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    • 1,034 negative comments (98.76%)
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Posted by Cathy Bowdish

iPhone 6s broke got iPhone 6plus iCloud didn't transfer password from iPhone 6s tried since march to access hotmail email app to get access to spotify please help I'm blocked I asked a attorney said to talk to customer support

Posted by Frustrated

Customer Service - What? There is none!! I've been locked out of my Hotmail account now for days. It keeps asking me to reset my password. Well that would be easy enough, but I can't get in to reset my password and there is absolutely no one to call for assistance. I think I've been hacked and have no way of correcting it. I have years of correspondence and folders that I need to retrieve and no way of obtaining them. It would be great if Hotmail had some way of communicating with it's customers besides chat rooms. I'm old school - I don't do much online - I like to speak to someone to resolve an issue. VERY DISSAPPOINTED with Hotmail. I've had this account for 20+ years. :(

Posted by Ana

Hotmail is absolutely horrible. I spent two days trying to figure out how to get back into my email account that has been hacked. I called them, and they said they cannot do anything. I have important information on that account and now I cannot even block that email. So so upsetting. Not a chance that I will ever go back to hotmail, not recommending it to anyone.

Posted by Anonymous

Dear Hotmail,

Please fix the bloody logon that was changed a few weeks ago (in October 2016). Now users must enter their email address, then click on the next button, then enter in their password. The method for the last 15 years has been... email address, then a tab to the password. Being on autopilot after so many years as a user, I automatically hit the tab button, which sends the prompt to the web address line - where I enter my password for everyone to see. I've contacted you about this before, but after a loyal user of more than 15 years, if it remains - I won't. No one has even acknowledged my question.

Posted by Ky

This was a terrible experience. I asked one question and I was told that I need to call tech and he hung up on me. I just needed help. Maybe I didn't call the correct number but there are nicer ways to deal with my call than that.

Posted by Fwarren

Yesterday I was blocked from my hotmail account, I completed the online form 3 times with no success and then tried the hotmail number. On the phone I received an extremely rude man who hung the phone up on me. I then tried the Microsoft hotmail number. No better. I was hung up on 6 times!!! Then blamed to be the one who had hung up by their manager. They asked for a fee, and we're the rudest people I have ever spoken to. They were in no way an asset to the Microsoft or hotmail team. I have noted their names and will be writing to ofcoms ombudsman. I then went on to try and contact someone through Facebook, again no reply. I then continued to try live chat. I am currently speaking to the third person on live chat today and I am still no closer to resolving my issue or speaking to a manager. The customer service I have had today has been the most dissatisfying of any company I have ever dealt with. Hotmail and Microsoft will be losing multiple clients today. A company such as this is not worth being treated so badly for a terrible service.

Posted by email customer service and suppo

my experience with hotmail customer service was extremely poor. The call went to India because I could tell from his accent since I am from India but now a proud US citizen. He asked to me speak slowly which I did by repeating my question. He still did not understand. And as I was talking even slower with my question he hung up on me with no explanation. My rating for customer service number is extremely poor and rude.

Posted by shaye1961

I have had my hotmail account for years and now while im travelling around europe ive been denied access to it, after numerous attempts in answering security questions most of which i know are correct ive now recieved a message telling me to open a new account my old one will be shut due to lack of correct answers only problem with that is i had numerous hotel confirmations, flight bookings and even a show i have booked to see in vienna so unless i can remember where i booked a lot of my stuff a d with whom im set to lose a lot of money with having to rebook and prob double booking, well done hotmail or oytlook, your systems dont work and are unfair to genuine users with problems and looking at the number of complaints compared with positive feedback on here you maybe need to listen i won't be setting up a new account thats for sure

Posted by Anonymous

They tell you to go to their CHAT. I did and was waited half an hour before giving up. The wait time started at 202 minutes, dropped to 1 minute and then started bouncing around all over the place again. What an exercise in frustration. If you can't give a decent guestimate as to wait time, how in the world do you stay in business.

Posted by lvis11tj7

To protect me, this is the message that I received....It looks like someone else might be using your account To help you-and only you-get back into we need to verify that it's yours......the only option I have is the phone number for a text (that I no longer have) or too wait 24 hrs.....I then go to their site and they tell me it will take 59 minutes to talk to has been 1 hr and 42 minutes.....thank you for the protection you piece of garbage company.....let me in my damn account!!!!!!!!! I have time sensitive stuff to do

Posted by Anonymous

I need to recover my account. I need to talk to someone. I had this account for years. I hardly sent or received emails. Don't remember my security answers. I used it on my phone. No one else is using it. I need this back. I have folders and I need to keep it.

Posted by Jill

All my emails from the past 10 years had been deleted, so I called them. However, the person on the phone had a very bad attitude, was nearly shouting at me and saying that she would hang up on me when her accent was too hard to understand.

Posted by Anonymous

Would love to find out shy I have been unable to access Hotmail today but I can't get in touch with customer service either. Fed up with these Hotmail problems that seem to happen every couple of weeks. Switching to yahoo where I have never had one single problem.

Posted by Anonymous

Who design this update hotmail version? He/She should be lay off.

Posted by Anonymous

useless company. My phone's been stolen and I can't change the password on my hotmail account for 30 days to stop these people accessing my emails all because to change my password I have to verify a code which I can only receive on the number of my phone that's already been stolen. Idiots. These people have no thumbs, know nothing about their companies products and couldn't give a toss about their consumers needs.

Posted by Anonymous

I have an email account through hotmail and have not been able to access it. I can't get in with my password. My email address

Phone number to call or text

Posted by Anonymous

My name is password junior13 my old phone number was that phone was lost in a fire. I have a new phone number When i try to log on to my email the computer says it has a problem with the log in and will send me a text or email to my old phone number!! I have a new number. I chatted with the microsoft people they give me various websites to update my number. When I log on the system tells me there is something wrong and they will send me a special code to access my account. I lost that previous number in a house fire I now have a new number as my contact I am using my correct email address and password but I can not access my email because the special code is not being sent to my current number!! How do I update this nuber so I can reveive this code and access my email?? EJ

Posted by Anonymous

Microsoft has decided to block our domain from sending e-mails to @hotmail/@live etc due to namespace mining behaviour. We run a medical facility and are ofcourse not doing any of this, the behaviour is probably caused by somebody else using the same IP (we use a host). The idiots of microsoft seem unable to distinguish within a host whether someone is abusing the system. Due to this, we are punished for someone elses behaviour. If you mail, you receive an answer from people who have no idea what they are doing. It drives us crazy.

Posted by [email protected]

HOTMAIL trying to access account is impossible---code numbers supplied for temporary access ARE NOT ACCEPTED WHAT A MESS IT IS

Posted by Anonymous

Agreed Hotmail is terrible! Forgot my password tried to go through steps to recover account twice bit does not give you time to answer required info, times you out first. Now I can't get into my Facebook either. Hotmail is an epic failure!!!!

Posted by Anonymous

I think outlook is trying to charge customers fir the use of the account. I just got off the phone with customer service and was told they would help me protect my account for a charge. I have had several incidents where someone was trying to hack my account. I am going to cancel the account with them now and have to add another server I guess. Sadly I have had the account for a number of years.

Posted by Anonymous

Request for a password change made me mention every damn detail of my other e-mail ID in the garb of verification process, waiting time 24 hours. Can't access my account now. This is despite them having my phone no. No telephonic support. Pathetic experience after holding this account since 2001. Feel bad that I have to do away with account..this being my first e-mail id.

Posted by Disillusioned

I've held a Hotmail account for 15 years, but since last year, I've been getting locked out of the account whenever I travel. To unlock the acct, I had to go through their verification process. I was ok with this when it happened for the first time, but not for the subsequent next 8-9 times.

Microsoft's dealing of its users are beyond reasonable. For example, I travelled to New Zealand - was locked out in Auckland - went through their steps to unlock the acct. Then, a few days later in another city in NZ I was locked out again (This is where Microsoft security lacks total common sense - as it should be obvious that I was travelling around the country).

This continually being locked out while in NZ was creating some inconvienience and cost me financially with respect to booking airlines, hotels etc.

So now, I'm locked out again after travelling from NZ to New Caledonia - only this time - they tell me I haven't provided enough info to "prove my identity." Strange how after "proving my identity with the same info all the previous times to unlock the acct - they now state I haven't proven my identity.

I'm totally disgusted with these narrow minded and draconian Microsoft people and their lack of empathy for creating so much hardship for travellers. They've become such a bloated organization that they've forgotten how to provide good service.

Posted by Anonymous

I have been trying to recover my 18 year old hotmail account with a lack of any concern from Microsoft, for 3 weeks. I've completed 8 of their on-line questionnaires that supposedly is read and will reinstate your hotmail account. I"ve completed the questionnaire 8 times and it is always returned to me via email, saying they don't have enough information.
Today, I telephoned Microsoft and their solution was for me to fill out another questionnaire. I asked to speak with a department manager. I was created and then the phone line went dead. This, after waiting for 42 minutes to talk to someone.

I will never deal with Microsoft again. I"ll complete my device purchases with Apple, where the customer is still valued.

Posted by CJC

Microsoft Hotmail/Outlook is simply worthless garbage and a trap for any adult who travels. Your email account will be blocked whenever you travel outside of your immediate area. This is of course is exactly when you can least afford to lose contact with people, and not be able to access your account. The steps that Microsoft forces on you, are ridiculous, time consuming, prone to error (try remembering the Subject Header of Sent Emails several days later). Even when I have provided an accurate password, answer to security question, names of Folders created by me in my account, contacts of recently sent emails, etc. things that only I would know this is what you will get sent back to you:

"We recently received a request to recover your Microsoft account [email protected] Unfortunately, our automated system has determined that the information you provided was not sufficient for us to validate your account ownership."

Microsoft's Automated System is the unsophisticated joke that initiates the blocking of your account, so it should be no surprise that it is unable to determine with any degree of accuracy that you are the legitamate owner of the account. Support on this is useless.

Once you have experienced this you will regret the day you ever put your trust in Microsoft to be me your email provider.

Add your review!

Posted by Anonymous

I have a hotmail account. For my protection I cannot open this account ? I have been trying for the last two days to open it & finally today I was told to open a new account. I did that )but I want to be able reach my contact list and read the messages in my old account. I am sure it is possible for you to unlock my old account, when I shall change the password and also be able to reach my old contact list.

I request you to please do whatever is needed and help me.

Thanking you & Regards/Raj Jolly

Posted by hamzaoglu

Dear Hotmail,

I was using my account for 11 years,more than 6600 mails in it. I got a virus but I succeeded to clean .Meanwhile my account is blocked by u after 3 days.I forgot my password for my other registered

account as I did not use it for a long time.I have a facebook account combined with my old massenger,in which u can determine the user.

Now will u answer me and send me the re opening pass word to my new account

Posted by Dr. Emmanuel J. Kandusi

I have an account which was hacked. The hacker then registered an email under my name and some how directed all my mails to divert to this Hotmail account. If someone sends a mail under my yahoo account it automatically change to an Hotmail account. I call upon the Hotmail customer service to rectify this situation by closing that account which was registered by a hacker. Please help me!

Posted by Anonymous

I called 800-642-7676 and then dialed option 1 and then I dialed option 3 and I got a customer service rep and they send me a link to my current work email to unlock my account. Whomever posted this advice earlier thank you so much. I first tried calling several numbers that I found online that kept telling me it would be 100 dollars or more to get it unlocked. If anyone is having difficulties just do what I did and they will help you get into your email for no charge. Good luck,

Posted by Christina

I have been using Hotmail for the past few Years now and i ahve to say i think i honeslty love it. It has fullfilled all of my needs since day one. it is easy to navigate, quick and efficent. I use it for personal, work and job search. Helps tremendously to keep in contact with facebook friends and well as my hotmail contacts. Love the calender its simple to Read and customize. Love the skydrive section i save documents resumes and pictures there! I have used yahoo and gmail personally those are nothing compared to hotmail. the navigation and functions sucks on yahoo and gmail. I Rate Hotmail 10 Stars instead of 5.
Keep up the good work Hotmail.

Posted by b4tm4n

Was able to re-validate myself using the password reset > contact support links. Took them a couple of days (case opened on the 6th and resolved on the 8th)

I recieved this email :

Windows Live Support Team Wednesday, June 08, 2011 8:46 AM

We are experiencing higher than normal requests for account validation, and unfortunately this is causing a delay in our ability to respond to your post. Your request is important to us, and we will respond to all requests in the order that they were received. We apologize for the inconvenience this may cause you and will respond as soon as possible.

Please do not repost your issue as doing so will further delay responses.

Looks like they are a little busy at the moment but please stick with it!

Very happy to have my account back.

Posted by Megan

I decided to call Microsoft directly and managed to talk to someone about the issue who could actually be somewhat helpful. She said she would escalate my case so that it would be looked at again. Dunno if it's going to help but thought I'd let people know so that way they can try as well.

Posted by Anonymous

Whoa, the weirdest thing just happened... Hotmail just sent me a link to change my password and it worked.

I can't say what I did (except for repeatedly saying my email was hacked) that made them finally respond.

I am so switching it out to gmail though! No more hotmail for me thanks!!

Keep bothering them is all I can tell you.

Best of luck everyone!

Posted by Could be anybody

On June 15th my email was hacked and password changed....same story. There is no person you can directly call. I went to [email protected] and requested a password change. On June 17th (am) I recieved the info I needed to re-set my password. All is fine now. Whew!

Posted by Anonymous

Many thanks to Hotmail--within 24 hours, my account was up and running with all my information. I hope everyone the best!

Posted by Tammarishka

I had a problem with my windows hotmail account. I was locked out, could not remember my password and in no way could get into my email. I contacted this link Windows Hotmail Help([email protected]om) and the folks there were amazingly helpful! With their help my password was reset, I was unblocked from my account and I can now work again as my account is used for my business. Thank you so much Mia and Rhea!

Posted by Anonymous

We were able to get the problem resolved.

My wife could not access her Hotmail account, and could not reset her password successfully (her secret question answer was not accepted, even though it was correct). She kept on looking for an answer, and found the "Windows Live ID Validation Page"

You have to answer a slew of questions to validate that you are the owner of the account. You also need to provide an email address of where they can send you a special password reset link (she used my account).

We got a response within 24 hours and we were soon up and running. What a relief!!

Good luck to anyone encountering this problem. I hope this helps.

Posted by Anonymous

I think Hotmail has been excellent ion responding to my needs. They appear to respond quickly and efficeintly.

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