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Posted by John Dingus

In 1998 I purchased a gas weed eater by Homelite and then it sat in a storage shed until last week. Almost 20 years. I did not think it would run. I put fuel in it and on the 3rd pull it started. That's amazing! I am now a big, big fan of Homelite and will buy your products whenever possible. Thanks

Posted by Anonymous

Hi ! 1 of your trimmers was recently purchased for me from Bunnings as a Christmas present ( model number hlt25cdsnc) As this model does not have a BUMP-FEED I purchased 1 of your matching BUMP-FEED heads. It came with a small pack of pieces of trimmer line but when I tried to insert the pieces of chord I found that the 2 small notches that hold the ends in place were either too small for the chord or the pieces of chord were too big for the notches.Would you look into this problem please and let me know the outcome. Thank you, Alan.

Posted by Anonymous

Ftks Company In Israel Used To Buy Your Product Therosetting Polyester According To Customer Drawing

No One Responds By Mail Or Phone When A New Order Was Placed


Posted by Anonymous

I own one of your chainsaws model UT10580 and I am disappointed with it the clutch cover on it broke on me that I could deal with but the fact I can not replace it because it seems the part is obsolete tells me you don't stand behind your product. So I will not be buying any more of your products.

Posted by Anonymous

Why is is so hard to locate Homelites email address ??????? We cant find it any where ??? !!!!
I want to order a part for my Pressure Washer and its just impossible unless you live in the states. I live in Australia and wonder why it so difficult to contact Homelite? All the email Addresses in GOOGLE do not work ? Send ???? Please advise why is this SO ???

Posted by Metro

I've known of Homelite since the early 1950's, and had respect for it. But no more. I recently (2-3 yrs. or so) bought 2 weed eaters at Home Depot. 1 strait shaft, and 1 curved shaft. Neither of these incredible garbage units ever start properly. I've hardly used them in all this time because of them not starting. Who, or how, did this incredible garbage ever get passed to torture and frustrate those who got rooked into buying this garbage?? I also have an older Homelite chain saw (XL12) that does work and start o.k. So what's with these weed whackers now that won't start? I spent (wasted) some 2-3 hours of my life today to try and get them running.
One did start - FINALLY - but would not continue running as I moved it up to the running position. The other garbage unit simply would not, and did not, start. Who in their sick minds ever designed such garbage as these weed eaters turn out to be?

Posted by Unresolved warrenty claim

Dear Sirs: I purchased a blower on 05/14. It stopped working 06/15. I sent it in for warrenty repair in 08/15. The repair shop said, Homelite denied my claim and Homelite would call me with an explanation about the claim. After two week, I called the repair shop back and was told, "Homelite was going to send a refund to purchase a new one". Later that week the repair shop called and said, "The claim was denied". I was told to call 800-226-6511; I spoke with Sheila. She said, "she never received a claim from the repair shop". She took my information about the repair shop and said she would call me after she talked with the repair shop. I never got a call back. I called again and was told to leave a message on Sheila's answering machine, which I did, and never got a return call. I called again and was told to leave another message, which I did...and no return calls. I called again and asked to speak with her supervisor...after several minutes on hold, I was told the supervisor was at lunch and would call back in 1 hour....I never got a return call.

To make this message shorter, I've left out some information that your representative said to me and what the repair shop said. I feel that someone is not telling the truth about the lack of repair or the reason for denying my claim. I have all the paperwork and would like to speak with a corporate customer representative about my claim and where to go from there. Right now, I don't have any faith in your corporation nor the businesses you chose to do your warrenty repairs. If I don't get a call about this, I will continue calling until this gets resolved.

Thank you for your time and attention to this matter.

Dan Owen

Posted by Anonymous

Having A Hard Time Finding Part A33055 Are Sub

Posted by Anonymous

I'm looking for a retailer that handles your blade for a Curb Runner Electric Edger WH45100. I've been sent to part sites where the blade costs $7.86 and freight is $6.00. I would like to find a place where I can buy it retail in the Chicago land area. Right now I'm making my own blades.

Posted by Anonymous

Good morning Homelite, I had to write and tell you people about my chain saw, its a 330, 27 years young, thats right I bought this Homelite from CC lumber in tars Pa. it was the last of the Homelites manufactured in the USA. I have been offered many times $400 off a Steal, for this saw. and have never taken the offer. My wife and me cut 8 cords of wood a year thats right 8 and we have been doing that for 27 years. The only thing I have had to replace is the bar. I must ask who put this great machine together. Because you can't stop it. When me and my wife are in the woods cutting some guys come over ask what the name of that saw is and we tell them they cant belive it. No one has ever seen a saw like this, and they all want it. We have another 3 cords of wood to cut and our winter firewood will be in. I thank you so much for making a saw like this, it has saved us on average $2000 a year in oil for 27 years. Another thing me and my wife are 66 years young. Thank you guys

Posted by Anonymous


I have taken this blower back so many times because it never starts. It is very obvious that it is one of your "Lemons" Repair dept at the Maple Heights, Ohio store have been cordial and courteous but no matter what, the blower never starts for me...did not start for two of my cousins and another acquaintance who uses blowers every day. The gas mix is correct. This clearly needs to be swapped out for another one. It has barely been used at all. Purchased in October 2012 for leave blowing. Used once 1-3 times then put away for the winter. April 2013 thru to last week, I have continued to be told that there is nothing wrong with it--yet it never starts. My story can be confirmed and verified by the repair team at Home Depot Southgate, Maple Heights, OH 44137. EACH time I get my grass cut, it is the same story. Each time I take it back, it is the same story. I really cannot afford to hAVE THINGS THAT I AM PAYING FOR OR HAVE ALREADY PAID FOR THAT DOES NOT WORK. clearly THIS BLOWER HAS SERIOUS ISSUES.

I AM 145 POUNDS AND SENIOR CITIZEN.....PLEASE REPLY AND HELP. BRENDA STUART As I continue to sweep up grass clippings and the blower just sits there unable to be started......Please respond asap

Respectfully yours,


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