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HughesNet customer service is ranked #773 out of the 946 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 23.31 out of a possible 200 based upon 675 ratings. This score rates HughesNet customer service and customer support as Terrible.


654 Negative Comments out of 675 Total Comments is 96.89%.


21 Positive Comments out of 675 Total Comments is 3.11%.

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    • 654 negative comments (96.89%)
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Posted by Penyenka

I started with Hughesnet in May 2018. I have not had streaming service, that I pay for, since that date. I have called service over 6 times and without success. I with each call I am told that the signal is strong coming into the modem. I have both a laptop and Dish TV and while the signal is said to be strong coming in it is NOT getting to either the laptop or the tv. I can not watch anything that comes from the internet, Netflix, movies on demand. No one will come out to check the modem. If you're thinking about signing up for Hughesnet and you live in a rural area. Don't. Streaming doesn't work.

Posted by missycat09

We have been fighting with hughesnet customer service & Tech support to get a call back about a usage issue. It has been poor customer all around I worked for at&t for 17 years & I would have been in deep trouble for treating your customer the way we have been treated. one girl said well we were disconnected. Um did you not think to call the other home land number that was at the bottom of my husbands email that he has sent you . & the land line phone number is also a hughesnet phone number. we have gone through 55 % of usage since may 13th & it's now 05/22/18 we can not get any one to tell us what the usage is. I do not need to see a little usage chart it is useless ... it doesn't show what has been down loaded or up loaded, it only says the amount of usage we have used.. We have a ticket in to Support who said gee we will call in yet again 24-48 . I told them yesterday we had family & a certain time to call us well still no call yet.. Shocked I am not. So know this will all go to Corporate Office because i am tired of dealing with the customer people.. They are useless.

Posted by Dan

I started your service and was lied to by your sales rep and your installer which both said that i would be able to stream movies yet when i tried i couldn't so i made several attempts to get it fix and the final results was that your system would not stream any movies so now three mos. later UPS guy show up at my door to pick up the receiver and i yet to receives a box to ship it in after several time talking to your phone people i final got them to send a box to me so i can send your unit back. PS I'm looking to start a class action law suit against Hugh Net out on the web your company has done this to a lot of people

Posted by Anonymous

I signed up for service the technician charged me $50.00 because he came out on a sunday well the service never worked they did let me out of my contract with no fees...well that's what they told me to my surprise they took $860.75 from my account when I called and spoke with Brian the supervisor in billing he said it was a mistake and he would refund my money in two days well it's been two days and I have no money so I called back spoke with a supervisor named Steve he stated Brian never put the order in I will have a refund soon I told him this is unacceptable and asked for someone over him in management he told me he was the top of the ladder so I asked for a telephone number for corporate he told me he could provide me with a address but there is no number for corporate I guess he works for a internet company and is not aware that Google will tell you anything you want to know the phone number for corporate thanks Steve I hope people read these comments and think twice about your decision.

Posted by donewrong02

Like the many others listed here, I'm a relatively new customer, had no good connection to the internet for 2-3 days, have yet to talk to but one service rep and was assigned a case #...3 days ago...still no service on inet...I will be cancelling my service tomorrow like some many on this page... lousy support, lousy connection, total rip off... I will post on RipOff website tomorrow as well

Posted by Anonymous

Your customer service lines suck.... Can not get through on any of them... I have tried for 2 days waiting for more than 30 minutes and never getting through. You will loose this customer and I will never say anything good about you services...
You have a great day now....


Your Service Sucks...two Techs Has Been To The House And They Both Said They Found Lose Connections At The Dish And They Fixed It And Everything Was Okay...if The First One Fixed It Then Why Would The Second One Say The Same Thing....correction Tell The Same Lie...i'm Lose Internet Connection And Have To Reload The Page Over And Over To Finish What I'm Doing...this Has Been Going On For Over Two Months I Went One Week And Had No Service At All....this Is Poor Business On Your Part...maybe It's Time To Move On

Posted by ken

Since July 8 the first day that I sign up for their service, I have had my Internet and phone lose connection at least 10 times a day, I call them to report this issue, I did get a very rude and ignorant reps. on the phone that do not understand English and they hang up on you. Call back get another no speaking English person, they say they can fix the problem, nothing has been fix at all. Call back several times trying to get to fix the problem and nothing has been done !

On July 23 at 10:30 PM I call back and that person transfer me to a supervisor and that supervisor promise a discount of 69.00 for 12 months and another 5 discount for 24 months, because I have trouble with the Internet and phone service from the start.

I had to call back again to Hughes net schedule a tech to come out to fix the problem and this time they told me the tech would fix it, still not fix and they refuse to honor the discounts they promise in writing in a email they sent to me on July 23 at 10:30 PM. by a rep. that said she was a supervisor.

The is a clear case of fraud and trying to cheat the customer out of good service and the discounts they promise. I still have bad service and I had to open a complaint on Hughes net with the FCC this morning (8/31), because they refuse to provide good service and they cheat the customer out of money. Maybe the FCC will be able to straighten this issue out for me.

Posted by ken

Since July 8 the first day that I sign up for their service, I have had my Internet and phone lose connection at least 10 times a day, I call them to report this issue,I did get a very rude and ignorant reps. on the phone that do not understand English and they hang up on you. Call back get another no speaking English person, they say they can fix the problem, nothing has been fix at all. Call back several times trying to get to fix the problem and nothing has been done !

On July 23 at 10:30 PM I call back and that person transfer me to a supervisor and that supervisor promise a discount of 69.00 for 12 months and another 5 discount for 24 months, because I have trouble with the Internet and phone service from the start.

I had to call back again to Hughes net schedule a tech to come out to fix the problem and this time they told me the tech would fix it, still not fix and they refuse to honor the discounts they promise in writing in a email they sent to me on July 23 at 10:30 PM. by a rep. that said she was a supervisor.

The is a clear case of fraud and trying to cheat the customer out of good service and the discounts they promise. I still have bad service and I had to open a complaint on Hughes net with the FCC this morning (8/31), because they refuse to provide good service and they cheat the customer out of money. Maybe the FCC will be able to straighten this issue out for me.

Posted by UNSTABLE

This company is horrible lies after lies and will charge you for the outrageous charges stay away from them rude people need training on consumer adequate

Posted by Anonymous

I cancelled my Hughes net service because I rarely used it, but when I did try and use it, it was not working, I was paying my bill etc, they said in addition to my normal bill it would cost 110.00 for someone to even come out to investigate, well I canceled my service, sent all the equipment back and it was received in March, I called and was told I had zero balance, well about 3 weeks later I received a box with a letter in it saying they had not received my equipment and if I didn't return it they would charge my account, I was livid, Immediately called them and they once again said I had a zero balance, disregard that letter and the box, I did so, well last week 2 months later, they charged my card after my account was closed over 300.00, I called and every representative gave me the same story, I would have to wait 10 days to process the credit, I told them that this was not a valid charge, it was their mistake, they are suppposed to immmediately reverse the transaction if they know it was their error it is not an ordinary charge on a current customer, well every representative will put you on hold and then eventually disconnect, people should complain to this company, there is no internal customer service escalation for matters such as this where clearly they have summarily given themselves a two week loan off of your account, I called my bank and they said this practice is probably not legal and they are handling it as fraud.

Posted by TicketMan

I have been reading a lot of post concerning Hughes Net Satellite internet service.
I Was thinking about getting their service because I like many others live out in the rural area and the ATT service is really slow but better than dial-up we had for several years. After all of the reviews concerning Hughes Net service and customer service I will definitely "WILL NOT" sign up for their service and nightmares.
As I have heard from many people "read the reviews"it will end a nightmare before it get's started. Thanks everyone for your help.

Posted by PaulC95

I had Hughsenet business service for 8 days and they are trying to make me pay $800 for equipment lease early termination fees. No one I talk to there says anything other than "you have a two year agreement". Being a small business owner who canceled after 8 days because the service did not function as I needed it to, mainly port 25 is blocked and the security team told me that they would NOT unblock it and said that every ISP blocks port 25. Being an IT Consultant, I know better and have switched to another ISP that does not block port 25. I have told them that I am not paying the fee.

Posted by Muley

Lousy! Breached contract, due to loss of service, & failure to repair.

Stay away!

Posted by Anonymous

You are the SORRIEST of any business that I have ever done business with. You are deceptive, lying, unscrupulous and unethical. I don't understand how your company continues. I have an appointment with a reputable (which you ARE NOT!) company to connect me with their internet service this Thursday, December 22. They have even sent a maintenance crew out this past Sunday to upgrade trunk lines to ensure quality. Regarding HughesNet, I am so glad to get rid of their sorry butts. Their world of deception will soon collapse around them. Thousands of angry and even enraged customer complaints at various blogs and web sites.

Posted by Molly

This service and company is ridiculous!!! I don't know how you can even try and get new business when your current customers aren't happy or even getting through on the phone to communicate their issues. I can't communicate though Wi-Fi because it doesn't work!!!!

Posted by Anonymous

when I get service from you people, I should speak to someone in the us b.not the phillipines

Posted by kboaz2001

I wrote an email to you on November 7. In reply, I was told that I would be contacted on the issue, and never was. The issue is that when I originally signed up for Hughes net, I told the salesman that we needed a plan that would let us constantly stream movies, because we don't have any cable TV. He informed me that the basic package would support all of our needs.

Then when the individual came out to install the equipment, he told me that our package would not be enough for what we wanted, so I upgraded to the top package.

Now, I find out that we are out of data, and will not be able to have any TV for the next two weeks!

When I called Tech Service today, they told me that I could by tokens that would last me maybe three hours.

I am a disabled veteran, living on a fixed income, and I cannot afford to throw out money simply because our salesman lied to us.

We are working on a limited budget, with limited choices of providers in our area, and I am simply tired of being taken advantage of, lied to, and constantly being asked to throw more money at you.

I have been arguing between you and my former provider for well over a month now, countless emails, fruitless online chats and numerous indeterminable phone calls, being transferred, put on hold, and hung up on.

I am paying good money, for a promised service and I am not receiving what I promised.

This has got to stop, and somebody needs to step up and to take care of these issues. The whole thing has got me so upset, to have to constantly fight major battles to get what I was promised, and for what I pay for.

Believe me, I am not afraid to go to the Better Business Bureau, or anyone else to get this matter resolved to my satisfaction!

Posted by Anonymous

I recently purchased your internet service only to find out that everything the sales person had told us was a lie. the people I talked to at hughesnet had never heard of this salesman Quinton Dowling. I filed a complaint with The Indiana State police the hughs net company I talked to was going to do a investigation they gave me a case number 101243650 so far we are off to a bad start hope the situation is taken care of soon or I will cancel my account.

Posted by FUghesNet

The Worst company I have had had the displeasure of supplying me with service.
They promise you everything until you're hooked into there contract, then it stops. The Ultimate plan of 20GB a month, is gone in 2-3 days. The price went up every month, even when I didn't have electricity. They have the worst customer service, and when I finally called to cancel my service, they charged me for an extra month.

Posted by Anonymous

Please cancel my contract with as of 07/07/2016. send me an address to send the equipment back as soon as possible.

Terry Quirk

Posted by Anonymous

I called the 866 phone number from HughesNet and got an overseas representative who was by the book and did not understand my situation at all.

I then found the website GetHuman and used the number for their corporate office and I was able to talk to an American representative who could fully understand the situation and provided a larger credit, but still not the full credit I was asking for.

The overseas customer service reps are robotic and not compassionate at all. I continued to ask for a manager but was already talking to a manager who was equally short and reading off templates of what to say with empty apologies. She even raised her voice near the end of the discussion.

Posted by Stoneecash

HughesNet has an extremely inconvenient residential policy for people renting out their homes -- A HughesNet residential customer can only suspend their home service for six tenant has a one-year lease which is extremely common....Why does HughesNet do this to us!!

Posted by Anonymous

We have been disconnected 5 times, been on the phone over 2 hours holding.
We were not advised that our internet speed would decrease with usage, that the speed is less than yhe local carrier, thst we would have to climb on the roof and remove their equipment, when we wwre lied to.
We cannot climb on a roof.

Posted by Another Customer with a Terrible

The HughesNet Installers never checked my computer was successfully working with HughesNet ISP. Long story short. After spending about 2 hours on the phone with Tech Support they could not correct the non-connectivity issue. HughesNet then ignored my repeated requests for a Tech to respond and make the necessary repairs.

I've never had any like issues with other ISP's. With All other new installations the ISP's Tech would insure connectivity and/or make the necessary configuration changes to make sure your internet connection works before they leave a new installation.

HUGHESNET BOZOS DON'T CARE ABOUT CUSTOMER SERVICE. The call Centers read off of a scripted response when speaking with a customer and are worthless.


HughesNet also purposely conceals contracts and agreements from the Customers, having the Customer sign a "Blank screen Smart Phone" as the installer said was to initial the installation. When I asked the installer for a copy of what I was signing he responded, "It's all On-Line."

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Posted by Anonymous

Happily writing this review from Exede Satellite Internet...

If you’re looking for the whole package, go to The internet speed is better, the prices are more affordable, and the customer service is unbeatable.
I cannot comment on the quality of hughesnet internet, as my service was never set up. What initially drove me away was the dishonesty I felt from their company. What kept me away was the facts. The long version is below, but ultimately I found Exede to be genuinely polite and helpful, cheaper, and with faster internet. Don’t waste your time on Hughesnet.

I recently purchased a home, and the previous owners used hughesnet. They had even purchased their satellite and router rather than renting. Thinking I could save money by using the existing equipment, I called Hughesnet to set up service. Their customer service, although sickeningly polite, seemed fake and was ultimately a wast of my time. Further, I was lied to in oder to be placated so they could get my business.
1st call- Nobody seemed to understand there was already equipment at the house that I would like to reuse. And most importantly, nobody told me I can’t reuse it. Finally, after multiple explanations of the fairly self-explanatory, the sales manager tells me they have to send out an installer to “make sure the equipment is working.” He tells me if all looks good, I can use what is out here. If not, they will put in new stuff.
Installer gets here- “This order is for new equipment install,” he tells me, and I explain the above. He tells me the signal looks great, and I need to call hughesnet. Well, I figured their ploy was to get new stuff installed while he was out here, so I’ve played their game. The current equipment is verified and I can now call with that info.
2nd phone call- I call to reactivate the used equipment. The salesman says he cannot handle that type of request and directs me to call customer service. (This would have been a good time to tell me I cannot reuse equipment).
3rd-5th phone call- Maybe this one is on me, but most of their phone tree options will direct you to an automated message of a different number you need to call...sometimes the number you dialed in the first place.
6th phone call- I get to speak to a person in customer service, who transfers me to “upper management.” He kindly cancels my first order and tells me I need to speak to sales to “activate used equipment.” Who, if you recall, already told me they can’t handle that type of request.
7th phone call- The poor salesman gets the brunt of all my frustration, because on this phone call, he finally tells me they do not transfer equipment. They “cannot ensure quality service,” he tells me. Which, take that as you like it, but my interpretation is that this is their way of making more money. I could have accepted this policy from the beginning, if they hadn’t lied to me and wasted so much of my time. And if they had been honest instead of trying to dupe me into getting the install, and transferring me around their entire, incompetent company, I may have a better opinion to offer. But how can I expect “quality service” from a company that lies to me from the beginning? Instead, I am now a happy customer with Exede, after just fifteen minutes on the phone.

Posted by Anonymous

I would like to give feedback on my experience with HughesNet tech support. My technician today (12/01/2014) was Dennis. Dennis was extremely knowledgeable and experienced in resolving my issue. I appreciate Dennis' professionalism and courtesy. Outstanding customer service! Thank you Dennis.

Posted by TeXaS BoY

I have had Hughes net for some time, and all I can say is that this company is the by far the BEST I've ever had in my life,
every once and a while I stop by my cousins and use their internet theyre provider sucks,

Then Im like I can't wait till I get home to use mine,
by far the best expiernce I have had with it UUUHHHH!!!!

Posted by todd farley

The overall incompetence of the call centers around the world is unparalleled. Except for the Brownsville TX call center. The company should thank an employee named Patrick because if it was not for him I would have cancelled this service. After being on the phone for over 12 hours and being treated like a ping pong ball, being bounced from one person to another, he took charge and got my problem solved and called me back when the solution was applied. Thanks to you Patrick!!! This was an unbeleivable horror, except for the one ray of light

Posted by Anonymous

We had a problem with reception, and called for help. Response was efficient, friendly, and reasonably rapid. We live far out in the country, and nevertheless the service person arrived within three days and adjusted our dish, gave us other advise and help, and was pleasant and polite.
We are pleased by our service, which is a major improvement over 3G. I wish we'd signed up long before we did.

Posted by A Customer of Hughes Net

If everyone would look back; Hughes Net has been considered a "scam" by the Better Business Bureau. I highly suggest that if you have Hughes Net, you get rid of it.

I've also seen a lot of complaints about your bill for the standard application; You're only allowed 500MB of Data with the Standard application, if you exceed this limit you can be charged, by choice, $5 for a 250MB renewal, which is 50%; Which, In Heine-Sight isn't that bad of a deal considering that other services charge about 10-20$ for the same thing.

The up-side to their "Outstanding" Technical Support. I often see ranting when someone is connected to a foreign agent! It's all a matter of what time you call. If you call around 8-12 PM (U.S Eastern Standard Time) you will probably be connected with a man or woman from Bangladesh or other countries in Asia. If you call from around 1pm-12 AM (U.S Eastern Standard Time) there's a big chance that you'll reach a Texan Representative. (I will submit that they are one of the best I have ever dealt with. The representative's I contacted name is "Tom" he was very reliable and refused to dis-connect me through a long, and tiring process.

Now, over-all, they're not the worst company. You're not going to get the best 'connection' from any Satellite provider, but, Hughes Net is relatively close to that.

(If one takes into account that Hughes Net launched 4th Gen, which cost them about five million US Dollars simply to give us, the paying customers, better connection for almost the same price, they're amazing.)

If you have any questions, I'm more than happy to answer them to my fullest extent, you can email me


Steven Sinclair.

Posted by Anonymous

HughesNet is awesome! I love there wonderful customer service. The sales lady and technical support staff were very kind and fixed all my Internet issues. Well...time to go surfing on my wonderful hughesnet this is fast!

Posted by mikendeb1

I have had HughesNet for approximately 4 years. I just upgraded to Gen4. Better than the old system but still room for improvement! Speeds are not what they promise, however you must remember they say up to... I really have not had much trouble with their customer service. Have had an issue with a repairman once, but other than that anyone who has come to the house has been pretty good. Always have to remember if you really want true High Speed Internet you may have to move. Its is a choice I have made by living in the back woods. We all have to decide what is important to us and I chose to live where I live.

Posted by Anonymous

I have been a Hughes net customer, since 2009. I have never had any problems with service, that wasn't weather related. Hughes net customer service has always been great the whole 2 times I phoned in and those calls were to check my status and the last to upgrade. I spoke to Daniel in Texas. He was very helpful and explained everything well. Thank you Hughes net for excellant service. Pam Radabaugh

Posted by Jjeff5477

My experience has been positive with HughesNet customer service. After 5 years of service, I can honestly say they have professionally and courteously fixed browsing issues as well as email problems. Most importantly, when there is a network issue, they've been forthcoming and were able to point me to the update links. Plus, I'm getting a lot more american-speaking agents. Isn't that what we asked for???

Posted by jtrowley

Called, great company. Got threw easy.

Posted by Anonymous

well after my recent experience i down graded my package after i relized i would never download at 1.5mbps the highest i have ever gotten to is 225kbps. I finally talked to someone in the USA with HughesNet and came to terms that it is good enough service for the rural areas...good for surfing the far as entertainment guess i'm back to a red solo cup and a fire!

Posted by Morgan's Mommy

I have been a HughesNet customer for over a year and a half with no issues. I called to see about getting a smaller monthly plan to fit better in my budget, since I really only use the internet to pay bills and check email, etc. and the lady I spoke to (although forgeign) was easy to understand and very pleasant. She even got me a "discount" of $15 / mo. for the next 8 months for being a loyal customer. I was satisfied all around.

Posted by Nan WV

This is for all those who have been disgusted with HughesNet,I too have been one of you.But my opinion has now changed.My system was installed on Sept.5 and am now just able to use it and so far is great.You must not give up.I made call after call to the Techs.Was sent a new modem and thought it was bad,well here we were told after it was hooked up should call in.I was told didn't have too.So that was part of my not being able to use the system.The other problem was it turned out after all it was my computer.I even had it rechecked again today.What the second problem was it was the Network Card in my computer.I even went so far as to call the Corporate office 301-428-5500 press O and asked for the Executive Customer Care,and got a super Rep.William,he listened,he got his Tech Michael down in Florida on phone,he had me call the Installer which I did,and he told me a couple of things to try,that is when I took it back to the computer shop and had it retested,anyway I got back with William,he got hold of Dave,the installer told him to get someone here ASAP,now and so Dave called me and told me he had a man that would be out this evening.And that is when the change of events took place with Lewis checking things out.About the Modem and the Network Card,he talked to William on the phone and Michael,told them what he found he would get it fixed,he had to leave and go get the part and make the trip back,he installed the part.So far so good.
William is even giving me a couple of months free service.
There is a lot more I could go into,but I needed to try and set the record straight.
So work with them.As I say right now it is all good.So we will see from here on how things go.

Posted by anonymous

I had a problem with them trying to take a double payment out of my account. I called them to make the due payment and told them i only wanted the one payment taken out of my credit card. The operater came back and was all nice, and at the end of the conversation she told me that they would be taking out a double payment. I told that it was not authorized and that i wanted it reversed. She told me there was nothing they could do about. I asked to speak with her manager and she put me on hold.......she came back and said that her manager said they couldnt reverse it right away and that it would take up to 5-7 days to get fixed. I asked her why that was, that they could take the money out and not be able to put it back......she said it all had to do with the billing. I said that if this wasnt taken care of by morning that i would have charges brought up with the company for stealing money that wasnt authorized. I also reminded her of the fact that they tell us when we call that all calls are recorded. I also told her that i had only authorized the one payment verbally and not two. She said there was nothing to be done and that she hoped i had a good day. Guess what...only one payment was taken out and i dont see why these other people are having problems, or is that this company needs to be threatened with a lawsuit before they take people seriously and take responsibility for what they say and their own actions.

Posted by Anonymous

I have had Hues Net now for 5 months. So far I have had NO problems with their service. I wish I could get My laptop to work without having to hook up to the modem. Bertha

Posted by Anonymous

Walked me thru the entire process. I'm happy with the service and installation.

Posted by rekording

I have used small dish satellite tehcnology for years, first as PrimeStar, then Direcway which changed into Hughes. All have provided fine service. Some of the problems I see listed here are Static IP issues. Static IP is required for some gaming and all PVN (usually used for telecommuters.) You must pay $5 extra per month.

Satllite tech is complex. If you do not understand the technician, ask for another, and keep asking until you get one you can understand. Sometimes this takes a bit of time, but I have always been able to get someone with a clear command of English and one one issue even got an American. "I'm sorry, I cannot understand you. Could you please put someone on the line that I can understand or transfer me to the supervisor?" Be polite. Be firm. You will be rewarded.

To those who complain of poor installations and dish mounting, I can only say that you should be there when they install. NEVER let them put a dish on your house. ALWAYS insist on a pole mount or some other ACCESSIBLE location. You may need to adjust the dish, or sweep off snow or ice, and it is mighty difficult if it is on your roof.

Don't be confused by the download threshold. Most times you will never run up against it unless you watch a lot of movies or have a large software update. The free token usually solves the issue, along with setting your regular updates for the free late night update period.

Posted by Franjcamp

I was becoming increasingly irritated with a connection problem I was having while using my computer. I will be the first to admit that I was not the most pleasant individual to deal with when I dialed the help number. The gentleman who assisted me was named Steve was extremely courteous and through his calm demeanor I was also able to calm down myself and we were able to resolve my problem. He went above and beyond his call of duty to please a customer. Thank you Hughes net for hiring such a responsible person to help your customers.

Posted by jetsjammer

i had trouble with the original installatio. I couldn't connect.I called customer service. They sent another tech out who was more knowlegable than the installer.He found a bent pin on my ethernet plug on mt lap top We moved to the plug on my docking the system works fine.
It is not quite as fast as I hoped, but even with the FAP itis much fsater tha dial up.we've been using it for 3weeks now and am satified with the system .But Istill haven't figured out how to log in to their home page.

Posted by Anonymous

thank you sooooooo much for that number, they were polite, friendly AND resolved my complaint ASAP.

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Posted by blue sky

I am a hughes net technician, i make sure to remind customers to download between 2 and 5 am because it is free downloads, you do not want to download anything unless you restore tokens and 1 download will use up 1 token and it takes 1 month for your tokens to restore. it uses up your ban width and it slows down your computer so if you are getting this internet for downloads get the highest plan possible because then it will be more bandwidth, and the technician is supposed to inform the customer that it takes only 24 hours after installing the system and getting your internet up for them to take the first payment out of your account. customers need to remember to ask questions if they are not sure about something and technicians need to be sure to explain everything they know to the customer, my husband and i have never had a complaint and have actually been requested to install as a reference to a customer. I reccommend requesting the best technician(s) the company has who will explain and take the time out of their day to go the extra mile because that is what we do! We go the extra mile


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