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Home Depot customer service is ranked #46 out of the 940 companies that have a sportpref.ru rating with an overall score of 77.03 out of a possible 200 based upon 1150 ratings. This score rates Home Depot customer service and customer support as Disappointing.


807 Negative Comments out of 1,150 Total Comments is 70.17%.


343 Positive Comments out of 1,150 Total Comments is 29.83%.

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    • 77.03 Overall Rating
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    • 807 negative comments (70.17%)
    • 343 positive comments (29.83%)
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Posted by Juhi

I ordered a dishwasher online along with a request of installation and hauling away the old one, while online ordering was as smooth as possible. Once the payment was done everything else turned out to be a nightmare. I got a call one day prior to delivery to confirm order, i asked them to bring an insurance certificate as required by my building . They told me they just delivery and i have to contact home depot and it takes 48 hours to arrange it so we cant do it. When i called homedepot they said oh its not our fault as you didnt put that in order, to which i said i ordered online and there was no place to put this anywhere! Anyway, somehow they confirmed that it will done. YET when it arrived it was without insurance! Somehow i managed to bring them into my apartment and the guy who came was the MOST RUDE GUY i have ever met. He didnt know anythhing about dishwasher and said it cant be done, he couldnt speak in english and couldnt understand any. He left the new dishwasher in my living room upside down and just left!!! Since then my ordeal of talking to customer reps is going on, they havent refunded the money, they havent got anyone to fix it and i am sure they wont as they DONT CARE. Not to mention the same dishwasher on their website itself had a price drop of 75 dollars in a day!! I have been a loyal homedepot customer... its very disappointing

Posted by LP

When you buy an appliance online with a credit card from HD and then cancel the order before delivery you DO NOT GET A CREDIT POSTED TO YOUR CREDIT CARD at the time you cancel. HD keeps you money and the undelivered appliance until they can contact the delivery subcontractor which may take weeks.

This unwillingness to issue prompt credit card refunds is egregious and is a download of risk to the consumer. Do not risk purchasing appliances from this vendor.

Posted by expat39

Today I took delivery of a new Maytag washer and dryer from Home Depot. The first time I used the washer, it was obvious something was grinding away in it. I called HD (well within the 48 hours you're supposed to have to complain) and was told I needed to get in touch with Maytag for them to inspect and/or repair. I said that wasn't good enough, and the guy said he'd talk to his manager, and call me right back. He didn't of course, I'm sure hoping I'd leave it until the magic 48 hours passed. However, I shall go into the store in the morning and make a fuss if I have to. Wish me luck....

Posted by ?

Today i tried to return a hd tv cable cord and they said it was already returned by someone else so i couldnt return it. Why?

Posted by FLIP

Fix and Flip
HOME DEPOT loses another big purchase customer. I do the same thing FIX and FLIP and I had some central american contractors buy stuff for the project and I would give them their money back. After trying to return the extra items after buying close to $25000 for two home the refuse my return of $400. They asked me for receipt, which I did not have, and return was denied. Even after calling number, they said I returned too many times. Equation register.

Posted by FixandFlip

I recently tried to return $130 worth of siding that I have had for over 90 days. I decided I was going to trade for vinyl siding. However, when I got to the store I was told the return was "denied" by an outfit called "The Retail Equation". This is the way Home Depot recoups its losses? On the backs of good customers? There is no telling how much this costs the Home Depot to hire these bullies, and they think they are improving their bottom line? I have always shopped HD because of their generous return policy, but no more. It will only be an "if I have to" type of purchase. And don't give me a story about how someone stole $10000 worth of stuff and then returned it to the store. Sounds like a manager dropped the ball with that in the first place, and so now all HD customers have to be ripped off? To Home Depot: YOU HAVE LOST A VALUABLE CUSTOMER. I FIX AND FLIP HOUSES. I WILL NOT USE HOME DEPOT FOR ANY SIGNIFICANT PURCHASE UNTIL YOU FIX THIS.

Posted by melodist

Home Depot Appliances: a 3rd party drop ship type of affair. They stock a few of the large appliances but most of it is drop-shipped which means you pay Home Depot then they order the appliances from GE, Electro-Lux, etc (that's why they say it will be a week before delivery) and then the vendor (GE, Electro-Lux, etc) delivers them to your door. So if you send it back for refund first they have to get a pickup date from the vendor (seems to take a week) then another week for the vender to send the truck crew then 7-10 working days for Home Depot to issue your refund.

So I stopped going to Home Depot for anything except what they have on the floor for sale (pay and go from now on) and went to Appliance Liquidators (a Ma and Pa business). Unlike at Home Depot, I was able to buy items off the floor, scratch and dent and New and the sales reps are professionals who know their stuff. Bought a $1000 (that's street price) electric range for $500 (was scratch and dent plus all black so it's a hard one to sell when it cones to matching appliances), a new Haeir 4-door all stainless fridge for under $1K and a dishwasher off the floor for 1/3rd off the price. Bought it on Friday and they delivered it on Tuesday (took 1-2 working days). Very happy with Appliance Liquidators {8^D

So here's the choice we customers have: keep returning to Hoe Depot to be mistreated, lied too and otherwise blamed for anything you bring to the attention of management or ... break the habit and start going to Ma and Pa stores. You'll be very glad you did

Posted by Customer

I was on my way home and decided to stop at the home depot on Santa Fe,the first thing I did is walk in the front door and no greeter! The customer service didn't greet me to busy talking to each other! Then headed to the garden dept! Ran into a young lady pushing a metal staircase asked her if she worked in the garden dept and she kinda hesitated so I asked if there was somebody inside the doors of the garden dept she replied' yes ' Matt is!! So I found Matt and asked some question and he was very helpful! Props to Matt! Then continued my way to the bathroom where I greeted a associate which she ignored me! She was asin short with long black hair!Then came out of the bathroom and met another associate coming out of the office and greeted him without a reply!He was kinda short with a crew cut caucasian! Then continued to the paint department wher there was a african american who never asked me if I needed help and neithet did the girl that was in the paint dept also!! I appoligize for having to descibe them by there race! But unfortunately I didn't think about taking their names down! But I will continue going to the home depot by my house! Never will I return for lack of courtesy and sevice you offer at your store!!!! Will not recomend others to do business there!! Very disapointed!!

Posted by return policy sign in stores for

home depot don't have good service and user service

my money never come back to my own personal credit card the details in the tickets say return policy definitions 90 days and expires on and the money disappear I happy I lost just 114 dollars home depot take me, but in the future never more home depot card pays

Posted by Tracy

I will never shop home depot again!! I spent $29,000 there remodeling my home and within 6 months my carpet was falling apart. I have gotten the run around with them for almost 3 years about it. First they don't have my paperwork, next they state they gave me a refund but can't produce the proof and now it's I voided the warranty because I didn't have my carpets professionally cleaned after 1 year. Constant excuses and terrible customer service!!

Posted by ShortyG

Does home depot let you purchase a gift card with home depot store credit?. Just curious. Thanks

Posted by Mr koolio

We are all to blame....me included. How many times have I said, or have you said," never again will I shop at Home Depot". Ffor me it's got to be at least five.

I go to the Ladera heights store in Los Angeles California. They have a bit of scrap wood which they sell for 70% off. Really were doing them a favor because if they couldn't sell it they would have to take it to a dump and pay dumping fees. The wood in this van is supposed to be spray-painted on the ends with the color purple it really has also most of the pieces of wood, since they've been cut or broken or whatever don't have the UPC label on them so when you get to the cashier and I tell them that all of the wood is from the bin .... They look at me and ask "oh are you sure it's from the bin" as if iat 50 it is my main goal in life to go to Home Depot and steal broken wood. On the rare occasions we can get around this hurdle then they say well I can ring it up because there's no UPC label. Now I know this must happen at least 10 times a day and yet nobody has taken the initiative to solve it. For example, if I was the manager I would say any wood under 6 feet is a dollar and any wood over 6' is two dollars . Node Home Depot I am available for management positions. Look how quickly I came up with that brilliant solution. Almost every time it ends up with me leaving a pile of wood at the cashiers counter after waiting for them to try to figure out how to sell the world to me . On one occasion as I was walking out the cashier asked me if I could put the wood back "since I now do not want to buy the word" I told her that in fact I didn't want to buy the wood but they just couldn't figure out how to sell it to me and no I would not put the wood back. I will await contact from Home Depot

Posted by Dantheman702

To everyone regarding the change to HD return policy...the reason why our i d needs to be shoen and match the store credit card being used is because people are going into HD stealing items then returning them for store credit wich they then sell to a pawn shop or whoever for a smaller percentage in cash..

Posted by Tim

I've been a Home Depot customer for 20 years since 1997. I co-owned a small construction company and in 20 years have spent over $600,000 at their stores. I've also flipped three homes. All tools, gear, appliances, etc. were bought there.

In the mid-'00s I stopped using any of my 3 credit cards almost completely as well as my business and personal debit card. I refuse to get their credit card. I only pay in cash. If I know I'm going to be buying $3,000 of items that day, I'll go to the bank and take the money out for it. Two years ago I made a $7,500 total purchase in one day at Home Depot in cash.

Just in the past three years Home Depot has been hacked 3 times (2015, 2016, 2017) and each time over 50 million people's credit cards and personal info was leaked and found on the dark web for sale. Once they were even warned there was a security breach and they took no action. I keep all of my receipts and even have a Home Depot folder but occasionally I will misplace one or one of my guys fails to give it to me.

I tried making a return a few months ago and was denied. The woman at the return counter called over a co-worker in front of 10 other people and said loudly "Look at this!" When I asked what the problem is she told me "I will never be able to make another return at any store again." I didn't know about The Retail Equation then and wasn't aware I was supposed to receive a printout with a number and Phone number to call. When I got home and did some research I found out about this company. I called my local Home Depot and explained what happened and they said the only way to get my personal number for TRE is to come back and attempt to do another return so he could print it out for me.

I did that and contacted TRE and got my return history. In 2015 I lost my wallet in CT at a casino. The next day I got a call from someone saying he found my wallet and got my number from my business card and he'd send it to me in the mail. He told me everything appeared to be there but there was no cash in it. This man said he found the wallet in Rhode Island. I've never been to Rhode Island. When I looked at my RTE report the 1st return w/o a receipt was for a Home Depot in RI. The 2nd one was mine for $79. The 3rd one was the return I was told to attempt so I could get my RTE info to contact them (which is needed.)

This blew my mind. Apparently, someone who found my wallet took my cash and used my ID to make a fraudulent return. Then TRE counted the return I attempted (knowing it wouldn't work) just so I could get my TRE info to contact them. The last time I made a return without a receipt at Home Depot was years ago and now I'm stuck with over $300 worth of plumbing items I can't even exchange and they're not the kind of things that will easily sell on Craigslist or eBay.

I'm done with the Home Depot. They've gone downhill in many ways over the past 2 decades but this was the last straw. I don't want my personal info going to some 3rd party company and their return policy is a joke. I've spent over half a million dollars at this store but won't give then another penny. I'm going to be giving my business to local, small hardware stores like I should have been doing all along. Yes, it'll take me a bit out of my way and I'll pay a penny or two more but I don't care.

Posted by whitetiger97

I should NOT have to show my id to a cashier for any reason once the store credit has been verified by the Service Desk. It is my money to do with as I please. I couldn't even send my Step son in to pick up some items when I was in the middle of a fencing project. This is absolutely RIDICULOUS. I use a Gift Card, it should be returned as a Girft card and not store credit. BUT where else am I going to use store credit?????
If they would clear the isles, turn on some lights, train their employees what to look for, thefts wouldn't be as bad.

Posted by [email protected]

Home depot superstore union nj would not take back $2000 of special order windows even with their 15% restocking fee, and they insisted this policy was stated on my purchase paperwork... My stapled paperwork did not have that sheet and they could not produce a copy and their regular complete return police was on the desk where we ordered the windows. Then they conceded saying they would honor their policy if we bought the same windows there at a higher price. It took me almost 3 hours in that store and I was unable to return the windows.

Posted by Anonymous

I Have Been Trying To Speak To A Real Person For 30 Minutes Or More For Explanation Of Why If I Cancel An Online Debit Card Order At Lowes My Card Is Credited In 24 Hrs Or Less. I Am Being Told At Home Depot That The Same Debit Card Used For A Purchase Cancellation At Home Depot Will Take Up To 14 Days !!!!! I Was Told It Was My Banks Policy That Was Causing The Delay . This Is A Flat Out Lie . It Has Already Been 10 Days And This Is Ridiculous. What Is The Hold Up....and Don't Blame It On My Credit Union.that Is B.s.

Posted by Anonymous

I have over $400 in store credit at home depot that I can't use. One card is in a former employee and other in ex girlfriends name. Neither do I care to see again. There has to be a loophole in this insane policy !

Posted by John85

There has to be a way to get around showing your id because people are bidding on them like crazy on ebay. Maybe if you use it at self checkout it doesn't apply.

Posted by ?ark pope

Hone Depot sold ne $2500 worrh of LED light bulbs that were fraudulently labeled as 1200 lumens on each packaging box. I discovered the bulbs are marked 1104 lumens. Home Depot thinks they can sell you goods tgat are fraudulently labeled and if you dobn't catch it within 90 days you are out of luck. Wrong. Ca state law gives a 3 year statute of limitations for fraud and even that does not start until you know about or reasonably should have discovered the fraud.I gave the wvery oportunity to refund me and they refuse and ckaim I should pursue the manufacturer. I will besuing for triple punitive plus actual damages.

Posted by W77tina

I want to do return and they said I couldn't do return they gave me a piece of paper from the retail equation(TRE) they said that that I didn't get to do to return because it's automated system I don't believe that and why is Home Depot giving out my driver's license number to third party. I have not done returning over 6 months last year I don't believe it if I went in today they still declining it if somebody can sue over hot coffee I should be able to sue over this

Posted by Anonymous

Returned a motion sensor light. Told policy was 90 days and item had to be unopened, for refund. Showed my receipt which stated I had to one year to return policy. Asked to see store policy. No where did it say electrical products had 90 day return UNOPENED policy. Asked to speak store manager. I finally got an exchange which all I wanted.

Posted by Gdd

In order to stay off the banned return list at HD you need to keep your no receipt returns under $200 total.

Posted by Pippy_longstockings

I recently remodeled a rental home in Manchester Tn, I have always shopped at the home depot there. The employees are usually friendly and knowable, however my last and final trip there was not.The cashier Mae was rude and said she couldn't help me. I found what I needed by using the stores app. I then returned to make my purchases where her line was long her personality was flat and once again rude. I will not be back .

Posted by whitetiger97

To all that Purchase at Home Depot. They have a new Return Policy that is corporate wide. The item will be refunded to the way it was funded for purchase EXCEPT when using a gift card. When you return an Item and receive store credit, as I always do, with a receipt. They ask for your driver's license at the service desk so they can register that store credit to your name. Then, when you use that store credit at checkout they will ask you for your ID to verify it is yours.
Does this not sound like BS???
What if I send that card to one of my Step Children that do not have the same last name as me?
What if I give it to a friend to pick up something for me?
What if I donated it to an organization to do with what they want?
How about you people that have to drive a long distance for items? Are they going to deny you the use of that store credit to your family or friend because the names don't match and that they already have the money for and can only be spent in a Home Depot store?
Not to mention that they are inputting even more information into their computer system that had a data breach just 2 yrs ago.
I feel that once the service desk has verified you have the original receipt the store credit is yours to do with what you want. I don't feel that everyone in the store has the right to ask for your ID to purchase an item.
Let me know your thoughts.

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Posted by Cole

Because of Aftab and Koran I will always shop at the store. They helped me out greatly and were very knowledgeable and helped me get what I needed Thank you both so very much!!!

Posted by Ed

I would like to compliment your apple valley employee Chris L. Who was very helpful and polite when picking up my toilet. Tony in the customer service dept went above and beyond to help me

Posted by Ladyinrec

The Customer seavice is outstanding Ms.Karen and Ms.Felicia are the best. AND MADE MY SHOPPING EXPERIENCE THE BEST ive had there in a good while. I will shop here again.

Posted by Anonymous

I had the pleasure of being assisted by 2 of your extremely knowledgeable, friendly and very helpful employees Mr. Le'Roy in the (Garden Department) and Mr. Napoleon Yarn in the (Plumming Department)... also Evelyn (Contractor) very friendly and helpful.
Some of the contractors always make customers aware when asked anything that they are Contractors and don't have time to assist customers....I have had this happen to me on several occasions in Home Depot. Someone should take a look at that.


Posted by bridalpro

John in flooring at Vallejo CA store helped me tremendously with tiling supplies. Best help I have ever received at home Depot.

Posted by Mike Fisher

Good evening to have shopped at Sarasota Home Depot for years and this young man Sean Fultz lot associate was nothing but accurate with his knowledge on mulch and helped numerous customers at once with a smile and great attitude. Haven't seen this in years. To make sure he gets recognized for his work ethics. Thank you

Posted by Anonymous

Saturday I went to your Home Depot store behind Rivertown Mall only to find your pro desk wasn't manned on the weekend. A majority of people work Monday thru Friday and most working people come to your stores on weekends to buy what they need.
A little frustrating to find such a bad decision not to have your pro-desk with employees to help with a major purchase I'm trying to get a good price on.
Disappointed too!
My quote number is H2748-18045 for $1900, not including gate hardware and delivery.
My thanks to your employee Darrell employee number DPF 4324 for his hard work putting together the changes in amounts and submitting it to the' Bid Room". With an assist by Heather HNW1859. There to be commended.

Posted by the HomerDepot

I like the home depot in boulder, people are so friendly and great! I love the cashiers there!

Posted by Sam K.

As a Home Depot I am generally satisfied with the servise. On 1-25-2017 at around 7 pm I went to customer returns in Westminster branch, Westminster/ Goldenwest. I like to express my appreciation for Martin and Juan for their help with a kitchen faucet I had purchased earlier. Very dedicated to serving the customer ....Sam K.

Posted by Stlcards

Gary in gardening at the Loveland, CO store was very helpful to us on Sunday Jan. 15th. We needed help in flooring and not only did he point us in the right direction but he helped load the carpet we purchased into our truck. We live in Greeley but will be shopping at the Loveland store from now on. Thank you!

Posted by Anonymous

Randy in the Garden Center at the Hempstead location is outstanding. Very knowledgeable and helpful. I always look forward to seeing him in the store. Sometimes I bring pictures of my lawn or samples of grass/weeds and he knows exactly what my problem is and how to fix it.

Posted by Anonymous

Home depot store in Las Vegas 2200 Serene Avenue. I want to take this time to compliment a Home Depot employee by the name of Remy. She works in the Shutter and blinds department. I came into the store with all my measurements to pick up blinds for my home, but I was not certain what style I wanted. Remy greeted my and help me with getting the correct measurements and style of the blinds I needed. I had my blinds installed and i absolutely love them. Remy is an asset to your team at Home Depot.

Posted by Anonymous

On Tuesday, November 15 we attended the Milton Home Depot for the first time. We are from Burlington but sold our house and will be temporarily staying in our RV at the Milton Heights Campground. We needed assistance with ideas and materials for securing the RV in place on asphalt for the winter. Craig C. was just excellent! He had an innovative idea and went above and beyond to make sure it would work. We set the RV up and it all came together perfectly. I wanted to acknowledge this customer service because these days all you usually get is "Sorry,we don't have that or can't do that". You never get someone who goes "We don't have that and can't do that but we CAN do this and let's solve the problem". That is excellent customer service and that is what we received from Craig C.!

Posted by Anonymous

The employee, (at Home Depot at the Kelly/Mile store in Detroit, MI) LaQuwan-plumbing department was very helpful! He made, I feel, an emotional connection with me as a customer in need. Thank you!

Posted by vsgrouptx

I'm trying to find where I can rate customer service for Kitchen & Bath Design Consultant, Thomas Boyle at the 999 North Loop West Store Location in Houston Texas 77008.
His service was exceptional in assisting us with layout, pricing and ordering. I give him top stars across the board for attitude and commitment.
Best regards,
Tony Stanton

Posted by Mjoe

Clint s was a huge help to me when I was trying to get wood for my boss (boss didn't know what he was looking for and didn't know the names of products) Clint works at the Seekonk home depot

Posted by Beth

We had the best possible experience with Dana at the Fresno North Home Depot Home Decorating department today. She made the shopping experience a joy!

Posted by Anonymous

On 10/14/16 we experienced some excellent service at your Grand Haven, Mi. store. While shopping for some Roughneck bins, the shelf only had 3 of the 8 we needed. One of your associates (Brad) came walking by and offered assistance. He was able to climb up to the upper shelves and reach an additional 2 bins and commented that was all the store had in inventory. He then checked other stores in the area and found that the Muskegan store had enough in inventory. So while checking out our purchases he came running up and announced that a delivery truck just arrived and was able to get us the additional 3 bins we needed. This saved us a lot of time. We can't tell you how impressed we were about going the extra mile that Brad demonstrated. Sharon at the check-out register even spent time chatting with us while we were waited for Brad to get the additional Bins and this also added to a nice experience.

Posted by Kari and Jed

I would like to give a big, warm thank you to the flooring specialist, Martin Willis, at the Monroe, Louisiana's Home Depot. He has worked with my husband and me over the last few months after we had water damage to our floor. We had just bought our first house together when the washing machine overflowed and destroyed flooring in over half our brand new home. Being first-time home buyers this was our first time dealing with insurance companies, we were very overwhelmed and felt lost. Marty was our light among the fog, and steered us straight and true through the confusing, and often winding world of flooring. He spent hours, and I'm not exaggerating, talking to us on the phone. He sat face-to-face with us over several weekends and helped us navigate in the right direction, and listened to us change our minds, navigate some more, and change our minds again! He would call during evening hours and weekends, often multiple times, to make sure we were getting the services we needed and deserved. In a world where customer service is a dying art and we often find ourselves searching for expertise in areas were are not, it was so refreshing to trust Marty. He was helpful beyond words and we will always seek him out on our trips to Home Depot, just to say hi to a friend.

Posted by Anonymous

I have always had good service, but feel like one of your employees went above & beyond. Her name is Tammie at the Oxford Ms store in flooring, she not only helped me with my flooring needs she came with me in every department to make sure I was getting everything on my list! Thank you Tammie for the Exceptional service.

Posted by adnre

We would thanks Shauna and Josh from Home Deposit on 10200 Coors Bypass in abq, for their good customer services. MY husband and i had purchase a privacy lattice and needed assistance. Manager Shauna was helpful and able to solves the issue.

Posted by Anonymous

Robert M in Hardware, you sir are so nice and understanding. While I was at the customer service kiosk being ignored by the customer service kiosk associates because i was not in line. So thank you, you lovely heifer in the customer service kiosk for ignoring me! I cant believe you get paid for providing crappy service and for crap suggestions to come out of your mouth.
Robert M stepped in and took my cart, helped me label it with my husbands name and was so nice to tell me that the cart will be there for my husband to come in and pay for. He taped up one of the boxes that was open, he gave me options for hold time to accommodate my needs. He was polite, understanding and really should be in the customer service kiosk or given a raise or a promotion. Such a kind human and we need more people like him. Home depot store #6601 you are so lucky to have Robert M as your employEE and im so lucky that his great customer service put the customer service kiosk agent to shame. Robert M in Hardware you are so Great Sir, Thank you.

Posted by Anonymous

I often go to the Fairfax Store at Costco Plaza. Ellery has helped me out on several occasions, especially tonight. He helped me find a solution to a problem I am having with my locks. He always has a positive attitude. You are very fortunate to have a person like him working for you.

Posted by Rnostrand

I specifically want to thank Rajiv. He was very personable, knowledgeable and customer approachable. I am handicapped and have been to Home Depot many times before. Eventually I could have found what I was looking for but his efforts saved me a lot of time.

It was a pleasant experience and I would appreciate if something can be done now for him instead of waiting until several other comments are collected and doing it then.
These are the type employees you want to keep around.

Robert.C. Nostrand
U.S.Navy Retired

Posted by Anonymous

I was in the Home Depot in Milton Ont on Maple Ave. A Cashier named Lindsay made my visit absolutely exceptional. She was very kind, full if positive energy and you could tell how much she loved every minute of what she does.

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Posted by john

I actually work at Home depot as a P/t employee for the last 13 years. Tried to return some light bulbs that were the wrong color and was denied the first time without a receipt, although I didn't want a refund per say just exchange for correct color. Was told by manager to go back to returns line with a receipt, which I did have and after waiting another ten minutes was denied again . My purchase was around 15 days old. I left the store and awaiting someone to call me after they look into it. I had never heard of this before and was completely caught off guard.

Posted by Ex Screwed Employee

I worked for Home Depot as a Kitchen Designer for 10 years. They place no value on designer qualifications, experience or talent. They just want a warm body to fill the seat that is willing to work for $12 an hour. If the designer screws up your project it's your fault. You signed the papers. Whenever I made a mistake I would admit it and insist that it be corrected to my customer's satisfaction. This made me an unacceptable employee. You ask why did I make mistakes. H D designers work in a dirty, noisy store with no heat and no air conditioning. They are constantly interrupted by customers desperate for help. They are required to help these people at the expense of their design customer. The H D treats all customers the same whether they are buying a nail or a $30,000 kitchen. Never buy an installation from them. They treat their subcontractors very badly. They pay them poorly, they pay them late and blame all mistakes on them. Consequently, your install will be a mess. If they screw up your project go directly to customer care in Atlanta. They are your only hope.

Posted by Bikerchick 2121

Since it seems my last posy was taken down.At this hiring event it was common knowledge that they were trying to solicit information on the candidate's that worked at? During this process they would deny and reject applicant/candidates that were applying @Homedepot #Homedepot because they worked at? Mind you they same work they were applying for is and was the current skill set that they were already in and some with a few or more years of this same skill set in this collaboration and through backdoor process which according to the #EEOC @EEOC are illegal and also according to #Homedepot Headquarters HR Department. In doing so they denied in an arbitrary manner with malice and outside of the scope of their perspective role's those candidates/applicants an opportunity to better their livelihoods' or excel in a skill set that may or may not have been available for them in their current situation by systematically breaking the law when it came to Title VII follows in part; (UNLAWFUL EMPLOYMENT PRACTICES SEC. 2000e-2. [Section 703] (a) Employer practices It shall be an unlawful employment practice for an employer -(1) to fail or refuse to hire or to discharge any individual, or otherwise to discriminate against any individual with respect to his compensation, terms, conditions, or privileges of employment, because of such individual's race, color, religion, sex, or national origin; or (2) to limit, segregate, or classify his employees or applicants for employment in any way which would deprive or tend to deprive any individual of employment opportunities or otherwise adversely affect his status as an employee, because of such individual's race, color, religion, sex, or national origin.(b) Employment agency practices It shall be an unlawful employment practice for an employment agency to fail or refuse to refer for employment, or otherwise to discriminate against, any individual because of his race, color, religion, sex, or national origin, or to classify or refer for employment any individual on the basis of his race, color, religion, sex, or national origin. (c) Labor organization practices It shall be an unlawful employment practice for a labor organization- (1) to exclude or to expel from its membership, or otherwise to discriminate against, any individual because of his race, color, religion, sex, or national origin; (2) to limit, segregate, or classify its membership or applicants for membership, or to classify or fail or refuse to refer for employment any individual, in any way which would deprive or tend to deprive any individual of employment opportunities, or would limit such employment opportunities or otherwise adversely affect his status as an employee or as an applicant for employment, because of such individual's race, color, religion, sex, or national origin; or (3) to cause or attempt to cause an employer to discriminate against an individual in violation of this section.
So now that you have that story

Posted by Anonymous

Recently resigned from Home Depot, I have previous injuries that preclude me from standing all day on Concrete without horrific pain. Took it until Doctor said "you're done or don't walk in the future". So I resigned, I used to be in management for a couple of retail outlets in same market, this Home Depot is terribly under staffed. Busy day may have 20 or 30 customers in an aisle or area asking for help, every body gone to lunch or helping elsewhere. Couple that with Associates that don't know what they are talking about, like lot attendants helping in plumbing or electrical. If you don't know say so! Numerous times I had customers so made they made threats and demanded to see manager, when manager arrived they would walk away, unwilling to tell their tale. Managers seemed irked if you pointed out a problem or offered a solution. Lots of good employees, untrained, overrun with customers, unable to change for the better. Many of the good employees move on, the pay sucks, the treatment is insincere, and the environment is brutal if you give a damn about your customers. I scheduled by man hours in previous jobs, when a business does a million in sales in one day you might need more than one or two associates per section that know what the hell they are doing, besides hiding while people call for help on deaf ears.

Posted by utdiy78

For customers that are frustrated please try reaching the customer contact center by calling 1-800-home-depot. Most items are returnable for 90 days main exception is major appliances. At times your customer service frustration is extremely understandable but as a company we want to do right for the customer.

Posted by Radyor

Home Depot has a program called Success Sharing, where if the particular store meet/surpass certain sales number goals, they "share" in the profit. The more they surpass the more money the employees at that store get to split. Their customer service is solely numbers driven. Finding Help in HD is often hard because the managers send people home early to increase the stores profitability in success sharing. Customers get idiots that don't know what they're doing because the Garden Department employee is trying to help you in Electrical and Plumbing. If you generally get acknowledged quickly at HD I can almost guarantee it's because the employee left while helping one customer to juggle you in with them.

I was fired from home depot. I sincerely pride myself in customer service. I was told I had a bad attitude and am unwilling to help customers. This was a big hit to my self esteem. I sincerely tried to help people. The floor employees are often buried at least 3-5 customers deep, even if you see that employee alone in an aisle. However this is absolutely NO excuse fro poor customer service. I am only trying to point out what the managers are doing to really screw up the customers day.

Take a second next time you want to report an employee. The customer is right 100% of the time. HD will fire and blacklist that employee Faster than you know what. Filling the store with yet another new body to take a beating till the store has an individual to blame and fire for poor customer service. Use that power not only to get someone fired, but to get the correct person fired. Thanks everyone and a have a good day.

Posted by blaqkwulf

I read a ton of bad comments and opinions about homedepot and to be frank it really ticks me off. First of all I am an associate at store #0383 in Gonzales,La.,I have been here for 4.4yrs.,the first 3 yrs. as Millworks DH,now TRC,my wife "Dianna"is terminal,she has Pleura Mesothelioma,our son "Alfred"is a downs child with a congenital heart defect and is wheelchair bound on oxygen 24/7,I myself suffer from rheumatoid Arthritis and Pancreatitus,we barely get buy with all the health issues we have and as a 1 income family it gets so bad we cant even afford food,gas,cable and must overdraw our checking each payday to live til the next payday,repeat and repeat,through this all my manager "Ryan Poff" and before him "Parker",Mr.Don Harrelford,Robert Butler,Tyieka,Nicky and Mr. Ted,have been gracious and done everything they can from our store to corporate paying for my mother's funeral,without HomeDepot my family would have ended by now just due to stress,when I felt God had abandoned us and spent sleepless nights depressed and in tears,my management and corporate helped when noone else would,not family,friends or state programs,JUST HomeDepot,NO OTHER job I ever had,No company Ive ever heard of would go to such lengths and for that I owe HomeDepot Love,Respect and my family,maybe some dont see what I see but if every damned company in the US would step to the fence for its employees like HomeDepot has our country wouldnt be in the sad "we cant do that itkll cost too much,our bottom line would suffer"world we live in then each one together take responsibility,love their employees,not treat them as disposable assets,then you'd see the country as our parents did,our grandparents,when made in the USA meant something,so save your petty b**ching for someone else,HomeDepot deserves our commitment to them from what I see and our loyalty,I will NEVER say a bad word against them...I CAN'T!,let's spend more time actually seeing home depot as I see it..a "Home"first,a"Depot"second.

Posted by Mirada

I am an enployee At store 0204 In Boca Raton, i don't really like the way some assistant manager are treating employees specially me almost have 2 years working for homedepot i never came late or call off always do my Job I am the best associate they could never had and today i have an issue with another associate i went To Richard my assistant manager talked to him about it and i admitted what i said was wrong Guess who had finale counseling its me not even a first written and the other associates did not get anything i would like coorperate to sit down talk to them because they never Judge one person always has to be two persons, even you Tell Richard something how it was happended He never believe you some of them are so racist specially the front end supervisor Named Linzy how comes she chose an associate who has been working for 2 months for homedepot to be cashier of the month and people who has been doing great job never have that oh yeah i forgot if they are white people black people treats like Garbage at this store 0204.

Posted by HomeDepotJon

Hi, I'm Jon and I lead our social media customer care team at The Home Depot. Our team is here to help. You can contact Stephanie or Sheronda on our team at [email protected] or [email protected]


The Home Depot
2455 Paces Ferry Road
Atlanta, GA 30339

Posted by NQRY

I previously worked for home depot as well. I thought they were a good company. I was blind to really see the truth. management team has bad judgement. they will take care of a customer which will lead to mark downs for the store and lower our values as a company. there is no preofessionalism in this company what so ever. associates are not treated with any respect and get paid barely ninimum wage and to have to put up with nonsense. not worth it. I would never get breaks or lunches on time or breaks in an 8 hour shift. home depot is not a good choice for employer or a place of business

Posted by TinzleyCare

This is Tinzley with Home Depot Customer Care; here to assist with any questions or concerns our customers may have regarding products and services. Please email [email protected]

The Home Depot
2455 Paces Ferry Road
Atlanta GA 30038

Posted by The Home Depot

We definitely want to assist with any issues that you have. It doesn't matter if it's product related or has to do with a specific store. Email us at any of the email addresses below or at [email protected] and we will work to resolve your situation.

Social Media Specialist
The Home Depot
Atlanta, GA 30339

Posted by DepotDan

Thank you for your comments. We are always looking for ways to improve the customer experience and your feedback helps. Please feel free to contact me directly at [email protected] with any concerns you may have regarding your store. We're here to help!

Resolution Expeditor
The Home Depot
Atlanta, GA 30339

[email protected]

Posted by TinzleyCare

This is Tinzley with Home Depot Customer Care; here to assist with any questions or concerns our customers may have regarding products and services. Please email tinzley_care(at)homedepot(dot)com

Posted by Homedepot_Tinzley

This is Tinzley from Home Depot Customer Care. I would like to offer my help to anyone with product and service issues. Please email me at [email protected]

Posted by homedepot_michael

Hi this is Michael from Home Depot Customer Care; I am new to this site and would like to offer my help. Please send an email with details to [email protected]

Customer Care
The Home Depot
Atlanta, GA 30339

Posted by homedepot_michael

Hi this is Michael from Home Depot Customer Care. I am new to this site and would like to offer my help as I am in a position to do so. Please send an email to [email protected] and Ill be glad to assist.

Customer Care
The Home Depot
Atlanta, GA 30339


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