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Hyundai customer service is ranked #423 out of the 946 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 34.04 out of a possible 200 based upon 629 ratings. This score rates Hyundai customer service and customer support as Disappointing.


586 Negative Comments out of 629 Total Comments is 93.16%.


43 Positive Comments out of 629 Total Comments is 6.84%.

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    • 34.04 Overall Rating
      (out of 200 possible)
    • 586 negative comments (93.16%)
    • 43 positive comments (6.84%)
    • 1 employee comments
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    • 1.8 Issue Resolution
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    • 3.5 Friendliness
    • 2.9 Product Knowledge

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Posted by customer support

I had purchased verna car in march 16 with full payment delivered in April 16. Dealer has provided me car of aug 2015 without my notice and inspite repeated complaints there is no proper response from dealer /Hyundai local service support. the is clear case of cheating with customer. warranty was not updated and finally did not get read service as system was not updated.

There is a clear understanding between Hyundai (HMSI) and dealer to cheat customer with old /used/trail car delivery against payment of new car.

Posted by Dot

I have a 2012 Genisis. The paint is peeling off the lip above my windshield and the top of the back bumper is yellow and starting to peel.. Hyundai does NOT stand behind their product. What a SHAME! I will never buy another Hyundai. I am so sorry I’ve recommended them to many friends.

Posted by Anonymous

I was sold a 2017 Hyundai and was quite surprised due to my income. I am 78 amd am raising a great grandchild.I knew after my second payment that I would have to let it be repoed. When I contacted the credit union and asked them to come and get it they couldnt ubderstand why, especially when they reviewed my credit app. An overzealous sales person overstated my income by $12,000 per year. My credit ratinng went to heck. Please call me if you see the wrong in this. My name is Joanne Ford and I wish that I could have kept the car, it was absolutely great.

Thank you.

Posted by Anonymous

To All People Who Is Thinking Buy A Hyundai Var, please Stay Away From It, i Have 2016 Hyundai Accent Hb,with 25000 Miles.i Bought It At The Auction( Im Used Car Dealer )car Have Factory Warranty,clean Title, clean Car Fax,with Out No Accident What So Ever..bring The Car To Local Hyundai Dealer ..after A Week There Tranny Is Bad..long Story Short..factory Wont Replace It, they Said Cose Is From Auction Cant Do It .big Bs!!!!!!! Call Customer Service ..very Rude, No Professional,and They Dont Know A Simply Crap About Cars.....stay Away From Hyundai

Posted by Anonymous

I purchased a Elantra ultimate in oct. 2017. The automatic breaking sister hasnever worked. My dealers service tech. Agrees that it is not working, but he can not get a error code on his test. There fore he does not know how to repair it.hyundi Reginald service also, tells me there is no error code so it must be working. It does not work and the service people say they cont repair it. What can l do?

Posted by Anonymous

In July my wife purchased a 2017 elantra limited.first off we received paperwork including registration with the the wrong vin.#.we then referred our daughter to Wesley chapel Hyundai and she purchased a 2017 accent and was supposed to receive a 200 dollar Referal check after 2 months I inquired and was given 2 25 dollar gift cards and was promised a 100 dollar this date we haven't received it.I contacted them 15 days ago and was told check would be cut and in the mail in 48 hrs.still no check.very poor business practices
I have been dealing with Carter Miller

Posted by Dealers attitude towards custome

I have been purchased newgen Hyundai verna 2017 model for a price of 12.5 lakhs from SS Hyundai, Adoor sales outlet, the top variant SX(o) Automatic. Until the sale was done and for the first service, the dealers/ executives were keep calling and asking for top rated feedback. Even coming to home for taking photographs for exposing themselves to their management regardless providing enough answer for customer grievance after sales/ service. Here I'm sharing my past personal experience as well. When I bought a bike, they offered nice gifts for the providing a sale to them. But from SS Hyundai, it's very shame to tell about that providing a key chain, a tissue box, a small photo frame and 10 chocolates packed in a cover and taking photographs just handing over the empty cover. while we told about our past experience with a bike showroom with Hyundai showroom, they were simply arguing that they gifted us worth of 2000 (for the items listed above). so my above review is only point on these type of dealers and their attitude towards customers. Everywhere it's written as "customer is king". But my request is, even if you not consider as king, please don't consider customers as "beggars". shame on your dealers.

Posted by Cheryl

I wanted a third key. Went to Ken Garff Hyundai at Automall Drive in Salt Lake City. Brandon Smith, Service Manager, told me he didn't think I could get one. A rule from the manufacturer. But he didn't know. He would call me back in a day or two to verify. First of all, why not? Second, he never called me. When I called to make the appointment I specifically asked the person I talked to to check and make sure I could get a third key. He said yes. Never told me to bring both keys, which is mandatory. Does this sound like they know what they are doing?
Had a problem with my blind spot detection. Wouldn't look at it since I mentioned I had been rear-ended two months into owning the car. Took it back to Abra and talked to Robert Adams, Assistant General Manager. He pushed the button to turn in back on. Wouldn't that have been nice if Brandon Smith could have checked for me instead of wasting my time and wanting $90 for a diagnostic. After all, they should be the experts.

Posted by Willie

My girlfriend purchased a 2017 Elektra back in April, she didn't get a driver's manual. She has made numerous phone calls to the dealership who referred her to other phone numbers which lead nowhere. Can someone please send a manual

Posted by Alexis.s

I bought my 2013 Hyundai Sonata April 2016, was a great car never had one problem within first year, now a year later I took my car in to get my axels looked at and they confirmed they were in fact broken and needed to be fixed, along with that they said my engine was bad, I was shocked never had a problem, until it went to the shop. My car was in the shop 3 straight weeks for my engine and axels. The day I picked up my car I knew something was off. My car wouldn't go, wouldn't kick into gear, no speed to it what so ever, along with some pieces not even being out back into place on my gear shift, I called them and immediately said look there's something wrong. The service guy said I cant make you an appt but you can swing it by and we will take a look. I brought it in that following Friday and they said we cant find anything, I said okay well ill be back when. A week later, my car starts to jerk along with trying to stall going down the road. It continues and stalls on the side of the freeway. i immediately call them and tell them im bringing my car back. i Dropped my car off the next morning. I get a call later i the day and they say they cant find the problem by this time im livid. i said no u need to look again, you need to actually drive the car. So i get a call the following day and they say they did find the problem. Well i knew it was there. so thanks, they tell me my transmission is bad and i need a new one. well my car was there dam near a month and you couldn't find that before? so they tell me a inspector needs to come look at the car to approve the work, it is still under warranty for a few more years.. so finally i get a rental 3 days later and they call me a week and half later and say okay your cars done come pick it now its been a month and a half since the original day i took it in. so i leave work early to make sure i get the rental back on time. well i drop the rental off and come back to my car, i start it and its making this loud vibrating noise, did you drive my car after you fixed it? did u just park it hoping it would be fixed? well i go get the guy and i say my car making a loud noise, he comes out and looks and says its your cabin air filter, he takes it out, and its destroyed, he says a rat ate it, theres rat poop on there, that's not healthy, well my cars been here it happened at the shop, i haven't had my car in a month n a half but maybe a few days. so he doesn't charge me to put it in but i had to buy it. fine. so we get that fixed and i leave just praying nothing else is wrong. well it was, the reason they put the new transmission in, the jerking and staling its still doing.. YOUR KIDDING ME! so i had my car an hour and its shaking jerking down the road, so i call them this time balling my eyes out because i cant drive my car and itsbbeen almost two months, a new engine transmission, axels.. so now my car is back there for the 4th time and they still cant figure out the problem.

Posted by Sharz16

I've just waited an hour and 23 minutes to get through on customer care and never answered, just rang that whole time. Not even or IVR prompts to let me know if I'm progressing in the queue or estimated wait time. I have screen shot this waiting time for proof also.

Posted by JamesJ

Hyundai I called today to report Hardin Hyundai Anaheim on how they swindled my contracts on the purchase of my 2016 Sonota. I'll never buy a car from Hyundai after that experience. Corporate customer service is just horrendous.

Posted by Anonymous

Got a text saying I have a service due.booked a Tuesday but failed to say what Tuesday so I make my way to Hendon. Apparently it's booked for the 30st March.wasted journey. I cancelled the service there as the sales receptionist was yawning.I and I asked if there was one in reading. She said I am too tired and can't find one. I called the reading branch and the lady said it would cost £360 for a service.I am still in warranty so why charge me? I will fine this out when I get there.see what happens.

Posted by be aware

Warranty and service with Hyundai West end dealership is something to be very very aware of. I have a Brand new Santa Fe`, as per other comments I read, purchasing my car was a great experience. My sales person was good. But that is such a small part of owning your new car. I was on a road trip with my son's going to Banff for a hockey tournament, on the way as we were entering Calgary a hose clip fell off and my car started to lose power. It was late at night and lucky I was able to limp my car to a shop to get the clip replaced otherwise, I would have been stranded with my kids. A few months later my car started to make funny noise again so I took it to the dealership to be looked at. My issue apparently not at big deal because I was not able to get into service for a few days. I took my car in and was told that bottom-line it was my fault that this clamp came off and that I had it replaced while I was out of town at a none Hyundai dealership. That I was expected to pay for the repair and cleaning of my turbo engine. I asked if their expectation of me was to forfeit my sons hockey tournament and to pay for a hotel room both in Calgary and Banff waiting to get my car towed to a Hyundai dealership? They also said that unless I provide them with the "original clip" they will not fix my car. Here is for verbatim the final comments from Hyundai Warranty. Remember: that I was driving highway speeds, clamp feel off, car had loss of power and when my car was looked at there was no clamp and the hose was off its port:

Thank you for taking the time to follow up with me regarding your vehicle's issues.

Please understand that Hyundai Auto Canada will honor the terms of our warranty during the parameters of coverage, which includes the cost of parts and labour due to any manufacturer defects. Any defects must be diagnosed by an authorized Hyundai dealership; the issue that you have voicing since August 2016 was not diagnosed as a defect by the authorized Hyundai dealership.

Please note that this is Hyundai Auto Canada's final position and any further communication will be filed accordingly.

Best Regards


SO end result because I did not stop my plans, make a choice for my son to miss his hockey tournament and pay for hotel room in both Banff and Calgary or scourer the highway for the original clamp, my claim is not going to be warranted by Hyundai or by the west-end dealership. SO beware that if you have any issues no matter what is happening in your life you need to stop, not help yourself and have your car towed to a Hyundai dealership.

Posted by Anonymous

I own two Genesis V8. The warranty on the older one expired last November. Just before expiration the car started experiencing major problems. The CA failed and the compressor was replaced but still does not regulate temperature correctly. The transmission failed and was replaced. It has since been repaired twice, one requiring that the unit was removed from the vehicle. The engine failed and a replacement engine was installed. It leaked oil before even leaving the dealership and had to be removed for repair. The vehicle is since now four weeks at the dealership waiting for final engine replacement and yet another transmission. Repairs were held up by Hyundai because one department authorized the repair but failed to coordinate with another, which put the repair on hold for two weeks before Hyundai could coordinate internally and get their act together. Since October the vehicle has been in the shop for two months.

Throughout the ordeal the dealership, Ed Voyles of Atlanta and especially their customer service representative Rob Stover, has been exemplary, Hyundai itself much less so. Multiple phone calls and e-mails to the Genesis hotline resulted in automated messages that I would be called and the phone representatives, which clearly have neither authority nor training also promised return calls. None of these calls ever happened. Just today during another where I expressed my concern that the replacement engine was supposed to be fixed at the dealership rather than swapped for a working replacement unit, the same promises were made. One difference was the explanation that the regional rep at the company left and the new representative was blamed for dropping the ball. Of course, given that she just got the account only January 30 that is just another alternative fact.

Update: Although I was promised a call from the Hyundai regional rep to deal with my issues, the call never came. Her name, Cierra, was given to me but she is obviously to busy to deal with a customer. The dealership, however, called and informed me that the replacement engine has yet another problem. This time a warning light comes on and the reason has not been determined. The vehicle is now in the shop since 4.5 weeks.

Posted by Anonymous

I bought a 2016 Velocter and have had nothing but trouble since purchasing it. I have had it to 2 different service centers to try to get if fixed and still continue to have the same issue. We have gone through the buy back process and the rep that made the decision to not buy it back has been given me the worse customer service I have ever had! I have called him more than a dozen times and he has never returned my calls. Just last night (1/28/17), the car stalled twice and failed to shift properly. I have come to the point where getting an attorney may be my only option. With danger of the engine stalling and failing to shift properly it endangers the driver and passenge. I have puchased 4 other Hyundai's and have never had a problem. However, after the trouble I have had with getting this problem rectified, I may never purchase another one. Please look into this and contact me ASAP!

Posted by jms1271

Feelings of disappoinment, anger, saddness, frustration, disbelief and many more. I am an owner of a 2013 Hyundai Elantra. We purchased the car with 6,000 miles on it. We have been proud owners and have taken pristine care of the vehicle. Last week we heard a "ticking" in the engine. Took it to a Hyundai dealership who charged $116 to tell me the engine is bad. The car has 75,000 miles on it, 75% of that being highway miles. I would never in a million years expected a car with 75,000 miles on it, that has been very well maintained, to have a bad engine. Furthurmore, I would not, in any way, allow my customer to take on the cost of over $3,000 for a used engine. The integrity of Hyndai, the trust and respect that I once had for this company has been destroyed. If your products are being made this poorly and the life expectancy of an engine with 75,000 miles on it is acceptable to you, then I am deeply saddened for all current and future Hyundai owners. Standing behind your product and working with owners is what a healthy, thriving, trustworthy company would do. Customer satisfaction goes a long way. Disgruntled customers can be detramental to a company. I cannot stand behind the Hyundai name any longer.

Posted by Anonymous

Not happy with hyundai services
No such next day delivery had to wait days and days for the part to come to the car dealership I.m not In hurry to buy another car from hyundai.
If anybody want to buy a hyundai think twice before to go ahead with it

Posted by odessabob

Very disappointed in Crown Hyundai in St Petersburg, Fl! Of course after purchasing the vehicle the finance officer sold us on a couple of additional warranty programs but after reading through the paperwork the next day and seeing that Hyundai was not directly behind the program we wanted to cancel. Well, after leaving e-mai!, phone messages I have not heard back. Their chat people could care less about my problem and when I asked if I had to complain to corporate to get satisfaction and a response I was told that I should do what I have to do! Well, that did it for me and now I just want to cancel everything. My only cars have been Hyundai cars but after this experience I am not inclined to purchase there any longer! Very, very disappointed and their chat line people leave a lot to be desired!!!

Posted by mike apndo

I returned a Sonata last month to a local dealership as my lease was expiring. I received a letter with several charges on it. A $400.00 disposition fee, a $450.oo excess wear fee & a $59.50 official fee and taxes charge totaling $909.50. I called the 866-771-3663 number and spoke to Jasmin. I wanted an explanation of the $400.00 charge. Although Jasmin was somewhat helpful at first, her tone drastically changed when I questioned the $400.00 charge. She stated at least 7-8 times that this charge was listed on the contract. Even after I asked her not to repeat this canned response, she stated it again. She stated that I had sixty days from the return date of my car to pay the $909.50 or the account would be sent to a collection agency. The date of the letter sent to me was two weeks after the return of the vehicle. So in reality, that is only 45 days to make the payment. I explained to Jasmin that I would like to make four equal payments over the next four months. She stated that was fine but the account would go to collections in sixty days from the return of the car. I asked to speak to someone whom can assist a customer in their time of need. I am willing and need to pay the entire amount, just over a four month plan. Jamin said someone in authority would call me within 72 hours. That was a week and a half ago. Is it just because I turned in my car that the normally good customer service that I received from Hyundai has come to an end? Please have someone contact me as soon as possible to work through this matter and assist a potential customer in their time of need.

Thank you

PS. I would suggest a retraining program for Jasmin. Her customer service skills need to be a bit more pleasant, understanding and cooperative with people.

Posted by Hyundai KSA bad maintenance in r

Dear Support,

Last week my windshield got a small crack...and i decided to take it for Hyundai main branch in Riyadh Walan Hyundai main branch to change this windshield.

After 4 days of maintenance in the branch...i have received the car replaced with the new windshield but the implementation was awful.

My notes was as the following:
1. The side panels/trims are not fitting the car body a big gab between them and the body of the care.

2. The left trim /panel have many scratches

3. The body beside the left trim also have scratched

4. The windshield is not fitting the body of the car...its higher than the body and the panorama roof

5. The left/right panels are not tightened to the body of the car...they can be moved by a human touch with his fingers

The Hyundai branch manager replied they will fix the problem but not sure if they will change the scratched trim/panel...and all the costs will be charged to the Hyundai employee who have was responsible of these mistakes.

In general...i have paid 600usd for a having a good maintenance...but looks like i will be loosing much more:

1. I have already paid 60usd for renting a car from outside of Hyundai
2. I will be renting again another car after returning my Santa fe back for maintenance
3. Hyundai will not cover me with a new left trim/panel

Looking for your support please...

Waleed AlRamahi Hyundai Santa fe 2.4 2015 owner

Posted by Rick

I have reported a problem.with my clutch several times, the tech had told me it was the cable which he had replaced with warantee about a month ago and I told him the same time that there is no difference and it's still the same, he top me it will wear in give it time, a few weeks ago I had a service done and complained again, and they gave me a report that the gearbox needs to come out, I booked the car in on Friday for today and I recieved a call stating I need to come in as the cable needs to be replaced as that is the cause as the casing was rubbing against my after market battery that was put in, and that I must pay for it and if it's not the problem he will pay for it another rmi approved workshop assesed my vehicle as I have been having endless problems with my car and no joy from HYUNDAI SC. And told me that it is a common fault with the clutch fork bushes, there is a noise on take off, as I something is breaking, several techs drove my car and know 1 can find the fault, these guys are useless I never had such pathetic service in my life, I will never buy a Hyundai again....

Posted by Anonymous

Very dissatisfied with our Genesis! Very disappointed with Billy Navarre in Lake Charles.

Posted by Anonymous

I own an elantra I have close to 200000 miles never had any problems only minor things brakes tires lights.I loved this car. The other nite I was rear ended by a old pickup truck. I walked out of my car without any injury. The car was totaled. Tomorrow I am going to buy another hyndai

Posted by Anonymous

Hyundai Pinetown I signed an offer to purchase and on arrival to sign the deal the sales guys says the DP rejected the deal and that they want 20k more for the vehicle....can this be done...?

Why did they send me an offer to purchase in the first place...?

They said I need to sign the new offer to purchase if I still want the vehicle otherwise there are other people waiting for that particular vehicle.
So I did sign the offer to purchase as I was like put on the spot and I could lose the vehicle.

Can a reputable dealership do such a thing to customers....?

Add your review!

Posted by Anonymous

Having owned 4 previous Hyundai.
1st pony.2nd sonata.3rd i20 4thi20.and now a i10 se premium
This must be the best so far the 12 00 engine is brilliant.have no problems on motorway.and fuel consumption is great.
I love the Hyundai never had a problem with them. A Very satisfied customer.Mr S w Sprules Lancaster U K.

Posted by Anonymous

I purchased a 2012 Hyundai Tucson at Phillips Hyundai in Bradley.The passenger side front spring cracked and broke off. I talked to my personal mechanic and he told me to take it to the dealer, that I should not be driving the vehicle. I then took the car back to Phillips for inspection.I purchased an extended warranty when I bought the car, and this part was covered. The service department at Phillips told me that I needed a new battery and a new serpentine belt, As far as the spring, they couldn't find one and told me it may be mid March before they could get one and sent me home. I requested the Hyundai corporate phone number. When I called corporate, The woman I spoke to advised me to contact another Hyundai dealer. I then called Darcy Hyundai in Joliet, Il. I spoke to a Ralph Jennings on the phone. Ralph listened to my concerns and agreed that I should not be driving the car. Ralph asked me to call him back in 30 minutes. I called back and Ralph told me to have my car at Darcy Hyundai at 10:00 am the next morning. I was so thrilled! I made arrangement for my son to take the car for me as I had to work. My son arrived at Darcy as scheduled, only to wait over 4 hours. Not because Darcy Hyundai didn't have all the plans in motion, But because Phillips Hyundai would not release my warranty information to them. I personally called Phillips 3 times from work and was told Mike, the service manager was with another customer and then in a meeting. I again called corporate and got Jeff. Jeff contacted me several times, contacted Phillips Hyundai, and finally got the warranty number to Darcy Hyundai.
Ralph Jennings told me, both springs were damaged so he replaced them both. My battery was at 60%, and that nothing is wrong with my serpentine belt. Ralph replaced 2 bulbs that were out and even washed my car! I have truly lost all confidence in Phillips Hyundai in Bradley!
I hope you will recognize the valued employees you have. Jeff at corporate, Thank You for all your help! Ralph Jennings, You restored my faith in car dealerships. Your honesty and knowledge is so rare these days! I will never take my car to any other dealer unless you work there!
Thank You!!! With all sincerity, Laurie Duke

Posted by Anonymous

We would like to commend Hyundai Bloemfontein, especially Nicolene Bezuidenhout in the Service division who went above and beyond to assist us in our vehicle breakdown as well as Fanie who worked on the vehicle.

Posted by Anonymous

Have recently purchased a 2017 Santa Fe Limited Ultimate. Have so far been very pleased with the vehicle and the purchase experience. Would like to suggest an upgrade to a safety feature. Do like the brake hold feature, but when engaged, the brake light goes off. This may lead to a vehicle approaching from behind to think that my vehicle is moving and they may not stop. Hopefully, this may be an easy fix to have the brake light stay lit when the brake hold is engaged.

Posted by shelley

service was fabulous Valerie rocks at napleton on ochchobee she is knowledgeable fast like a energizer bunny and so sweet and gets the job done Ernie is also awesome the best what a team I drive 35 miles to see this dealership they r the bets thank you

Posted by Blacks

Had the best experience with Levin in customer service, He was a total Gem, very professional and has a personality out of this world, a very satisfied customer, Thank you Levin, keep up the good work March 5, 2016

Posted by Anonymous

Hyundai customer service is the best at South point austin texas. I would refer anyone to go there. They treat their customers with excellent service. I have no regret buying my car from them. That is what you call excellence going above and beyond

Posted by Mred

I just want you to know how much i like MCAFFERTY Hyundai thier staff is the best my salesman Nick Mozier is the best guy i ever dealt with ! I wouldn't buy a car from anyone else ! 😄😄😄

Posted by Sonatafan

We recently purchased a 2011 Sonata, which is an excellent car from top to bottom. Soon after our daughter and her husband bought a 2009 Sonata. Two weeks ago they were in a horrible head on wreck (not their fault). The Sonata is totaled, but it probably saved their lives. They are now shopping for another one. I will be a loyal Hyundai customer from now on.

Posted by Anonymous

I Want to Compliment the Dealership in Hyannis, Mass. Specifically, Jim Welch .in Service Dept.Several times, he has been Very Helpful, to me, he goes above + beyond to help me. Hope he's there for a while longer... Sincerely, Kevin D. Tripp

Posted by Shyraun

My name is Shyraun Johnson and I recently purchase a car from Hyundai College Park my salesmen were Mr. Shawn Hashemi and Mr. Zodi. They both gave me REMARKABLE CUSTOMER SERVICE with purchasing my first car. My survey that I was given doesn't reflect that. My only downfall with this vehicle was in less than 24 hours of having the car my front tire got messed up and they were so kind into fixing my tire and paying for it (they're awesome). My survey doesn't show how they went OVER AND BEYOND to make sure my first car purchase was OUTSTANDING when doing the survey I thought I was giving them the highest ratings but I was mistaken. I would definitely recommend any of my friends, colleagues and family to purchase their car from College Park Hyundai through Mr. Shawn Hashemi and Mr. Zodi. I also wrote a review on to recommend other car buyers to come to Hyundai College Park. When purchasing this car I was indecisive I was going to purchase a 2015 Santa Fe but for my first car my family and friends told me I should start out with something smaller. So I was taken to another lot and there I saw the 2016 Elantra GT and I was sold Mr. Shawn Hashemi made me feel comfortable in the car by showing me all of the gadgets that were in the car. I loved the hands-free bluelink. My purchase went swiftly I understood everything because it was explained and I did my research also. Hands down Mr. Shawn Hashemi and Mr. Zodi deserve to be given a OUTSTANDING FIRST CAR PURCHASE because that's an experience I will never forget. Words and surveys can't explain the EXCEPTIONAL EXPERIENCE I received from these two young men Mr. Shawn and Mr. Zodi!!!!!!!!!

Posted by Gail

We bought a new Tucson in 2006 from Orangeville Hyundai. And we just purchased a 2015 Tuscon. Orangeville Hyundai is a fantastic dealership. We are keeping the 2006 with 310,000 kms as a second car...... It is still going great! Melanie, our salesperson, is a no pressure, helpfulhelpful, knowledgeable and fun person to deal with. Good job Hyundai!! Thanks Gail

Posted by Holliesam

I have contacted Customer Service UK on two occasions and both times, spoken to very helpful ladies. One was called Tracy, not sure of the other ladies name. Great help though, couldn't fault them

Posted by ken austin

I bought a 2013 Equus new. LOVED that car. Put > 55K mile on it in 2 years. This week I Crashed into a pole at 80 MPH. Broke the pole in half. Minor soreness/bruises. Car protected passengers very very well. I'll miss that car. Best car i ever had. Best stereo i ever had. Service at local dealer was excellent.....I'm gonna miss that car.

Posted by Willie

Willie van Straaten, Viljoenskroon.
Three weeks ago I had a puncture in Klerksdorp.
The tare was untouchable hot and I did not know how to operate the system. I called Anneska my wife. She called the Hyundai dealer in Klerksdorp and with in 20 minutes they changed the tyre and accompanied me to a tyre dealer to fix the puncture.

I was desperate and willing to pay for the service. It was all free with friendly voices and smiles.

Thank you Hyundai, much appreciated

Posted by Drgus

Special mention to service manager Frank who got approval to take a new part from a car on the lot so I would not havel to wait 3 weeks to get my car back. Also for mechanic Chad who went above and beyond in spending time with me to answer all my questions and share his knowledge. Great job!!

Posted by Anonymous

Excellent,customer services,one of the best I have delt with,Tracy & Haley very friendly and did
every thing I ask.

Posted by Anonymous

Dear Sir
It is a great pleasure that I write to you a simple note to let you know how pleased I am with your service and courtesy that usually I get at your location at Delray Beach in Florida.
Mr. Monserrate is very knowledgable, friendly and accommodating .
Joe Dias

Posted by Beach4404

This positive comment must get to the PR department.

I have purchase three different Hyundai in three years from Savannah, GA. Each time the manager, Daniel brown, helped get what we needed.

Today I had an accident and towed my car to Hyundai on Abercorn ST. My family was out of town for an operation on my step daughter.The police report was not going to be ready for 24 hrs.So my insurance could not ascertain if the person who hit me had insurance.I had give my credit cards to my wife for the trip and kept my debit card with $200. for my needs.Enterprise wanted $150 deposit and at least three days($179.) I had no one not at work to call. They would not accept my card being read over the phone by my wife. I was about to be stranded for at least seven hours. My house was many miles away, so I called Mr. Brown for any ideas. He talked to the rental people and got me a car. Let's just say I am capable of paying many times the rental-but enterprise took the word of Mr. Brown and I was not stranded for another seven hours.

I buy cars for my family every two to three years. Only Mr. Brown will get my business.

Thank you Daniel Brown!

Errol Cohen

Posted by Anonymous

Great service from Dave Hallman Hyundai Inc. Erie, Pa16503

car broke down on 7-24-13 at 6:00PM.I called and sales Mgr. answered (don't have his name)had me tow car in to service dept. and he would alert Service Dept.Mgr. John Huff to call me at 8:AM which he did .Mr.Huff said he would have me on my wato PITTSBURGH BY 1:00pM ON 7-25-13 and he did.Sales Mgr. also gave me listings of near by hotels that made life easier.

Hyundai lucky to have them!!!

Posted by rick roberts

To Whom May Receive This Email,


I recently brought my Elantra GT in for a routine oil change. Prior to this routine work I had an occasion to require some maintenance due to a smoking issue during hard acceleration. A smog valve was replaced and seemed to take care of most of that issue. I still have a minor issue with that but not significant any longer.

During my recent Oil change I was informed that Hyundai recommended an additive needed to be added to the gas at every oil change. This additive cost $13.00 plus. I was also told that this additive was needed due to direct fuel injection which my car has. My question to you is WHY. Why does Hyundai expect the consumer to incur this expense as it appears that the issue is with the injection system. I for one feel Hyundai should pay or fix the reason the additive is required. I was also told that if I didnâ??t use the additive the engine could become defective!

Iâ??d like to propose a scenario to you. Lets say that Hyundai decided that in order to keep the engine running smoothly a small amount of GOLD Dust was needed in the engine air filter and it would need to be replaced at each oil change. Would Hyundai expect the consumer to shoulder that cost because the manufacturer didnâ??t build the air filter correctly? Well, would they? I think not. There shouldnâ??t be a reason that an additive is needed for a brand new vehicle. At least not from my opinion. Is there anything being done to eliminate the need for this additive? Iâ??m not happy that my new vehicle needs a $13.00 fix at each oil change.

I await your response.

Thank You

Rick Roberts

Posted by Anonymous

great service and i rate the dealer as 5 stars his name is jake the plymouth mass dealership.

Posted by [email protected]

I was explained on this lease car very quickly. Many papers to sign and X's to sign on without taking the time to read what I was signing.
I was told my car that I traded in was considered a lemon according to the Kelly blue book which the dealership ZI have been working with for a long time, should have checked this before he quoted me for a price of 17.500 for a 2009 Malibu.
I know next time to check before I buy anything and want it in writing.
Before signing anything next time. I will take the time and reading every line.
The car that I traded was quoted as a "6Cyl and not a 4 Cyl which made a difference on the paper work.

Posted by aadil

Hyundai springfield, durban, is awesome service so far.

The sales person Dean Goodsell and finance lady Joanne Horsley, really were best car dealer personal which I have come across.

Essentially I am one of those people who will pick on any small fault, but I could not find anything to pick on.

Dean was there every step of the way from my initial enquiries and a million and one questions, right till the delivery of the vehicle.

Joanne was a pleasure to deal with and sorted my vehicle finance within a couple of hours. Instant feedback from both of them.

I would recommend driving from far to buy a hyundai from these two people.

Posted by Jogon

Excellent Product
Fair Price
Great Customer Service

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Posted by SUMMERC

I am working as a admin in a hyundai service dealer,i am writing to complain a salesperson name HJ AZMI from SIME DARBY AUTO HYUNDAI SDN.BHD. SHAH ALAM due to his very bad attitude. One of his customer came to our place for his 2nd free service,but HJ AZMI didn't do his duty to stamp the sales dealer chop on the free coupon. After i called to Hyundai Customer Care Line,i get HJ AZMI mobile number and i call him to request him to bring the sales dealer chop to our workshop. HJ AZMI told me that his sales dealer chop was missing,so that he have to extra chop can bring over. HJ AZMI ask me to fax the free coupon to his office, he will fax it back to me after he stamp the sales dealer chop on free coupon. But,i need the original sales dealer chop to submit to warranty department. I called to Hyundai Customer Hotline again to get help because of the sales person of this vehicle don't want to come to our workshop,customer service suggest me to call HJ AZMI again,if he still don't want to do his responsibility as after sales service then i have to ask customer to make complain to hyundai customer services hotline. Once HJ AZMI knew that i am the one who calling him before,he start to cursing foul language and don't wan to hear about what i am saying.

In the end,HJ AZMI did not show up his face and i settle this case with warranty department.

I know i am not a Hyundai's customer,i have no right to make a complain here.

But i really like to tell everybody about HJ AZMI bad attitude,he didn't do his

responsibility as a sales person,don't wan to give cooperation to service dealer and didn't respect me. He are the worst sales person i ever meet.


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