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Hotwire customer service is ranked #678 out of the 946 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 26.31 out of a possible 200 based upon 443 ratings. This score rates Hotwire customer service and customer support as Terrible.


423 Negative Comments out of 443 Total Comments is 95.49%.


20 Positive Comments out of 443 Total Comments is 4.51%.

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    • 26.31 Overall Rating
      (out of 200 possible)
    • 423 negative comments (95.49%)
    • 20 positive comments (4.51%)
    • 9 employee comments
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    • 1.4 Issue Resolution
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    • 2.9 Friendliness
    • 2.4 Product Knowledge

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Posted by Anonymous

I learned my lesson well. I will never use Hotwire again for booking any reservation, air flight, hotel or other.Learn from others and don't make the same mistake.Hotwire is not the answer for me.Sorry hotwire, you can do better. I dont' know how you continue to jerk people around and get away with it.

Posted by Anonymous

I am very disappointed in my service with my hotel booking.
This experience was horrible. I had to relocate "3" times, to get a decent room. The rooms had issues: faulty lighting, unclean bathrooms, uncleaned/dirty a/c with mildew, musty smell, and unclean bed linen. One room had explicit activity next door and the exercise equipment was rusty, broken parts, mildew spots on equipment, area very dirty and not in safe or workable use.
This is the worst experience I have received....not what I expected!

Posted by Edward

On Sept.17th, we picked up our rental car at PIE Airport as scheduled. We were traveling to Treasure Island to assess any damages incurred to our condominium as a result of hurricane Irma. We were scheduled to return our power one week later on September 24, 2017. We were dismayed to find our residence had suffered water and mold damage and power searchs to our refrigerator and air conditioning rendering both unusable. Because of this devastation, we changed our departure from Florida from the 24 th to the 21st. Our airline graciously changed or flights with no cost because of our reason for early departure. We contacted your office as well as the car company you had booked for us in an attempt to collect reimbursement for the days we did not use the vehicle. Both parties kept " passing the buck" to each other.....however not to us! We would really appreciate any consideration you could extend to us as far as compensation for the unused, but paid for, days of rental.

Posted by Shannon

I will be posting my experience with HOTWIRE on every social media that I can I do not and will not recommend HOTWIRE to anyone this company thrives on taken people money I regret even knowing this company I will start handling my own reservation my self I will never allow another company like hotwire take advantage of me again I will be filing a police report for them taken my money and I will be suing them in court ASAP I'm trying to get in touch with there shareholders now to inform them of what kind of company they are representing

Posted by Gary the Hotwire king got burned

Hello allow me to introduce myself, I am Gary...known as the Hotwire King of Houston. I use hotwire all the time. thousands and thousands of dollars have flowed from my wallet to hotwire and I have convinced many a friend to do the same.

That is why I am appalled and devastated by the fact that Hotwire booked me for a hotel that I paid for in advance and made arrangements for travel but when I arrived the hotel did not have a room. Of course I contacted the customer service considering I was left out on the streets. This was an ordeal of epic proportions.

Not only did I spend 2 hours on the phone using all my phone battery, but they were unsuccessful in placing me in another hotel after they verified with the hotel I booked for Memorial Day weekend was overbooked by hotwire. I was told to wait online multiple times with the end result of no place to stay at 11pm at night. I couldn't even get them to place me in a nearby city to Austin like San Antonio. Instead, I spent the night in my car at a park!!!!!!!!!!! what a wonderful memorial day weekend that was. I missed my event and stunk to high heaven with no place to freshen up. Thank you hotwire.... I consider myself scorched!!

Here's the kicker. The customer service rep stated that Hotwire would compensate me for my inconvenience with the max compensation--a whopping $25.00 in hotdollars. yes you read that right twentyfive dollars!. Don't consider the face that I spent hundreds of dollars on gas and food and prepaid event that all went for naught. That doesn't even cover 1/3 of the gas and no good for any other lodging which wasn't available. I am still worked up and aghast over this. I called customer service again on 6/8 and spent 30 minutes on hold at work to get a supervisor then left my email and phone number because I had to actually work. guess what, no follow up. This sucks.

Hotwire can you please please please come correct? I have loved your services over the years but how can I have any confidence booking in the future? you are about to lose an extremely loyal customer--the hotwire king of Houston to be exact. I would have expected at least a free hotel stay of my choice plus coverage of my lost expenses. Nope nothing like that . can you fix this please

Posted by Blue Idea

When we got to the hotel Hotwire booked for us we did not have a reservation (the motel did not have the name we booked under). However, the motel did honor the Hotwire rate. When we contacted Hotwire, the persons we talked with (had an accent) seemed to have been using prepared statements for responding to complaints. Once when I called, the person put me on hold while he supposed to have talked with the motel. However, I was connected with someone who asked for personal information, which I reluctantly gave since I place the call. After the Hotwire person did not come back on the line I wonder if I was connected with someone, other than a Hotwire person, to give them my personal information. When I asked to talked to a supervisor, he said that was not allowed. When I attempted to send a complaint to Hotwire Headquarters, the letter returned, without being opened, with a statement on the letter saying the letter could not be delivered as addressed. The letter was sent Market St. in San Francisco, the address given on the internet.

Posted by Anonymous

reserved car rental thorough hotwire... for unlimited mileage ... went to change reservation time affiliate agency name is Advantage Car rental no problem to change reservation time, but was given news from Advantage that since i lived within 65 miles of RDU locally i could only put 150 miles on the rental car a day. this is a breech of contract from HOtwire..Contacted customer service stayed on phone for over 1 1/2hours to speak with Supervisor, he transferred call to original phone que,, I do not believe it is fair that i elected to obtain a service for unlimited mileage Advantage was willing to cancel reservation since it had not occurred and their was a conflict with what hotwire sold vs what Advantage local policy states for unlimited mileage. Hotwire has very questionable business practices plus operates through unfair practices to obtain business and to keep clients money. And anyone who does business with them BEWARE they should be investigated and fined for their dishonesty .

Posted by Anonymous

I have successfully used hotwire for bookings for years but the experience with a hotel stay last week did not measure up and was down right dangerous. I book a room @ America Best Hotels against my better judgement last Week on February 22nd @ 16410 North Freeway in Houston Texas. I was unable to remain in the room and was force to leave because of a gas smell which caused headache, nausea and painful throat. I spoke with the night manager who was not fluent in English. I was force to leave and return the following morning for my luggage. The day manager did confirm problem does exist with room 101.

I would like a refund for the room since it was impossible to use the room for evening.

If you could response to : Ken

I notice no way to contact customer service at Hotwire by phone

Posted by suzydanger

I booked 3 nights over the phone for a needed break from remodel in my home. November 2016. The amenities rate & convience was perfect I thought! Unfortunately I packed & drove to the venue...Nit one thing Hotwire told me was true about amenities!..NOTHING! The suite was small with a bricked area( close. To bed) that had a metal handicap seat glued to the real& a hose dropped over seat! Np pool no tub no inyernetetc. That's the good part..the worst The front desk guy gave me a key to see "What you already know" . Total time inside less than 10 minutes . I had an allergic reaction that cause me to gag and work for air to breath!! Gave the key back & ran out of there! After approx 35 minutes reaction was over& some time later back to normal! All very scary. REFUND was told In November 2016 I would get one. Feb.15 2017. Zero$$


I Booked And Book A Room With I Got To The Hotel I Asked The Young Lady To Please Give Me A Room On The First Floor Because Me And My Husband Have Trouble With Our Knee's.she Said I Don't Have Anything.i Got To The Room And All I Smelled Was Smoke.i Could Not, I Called Her She Still Saying To Rooms.called Hot Wire And They Give Me Another Room I Got To That Room And Next Door Some Men Was Looking At The Football Game They Was Very Loud.i Called And Complain To See What I Can Do Because I Was Going To Book Another Room I Told To Supervisor Jessica How Can I Not Get That Hotel And She Was Rude And She Said That I Was Going To Have To Pay The Full Price.i Said Are You Serious!! She Give Me No Help At All. And She Is The Supervisor!!so I Will Not Book With Hot Wire Again!!!

Posted by John Coyne

I just got off the telephone with Ian, one of your customer support representatives. We discussed a charge of $111.38 charged to my US Bank MasterCard Account. Under both my business account email as well as through my personal E-mail he could find no correleation as to how this charge got onto my

credit card statement. He advised me to write to you about this charge. There is a reference number stated next to a Transaction date which is: 09/30/2016; the ref. Number is 9865. Please either explain how this charge has appeared on my statement or remove it and credit my account for the $111.38. thank you for a prompt response!

Posted by Anonymous

Please note that I have an itinerary number for a mid-size Hertz car rental in Tulsa, OK for the dates of Nov 17-Nov2, 2016. I have just been diagnosed with Stage 4 adenocarcinoma of the liver and have been forced to cancel my trip.

I would respectfully request that a review of this situation be considered for a refund for the cost of this reservation. I am prepared to submit any supporting documentation necessary to validate this medical condition.

Very truly yours,

Matthew L McKerley

Posted by Mr Pissed Off

A terrible Company!!!!! poor customer service skills, false pretense, as well as false advertisement. This company lead you to believe that you are getting such a good deal, along with the selections that you have made. However, after making all of the necessary selections, entering your credit information, and booking, you find out that it is something completely different than what you had chosen. The only excuse that they give you is, you should have read the fine print. I will NEVER use this company again, and will also inform my family and friends not to use them.

Posted by Terribly dissatisfied

I tried booking rental car through hotwire app. On my end, the booking never went through while all along the money was being taken off my card. I contacted them directly where they ran my card a couple more times because they also said it did not go through. The card began declining. Hotwire informed me it was an issue on my end to find out the money had been taken out of my account. Now I have a rep from hotwire with my bank online. The bank explains the charges have went through. Hotwire says it nothing they can do. The charges should just drop off. 5hrs I spent out of my day trying to correct this issue. I was not able to rent a car having to pretty much cancel my trip because funds were exhausted due to them taking my money and other places requiring a major credit card.
I will never recommend this site to anyone. I have contacted the better business burea on them. I was hung on repeatedly when I beleive the representative was I a positing of not having an answer. I was told that there was no supervisor available or they did not have cooperate number.

Posted by Anonymous

hello my name is ibett hernandez . a .resident in florida ..i reserved with hotwire at a hotel and the next day cancel 24 HOURS BEFORE,,,, and they said no problem then I will give back your money,, I warn them that I was canceling and yet they took my money from my account that was,, April 20, 2016 and July 25 and still today I do not get my money back and they asked me for medical certificate in return,,, I have called several times with no arrangement ... they are thieves within this company and the balance is $ 399.00 .THE SALARY OF MY WORK WEEK ... as you call it ... and see for it true the claim number is ... I do not put the rest for protection.

Posted by Anonymous

Made a reservation for a car rental thru Hotwire for Thrifty in Panama City Beach at the airport. There was not a care available that o had contracted for. They said I would have to wait 2 hours for a car. I suggested they give me whatever they had at my contract price but they were only willing to make me pay for a more expensive behicle

Posted by Kitkat

Customer service is horrendous . I booked a hotel received my confirmation. After 3 and a half hrs driving when we arrived at the hotel we found out that hotwire had not actually booked a room for us . We talked to 5 different people in hotwires customer service department spent over 2 hrs on hold . They finally agreed to refund our money but so far that hasn't actually happened . I can not begin to say how unhappy and disappointed I am with the way they dealt with the situation.

Posted by Anonymous

On or about 15 days ago I contact customer support via email. Got the normal response send such and such and should take 7 to 10 days to adjust the double billing. Well three time I tried to contact a customer service manager and twice got the same from the rep that answered I need to confirm the problem. Well was put on hold for five minutes or more and the rep came back it's still in the process. Now it's been 15 business days and no results.

Posted by JPH

Absolute worst customer service experience I have ever had in my life. I strongly recommend not using Hotwire. They gave me a low ball price and as soon as I booked the trip I all the sudden started getting all these hidden fees. Of course when you book its final so after paying the hidden fees it raised the price almost 50%. When I called customer support (which is overseas)they gave me a hard time on the phone and eventually agreed to refund me the fees when I insisted on speaking with a manager. After never getting a refund, I called back and they said that they never had a record of me calling and that they would not refund anything for me. So basically I was lied to, so I immediately had my account deactivated. I strongly recommend that you stay away from this company because they are very dishonest and will do anything to get your money, and once they have it I promise you will not get it back.

Posted by Anonymous

I am unable to get a confirmation email. I called 6 times and have been disconnected. I booked it with a hot wire representive over the phone

My number She booked a one king Room instead of standard 2 beds it I for one adult and 2 kids

Posted by Anonymous

Trying to contact Hotwire is absolutely "Ridiculous"
After trying to speak with customer service to correct a reservation they had screwed up I was put on hold then asked many questions that had nothing to do with what i had called about.
then i was cut-off.
So IO am cancelling this reservation and going with some other company.

Posted by Anonymous

Hotwire customer service is HORRIBLE. I just called to ask a simple question. A lady from the Philippines answered my call. After my question she screamed into the phone then set it down and walked away. I could hear all of the converstations in the room lots of laughing and languages I could not understand. I was on the phone a good 5 minutes trying to get her back on the phone but no success. Won't be using Hotwire again after this.

Posted by Anonymous

Things do not always go as planned. Some time it is my fault and I click on the wrong choice. As in the case yesterday and I needed to call. I called Hotwire, support line as a have done in the passed. However, Hotwire has move all there support line over to the Philippines. The suport has gone from very good to Zero. Expect to spend hours for little results.
I book around 100 hotel nights a year using Hotwire. For the most part it has been very good.
That has ended! -- I have will move to a new service, that has service. Bye

Posted by Anonymous

DO NOT USE HOTWIRE...had major problems with a "4 star hotel" was probably 2 star if that in Fort Lauderdale. Spent 3-4 hrs with customer service, they act like they will credit you back some money and then they hang up on you. It happened 4 times today!! Scammers ! Use at ur own risk

Posted by darly

spent 4 hours on hold trying to reach a live person and finally gave up
my second attempt, i waited 2 hours and gave up!!!
this is ridiculous

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Posted by Anonymous

We had to change flights and they went out of their ways to get it done and with a very helpful attitude. Have no complaints. Everything was also very clear. No missunderstandings possible.
Not sure what to say about the negative comments on here.

Posted by Myka

Hotwire is very helpful the customer service is very helpful and very nice!!!! I do not believe on the negative comments they are stating. For me, hotwire is the best among the rest! awoo! awoo! ;)

Posted by Anonymous

I have been a loyal user and advocate of Hotwire for many years. Tonight I encounter my first questionable hotel booking and Morjena in the Express Loyalty Department provided me the kind of outstanding customer service all companies should strive for. She is what I call "Disney" caliber and should be commended for treating this Hotwire customer like a member of her own family.

It is my sincere hope that she will be commended - if not promoted for her outstanding service to Hotwire customers and used as an example to train other service representatives. Because of her tact and patience I remain a sincerely loyal Hotwire customer.

Posted by mountaineer

i love hotwire i have been travelling the whole year and hotwire provides my hotel on my business trips. i am always satisfied with the rates and service they provide. this is my opinion. i have never experience what other is complaining about.

Posted by RaychelMortenson

I have been using Hotwire for the last few months after a friend told me about it and have never had an issue until recently. My computer was having issues and so I called to make a booking with an agent over the phone. The agent didn't seem to speak English real well and ended up booking the wrong dates. I was then apologized to and sent over to another department (Service) where I believe they are actually in the United States. I explained what happened and they immediate resolved the issue quickly and efficiently. They refunded the reservation, rebooked one with correct dates and even gave me some Hot Money for the inconvenience which is basically a credit to use towards a future booking. I was very happy with the customer service I got. I think most of the bad reviews are just uptight greedy people that don't understand how discount travel websites work. I love Hotwire and Priceline!!!! (altho I wish they wouldn't outsource their booking agents to India!)

Posted by sunspark

I have used Hotwire multiple times for car rentals and always gotten a MUCH better price than I could elsewhere and NEVER had any problems whatsoever.

Posted by Godelieve-Aruba

Mrs. Terry ( Customer agent #1040) from Greenbay ( Wisconsin) has provided me the most outstandng customer service ever! While many of her previous colleagues failed to fulfill their promises, she took upon herself to correct th mistake done and requested an approval as soon as possible. As a result of her services, an email confirmation was sent within a few minutes minutes with the correct refunds. Thank you Terry from your help and patience.

Posted by lali

I love it when they call in and say, "Well I'll never use hw again, and I'm telling everybody not to use hw." I really can care less. Millions will still use hw. These people aren't even our valued express customers. They don't even know that exsists. It really fuels me when they say they are going to stop the charge w/there cc company or file a dispute. Go ahead you are bound by contract called TERMS OF USE.

Posted by John Dublin

I have used Hotwire many times over the last few years and feel I saved a small fortune with them and feel they are a great company to use once you understand the way they work.Even so I have had a few small issues over this time however I found their customer service with Hotwire Express excellent and many times received "hotdollars" from them for very small issues and always found them prompt in dealing with my querys (quite the opposite to their sister company expedia)

Posted by Anonymouse

Hmmm... I can imagine that no one chose to read the TOU of the reservation they are booking. It is so small and hard to find. If only there were a box you check that states you agree to them. Also, if the airline changes a flt and HW does not know about it, of course we wouldn't tell you. They have to tell us before we would be able to. Hotwire isn't that bad if you are flexible in where you stay and you are able and willing to agree to the TOU that enables you to receive the low rates that are avail.

Posted by Anonymous

Our trip to Boston this weekend has changed due to hurricane Irene and needed to try to change our hotel reservations and try to keep tonight's reservation but cancel Saturday's. After waiting on hold for 1 hour, the depressing hold music did its job to lull me into a zombie-like, non-combative state. The gentleman who finally answered, listened to me, said he was unable to change the reservation to just one night, but after I reiterated that I had seen on their website that they were assisting people with refunds/changes due to Irene, he was able to refund me the entire cost of the hotel room for the two nights.

During this rough pre-hurricane chaos, please be kind to each other and you're more likely to get help. Also, Hotwire puts everything in writing, so it's good to state that you read on their website that they are helping travelers due to the impending weather. Now I am off to find a place to stay tonight- wish me luck!

Posted by jorti83

Fortunately I have never had to talk to any one in customer service because I have so far (knock on wood) never had to change my plans. I recently booked a trip to austin texas and my truck broke down like 10 minutes after we left the house. I knew I had to come or lose the money because the terms clearly state they will not change the bill. SO we drove back home hopped into my in laws truck and drove to austin arriving at 1:25 a.m. or so...but i knew i had to come so we did.

Posted by profusion

I have used Hotwire dozens of times the past three years and I have always been completely delighted by the service and the hotels I have received. Any reasonable person who reads the very clear terms posted very clearly by Hotwire won't have a problem.

Posted by djmeltdown

Booked a Hotel through hotwire for $42 at LAX / supposedly a 2 1/2 star. Hotel reviews were horrible. When I called before my trip to ask about their policy on hotels upholding their star rating, they read the reviews and prompty switched my reservations at no cost to me. Couldn't ask for anything more.

Posted by Joe

Booked a hotel with Hotwire, and one of the specific reasons that I selected the particular one that I did was that it offered a complimentary breakfast. It was a town I had never been to before, I had early morning committments, I didn't know what morning traffic was like or where the restaurants were, so I specifically selected one that offered a complimentary breakfast. I figured at least a couple of donuts and cup of coffee would get me going and where I needed to be on time.
As it turned out, the hotel does NOT offer breakfast, the listing was an error. (The hotel blamed Hotwire for posting the incorrect information, Hotwire blamed the hotel for providing them with incorrect information, so I don't really know what happened.)
Anyway, the hotel refunded me for the breakfast I had to purchase that I thought was included in the room rate. Hotwire gave me a $50 credit for future use, so I am pleased with the serevice.
Mistakes can and do happen. How places handle the mistakes after they are made seperates good places from bad ones.
Reading through the negative comments about Hotwire, they sound totally baseless. Hotwire is very clear about no exchanges, no refunds. The negatives all seem to be people that wanted to change their plans after the fact. They are probably the same jerks than that have 23 items in the 10 items or less express lane, whip out their credit card where it says "Cash Only" or want extra cheese on their Whopper instead of fries, then complain when they can't. Rules are rules, folks.

Posted by Anonymous

Wow! First time ever using Hot Wire and the experience was MAGICAL!!!!! First, Hot wire helped me find an afforcable hotel and the people there were SOOOO wonderful I wanted to bring them home with me. I visited a casino where I lost my complete credit card holder, 1/2 hour later it was returned to me with a smile. I called all the cards in horror just knowing I was in store for the worst. Not a single card was used, and I went to EVERYONE who had been involved and gave out hugs and kisses, with tears! The whole town of Riodoso NM was wonderful. and I will return for sure. I even called hotwire upon getting there, because I was sort of lost, and the gentleman who spoke calmly got me in touch with the hotel and directions were explaned. Karen at Days Inn, was the best. Friendly, and when her shift gave out, Ramiren was the same. So the hotel was comfortable and the people there great. I was so taken by Riodoso, it felt like I was in Germany, the forest area is like a dream. The town very giving to their tourests. I am going back, thank you Agnes Romero

Posted by happyhotwirecustomer

i'm a very happy customer, and am part of their preferred customers "express" program. i'd just like to say that i've always been pleased with their service, and 99% of the issues that customers have with them is because of their own lack of common sense. the terms of use for booking any reservation are in bold, and very easy to understand. NO CHANGES! it's designed for people like me, on a budget, and need a reliable, clean place to sleep on business trips. and i've always had friendly service whenever i had any concerns. they also have an A+ rating with the better business bureau.

Posted by Anonymous

I recently had an issue and customer service could not have been nicer and handled my problem while I was on hold. The service person with Hotwire was polite and very effecient. Very satistified with their customer service.

Posted by Dave R

Got right through by pressing # three times. Very friendly and helpful.

Posted by Falls Church

Very helpful on the phone. You need to understand thy policies, they will only repeat them. If you don't like them, book directly with out getting a discount.

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Posted by anonymous

I work at a hotel and Hotwire sends us numerous reservations daily. We, as a hotel, have had to call Hotwire about various things in which Hotwire had to fix. Needless to say numerous phone calls to them, being 'redirected' to some other department, only for them to transfer me to seemingly the un-english-speaking person sitting next to them.... grr.... We've been transferred numerous times, only to get hung up on. We, as a hotel, cannot stand Hotwire. Their customer service sucks.

Posted by pewdiepie

Working for "Hotwire" would be better if they employed call centers that trained properly and had at least SOME intelligence.

Xerox employs agents for Hotwire Customer Service and they all have brains that are equivalent to a box of rocks. Half of them don't even realize they don't work directly for Hotwire and complain to Hotwire directly about issues in the call center, like their work stations or pay or name badges. Seriously??? How dense can a person be? On top of that they note customers accounts like they are 4th graders with a Kindergarten level of intelligence and vocabulary. They constantly tell a customer the wrong information and don't follow policies. They cause lots of $$$ loss from agent errors and yet for some reason Hotwire continues to employ that center. They notoriously cold transfer customer calls to Air Exchange Specialists and Supervisors. They submit useless workflows that are against procedures. They call Help Desk for the dumbest questions imaginable and then don't even follow what they are told. NO clue why Hotwire lets them handle Express calls, likely because the other center with real brains already handles EVERYthing else including taking all the useless workflows they submit.

When submitting Feedback to Hotwire about issues or concerns using VOA they never check to see they are posting in the right category, nor check to see if the suggestion was already posted and simply comment or vote, no instead they post a whole new idea making the same idea posted 4 times with only a few votes each.

Most of them can't even reach the weekly goals which is ridiculous, if you know how to do your job CORRECTLY, it's no problem.

THEN, there are the sales agents in Manila, Philippines. Most of them are so nice but will literally sell a glass of water to drowning man and promise him it will keep him living. Then when they are found to be lying, they cold transfer the customer to us and we have to fix the mistakes and irate customers. And they are constantly misrepresenting items and spelling things incorrectly even after being told several times how to do it. And if they can't answer a question they immediately just transfer the customer to service without calling help desk to ask or assist even though it is a sales call.

UGH. Sure we have our errors at my center, but not nearly this bad. We get stuck cleaning up after both other centers. We are the "hub" center for a reason and we should just expand and be the ONLY center.

Posted by Anonymous

Let me explain to you, from a hotel point of view. As a Hotwire guest, you did not pay the hotel, you paid Hotwire. We cannot and will not adjust your rate for any reason, due to contractual agreement with Hotwire. We will get paid the same amount, regardless of how much you complain. There is no such thing as getting a five star stay at a one star will not ever happen. You'll get the least desireable room every time, I promise you. As a Hotwire guest, you will not get an upgrade, a free breakfast, rewards points, or any other nice things that a guest paying full rate -or any rate directly to the hotel-will receive. You didn't choose us out of loyalty, but rather by what hotel would take your low bid. We are well aware that the guests booking on Hotwire will be the ones that complain about anything possible and try everything in the book to get a refund, while the guest who is upstairs in bed and paying $269 a night will be nothing but nice to our entire staff, and in the event of something going wrong will allow us to fix the problem without asking for money back. I don't tell you this to be mean, and you can believe it or not as it doesn't make a hill of beans to us. I've worked in several chains and at any property it is always the same. Do yourself a huge favor and book directly through the hotel or it's website. You might be suprised at the deals that you'll find on the hotel's website. And you will definitely be suprised at the difference in service, upgrades, and accomodations that you receive when you arrive. Just saying....

Posted by Hw service agent

Amen. Everyday I have to listen to customers call in complaining and wanting a refund for a mistake that most the time they made. Don't get me wrong, I love my job, but verbal abuse can be tough when it's day after day, call after call. Yes an agent can make an honest mistake. We are human. I do agree and sympathize w/alot of the customers at times but I have to follow company policy just as every agent at hotwire does. We do everything we can to help our customers. Hotwire wants to please the customer. I had a man tell me that I should reconsider working for a company like hw. Really! I wonder what you do for a living, and where you live in this world. Jobs are hard to come by these days. Come on, put yourselves in our shoes. Yes it can be inconsiderate to ask for proper medical or death documents, but we are a bussiness. Anyone can call in and say I broke my wrist and I need a refund b/c I can't travel. Look at it from a bussiness perspective. What if this was your bussiness? Would you refund everyone that called in and said my grandmother passed away, w/o asking for proper dox? Yes we understand the grieving process. Anyone who has lived has known death, so take your time. We don't place a limit on when we expect you to provide the proper dox, but we do have to verify. As it states in the TERMS OF USE upon every booking, THESE BOOKING ARE FINAL. Please if you are going to spend your money read the TERMS OF USE. I cannot stress this enough. Just remember how you treat people when you call as we do when you call. These are monitored calls that are graded and our jobs depend on good customer service. Don't forget, READ YOUR TERMS OF USE. Kisses!

Posted by Imnotthatstupid

First of all - the ONLY SCRIPT we have to read is the same paragraph that is shown to EVERY customer during the booking process on the last page of the booking process where you click book trip. We are required to read that verbatim. Hotwire does not give us scripts to read. We have verbiage we are required to use, but it's all from memory because as all of you so-called 'intelligent' people should know, we are NOT ALLOWED to be blunt and to the point because it would be considered being rude. Why don't you people get that? Why don't you just read the terms that we very easily display for you to read. I book on Hotwire all the time and have NEVER had a problem - and you know what.. if you do have a problem, don't sit there and steam over it for a month and then call to complain, because what are we supposed to do then? And if you aren't sure you're going to be happy with what you book using a HotRate - then don't book a flippin' HotRate. It's that simple. You would think that while booking the place you're going to be SLEEPING, or the plane you're going to be FLYING on you would pay more attention to what you are PAYING for then maybe you wouldn't have those problems. Also - HOTWIRE DOES NOT CHARGE THE CHANGE FEES FOR FLIGHTS. The airline does! The AIRLINE ALSO DETERMINES IF A FLIGHT IS NON-REFUNDABLE OR NOT. IF you had, AGAIN, READ THE TERMS, they state that you MAY be able to make a change for a FEE. It could be between $50 and $300 depending on where you're flying to, what airline you're flying on, and what the fare rules for THAT AIRLINE ARE. If you ever book a flight, and want to make a change, read the damn fare rules on the airlines website. They all have them available to the public. I am SO tired of seeing all of these HORRIBLE comments from customers who were probably just pissed off that they couldn't get a refund for a NON-REFUNDABLE reservation. Hotwire takes every situation into consideration, and by NO means do they tolerate agents treating customers badly - so if you're a customer, and have legitimately had a bad experience with an agent - I PROMISE you they have gotten disciplined for it up to and including termination. But really - we can't make exceptions for the policy that we very blatantly and openly put there for you to read. If you don't like it - then don't book with Hotwire. Read the mission statement. For FLEXIBLE travelers. You can't book a FLEXIBLE rate without being FLEXIBLE. You can't have a personal bias against a hotel chain and then get pissed off at Hotwire when you book a Hot Rate and get that hotel chain when we EVEN SAY ON THE SITE 'HEY YOU COULD GET THIS HOTEL CHAIN'. I mean - does this even make sense to me! I'm all for helping people out, but I think 'the customer is always right' only applies if you are actually right. You know? Don't blame us who have to sit there and take your abuse day after day, because you can't READ a SIMPLE PARAGRAPH.

Posted by HOTWIREbeepROBOTboop


Half the people I talk to daily act like they have never read a legal binding contract in their life. if you click the check mark- THAT MEANS YOU READ, UNDERSTAND AND AGREE to all hotwires policies.
AND it's really SAD that you only have to read the first line, and it isn't even condsidered the sketchy "fine print" like in those car commercials that squeeze all their restrictions and rules into the last 15 seconds of the commericial.

My favorite is when a customer calls in and they say "I know you don't allow refunds, BUT..can you just..."
It's not like when you're at the bar and play a lil titty with the bartender to get what you want. Although, I will say you get more flies with honey.
We are bound by contracts to uphold everything you agreed to, and to pay our vendors.You are bound by a legal binding online contract, whether you read it or not- you still took the time out to check the box and say you did. Now who's a liar?

OH AND REPS ARE NOT RUDE. They just have to deal with IGNORANT-demanding customers like you all day/Customer who are still in the mind set that they are always right; and if you've ever worked a day in your life you know 9 outta 10 customer doesn't even know what they are talking about- they just know what they want.
CUSTOMERS who don't know how to read simple instructions (which was drilled into our skulls in elementary school) talk respectfully to a complete stranger, or have to decency to admit when you made a mistake instead of trying to justify WHY YOU SHOULD BE AN EXCEPTION to the RULES YOU AGREED TO.

Despite how ignorant and RUDE customers can be, I actually love my job. even when my eardrums are bleeding from all the yelling- and I can literally hear the veins in ppls necks pulsating. It make me realize how childish people can be when they don't get their way. I know its much easier to put it off as the websites mistake, instead of taking responsibility.

Atleast this job has taught me to be more patient, and more contract savvy!! I always read my terms of use before I cyber-sign any documents. COS AT LEAST IF I READ IT BEFORE I SIGNED IT I WOULDN'T BE SO DANG SURPRISED WHEN SATAN ASKS FOR MY SOUL,
and I could only blame myself.
haha but not you the customer. you're going to blame me for your incompetence.

Posted by Anonymous

The site CLEARLY states that reservations are non-refundable, non-changeable, non-cancellable. It's the very first line in our terms of use in ALL CAPS!! Our system has no way of making changes to reservations. And, if you have to call into us, how about you don't start off being rude? There are some of us that will try to help, but if you're being rude right off, you're only going to be told what we're required to tell you according to company policy, which is NO CHANGES, NO REFUNDS, NO TRANSFERS, NO CANCELLATIONS!! Really people, READ!!

Posted by Amy

I just want to comment on the fact that all of you are obviously NOT reading the Terms Of Use before booking. It CLEARLY states Hotwire reservations are FINAL. No cancelations changes, exchanges or transfers can be made. Want to know why, guys? Hotwire promises the hotels and car vendors that the reservations will be booked as is. There is actually NO WAY in the system to change reservations. That's how Hotwire gets their rates so low. I save a lot of money booking through Hotwire. Hotwire IS for flexible users... if there is a possibility plans may change then booking through Expedia would probably be better. I always get great rooms through Hotwire and great car rental deals. Flights are average. And FYI- for the people commenting on exchanging a flight. If you need to make changes to a flight you ALWAYS have to pay an exchange fee (directly through the airlines) plus diff in fares. Even if you book directly through the airline... that is THEIR FARE RULES... not Hotwires. Do your research, people!

Posted by AT

I think the biggest thing with our reservations is that people don't realize they're pre-negotiated under a contract. Why doesn't Hotwire give refunds? Because we're required, by contract, to pay for the reservation whether or not it's use.

We're also required, by law, to advise you prior to booking that the reservations are non-changeable and non-refundable. Why? Same as above. We guarantee our partners that each reservation will be used as originally booked.

This allows them to better manage their unsold inventory and continue to offer us great discounts. So, always be sure to read the fine print, which I might add has points of relevance bolded and made bigger.


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