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IBM customer service is ranked #900 out of the 946 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 17.80 out of a possible 200 based upon 23 ratings. This score rates IBM customer service and customer support as Terrible.


23 Negative Comments out of 23 Total Comments is 100.00%.


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    • 17.80 Overall Rating
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    • 23 negative comments (100.00%)
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Posted by ernielu

I am an IBM retiree and I am ashamed to be from a company that has an affiliate as inept as ONE EXCHANGE. They are totally unable to think and use judgement in decisions. They are totally bound to rules and written processes.

Every time I am forced to talk to them regarding my medical needs for the upcoming year it is an extremely frustrating encounter. I ALWAYS come away from talking to them angry and frustrated....It is embarracing to say that my company does business with them...I wish someone in IBM would come to their senses and get rid of them\

Posted by IBMisHorrible

It would take me DAYS to write in my constant issues with IBM and their lack of support. No two people know the same thing - it's been SIX MONTHS and they still can't figure out who our sales rep is (!!!!!!!!), I called about an issue, I had to speak with someone who wasn't a tech in the least, she took the wrong notes, said they'd call me back within 2 hours, no one called me back - 24 hours later, I emailed again and was given the brush off, so I just started emailing the one person whose contact information I had at the company, so, below, is a sample of one of many long-winded emails I've sent to them (I have now been requesting a refund for AppScan for the past 2 months, but keep getting passed around - of course - to different people). This company is the worst and I have no idea how they stay in business, nor how they sell a product in which they ALLEGEDLY don't even have A SPECIALIST in, nor any training (allegedly) that they can or will provide you with.

Here's a recent email I sent:

I have been in contact with IBM's "support" regarding my AppScan concerns since August 2 and there has been no progress. First I had to call and speak with someone who opened some sort of ticket for me (however, she filled it out with completely incorrect information since she didn't understand what I was talking about) who said someone would call me back in 2 hours - no one called me back. I called again and was told someone would call me immediately - they called, only to tell me they were sending an email "right away," which didn't get sent to me until at least an hour later. Very long story short, I was instructed to go to a link and upload a scan I had to re-run, which took me a few more hours, got no response, sent a follow-up, then got a response from support telling me that he would get an update from security support (which he apparently isn't?), and I have heard nothing since.

Meanwhile, I have attempted to remedy this through you, our alleged account rep (however, not our true sales rep, because no one knows who that is), only to feel like I am getting the brush-off. Your dismissal of "folks are out on holidays" and telling me to just "try again" was highly disappointing, along with the previous poor service when I inquired about a possible training class on AppScan to brush up and instead you pointed me towards a "tech note" with a video and neither of them having to do with my inquiry. Equally perplexing was your request for our customer and site number; as our sales/account rep, I would also expect you to have both of those numbers, along with whether or not we are under support.

Considering the amount of money we have paid (and continue to pay) for this product and its "support," it is quite clear that our concerns are not a priority. I'm very frustrated and disappointed that I am not even able to speak on the phone with an AppScan support member and work through these issues and questions I have. I would hate to have to bring our business elsewhere with Qualys WAS or HP's WebInspect. My repeated requests for assistance have fallen on deaf ears and I would really like to take steps towards a resolution as soon as possible.

Another awesome additional note is that, when one of the "techs" was emailing with me, I asked him why we were getting this specific false positive, AND HE SENT ME BACK AN EXPLANATION COPY AND PASTED FROM WIKIPEDIA!!!

I cannot make this crap up.

Posted by dee

IBM customer service is the pits, I went round and round for hours days weeks with no resolve to a basic problem. They held strong on NOT and was unable to comprehend or didn't want to make a customer feel satisfied as they pledged they would do, I was just passed to another I felt like I was dealing with drones and not real people?!? Finally I must have short circurt the drones and was dumped and out $$$. Shame on you IBM

Posted by Imsomad

IBM is a joke. Called and was eventually told to email my request/issue to 2 email addresses. Turns out both email addresses don't work but it didn't send an error until 1 month later so I waited for nothing. No one will help you online without a registration. Registration is a nightmare in itself as the website is slow and un-intuitive when filling out forms. I can't stand this company.

Posted by justhisguyyouknow

Funny that most of these complaints are about SPSS. You'd think that was all that IBM sold.

I have my own complaint about SPSS. I had to make a config change to the network on our Windows server (no hardware change at all), and suddenly the SPSS license server decides it's on a completely different machine (wtf?) and trashes all of our bought and paid-for network licenses (wtf?????).

What a way to treat paying customers! Get all paranoid about piracy and so you turn around and ruin the software for your paying customers. IBM, what do you think this achieves, exactly? Happier customers, or customers no more? if I had my way, it'd be customers no more. I've had about a decade of problems with SPSS like this one, more if you count the insulting way they treat academic customers.

Good thing there is PSPP. If all you do is elementary analyses you should check it out. It's free, and never stops working for no good reason at all like IBM makes SPSS do.

But, since this is about customer service, I can say that SPSS marketing/sales needs to give their collective heads a shake in the crappy way they insist on treating their very own customers, but the IBM SPSS support guy was really great and at least got us working again while at the same time emphasizing with the huge level of frustration.

So, my scores reflect that good service, although finding some help on IBM's website was almost completely impossible. No phone numbers, just a web form that they take a day or two responding to. THAT part of IBM support is severely lacking. But what do they care anyway?

But even though support was great, this was nothing but a negative experience. -1, SPSS, -1 you jerks.

Posted by MeaningOfLights

After 15 years in IT I've never experienced anything quite so bad. IBM are the worst support vendor.

Posted by bam1973

A while back I purchased v21 with two instances of use with "no expiration." However, when my one computer died and it was deleted off that machine I can't get SPSS to run on my new computer. SPSS says that I already used my instances so they are gone even though the one machine is dead and I didn't by support so no one can help me, and I guess I can't just pay for support now. OH - but we can fix that by selling you a @2k upgrade on sale for $1kish (even though I am a small biz consultant as I said and I can't shell out that kind of $$ every year...why did I buy the never expiring license if I can't use it anyway!) I feel like I'm being trolled.

Posted by IBMSUX

I have SPSS v19. I acquired Custom Tables module. This required all kinds of hoop jumping to get Custom Tables (v21) to play nice with Base v19. My hard drive crashed last month - so I'm going through it all again. IBM provided "easy" instructions on how to load both Base v22 and Custom Tables v22. Surprise, surprise! Neither works, and every attempt to get the matter resolved results in long wait times.

I absolutely HATE IBM - the worst customer service I have ever encountered. What a terrible company.

Posted by DrSinclair

My SPSS software is called PASW 18. It used to work but now it wont save my data at all. Even old data sets dont save. I contacted customer service and it was complicated and terrible. They want to know a severity number. Look noone is dying on the operating table but I need them to fix this problem. Im a customer with broken software. How severe does it need to be? Just call me back and fix the damn problem.

Posted by gp

Incredibly incompetent and rude people over at Spain. There is no follow-up, our complaints go unheeded for weeks.

Posted by Willie Nicol

Partserve: My experience with your South African service affiliate was truly horrific. I thought that the website hellopeter would be some consolation only to realise that I was not the only one. Please see:

Do you want your name attached to this list of unresolved complaints. It cannot be beneficial to future sales.


Willie Nicol

Posted by Anonymous

VERY disappointed with IBM support!
We have a 3.5 month old server that has failed last Thursday morning, we had onsite NBD support so they came NBD but didn't fix, again NDB with whole motherboard, didn't fix, NBD ... the saga is STILL going on.
NOTHING offered for replacement or backup or downtime or loss of business or care for the client!
Jon | AgSpares NZ

Posted by EL

Well, I wish I did not have to write a complaint about SPSS products, but the customer service (or lack thereof) was so poor, I had to do this. It took me all morning (3 hours+) to just get some help from SPSS. I needed an Authorization code for the SPSS Text Analysis for Surveys software that I bought several years back, and I don't recall needing a code back then. The rep tells me there is no record of my product even after I gave them the product serial number (for folks who develop data software, I would think you would have ways to search multiple number fields of products you sold???) Anyway, I called many phone numbers and then was referred to other phone numbers and then was referred to their website for non-business users to submit a service request. However, the service request screen did not work (this is after I had to register, which I understand the need for that, and then wait for confirmation), and I had to call and wait for another support person to walk me through filling out the screen. Then, after submitting my request online, I was told I will have to wait at least two days for a response. I have had this product for over 3 years and did not know all the problems associated with its use. I will be looking at non-SPSS products in the future. Very disappointed with their poor system of customer support.

Posted by Sabihah

I think IBM is very rich and do not want business from us. Been trying to get a quotation for SPSS in January 2014 and until now (May 2014) all I got was product specification. I did make a call to IBM in January after my first request and the customer service was horrendous

Posted by Anonymous

Simply to update to the latest version of the Tables component, it took several emails to my account rep, 10 minutes on my own trying to navigate the worst website I've ever seen, 16 minutes on the phone with customer service agent, and about 20 separate steps, including two different logins to get to the right place. ARE YOU SERIOUS IBM????? For a simple product download!! Un-freaking-believable.

Posted by michael at matrix

I have order a part for a ibm tablet over a three month period .I have been charges two times for the part and still don't have it.I have refunded the customer money for the long wait and have told him that if the part ever shows up I will install it for free but don't hold your breath!!!Every response from you company has been it not my department or I don't have a superivisor.I wonder if anybody is at home at ibm!!I ask several times for a e-mail address for the ceo or cfo and I get nothing.I am aware that I am a small business but my customer are important to me, I wonder if yours are important to you.Judgeing from you like or response it doesn't seem to.Help!!!!!!!!!!!!!! anyone at ibm at home Matrix Computer of Fayette llc.

Posted by bigbiz

I bought a new computer and need to install SPSS - a product I purchased. After 4+ days on the phone been I have been referred around and around. Navigated a maze of web links, product codes, access codes, authorization codes, each with their own password. Still no luck. All I am asking is a simple install. IBM bought SPSS company and undermined it. IBM is slashing skilled workers and it shows. No one can answer basic questions, they just refer. They told me IBM offers 24/7 support! I just laughed. I am looking for an alternative non-IBM stats application that will read a spreadsheet because my work can't be held hostage to the catastrophe that is IBM.

Posted by rob3252

Disgusted with their customer service. I've had repeated difficulty trying to download and authorize SPSS software. Then, once activated, their Version 21 cannot complete simple tasks I have completed often in previous versions - not that the features aren't available, they just DON'T WORK ANYMORE - continual error and "not responding" messages. I'm in a real bind, but won't touch their customer service department with a 10-foot pole. As I said - completely disgusted with them. I'll be looking into free crowd sourced options in the weeks ahead.

Posted by Anonymous

IBM has the absolute worst customer service imaginable. I give them the LOWEST possible rating. I needed help loading a software program. Should be extremely simple. They made this as painful and unpleasant as possible. The phone service was barely audible or understandable. The personnel cannot speak clear English. They are rigid and unhelpful. Their online registration process is the worst, most user unfriendly system I have ever seen. If you can avoid using any IBM products in the future, please avoid them. It's a miserable customer service experience.

Posted by jurfalino

We need to buy an IBM product: ILOG Elixir 3.5.. there´s no way to buy it online. When I chat with sales reps they always promise someone will get in touch with us, but it´s never the right person. Nobody actually knows who´s supposed to sell this product?? Is this chaos or what? In top of all that, the customer attention is awful!

Posted by Polly


Last Friday(23/09/2011) at about 9:30 am I was called by someone who said he was 'Nick from IBM - who proceeded to tell me about some website or desktop application' I interrupted him and said 'do I know you?' to which he replied 'well not directly, no'. "well I really don't want to listen to a sales pitch' I responded "I'm going to go now" and I hung up. Ten seconds later, Nick from IBM rang me again and said 'b*tch' and he hung up on me. I rang the uk sales line and they said that because I don't have the number there's nothing that I can do about this. I'm really horrified that this can occur and that because your call centres ring out from a blocked number, it is impossible for me to find this person. My phone which does list callers numbers shows this number as blocked.

Posted by Anonymous

I just placed a part order for my IBM server. What a painful process!! It took me over 30 minutes to place the order. Had to make 3 phone calls. I truly could not understand all the person on the other end of the line was saying. I finally discovered they were in Argentina. Why this when so many Americans are without a job? What is wrong with this picture? The first person told me the part was not available. I found a different part number to use and was told that was also a bad number. When I went back to the orginal number it was correct. I did not think the price I was quoted was correct so I did not place the order. I checked the price with my IT person and found we were incorrect on the price. I then called back and placed the order. Again I was told the number was incorrect. When I explained that the number was valid 10 minutes earlier, they found the part. I have placed my order and pray the correct part arrives in my office.

My Point: you almost lost a sale because 2 of your employees taking the order could not understand English.

I have always thought of IBM as an American company. I now question that belief.


Posted by D

My company is in the USA! If we have issues, in the middle of the night, we often have to speak to people WHO DON"T SPEAK ENGLISH, NOR DO THEY HAVE ANY CONCEPT REGARDING OUR ISSUES!

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