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    • 42.30 Overall Rating
      (out of 200 possible)
    • 91 negative comments (87.50%)
    • 13 positive comments (12.50%)
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Posted by Anonymous

Good day . I went to Home Goods store located in Westbury, New York. I wanted to return two glass soap dispensers without a receipt . The purchase was made about 3-4 months ago. Both dispensers had original sales bar scan and in tact condition as purchased. The cashier simply told me they could not return it because it was not in their system. I believe that a store credit for the total amount should have been given with proper identification. I asked if they could trace the purchase with the credit card used and they said they couldn't. I feel that a reputable store as such is in need of a upgrade in their system ; maybe have a phone number affiliated with purchases made in the event the consumer no longer has the original sales receipt. I believe Burlington Coat Factory and other stores have such systems. The lost is only $26 although it's unnecessary. This lack of or better yet no care attitude is enough for me to not make any future purchases at this No Good Store

Posted by Anonymous

During a recent visit in the La Canada (California) store; my husband and I were so disgusted at the clutter and disorganization. This store was so full of junk and clutter, it was literally a trip hazard to be in there shopping. On top of that, there was a child size battery operated vehicle that a young boy (maybe 2-3 yrs old) was driving all around the displays and mess... this boy was running into items with the bike... (his mother didn't care-she looked entertained).. The cashiers were discussing if the mother was going to buy the toy and one cashier responded "No, I asked her"... This boy was clearly out of control - but had the boy gotten hurt by any of the falling merchandise - Mom would have sued-that's the culture -- Where's your Rish Management people? This store does not invite a sophisticated shopper... It's like a swapmeet -- its that bad. La Canada is a very high end community, this doesn't welcome the shopper.. Please do a random site visit... it's like this all the time, but this was much worse than usual. Regarding Service; there were only 2-3 checkers and a minimum of 10-15 people in line constantly to pay for their purchases... Where was the manager on duty? They should have been cleaning up the showroom...

Posted by Chris Ann Ellingson

FYI...HomeGoods needs to be aware that when the customer uses your APP to follow âThe Goodsâ the stores post, customers will be calling to ask questions about the posted pics!
Perhaps during morning meetings the associates need to be aware of what is posted and ready to answer questions of customers should they call to inquire.
Being rude to customers who call should never be an option. Some of your customers travel over 70 miles one way to make a specific purchase! Being too bothered to answer questions is a turn off.
I live in DeWitt Mi and your Frandor HG did not have what I was looking for so I called your Brighton Mi location this morning and they were bothered and very short with me. I come from many years experience as a manager of a prominent, well know store chain and I would not treat customers the way I was treated. The store greeting at your Brighton Mi location even states that customer service is important. Perhaps some additional training is needed?

Posted by wonder-woman 99

I have been a loyal customer for many years, but now have a bad taste in my mouth. I bought a office chair of which broke a leg within 60 days of ownership, but die to not having the receipt was only able to return for $69 of $199 in store credit. I was just wanting store credit to exchange. it cash . Very disappointing and as a card holder feel very upset at the level of this companies principles and policy.

Posted by Anonymous

Sorry. The people working at the home goods Milford mass are rude. It seems like they hate working there - went there 3 times asked for help. They were bothered. To busy talking to each other. Tj Maxx people are nice

Posted by Frustrated

Always a great store. Michelle B and Manager Diana always helpful. I've spent thousands of dollars at this store, and love the selection. I do find a lack of sales people on the floor. My visit last week, I needed a manager, and a woman named Monica was called. She took about 3 calls and ten minutes later finally came to help. She was rude and a non caring attitude toward my issues of return. Very disappointed!

Posted by Anonymous

It's amazing that the frandor lansing mi homegoods is the only store within a 75 mile radius that has absolutely not one piece of Rae Dunn in the store But pet and planters.i visit that store 3-4 times a day 7 days a week because I'm a Rae Dunn collector. I've told the managers so many times I've seen other managers and staff taking money from upsellers. I also visit other HG stores daily and see Rae Dunn in their stores. I've been video recording walk throughs at every store at all times. And every time there's no Rae Dunn at the frandor lansing mi store. Amazing this is still continuing. I'm a card holder and have been returning all my items because I'm so disappointed in this store. Also the employees at this store glare at Rae Dunn customers, I've never felt so unwelcome at any store before like I do at this location.

Posted by Anonymous

I am highly disappointed with your Collegeville location. As I was kindly speaking to a sales associate a rude manager named John approached the employee. He told her what sounded like �you did a good job cleaning the isle�. The employee repeated back what he said and he rudely said �No you better go do a good job cleaning the isle�. He walked away and stood at the counter doing nothing. I will NOT be shopping at your stores any longer. I will not spend my money at a store that is ran by rude managers who not only interrupted my conversation with the employee who was helping me find my goods but spoke to an employee in such a manner. I am absolutely disgusted with the management at your stores.

Posted by Dbdesigns

I'm a decorator who uses Home Goods daily. Until recently I have been very happy with all of my purchases and if I had any return I always had my receipt my tickets and never had a problem until today when I returned for chairs for a client that had white chalk numbers up and down the legs that were hidden by tape when I purchase the chairs I was 10 days late from the 30-day return policy and had to eat $550 myself they would not put it back on my client's credit card, even though they currently have an extended money back return policy at the moment be store manager off of Brodie in South Austin was rude and polite and so were two other cashiers at that store I have never been treated so horribly for returning items that obviously were defective

Posted by [email protected]

Unacceptable Behavior

The manager at this location is rude and is costing your company money because of his poor customer service.

My wife and I have spent thousands of dollars over the years because of the values that your company provides both for the items that you sell and the customer service that you always provide until today..

Busy, bad day, I don't care

Today you lost my business and possibly my respect.

On line you don't get rude service.

You expect a great experience Everytime you walk into a brick and mortar location

Posted by Anonymous

I shop at least once a week at HG in Monroe Ny and I am very disapointed with the store its very crowded and not shoppable
its hard to get shopping carts through the store. The lady I spoke to for some help her name is Carolyn she said she is the manager I was shocked she could not even answer my question and help me I heard one of the cashier call her for help and she took half an hour to get to the register. Corporation need to do something about that woman she is useless to the store. There use to be a very good cashier at the register she had short hair I can't remember her name everytime she is called at the register she move the line so fast and that makes everyone happy I wish she was on the register more often.

Posted by Scott

Homegood Employees in Knoxville, Tennessee have very poor customer service. I'm a collector of RAE Dunn, and I have witnessed Employees Hiding it...3 Feet from me and telling me there is no RD today. Employees are holding it, giving it to friends, selling it, buying it on the clock from customers, and more. Every time I come into the store, an employee picks up the phone and alerts the other employees. They hold RD behind the register, and won't sell it until a manager picks it up and puts it out. They are rude, and all collectors know it. And You are lucky if you find anything!

Posted by Nathaniel

The homegoods in Portland, Oregon at Cascade Station always open up to 10 minutes BEFORE normal opening time. There are crazYYYY y Rae Dunn ladies w/some of their family members that comes in and clear the SHELF OF RAE DUNN, pays for it within 3-5 minutes, AND RUNS TO Marshalls (which is within a few stores away) & CLEAR THEIR SHELVES BY OPENING AT 9:30am. This makes it very unfair. I've expressed my concerns and fairness to the manager at cascade station 2 nights ago and begged her to please tell the morning manager to open approximately 9:30am, however, she kept telling me that they strictly open at 9:30am. Today, they opened at 9:27am. It is NOT fair that they do that and they are very intimidating. Many of other ladies shop by themselves or with little kids are not at the equal opportunity. I know this is a very touchy subject and Rae Dunn is VERY popular by demand. But please consider holding back ALL the Rae Dunn pieces & allow people to purchase 1 item PER DAY W/a valid ID.

Posted by Anonymous

Home goods Monroe NY, most employees are great and helpful. The lack of cashiers is frustrating, no one on the floor for help! Have heard male manager yell at employees about calling for help, not to call him. Ive seen this man before, barking orders in front of customers, treating employees and other management poorly! I think I'll shop elsewhere for now.

Posted by SHERRY

I Do A Lot Of Business With Home Goods Stores Through Out,today I Had A Return Of A Pillow, Upon Waiting For The Cashier To End Her Personal Phone Call, She Told Me That The Pillow Was Dirty And Called The Store Manager To The Front During Her Call She Told Her The Pillow Was Filty! And When She Got Off The Phone She Mumbled I Ask Her What Did She Say? She Told Me She Didnt Know If They Would Refund My Money. This Item Was Purchased On August The 8th. The Manager Then Said The Pillow Is Dirty Just File It!
My Money Was Returned But I Ask Her Are You This Rude To All Your Customers??????
I Had My Receipt And The Pillow Had Lint On It From Trying It On My Bed. The Cashier Went On To Say Is Your Bed This Filty?
I Have Never Be So Insulted In My Life.
This Happened At Home Goods Knoxville Tn

Posted by Mgr on duty

I went into the Marshalls Home Good Store in Hedwig Village/Bunker Hill in Houston, TX on Katy [email protected] I saw a pair of shoes there over the weekend on clearance and I went back today to purchase. I was told they had the wrong number on the clearance ticket and they were not on clearance. I asked about them honoring the price marked and was told we don't have to do that. If that is your policy, it's not a good one, but I can respect that. However, it was about how it was delivered. There were no other shoes in this color and they said they checked the correct number and it wasn't on clearance.

Posted by Anonymous

I not sure what type of customer service training takes place at home goods but judging by how some of the managers interact with the customers, I think a whole new system is needed.

Posted by Anonymous

Your Home goods stores were perfect!!!! Now, they all look like a garage sale GONE BAD!!!!Not quite sure what brain surgeon thought to change everything around but it is horrible!!!! Really, somebody should be fired.... it's a cluster !! I have been back three times in the last couple of months and it looks worse than the time before... A huge company like yours should have a team that comes in a night a transforms all that needs to be moved.. your stores are now garbage quality: ( former happy shopper....

Posted by John john

I'm so sad and disappointed. For over a month I have been trying to get a job at your glendora store. I shop there all the time and always wanted to be part of the team.I'm only 59 years old, retired, and in good health. A part time job would be ideal. I have been told there are openings and have applied, politely checked in, and expressed my desire to help out. Yet not even an interview. Just the run around. I would think you would want a team player?? So confused.

Posted by Don't have one

I bought a chest at the Seminole, Fl. Store on March 17. When I got it home, I realized the shelves were not included. I went back to store and met a woman who was just going out the door with the same chest. She allowed me to look inside, and her chest had shelves. I then talked with the manager on duty who was very helpful. She checked with the man in charge of the stock room saying they may have just misplaced. They were going to look after they finished lunch. I went back to the store yesterday, to see if the shelves had been found. The manger on duty, after I had explained what I needed, told me immediately, that there was no shelves in the back!! Her tone was very sharp as if she thought I blamed her. Don't have She told me to bring it back if I didn't want it. It was very plain she was through talking to me. I know she was busy, as she mentioned it to me. I felt very hurt as I left the store, as if I my feelings didn't matter. I live alone and returning a chest that size is difficult. I just want the shelves that should have been there.

Posted by [email protected]

I have just had a very disappointing and unhappy event in your store in delray beach, FL. I have your charge and been a loyal shopper for many yrs. To have a young man who called himself a manager speak to me in such a condensing tone and have such an attitude, is a very bad reflection on you and your hiring practices

Posted by Anonymous

I live in Boca Raton. I shop at your store on Glades Road, in Boca. This store is one big mess. Your store has gone down hill this year. You are over stocked which causes the aisle to be a accident waiting to happen . Your store is a fire hazard with merchandise all over the aisle and on the shelves. I am going to wait 48 hours for you clean up this mess. Then I will be calling the fire dept. to report this situation in the store.

Posted by sam

Called to ask if they had thank you card's and an associate from the algonquin stores in Illinois by the name of Melissa told me "where the hell do you think your calling DUH we have some" . i am very upset on this matter. not shopping there again.

Posted by Anonymous

Hi i am a loyal customer of home goods at 2201 Nostrand ave.in brooklyn ny 11210..this store is always short staffed..i waited yesterday and today on line for 1 hr and a half and received a parking ticket also
..they always have applications out but do they ever hire.
..plz help all the customers that love this store.

Thank you..c johnson

Posted by Barbara

I ended up leaving the item I planned to purchase. The two cashiers at the Home Goods Store, Jonesboro Rd, in McDonough, Ga were so slow They seemed so non-chalant and taking so long.

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Posted by HLM

I've shopped at HG Middletown NY since it's opening and i have spent a great deal of $ in thus store. I am a regular who stops in daily,I've bought big things,like my BULL grill island, furniture, housewares, bedding,bath, baby, pets, rugs..something from each department!Everyone there is extremely helpful, starting with Mike as the manager and his staff, Jess, Marie, Babita, Sue..they are wonderful!! Always willing to help you in anyway, great you with warmth and kindness..my favorite place to shop!! Keep up the good wirk!!

Posted by Anonymous

I have to share my experience with the Homegoods store in Peachtree Corners, Ga. I was in there on Wednesday, March 22nd. I purchased about $400 dollars and told the nice gentleman at the front that this store was one of the nicest Homegoods I had ever been to. Very clean, nicely stocked, neat and very friendly staff. My husband and I gathered all my purchases and headed home to Alabama. We were about an hour away from home when I received a call from AAA verifying I was Kathy Hart and had I been to Georgia today. I said yes and he said he had a gentleman from Homegoods on the other line. The gentleman from Homegoods said he thought I may have left my wallet and asked me to describe it and asked how much cash I had. I did and he said it was there and they would put it in the safe. I had a considerable amount of cash and 8 credit cards, all my identity and insurance cards. I am so very thankful there are still honest people in this world. All we hear is negativity these days. But these people are amazing. The girl that actually found it is Melinda. She needs a raise or a promotion. My poor husband had to drive there the next day to get the wallet. Everything was in there as though I had never left it. My husband tried to give reward money but Gladson said they couldn't accept it. Truly a great place with employees with great work ethics!! THANKS AGAIN HOMEGOODS, THE FORUM PEACHTREE CORNERS!!!

Posted by Grandma

I have yet to find a Home Goods Store that I didn't like. Some are oustanding not with only their staff, but the set up. However, I did find a male manager. or assistant manager with red hair who was in the Parsipany Store and then later in the Paramus Store to be rather unfriendly and not at all helpful. Being a constant customer of all Home Goods, I had purchased a large expensive wreath for over my fireplace at one point but realized numerous things missing off of it when I arrived home. I went back to the store, but they only had one other which had even more items missing off of it. Even though he would be unable to sell the other wreath with so much missing, he refused to allow me to remove the items that were missing from mine to make a completed wreath. I had only bought it the day before, and he was actually not customer friendly when I said then I wanted to return it. He gave me attitude as my granddaughter would say. My ratings below are for all of there other stores

Posted by Ms Slaughter

I was in your Burbank store on Thursday mid evening the manager was so polite to the lady at the register. She had most kind spirit an the way she talk to the elderly lady.I was with my sister who making a purchase and I said did you see that great customer service she provided. Very uncommon in this day,I did ask the manager her name and I think it was Ms Jamie .I told my sister people can sind complaints, I'm going to send in a compliment on this lady.Truly a great experience in your store.Thank

Posted by Jaynesway

I visited a Homegoods store that opened recently in Jacksonville fl. The store was heavily packed with customers and employees were running around like crazy. I asked one of there employees if they had a particular item for a gift and of course you did not carry it at that time..not only did she feel bad that she didn't have a product I wanted but she walked with me and gave her suggestions on other items. She helped me find the perfect present for my daughter. Her name was Kimberlyn. I will look for her on my next visit!!

Posted by Priscilla

homegoods I live in Fort Dodge in Iowa, I have to drive almost 2 hours. to go to the closest homegoods. very sad I love this shop but too far...

Posted by Shopping Grandma Joanne

I have been shopping at HomeGoods in Port Washington since the store opened. I love every visit there, the items are great and the staff is wonderful. Mike Avollone the manger is the best and the store always looks great. I have given so many gifts over the years and the best ones are from PW store. Even my Granddogs love the items for Christmas too. Thanks to all the staff for a great place to shop.. Happy New Year to all. Shopping Grandma Joanne

Posted by Happy Person

I have visited the Home Goods store in Knoxville several times. I have really enjoyed the products. The prices and quality are great! I have also visited the store in Huntsville, Alabama. It was a larger store, but it also had a wonderful selection to choose from. I have always been happy with my products and service at the stores I have visited. I am very happy that Home Goods chose to remain closed on Thanksgiving. People can wait to shop on Friday. Way to go!

Posted by Anonymous

I am a very old woman that love shopping at home goods in Monroe Ny. The managers are all very nice the store is clean and well organize. I admire miss Veda who is doing a wonderful job both on the register and on the sales floor she always greets customer with a smile and offer her help, she is always open to give me ideas if i need, I love to go take a look wherever she is working and give her my compliments she is such a loyal worker I hope home goods treat her with respect and adores her comparing to other associates she is the best.

Posted by Anonymous

Iam shopping last two years in Home goods Fairlakes fairfax virginia employes extremly polite, helpfull wonderful, I feel myself like guest every each person very good. One of manager is my favorite he is problem solver, easy friendly I see he finds solution very easy and right the way his name GUY GORDON . Every body loves him, he is every bodies guy, smiling face and running person. He is genius deserves to be store manager
be store manager. You can ask every each person. Thank you home goods for this person.
And also all employees very good, one of SAYYORA angel all the time happy smiling face, she knows her job very very well. She is works very fast. When I shop this people makes me happy. Others, JULIE, WILLI, JACKIE, DOMINIGUE, SILVIA they are all wonderfull people.
Million thanks to HOME GOODS

Posted by Anonymous

I am a frequent shopper in several Marshalls TJ Max's and Home Goods. I have to say that today at the Home Goods in Lyndhurst NJ two employees Hector and Cody were not only polite but, professional, and helpful too. Home Goods is very fortunate to have such wonderful employees and they should be commended for being such loyal, helpful and courteous employees making it a pleasure to shop in Lyndhurst Home Goods.
Charlene Richards

Posted by Anonymous

I was in the Home Goods in Schaumburg, Illinois yesterday, Thursday October 24th. My Mom was looking for some tables and we were trying to track someone down to see if they could check another store because we needed one more table. I go to this store very often. They were pretty busy and the checkouts were pretty busy. A young man named Nick V. (on his tag) saw us talking about the table. He asked us if we needed any help. We asked if he could possibly check the store about 15 minutes away at the Arboretum South Barrington, IL store. He went to a phone and tried to help us, but it turned out that they didn't have the table either. I was really impressed that he really was paying attention enough to realize that we really needed some help! Just wanted to let you know that he was a very polite person and even though he was busy, he took the time to help us! P.S. I love this store!

Posted by Home Goody

First of all, I look like one of the fixtures in Home Goods, I'm in there so often. We finally got the first store in Mandeville, LA! I am a huge fan of T.J Maxx and Marshalls as well. I could write positive comments for all three stores. However, I really need to spotlight Home Goods. Every single employee goes out of their way to help and are so, so personable. The store is constantly merchandised beautifully, which is not an easy task because it's frequently turning over! I could go on and on, and I am a tough critic too, as I used to own my own retail store. So, thank you to Home Goods and its staff. Jake is one of the managers there, and he, like all the others is the best! He goes above and beyond and is so passionate about his customers and the store.

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Posted by D1

I was hired for the store 681 in Warner Robins Ga. And the district manager told me to go up frobt for cashier training by the cashier specialist in the newly soon to open warner Robibs store. As soon as i told her politely that Mr. Dwayne wanted me to come for training she told me "NO". I felt like this was very unprofessional and rude. for this woman suppose to be the specialist inthis area. If she can act this way towards and employee how does she react to other customers. The other associate felt she said it meanly as well. Starting to give me a negative conation towards home goods store.


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