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Posted by pf

Hunter fan, installed in house I bought 18 years ago, still working just fine. But battery in remote died. Won't start with new battery. Call to Hunter coughed up young lady who knew nothing about fans. Said my 6 possible model numbers were too old, hence nothing known about fans. Really? You make 'em to last, then don't know anything about them. I pointed out fan quit exactly when battery quit, so fan failure she was suggesting was highly unlikely. Plus it was very hard to understand her (bad mike or something else on her end.) No resolution. Checked internet for problem and got lots of articles stating Pairing was necessary. With power shut off, then hold buttons. Didn't work--and had to reset all my clocks, thank you. Called another number for Hunter. Again after very long wait this time got an alert human who again suggested power cut-off and holding buttons. Or disassembling fan (on 12-foot high ceiling) to determine correct settings of dip switches in battery compartment (which I'd overlooked during battery switch. Dissassembly, thank you, of fan would be a major operation--really not practical. So no useful info again from Hunter. Then realized that there were only 5 dip switches. That means 5x5 or 25 possible switch combinations in the remote to match whatever is in the fan housing. Took about four minutes to find correct combo so fan turned on. How come Hunter staff doesn't know that and can't communicate same? Dismal performance for a company that should do better.

Posted by NB

I called this morning to replace a remote control for a Hunter Fan and found the product.

After ordering from Mike. I called back to get the remote model # since I have been in my house for 1-1/2 yrs and just about everything needed a Model #, of which I have zero found here. I called Mike back to get it and he very rudely said, 'I cannot give that to you because you are shopping for a cheaper price'. I said, no, I wanted that remote and he rudely said, sorry, I have cancelled your order. I said, I need it and he repeatedly was rude. I am done with Hunter!

Posted by Scammed in Louisiana

I purchased a Hunter Original Fan in 1984. I lived in another city at the time. When I moved in 1987, I brought the fan to our new home. It operated until a few weeks ago. I called a number of times and could not get any assistance. Finally, I was told to photograph the plate on the top of the housing to show the model number, as well as the logo on the side. I sent these to the company twice. Finally, I was told this wasn't a Hunter fan after all, despite the fact the Hunter name appeared on the side of the housing, but a Robbins-Meyers fan. It seems that the company does not honor the lifetime[?] warranty on fans manufactured during the period Robbins-Myers operated the same. An article I read online reports that Robbins-Myers purchased the company at a time when it was facing closure. The article reports that other changes have taken place. Clearly, the company is not going to honor the warranty due to the fact that it was manufactured during the Robbins-Myers regime, asserting that when Robbins-Myers sold the business, it did not buy its warranty department. It no longer services or has parts for my fan. After I expressed my frustration to Jeremiah, on November 8, 2017, he sent me an "invitation" to "exclusive access to the Hunter Fan Company Friends and Family website, advising "[d]ue to your recent problems with OUR [emphasis supplied], you can shop and purchase Hunter and Casablanca fans and accessories at a discount!" Wow! I should buy another product from a company that fails to honor its warranty? This is a bait-and-switch if ever there was one. Clearly, this company is living on an undeserved reputation for quality. It insults my intelligence by telling me my Hunter fan isn't a Hunter fan at all, but then offers me a discount on a new fan because of the problems I had with "our product." This is a scam on the consumer.

Posted by lesliearceneaux

Bought my home new less then a year ago. I have a hunter fan that the light went out in. Had electrician to check and it is something wrong inside the fan wire that connects to the light. Called hunter fan customer service and there is nothing that they will do to send a new fan or help.

Posted by G_E_M

Old Hunter ceiling fan starting squeaking and clicking. Bought a new one - Big mistake. Blades damaged and had scarring and paint spatters on them. Electrician said it was a devil to install. Took 2.5 hours. (The other ceiling fan, different brand, took less than an hour). Motor smells like burning oil and metal. Took forever to reach customer service by phone. Told to fan - which I already did. Told I would have to dissassemble and take it to a fed ex location. It is heavy and bulky - I can't disassemble by myself or cart it (bought it with home delivery) Rep said they made the fans to be installed by consumers and if I can't do it myself, that is my problem. That is a quote. Can't get a new one till I ship the old one back, so I have to have a handyman or electrician come back 2 more times. So they got the blades and the motor wrong - that is pretty much the whole product and make no attempt to accommodate at all. By all means, if you have 8 hours to waste and can lift a 52 inch ceiling fan by yourself to a high ceiling 3 times and you want your smoke alarm going off, buy a Hunter.

Posted by Untrained Customer Service Repre

About a month ago I contacted your customer service regarding a fan that I purchased 7 years ago. What occurred is that the pull chain was functioning correctly-the 3 light would not turn on. I provided the model number Brushed Nickel. The representative came back and told me that particular model is discontinued and there are no replacement parts available. That my best bet would be to go on the internet and search for part number .

I did that and no one seems to have it. I then decided to go to my local Home Depot and I spoke to a representative in the lighting department. He told me it is the switch and that they carry a universal one and the cost was less than $4.00.

I bought it and installed and now it works fine. I'm sorry to say that I'm very displeased with your company for not being upfront and informing me that it is just a pull switch that is defective. Also, I find it very hard to believe that your company doesn't carry the switch.

I will avoid buying your products. Hopefully this comment will correct the deficiency of your service department.

Posted by Heart broken

Daughter bought us 2 hunter fans. One of the fans serial The motor is of the lights is disconnected plus the wire was cut. Tried to explain to customer service Ann about the problem and because she could not find either of my daughters names the problem didn't exist. I rate this company with a negative 100. And if they can't make this right. I'm not putting the other fan up. This company sucks.

Posted by WJM III

In short, don't waste your time with this company. Absolutely useless. No Customer service. I will avoid this product and NEVER EVER buy HUNTER again. Accept responsibility for your products.
Bought a ceiling fan from Costco, did not install in for a year plus. We installed it the other day (very good looking fan), but the wireless/remote does not work. I offered to send back so they could test it. They want a General Contractor or evidence that it was just installed. We could take un- install it and take it back to Costco which said they would take it back. Why they are unwilling to replace wireless unit is absurd. Any reason you are unwilling to stand behind the quality of your products? YES, it is made in China. Buy American made ceiling fans- and Not HUNTER.
Happy New Year Hunter- I have been a long time customer with AAA for 30 Years, USAA for 28 Years and NFCU for 28 years. Rest assured, I will never ever buy another product from Hunter and will encourage friends and family to do the same.

Posted by ki

I purchased 2 fans abougt 1 1/2 years ago and both are seldomly used. Yet, the light bulb in one of them burned out and I tried for days to get someone to tell me about a replacement. I had the bulb with the numbers on them but the co reply was that wasn't their bulb and suggested I get the model number from the top of the fan assembly which I did after locating a ten foot ladder to get the number. When I called Hunter, they informed me that wasn't their bulb and didn't stock it and suggested that they could get one for me for #12.00. When I told them these bulbs should last for years, they said that they supplied these bulbs as a service to the customer. Their customer service is the worst I have ever encountered. One thing in their favor is that they answered e mails promptly but every time with no viable information. They suggested I call their service number which I did. For 5 minutes I had to listen to various promotions for emergency alert buttons, a free vacation etc. When I pressed 5 as told, more promotions erupted. Lousy, Lousy, Lousy. They have no idea what customer service involves. I wonder how they stay in business. I will never recommend their products.

Posted by Anonymous

I recently ordered a portable fan from hsn made by hunter .had to call hsn because in the manual the number does not give you the hunter company. It gives you another company. When I called hunter to complain that I could not register my portable fan they told me to get the information from my fan. Then try to regisister. If I am telling you that I can not register the product and your telling me you cannot locate the model number, then why are you trying to get me more upset ?

Posted by Ed G

CEO Hunter Fans

First I would like to congratulate your chief mechanical engineer and your mechanical design engineer or mechanical designer - for being able to keep their jobs without knowing how to do them. Then I would like to congratulate your electrical engineer as well for the same reason.

We bought one of your ceiling fans to replace one that worked perfectly but was not in the aesthetic style my wife desired.
I went through all the assembly/installation procedure per your installation pamphlet, and all seemed to be OK - but then we discovered that when the fan is running and you turn on the lights they do not come on. You have to turn the fan off then turn the fan back on. The reason for my congratulations to your electrical engineer - well done on that circuit.

So we called LOWES and explained and they were very helpful and said they would exchange for a replacement even though we no longer had all the packaging. So disassemble/uninstall the new fan and take it back to exchange for the replacement.
Back now to assembling/installing the replacement. Too bad there's no way to check the unit without assembling/installing up in the ceiling on the ladder for who know how long. I get everything installed and prepare to check operation and pull the chain for the fan and it is stuck and will do nothing. I take all the bulbs out and take the globes off and disassemble the lighting assembly and low and behold - when you put the assembly on the screws over the keyhole slot-holes and turn it to insert the last retaining screw the block inside that I have to assume is some circuitry potted into a block interferes with the pull-chain switch and broke it apart. Again congratulation for your mechanical guys - if they still do have their jobs.

So now another call to LOWES. They - again- are very helpful and understanding and allow us to open the box of a new fan and just exchange the lighting assembly - they are competent.
Back now up on the ladder to install the replacement replacement lighting assembly - I get it over the two screws with the slot-hole features and try to carefully turn it so the last hole for the retaining screw is over the threaded hole in the cap part that is attached to the bottom of the fan unit that has the three threaded holes to hold the lighting assembly in place and it just will not turn the slight degree to get the 2 screws over the slot part of the two slot/hole features - it just will not turn.
It turns out the slots in the slot/hole features are not really big enough to let the screws pass into that part of the hole. I am not going back to LOWES when I am almost at the very end - again !! So fortunately I am a mechanical design engineer and I determine the problem and file the openings on the lighting assembly housing so the assembly will turn as it was supposedly intended to - back up on the ladder again - and low and behold - the third hole in the lighting assembly that is to secure the lighting assembly in place is not over the threaded hole in the cap under the fan assembly with the three threaded holes in it.
Nothing I can do to get that hole to line up with the threaded hole. I am not about to go to LOWES again - so I drill out that hole 2 sizes up and it still won't line up - so now I use a round file and open up the hole in the direction of where the threaded hole is - up and to the right - and keep filing and trying until it finally fits and I can screw in the last retaining screw.
I put on the globes and install the bulbs and check the unit and guess what ---- the light will not turn on while the fan is running - you have to turn the fan off - thru the light on and then turn the fan back on -

Exactly like the first one - so all that disassembly/uninstall - assembly/reinstall multiple times, and drilling and filing to get it to fit - and it does what the first one does. AS I said - congratulation to the electrical and mechanical engineers - on being able to still have their jobs - if indeed they actually do.
No more Hunter fans for me.

Disappointed and aggravated to the extreme

Ed Galicki

Posted by Frustrated

Had a home built after losing ours to a house fire. We purchased 3 Hunter fans. After 3 months the lights stopped working in one of the fans. The Electrician said it was the wiring in the fan not allowing the electricity to get to the light kit. Lowe's was very nice and allowed us to exchange for another one. Eight months later the same exact thing I wrote to Hunter fan company and they told me they would replace the "light kit" if it was less than a year and I had a sales receipt. First, who keeps a sales receipt that long, and secondly, it isn't the light kit it is the wiring in the fan that isn't allowing the electricity to go through to the light kit. NO HELP

Posted by Gary B

I am one of probably several hundred who have had issues with a defective Hunter Fan Switch Housing Assembly (light kit). I've sent email requests but got no reply. When I tried to call customer service to purchase a replacement, the first wait was supposed to be "less than 3 minutes" but I hung up after 20 minutes of elevator music. I called a second time but decided not to wait when I was advised that my wait would be "less than 109 minutes."

One way or another I will get this fan fix but be assured that I will NEVER again buy a Hunter or a Harbor Breeze (same company) product. I'll also research to see what other products that company makes and will boycott them, too.

Posted by Frustrated

Good afternoon. I purchased two Hunter Fan model:last summer (2013) in North Carolina. Since than I have been trying to purchase a light kit (99144, 99157, or 99160) to complement the fans. These kits were in the Hunter Fan2013 catalog. I have spoken with Hunter representatives in October 2013, January 2014, March 2014 and most recently today 5.27.14. Each time I'm nonchalantly told this has not yet arrived from the manufacturing site in China, and it'll be tentatively arriving in about two months. Today I was told it might arrive in July 2014. I have usually asked to speak with a supervisor after the initial person who I waited for, tells me this same scripted response, to see if more information can be gathered. Today, however the initial representative, Natalya refused to seek any additional input and ended my call. This indifferent tone did nothing to remedy the dilemma.

This entire story seems quit unbelievable in our global economy.

Is there anyone in your corporate hierarchy who takes responsibility for providing customer support? If so, I wish someone could help me understand why accessories that the Hunter Fan Company markets, and sells through third party vendors are not really available.

Posted by Disappointed

I have been the happy owner of 6 Hunter fans since my house was built in 2006. My wife and I are both disabled retirees on fixed incomes. Below is my request that I sent to Hunter Fans for parts help and their emailed responses to me. They provided no help. They stated that no replacement part existed and that I had to purchase a new fan. I found a replacement part, installed it (returning the fan to working condition), and informed them of the same. You can read the emails below. I have redacted my personal information.

My emailed response:

Since you guys said my only choice was to replace the fan, then I suppose that the warranty had no value anyways. If and when the switch that I installed from Lowes fails, or the unit itself fails, then I will replace the fan with something other than a Hunter ceiling fan.

You said you had no repair part available for me to repair my light chain pull. You offered no replacement light kit, switch, or anything else for my fan. You said I had to replace the entire fan. I find it ludicrous for you to now threaten me by "voiding" my warranty on a fan which you already stated that you could not repair.

It is also untrue that repair parts are not available for my fan. Genuine Hunter replacement light kits and parts are available from several internet sources.

The manuals that came with my fan (yes, I still have them) show exploded parts listings/numbers for the fan parts. I would have thought that Hunter would have kept repair parts on hand for some period of time, much as car dealers do, so that a fan could be repaired, especially for the duration of the warranty, based on the last time that a particular model was sold.

No matter...I was able to repair the light pull chain by removing the globe, unscrewing the old pull chain, wiring the 2 wires up, re-assembling, and turning on the power. Works great. Cost less than $5 and took less than 15 minutes.

Thanks so much for all you "help"...


Date: Mon, April 7, 2014 10:39 am

To: "joe


Thank you for your reply. We have noted in the system that you used a part purchased from Lowe's. Please refer to the excerpt from the warranty statement below regarding the use of a part not authorized by Hunter Fan.


Thank Hunter Support team members for trying to help me by offering a discounted price on a new fan and light kit. I went down to Lowe's, and the Lowe's tech support folks suggested that I buy a new pull chain unit for $3.98 and replace the one that was broken on my fan. I did that, and my fan (and light) both work great. I wish Hunter Technical Support had suggested that to me, instead of suggesting that I replace the entire fan.



Original Message

Subject: RE: Support email from website

From: "Technical Support" techsupport (at)hunterfan (dot)com

Date: Tue, April 1, 2014 2:23 pm

To: "joe

Dear Joe,

Thank you for your email regarding your fan. We apologize that you have experienced difficulty with the lighting. A replacement part is not available. On a one time basis you can purchase a replacement fan directly from Hunter for a reduced price + $8.99 shipping.

We accept Visa, Master Card, American Express, Cashier's check or money order. Online ordering is not available at this time and we cannot accept credit card orders via email. Please contact our technical assistance center toll free at 888-830-1326 with the 4 digit date code from the label on the top of the fan and follow the prompts to speak with a technical support representative for pricing/ordering assistance. Our hours are Monday - Friday 8am - 6pm CST and Saturday 11:00am - 4pm CST.

From: joe

Sent: Monday, March 31, 2014 10:50 AM

Data from form 'Contact Us' was received on 3/31/2014 10:50:18 AM

From (sender's name): Joe

Does the sender own a hunter ceiling fan:

I have several of these fans in my home that I installed when the house was built in 2006. On one of them, a bright brass model, the light pull assembly won't turn off. It is stuck in the on position. It does not click when you pull the chain. I would like to get a replacement light assembly...I do not need the bowl or anything, just the part to replace the chain pull for the lights. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, Joe

Posted by I'll never buy Hunter again

I have a big complaint with Hunter. I've been trying to order a mounting bracket for a fan model 25514. Hunter has shipped the wrong bracket twice. It's a 2 hole bracket and the fan canopy has 3 holes. I called support and the attendent could NOT comprehend that they have an error in their inventory system. Then she just hung up on me.

Posted by Rippedoff

The worst company I've ever dealt with, my ceiling fan has been humming from the day I bought it, I had a hard time finding their phone number and by the time I did I had misplaced my receipt. They would do NOTHING for me except SELL me a part, what a Warranty, worthless.

The receptionist was nice but the tech was very rude and actually insulted the receptionist, said she was "just a receptionist". I'd like to see him do her job. I talked to the receptionist again and she sent me to a man named Randy who was willing to SELL me the part for 20% off plus shipping. Wow, what a warranty his company has. I WILL NEVER, DID IS SAY NEVER? YES, NEVER BUY ANYTHING FROM HUNTER FAN COMPANY AGAIN. IT IS OVERPRICED AND OVERRATED. LET THE BUYER BEWARE.

Add your review!

Posted by MATTIE

I Won't Buy Anything But Hunter Fans And Light Fixtures And I Have Never Had Anny Problems With Them. I Love The Designs They Have And Will Never Purchase Anything But Hunter. Thznk You For Having Such A Wonderful Product.

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