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Honeywell customer service is ranked #309 out of the 946 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 38.75 out of a possible 200 based upon 139 ratings. This score rates Honeywell customer service and customer support as Disappointing.


126 Negative Comments out of 139 Total Comments is 90.65%.


13 Positive Comments out of 139 Total Comments is 9.35%.

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    • 38.75 Overall Rating
      (out of 200 possible)
    • 126 negative comments (90.65%)
    • 13 positive comments (9.35%)
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    • 2.1 Issue Resolution
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Posted by mlr

have been on the phone waiting for an hour for the past 2 days--hung up each day because no one answered the phone. horrible. i hope they see all these negative reviews. i have never had an experience like this before with any business.

Posted by Anonymous

Words literally cannot describe how FED UP I am with Honeywell. I'll just explain by clearly distinct bullet points so it's easy to follow because apparently their customer service/warranty department just can't seem to ever get it right.
-Bought Honeywell heater HHF360 in October. This heater is equipped with a low and a high fan setting. It worked for about a month then all of a sudden stopped switching from low to high.
-I contacted Honeywell who kindly apologized and we agreed that they would send me a new HHF360 that did not have this problem as long as I returned the defective product, which I did.
-I received my new heater---it had the same problem AS SOON AS I PLUGGED IT IN (these are the key words here). Again, I contacted them and we agreed on the same contingency.
-I received my SECOND new heater---it had the SAME problem. I contacted them AGAIN. We agreed on the same contingency PLUS they promised they would "test" it before it shipped to confirm it did not have that problem as well.
-Guess what??.....
-I received my THIRD heater and it STILL HAD THE SAME PROBLEM. I contacted them again and they didn't even have a record of it being tested, which proved they were lazy and never bothered to. They apologized (of course) and offered to send me a new/different heater. It was a tower heater. I explained to them I could not use that heater as I live full-time in an RV and have limited space. I asked if they could send me the HHF370, which is the same size as the HHF360, but just a little fancier. They agreed and sent it to me.
-The story gets better....
-I contacted them again to report this problem and they stated "Alright ma'am. We are so sorry. We're sending out the HHF370 today before the close of business."
-LOL I should've realized and expected....
-I just picked it's only the remote for the HHF370 they sent not the actual unit itself. So currently I have a remote for a unit I don't even have....isn't it comical??
-I just contacted them...guess what...they're out of stock on the HHF370 HAHA. The only option I had was to leave a voicemail for the supervisor (whom I've already spoken to) to contact me to discuss the matter.

Point of the story is,
-I have received 3 warranty heaters that have the same problem (as soon as I plug it in to run it) of the heater I sent back under warranty.
-I have now wasted about 4 hours on phone time/wait time for rep to answer.
-Gas money spent on 30 minutes EACH TIME to UPS to return the defective heaters.
-Printer ink for the return label 4 different times.
-Received the wrong heater after the 4th time.
-Only received the remote for the new unit/correct heater they were supposed to send me, which is now currently out of stock.

I hope this matter is heard....this is ridiculous. Whomever runs your manufacturer/service/shipping department needs to be evaluated and someone/some people need to go. Let's hope the supervisor contacts me back....wish me luck!! I'm going to need it!!!

Posted by Anonymous

Honeywell customer service SUCKS !!!!! I spoke with 3 different reps about my L8124 aquastat for my boiler. Of course all 3 of them barely spoke English, and all 3 of them told me to contact Weil Mclein - the BOILER manufacturer. It a HONEYWELL device - shouldn't they support their own products?? Terrible experience.

Posted by DRJ

I am a project buyer that deals with hundreds of suppliers. Honeywell is by far the worst I have ever seen. Things got really bad when they moved their plant I purchased from to Mexico. My last purchase was back ordered for 3 months and then cancelled because they decided to discontinue the product 1 week before it was scheduled to ship. You cannot get anyone on the phone to help you. I have bent over backwards getting my customer moved over to something else. I will never spec in Honeywell for any designs or even purchase anything that has Honeywell on the box again. It is a terrible company!

Posted by Uriah the Hittite

They do not answer the phone. The company is appalling. How long are people expected to wait - why doesn't Honeywell employ more than two customer service reps? NEVER BUY ANYTHING FROM HONEYWELL!

Posted by Anonymous

We had a new T4 Pro thermostat installed. We were given ONLY the installers manual. The company which installed the heating/air system does not have copies of the user manual and have been emailing me a page at a time copy. How do I get the user manual that I should have been given when it was installed. I certainly don't want to pay up to $60 for something to which I'm entitled. I spent three hours on the computer yesterday trying to find a free manual. Honeywell's service to the customer is terrible. All they say is to contact the installer. I got NO help at all.

Jerrie Newman

Posted by HomeAutomations

Absolutely horrible experience. Purchased a Honeywell wireless zoning kit from Their product specialists told what I needed so I ordered it. Came in and had no directions on what the ABCD terminals went to. Long story short, they weren't able to help me there and directed me to Honeywell Support. After a total of 5 hours on hold over the course of 2 weeks to talk to people that don't speak good english, transferring me to the wrong queue, and just leave me on hold for over 45 minutes at a time. I finally requested a refund from the vendor and will not order from them or purchase any honeywell product again.

Posted by Anonymous

Honeywell makes the worst products.
3 years in a ROW. My hot water heater goes out in the winter and can't be lit.

Really, good thing they don't make cars or planes..

Call and they disconnect you ??

Posted by Pissed

Honeywell products have gone to crap made in foreign country's. Customer support sucks, Tech support takes many hours to return your call then they only call once so if your in a basement with no service trying to make their garbage work that's it start all over again 7 more hours waiting. Maybe if they took some pride in their product their tech lines would not be so busy. Garbage. White Rodgers for now on.

Posted by AlarmTech

As a professional alarm technician with over 30 years experience (and owner of a major alarm company), Honeywell technical support to the alarm industry is lower than the lowest!

They have eliminated almost all technical support, and outsource to Mexico. Many qualified jobs were eliminated, and just a handful of experienced technical senior experts exit in Louisville, KY.

Problem is we cant reach them. All support calls go to Mexico, they won't transfer calls to the specialists in KY at all. You just have to call numerous times & hope for the best

Posted by Anonymous

Just spent 40 minutes on hold listening to "I Just Called to Say I Love You" (ironic) and the corniest song on Earth repeat over-and-over until my customer service rep FINALLY came on line. I was able to get my problem solved, but by the time someone came online... I'm afraid I was the rude one. Must have gone crazy listening to that song that is now STUCK in my head! Honeywell GET IT TOGETHER!

Posted by Not Satisfied

Bought 2 new Honeywell Wi-Fi/smart thermostats on June 28th and installed them. I programmed a schedule to follow and on the following day, both thermostats executed the schedule 6 hours and 15 minutes early. I called the tech support number listed in the Owners Guide. After being place on hold for 25 minutes a tech representative answered the phone. Her accent was so heavy that I was not able to understand her and asked her to repeat what she was saying and to do so slowly. After several times of asking her to repeat herself, she hung up on me. I called back and my call was answered by a guy who had a strong accent as well. I stated that I could not understand him and asked to speak to someone else. He hung up on me. I called a third time and immediately asked to speak to a supervisor. I was placed on hold for 5 minutes and my call was taken by another gentleman who spoke understandable English. I told him what had happened and he said,"That's how it works." and hung up on me as well. I contacted the corporate office in New Jersey and explained what had just happened and the receptionist laughed at me and said that it was the funniest thing she has ever heard. I questioned her professionalism and asked for a US based tech support. I was placed on hold for 5 minutes and my call was transferred to a production facility in Ohio. A production scheduler answered the phone and had no idea why I was transferred to him. (Corporate joke?) I called the corporate office and asked to be put through to Honeywell COO Darius Adamczyk. I was once again placed on hold for a few minutes. Then I was hung up on (a trend in how Honeywell handles customer service issues). I wrote and mailed a letter to Mr. Adamczyk that same day. Still waiting for a reply. I found a tech support chat service on a Honeywell website and initiated a conversation with a representative explaining my situation. My information was taken and I was told I would be contacted on Friday, July 1 with a solution. Friday came and went, no call and/or email. Yesterday, July 7, I contacted tech support, via chat, to ask about the status of my solution. They say they have no record of me making contact with them. Fortunately, I saved a transcript of my previous conversation and am now going to take my complaint to the next level. Obviously Honeywell prefers not to support or stand behind their products. Their customer service and professionalism is lacking. This is my first and last purchase from Honeywell. They could probably care less. BUYER BEWARE when selecting Honeywell products! Good luck trying to get assistance, if needed.

Posted by Bob

Impossible to do business with them. They do not give phone numbers and do not reply to emails. Do not accept credit card payments online. Just the worst aerospace company to deal with.

Posted by Anonymous


On 4/29/2016 after being contacted by my Water Utility company in California that I had a water leak I discovered the problem was coming a leaking Honeywell / Braukmann Pressure Reducing valve. I contacted local Irrigation companies on the Friday & asked for help, but they needed a model number before they could help. I found a serial number, but it didn't match products on the web or supplier records. On Monday I contacted Honeywell and they stated they could not help, but stated that a Contractor could call a toll free number. Meanwhile the faulty Honeywell product and unidentified valve cannot be traced by the manufacturer. Honeywell also stated they have contracted out support to contractors.
In my opinion this is not a company who cares about their products or Customer Service. Do you want to buy products from Honeywell in the future - I certainly do not.

Posted by jazzi

Just wanted to share what a BAD experience I have had with Honeywell DVR security system. I find the product too hard to navigate. The app on the mobile device with worthless for playback. I can't get a tech person to help or explain why it doesn't work.

Posted by Wilder

We have purchased and installed a humidifier made by Honeywell which turns out to be just plain dysfunctional. Now Honeywell has stuck us at the bottom of the priority list of customers to send functioning units to. So as a result we cannot get a functioning unit. So much money has been spent - people calling, wheedling, babysitting this process! Its gone on for months. And we still have no humidifier. Honeywell couldn't care less about us - their customers. They got our money, we got NOTHING! Don't get involved with Honeywell!

Posted by Nams

Purchased Honeywell DVR.Horrible customer customer infact no service at all after selling the product to end user

Posted by Welfymom

Poor phone support - they actually ran a recording that said "We're experiencing high volume of calls, please call again" and hung up on me. Support documents with the thermostat were vague, and website support told me what the message on my thermostat meant, but not how to correct it. All I needed to do was update the password for our router. Can that be so hard to do?

Posted by JShoffner

I have contacted Honeywell customer service numberous times and I can't understand their customer service reps, they are clearly outside of the U.S. They also don't seem to understand the processes and procedures that they are supposed to follow and have rarely been able to actaully assist me. It has been extremely frustrating to deal with them as a pension beneficiary, I unfortuneatly don't have a choice.

Posted by Anonymous

Purchased a Honeywell T-stat. According to the Installation manual if I had a specifically coded wire to call a hvac professional. I called Honeywell to verify. I got some idiotic foreigners that not only could not speak English but could not understand it!

Way to go Honeywell! Put our USA people out of work by giving their jobs to people that can not speak or understand English! Bravo Bravo! Way to go!!

Your an awesome company, so awesome you put profits to your shareholders ahead of the USA and the economy of the USA!

SHAME ON YOU HONEYWELL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now back to the phone call..... I told them I had a xyz T-stat installed and was replacing it with a Honeywell T stat.

It took FOUR of these foreign people to understand that simple sentence.

I told them to stick it and found info that I needed online in less time than it took for the first foreigner to answer the phone!

Honeywell is a disgrace to the USA! Ship those jobs and destabilize our economy t people out of work and help families to starve so you can make more money.

Pathetic and disgusting!



Posted by Unhappy Customer

I spoke to a customer service rep. whose accent was so strong that I had trouble understanding what she was saying. The thermostat wouldn't go into "temporary heat" mode. I was asked to turn the furnace breaker on and off to reset the thermostat; it didn't work. She then asked me to take the thermostat apart and touch the wires inside the thermostat together to see if the furnace would go on (she thought the furnace was not working). Instead I went down and turned on the furnace manually. She then suggested that the wires were loose inside the thermostat, so I checked them and they were fine. I kept repeating that the unit was 5 days old and it had done everything okay until today. She then insisted that I check the room temperature with a thermometer, which I didn't have; then said that she couldn't help unless I checked with one. I explained that the previous thermostat had worked in the same spot for 22 years and nothing had changed since I had the new one installed. I also told her that I was in bare feet and could feel the difference between 65 degrees and 69 degrees. She then told me to check for fluctuations in the wires voltage going to the thermostat with a voltmeter ??!
How many people do you know that have a voltmeter hanging around the house? She then insisted that unless I checked the voltage that she couldn't help me. I explained 5 times in 5 different ways that the line was a dedicated one going from the furnace to the thermostat and I had nothing else low voltage in the no avail.
This was the second Honeywell unit that I bought. The 1st one worked for 2 days and would go on and off when it wasn't programmed to or wouldn't work at all. It turned out to be defective, so I returned it and bought one twice as expensive figuring it would be better. It worked like a charm for 4 days and on the 5th day it wouldn't go on "temporary heat". I did everything that the instruction book suggested; I did the same things again when I spoke with the rep. on the wouldn't work. After talking about 40 minutes on the phone, I tried the same thing again and this time it worked! The rep said to bring this unit back to the store and get another one. I explained that it had already cost me hours of my time plus $40 in gas, $125 for installation and re-installation and now she wants me to spend another $20 in gas and pay another $125 to have it removed and re-installed again!
I asked her if she could just mail me another unit and she said "we don't do that, just bring it back to the store and get another one"
I think that Honeywell is producing sub-standard products and the customers go through the Russian roulette chance of getting a unit that works (or doesn't). The customer service is terrible and the reps. come across as unsympathetic at best. I will now have to buy another unit, not made by Honeywell as I will never deal with the company again.

Posted by SCG

MK Grid Switches can have custom laser etched names in addition to the pre-made ones. Received one at a smaller font size. Told that was normal after initially told it was a defect. Refused to fix. The text does not match the others in a grid switch. Took two weeks to basically be told pay us more.

Awful service, no integrity, no care.

Posted by gbriii3rd

After contacting Honeywell support with a t-stat wiring issue they disappeared off the face of the earth after trying to get my questions answered. I found it easier to return the t-stat to where I bought it and purchased one from another manufacture. That one worked great. I will never purchase another Honeywell product.

Posted by derekprecious

customer service is non existant put on hold for over 2 hours in an 8 hour period still not spoke to anyone would not recommend or fit anymore very poor not an ideal way to run a company.

Posted by Seriously Mad

Honeywell security Product is one of the worst i have ever worked on.
NVRs are the worst
IP Engine is the worst solution i have ever seen in my life, stupid solution
Application software is the worst
MAXPRO is also the worsto
Alot of connectivity issues
Alot od database Issues

You better contact me and send your tehnical team to solve every single problem

Add your review!

Posted by Anonymous

Initially I had quite a poor experience with customer service over the phone. They can certainly improve. However, I was directed to Paul Arntzen, director of customer service. He asked me a few questions, and completely resolved my issue. I was anxious to write to them when I was angry, like many on here. I wanted to make sure that I did the same when they handled my situation very well. I must admit that he treated me with more professionalism then I may have treated myself with if in his position. Thank you Paul. All of my ratings are for after speaking with Mr. Arntzen.

Posted by Anonymous

The batteries went bad on my thermostat. I called customer service because I didn't know how to remove the front from the base plate.I had no model number because the thermostat is at least 12 years old. The lady who answered was TERIFFIC. a LOT OF PATIENCE, She walked me through to find the type of thermostat I had,plus helped me to remove the front from the base plate. I replaced the batteries aND IT WORKS JUST FINE. No paying for a service call,Thank you for your help,patience and saving me money.

Posted by Anonymous

I had a question about compatibility issues between my old furnace humidifier transformer and humidistat, and the replacement that I just purchased. The lady that answered was most congenial and while she did speak with an accent, she was very fluent in her english. I wish I could be so fluent in any other language. She put me on hold for a short time after making sure that she understood the problem. My wait time was approx. 1 minute and she got right back to me with the answer. It was good news for me and well expalined. Thanks

Posted by Carbo21

I received courteous and prompt service. I do however represent a manufacturing facility. Don't know it that makes a difference.
I also had contact with a man who might have been Indian. He was polite and helpful as well but hard to understand.

Posted by Anonymous

Just spoke with Katie about my Honeywell 5000 series digital Thermostat. professional and knowledgeable and answered my questions quickly.

Posted by Anonymous

Great customer service rep! Solved my thermostat problem in less than 2 minutes!

I did spend some time previously trying to find the correct Honeywell phone number. The service manual was of NO help, but once I called the number in contact help, problem solved.

Posted by Bigiron

On the Aerospace side, the Customer Service from Honeywell is among the best in the industry. I work with lots of different companies and think Honeywell is the most consistent in delivering great service and support

Posted by [email protected]

spoke w a lovely lady who answered all my ?'s regarding washing my air cleaner cells. she read the complete instructions from her info that i don't have, and was very thorough and courteous. good service!

Posted by Sharkmartin

My thermostat batteries were rapidly overheating and could have caused a fire. The customer support technician answered in under 60 seconds and correctly diagnosed my problem. (Overheating is caused by battery corrosion-solution is a new thermostat.

Good customer service!

Posted by ABC

At site startup activities was going on. There was issue in system startup. I had made contact with Honeywell engineer, he had understood the root cause of problem qucikly responded so early. The issue was resolved.

Posted by Anonymous

customer service was very fast and they fixed my programming issue. I was on and off the phone in under 5 minutes. Five Stars

Posted by Victor

They are really good
They replaced my stat
There support is in india but there english is good

Posted by Anonymous

You will get a Honeywell Rep. from India; what a surprise. Once you get over the language issues (speak slowly), they are quite helpful.

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