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Home Shopping Network customer service is ranked #359 out of the 946 companies that have a CustomerServiceScoreboard.com rating with an overall score of 36.27 out of a possible 200 based upon 15 ratings. This score rates Home Shopping Network customer service and customer support as Disappointing.


14 Negative Comments out of 15 Total Comments is 93.33%.


1 Positive Comment out of 15 Total Comments is 6.67%.

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    • 36.27 Overall Rating
      (out of 200 possible)
    • 14 negative comments (93.33%)
    • 1 positive comments (6.67%)
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Posted by Elite pressure cooker

Purchased Elite pressure cooker used 2 times broke called him they said call elite refund getting run around now they want us to ship back to them .took to post office they want 62.00 dollars to ship back.only paid 100.00 dollars for pressure cooker.do not recommend this product. It was defective and they should pay for return postage.are refund money Janet Barrix and Kathy Cummins we both bought at same time both are defective.please respond.

Posted by Anonymous

Placed an order for $100 them and forgot to give them a $10.00 coupon. When I called to ask for a credit I was told that because I didn't call the day I ordered it I couldn't have it. Poor customer service.

Posted by Konnie

I received damaged items from HSN and I sent them back immediately, I waited for my HSN Credit Card to be credited the amount approx $1,000 which is still not credited and everyday I have to go back and forth to find out what is going on over 30 days now, and I was told that because I complained and returned the damaged items, my HSN account was closed for making returns. I watch the channel where they boast that everything has a 30 day money-back guarantee and can be returned for any reason. Now they are not honoring that at all, apparently you are limited of what you can return, so their presentation of the products is deceitful to say the least. And customer service will tell you to buy (2) diff sizes to make sure it fits, that's a scam also. They never even had the decency to let me know my account was being closed to this day. Nothing in writing, Nothing! Today, almost two months later, I have still not been credited and they have the items, the correct items yet damaged by them. So everyday, I have to call HSN and HSN credit card for a status, $1,000 is alot of money. This is the ABSOLUTE WORST COMPANY ON THE FACE OF THIS EARTH! Everytime I call, they act dumb and say we need to start over. Fraud! I can't believe the number of complaints all being the same.

Posted by lar19357

When i had someone steal my credit card number and use it with HSN they refused to cooperate with the police dept. Also gave me a fictitious phone number to have the detective call in .The officer called their credit fraud number they wont call him back 2 weeks many calls. These people are pushing their credit cards. All of you that have them need to cut them up.

Posted by Usman Khawaja

HomeShopping.pk is undoubtedly on of the leading online shopping website for electronics, technology, luxury and consumer products but they are good for products that come from their Pakistan office but they are totally a night-mare, mis-communicating and the laziest possible company when some products are to be delivered from their USA or other off-Pakistan offices.

Although I have been a loyal customer at HomeShopping and have purchased tablet and a couple of mobile devices from them but they are found Poorly Pathetic in my most recent purchase with the company. I ordered an expansive watch from HomeShopping on 23rd of April and it was clearly mentioned on their website page that watch shall be delivered within 10-15 days. I also made an initial 10% deposit in their bank account that was necessary to confirm the order but till date today (30th May, 2014); the watch is not delivered when one month and 7 more days have been passed now.

When I called at the customer support office in Karachi they always said that our import office shall call you and he will update you about the progress on your order delivery. They called me once and assured that watch shall be delivered within 8-10 more days but it been 20 more days now since this promise was made. Now I have called many tims and have inquired about the delivery of the watch but no good so far - Just lame claims and time-passing techniques are being practiced..!!

They are a pathetic company and I shall NEVER recommend them for buying any products which are promised to be delivered from their foreign offices. They will take 10% advance deposit, shall be using that amount for their own investment and you will be hold on promises that your order is soon to be delivered/completed.

Posted by Anonymous

Shop with company many years. Year 2013 the items ordered didn't meet my expectations. I received letter December 2013 that I have return too many items back and my account can be closed. This was an insult due to that all show host stated if you are not satisfied with items purchased you can return back within 30 days with no problems. Unfortunately, this is not the case since I received letter that my account would be closed. I feel this is unconstitutional and a violation of my rights to order items from HSN. Most of the items I have return also been return by others and the same items have received low ratings from many customers worldwide. HSN is a false advertisement since receiving disturbing letter to terminate my account.

Posted by Anonymous

I recently received a letter from HSN stating that my account would be closed because I have returned too many items. So I called customer service and told the superviser in charge that HSN is based on the premise that you can try for 30 days and return it. So to me this is false advertising and misleading their customers. I am going to write a higher up in the company for action.

Posted by Joy

I placed two orders with this company and then canceled them before they shipped. Something just felt odd. I had no issue canceling though I was told it was probably too late when I called. The next day or two I started receiving harassing abusive phone calls from several different numbers demanding I call them as they had charges against me. Those calls stopped after three days and I never had another. It just seems odd that it coincided with my shopping experience. I guess I was right when I felt there was something odd about the whole thing.

Posted by TAS

I went to place an order, many, many of which I placed throughout my 17 years here, and a message said order could not process contact customer service. I called and was told my membership had been cancel a few days ago do to too many returns. Really, too many returns of items that were sent to me that didn't have seals on beauty products, or clearly the item had been open, or clearly the item had been used, or electrical items didn't work, or kitchen items had scratches or dents, or apparrel hems were out, buttons missing, rips, computers crashing, foods moldy, etc.

I always called and was told by *CUSTOMER SERVICE* TO not use these products and to return them at HSN's expense. I did as I was told throughout the 17 years and they cancel me. I told them to review each and every return and they will indeed see CS informed me to return the product, not to keep it for mostly safety reasons.
Yes, I returned some on my own dollar for reason of it not being what I thought, or didn't seem the same in person, I have no problem with that.

But when their CS informs a customer to return an item we shouldn't be at fault when the said item was the fault of the vendor or HSN.

We are told at every show by the vondor and the Hosts, if you'rew not completely satisfied for any reason, or order autoship to get the best price that show and then cancel and return your item 30 days from receipt of the item just to try it and get refund.

What are they trying do do by continuing to tell us order then return, order then return, and when we do we get penalized, cancelled!

Even when most of the returns are becaue of THEIR ERRORS!!

In this economy do they realize the Amazon, Nordstroms, Macys, QVC, Shopnbc, JTV, Numerous other online and drive to stores have great return policys?????

Basically they are lying, misrepresenting their practices, fraudulent practices against their consumers by stating they can purchase and return for any reason, especially when it's their or the vendors fault and THEIR CUSTOMER SERVICE INFORMS THE CUSTOMER NOT TO USE THE ITEM AND RETURN IT!!

They've gotten into trouble with various government agencies before, I think it's time the agencies get invloved again on these fraudulent claims HSN is making to their consumers!

Posted by Lady N

I been shopping with HSN for about 4 years now. I have just experienced a terrible situation with some recent orders I placed in late February. I ordered 7 items in Diane Gilman's line and I never got them. I received e-mails to comment on my purchases that I never got. I contacted HSN and found out my orders were returned, in fact the items never left the warehouse.The representative, I talked with had no explanation why this happen, the supervisor, didn't have one either. I spoke with a second supervisor and she told me it was because of quality.It was odd that it was the my entire order. I read reviews for all my merchandise I ordered, everthing was five star reviews. How do you explain my items being returned! The worst part of it, I couldn't reorder, because all items were sold out!!!!!!!!!!
I think I am not getting the real deal about what happen to my orders. I will share this experience with my family, friends and co-workers that shop with HSN!!!
I received $25 spendable cash, which didn't replaced what I

Dissatisfied. 03/09/12

Posted by GrumpyMe

The worst company ever.Its fine as long as you have no problems but once you do then they go into high gear to fraud you in every way rather than solve the issue.I shopped through a referral program to earn points and HSN went from one lie to another to keep from confirming my purchase.Every email they sent saying bla bla bla was the reason my purchase didnt qualify I sent proof back only to receive a follow up with another lie.My final call stated it was because I had another account with the same phone number as another family member.All I needed to do was log in and change that phone number.Well I logged in and it was not my phone number at all.Called back and the lady supposedly 'fixed' it.What she fixed was not there to fix to start with.Of course I still get no confirmation nor my points which I really needed to redeem for gift cards.
This happened before but I risked it again thinking I possibly did make a mistake.This time I searched the web and found page after page of complaints of the sorry way they treat customers.So it cost me a lot but there will be no more orders placed.

Posted by webcat17

I have been a customer of HSN for over 35 years, and the company has treated this valued customer in very shabby way! As a result, I WOULD NOT BUY from HSN if it was the last place on earth. I alerted HSN about fraud on my charge card(saved them $800) and still they are treating me as the criminal because THEY let $3700. of unauthorized hi-tech equipment go out, in my name, to locations all over the USA. I contacted one of their officers and received a form letter,stating that he was sorry for the inconvenience! Their bank World Bank has been harassing me with phone calls, in the early AM hours, even though I filled out and reurned their fraud form over a month ago.They are sending duplicate bills for the outstanding merchandise, adding late fees, even though the case is under investigation.
They even sent me a new HSN card and then voided it. I had to contact my Lawyer to stand by and we will probably sue for "harassment" To date, I have heard NOTHING from them about their "Investigation" only calls about payment. Calls to customer service at HSN gets the answer "The Bank is separate from us and operates under it's own rules" When asked "Who generates the bills", HSN is silent. It is a known fact that both HSN and the Bank are insured for fraud losses.I want the whole consumer world to know about
HSN and it's lack of loyalty and poor customer service!

Posted by GuyFawkes11

HSN is the worst company to deal with! I called and cancelled my order an hour after placing it and HSN sure grabbed my credit card pretty quick and ran it instantly but it took almost two weeks to get my money back on my credit card!!!!! QVC HAS BETTER MERCHANDISE AND FAR BETTER CUSTOMER SERVICE!!!

Posted by Rep From another company

Does not cancel an order of an old lady so they can keep her money and make her pay more for the return of a 55 inch TV.

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Posted by [email protected]

Wow I just read a huge section of comments regarding HSN's customer service and their treatment of those returning items or seeking service and there wasn't one thing complementary, not one, Now I'm afraid. Truly afraid--afraid because I have sleep disorders and take various meds and I was not coherent when I placed an order for over $1000.00, purchasing 2 computer tablets and a camera and the credit card has over 30% interest. I'm afraid. Truly afraid. I'm waiting for someone to answer my call. I am so anxious that I'm queasy. My hands are icy...
Well, I talked with two representatives: Teri and George, regarding my bill and associated problems. Both were helpful and thorough and made recommendations on how to resolve the problems. Thank you and Merry Christmas. I actually gave my husband the tablet for his birthday and he told me it's the best present I ever gave him.

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