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Huawei customer service is ranked #600 out of the 946 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 28.08 out of a possible 200 based upon 82 ratings. This score rates Huawei customer service and customer support as Terrible.


78 Negative Comments out of 82 Total Comments is 95.12%.


4 Positive Comments out of 82 Total Comments is 4.88%.

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  • Huawei

    Customer Service Scoreboard

    • 28.08 Overall Rating
      (out of 200 possible)
    • 78 negative comments (95.12%)
    • 4 positive comments (4.88%)
    • 0 employee comments
    • Attribute Ratings
      (out of 10 possible)
    • 2.7 Issue Resolution
    • 2.3 Reachability
    • 1.8 Cancellation
    • 2.5 Friendliness
    • 2.3 Product Knowledge

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Posted by WillieC

Customer service is non-existent. Phone reception is very poor. Huawei has some technical problems which I do not believe will be resolved soon. Stay away.

Posted by HUAWEI

I Was Treated With No Respect By The Melrose Arch Repairs Centre Of Huawei As I Booked My Phone In For Repairs In February 2017 Up Untill Now Im Still Struggling To Come To Terms With Them With Fixing What They Did To My Phone. At First I Booked In My Huawei Mate 7 For A Broken Screen Repairs,not Knowing I Was Supposed To Pay First Before They Repair So They Brought It Back And Thats When I Realised My Phone Had Extra Damages It Had Scratches And The Back Cover Didnt Want To Close, So I Told Them About It And They Said It Wasnt Their Problem Cos They Had To Open The Back Cover To Fix The Screen So I Must Pay For Their Damages Too Whos Fault Is It To Start With And Why Should I Pay For Something That Wasnt There To Start With Cos The Problem Was Only The Screen. Im So Angry At Huawei Rite Now Im Pissed I Just Want My Phone As It Was Cos I Paid Alot Of Money For That Phone I Cant Just Give Up Like That.

Posted by GR5

I was provided a GR4 as a replacement for a defective Sony Xperia. I have only had it for a few hours and I'm ready to trash it. It has really poor action compared to the Sony and the software keeps updating. Really crude.

Posted by Jack

I have a problem with my nexus 6P, called Google for some troubleshooting, they were very nice but unable to resolve the problem. tried calling HUAWEI, I was on hold for over two hours and no one is there to answer a phone. I went on their website and I see they offer live chat but for a fee--;;; REALLY????
is that professional? is that the customer experience you want your customers to have? I don't understand why Google should go in contract with them?
They have some great products, but with no customer service its not worth it. it means I just need the money and I don't care about the rest.

Posted by Dno125

My huawei p9 froze, phone under warranty still,they sent me a bag so long could send phone back for repair free of charge, the all I got was lies after lies every time I spoke to them they said because the camera glass was broken, I will be charged about £80 to repair it or about £15 to get my phone back the same as it was before NOT WORKING, every time you ask for a manager no one's there they will phone you back in told them what I thought they hung up on me, then tried to say I hung up on them,I must have phoned them about 30 times, they promised manager would phone me back next day they never do so I am paying a contract but have not got my phone BE AWARE you will get ripped off .

Posted by Honor 4X

Worst experience ever at R T Nagar Service Center. I gave my Honor 4X phone to repair on 17th Dec 2016 and after 3 weeks, on 6th Jan 2017, they were able to find out what is the problem in the phone. When u call on their number 080 41513668. No one will pick the phone and when u visit the store, it is always empty. No customer is there however the people at San Tech Solutions, R T Nagar are pathetic and probably don't want to work. I will never ever buy any more Huawei products due to such pathetic customer service

Posted by MK

The customer service of this company is terrible. Customer service agents are absolute rude and delibrately cut off the phone. Repair Center damaged the phone and did not even fix the root cause of the problem and refused to atke the ownership within the warranty period

Posted by Chan

Huawei customer service at Prai Ixora Hotel Penang was very rude. Why this customer service person he have to speak so loud and inpatient to the customer, why can't spoke nicely. Not friendly at all, rude and I very dislike. Sorry to say I will not support or buy any Huawei phone anymore. Worst customer service and wasted my time.

Posted by Anonymous

I had my new Huawei Y6 pro which has accidental coverage so I submitted it to the nearest huawei center where they said you will be fixed the phone in 15 working days and After more than one month When I went the center they gave me the phone in same disordered condition. When I said if you couldn't fix it then why did you waste my time?
they just said sorry and could't do anything else or said that I have to buy a new phone although Its problem was only with display with everything else working perfectly.

Posted by Theo

I bought a Huawei P8 lite 5 months ago. Yesterday I put the device on charge when it was done charging the device started rebooting. Took the device into your store in Canal Walk and they later email me that the device has liquid damage. The strange thing is the device never came in to contact with any liquid now im expected to pay R3222.00 to have it fix which is bad. I have the device for only 5 months & I know it never came into contact with any liquid. The services is every bad I will never in my life buy a Huawei product again & everyone I come into contact with will know about the bad service & the poor quality of the phone I have now I'm sitting with a phone that does not work & have to pay a contract on a phone that's not working with my Samsung S4 I never had any problems with my first Huawei phone and it's a bad experience.

Posted by Anonymous

Took 11 weeks to repair my phone and still came back faulty. Refused to refund me.

Posted by anittasilva

My mobile was caught burner during use, and i have been contacting Huawai everyday. they never reply me for help me with some solution.

Posted by Anonymous

Went from a Windows Mint phone to this Huawei... I am far from impressed.. Said to the woman at Game in Mossel Bay which is better? Samsung J1 or this Y5 and she says they the same (don't think they have that women in the right department).
The point is.... Worst phone I have ever ursed! From the morning to the night I have to try and control myself from sending the phone flying out the window, every day is not exagerating! Because of finance restrains I an stuck with this device that continuously make the simplest tasks tiring and testing!!

I'm stuck with it sadly, but never again!..rubish product and a waste of my hard earned money...

Posted by Anonymous

My huawei e5377 doesnt connect when i insert simcard. It says no service. Kindly email me back with possible solution

Posted by Huawei is garbage

I sent in my broken Nexus 6P that was only 7 months old that kept boot looping on the Google logo and they had it for almost 3 weeks and it came back broken doing the same thing. I called back and they are now giving me the run around BS. They never emailed me back with any information, have not responded to my email and I now have a lawyer battling to get me a new device. This is the worst company with the worst customer service I have ever encountered. I will not back down and keep applying pressure. I want my phone replaced.

Posted by dapetah

Terrible customer service, sent in NEXUS 6P twice with phone not fixed twice. Worst part is the customer service, very inconsistent, maybe one was actually nice and wanted to help. The rest just were rude or said to call back later. Had to do that like 5-10 times to wait on a label or further info. In the end it seemed like they kept avoiding me until my phone's warranty was done and said nope can't help anymore your screwed.... and now stuck with a broken phone.

Posted by Dr Atique Ahmed

Asslamo profession I am a cardiologist and a priority customer of huawei.currently it is very sad to complain your airlink warranty centre in Gujranwala Punjab full warranty Nexus 6p is traveling due to very bad management from Gujranwala to Rawalpindi and now in Lahore and so on...a minor issue of my mobile is not solved yet.

Legally now more than a month is passed and the air link Gujranwala centre two persons



Both are representative.

If this issue is not solved on urgent basis...I am sorry for that I will use

1.consumer court I am a writer)

3.huawei main international centres.

All other channels with proofs and also will claim my time and money.

I am waiting your answer in next 24 hours.

Consider this email a legal.

Dr Atique Ahmed


Get Outlook for Android

Posted by alin cosulea

hello, my name is Alin cosulea im from stevenage and i purchesed a phone from you huawei 6+ black, you change my phone once with the vip option and sent me a faulty phone i tried to change it and you told me that is not posible. i talked with a guy named michael he didnt told me his surname because he said he is the only michael working on huawei in all great britain. i finished my conversation with him at 12.13 on 20,09 2016. can you check our conversation please. he was very unhelpfull and he didnt know nothing. when i asked to talk to somebody else he said his the only one who can talk to me and that the manager is very busy... and he is the higher that i can talk to
thank you
im waiting for your answer regarding my complain

Posted by irritated Customer

The worst customer service support ever.. Have a problem with your device do yourself a favour and throw it into the sea rather than going to the suport

Posted by Anonymous

Dont buy huawei. Made in china is fake. Very week internet connections. The 2gig ram is not true. .

Posted by ths916m3

I purchased the Nexus 6P and love the phone for the most part. About 6 months into owning it I had a pixel go out on the screen. I sent a email request via their website 2 months ago with no response. I sent another a month ago including the statement that I had already sent a request, still no request. At this point I will never buy another Huawei product.

Posted by david scott

i prepaid for the replacement of a broken glass on my nexus 6p and was told that i would receive an mailer to send the phone in within 24 to 48 hours, its been a month and i havent recieved any thing and my complaint to the company went unanswered.

Posted by Amit Kumar

Honor Holly 2 Plus gold display req if available so please Contact ...i am also hyper with service center no service parts also not available at service center please d,not book any huwaei any model .....

Posted by Michael_Benjamin

I ordered two of the honor 8 phones on fri aug 26 when they went on sale in the US. I paid for next day shipping. The next day I get confirmation email and in same email it says it shipped! Great!! or so I thought.. Monday i check with online agent for tracking number.. told its coming.. 4 more online agents all giving me different answers.. But all reassure I would receive the phones tues like I paid for.. Tues comes but no phones.. I talk to online agent and they say they never shipped due to some delay.. this was same agent who the day before reassured it had shipped and the system just needed an update. I request refund since it never shipped.. I need a phone NOW which is why i paid for next day shipping. They can't even decide if it shipped or not.. The organization and the communications of this company are horrible.. The manager wouldn't even get on the phone with me.. I asked multiple times but instead they send a message through the agent.. NEVER AGAIN!! One agent went to so far as to tell me the phone wasn't even launched or released yet which is way off track.. not even true..

Posted by Sammydaviss

I had an Honor 7 that was getting so hot that I thought it would explode, the Three shop sent it back to them and Honor claimed it was not received. The Honor call centre is "somewhere in Eastern Europe" the European worker said.

Unable to listen and respond comprehensively or compassionately, the numerous staff, that I was unfortunate enough to deal with, had an eager tendency to talk over and hang up on the customer after delivering the same scripted line too many times.

Over the course of two months, I spoke with ten customer service representatives at Honor and all were rude, careless and unhelpful. This is a far cry from the courteous and highly-trained Indian staff customers are accustomed to. The European Honor customer helpline staff are atrociously underskilled and arrogantly overconfident, whilst being consistently inadequate.

In addition to the futility of Honor's on-phone 'customer service' service, their office's network signal is cheap and spotty so the disappearance of entire phrases are a common occurrence. Honor's customer service is completely awful in every regard, bar the free 0800 service-charge number.

I can only give Honor a bad review. Also, their phones are cheaply made, unreliable and heavy.

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Posted by Anonymous

I've had good experience with the tech support. Friendly people who usually know how to resolve problems.

Posted by ahh khwetshube

Hi there I have a problem when I Was trying to use my phome,when I was trying to open the pattern it has been bloged now they asking my email or my username when I use my email doesn't exist Please help its about week now living without my phone.

Posted by Happy Customer

I've called the USA support line and they were very helpful. I am not sure what everyone else is talking about but in the USA the help as best as they can.
Thank you Huawei customer service USA.

Posted by don sarafinas

i wanted 3 of the new ascend d2 phones.the man who helped me said that they were not being sold yet.very nice conversation

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