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Hooters customer service is ranked #735 out of the 946 companies that have a CustomerServiceScoreboard.com rating with an overall score of 24.53 out of a possible 200 based upon 64 ratings. This score rates Hooters customer service and customer support as Terrible.


62 Negative Comments out of 64 Total Comments is 96.88%.


2 Positive Comments out of 64 Total Comments is 3.13%.

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  • Hooters

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    • 24.53 Overall Rating
      (out of 200 possible)
    • 62 negative comments (96.88%)
    • 2 positive comments (3.13%)
    • 2 employee comments
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Posted by Rick

Waited over 45 minutes for wings. Just very unhappy with Hooters(Orland Park Ill.)

Posted by Anonymous

Here In Champaign Ill
Waiting An Hour For First Order Of Chicken Wings...ayce...my Ass
All You Can Wait....1 Hour.

Not Even A Reorder Yet Sad...
Really Fkn Sad...
I Cook For A Living...

Posted by Roger

I have complained before about the Daytona Store location. Nothing was resolved so I stopped going when I was in Daytona. Been to several other locations in different states with no issue. I was in the Morrisville NC location last night with business associates. I arrived early to get table set up, 9pm.
Stood at door over ten minutes, KNOW ONE even acknowledged my presence, staff walked by time and time again. So I need a table for 6. Started looking and all the large table were empty but not cleaned. SO I stood by a table 11 minutes, staff walking by, nothing. FINALLY a girl sitting down at a table got up and asked if she could help me. Started cleaning table. Told her I had others coming. She took my beer order, and disappeared. After 17 minutes I went to bar, sat down and asked for my beer. Bartender apologized and set the beer up. Other waitress saw me but did nothing but hurry to end shift I think. Company owner arrived, we sat at bar, had a beer and discussed what was happening with table. Called others on the way to Hooters and diverted to another restaurant.
I have loved Hooters since it started. What has happened to you management. I just will not even take the time to be aggravated as much as I and my family love the food. Very Sad. You used to have the best management of all restaurant chains.

Posted by RudyValent1

In Corpus Christi Texas I feel Hooters in Corpus Christi the girls at the bar or not very friendly they act like we owe them something I am very upset on my last visit did not leave any tips and I will stay away for a while hopefully things get better there because the hospitality there are not friendly at all I will stay away from Hooters for a while

Posted by Bryant

I was met by total disrespect by the GM after i got socked in the face by soneone there im not sure if he brought it to corporates attention or not but he should have i did not swing back because i wanted no problems nor were the cops called he just told me to leave if you check the cameras you will see that i threw up the peace sign and im the one that got assaulted i still returned to the restaurant weeks later multiple time and no issue except that the fact that i was there later on to be challanged by the same guy a couple of weeks later if not that but met by the guy if u check u see i quietly move to a different route keep in mind nor any sign of the manager in charge that day after an assistant later met with me later on i went on feb 5th or an earlier date on the 4th between 12 and 1 am he saw me drinking there and ill say after about 2 drinks asked me to leave the premises i find completely disrespectful after i brought it to courts attention and lost my job because of the black eye and yet hes still able to rome around and not me if a settlement is not reach you will be hearing from illegal issues not just by the action of gm but other related issues thank you

Posted by Joe

I order from your Schaumburg locate at least 3 time on a month order the same thing each and time which is a kids boneless and shrimp the kids meals is fir my daughter shrimp for me so today the boneless wasn’t done and I was speaking to a manager that was very rude didn’t offer to exchange the meal misunderstood what I was saying and then say why are you ordering a kids meal for your self you. Should be ordering a adult meal I said I stated it was was my child and who are to say what I can order and can’t order at that point I hung up the phone on him I think that was so unacceptable to tell a paying customer what you can order and should order

Posted by Darlene

Stopped at Hooters in Beckley West Virginia on 11/8/17. Walked in the door at 1015 pm and was told we need to place order because last call was made??? We ordered and had our food by 1023. The TV's and music were turned off. We asked for to go boxes and we were traveling and 3 hours from home! Why say you are open until 1100 if you are going to rush people out 30 min before you close?

Posted by Anonymous

I just attempted to have dinner at Hooters of Burlington, NC. The service was terrible and when we questioned Amelia she explained that she had a table of 14 that were constantly complaining and she also complained about how bad the manager was. Personally I did not care about her party of 14 I was attempting to have dinner with my family. We ordered drinks that took 20 minutes to be made and one sat on the counter for 2 full minutes before it was brought to the table. The other had a slice of orange still with a sticker on it. We sent it back and requested a drink without trash in it. The bartender took out the slice of orange, with her bare fingers, put the drink in another glass and sent it back to our table. We had to request a NEW drink. My husband sent his food back once and it came back worse than the first time. He absolutely could NOT eat his dinner. We ordered an appetizer that we waited and waited for and it took forever to get to our table. Our food came out almost on top of the appetizer. Our appetizer was taken to the party of 14 and was brought back to our table. We paid $90. for food we could not eat. Not once did the manager come by to see why we were not being served and he walked by our table multiple times.
We were never offered dessert and had to ask for a fork 2 times. We had the worst experience ever at this restaurant. Did Hooters make us happy.? . . . Absolutely NOT.

Posted by Andy Gillespie


Server Vanya

Whilst visiting the U.S. on business on a regular basis, we always take time out to eat at Hooters and have attended numerous locations up and down the East Coast and have previously enjoyed every experience.

On this occasion, we chose the 'all you can eat wings' offer which we thought sounded VFM.

We ordered a couple of drinks and waited a while for the wings to arrive whilst we had a Bud & Cosmo.

Wings were fine but when wanted to order a second round the server avoided us at all costs.

When we finally got to order, the wings took forever to be served and we were told we needed to keep ordering drinks if we were still eating!

We felt railroaded into ordering more drinks whilst we waited.

When we got towards the end of the second round we tried to order more but the server just placed our cheque on the table without request.

We ended up leaving pretty hungry spending $64.14 and spent more on drinks than food!

We are returning to the U.S. in a couple of weeks where we will be travelling down the East Coast with work and contemplating whether to return to Hooters or not.

How can you gain our trust and regular custom back?

Look forward to hearing from you.



Posted by Anonymous

Hi...for years now my husband and I and our friends have been going to Hooters in Tacoma to get signed calendars. It's been a tradition we look forward to. However we went last night and it was not busy but when we got home, we found only 2 signatures! There were at least 12 waitresses there! My husband is so disappointed that he says never again! I am requesting that you reach the restaurant and have them send us 2 signed calendars full of signatures so we can continue our yearly tradition.


Chris Morey

Posted by Migsfla63

Went to Hooters in San Diego called complain corporate office so they were going to send me a $75 gift card never heard from them again or service will never go to Hooters again no gift card issue

Posted by Anonymous

I was in the Hooters on Riverside in Austin Texas in 12/31/2016. There was only 2 waitresses and the restaurantwas filthy. I took a picture of an AC vents that was disgusting. The wait was horrible then when we finally got our food it was cold. The manager was no where in site.

Posted by Strick9

The Hooters in high point,nc. . We visited Saturday night the wait staff was OK, not really Hooters girls, the manager just stood around and didn't appear to concerned about the customer. When the cooks made our order wrong,no one was worried about us. So it will be a long time before we visited a Hooters again.

Posted by Anonymous

I have been going to your Chantilly VA restaurant .
The mens restroom is always filthy and in dire need for an exhaust fan and upgrade.
This is driving away a lot of this locations regular and first-time patrons...
Please address this problem immediately .


Posted by Milk man 42455

Me and my family went to hooters in gulf shores the food was horrible and it took the manager 30 min to come out food was half raw and manager was rude

Posted by Anonymous

My family of 20 people went to Hooters on 5350 Southwest Blvd, Fort Worth, TX 76109.p They were very disappointed in their customer service yesterday Sept 18 around 6:15. It was supposed to be a celebration bday of my Brother n law that has passed. He use to loved going to Hooters every time he could. And to remember him they went, but the had to wait 1hr in a half with no communication from anyone not even the manager on duty. My husband went up to him ask how much longer they were going to have to wait to be sitted they & they ask if they could just get any table they didn't have to all sit all together the just wanted to celebrate at his favorite place just like we have done since 2007. My daughter was insulted by one of the customers and my husband was upset with they customer and they exchange words. But the customer was able to stay but my family was all kick out! There was two managers that come out to let them know they (my family) had bar bill so my son went in to take care of it there was also a hooter girl that came out to ask if they were still going to need the table mangers said no! But they're were table available but not together but they wanted to put them together. I don't think there's anything that can be done but I wanted Corp to know what was a very special day turned out to be so sad for my family!! All they wanted to do was to celebrate the life of my brother n law.. Thank you for your time Christina

Posted by [email protected]

My husband and I have been to the Hooters in Ocala Florida 2 times! Both times were not very good! First time, the manager came out and explained that they were new and we were trying to explain that we have been going to Hooters for a very long time! We came from South Florida Miami Fort Lauderdale Pembroke Pines xcetera area! Their food was not consistent with theirs! The hot sauce wasn't even close to theirs! The manager Mike assured us that it was because they had just opened so we decided to try it again. This will be the very last time I will ever go to the Ocala Hooter's again! We love normally, the fish and chips! When they brought out the fish and chips you could not tell the difference between the curly fries and the actual fish! It was that small! And, in the wrong batter! When the manager heard about this he went in and came back and told us they cut the fish wrong and I explained to him Not only was it cut wrong but the batter was all wrong, so he went in and he cooked our fish! He actually did a great job! But, by that time I was to aggravated to eat! Also, I had Margarita and I'm not sure if the sour mix is so strong that you cannot taste the alcohol or if it was just me! So I ordered doubles just to make myself happy! I wasn't going to complain about that because sometimes it's just me! Funny thing is though, I'm not a complainer, because I have been in the business pretty much my whole life! I'd rather give constructive criticism and it never ever complain to corporate! As a matter of fact, this is the very first time I have ever done this! The manager should have tried to buy us instead he went to look for free appetizer coupons for the next time we came in and couldn't find any, but I'm not looking for a free meal I was just looking for a good food! So with that being said I will never and I mean never ever go back to Hooters in Ocala again! I will, however try again down where we used to live and hopefully have a better Neil there! It's sad, because he said you are corporate and I have never heard of corporate or not having the same exact ingredients xcetera. I hope for your sake people do not judge Hooters by this experience and I'm glad at 5 new better and have absolutely had better!


I complained about poor service on 9-4-16. The GM contacted me by phone somehow he got my voicemail. He told me to call back so we can resolve the issue. Since then I have called numerous of times to speak with him. I get rude workers after I asked to speak with the GM.Yes you did failed me miserably. However our family Monday nitght ritual all you can eat wings is on hold. Not only in Springfield Il. But St.Louis as well. Also Jackson Mississippi. Also in Memphis Tn. Until futher notice. That's how displeased I am. You never know the power one person have and I will be reaching out to others. Hope you guys had fun displeasing us.

Posted by Anonymous

Avoid the hooters in williamsburg virginia unless you dont mind sitting and waiting forever while at least half of the tables are open. When we asked the manager she told our party of eight that she just didnt have much help and didnt wont to upset or overwhelm the girls. I thought that the customer came first when you delt with public, but i guess if your staff is a bunch of prima donnas, it doesnt matter if you customers are left sitting in a hot vestibule forever. My rating is zero because you cant go any lower...

Posted by Anonymous

Not happy with Jackson Hooters. Locattion, staff and customer base leave me feeling threatened. Not enjoyable at all. Like being in a foreign country. You have improved your food over the years, however, everything else has deteriorated.
I don't need a gansta dining experience any more.

Posted by Jose

I was with my family yesterday a be victim of ridicule and discrimination by the manager of the restaurant you have in Las Vegas can not imagine that criterion put these people

Posted by Anonymous

Hooters in Springdale Oh has terrible service. Someone needs to read the Facebook reviews and do something about it...I love Hooters but will NEVER visit that place again...7 servers (hanging around talking)...only 8 tables in the place (I see why)..2 bartenders....we waited 15 min...still didn't have a drink ordered...poorest excuse for a business that I have ever seen...cater to the "dominant" as you say...whatever...a working female is way hotter than a diva afraid to break a nail...someone needs to step up to this challenge!!!

Posted by Anonymous

Today was my son's birthday & after hearing all the guys talking about it decided that's where he wanted to go so he could get his picture taken with The Hooters Girls! The service was absolutely awful,the food wasn't good either, and the walls had more personality the girls did. I asked for a shirt & never got it! The girls sang him happy birthday yet couldn't sit back down with other men fast enough.So not only did we waste our money, and get crap service but came home with a disappointed little boy who doesn't have a picture to show for it!

Posted by Geltmalker

We can in as a family with kids and were ignored by both the manager and wait staff until we asked if we could get drinks. 2 other tables came in after us and we're served drink and food before we even got our drinks...sad since hooters is trying to court families.

Posted by Anonymous

I was at your Hooters in Gulf Shores Alabama I sat at a table by myself for15 minute an never got waited on .it wasn't busy but I guess if your over 50 you don't get waited on so I went somewhere else to eat

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Posted by Anonymous

If your looking for a friendly well run Hooters, stop in Topeka, Kansas. The manager there runs a well organized establishment. Great greeting and seating, fast, friendly service, good food and beverages served in a timely manner. Always enjoy going there and there are a lot of regular customers who go back.

Posted by Anonymous

I just wanted to say "Thank You" for honoring us mothers on Mother's Day! The food was delicious! I will be a regular customer because of this!

Deborah Ranscheart
Louisville, Ky

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Posted by Anonymous

I work at the evansville restaurant in Indiana and I found this site so that I can express my concerns about my job. We had a manager let go for humiliation, verbal abuse and tampering with payroll. So when they sent our new store manager the restaurant did a 360. He came in and got things back on track and our sales are up higher than they have been and the reason I and everyone else knows that is because he has our huddles and let�s everyone know that us as a team is why the store is doing a lot more business. It�s great to have a manager who cares and takes the initiative to let us know he appreciates us for not only our work but for sticking around and giving him a chance to show there is always a way to make things better not for just his staff but our customers. But my biggest concern is that this place is going to fall apart again now that he gave a notice, and the lady that is his boss came in and started talking at him instead of to him which doesn�t set well with our team mates cause if he goes a lot of us won�t stay either and the reason for that is an assistant manager who goes get high in her car for about 20 minutes and after work with a couple of employees and she is useless then the man assistant is lazy and does nothing as well. The store manager has no problem jumping in the kitchen and help getting out food or any other position. How can you let a boss like this lady come in and start down talking to people and belittling others including the one positive thing that made this store more successful than its ever been and that�s our store manager. I just hope this gets to the right person so that they know when we start losing staff and sales it�s because of the higher up manageme that allows the district manager to treat or talk to anyone like this. Even customers have a great relationship with him. Please look into this for not only our sake but the store as well.

Posted by Anonymous

I am a current employee at the 2nd Ave hooters in Nashville, TN I have been there for a year now. I love my job and enjoy working there how ever recently we have switched from franchise to corporate which has caused us to have a new management team along with this new management a new rule was placed if you fail two mystery shops you will be fired and unrehirmable at any hooters. I find this new rule extermly harsh and unfair. We recently had a mystery shopper come in and say that the manager on duty didn't do a table touch but myself and serval other hooters girls watched our manager run the mystery shoppers food to the his table. We can sometimes tell who's a mystery shopper and who is not but wheather or not they are or not we still do the required procedure every time. The mystery shoppers do not always tell the truth on their shops. I feel that hooters should value there girls a little more maybe a week suspension or a month in training but taking someone's job away is a little extreme and hurtful especially when you care and put so much into being a hooter girl. I understand that it is very important to give every guest the proper procedures and precautions in which I feel that we are taking all the right steps. Maybe the mystery shoppers are under the impression that if they give an outstanding grade that it may not be believable but why is our job in jeopardy over someone who may not be paying full attention. I've seen several girls get fired; girls that have worked there for almost 6 years. It's sad to me that the company we take pride in and work so hard for are willing to end everything over a shopper not a guest but someone who gets payed for there time spent at hooters, someone who gets payed regardless if they tell the truth or not, someone who holds our fate in their hands. It's not right.


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