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Honda customer service is ranked #484 out of the 946 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 31.94 out of a possible 200 based upon 466 ratings. This score rates Honda customer service and customer support as Disappointing.


443 Negative Comments out of 466 Total Comments is 95.06%.


23 Positive Comments out of 466 Total Comments is 4.94%.

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    • 443 negative comments (95.06%)
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Posted by Anonymous


Just to share my experience with PARKWAY HONDA service center at EGLINTON, Toronto.

They are very unprofessional. I gave my car for service, when I return to collect my car was DIRTY with water droplets on it. FINGERPRINTS of the service guy on front mirror. NO WIPE off the car. Marks on my CAR. I have all the PICS .

When I complaint about it to the team. They said �¢ï¿½ï¿½ All the service guys are gone and U have to come back tomorrow to get it done. They dint even bother to get up from his seat and come and see the Situation. I was a loyal customer of HONDA and they lost it.

Posted by john

No one will help..No one has a last one will send me anything in the mail or email.
I feel I'm dealing with children that just don't care.
I was seeking help for my TL ..I explained my tranny was slipping. I call and spoke to a rep that informed me I was out of the 10 year extension on the recall warranty but with in the miles..I was told by your rep Madiline.888-234-2138 to get the car to a certified dealer. I was told where to bring it. And told I had to have it diagnosed before they could help me. So I paid to have the car brought to where you (honda) told me to bring it. And paid to have the bad tranny confirmed.And after 10 days of the car sitting at the dealer. I was told the trany was bad which I knew. And that sorry no help would be offred .So I'm told " have it towed out from the dealer.The dealer where honda had me bring it. And be sure to remember to pay the bill at the dealer.
Does that sound fair? Car serviced since new..All required service done.
Does anyone care ?
John Rywalt

Posted by Anonymous

I've been trying to reach customer service ...seems like most of the folks who answer the phones are children.No one with a last name..Quite a way to operate.My story of mistreatment is too long to cover here.But your robot at is no help at all.Really a biy of a misleading young lady.And coming in a close second in the no help section.Is .Between the 2 of these folks I've been waiting since march 13th to be helped.

Posted by Khalid

I'm a praud owner of a 2012 megapro bike in Jakarta, Indonesia. For 5 years I never missed maintanance. Now it doesn't matter anymore, cause I've been waiting for parts i've ordered for 5 months now, your honda HEPS even said one of the parts I ordered was no longger manufactured by your AHM.
What am I suppose to do? Just watch my baby slowly turns to scraps??!

Posted by D

I am a return Honda customer. My family members own Hondas. I currently own an extremely reliable 2005 Honda Pilot Limited EX-L. I wanted to purchase another Honda Pilot. I test drove the Honda Pilot AWD Elite. I discovered that the 9 speed transmission has serious problems! No one at the dealership informed me of this issue. I trusted Honda and Gillman Honda San Antonio. I researched the transmission on my own and decided I will not buy another new Honda. TOO BAD!!!

Posted by Anonymous

I purchased a 2018 Honda CR-V ex. I absolutely HATE the glove compartment, console area and trunk. My 2008 was great! Console area easy. Glove compartment..... there were 2. Trunk had a shelf. If I didn't need the new safety things I would not have purchased it. Now I have to search for inserts to accommodate my needs. What a pain!!!! My sales person was great. I just am extremely disappointed with my car because of these things. I spent a lot of money and I'm unhappy. My email Any suggestions on where I can purchase things to improve the things I dislike?

Posted by Anonymous

Worst company ever have a new honda that has 2 recalls and your dealership thinks it's funny to have me take the day off work to come there and there closed and I asked him if he's sure I will let all know how honda works will never buy this product again

Posted by honda landmark mehsana

Honda Landmark is a company that has a service in mind, it is important to work shop for pait for insurance companies and I have no idea about the results and I have employed the company's name, "Apki Gadi's paint me color variiysan rahega "and empolys ke responce very negative

Posted by Anonymous

Poor after sale service. Arrogant staff of service center of Motored Honda at Udgir Mandir 1, Mahim, Mumbai. None of my complaint resolved which was mentioned while giving for servicing of my two wheeler.they don't even bother to listen to my problem.

Posted by Anonymous

I took out additional bumper to bumper coverage 2011 when we bought our CRV new and we were told that if we didn't use the coverage within six years, the full amount of the coverage ($2,300) would be returned to us. When my wife contacted Honda today, she was informed that we would have had to contact Honda for his refund within 30 days after it expired or in this case, January 31, 2017. She was told that because we didn't take the initiative to contact Honda in the specified period, we are out the money. We would appreciate Honda returning the $2,300 in spite of our lack of action within the specified time...which we did not know.

Posted by Anna

Please call me about my service that I had yesterday at Honda dealer. Anna thank you

Posted by Jlw1990

I have had my Honda for 4 years, almost 5. My car is nearly paid off. I've made partial payments the last 3 months (because of financial reasons) and my car was repossessed TODAY! Honda Financial Services will give me NO information on how to get it back. They didn't even know that my car was repossessed until I called them, because the tow company has 24-48 hours to let Honda know of the repo. Aka the tow company makes an instant $300-800 as well as Honda. They would not tell me which company took my car or what I needed to do to get it back. They would not give me a list of the tow companies that THEY USE. I was then informed that there is NOTHING I can do UNTIL the tow company sends them an invoice. Looks like a lawyer is needed and they will be paying ME money instead!

Posted by Anonymous

Frustrated trying to talk to a human...even find a number that works for customer service. I'm trying to get a replacement part for my 2017 1000x5 and my dealer can't get it. I have already paid for the part but keep getting the wrong part. 2 months gone and still no satisfaction...!!!!!!

Posted by Anonymous

I bought a 2015 crf250r dirt bike, Honda of cool springs replaced sprocket and chain in sept 2016 on the process they left the case saver of and when my son went ride it the chain popped off and busted the case and they want stand behind there work, I need help in resolving this issue

Posted by Anonymous

Please contact Amber Dawn Monday. Schiff about Valle6 Street Honda in Merrick RDFa


Posted by Nidia

Phone and address needed for Honda dealership in Valley stream, LI, NY. ASAP send

Posted by Customer concern about performan

It whom it may concern:

Iââ?¬â?¢m trying to contact a Honda Corporate office but there is no an email address available. I just want to inform you about a big concern I have with the service performed on my vehicle (2013 Odyssey). For the last two years I have been taking my vehicle to a Honda Dealer located â?? and they always ask/perform a 4 wheel alignment (which I have to pay) in my vehicle. I always ask them about why this vehicle need so many alignments and all they say is ââ?¬Å?the alignment failed and need to be performedââ?¬Â?. I am really concern to drive my vehicle because either there is something wrong in the suspension system in the vehicle or they are not doing it right every time they perform the alignment. To give you an idea in a period of 2 years my vehicle had 5 wheel alignments and they recommended another one last time I dropped off my vehicle due to a recall. Again I cannot understand why this vehicle requires so many alignments. I used to have different vehicles like Chrysler, Dodge, GM, Nissan, Chevrolet and Toyota and never seen any of these vehicles requiring so many alignments as the Odyssey. Right now Iââ?¬â?¢m really afraid to drive my car due to a risk that I might have or to cause any accident or injury to others. If I take my car for maintenance (oil change) the car dealer requires an alignment. If I take it for balance and rotation, they request another alignment. Last time they called me because there was a recall in the vehicle and they recommended another alignment. My understanding is that an alignment on a vehicle is recommended once a year or every 15,000 miles. My wife drives this vehicle in a normal conditions and an average of 20 miles or less daily. There is no way that any vehicle needs an alignment every three months or 3,000 miles under these conditions. To be honest with you, if I knew that this vehicle requires so many alignments I would changed my mind when I purchased a couple years ago. I have all the records (to provide anytime) since day one where show the work asked/performed by technicians and service advisers. I hope to have a reaction from you guys about my concern. In the meantime I will see if I can get another email address where I can share my concern. I would appreciate your help on this matter.


Mr. Jorge Rivera

Posted by Anonymous

I purchased a 2016 Honda Accord Ex in Aug 2016 because of the many safety features, however i am a victim of vandalism for the Led Fog Lights. In contacting my auto insurance i learned there has been numerous claims regarding these lights. Im so dissapointed w this new vechicle am looking to see if Honda can apply a new safety feature preventing future theft.

Posted by Anonymous

I am an older female. Today my Honda broke down on the interstate. Had car towed to nearest dealer. Dealership would not accept the extended warranty I purchase at my local Honda dealership. Honda should not sale warranties that can not be used by all Honda dealerships. I am stranded and in a fix. I have purchased 3 Hondas in my life time. Never again. Consumers beware!

Posted by MAD 2017 CRV OWNER

I Am Mad As Hell About My Brand New 2017 Honda Crv. For Over 20 Years I Have Been A Faithful Honda Owner. I Have Talked My Whole Family In To Consistently Buy Nothing But Hondas. On 12/23/2016 Someone Turned Into My Wife's 2001 Honda Crv, Which Totaled It, So I Took Her Down To Our Local Honda Dealer 12/24/2016 First Thing The Next Morning To Buy A 2017 Crv. Adam The Sales Man Is The Greatest And Helped Us With A Unit That Made My Wife Happy. Later We Found The Radio Defective So Lisa In The Shop Who Is Also Fantastic, Got Right On It. The Manufacturer Had Them Try Everything But The Sound Only Comes Out Of One Side, Am Tuner Sounds Like It Is Under Water, Bluetooth Will Not Pair, The Radio Cannot See The Usb Sockets, Etc.

This Is Not The Dealer's Fault Because They Are All Doing The Right Thing. The Problem Is The Person Who Shipped My Replacement Radio To The Dealership By Ground 1/4/2017. (fedex#: 9611019742829938496162). We Had To Postpone Our Out Of Town Trip Due To This. We Have To Leave Town Early This Sunday Morning. My Bank Just Gave You Guys $36,000, So Why Would This Radio Be Sent By Ground During The Bad Weather Season?

Your Are A Powerful Company So Please Overnight Another Radio By Tomorrow So The Dealer Can Have It Installed By This Saturday, So I Do Not Have To Go Back To The Dealer With Smoke Coming Out Of My Ears Demanding My Money Back!!!! Remember The People At Victory Honda Of San Bruno, Ca Are All Wonderful, It Is Your Shipper, So Please Fix It!!!!!

Posted by Anonymous

I bought a 2016 Honda Pilot 4 months ago is making a clicking noise I brought the car to service 5 times already and they are giving me a article from march 2001 and keep telling me that the sound is normal I want this fix please call my name is Nery rivera

Posted by Karen

Thanks for being closed on Friday, December 30th. That goes along with your navigation system's very incomplete database (such as a street that crosses state lines and ranges from 2 lanes in one direction to 8 lanes in one direction), very slow response, and lack of the capability to drive to a city without having a specific address (on one of the many streets not in your database).

Posted by Eliflo89

My complaint is mostly regarding the time it takes for a rep to pick up contrary to the estimated time given at the beginning. I've literally called everyday for the past 5 days trying to get a rep on the phone, but i've been unable to. Every time it's been over 10 mins waiting, up to 20 mins. It doesn't seem like much, and I'm not sure how long it actually would have taken for them to pick up since I terminated the call. Honda needs more reps to work in their call center. My recommendation is to have a waiting time of 3 mins max.

Posted by Anonymous

I own a 2014 Honda CRV and about 1 year into driving the car, I began having problems with the car wanting to stall on me .Honda could not find anything wrong but in March 2016 they put in a new alternator. In November 2016, my car stranded me twice and I had to get a boost, I took it back to Honda and they charged me for a new battery because my warranty was over.
I complained to Honda Canada 2 weeks ago and all they have done is give me the run a around for $211.00 They assigned my case to Julia and she never returns calls. I have purchased 4 brand new Hondas and 1 used one throughout my life. Where is Honda's loyalty to the buyer? They really couldn't care less after they have your money. If the alternator needed to replaced, then so should the battery, even I know that the alternator charges the battery. Needless to say, I won't be purchasing a 6th Honda and I will deter friends and family from doing so as well .Your Customer Service is horrible and Honda should be ashamed of treating loyal customers, like me, this poorly.

Posted by gm

We have a 2013 Honda odssey with too much wind noise, and the console is difficult to get into for the drive. Please correct these issues on the 2018 or we will buy another brand

Add your review!

Posted by DaveK

I bought my first Honda, a 2016 CRV Limited. The car is super with a great ride and handling, very good seat comfort, and a very peppy engine. Quality is top notch. But.. the car is missing what I consider standard features for a $32K top of the line car such as no glove box light, no heated steering wheel, no floor lights, no standard remote start, and no visible or audible alarm when another car is in my blind spot. The tiny radio control buttons are unusable when wearing winter gloves so radio volume and station change knobs would be a great help. Don't get me wrong, I love the car, I just expected more based on the Honda product reputation.

Posted by Anonymous

I called honda east beechmont ave. Cincinnati, made appointment. Spent two afternoons of two hours each. Service was incredible! Service department very helpful. They went above and beyond. I have had three Honda accords, both service and dependability have been beyond my expectations. I will purchase another honda accord in future. I wish to thank Honda East and say if anybody at honda reads this, I hope all Honda dealers are of the same caliber.

Posted by Tony

I was at Honda of Ocala FL for my car and Mr. Joe Cabrera was very knowledgeable and skills full with customers service skills and you are very lucky to have him. ( luche ) she was very very good too. Thanks to you Mr. Joe Cabrera. Tony Amini

Posted by I need you to return my car asap


Dear Sirs,

I am writing about my Honda accord 2012 /plate #20/41899

As you may know, I brought my car to Honda Alghanim Kuwait on 11 April 2016 this year for repairing both Bumber (front and back). However, up to now I have received no phone call to let me know that the work has been completed. and after i called Honda in Kuwait they told me "you may receive your car after one month and this is not acceptable and I was originally assured that my car would be ready for collection today (30 April 2016) but so far I have not received any communication from you whatsoever. As a result, I have been obliged to rent a car for the whole of this period. I feel I have wasted a lot of time and expended a good deal of unnecessary effort on all this. I feel upset since this is unacceptable behavior on the part of a respected car company such as Honda.

I should therefore, be grateful if you could ensure that my car is returned to me at the soonest time and that I will be given appropriate compensation for the inconvenience this has caused me.

I look forward to hearing from you.

My vehicle registration plate number is 20/41899

Yours faithfu

Khaled Salim AlShaikh

Posted by Brenda & Gabino

my experience with the 800 number was great. i had a recall that the dealership made worse. i called American Honda before returning to the dealer. i selected recall from the menu and one ring and they answered and they took all my information and gave me a case number. very good experience.

now i have to go to the dealer to have the issue fixed- not excited about this (never want to go back there), but i feel like American Honda is on my side. i just want may car fixed! love my Honda!

Posted by Anonymous

It is not very often I have to praise a company but in this instance I feel it is warranted, I would like to make some comments about your dealership in Plymouth namely Rowes Honda,the service i have received from them from day one has been excellent, from buying my car to servicing but mostly to there body shop manager a Mr Alan Braunton. Someone ran into my car and any accident is stressful at best but Mr Braunton was very understanding and helped me to resolve everything in a very professional way.This is the first Honda car i have purchased and based on my experience with Rowes honda it won't be the last

Very best regards
Bernard Todkill

Posted by Anonymous

Please help me to understand why my Honda dealer (Pohanka of Salisbury, MD) have to charge more for Oil and Tire rotation, than any Honda dealer in a 100 mile radius.

Posted by Anonymous

I absolutely LOVE my Honda Element 2004. I took the back seats out and use it as a farm and dog truck. I can carry 5 bales of hay, or 200 pounds of dogs, garden tools, large boxes, etc. I just saw the commercial for the replacement vehicle for the Element. Booooo! Try to fit hay in that thing, or room for large dogs. You should have kept making the Element. When I wear mine out I'll be trying for another one.

Posted by Anonymous

I have two kids in their mid 20's that own Hondas. They both love your service dept! My son is a PHD student....he is sitting waiting for his car now....a Honda dealer near Arlington, Va. He just said...this place is great...I have my laptop...they have water and snacks, he said it's more comfortable then any place else. My daughter uses Paul Miller Honda in Caldwell NJ.....she feels the same way!!! She never minds the wait... Just wanted to share some positive news! By the way...I have an acura, and I am satisfied too!

Posted by ChandlerHondaLover

I love Honda automobiles, but I don't think Honda listens to its customers with regard to product offerings. They discontinued the manual transmission on the EX-L Civic Coupe--these vehicles can compete with any luxury sport coupe. Perhaps sales of manual transmissions rather than innovations in this area drives them. Any consumer that wants to purchase an EX with manual transmission anywhere in the US must travel to another city to find one since dealers refuse to work trades with other dealers due to the inconvenience. On the EX-L, the leather seating is a two tone combination that just says cheap rather than sporty. Too bad ordering the vehicle you want is also next to impossible.

Posted by RAKESH

Marikar Motors Dealing is (SALES AND SERVICE) Very good in Trivandrum District.

Posted by Maria P.

I would like to thank two employees Finance Manager Evon Cade and Sales Consultant Don Baker of Findlay Honda in the Northwest in Las Vegas for the greatest service I have ever had.
They really worked around my desire and walked me through with every step I had to overcom. I value their professionalism and friendliness.
Thank you guys. Great job!!!

Posted by Anonymous

I have a 2009 CR-V
1) I live in an area where the humidity is very low (6% to 8%) and have a problem with static discharge. When I slide out of the seat there is no place to hang onto that safely discharges static. My request for new models is a strip on the door that is grounded through a high resistance, so that a sudden discharge may be prevented. I'm tired of getting knocked on my ass every time I get out of the car.
2) Allow me to decide if I want the 12 volt jack on the dashboard to stay on when the car is turned off. You can fix that with a simple change to the fuse panel, so the fuse to the jack can either go to the ignition or the battery, at my discretion.

Posted by Ann

I travel with a motor home towing my 2002 Honda CRV. I have 160 thousand miles on my CRV and that does not count towed miles
My Honda service at home is wonderful however on the road I have had the best experiences with the pleasant and helpful Honda service people. All across the country I have found them to be great.
Today it was Honda in Amarilla TX who put my mind at ease and helped me.
Thank you.

Posted by Anonymous

I own a 2011 Honda Pilot and am having issues with the rotors. I took the car to the Yuma Honda Dealer after 15000 miles and they told me it was because the vehicle got wet after it was hot - they charged $100 for resurface the rotors now however I live in Yuma and we do not have a lot of rain so wondering what the people on the East coast due with lots of rain and the same issue. Now 16000 miles later we have the same issue, took it to the same dealer and they stated the problem now might be for riding with 2 feet causing the brakes to get hot - I am not riding the car with 2 feet but I needed to get the car repaired so they charged $100 to resurface the rotors again and they stated that the next time they will need to replace all 4 rotors at a cost of around $900. I believe this is an issue with the rotors in the Honda Pilot due to the fact that I owned several vehicles before and never experienced issues like this. I would appreciate Honda looking into this before someone gets hurt with the brake issues.

Posted by AdmiralLite

I would just like to let you know that buying a car has never been a great experience for me! I normally think car salesmen are "shady people" but I have dealt with James Harvey at Don Jacobs honda in kentucky twice now and want a nice change! He is a asset to you company in every way a honest, hard working person who will do whatever it takes to help you! I will ONLY buy a car from him in the future and anyone who is looking to buy I will be sending his way for sure!

Posted by Sundance_RH

My Customer Service experience with Honda, overall, has been fairly fantastic. I am on my fourth Honda. If there's a recall, they let me know and when I bring it to them, they take care of it. If the mechanic made a problem when they worked on something, my service coordinators get them to fix it and usually throw in a free oil change or something from time to time. They do thorough inspections and are clear about what I can and can't safely wait to address and when it's too expensive they find a way to minimize the damage and help me find a way to cover it. When they ask and I tell them how they can improve, THEY DO IT. If I'm gonna have to wait they arrange a timely ride or lend me a car so I can go where I need to go. When my car's in trouble, Bale Honda is my goto place and I have never even bought a car from them! Roy and Jason Spiller are the absolute best and it seems like they're training a great team as well. I seriously appreciate those guys and everything they do for me AND the way Honda seems to listen when they advocate for me, the customer. I especially appreciate the way I never feel like they're "taking me for a ride" - I honestly feel like they are always looking out for my best interest and that, quite frankly is just INDISPENSIBLE.

Posted by Polishflyboy

Dear to whom it may concern,
We have not now or ever owned an MDX. There cannot be any confidence in a company that does not even know what vehicle is owned. In addition I was called 2 days ago with the same notification.
A Honda Accord was owned a bit over a year ago, and I came to your dealership (due to scheduled service visits with my Accord) to purchase or order a new Accord. You did not have in stock what I wanted to purchase so I advised a salesman of my need, and asked to be called with the price – I was never called!!!!! After waiting 3 weeks for that call I began to shop for another car, because there are many high quality cars on today’s market. The result was a cash purchase of a new Acura TL, which is an upscale Honda, as you know.
Your service department was great, and Honda is a good quality car. Milton Martin’s sales department needs some work based on my experience. You could sell more vehicles if your communications with potential customer was improved.

Posted by Ron

I have almost 120,000 miles on my Odyssey and just found out I should have had the plugs changed at 100,000. I never noticed a bit of problem in the performance of this vehicle an who knows who much further I would have driven it before changing plugs. Admittedly the plugs are expensive but I will always wonder how far I coul have gone before those plugs gave out. I will never know because I am chnging them today. BTW my Honda dealer here I Sheridan, Wyoming bends over backwards to help me. Even though they know I bought my Honda in Rapid City SD. I had relation there selling Honda's and just wanted to help him out by buying from him. I see no problem with my Honda Dealer. None what so ever.

Posted by Anonymous

Just purchased our second HONDA from Serramonte Honda of Daly City Calif and was very pleased with our salesperson Jessica Castro, who did an outstanding job of accommodating us. She was very knowledgeable and readily answered all our questions...Thanks to Jessica for the making this second another pleasant experience......Ed and Marie Bianchi

Posted by Anonymous

middlekauff honda twin falls idaho..We purchased a new 2011 5dr ex l res odyssey..Nov.10/`10. WEloved the vehicle until...Jan.28 1212..I went to drive to the beauty shop./..The motor would not start...So I phoned allstate our insurance com...they sent a towing truck to load our vehicle.. Middlekauff had our vehicle from Jan 28 till yesterday..Feb 6th...I was told it was a starter and battery parts traveled...the states..When I PICKED UP MY VAN...iT HAD NOT BEEN VACUMED OR WASHED...WHICH OTHER TWIN FALLS DEALERS DO...AS PART OF CUSTOMER SERVICE....JUST WANTED TO VOICE MY DISPLEASURE WITH MIDDLEKAUFF.....jIM IN SERVICE WAS POLITE AND UNDERSTANDING HOWEVER...THANK YOU DONNA VOGEL

Posted by anonymous

i have a very good customer service when i went to martinhonda cleveland ave Carolheyse and tony Capeman really took care of me, i like my car hondacivic2012,bought it in nov but now i hear some knocking when i step on my break, took it back to the dealer and they check it i was told it is just normal idont thik i shouid hear anything when buying a new car.

Posted by bullrider101

This is a recommendation and a big thank you to the Honda Dealership in Sault Ste. Marie Ontario. I am an out of town vistor and twice have to use this dealership. Once because I had to have my sun roof replaced due to vandals, and on the second occasion, I had a warning light/alarm on my dash. Both times, I was very upset and unsure what to do, and both times they helped with understanding (being an out of towner)and fixed my CRV in both a timely manner and with respect and courtesy. I can not express how kind and efficient they were. Thank you ..a very satisfied customer.

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