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Humana customer service is ranked #766 out of the 946 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 23.44 out of a possible 200 based upon 278 ratings. This score rates Humana customer service and customer support as Terrible.


269 Negative Comments out of 278 Total Comments is 96.76%.


9 Positive Comments out of 278 Total Comments is 3.24%.

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    • 23.44 Overall Rating
      (out of 200 possible)
    • 269 negative comments (96.76%)
    • 9 positive comments (3.24%)
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    • 1.3 Issue Resolution
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Posted by Anonymous

I need to talk to a human being to give me information. I do not want a computer with pre-recorded statements. Do you have a phone number manned by a human being not a computer?

Fernando B. Careaga

Posted by Service

As a current policy holder I have been trying to execute a very simple task Notify Humana of a change of address Not so simple Over the past 2 days I have been on the phone with Humana Representatives 8 in all trying to get address change Incompetence of agents is an understatement. I still haven't been able to verify if i need a new plan because of change in residence. I do not have another 3 hours to spend on this project. Suggest that the process be simplified to a one stop shop

Posted by AAAAA

WORST INSURANCE COMPANY EVER!!!! They are scams!! Don't let them fool you. Stand up for the members/patients because some of them have no idea how bad Humana really is. I work for a providers office and it is so hard to deal with them with every issue. Especially the provider payment integrity "specialist" all they do is read off of a script and they are not based in the US so they have no idea what they are even doing. I'm surprised Humana is still in business. ('s probably from scamming members)Almost every person/office/review has nothing good to say about Humana!!

Posted by Dianna M

In trying to ensure that my Humana plan was automatically enrolled for the new year, I never received a letter to confirm that. I called Member Services who couldn't help and they sent me to customer service and the lady couldn't give me exact answer. She gave me an "assume it will be enrolled" kind of answer without confirming. I try to call again and get 30 minute call hold times, I get someone on live chat and spent 30 minutes and she couldn't give me an exact answer. I was told to call their Sales Department and this lady (LaTonya Hoover) was so condescending and rude to me from the moment that she got on the phone. She had no sympathy for my frustrating to get an answer from anyone. She aggravated the problem by not answering my questions about my benefits nicely but with aggression. She caused my frustration to get even worse. She started to get sarcastic and asking me sarcastic condescending questions speaking down to me. I will find the proper sources to file a complaint because as a consumer of their services, I did not deserve to be treated in such a poor manner. Humana, as far as enrollment these days, is very POOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by switching plans asap

Everything about the Humana Advantage plan was a problem, starting with the prescription medication department. They said they could not fill the prescriptions then they showed up in the mail 8 weeks later. Access to specialists in our area very limited or non existant. Denied service out of network after consulting the receptionist, not a doctor, not a nurse, not a technician at the local office who "thought" they might do the procedure there. Denied testing, hospital rooms, recovery rooms, Worst advantage plan I have ever used.

Posted by Conniehankins

Aetna has a lot to teach Humana on customer service, After trying to get out of pocket expenses reimburse, being called a liar, laughed at, little on hold, 3 months in to this, still deny paying, teach your employees not to be rude. Rude rude, I care a lot. Listen to the recording that is supposed to be recording, employee don't care,

Posted by Anonymous

10/5/2016 2:30 pm

I called to follow up on a complaint I waged. It was brought to my attention that my complaint registered by customers relations was not on file. According to customer advocate Jacorey. When I expressed by disbelief. Requesting a supervisor Jacorey proceeded to terminate call. There was no returned call. I am overwhelmed and I'm in desperate need of a physician.

Bruce S Foster

Posted by Anonymous

I have been trying to get my premium refund since 6/1/2016. Every time I call they tell me it was sent. When I call back I find out they lied over and over.

I still have not received my refund and they are still telling me the same things over and over again.

I don't know what to do
I am at wits and patience end.

Posted by none

I called Humana to cancel my policy. After transferring to multiple agents no one could help and last agent put me on hold and disconnected me. Their agent, phone system response time everything sucks

Posted by Boils

Perhaps the worst company I've ever dealt with. I can not get a doctor through them. Their doctor lists are essentially fake. Customer service is beyond a joke. I have Humana Gold Plus which is basically a fraud. Do not use this company

Posted by Anonymous

I have to rate Humana as the WORST customer service ever. After submitting a claim I was sent through the phone tree several times only to get someone new again who did not know anything about my claim. This went on for months being denied and Humana requesting more information continually making me jump through hoop after hoop. Eventually they said I had submitted all information requested and agreed I should be paid but they did not know how to process my claim. After filing a grievance and writing multiple letters, I still got no answers. The people signing the denial letters were not to be disturbed and couldn't be bothered because they were too busy to talk to me. I was told the claim was closed, or open depending who I spoke with in customer service. They then said I would hear from someone within 5 days but of course they did not honor their word and lied to me. They would give me no other information and refused to speak to me again. This is poor or absent customer service and I would never recommend Humana to anyone. Working in the medical field, I would never treat my patients this way especially being too busy to properly communicate with them: they would die. What would happen to these Humans employees if they were treated with this disrespect while in the hospital? What goes around, comes round! You should be embarrassed and ashamed.

Posted by Anonymous

Humana have the worst service ever!! They send letters to patients to have their prescribing doctors call in for a prior authorization but when it is called in either the call is put on hold for too long or being transferred around and around being asked with the same damn questions which eventually does not get no where! It takes at least an hour to get it done with a single call. Extremely terrible service. Why provide a number to call when every representative you talk to are gonna give you a "future" number to call next time. Wrote down 2-3 numbers in 20 min. Hung up the call and download the form. Hopefully it will go through. Feel sorry for the doctors office and the patient.

Posted by Anonymous

I have been on the phone for hours Trying to find someone @ Humana that will/CAN Help me find a Dr.

Posted by Sue

God forbid you should ever have to go into the hospital or are being treated for any serious illness IF YOU HAVE HUMANA INSURANCE!
0 reviews
Incompetence of Humana Insurance Company! I have spent over 12 hours on the phone with Humana and they are totally clueless concerning any conversation, written or oral, from either me or my physician. They say they don't write down details such as what the insured is being treated for. I know this sounds outrageous but this has been the response of both management and their underlings. My doctor has contacted them no less than three times and I've contacted them countless times during the last month because they have indicated that they will additional charges to my account of approximately $2000 that they neglected to tell me about during the Oct to Dec signup period. I've NEVER experienced this kind of incompetence with any other company of any kind. Thank you for reading these comments and Good Luck!

Posted by DEE

Humana Outsourcing all their call reps give misleading info and they haven't processed a claims received 6 month ago with all information needed to process... Manager dont call you back and they never pay what they say... My Doctor office staffed told me NEVERT go with humana again... I called 1/5/16, 12/28/15, 2/8/2016, still my issue has not been resolved and my Doc office called over 10 times before getting me involve they refused to transfer me to the manage who made broken promise in getting me claim processed,... no a very organized company

Posted by Anonymous

I contacted your claims information number and spoke with your representative. When she could not resolve my issue I told her to transfer me to the United States. She refused to transfer me. I will be reporting you to the insurance authorities in my state. It is law that I must be transferred

Posted by [email protected]

My Son is a 23 year Army Vet.5 times on war zones.extended periods. .Somewhere in the war zones he contracted.a condition.that medical science doesn't even have a name for.
After Many,many trial and error meds.the Army Hospital in Colorado. Tried Humira.its the Only med that actually.made a difference.its like an extreme dry skin.that is so bad he can barely the dryness has parched his feet, hands ect.that they are literally bleeding. And raw open wounds.
He has just Maine.and is an out patients at the, Togus,Maine
He NEEDS THIS MEDICINE. SEVERLY..BUT THE VA SAYS IT COST TO MUCH.and they will not order it for.him or any other Vet with that problem
As a parent,I AM ASKING .for Any Help you can help he can enjoy his Son,Daughter, And wife.and again enjoy life.
Your product.can help many Vets.!!!!

Posted by san

I got a $14.70 increased on my monthly billing on my drug coverage. This amounts to a yearly increase of 176.40. I called to see why and was on the phone about 1 1/2 hours. Talk to 2 people and they said no reason given and said it could be the government . I felt I was getting the royal run around. NOT Happy

Posted by dmill815

I just joined Humana in January 2016. My experience so far has been dismal. it took me at least one full afternoon of phone calls to try to transfer my prescriptions to the Humana plan. I talked to at least 6 different people within Humana and received 6 different answers to the same question. After much discussion I finally got registered, finally got my doctors to call in new prescriptions and talked at length to different people about one of my non-generic drugs. I was fully aware you did not cover it, I gave my permission to charge it and send it to me asap as I was almost out of the medication. A week later I returned home from a trip to a phone call from Humana. I had a name (which meant nothing to the people at Humana) and a request to call back on a generic number. After about 1/2 hour of repeating the information I already gave Humana I was told this medicine would finally ship. When I stupidly asked another question, I got to wait another 15 minutes to talk to someone else who made me go through the same spiel of Humana #, date of birth etc. Your customer service is the worst imaginable, there is no cohesiveness, most of your representatives have no idea how to answer a question. My question, "what address should my doctor snd a preauthorization too?" Thank you Donna Miller

Posted by Iamme

I was a Humana medicare prescription Plan D member in 2015. I am not a member for 2016. I attempted to logon to the site January 2016 and could no longer do so. I want to see a summary of my 2015 prescriptions. This was something I was able to do in the past. I called them. One of the people I spoke to could find me but not my prescriptions. the other gentleman could find my prescriptions but was not allowed to not email or post office mail that summary. The last summary I received from Humana was in October of 2015. I need the entire years summary for my records and my taxes. I then called corporate and they sent me to voice mail.

Posted by Anonymous

I guess I am one of many then. I am a new user of the pharmacy. I was told my father's medication will not be shipped until March. One of the other medications which allows him to breathe freely is not covered now by the company. I have been on hold for over an hour now. Nothing.....ARE YOU TRYING TO KILL HIM? Is there a reason for the incompetence? I previously thought this company was great but after this experience I think you need to fold up and stop trying to service senior citizens. POOR POOR CUSTOMER SERVICE.

Posted by Michael W. Wurm

Michael W Wurm 5115 Allingham Dr, White Lake, MI 1n Nov'2015 in plenty of time but we did not receive the order until Dec, 9. I then sent in another order for December and we never received it at all! We need our orders ASAP or we will be calling medicare about this matter!

Posted by Gail De George

I ordered a mail order prescription thru mail order over the internet over one month ago. I called on 12/28 and was told my prescription would arrive within ten to twelve days, I called back on 1/8 and was told my doctor was contacted 8 times and did not respond, another person on the phone and I was told I hadn't placed the order correctly, another person on the phone and I was told the doctor was contacted four times and dod not respond. three different stories, and the same story for two different doctors! On 1/8, I was told by the supervisor to go to the local pharmacy and get a 30 day supply and there would be no charge, I go to the pharmacy and I'm told there is a $10.00 copay for each prescription, I call Humana back and after 2 and a half hours on the phone I am told they will not pay for my prescriptions, I need to pay for them even though the supervision said there would be no copay. The supervision I was speaking with art this time said he would personally make sure my prescriptions were expitded and I would have them in three to five days. today, day five 1/13 no prescriptions, I call in again and I'm told they have not even been filled yet and it takes ten to twelve days to fill a new prescription. I have been out of medication for almost two weeks now and NEVER had I seen such bad service. Today I was told yet agin that the current supervisor would make sure once again that these prescriptions are filled! My question HOW LONG DOES IT TAKE TO GET PRESCRIPTION FROM YOU?????? I would appreciate a phone call about this By the way the pharmacist stated that Humana is one of the worst insurance companies to deal with while I was at the pharmacy, guess he did not have to tell me!

Posted by Anonymous

This has been the worst company to deal with. I have been transferred relentlessly and hung up on by the automated service, been told online that my VALID account number is not valid, and left on hold for hours int thh two weeks I've been trying to get prescriptions filled. I would NEVER give anyone a good reference to this company EVER! I understand new year and high call volume, but prescriptions are more important and one would think that you would have recruited some temps. Horrible company, horrible customer service. The automated service is redundant because the representatives ask you the exact same questions.

Posted by perezmaximus

I have Humana because of my job and it's the worst. I have Multiple Sclorosis and my medication is every 28 days but each month they have to evaluate my case. I have a degenerative sickness with no cure what the hell do they have to evaluate, maybe they have to verify if I'm dead or still alive? Humana is just the worst if you can get a different plan!

Add your review!

Posted by Anonymous

I called today and spoke with a customer service representative named Valerie. She could not have been more helpful. She was friendly and helpful. The service was so much better than I expected. She explained prior authorization to me and answered all of my questions. She even apologized for putting me on hold while she double checked her information. Wonderful service. Thank you Valerie!

Posted by Norma J. Kindstrom

Your computer just called me regarding a visit with a doctor. I could not understand the name of the doctor until after the computer hung up then I figured it out. I would have given her a rating of 10 instead of 2. I really appreciate talking to a live person. If you don't understand what it says, it is like it gets irritated with you. You are doing it the favor by trying to answer the questions.

Posted by weeszie

I have read all these complaints and just now signed up for Humana care source for my Insurance provider and I did this as all I have heard nothing but all good things about this Insurance provider so I am beginning my plan this year and I am 56 years old so I will know from facts from my own use and will let you all know the outcome Louise it is just hard for me to believe all these bad things from such a well talked about Insurance company (about to find out from my own expiereinces) and thank all of you for the info and warnings will be on alert. Have been very successful so far on contacting them and getting all the information I have needed so far.

Posted by Denise Burgess

This morning we had to call Humana for an override vacation for our pills (for my husband and myself) We spoke to Brendon of our customer service for this purpose. Brendon was so helpful, patient, kind very professional we really appreciate doing this long process with him.
Thanks to Brendon
Denise and Michael Burgess

Posted by Penny E

This is our third year with Humana's Regional PPO. We have never had a problem with claims, and we've had quite a few. My assigned nurse is wonderful, she checks with me periodically, especially after a major test (I'm a cancer survivor).

I just don't understand all the negatives. I give them a 10++++.

Posted by Anonymous

I had a problem with a providers bill.he was billing me for over $8000.00.your employee james#JX1640 spent over 1/2 hour with me last nightto straighten my problem out.

He then called me backthis morningto tell me my responsibility wasonly $211.03 .he really went out of his way to straighten out this situationanhd Iwould like to express my thanks,

Posted by sandy

My name is Sandra Johnson and I had a question answered by Victor in your Cary, NC office. Victor was a great reflection on your customer service department. He was so very pleasant and informative and as this was my first contact since choosing Humana I can say I was impresed. Bravo to Victor.

Posted by sanity check

Beware of geographic coverage gaps with Humana's Medicare package, especially for specialists. Was searching for an Ear, Nose, Throat specialist in San Diego County. The closest "approved" is either 20 miles north or 20 miles south with no public transportation. That is a coverage gap of 40 miles in a densely populated area! Nearest Urgent Care doctor is
25 miles north.

Whereas Medicare is good with any doctor who will accept it.

Posted by butch57

I had a bill that I owed and wasn't able to pay it until the last minute and had a deadline which happened to be on the weekend. I wasn't able to get thru to a live person to let them know I had sent the payment in with the other numbers that I had to Humana. It was only when I looked online for customer service that I was able to relay this message. I am now satisfied with this and the agent that helped me.

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