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Hoover customer service is ranked #683 out of the 946 companies that have a CustomerServiceScoreboard.com rating with an overall score of 26.17 out of a possible 200 based upon 353 ratings. This score rates Hoover customer service and customer support as Terrible.


339 Negative Comments out of 353 Total Comments is 96.03%.


14 Positive Comments out of 353 Total Comments is 3.97%.

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    • 26.17 Overall Rating
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    • 339 negative comments (96.03%)
    • 14 positive comments (3.97%)
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Posted by Anonymous

I received a 1974Y approximately one month ago. The unit itself was determined to be faulty and Hoover sent a replacement.

The new unit arrived today, but it does not charge (I am currently on the phone with a supervisor - - and after multiple requests to speak with his supervisor - he is just simply staying on the line and saying nothing. It has been approximately 5 minutes now.

I can not say strongly enough how difficult customer service has been with this company. It has been a complete nightmare.


Posted by DIANE

Long Time Hoover Owner. I Purchased M# Uh72615....i’m Putting It Together Looking At The Book & Parts That Go With It. This One Is Pet Friendly . I Need The Pet Parts That Are Missing Out Of The Box.
H Upholstery Tool
I Articulating Upholstery Tool
These Items Are Missing...m Understanding That Hoover Puts Differant Parts With Differant Vacuums....the Last Hoover Was A Pet Vacuum Came With All Parts Shown. I Expect The Same As This Unit Was More Expensive


Worst customer service ever. Was on hold forever. Somebody woman picked the phone up and then all you can do is her breath after saying may I help you. Hung up called back 20 minutes later some guy answered who identified himself as Ann. Explain to Ann that I had just bought this vacuum cleaner today and there was a wheel broke. Asking, could they just sent me a replacement part . Ann told me to just take it back to where I bought it and get another one. I told Ann if I took it back I would not be buying the Hoover and could he just send me the part. Ann said he didn't care and forl me to just buy a different vacuum cleaner.With customer service like that why would anyone buy HOOVER or any TFC products.

Posted by llpuppy

I had 3 days left on 1 yr warranty steamvac spinscrud50 model F5914-900 when multiple problems happened. Hose pump broke, turbine going out, floor brushes not spinning properly. On 3.12.18 took this machine to my local Hoover dealer and service center to get this diagnosis. I have already paid the local Hoover dealer $20.00 to diagnosis and fix the leaking problem & to release my property back to me. I have used it twice on 1 room of carpet and the spill pick up hose attachment 10-12 times over the last 362 days before it malfunctioned and leaked a gallon of water onto my floor. Over 2 days, 6 calls to 800#, talked to 4 different people that would ID themselves, 2 were nameless and over 4 hours on phone ( 25 mins. on hold before they would answer). I talk with Chris that has ID'd herself as tier 2 customer service supervisor in Glenwillow, Ohio. During the initial conversation with Chris she is very rude. Out of her mouth comes the words I DON'T CARE a minimum of 2 times during our first conversation. IS THIS HOOVER'S NEW BRAND? Is this how Hoover is training their customer service employees? In any context should a customer service supervisor ever mutter those 3 words to a customer with a valid warranty problem let alone to a 3rd generation, loyal 35 year plus customer as I am or was? During this conversation she says I can't have the local dealer repair for me, I must drive it 60-90 miles away still in my state of Ohio or mail it there which will cost about $55.00. Tells me she needs to research this and call back. I will give her credit for actually calling me back. During the 2nd call her next offer is to send me $50.00 worth of cleaner for a machine that isn't working up to par. I laughed, said i wasn't wanting cleaning solution for a machine that I can not use. Her next solution is to return this lemon(cost is still on me) and get a replacement WITH NO WARRANTY (reconditioned- no doubt) and a $20.00 bottle of cleaning solution after I mail her receipt copy and after I pay and return lemon machine to a Tennessee zip code. She would not give me the rest of the Tennessee addy. Said she would call me back again after I mail her my receipt with the rest of that address. This will cost me a minimum of $75.00 now. Before the conversation ends I told her I am not happy with this solution. I should not have to pay an amount that is more than half of what this lemon cost me new. During this last conversation with Chris, tier 2 supervisor at the Glenwillow OH Customer service, proceeds to tell me a minimum of 3 more times I DON'T CARE. When I asked to speak to her supervisor or another supervisor, she cackled that she's it, take it or leave it," there isn't anyone else that is going to make me a better offer or even bother to call me back".

Posted by Anonymous

I purchased the Hoover J16A TE two weeks ago. This is the BEST vacuum ever!!! I went back to Meijer to get another one but to my dismay...they were all gone.! This vacuum is light weight, has great suction and the cord is a very good length. Where OOO where has this vacuum been all my life? I am 68 years young and I have had many vacuums in the past, all brands, both canisters and uprights..but this is the BEST ever!!!

Posted by Anonymous

My company wanted to purchase $17,000 worth of vacuums through my normal vacuum vendor that I have used for years. The service he provides outweighs any other vendor I have ever used. Hoover refused to sell to us through them because one of their reps sent us a quote over 8-months ago. I refuse to do business with that rep because I have no confidence in her or her abilities to provide the service I am used to and require. So we are going with Proteam and will never do business with Hoover!! Horrible customer service.

Posted by lulupat

Hoover is denying a part for my vacuum which is still under warranty. Been on the phone with them for at least 30 min. They keep putting me on hold. I insisted that I should be entitled to the piece that snapped off for my "wand". Seems like the "design" is faulty. Rep came back on after about 15 min and said she would try to call the warranty dept., but she doesn't think they will cover this snapped off part. They don't think that I need to have a wand holder - but, it came with the machine and snapped off, so, they should be responsible. She said she'd call me back. Why do I find that hard to believe. I will NEVER purchase another Hoover product in my lifetime - what a HASSLE, certainly not worth my time. This is one company that should just go out of business because of the way it treats it's customers.

Posted by Worst Company Ever

No answers no calls back no email back. Not happy this stupid Vac almost burnt my house down. I'm not happy I spent alot on the piece of crap vacume and this happenes.

Posted by Almost caused a fire. Shocked me

My Hoover vacume blew the wires apart shocked me bad. The wires the inside where the cord goes into the vacuum are burnt and fried. Not only did this vacume do this it also melted the red part and burnt my carpet bad. I rent and this will charge me and my landlord is not happy about it. I've called you several times and I even emailed you guys. I have not heard back from you guy at all

Posted by Deborah Fthis Mann

ZERO I've called every number. HOLDING OVER 20 MINUTES. no callback alternative recording. THE WORST HOLD MUSIC IN THE WORLD. ANY GENRE --- they play the 'lame' version of! Can't find the damn numbers!! not on the side, bottom, top, side whatever!!!
This is another example of US gone S--T. Why?? Is it so expensive to have humans answer phones? Would some billionaire compromise the amount of teak on his custom bar or something??? What glorious compromise would cost him/her/it to be HUMAN. KIND. RIGHT.
this is the vacuum. The shampooer broke! not even getting parts!!

Posted by Anonymous

My Hoover fridge freezer was repaired 5 times in the last 8 months and yet there is no attempt to get me a replacement. Surely it does not make sense to send a Hoover Candy engineer out so often to repair an appliance that is obviously past its sell-by date. it is annoying to have food spoilage so often especially for a 74 year old pensioner. I would appreciate Hoover to look into this matter as I have all but lost faith in the Hoover name.

Terry Tan

Posted by Heatherq

I have a Hoover Spinscrub 50. It is a carpet/upholstery cleaner.It stopped working after only 5 uses. It started to power on when I pressed the pedal and then just stopped. It really sounded like it blew a fuse or like I needed to hit a non-existent reset button. I have been trying to reach Hoover for days now. My first call was just me waiting on hold for 40 minutes. My second and third call attempts have been answered by a recording stating their offices are closed for the holiday. I have also sent an email. I am glad they give their employees an extended holiday vacation. Maybe I should start working for Hoover? It appears they need the help and at least I know I will have a week long vacation for Christmas. I JUST WANT TO CLEAN MY CARPETS AND COUCH!

Posted by Duke

the worst customer service I have ever received..
All i wanted was a replacemnt door condenser ... I will ring daily so it costs them more in man hours than what the part is worth!

Posted by kayabryana

Can you please tell me if Hoover is discontinuing self propelled upright bagged vacuums I had trouble finding bags lately. I now need a new vacuum and would prefer a bagged model but not if I can't find bags for it.I have a Hoover upright self propelled bagged vacuum for many years and it needs to be replaced I do not want to replace it if I can't find bags in the future I have model

Posted by Chantal

After waiting 15 minutes to get in contact with a costumer service representative. I'm still in shock over the poor quality of service provided, the agent was very short and condescending.

Posted by Anonymous

I have a Hoover Model No. F5914-900. A cleaning lady has always "used" this product in her biweekly duties. I just realized that she did not know how to use the cleaner, because she never put in any solution. So it is necessary for me to move rapidly.

I have a dog and a cat. Therefore it is imperative to keep my house clean and sweet smelling.

I have contacted Amazon to purchase cleaning solution. They will not mail the product to me.

I have contacted out local COSTCO, WalMart and K-Mart, none of which sell your products.]

Please advise me where your cleaning products can be puchased locally as I no longer drive.

If these products cannot be purchased locally and Amazon will not mail me the products, how in creation can I obtain products without spending a half day in an attempt to find a supplier?

Hoover used to have the reputation as a high class product. If nobody wishes to sell the product, does that mean it is inferior so nobody will carry it?

I will appreciate a prompt response to my question.

Virginia Dickey

Long Beach, CA

Posted by john

Bought new washer hoover, 23 07 16, not work correctly from start, smells burning, can take days to get it start, been onto all hoover departments, no one do anything, having to buy a new washer another make, lose money £300-00 spent on hoover, it is now 19-10 16, hoover no customer service .

Posted by lougard

I called this AM to ask a question about my new Cyclonic stick vac. I wanted to know if Model SH 20030 was supposed to swivel (it does) as I thought I may have a defective machine. It works great and does a good job for a small vacuum. I gave the above number to the rep who took my call. She said it was not right and to look on the bottom of the machine for a sticker with another model number. There was no sticker.The model number on the box was correct. As she got more irritated I closed the conversation. This was my first contact with Hoover ever and not a good one.

Posted by Valerie

I really wouldn't call your "customer service" service. When your agent argues, speaks over, and clearly doesn't understand the problem...I suggest you retrain your people!!

Posted by Rob

Bought a vac which just pushes stuff out of the way. Tried customer service but its clear that they just dont care. Stuck with a useless vac. I will never buy another hoover product as long as I live.

Posted by Anonymous

I can't recall when I've heard sooooo much Classical Music. Have been on hold for 45 minutes. No one answers the phone. Very Disappointed. Hoover should be able to do better.

Very poor customer service.

- Thank You

Posted by Anonymous

Guy came out for the SECOND time to fix my washing machine, the first time he looked and said the bearings had gone so would need a new drum. waited 2 week for a guy to come out today with new drum. only to be told the new drum is broke!!! so he will have to order yet another one. so i am going to be without a washer again for however long this takes. he left big and small pieces of plastic all over my kitchen floor, left me with 2 big bath towels full of plastic and water that i can't wash now. he has left me with 2 yes 2!! washing machine drums in my garden to dispose of as he said he doesn't get rid of them. he took all the parts fixtures and fitting from both the old and new drums??? suspicious!! i have not even had the washing machine for a year yet!! Before he left he asked to use my toilet, i said yes, then went to use it myself when he had gone to walk in my bathroom that stunk of poo and he had left my toilet smeared full of poo!! so i had my bathroom to bleach aswel. I am fuming, not happy at all and WILL be taking this further!!

Posted by Mrs conolly

It's a joke constantly told to hold the line a engineer will be with you shortly after holding for 21 mins and still no answer at 12p a minute

Posted by TED

Bought A Presto 2-1, It States To Wash The Filter, Do Not Do It Cuts Flow By 90%
After Trying To Purchase The Filter At London Drugs, Walmart Etc Etc I Went To The Largest Vacum Cleaner Repair Shop In North Vancouver. The Owner Said Good Luck, I Can Order The Filter But It Will Take 6-8 Weeks If Ever.

After 3 Months No Filters.

I Went On Line And Ordered It From Hoover, You Guessed It, It Will Be Here In 6 Days, 2 Weeks Later No Filters Have Arrived And The Vacum Has Been Out Of Service For Over 3 Months.

Al Vacums Was Correct, Do Not Buy Hoover

Posted by Anonymous

just taken delivery of a brand new Hoover consenser dryer. have to fit the drain hose. the instruction book provided has photographs that are completely different to my machine AND the tap they say I need to use has not been provided. been on hold to customer services for almost 3 hours.

Add your review!

Posted by janmiranda

I called their customer service and they were absolutely great and even sent me a part that **I** had broken and I told them this but they sent the part FREE and postage FREE too. Couldn't have been a better experience.

Posted by Anonymous

After purchasing a Hoover Dynamic Next Washing Machine was very dissapionted at the spin cycle being reduced washing not as dry as previous machine

Posted by Anonymous

i am a new tenant. The landlord has provided a new Candy Washer Dryer GO W 485D.

i am sure it is a wonderful machine but the manual is too complicated for a 74 year old.

I tried speaking on the phone but the simple step by step instructons were not available although the young lady I spoke to tried very hard. I feel that my needs are not catered for.

Linda Silverestone - t

Posted by utterley disgusted

ladies on the telephone very nice there only doing a job.

Posted by Anonymous

Hoover Handy Plus Try To Find Filters For With No Luck The Model

Sp6odsr600i Serial No Please Can You Help

Filter For Hoover Handy Plus+6vdry New Filter Wanted


Posted by jane45

I cannot fault the service by Hoover Candy they fixed my washing machine there was a bit of time in between the two repairs but that was okay.
The engineer text and phoned me before arrival.
I would recommend the after care insurance package with domestic and general.

I would recommend Hoover Candy Washing Machines.

Posted by Anonymous

I recently contacted Hoover Candy. The lady who dealt with my query was extremely helpful and referred my question to a technician. She then informed me that she would contact the company from whom you obtain spare parts saying that she would contact me on Mon or Tues. 9a.m. Tues she returned the call stating that the item was in the post. Splendid efficient service cheerfully delivered what more could a customer as. Thank you

Posted by Anonymous

Since February 5th I have had a phone call from a Dyson Servicing firm offering to service my cleaner I waited in all day on the date they gave me and no one appeared. Another phone in March and again in June. I would get an apology and the fee was lowered from £18.50 to £12.50 to £10. yet no one arrived. I don't know if this was a scam or not. but I am furious at the waste of my time.

Posted by KAMAN

I Bought A Steam Cleaner From The Hoover Factory And It Was On Sale. When I Got It In, It Was Broken So I Emailed Them Right Away To Have Them Contact Me Once They Receive My Email, They Call Me Two Days After And They Said They Will Mail Me A New One Right Away. They Will Also Email Me A Return Label So I Can Return My Old One Back(fexde Will Pick It Up Right From My House). They Make It So Easy For Me And I Am A Happy Customer. I Usually Dont Write Review But This Time I Have To Let People Know Their Customer Service Is Awesome.

Posted by Anonymous

I own an old, 1980's Hoover Custom Convertible model U4395, but it wasn't until one day that I realized I was running the vacuum without a belt! So I contacted Hoover to find the part number for the belt. When I called hoover, I was connected to a very friendly female representative and I told her what convertible model I had so she could find the right part number. She looked for the part number and it did not take her long to find the right part number. I ordered the belt from hoover the same week I called them, I had no issues with shipping and finding the part online after being given the part number. THANK YOU HOOVER! EXCELLENT CUSTOMER SERVICE (AND EXCELLENT 80'S VACUUM)! keep up the great customer service (and product quality)!

Posted by Unhappy Hoover

Thank you Rhonda!!!! Appreciate the fast customer service.

Posted by June

Contact 30/10/2012 breakdown reporting:
The person-Valerie-who dealt with my washing machine breakdown issue was EXCELLENT. I cannot praise her enough, she dealt with a very edgy person (me) in a wonderfully calm manner and earns 12 out of 10 for efficiency.

Posted by Anonymous

To whom it may concern, My wife and i purchase a SteamVac of yours a year ago and it has stop working.I can a-sure you it was use correctly being my wife and i are both senior, may have used it 1/2 a dozen times since we purchase it and used it correct from your manual. My wife needs to know if all your products works this way so that we can shop for a different brand, i know you won't answer but had to ask since she's watching me. I will be calling your cust. serv. and talk over the fone to complain again tomorrow 7/13/2012. I just want you to know she stated she'll never buy any of your products again. So i thank you for making her very unhappy as i've been a hoover fan since i was a kid listing to the old hoover jingle on tv. You may contact me at rtrimble46gmail.com or 626/280/0947 anytime. Richard Trimble

Posted by yontu

Called, Got a live person (that I could understand) on the first try. Product I bought had a hairline crack in it. Customer service rep was very pleasant and told me they would check on a replacement part and call me back. They did a few hours later and told me I would receive a replacement in 5 business days-I did. very happy with the response

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