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Huntington National Bank customer service is ranked #625 out of the 946 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 27.60 out of a possible 200 based upon 25 ratings. This score rates Huntington National Bank customer service and customer support as Terrible.


24 Negative Comments out of 25 Total Comments is 96.00%.


1 Positive Comment out of 25 Total Comments is 4.00%.

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  • Huntington National Bank

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    • 27.60 Overall Rating
      (out of 200 possible)
    • 24 negative comments (96.00%)
    • 1 positive comments (4.00%)
    • 0 employee comments
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    • 2.1 Issue Resolution
    • 1.7 Reachability
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Posted by hunt suks balz

yea I like their online banking but that's about it. they are terrible people to talk to. Im going to change banks its like talking to dish network or sprint.

Posted by Jay

Screw you huntington service reptalking to me like I'm stupid. Very inpatient and unprofessional service rep!!'

Posted by Very Unsatisfied

All I can say is NO WONDER THEY HAVE TO PAY PEOPLE TO OPEN AN ACCOUNT!!! I had a horrible experience with the Huntington bank in Clariton, PA. I opened a banking account with Josey on Aug 31, 2016 and never received any statements or heard anything from the bank for over a month. I called and talked to a teller and was informed the address was wrong and they couldn't change anything over the phone I had to come down there. I asked to speak to Josey the one who opened the account, she said she was at lunch but would give her the message to call me back. No call back, so I called Joseys private line the next day and left her a message. Waited 2 weeks and never received a call back. Went to the bank and talked to 3 different people, they were very nice and helpful and corrected the address, Josey was not there. I had to go through all this because the account wasn't opened properly then Josey would not return my phone calls. This isn't someone making a mistake or having a bad day. She purposely did not call me back after given chances. This is not customer service, this is purposeful avoidance and rudeness. There is no reason not to return a customers phone call other than pure neglect.

Posted by one pissed off customer

Seriously the worst bank, and credit card service I have ever had! There IVR system is a complete joke! I literally have to call to speak to the agent due to the fact the their IVR system can't understand simple commands. I've been in the phone for an hour dealing with customer service in them mistransfering me! I should not have to call back in because, someone names Todd didn't want to do his job, and sent me to the application department vs sending me to the people that would actually take my payment. You can't get a straight answer from any of the employees. Their tone is rude, and awful! Absolutely no customer service skills at all!! I already closed my checking account, paying off the voice credit card that I made a large purchase on when I should have just put it on my discover. Absolutely disgusted with this company! If you want a decent credit card, or bank then go to discover! There's a reason they have won awards for their customer service skills, since they actually hire people it seems who actually care about the company they work for, and people they service.

Posted by nj

I applied for a Home Equity loan on May 4. It is now June 17 and still no loan. We have a credit rating of over 800, no loans, mortgage,liens, in other words no debt. We own our house and even have a small farm. We had to have an appraisal. Get this, in Mercer county they only have 1 appraiser. This is unbelievable!

Posted by lmoore245

Another ridiculous policy left me in the hole $352.00. I made my car payment online and put in the wrong check number, I got an error message that said that check number had been used so I put in another, I was charged twice and this wreaked havoc on my checking account causing me a loss of almost $700.00. There were 11 overdraft fees and the duplicate payment of $339 and change had to be mailed to me and I would not receive it for 7-10 days - why not credit it from where you took it out??? DUMB - I have talked to several bank employees and was told they could/would do nothing about the fees - and it was the fault of the website. Not happy about this at all.

Posted by anonymous

Tried two different branches of Huntington today to make a simple withdrawal. I was unsuccessful at both. Don't know if they still train staff, but one individual needed an overide on his customer (third time I've seen him fail) and the other person was busy trying to handle money to India (last time in line was China). After 20 minutes in line, I left. Second branch I walked into had an open teller. I tried to present my check but he said he was there for drive throughs and I needed to go to someone else. Customer service extremely lacking. I will be moving my funds to another bank that services it customers.

Posted by Anonymous

So i called the customer service number because i wanted investigate suspicious activity on my account i was kept on hold for almost half and hour with no assistance at all i finally hung up disgusted and still without to resolve my issue this is completely unacceptable They are supposed to have 24hour customer service available i cannot tell after my experience tonight. i will be calling again tomorrow to issue another complaint It makes me reconsider keeping them for my banking service

Posted by Anonymous

I was fairly certain that left my Huntington debit card in a Huntington ATM (my branch). I went to the branch the next business day and was told the debit cards are shredded by Brinks and there's no way to know if my card was there or not. So I was left not knowing for certain whether or not I had a security risk of a lost card. This is a ridiculous policy. Have Brinks leave the cards and have your employees notify us that its found. I was then given a temporary card but not told it was for the Huntington ATM only. I got caught out of town and out of gas. Lastly I was told the new card would have the same expiration date and security code, it doesn't so I have to notify my auto pays. All of this could have been avoided if the bank had more concern for the customer and didn't destroy MY card.

Posted by Anonymous

I cannot believe that I am being charged a late fee because I chose not to pay my loan off at huntington said timing!I will not ever use Huntington fir anymore of my banking nor will I recommend Huntington to any one else! Another bank I have ever dealt with has never treated me the way Huntington has on my loans !

Posted by Jazamin

On 9/11/2015 around 7:45 or so, I called to have my car loan placed in automatic withdrawal. The representative was soooo rude she had no customer service at all. This is my first time dealing with them. I am trying to be a responsible customer paying ahead of the due date and instead of appreciating a good customer she was rude and insulting. That experience assured me NOT to open an account with them. Very dissapointed !

Posted by alpha1973

I have been on hold for 55 mins waiting to speak to a rep. Their hold times are getting longer and longer and longer. If they cannot serve their customers in a reasonable amount of time, they need to hire more ppl or stop advertising they have 24/7 customer service for their customers. I am so tired of it. Going to a new bank. Plus they want to charge you $35 to get a new bank card within 48 hours. Otherwise you wait up to 2 weeks to get a new card.

Posted by Anonymous

can someone help i woke up this morning to called the number to check my account balance and it said its having trouble looking me up than it finally did after my third time calling but to my surprise says i have a zero balance i ask for recent activity and not only did i just get paid direct deposit but nothing is indicating that i should have zero balance. on top of that i go check online and cant because of a maintenance schedule what is going on?

Posted by Hollus

I just assisted a card holder of Huntington National Bank. She was in the UK and she had informed the bank of her travel plans. I am a referral service agent who assists merchants in getting authorization codes for customer transactions. The process is normally very quick, being 6 to 10 minutes tops. The bank asks to speak to the card holder and goes through security and then the bank gives me an approval code which I give to the merchant. Then the merchant puts the code into their terminal and voila, a receipt prints for the transaction. For this call, I was hung up on by the first bank rep so I had to call back again. The merchant and card holder were on hold, initially, for a total of 10 mins. Then, after calling the bank back and getting a rep on the line we went round and round about what I needed and finally the bank asked to speak with the card holder. So the card holder is now on the line and they say hello and there's silence. They say hello again but the bank rep, Michelle, says nothing!! What is going on? So I un-mute my phone to assist and ask the bank why they aren't responding. Her answer is that she's hearing more than one voice on the line. Yes, because you didn't respond when the card holder said hello the first time, the merchant came back on the phone and everyone's confused. Because the card holder was on hold with me for so long trying to get through to the bank, she called the bank herself and is speaking to 2 different reps, my rep and the one she called. Finally the card holder and the bank rep are conversing. The card holder is very upset and near tears! Then the bank rep states that this is the wrong dept for the card holders issue and procedes to transfer us to a different department. We wait on hold again. Thankfully we get through to the correct department and the second rep takes care of the situation and unblocks the card holders card. All this took place at the restaurant the card holder had eaten at and took 45 mins from start to finish. I am appalled with the customer service this card holder got. I felt so badly for her. She was in London and had notified the bank of her travel plans. It shouldn't be this hard to get help from a live agent!

Posted by Anonymous

Hold times long Can't ever get a real person.

Posted by trying4patience

on hold for 30 minutes so far... im calling to close my account... ohh the irony... phone bank colleagues seem to be few and far between.. not pleased with wait times or confusing 24 hour grace times

Posted by Nausiated

Trying to get a second mortgage payoff and it is rediculous the crap to get throgh to a live person!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have no atm pin number or secret code with your stupid bank. I have been on hold for 24 minutes waiting for a phone bank caller to pickup!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOur bank sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by Anonymous

No one in customer service can actually help you. Yet they can put you on hold and transfer you around for two hours. Really get your act together Huntington. I have been a customer for over 25 years and after awful customer service representitives via phone, I am considering banking elsewhere. I hope your bankers at the branch treat me better than your call center. I will go to the branch at 9am for one last attempt to allow you to redeem yourself, but as far as your call center...for the love of mankind, fire your staff and hire all new people or go out of business. With the employees you have at the call center you will be out of business quick.

Posted by Anonymous

In my opinion, leaving a comment is useless. I just want someone in customer service or corporate to please return my calls. This is extremely frustrating! Perhaps I should take my business elsewhere. Not feeling respected or appreciated as a customer. I have tried by email and voicemail.

Posted by marcymile

I have been banking with Huntington since my college days. Ilove this bank, they have 24 hour forgiveness on overdrafts, no charges. They give me a line of overdraft protection on my checking account. They just created a mobile banking app that lets me deposit checks via smart phones. They have locations everywhere.

Posted by infuriated customer

No wonder i have never heard of this bank. I would NEVER deal with this bank ever, bunch of buffoons. They verify your identity after holding for over 30 minutes They do their verification in order to give you information and then they say you are not who you say you are. Do yourself a favor and save the headaches go to another bank

Posted by jensn231

loan payoff received in your bank last thursday from dealership. i called 3 times since then and 3 different reps. gave me three different answers, the latest today about a half hour ago said ithe title won't go out until oct. 8th. this is not accptable. you had more than enough time to clear dealer's check. i cannot understand why the wait and why your reps. are liars, as each answer rec'd was different. i know they only know what their screen's show, but why different answers. it is causing me financial burden. thanks for the lies.

Posted by Anonymous

I called and was told hold times are 39 to 49 minutes. THAT IS ABSOLUTELY OUTRAGEOUS. There should be more than 1 person taking customer service calls. Big mistake to have gotten a loan through this entity. Can say anything good about them. Ridiculous hold times !!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by disgruntled

Mgr at Berea branch hardly I know where bankers hour come from. I actually went there several times in one day and he had long lunches and left at 4:00 and no weekends to answer customers concerns. Not bad, co manager doesn't have authority to make decisions (only Brad) and very aggravating....

Also staff very unfriendly and would prefer to use ATM instead of going inside....doesn't that say something, sad but true....

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Posted by Anonymous

The Huntington Bank is so caring - and the customer service rep are outstanding. Inviting as well as providing solutions no Bs. To say they are great is one thing but it is the way they preform their duties makes all very special. You have a new branch manager I would also give him the ok. O I almost forgot they all smile too.I also pray you will except my comments -
I believe customers should take time out and say thanks.
David P

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