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Husqvarna customer service is ranked #693 out of the 946 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 25.89 out of a possible 200 based upon 106 ratings. This score rates Husqvarna customer service and customer support as Terrible.


104 Negative Comments out of 106 Total Comments is 98.11%.


2 Positive Comments out of 106 Total Comments is 1.89%.

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    • 25.89 Overall Rating
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    • 104 negative comments (98.11%)
    • 2 positive comments (1.89%)
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Posted by Paul

Bought Husqvarna hand held blower.went wrong under warranty. It is only a £200 machine. It has been with local dealer 7 weeks now. Replaced carb. Coil.ig option unit.had to get a machine in to check crankshaft seals. Still not can this be cost effective.i still have no machine and they must have paid local dealer with Labour and parts nearly £1000. Can't believe it.what a poor show

Posted by Edward

Just got charged 217.00 for a warranty on my mower with 17 hours of service by Lowes in Fultondale Al. The belt came off before first use and did it 4 more times before it broke the belt !!!! This dosent really concern you much but i have all Husqvarna power equipment whivh as of this moment will be replaced by someone who really gives a flip about tgeir customers. Thank you Paul Lawley a former customer

Posted by mec585858


I purchased a chain saw from Husqvarna about 5 years ago. After taking caring of it according to manufacturer directions, while I was using it the chainsaw caught on fire, and the motor burnt out.

I would please like to have a discussion about this with someone from the company>


Posted by Lcecil

I purchased a riding mower May 1st from a dealer in Burton, MI. The mower came with a $100 rebate - supposedly. However, Husquvara's service rep online asks if I received a rebate code. The dealer knows nothing about a rebate code and says I will need to contact the manufacturer. The contact number on my paperwork is just a recording with office hours. Calling during normal business hours gives you the same recording. Sounds like the dealer was just saying there was a rebate just to make a sale. The manufacturer is using these customer service reps to run interferance between the customer and manufacturer. Manufacturer website allows you to register your product for warranty purpose, but if the rebate runaround is the level of their customer service, don't expect them to honor the warranty on anything.

Posted by Better buy a John Deere

There costumer help is useless,l inquired which garden tractor if any might have a K72 transmission,he said he googled it,and the modelhe told me has a K46.I might as well of asked the cat.

Posted by Kinseydallas

This company is absolutely worthless when it comes to any implied warranty.
I filed a complaint with BBB at their main office in N Carolina.
Buyer beware fo not buy any of their products. I plan to sue them in small claims court.

Posted by Donna

We pd $6000 for a new mower that is a piece of crap. We still owe $4000 and it has been in the shop more than here at our expense.
We have sent letters after letter to corporate and no reply.
We had prior one we loved which is why we purchased a 2nd one.
We are so dissatisfied. We have let everyone know. You all should pay this junk off or offer z decent one.

Posted by Kinsey in Dallas

I think the only way to get Husqavarna to ever get serious about their on-going warranty issues is to have some good class action suits filed against them. I have warranty issues now on a mower with less than 1 hour operating time and they won't even reply to the service dealer and give an OK to fix. Filing complaints with the Federal Consumer Agency would also be a good start. Enough complaints to the Feds will start an inquest and a royal slap in the face. The Media can also help with consumer complaints like channel 4 and 5.. BBB complaint is my next step and then the Federal Consumer Protection Agency.

Good Luck, I'm going with another brand next time

Posted by Anonymous

Good evening my name is jacob i live in sc you have a husqvarna dealer in walterboro sc he has a very nasty attitude he go made at me because his mechanic mess mower up he told me to take my raggy mwer and get of his property

Posted by bill

I had a very service with one of your representative this afternoon. the guy ( or kid ) didn't know squat about anything pertaining my 08-09 Husqvarna 2754 GLS nor did he have any answers to which I asked a question about. I was asking about a PTO CLUTCH and he didn't even know what the heck it was or what it did.I was gonna order from him but I chose to get a second opion else where.

Posted by Green River Power Equipment, Gil

Brought our lawnmower to Green River Power Equipment to repair our Husqavarna tractor. Worst service ever. Lied to us about part availability. After 3.5 weeks waiting, pulled the mower and brought it to Devon Equipment in Belchertown, MA. Fixed in 3 days. If they are going to sell your mowers then they should be made to repair them without a lot of BS and lying. Will never go there again and will not recommend them to friends and family. Doesn't deserve to carry your line.

Posted by Ricky

i just got a 46 inch riding mower, its in the shop now 2 times, its a 2016 i have a 08 runs better than this crap, now he says the free nutral switch wont work and is broke everything i got is hasqvrana but that is gonna change

Posted by Anonymous

hi my name is keith I bought a chain saw from you 10-17 it just died 7-17 I cut down 5 small trees with it I didn't get even 2 years out of it I'm not too happy no one has called me or wrote me back from the last letter seems like no one cares at all,keith

Posted by Mike

Brand new tiller with less than 10 hours had a tine break as a result of a poor weld. So far it has been almost 3 weeks and I still have no replacement. Will tend to look harder at non-Husq products in the future.

Posted by Upset

Ok I've got your riding lawnmower have had for the last 5 years why do I have to buy a new battery for it every year.i take the battery out every fall and bring in the house.i keep it at full charge all may start mower once then I have to jump start it.this will be the 6th battery so far. I paid 1.900 time I added bag.this has been a waste of my money.with battery costing me $60 A year.i can not or will I recamend your product to anyone.

Posted by Anonymous

i bought a husqvarna 22 horse 46 inch piece of junk almost a year ago . took it to 2 husqvarna dealers that couldn't find the problem . i paid extra for diagnosing and pick up and delivery 'the mower has been in the shops for over a month they put new spindles on and it's still squealing like a pig 'my neighbors stop when i'm cutting grass and ask me whats wrong with the mower .no one knows .i've called husqvarna half a dozen times waited an hour on hold asked for a resolution to my problem they won't do anything to fix the problem .3 year warranty is no good i'll never buy another husqvarna product neither will any of my neighbors .HUSQVARNA DOES NOT STAND BEHIND THERE PRODUCTS

Posted by gregs

I wish I had read the reviews from this company. They build the worse equipment. I bought AWD lawnmower in july 2016, used it one season. After the season I drained that gas. I also want to mention I use non-ethanol gas so it doesn't gum up carbs. Start of this season I went out bought fresh gas and poured it into lawn mower. Didn't start. I call, they gave me repair place, repair place said I had water in tank, and carbs are bad due to water, and it wasn't covered under warranty. First, I know there was no water in gas. Ok so if there was just saying, it would not ruin the carbs. I rebuild motorcycle, I know about the carbs, and if it did then this machine is garbage. It rains water will get on carbs anyway. I'm going to have to replace the carbs every year because this is manufacture builds bad quality equipment for expensive price. Please don't buy from this company, you will regret it. I know I have. I should have bought another Honda. Had my Honda mower for 10 years no problems, still had no problems just wanted AWD. I have regretted my actions. Please don't fall for this like I did.

Posted by Anonymous

I received a Husqvarna 122HD45 Hedge Trimmer in Dec/2015. I used it for about 6-7 hours throughout 2016. Last week (April22,2017) I began using the trimmer on my hedge and after 1 hour it started stalling when full throttle, until it wouldn't start at all. I brought it to a small engine repair shop who checked the compression which was virtually nothing and was told it was not worth repairing. Really!!! $279.00 plus tax and it works for about 8 hours and is dead. I called customer service and was told w/o the receipt I am out of luck. It was a gift so no receipt for me. What a sorry state of affairs. Husqvarna sells you a top of price line trimmer and will use any dodge available to avoid any liability. The customer service rep actually said the receipt proves I purchased the trimmer. I stated that the fact I have the trimmer shows ownership. I was told I could have stolen the trimmer. I was then told that I had to bring it to an authorized dealer and if the fuel is in any way fouling the machine the warranty is voided. That was not my problem as the machine ran for an hour and must have had internal engine damage. That would be a responsibility of Husqvarna to repair or replace. Something I fear they will never do as they laugh at my post here. Not happy about the Husqvarna machinery and the company itself. My only recourse is to buy another brand from now on and avoid Husqvarna if they are going to treat customers with such disdain.

Posted by home grown engineer

Purchased a bag attachment for a RZ46i Zero turn, when I installed the unit it became obvious that the ability to use the tow bar is reduced to zero as there is not enough space to allow for attaching items like a cart or aerator when the bagger is removed. How could engineers be so thoughtless about the functionality of the total use of the tractor. Obviously someone is not thinking. I remedied the situation by grinding a small window to allow the space necessary for attachments- next time think ahead please.

Posted by Montana Mtn Climber

Snowblower rebate appears to me a scam to get you to forget or give up after repeated attempts. Register product, submit paperwork(scanned) status shows all is good and being processed. A month later, finally remember to check & status is denied with no email notification. Re-registered snowblower & provided proof to rebate center 12/20. Now shows up to 50 DAYS TO PROCESS!! I own a zero turn mower(MZ5425) & chainsaw made by Husqvarna but this will be my last purchase. Quit jerking your faithful customers around and offer an instant rebate. My next purchases will be from Stihl and Honda. Good luck share holders, this company is going to be circling the drain if they keep this path.

Posted by Vera

I'm not happy with your company right now. I had bought a Husqvarna Riding lawnmower and bagger on May 8, 2016. It had a $100 rebate. I sent in the rebate form and the info that you needed. 2 months later I checked status. It says current status incomplete. I pushed the status it says, Your rebate has been submitted and is currently being processed. So now today I checked on it again, same message. I called the rebate center and they said that I had to register it and take picture of it. So now the rebate has expired and now I do not get the $100. I also own a Husqvarna weedeater. I really like your products, but I guess I'll find another company to buy my equipment from. Unhappy Customer

Posted by Anonymous

The tires suck,. Please send respectable tires that can handle normal use.(more tread).

Chris Vetor

Posted by Anonymous

I purchased a Husqvarna snowblower approx 10 days ago. Part of the deal was a $50 rebate which I have been having a hard time getting registered for. The phone number stated on the rebate form results in nothing but a runaround. I sent an e-mail to Husqvarna a week ago and have yet to receive a reply. Since they won't even grant me the courtesy of a reply, I shall no longer grant Husqvarna the courtesy of any future purchases. I think I may return the snowblower as well since they seem to have no interest in their customers!

Posted by Ticked off Landscaper

I am a Landscaper. Bought Hand held Blower May 2016 w/1 yr commercial Warranty. Unit used minimaly during Drought Summer. Blower will not Rev up. Carburetor set by Dealer/Manufacturer. Use & have receipts for ethanolfree fuel & Husqvarna Oil. Blower exhaust port found w/ excess carbon build up. Dealer will not warranty. This is obviously a matter of the Carb not being properly set up. This is Poor Customer Service. I am outraged that this Unit has not been honored by the Dealer. I will await a response from Husqvarna before Filing Complaint w/ State Attorney General. But I am ticked off at this lack of Honor. Thank you **Roger A. Hargrave**

Posted by Anonymous

to whom it may concern.
on the 29th of September 2016 at approx 1pm i was at garden route mall, George where there was a display of your product. i am already a owner of your product and was interested in buying another hand chain saw because i am very pleased with your product. standing at the display there was nobody present to assist me, because i am familiar with your product i picked up a chain saw, to my shock, i saw it was on and charged ready to use,still no one came to assist me. i actually took of the cover and pulled the lever to see that it is in fact on and working, with sill nobody in after the third try on the chain saw a male came running towards me telling me i shouldn't do that... he was the sales person. just as shocked as i was he stood there making me feel as if i am the wrong one but he left the whole display unattended and the fact that all the machinery was on and in working order is a major safety risk to anyone using the mall. i am disgusted with his attitude and manner in which he dealt with the whole situation. i made contact with the mall as well because it is unacceptable to leave live machinery unattended.
i don't want your product to be influenced by the people that's suppose to market it for you.
kind regars

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Posted by R

I purchased my husqvarna 800 awd with Honda engine. First let me say I like the lawnmower. I have returned the mower twice and now on the third in less than a month. The first was damaged straight from the box. There was no damage to the box so I concluded the damage occurred during packaging. The second mower, during my second cutting, developed a wobbling left rear wheel. I checked to assure the wheel bolt was secure and it was. Appeared the wheel mechanism had a factory defect. Lowe's has been more than great in resolving the problem.

Posted by darkangel3559

Wow...Just ordered an item and got through to the right person, received great service and got issue well taken care of. Couldn't ask for any better.

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