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Hollister customer service is ranked #896 out of the 946 companies that have a CustomerServiceScoreboard.com rating with an overall score of 17.90 out of a possible 200 based upon 27 ratings. This score rates Hollister customer service and customer support as Terrible.


26 Negative Comments out of 27 Total Comments is 96.30%.


1 Positive Comment out of 27 Total Comments is 3.70%.

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    • 17.90 Overall Rating
      (out of 200 possible)
    • 26 negative comments (96.30%)
    • 1 positive comments (3.70%)
    • 0 employee comments
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    • 1.0 Issue Resolution
    • 1.4 Reachability
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    • 1.8 Friendliness
    • 1.4 Product Knowledge

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Posted by RC

I contacted the CSR of Hollister to let them know that there are unauthorized charges made from my credit card from Hollister Ohio. I reported the incident to my local bank and found out that the charge was suspicious because they see also different currency used. My bank is dealing with the issue for me to get my money back and get issued with a new card. I live all the way in Canada, and never purchased anything from Hollister or left the country to use my card for outside transactions. After giving them the information they need to look up the fraud order, they gave me a response that is saying that I should contact my bank to solve the issue and the police if I want an in depth investigation. Nothing in the email is saying that they are going to locate and stop the transaction. I reported this incident to them to protect their customers and their company name, I guess they are ok with people writing negative things about them.

Posted by Anonymous

Hollister Co.has worst customer service. I downloaded store app to order online. My last order was cancelled. I inquired and response was "suspected of reselling merchandise" I emailed to complain and ZERO response. I called customer service x 2 and I have received same generic letter ftom Matthew, Aaron and Shawn (note they work in Rezource and Recovey) and HAVE NO LAST NAME. I have been getting the run around. They send an email accusing someone of something wrong then they need expect you to drop off the planet and let it go.

Posted by Anonymous

Hollister Co.has worst customer service. I downloaded store app to order online. My last order was cancelled. I inquired and response was "suspected of reselling merchandise" I emailed to complain and ZERO response. I called customer service x 2 and I have received same generic letter ftom Matthew, Aaron and Shawn (note they work in Rezource and Recovey) and HAVE NO LAST NAME. I have been getting the run around. They send an email accusing someone of something wrong then they need expect you to drop off the planet and let it go.

Posted by Anonymous

I received my cloths & really like your clothing.There are 3 items that are too small.
I will be sending back a pair of jeans & 2 tops.
Thank You for your fast delivery!

Posted by Adri

Its taking them too long to give my refounds back im kind of upset and think will never shop here again

Posted by shoong

The return process is the worst I have encountered sure you can do it better Hollister.

Why is there a £9 charge, or return it to the store and face the queue? No wonder the store is jam-packed

Almost all UK retailers offer hassle free and postage free return.

Posted by Missy

If I bought an in store purchase and lost the receipt HOWEVER I have the purchase on my club cali account can I return it for the price I paid?

Posted by Santoshi Rai

I bought Sherpa Lined Down Puffer Jacket 4 months ago but it is already damage.I feel so bad about that because I believed in this product.I want to know is there any way to refund it.

Posted by Manday

Im not happy with the stuff I got back in December of last year I paid a high dollAR or the stuff I got just to get it that has holes in it an they tell me there nothing they can do if that how you'll are running things then I want ever shop there an i will let it be well know whAT your doing to ppl an they don't have it what they for your a joke

Posted by B.R

Valley Plaza Bakersfield, California: This Hollister location is absolutely RIDICULOUS! I have never posted a review for any store but after the past month I have been in this store 3 times and all of my experiences has led me to write this review:
1. The store environment makes me physically ill the heat and massive aroma of all the body sprays and cologne with no central air just fans circulating the air around is a definite recipe for a headache or lightheadedness for people who are sensitive to perfumes. I have seen people sweating while waiting in line!
2. The store has 4 registers and the most I have ever seen open is 2 the manager on duty always tells me the other registers are broke (so that means they have been broke for a month now) while I was cashing out after waiting 35minutes in line I was being charge for pants that I never even put on the counter. I had to explain 2 times that the pants are not mine. I had Hollister cash and a coupon that was emailed to me yesterday and I brought them up on my phone and the cashier told me "sorry those have been used before" I live an hour away from Hollister and I don't remember using my coupons or cali cash in the past 19 hours since I received the email. I finally just paid the full price because I waited so long in line and dug through piles of clothes to find my daughters size.
3. This store is a mess. The floor people pay no attention to the customers they just act like they're folding clothes and whenever I ask for a size I'm either looked at like I'm dumb or I'm told "we are out of that size" as if they just know that off the tops of their heads.
4. I am not one to insult younger people for being immature but honestly everyone in this store is under 20 and it is lacking leadership and organization. These two qualities are not easily understood by younger people they need a stable experienced manager to guide them in the right direction and I did not see any manager capable of doing that. I honestly believe the brand "Hollister" is the only reason people put up with this disastrous store. I would bet on this stores sales increasing tremendously if the above was taken into consideration and established but for now to save yourself a headache and increase in blood pressure I would shop on Hollister.com. GOOD LUCK! Valley Plaza Hollister

Posted by Tax

Purchased a pair of Hollister Jeans from an outlet store in Delaware while on vacation. They ripped the first time I wore them. Hollister requires that outlet purchases be returned to outlets only. No mail returns, no returns to mall stores. The closest outlet store to my home is 100+ miles away. Shame on me for not knowing, but I have never purchased a pair of jeans that ripped like these did. So I either eat the price of the jeans or I spend the cost of the jeans in gas to return them. Not a happy customer and will never buy Hollister products again. By the way I was a first time customer.

Posted by Anonymous

I am a person who loves to shop and so I do so often. I shop in stores and online and I must say in all of the 30+ years I have been shopping, Hollister has the WORST customer service support I have ever experienced. To place an order can take you anywhere from 40-60 minutes. I did that and still the order was not received. My billing address and ship to address were the same. Interesting enough, they got the billing address correct but not the ship to so FedEx sent it back to them. I called and after another 45 minutes on the phone, the representative said she would reship it so that I would get it at the same price I originally paid. Yippee! The wonderfull representative puts in for it to be reshipped and of course she submits the reship order without changing the address. Real smart. Her remedy for this was suggesting that I call UPS (I remember it being originally sent by FedEX because thats where the tracking # was from)and ask them to hold it for me. NEVER AGAIN! I asked for a manager and she said she was the only one available. I asked her for the corporate office number and she said she didn't know it. But she would "ESCALATE IT" to them via email. I guess that meant she would forward my concern. Just to make light of the stress and aggravation this caused me, I also want to say that they don't even play any "Elevator Music" while you wait.

Posted by L for R

My experience with Hollister customer service has been a very bad one. On a scale of 1 to 10 my rating is a 1 for very bad. Multiple calls and emails over the course of several months and my coat with a broken zipper has yet to be replaced. I will most probably NEVER buy another product from this company or related companies.

Posted by Jones

I would like to say that I'm a little disappointed with the product because I really enjoy the style but none of my jeans have lasted for a whole year and they have all ripped in the same location in the crotch area and this has happened with me trying several different sizes

Posted by Denise

I ordered 4 items wrong size for my 11 year old wanted to exchange for a size S instead of XS I used $10 off coupons so jus paid shipping for all four items .. as instructed I sent in order as instructed I wrote exchanging for a size S jus to get an email telling me because the item were used with $10 coupon promotion I will not be receiving items or refund since I only paid for shipping according to them I can't speak to a manager and I could only email and still not getting my stuff or money what a waste of $30 on shipping n store can't do nothing about this either THANKS HOLLISTER

Posted by Anonymous

bought a shirt and wanted to return it. I had just been sent a chip in my card and they wouldn't refund my money. They directed me to customer service, gave me the wrong number and email twice. Finally after receiving the right email i get no response. You'd think this was aliexpress or something. How do you not have an in store procedure for this?

Posted by Anonymous

Spent most of my days before Christmas in Hollister. 3 times in store and 2 shipments later to still not have what I ordered. Now the items are not available and I ask for my money back that they won't give me they put on a card. I paid cash. Store manager Ricky was a joke. He has a very dry smart mouth when dealing with you and was no help. I call corporate to be told I have to write in then I get no response from the email. Store is a joke. Over priced items teens want and then they majority of stock is a 0 so teens think that's what they have to be.

Posted by Anonymous

I ordered two items on Dec. 10th 2015. Paid 3 day fee. It's Dec. 2oth and the 1-866-426-1285 number has been no help. Called 4 seperate times and each time the refused to let me speak to a manager and have told me that the issue had been transfered and the proper authorities notified. Since it cannot be tracked further than Charlotte NC on Dec. 13 and disappeared since that point I have twice asked that they reship the order overnight since it is so late. Each time I have been told that "someone" will get back to me within 24 hrs and I have had no further commmunication. TERRIBLE customer service. I feel like you have stolen frome me!

Posted by Taja

Absolutely horrible. I paid for 3-5 day shipping didn't get sent out till 11 days later. Can't get my money back. Can't get my shipping fees back. Can't get a supervisor "they r all trained at supervisor levels" even tho I nicely told her I want someone on the phone above her she refused. Beyond angry and will NEVER spend a dollar with them again. I'll smile when they go under!

Posted by Anonymous

Been waiting for a order purchased on line a week ago. It still hasn't been sent out. Hollister is the worst ever. Called and got a whole bunch of I'm sorry and that everybody going threw the same as me.

Posted by Anonymous

I called my local Hollister store to ask about a back pack i had bought there,cause a strap tore that if i could return it and they said no. I told them I had just purchased it a week ago and had been used for 2days only and they said no. Wont be shopping there no more. I guess their merchandise is defective.

Posted by Anonymous

I Was In The Valley Plaza Last Nit In Bakersfield California Purchasing An Item And I Was Next In Line And Me And My Daughter Were Looking At A Purse In The Isle We Did Not Hear The Salesman Say He Could Help Us But The Lady At The Register Getting Help Told Me He Called For Me And I Said Im Sorry I Didnt Hear You And He Walked Away And Left The Counter Area. When I Walked Up To The Register To Get Help The Girl Behind The Counter Told Me She Was Sorry That He Did That. Im So Upset With Myself That I Let Him Get To Me. I Walked Up To Him And Told Him He Was Rude And He Should Not Be In Customer Service, He Told Me To Fill Out A Complaint Card. I Walked Away And He Followed Me Saying In An Antagonistic Way Do You Still Want That Complaint Card, I Really Felt Threatened. I Do Not Know His Name But I Hope Someone Will Contact That Store.

Posted by Anonymous

My son purchased a pair of shorts two days ago in Grand Rapids, MI, and when he came home, he realized that he should have gotten a bigger size. He left his receipt in his friend's car, and his friend was out of town today. We had several errands to run this afternoon, and on the way we stopped by at Hollister at the University Park Mall, Mishawaka, IN, to exchange the pants to a bigger size. He never wore them to anywhere and he had the original tags. He worried about not having the receipt, but I assured him that stores usually issue a store credit for items returned without a receipt. When we explained the situation, the store clerks refused to let him exchange to a bigger size. They said that the return policy mandates that the original receipt should be accompanied.

I pleaded with them and said that we leave out of state and it was not easy to come to Hollister because there is no store near where we live. They said that he has to have the original tags AND the receipt to exchange. I was very frustrated that they would not let him exchange although he had the original tags. Other stores where we shop have much more kind, customer-friendly return policy. When I came home, I checked the website to see what the written policy was, and it does state that a store credit will be issued for items returned without a receipt.

I feel mistreated and I am quite upset.

Posted by Anonymous

The store in Virginia beach,Virginia acuused me of shoplifting.
Then when proven wrong kicked me out of the store for going off on her!!!! What did she expect it was very humiliating
If the store manager would have been in front of the store and not in the back playing on her phone when i walked in and greeted me like the regular employee did then she would have been ware that the alarm sounded when i came in.
she was not aware of her store surroundings propporlly trained and had more experience and listened to what the other employee and I was telling her i would not b posting this now!!!
hire better experienced managers NOT YOUNG KIDS!

Posted by [email protected]

called Hollister store in valley view mall in roanoke va today sept27.2013 at 10:03 was put on hold so Kelly could open store.at 10:15 hung up called back again told me to wait a few more minutes at 10:20am called back was opened.tell me why mgr.or whoever was not there to open before 10:00 am to get store ready for customers.This was uncalled for.

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Posted by Maryleialoha

Went to your Ala Moana Hollister store on 3-20-15 at 5pm. It was super busy so we had to wait for a dressing room for quite sometime. Your sales associate, Sarah, was so genuinely sweet and made us feel welcomed that she made the wait enjoyable. I could tell the customers in the other dressing rooms also liked her. At first I thought they were her friends, then I realized she was helping them and they trusted her opinion because she had some of the outfits they were trying on and she shared the high points on why she liked it. One of the girls bought a shorts that Sarah had because she said that she wore them a lot.

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