentioned to him that his location did not supply French Vanilla Cream. The young man asked his manager to order said item; plus a few other items that put a smile on our faces! Would you please let him know how much we appreciate him. Thanks!

Posted by Anonymous

April 16th 2017 Best service and management at the Langley Canada location..great atmosphere we had the best experience. thank you please pass this on!!

Posted by Chakir

Chakir was great we really apprecaited her upbeat personality .he is very genuine and our experience extremely pleasant

Posted by Anonymous

the new one on blossom hill road in san jose california had great customer service better than any of the other ones I have been to they were right on top of things.

Posted by Unanimously

Me, my wife and friends are always visit Ihop Westbury on senior night. The food is okay. Our server is Irina's. She is always on the top and the best. What an excellent server and what a great personality. She makes our dinner enjoyable because of her service. She is awesome.

Posted by Anonymous

I wanted to leave a comment about an employee at the IHOP in Easley SC.

My husband and I visited this restaurant on Saturday November 12 around 11:00 am.
As my husband drove by the entrance the restaurant was very crowded. I told my husband to let me out and I would check on the wait time.

I am not fond of fast food breakfast.

I went in and gave my name to the employee, whose name is Barbara.
We have eaten at this restaurant many many times. My son usually complains about the wait time and the waitress. Which most of is very true.

I have never seen one of your emoyees hustle like Barbara. She was the most efficient employee I have seen at this restaurant.

We also had a very good waitress.

Barbara really needs to be recognized for her care concerning your customers

Posted by Anonymous

Want to give praise to an employee named Lourdes Clavigo in your Broad St, Bloomfield location. We were there on Tuesday, November 1, 2016. The location was seriously understaffed and Lourdes did her job pleasantly and efficiently. We were very impressed with her. Please relay this message to her manager. Thank you!

Posted by best service

Hello I'm just writhing you to let you know that you have a worker by the name of Haley at the HARKER HEIGHT store Texas that is doing a excellent job and she should be recognised for her hard work.I have never had such great service anywhere, Thanks

Posted by Anonymous

We just ate at the ihop on 7693 South Orange blossom trail with chakir as our server. He was the best. What an excellent server and what a great personality. He made our dining experience enjoyable because of his skilled service. Great young man. This was store number 36-159. He is awesome.

Posted by Anonymous

Wanted to compliment your wait staff at I Hop in High Point NC May 19 2016 around 4;15 PM HER NAME WAS KAY. She served us so pleasantly kept returning to out tablr apologising for the kitchen staff being so far behind
. The manager also apologised to us could not jhave asked for better service any where .You have a waitress an manager that should be recognized for their wonderful service.we eat there every Thursday for the senior 50 percent it is very much appreciated when u are on a fixed income. It has decreased our discount when we have to buy a soda with our meal at full price did not quite understand that but your staff was very good to explain
I beleive it may hurt your business

Posted by Anonymous

I would like to say that I went to the ihop in liberty and was waited on by a nice young man named Josh. My kids were being loud and obnoxious and he even was trying to relate to my son about the girls giving him a hard time. The service and food were excellent and we all had a good time.

Posted by [email protected]

IHOP store#4696 manager Lisa and stag excellent services and professionalism...

Posted by Meg

Tori at IHOP in ashburn virginia is the most pleasant and delightful person I have ever met that works in food service! She is worth her weight in gold! Valuable person to have! I was in town on business and was stunned by her pleasant demeanor. She's wonderful!

Posted by Larry

I just left IHOP Christmas morning
It was jam packed. It was a wonderful experience your team of workers working together, service was extremely good and politeness was everywhere.
(St.louis mo.lemay ferry 63129 )

Posted by Josie

I just wanted to say I haven't been to Hobbs NM IHOP in awhile I went this morning and there is a young lady her name is Robin very talented multitasking and so very helpful to everyone. It was amazing to watch her very fast service. she has the best customer service skills I will return. Thanks so much for the amazing service!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by Anonymous

Don't no if my comment went thru so I am going to do it again, Me n my Family visit y'all Manhattan store on 12/5/2015 our server name was Donna she made us feel very welcome Donna was very helpful n every way She is a Amazing server we have going out to eat at lot of places n no one comes close to her she is the nicest server we have ever had she is the best.

Posted by [email protected]

To whom it may concern.

My mother, father, wife & myself visited the franchise @ 201 S. Federal Highway, Dania Beach, Florida 33004. During the course of the meal, my mother ran to the bathroom because she was messing herself. Very embarrassing. A few members of the staff sprang into action, along with my wife, and took care of my mother like she was there own. They were my mom's angels today. Made my mom feel less embarrassed. IHOP will now be my first choice for away from home breakfast from now on. Unfortunately now that I think back, I did not get the names of the 3 women that took care of my mom. THANK YOU, THANKS, and God's blessing on your franchises & company.

Best regards,

Keith Rogers

Posted by [email protected]

2211 Kohio in waikiki. I am disabled. The young female manager made me comfortable and not a liability. More wonderful people like this is what our world needs.She cares!! Please tell her so. This was this past Friday.Sheldon becher.

Posted by [email protected]

You hostess was very friendly, on navy blvd, pensacola

Posted by Anonymous

The new trainer at ihop in Cleveland tn was the best her name is Haley she kept a smile she was checking on us it was the best thank you so much she needs to be giving something she was the sweetest girl there

Posted by Anonymous

On 3/20/15 I was served by Jasmine in your Millington,TN store. It was the best breakfast I've had in months. Meals have not always been that good in that store. Thanks to the cook on this one.

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Posted by Mad mother

My daughter works at the Ihop on Dysart and Van Buren here in Avondale,Az and the manager Peter not sure his last name but hes older then my daughter and harasses her everyday and a lot of other girls there im sure that as a manager he needs to keep it professional and the main manager as his son(Javier) and daughter in-law (Diana) working there in the mornings and they get to do whatever they want walk out on a shift or they dont even have to come into work and they dont get in trouble for it somethings not right here if i knew my daughter would be dealing with people like this then i dont want her to work here. Noel is from corporate and good friends with Francisco sje knows how things work but turns her head when ghings ho wrong this place is horrible.

Posted by Jawalk97

Afte over 3 years of service. My son was was out on suspension. Never got a call back. Take my advice. Eat at Danny's. This place changes managemen/employees as often as people change their socks. The suspension was mostly "hearsay." I guess from other disgruntled employees.

Posted by Anonymous

I am a recently hired employee and would like to bring some things to your attention about some issues and concerns as well. to start I am and have not been very pleased with the training whatsoever since I started, secondly I a don't think or feel like I am treated with respect on a professional and personal level. I am needing to keep this job for as long as possible so I keep my mouth closed and my comments to myself because they don't seem to want to hear what I have to say. they tend to think I should know about things, treat me as though I don't know how to do things, think I am not doing my job right and then when I try to do what I was trained they seem to get the impression that I am not paying attention to what I am hired to do, they have told me that I have been doing a good job but then they tell me different other times. there has been one female that gets a little to close sometimes when no one is around and takes things out of my hand and basically does my job for me. I want to learn but without the unacceptable and unprofessional attitude and not only that but when I got a skylight paycard a few weeks ago I have yet to use it and I have only been able to activate it with the temporary card and when I was able to activate it the lady I that told me it was ready to use did not speak a word of English. I would like much more respect from everyone. the managers, also think they can get aways with the attitude.

Posted by hoagdog

I know someone who was recently terminated, in my opinion wrongfully, we all know there are stupid people out there that just love to create problems where there is none. this corp. listens to these idiot people and can't tell that these ---holes just do what they do for the hell of it. I for one will never go there again, they treat there people like c--p!!!

Posted by Spitfire

I have been employed by IHOPS Hillsborough,Tx,I'm in training, the woman that trained me took all my tip money, told me I have to order a meal for myself and they would take it out of my check, I wanted to take the meal home she told I couldn't. What the hell is going on. I am not getting an hourly wage.

Posted by Anonymous

I have recently been employed at the Walnut Creek International House of Pancakes and I am thinking of bringing a harassment suit against this establishment. I have worked in the restaurant industry for over thirty years now. My last job was at a German Restaurant were I was the manager and touched every aspect of the restaurant. I would still be working at the establishment however the owners husband passed away and they decided to close the restaurant. I am having a hard time conveying all the abuse I suffered in the very short time I was there. The assistant manager is only 19 and the general manager is 25. I was forced to endue an almost 4 week training period where I was allowed after 2 weeks to have 2 tables ones that people did not like to sit at. Then to add insult to injury one of the employee's asked my boss if he could have my table and they gave him my table even though he had five other tables. I don't like to stand around so I spent most of my shifts doing everyone's side-work and busing their tables. In the mean time I heard the general manager not correcting her employee's but insulting them. I put on the meal tag that the order was to go and she made the food and put the order on plates and her explanation was I took my sweet time coming over to explain the ticket (even though I was at the computer putting in an order) I then saw the assistant manager talking to the cook in an inappropriate manner yelling at him as though she was going to fight him. Even though these things kept happening I would come each week with a hope that things would get better. To add insult to injury I was only scheduled 3 days a week and would only wind up working 2 maybe 3 hour shifts less then 10 hours a week. When the General Manager gave her two week notice I sighed with relief but the abuse was bad when she was there and continued through the assistant manager. The general manager told me that I needed to tip the expediter more money and then later denied me the tip that the host forgot to put on my credit card slip. Every shift my station was allowed to be hijacked by another server and I was left to do side-work and bus tables for the duration. I went onto Yelp and read the reviews and the assistant manager got bad reviews as recently as this Wed. She takes all of the good shifts and will not share which leads to bad business because you can't give good service by yourself when the restaurant is busy. The complaint was based on nobody coming to the front to sit or take orders for over 20 minutes so they called the phone and when the phone rang she finally came out. I went into work today and I had not even been there 5 minutes before she started in on me telling me not to do my side work but to go bus tables. Then when I actually got a table the server that has been allowed to steal my tables began to steal them again. I would have spoken with the new general manager before I left but she was to busy. I just had enough and walked out of the job. I could not take one more insult or one more day of not being allowed to make money and was not going to be allowed to make any due to the sabotaging of my station. I feel like I was hired as less then a busboy that was not even going to be tipped. If you want to know why the business gets bad reviews its because you have romper room running it. I would appreciate a response and I think that maybe the running of this restaurant should be done by somebody that has maturity. The cooks that I spoke with say they need their job so they take it. Other servers that have been there a longer time do not get the appropriate stations and treatment they deserve. This little girls friends get the best of everything she doesn't take. An investigation of this restaurant and this so called assistant manager should be put back down into a serving position and not left in a position of power which she obviously uses not to the restaurants advantage.

Posted by X employee

I was recently fired as a ihop employee, I not mad or bitter because I really didn't like that fact of all u have to go through just to make sure your guest have the right meal but since I got fired I still havent receive my pay checks and wondering why I work a job coach and some of the way central avenue ran their store steal hour from their employee but didn't want to take a break so instead of your 44 hour check you have a 30 hour check and since I got fired I been calling trying to get asnwer and nothing happened

Posted by OverIHOP

I am a recent employee of IHOP Bowling Green, KY ... and it seems that they like finding excuses not to pay their employees.My pay week was the 6th of this month,and supposedly the GM didn't submit my hours til i mentioned to him on April 15th, since then.. nothing but excuses..I worked hard to earn that check.. It's time that they face up and pay me what they owe.. Oh, and they find ways not to give an employee the swipe card.. so lucky me, i kept track of my hours..

Posted by Unsatisfied

As a former ihop employee I wouldn't suggest to anyone to work there. The management skills are horrible. People get a little authority and just do what they please. They make you watch a video about relationships in the workplace but the general manager and a cook are dating. They fired me because a table walked out. The general manager saw when I put the ticket in but somehow the cooks never got it . How is that my fault? They will never succeed in the business because they fire people everyday for nothing. Worst business I've ever worked at !!


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