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    • 151 negative comments (97.42%)
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Posted by Kim

We bought this washer/dryer for my daughter from Appliance Online Three months later it failed with an F02 error. My daughter called the phone number that accompanied the error and was lied to about the meaning of the error. She was told that is was a blockage which was not covered by the guarantee and was pressurised into purchasing the extended warranty to avoid paying £100 for the engineer to come out. Furthermore there was no engineer available for 10 days even with the extended warranty. My daughter was eight and half months pregnant with a toddler so it was totally unacceptable to be without a washer/dryer for this length of time.

When my daughter checked on the internet about the error, she found out that she had been given false information and that in fact the error related to a motor circuit fault. She immediately cancelled the extended warranty. With the help of we tried to get an earlier date for the engineer to come out and after a lot of to-ing and fro-ing they brought the date forward by 2 days.

When the engineer arrived he confirmed that the fault was what my daughter had thought it was - a motor circuit fault and that a new part would need to be ordered. This would take another 8 days to arrive. This was 2 days before my daughter's baby was due.

We felt that after spending £450 on an appliance that broke down after 3 months, Hotpoint should have replaced it immediately but they were totally inflexible, unhelpful and unsympathetic. On the other hand they were extremely helpful and did everything they could but to no avail.

In the end my daughter was left without a washer/dryer for two and a half weeks. I have always chosen Hotpoint for washing machines, dishwasher and ever their cooker in the past. After this dreadful experience and non-existent after care I will never purchase any of their products again

Posted by Frazzled

my machine is still under warranty,After ringing Customer Service I am told to book a day and a time at Hotpoints convenience, notice of my time slot comes through after the close of business so I cant plan my day ahead. have been let down twice by the engineers. Have asked for a refund and complained through their website - no response as yet. Customer services put the phone down on me once. One of the engineers suggested I buy a very expensive version of calgon - didnt work. they have an issue with tumble dryers which seems to be taking priority over other customers

Posted by L

After our relatively new hob (fitted January last year) broke in the middle of the school holidays (August) we decided to sign up for a service agreement with Hotpoint. The earliest appointment was 30 August, so we went with it.
The engineer arrived cross, as he couldn't find the house and had been called out of his regular area. He then couldn't find the model number, so after 25 minutes of standing around on hold, he left. I found the model number within minutes by shopping online for the same hob, so rang him with it. He'd already ordered parts (WITHOUT A MODEL NUMBER) and added parts for the right model number to that list of parts already ordered. All this without having taken the cover off the hob. The parts he already ordered were not cancelled.
We got a new date for 28 Sept as parts had arrived, so I booked the day off. This was subsequently cancelled a day or two before and a new date of 1 October agreed. The engineer came out and instantly knew the part was wrong. At this point he added the model number of the hob to our customer record. He agreed that it was probably better that we got a replacement, which - since it was Saturday, he'd call in on the Monday. The service slip says on it "call exchange". On the Monday, I received a text with an appointment reminder for the Friday (7 October). At that point I was feeling that Hotpoint had just about redeemed themselves. However, on the Thursday evening (6 October) I got a rather confusing text, oddly not from the usual text number, telling me that parts were in and that I could book a repair date for 17 October onwards. Long Twitter messages ensued where I told "Customer Services" about the pantomime in great detail. I was told that there was nothing on the system about a replacement and that I would have to wait for a repair. So, essentially, I was lied to twice: a) with a repair date and b) that a replacement hob was coming. No new hob, no repair.
Today, 17 October, another engineer comes out (another different one). He took the hob out, found the model number, took the thing to pieces and, unsurprisingly, the parts engineer 1 order (the one who couldn't find the model number, but order parts anyway) were the wrong parts. This new and clearly excellent engineer informed me that the parts wouldn't be available until 28 October. He also relayed a story of another customer whose been without a washing machine since March who he can't get a replacement for, despite her having a medical condition where she needs to launder her (soiled) bedclothes daily.
I'm bewildered. I've gone through being cross. I'm just drained and exhausted with the whole thing. Hotpoint stink. There is no customer service.

Posted by RD

Delivery of tumble dryer replacement-paid for by me/collection of recalled one:
After waiting in all day for the delivery I was not 'allowed' to have my new and paid for dryer! I was told it was 'down as a 1 man job and needed 2 so would have to come back sometime in next few weeks'even though I filled in the details when ordered. Me: okay lets find a way round this....Asked him to leave MY dryer at either gate but he refused as and to take old one with him. Right okay then leave MY new one now and then when you come back take old but no. I was then even going to take the old one out for him to take but he drove off! What ever I suggested it was just no. Refused to let me speak to someone on his phone 'I do not work for Hotpoint just logistics company' and 'does not have a boss'. Hotpoint plastered all over lorry though. A resolution could have been come to but Craig was very unhelpful and rude. It was 5pm and he obviously just wanted to go. Terrible attitude. Then waited 1/2 hour on phone to not get trough to anyone as all gone home. Feel very,very cross.

Posted by martian

Hotpoint have not answered 2 emails after acknowledging them. I was asking for answers to 2 questions on a new fridge freezer costing almost £500. Phone calls switched to lots of different extensions. Finally asked for £9 for a 'new' instruction sheet! Gave up. defeated.

Posted by ALAN

called hotpoint to arrange repair to washing machine, they talked me in to T

aking out a six month care plan which I did and they promised to send engineer the following Monday- received phone call three days after saying they had to cancel and made new booking for the following Thursday and that I woild be contacted to tell me estimated ETA

Posted by pjdrice

They will not answer the phone as every time you get through all the options you end up with an engaged tone. Their online service would seem to be operated by not very well trained chimps.
Never will buy another appliance from this company.

Posted by Anonymous

I bought a Hotpoint cooker HUE61 less than 9 months ago. All the print on the front panel indicating which electric ring is which or which cooker is main or top has worn off already. All I do is wipe it down each day with dish cloth. Never had this problem with any other cooker. Not impressed with customer service who say it is not covered by warranty unless of course I pay retrospectively for additional coverage. AVOID HOTPOINT!!!!!

Posted by M

Hotpoint Fridge Freezer that keeps food warm?. Frost free which freezes internal pipes?

Totally not fit for purpose - avoid!

It would be helpful if customer services at least had the courtesy to try to find a solution and answer emails

Posted by mel

had a fridge freezer delivered. followed all advice from delivery to allow it to sit for 4 hours before switching on. switched on after 4 hours and reading the rubbish instruction manual. it has not stopped beeping (an alarm to tell us that the temperature has not been reached) since being turned on. phoned hotpoint after 2 hours of continual beeping, followed advice given, did not work, phoned again and spoke to an extremely rude man who, when I asked to speak to his manager, told me that he did not see why I should and he refused to put me through. he then told me that i would have to wait a week for an engineer to come and have a look and we would be charged if it was due to the way we had used the appliance. It would be nice to be able to use it. The temperature in the fridge is 17 degrees centigrade. never again!

Posted by Anonymous

Hotpoint, you charge Top Dollar for your services, but it seems, your Engineers are reluctant to pay any parking charges like the rest of us, mere mortals.
I have had an engineer, beg me, to watch his van, out of my window, while he was working on my machine, told him no, he left, without even coming in the hose.
Am currently staying with my son, in London, Permit Parking is enforceable in this area. Nobody in the house drives. Your Engineer demanded the use of his Parking Permit, was informed, we were non drivers. Informed him, Engineers have been coming to the house, for many years, without problems, why was it our problem to sort out his parking. Specific Performance means, job has been done, on numerous occasions without this ridiculous argument. My son, had no option but to pay his parking. Ultimate irony, despite machine fault, parts etc.. being diagnosed last week, he still left, without fixing the machine.
You need to take responsibility for your jobs. If I attend a meeting of any description it is solely my duty to pay any fares or parking that is due. Same should be said of your engineers. You charge enough for your services.
Do the right thing and pay, all necessary parking charges!

Posted by furious

I purchased a Hotpoint integrated fridge freezer which it turned out was faulty at manufacture. They said they would contact me in 48 hours to arrange a replacement. Nothing. Gave up on the phone trying to organise delivery. How long are you expected to hang on the phone? Update. It is going to take 3 days to sort it. Day 1 delivery. Day 2 fitted day and 3 which will be 3 days later, they will collect the old appliance. What planet do they live on? I dont want to loose 3 days pay for taking time off work. If this one goes wrong Hotpoint will not be getting my custom again.

Posted by Ian

Awful experience of customer service with HOTPOINT. Machine had problems 4 weeks ago and although engineer sent out, they did not fix it despite saying they had. Had convinced us to take out a Domestic and General policy. Another visit but no parts. Since then send out appointments which we have said would not work and despite staying in today no-one turns up. My wife phoned customer services and they were darn right rude!!

I phoned back and was met with a don't care attitude and after complaining was promised that the manager would phone back within the hour. What a surprise still waiting. This ranks as the worst customer service I have had the misfortune to experience - they just don't care! Persumably they want to go out business -AVOID AT ALL COSTS

Posted by Michelle

Diabolical customer service. Tumble dryer broke after 6 months repaired broke again 2 days later. Offered a new one waiting a month told everyone I chase that they are very busy. Called today only to be told they have no record of my order. They refused to give me my money back a month ago as with delivery. Could of brought another within a day instead of waiting a month and still no closer

Posted by M

I have been waiting for 2 and half weeks for a repair to our 6 month old tumble drier. Yesterday the engineer failed to turn up. Now drying clothes on a log burner. Been on the phone allllllllllllllllllllllllllll day. keep cutting me off hanging up when they put me through to the third department. SO So fed up with Hotpoint. Avoid avoid avoid.

Posted by Sue

Frustrating, infuriating, and not fit for purpose! Hotpoint does not provide an acceptable level of customer service. Long waits to talk to call centre staff who then cannot take any action to resolve issues. Escalation forms filled in and then no action taken. The best they could do was suggest I write to Head Office and complain!

Posted by witty2004

very poor my washer dryer still not working 4 weeks now.
It caused a major elec problem power socket exploded on wall because of the machine fitter diddnt now whats wrong with it give error code they never even seen before or on their computer systems. so call hotpoint fitter on phone for 30 min for advice then said they got to try new circuit bord another 2 weeks. You pay for a srvice that clearly states if they cant fix it within 21 days they promise to replace this is a blatant lie.So after this board is fitted still no guarentee of a working machine.
will never buy this make again

Posted by Mai Samusha

Very rude customer service on the phone by Alfie,refused me to speak to the manager.l will never buy any hotpot product again.

Posted by roadrunner52

bought a Hotpoint washing machine last still under guarentee.Phoned customer services,like lots of other customers was on hold for 20mins then the line went dead, tried again same thing happened, waited 24hrs and tried again eventually managed to speak to someone about my problem. Have to wait 14days for an engineer to visit.Just not good enough.I will not be buying another Hotpoint product again.

Posted by Fergie

I wanted to cancel my repair appointment, after 8hrs of calling nothing but engaged tone, when i did get through i was held in a que for over 45mins. my phone bill was through the roof, i will never buy hotpoint again.

Posted by faye

Model HSWP1000M3WW has all the wrong ideas for a washer. Aggatater is pain that everything gets hung on it. Got anything like bras or strings forget it they get messed up. Water..takes water to wash and rinse your clothes. Maybe less with different idea to make clothes move around. I wish I had never purchased this model

Posted by Unhappy Washerwoman

Hotpoint have an awful customer service!! After having one of the affected fire risk tumble dryers, I was offered a replacement dryer of Hotpoint's choice for a bargain of £59 (vented) I accepted, and they took my old dryer away. However, the replacement was absolutely awful. Sub-standard, noisy, didn't dry clothes well - even after 3 hours and made a low level buzz when off. As I was within 7 days I contacted Hotpoint for a refund. First number I rang couldn't help after 20 minutes and told me to ring post delivery team. 59 minutes in a queue, I was then told that I had not rung the correct department. Given a new number to call. 30 minutes more in a queue, they said they don't deal with refunds only repairs and to call the original post delivery team number! Another 45 minutes in a queue and I spoke to an adviser who says a refund is possible but of only £9 as it would cost £50 to collect the machine. Appalling service, awful tumble dryer, will never buy from Hotpoint again.

Posted by Pat

Unable to contact to cancel an appointment,,,made about 10 calls and got engaged tone after 1.5 minutes.
Found email address and sent email, Automated reply said I'd be contacted in 48 hours. Did not happen.
Found on line chat facility which did not work
Eventually got through today - about 12 calls - engaged tone after 1.5 minutes every time, then when I did get through had to wait about 10 minutes to speak to someone, who in fairness was very helpful.

Posted by Anonymous

i had a appiontment today 24 feb between 12.35 and 15.35 no one turned up no text email or phone call its now 20.20 and still nothing i tryed ringing in a queue and then 18.30 offices shut why do we have to be on the phone hours are hotpiont going to pay are bill ? THE service is disgusting last week the engineer called was here 15 mins and said machine was fixed one wash and it broke down again. THIS washing machine is only 9 months old what a crap company hotpiont is

Posted by Elphida

My 14 month old Fridge/Freezer broken down. I have now waited over a month for Hotpoint to come and repair it (as per the £185 p.year ins policy)..their reason is they cannot get delivery of their own parts in this case a compressor! They have called again this morning and canx the engineer visit for another week. They are a rip off.. The cost of my fridge/freezer was £350 plus insurance £185 and still not able to get repair done. The customer service both Hotpoint and Domestic and General are absolutely criminal and I advise anyone considering buying HOTPOINT, INDESIT, CREDA, WHIRLPOOL.... would be a mistake.

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Posted by Kim

Bought an at risk tumble drier at the end of November 2015 why weren't these faulty tumblers recalled?
Hotpoint have given me a repair date in august it is disgusting that anyone has to live with a dangerous and faulty appliance we ought to sue as they still let these faulty appliances get sold even after the problem was identified.

Posted by marianne ribes

had hotpoint washer/dryer for some years and last night the heating element on the dryer blew. I telephoned hotpoint at 8.05 under my extended warranty and was informed that an engineer would be with me today at 8.47 he arrived and by 9.15 had replaced the element and the machine was up and running. 100% customer satisfaction as it is Friday very grateful and impressed. After sales teams are always very pleasant and helpful on telephone as are their engineers. Well done hotpoint.

Posted by Anonymous

I would like to say my experience with techinician 133 07 0391 was the best experience I have ever had with a repairman coming to my come. He was pleasant, professional and fixed the problem fast and correct. He explained what would assist in the future to prevent this problem from reoccuring. An excellent experience. Also your response time to my repair was fast. Thank you

Boyd Kelley

Posted by Tracyg

found Hotpoint customer service friendly,engineer came out and sorted machine on same day

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Posted by Anonymous

I am an ex employee of hotpoint and there customer service is shocking I like to help people but these people only care about money. I couldn't continue to work for this company and can see them going under in my time there I received 2 positive calls that's it. Really unpleasant place to work and I wouldn't recommend buying there appliances or asking for help the company is a shambles.


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