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Holiday Inn customer service is ranked #289 out of the 946 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 40.01 out of a possible 200 based upon 444 ratings. This score rates Holiday Inn customer service and customer support as Disappointing.


396 Negative Comments out of 444 Total Comments is 89.19%.


48 Positive Comments out of 444 Total Comments is 10.81%.

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    • 40.01 Overall Rating
      (out of 200 possible)
    • 396 negative comments (89.19%)
    • 48 positive comments (10.81%)
    • 12 employee comments
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Posted by Anonymous

Holiday inn express on 2 notch road is very prejudice and refused to offer a barbershop owner a room for the night cause he is an afro american. The rep at front desk Patrick stated holiday inn doesnt take cash so guest offered his debit card to pay for room. Patrick then proceeded to tell guest that he made an executive decision not to take his money. All because he is an afro american man. This video has surfaced throughout facebook n other webs. Patrick should b fired and this man should b offered a room for free. Who wants to be turned away because the color of the skin. Make me think twice about booking a room with HI express.

Posted by Anonymous

I am upset because I booked a hotel in Tampa for 2 nights from april 14-16,I booked to stay at the holiday inn express 8310 Galbraith Rd,Tampa and somehow hotels .com switched me to 2807 E Busch Blvd,an area we had purposely avoided.I paid the rate for the better area but got the rougher area we did not want.Since confirmation for holiday inn came immediately I did not check the address as I can�¢ï¿½ï¿½t imagine anyone would do such a thing as bait and switch!I only realized the error when we were approaching tampa and I looked for the address to input into my gps.This is very unfair practice and I am very unhappy.I wanted a certain ambience for my kids to walk around outside and not be in such an urban setting.I am informing you so this does not happen to someone else.I will be informing American express about this too.Is this normal business practice for holiday inn and hotels .com?My email is and I would like someone tocontact me about this

Posted by Anonymous

I stay at holiday in express in Fort Worth Texas, the one on Lancaster, very often due to a critically ill grandson who has frequent hospital stays. We�ve always had great customer service until today. To start, the lady at the front desk was rude. When we got to our room it wasn�t ready, the housekeeper was in the room CLEANING. We went downstairs to tell the rude employee and she said, �it�s fine she�s just touching up.� Come on!!! We�ve booked 4 rooms for a surgery my grandson is having, a little kindness and understanding goes a long way!! One bad experience overshadows all the good experiences and one bad employee definitely overshadows the good ones. FYI, let us know prior to dragging all of our luggage up to our room that it�s �being touched up.�

Posted by Clara

Hello I was at your Holiday Inn Express in Vernor Texas on March 16 2018 when I arrived there your hotel was under construction and I was unable to get out of my contract I was told that I was going to be charged if I stay or go Expedia said they would have to honor whatever Holiday Inn said which I don't think was right since they were under construction and nothing really wasn't working I ask could I just pay half Holiday Inn Express said it was up to Expedia and Expedia said it was up to Holiday Inn they kept going back and forth so now I am an unsatisfied customer

Posted by Pricelinescam

I was booking a room in Sault Canada online, the website appeared to be a holiday inn website, I inadvertently booked in Sault Michigan and called to cancel same day. They still charged me on my visa. I stayed at a holiday inn in Sault Canada and they told me it happens every day. The website turned out to be priceline hotels (scammers) when I called them today they advised it was some other company they sold it too. I feel Holiday Inn should not deal with third party scammers as it reflects poorly on the Holiday Inn. I can assure you I will never stat at Holiday Inn again. Holiday Inn allows these companies to advertise like they are official sites. The best hotel chains dont deal with the priceline scams.

Posted by Lojo

Re: HI Express in Eldorado Hills,CA. They have remodeled & it's HORRIBLE. I have been here many times before & this will be my last. Gone are the beautiful cozy rooms, replaced with cheap IKEA like furniture and not even a chair in the room to sit on; much noisier too with the tile entry & thin cheap carpet. Lobby design is just as bad & the color scheme is terrible. Extremely disappointed & will not be back.

Posted by Anonymous

We have been trying to contact Customer Service. When we booked reservations today, we were told all 52,000+ points we have had been taken off our account. We were told that we received notice in the mail in August that because we had not used them recently, they were no longer available. We DID NOT receive any notice in the mail. We have been using Holiday Inn for many years and this is unbelievable that they can just erase your honor points. We will not be using Holiday Inn or any of their other hotels ever again. I believe after 50+ years of using Holiday Inn -- we could at least be given a reasonable explanation. This is totally UNACCEPTABLE!

Posted by Anonymous

Yes this comment is for the Holiday Inn in Greenville North Carolina they were very rude and unprofessional will not return calls this was concerning my wedding that was supposed to take place ten 28th 2017 and there was poor communication I am not satisfied at all

Posted by Laura

Reservations were made for an accessible room. Had also requested a suite. Upon arrival was told there would be a fee to upgrade to a suite. I again advised that I was disabled and required an accessible room. Was assured it was.

No offer of assistance with baggage. Arrived at room with mobility scooter and luggage. Astonished to be met with a 6" step up into the room. Yet another 6" step up into the shower.

Called front desk to advise there was a mistake as the room was not accessible. Solution? 2 men arrived with a metal ramp. I was told that it was prohibited to remain in place. That it was "light" (it took two men to bring it to the room) and was instructed that I could pick it up and move it each time. (Ummmmm.....there is a reason I rely on a scooter and wheelchair). Standing, bending and lifting is not an option. And....what about the shower? No solution.

Suite reeked of urine. Carpet, walls and floor in bath were covered in the sweet reeking smell if urine. Seems the prior occupants hit everything but the commode. Inquired at front desk. No help whatsoever. I then requested cleaning products and air freshener. Staff advised that the hotel had none.

It also took 4 Holiday Inn staff to remove the dirty shorts and underwear left behind by prior occupants. The two male staff that brought the ramp stated wasn't their job while one that went into the furnace closet claimed he was tightening 3 screws on the unit.

The next staff walked in and I asked was she there to remove the shorts and underwear. She said, no, was there to clean the window. Next staff walked in, seemed surprised I would request shorts and underwear be removed and she did, but not before she pulled out the refrigerator and looked behind it searching for something.

All staff entering room behaved oddly as if they were searching for something.

My grandchildren lifted my scooter back out of the room so I could make a trip to the store where I purchased Lysol, Febreeze, spray air freshener and solid air fresheners.

I give this facility a 1 (scale of 1 poor to 10 good) on cleanliness, quality and service.

The cost at $300 per night to stay at this hotel would make one believe we were getting a 4 star hotel. In reality, it compared to a rent by the hour, seedy, roadside motel.

Dated, dirty furnishings, dented refrigerator etc.

Never again will I stay at a Holiday Inn.

Posted by Anonymous

I called the Holiday Inn in Roswell NM. Someone answered the phone didn't say nothing and put me on hold. I called back the person did it again. I called again finally reached a female by the name of Jeanette I think. I asked her why she did that to me and she said she just put me on hold. The frustration is that she didn't even tell me to please hold. I finally called back this morning reserved a room for my nephews graduation I believe people like that shouldn't be working at a customer oriented establishment, especially dealing with people. I want something done for this lack of customer service I was given I was treated poorly and unfairly.

Posted by Anonymous

Extremely poor service at your Ventura Marina (California) location - no room available till after 3 pm.

No conveniente restroom near th lobby. No coffee available in the lobby.

Craig Dahl

Posted by Horrible Stay

I couldn't have had a worse experience at a Holiday Inn than the one I had at the Holiday Inn on Government St in Mobile Alabama this past weekend. We booked 2 rooms one a regular king size bed room for my wife and I and got a handicap room with no bathroom counter, that went over like bricks in water for my wife and a regular 2 queen size for my daughter and family. The tv wouldn't turn up hardly past a whisper 2nd strike, limited service to boot, paid for breakfast on line before we even got there as a rewards customer, didn't care for that either. Went to eat and they tried to charge me for it again. I had to go the the front desk to get tickets for meals. They also said I didn't pay for the meals for the second room but I know I did. I decided to pay for mine and let my daughter have my tickets because my wife refused to eat there with all that was going on. We ate and they gave me a bill for 74.00, still charge me as if I hadn't paid in advance, had to get that fixed and they still charged me 28.00 for my buffet breakfast and a cup of cold coffee that was supposed to be 10.00 go figure. Then I got stuck in the elevator for some 5 to 10 minutes only got out when I decided to try to go back up to get doors to open. this was reported to front desk also. So to sum this up paying to park where I paid to stay, over paying for a meal that should have been free, stuck in an elevator, handicap room instead of a regular room, no luggage rack to load or unload room available, well if you don't get the gest of this something is very wrong. To pay the kind of money you want for a room I expected better. We even got snacks down stairs no machine and your own employee says well it's time to over charge you again, pretty much sums it up. To top it off My other daughter got a room for here family and the toilet over flowed and wet the carpet while they were at the event we were there to attend and they didn't even bother to change there room out they ended up staying in a room with a wet carpet. According to your front desk there was no manager on duty to authorize a change of room, par for the course I guess. 3 rooms a bunch of unhappy people and we are scheduled to come back in April guess where we won't be staying and we will need 4 or 5 rooms for this visit for the family that is coming in from California, Florida, Alabama, Louisiana to see our granddaughter compete for Alabama Regional Gymnastic's title.

Posted by Anonymous

I made a reservation at your hotel in Memphis,TN for 3pm on line after no early check-in, I still had to wait an extra 45 minutes for the room. The clerks were VERY RUDE about it!! If the on-line time is 3pm,the hotel should ensure a 3pm check-in.

Posted by Anonymous

On March 1st I called and booked a room for my wife and my self seeing it was her birthday surprise. I was very specific about the room I wanted which was a jacuzzi for us to sit and relax in and something romantic. We got to our room in Grove city Columbus Ohio at 11:00 pm. We went up to our room and I almost passed out looking at what was called a jacuzzi suite! This tub, I couldn't even fit in let alone me and my wife! We traveled 40 min to get to this place, we paid 209$$!!!! Not only was this room nothing more than a regular room with a bath tub with jets, it was also seriously dirty with a pubic hair in the tubeð¡. I went down stairs and requested a refund which the manager gave me. This room was AWEFUL!!!!!! I have to tell you it will be a long day before I try another holiday inn.

Posted by Anonymous

I Am A Platinum Elite Member And This Is By Far The Worst Holiday Inn I Have Ever Stayed In. Little Rock Arkansas. They Did Not Tell Me When I Checked In That There Was No Laundry Available, Tuesday Night There Was No Hot Water I Had To Call And Then Wait 30 Plus Minutes, One Elevator When I Tried To Get To My Room Thursday And Im Staying On The 8th Floor, For Three Days They Have Not Replaced The Keurig Coffee That I Used And Items In The Bathroom, When I Finally Get To My Room Today Batteries Were Stolen From An Open Package I Left Sit On My Desk. This Is Unexcusable Behavior. Your Response To These Issues Will Determind Whether I Ever Choose A Holiday Inn Express Ever Again. Im Staying In Room 822 I Need To Know Who Cleaned My Room For The Last Three Days, They Deserve To Be Fired I Am Done With This Hotel Chain Forever I Spend Thousands Of Dollars A Year Over The Last 3 Plus Years Unbelievable How That Can Be Ruined In 1 Stay With Multiple Customer Service Issues Theft Being The By Far The Worst Check It And See Rewards Club Number

Posted by Anonymous

I didnt want to place this where everyone could see it, but due to the lack of email address here we are
...Our travel team stays at your hotel once a month. Our last visit was jan 10th. On the 11th i was the only one to eat the hotel breakfast cheese omelette and gravy. I was the only one to come down with a violent food poisoning. Just letting you know so the problem can be fixed. Still not sure we are coming back. I lost 2 days of work due to it.

Posted by Anonymous

Holiday Inn Richmond, Ky assigned our FIVE night reservation to a PET ROOM/FLOOR WITHOUT our requesting a pet room. My husband is a heart patient with severe pet allergies and we were basically told that's too bad that is all we have. Our reservation was made over a month in advance and we never knew that any hotel would DEFAULT to assigning a customer to a pet area WITHOUT. A pet request. We were left to try to find another hotel and there were none available except a terribly rundown old comfort Inn. We do many road trips due to our health issues, but I will make sure that Holiday Inn IS NOT lodging that I will reserve. A CUSTOMER SHOULD NEVER EVER BE FORCED TO STAY WHERE ANIMALS HAVE BEEN UNLESS THEY CHOOSE TO. THIS COULD HAVE BEEN A SERIOUS MISTAKE FOR MY HUSBAND! Shame on Holiday Inn for ruining our Kentuck vacation!

Posted by Terry

I would like to speak to someone about my experience with The Holiday Inn express in Midwest city Oklahoma. I had a expensive curlYing iron stolen from our bags when we went to breakfast. We we returned from breakfast our stuff was strung out of our bags. You can contact me I talked to the Manger and said there was nothing she could do. Thank you.

Posted by Anonymous

I stayed in Holiday Inn in northlake/tucker area on 12/31/16 and the room 414 was infested by bed bugs.Although the clerk on duty handled the situation very professionally and refunded my money,im still appalled that they are continuing to book the room out. I went to the reviews and holy grail another complaint for the same room and same problem. Those issues need to be taking seriously. No one wants to take bed bugs home or even biten by those nasty little things period. That room need to be condemned asap

Posted by David

I booked a stay at the Holiday Inn Express in Lenoir City, TN. The booking and the payment was handled by In the last 7 days, I have been billed by Holiday Inn 7 times (including the "incidentals fee". 3 of the 7 bills have gone from pending to posted on my credit card. The hotel manager(s) in Lenoir City, TN claimed to have "handled" the problem, but it won't go away. Out of control with no resolution and credit cards fees and phone calls are adding up.

Posted by Anonymous

The Holiday Inn in kingwood tx should be closed my car was broken into with 4 other ones and I get a called from the general manager saying I am not responsible

Posted by Anonymous

I called this morning to inquire about a cancellation policy, I spoke with an individual by the name of Roberto I believe from the Orlando location. As soon as i was transferred to him he was short, rude and unhelpful. After I finally got my issue resolved, after 15 minutes, i asked to speak to his direct supervisor. He refused me and said he would not transfer me to his supervisor to complain. After arguing with him he finally said he would transfer me to his supervisor and transferred me to another colleague instead of the management department. This individual should be fired and I am still waiting on them to call me back regarding my complaint. Hands down worst customer service experience I've ever had.

Posted by Anonymous

I stayed at the Holiday Inn in Rolling Meadows this past weekend it was roach infested. I told the front desk and they said it was nothing that they could do so when i said i would call the corporate office they said they would give me a free breakfast. This is unacceptable. When i got home i had to leave my bags in the garage because i was scared they got in my bags and did wont the to get in my house.I had a very bad experience staying there. I would like to talk to someone about this experience my kids did not want to go to sleep because of the roaches what was supposed to be a fun weekend turned out to be a bad one. My name is Flynn Jefferson i can be reached

Posted by Anonymous

The Hoilday inn express in Lawrenceburg In.
To whom might be concerned I am a platinum member as I have been for along time. I've stayed in holiday inn for 22 years I am well accustomed to what a holiday inn is like. When it's time to use my reward points I still expect a holiday inn when I check in and not a dirty run down hotel comparable to a bad super 8. This was the experience that I had last night the sheets the pillow cases nothing at all like a holiday inn. Very disappointed and likely to stay that way

Posted by Anonymous

I am sick and tired of hearing that you must let people with service dogs stay and now even "comfort" dogs when you can buy that certificate on line for $49. A few lawsuits may change that. I guess you don't mind if I bring my "comfort" sheep or "comfort" rattlesnake. Or surely you can't discriminate against my monkey virus infected monkey. My girl and I carry an epi-pin since we are allergic and could die, but let's not upset those dogs.

Add your review!

Posted by Dave

We had a group of 19 stay at your Holiday Inn in Dubuque,450 main street, Iowa. I would like to commnend, compliment and thank the people at that Holiday Inn. Priscella handled our reservations and did an excellent job communicating with us. Lee and Emily at the front desk when we checked in were very nice, friendly and helpful. We stayed January 13-14th.

Again, thanks for the great work and we all plan to stay at Holiday Inns in the future!

Posted by Anonymous

I'd to praise the desk person at HIE in Gas City IN 46933, Charlotte. She is friendly, service minded, calm. I witnessed her handling a needed person making a reservation on the phone, a person spilled soda near the elevator, a young boy needing help, me my candy didn't drop down from vending machine. She dealt calmly with phone, noted to our situations she was aware of them. Managed all with a smile and made each of us feel important. Nice job Charlotte!

Posted by happy customer

I'm staying at the holiday Inn express in hot springs ar it is 01/16/16 at 11:38pm and I want every manager of this company to know what an amazing job there associate has done he needs to be recognized!!!!! I'm unsure of his name but I've never seen an associate for an company be so kind and caring he has made my stay here very welcoming and I feel he has went above and beyond in customer service for us. Please appricate your associate as he is setting the standard for excellent service to the customer.

Posted by Scott Cupp

I sent this email today to Shannon Frizzle, GM of the Brownwood Texas Holiday Inn Express. In wanted to share it with anyone who would care.

Ms. Frizzle -

I have been a Priority Club member for more than 30 years and have rarely ever written to a hotel. However, I would like to recommend the service I received from your front desk manager, Ms. Kelly Hickey. When I checked in Friday afternoon, following the unexpected cancellation of another hotel reservation, she helped me get a room. When I asked about staying a second night she said the hotel was completely booked but that she would look for another cancellation.

Saturday morning I went ahead and checked out figuring that I would do the things I needed to do and then return home to San Antonio. I was not really looking forward to this as it would be a long day prior to the drive and extremely long with the trip. My belongings would be secured in my car and subjected extreme heat as the temperature was [projected top be over 90 degrees. As I was loading my car she came and told me that she was able to extend my stay. She had been working the morning breakfast which was very hectic (to say the least) and had not had a chance to let me know. We stayed that second night thanks to her efforts and I was able to keep my possessions cool during the day which I would not have done if I had checked out and then traveled home. I was also able to enjoy more time with my friends at our event, get some rest and then return home safely today.

I know you hear when one of your staff makes an error so I wanted to publicly thank her and you for the efforts that were made.

Next year when I return to the area I will be staying at your hotel rather than anywhere else because of her efforts.

I shall also be writing to customer service for the Holiday Inn chain with the same comments. She is a credit to your organization.

Thank you all,

Scott Cupp

Posted by Anonymous

We Enjoyed Our Stay At The Holiday Inn Presidential In Little Rock, Ar. Our Valentine Getaway Almost Wasn't Because Of Online Booking Problems, But Guest Service Manager Aaron Waddell Straighten Everything Out In A Timely Manner. He Was Very Thoughtful And Apologized For The Inconveince That Was Not Their Fault. We Also Met The Owner, Larry, Who Was Just As Helpful And Also Honored Our Online Rate. The Next Morning Having Forgotten Our Breakfast Coupon In All The Confusion, Angela, At The Front Desk, took Care Of It So That We Could End Our Date With Some More Of The "camp David" Resturant Delicious Food And Great Service. We Will For Sure Stay Here Again.our Room Was Very Clean. The Bed Slept So Good. Loved The Hot Water Pressure. Only Wished Bathroom Was Bigger.

Posted by Katiemarie1016

To whom it may concern,

I am writing to you in regards to our stay at the Holiday Inn, in Battle Creek Michigan. Mike Criswell (GM) and Jody J. (front desk) welcomed us with open arms like we were family. Our suite was amazing, service was wonderful and our 3 kids enjoyed the pool along with the arcade room! Every time we went into the lobby, Mike and Jody knew who we were and made sure everything was going wonderful! Now thats customer service at its finest!! Your two employees made it an enjoyable stay and I just want to make sure they are both recognized for there tremendous work.

Katie Stevens

Posted by Anonymous

On December 30th 2014 my husband and myself along with my dog were driving home to new jersey after a Christmas visit with our kids. We had to pull over in Richmond, VA. because of exhaustion and rain We stopped at the Richmond South-Bells Road Holiday Inn. My husband checked us in and we went to our room, at that point we realized a mistake had happened and we would have to leave. When we got downstairs my husband went to get the car and I spoke with the GUARDIAN ANGEL of Holiday Inn. His name is Prince Clement, the operations manager. He asked what happened and he immediately thought of some solutions to our problem. He was thoughtful, kind, helpful and had a great sense on humor to boot. He was able to fix our issue and we were able to take our exhausted selves back to a room for a much needed hot shower and soft bed. I am humbled and grateful by the kindness he showed us. I am a strong believer in finding the silver lining in everything in my life, but he exceeded any silver linings I could have come up with. Customer service is such a worn out statement that is thrown around and abused by so many companies and employees these days, it is so refreshing to have met Mr. Clement and know that customer service is alive and well at the Holiday Inn at Richmond South. Please be sure and recognize Mr. Clement for a job well done. Thank you

Posted by `

I am writing to call attention to the wonderful staff @ the Holiday Inn in Warren, Pa. My husband and I recently relocated to the area and were actually living in the hotel until we could find proper housing. I cannot say enough about, not only the professionalism of the whole staff, but also their willingness and heart to go over and above to make our stay as though we were in our own home already. The housekeeping staff were wonderful and and always kept our best interests at heart. The restaurant staff, the front desk, the managers...I can't say thankyou enough to all of them. It's one thing to be operating with a 'business' mentality, but they exceeded in making us feel like family. And when you have made life changes as we did in job changes and relocating cross country, the hospitality shown us is by far more important than just being a business. They made our transition pleasant and we look forward to our new home here in Warren. Thank you, all of you, the whole staff at the Warren, Holiday Inn. Always remember, one cannot give to others without it coming back to them in leaps and bounds!!! :o)

Posted by Anonymous

Retired military (Navy - Master Chief) here who used to be able to make reservation for your facility in Lake Geneva, WI through the Armed Forces Vacation Club (AFVC). Why has your organization stopped affiliating with the AFVC? This was a tremendous benefit for both active duty and retired military personnel!

Posted by Anonymous

Walked into the Holiday Inn Express located in Marathon, Florida Keys. Stayed four days and ended up staying one more. It was FANTASTIC!
Great restaurant, prepared our fresh catch of fish (shout-out to Capt. Reese and Mike) at no charge, only paid for sides and drinks.
Beautiful gift shop and charter boats were available on site.
No need to go anywhere else.
A great example of people working together.

Posted by [email protected]

On Oct 21, 2013 we were guests atr the HI National Airport. Grazia Satalino greeted us. There was a mix up about our reservation (not at this HI).
Grazia was very diligent about making sure we didn't have to pay for the room where the reservation indicated. She got us a room at HI National Airport.
You are fortunate to have Grazia for an employee.
Should we be in the area again, we will stay there.

Posted by cherrylo

I would like to say i stayed at your property located in Ocean City, Md and the customer service there was excellent the Manager on duty (Michelle) was so patience and caring, we had a long drive & just wanted to rest however after getting such great hospitality from Michelle we (party of 4/ 2rooms) ended up staying 2, i enjoyed my stay the rooms were cozy nice and clean with a wonderful view of the ocean, cant wait to go back and stay there again

Posted by AnnapolisJoe26

This note is to advise you of the excellent experience I had with the General Manager of the Holiday Inn in Roissy France.
My wife and I checked into the Holiday Inn in Roissy France on 17 Sept 2013 and checked out and returned to the USA on 18 Sept. When we checked in we advised the General Manager Ms. Berengere Niemann that we had lost some luggage on the train. Ms. Niemann took over our problem in locating the luggage and arranging for the return of our luggage to us in the USA. All of the actions were accomplished by her after we had checked out and returned to the USA.
When we first talked to her she assured us that she would continue to work to have our luggage returned to us which happened today Oct 1 2013. She emailed us several times along the way to keep us appraised of her progress. I have never experienced this level of customer service in any dealings I have ever had.
Ms. Niemann is a credit to the Holiday Inn establishment and deserving of some kind of recognition for her efforts.
I thank the Holiday Inn for the level of training in customer service you must provide your General Managers and I sincerely thank Ms. Niemann for what she did for us.
Joe Sampugnaro

Posted by Gayle

I just returned from a one night stay at Holiday Inn in Pensacola Fl. I can not brag on the workers enough.Very clean, food was fantastic!!Very convenient to the West Florida Hospital. I will always schedule our future stays at this Holiday Inn.

Posted by [email protected]

Regarding the Holiday Inn Express Cincinnati West...

We could not have asked for better service, friendly employees and a wonderful 12 day stay beginning on 7/23. This was our 3rd time in 2 months staying there as we have moved my father to Assisted Living and are dealing with his move, closing his home, etc. It was a difficult time for my family but we were delighted with our stay and will continue to stay there many times a year when we visit my dad.

The Front Desk (Sarah, Tamika, etc) were so kind as well as the entire staff including Donna at the Breakfast Bar, Mary in Housekeeping, etc!!! They knew our situation and could not have been more accommodating. Our room was perfect and most comfortable.

Kudos to the Holiday Inn Express Cincinnati West!!!!

L. Stewart Barr

Posted by Anonymous

We stayed at the Holiday Inn Express in Fremont, IN on July 23, 2013. The staff on-duty was very helpful. Provide us with locations to have dinner. The breakfast bar was very good. Thanks

Posted by Stephen

The Holiday Inn @ Lansdale did a PHENOMENAL job with my wedding! John and the rest of the crew took care of us 110%. We were extremely satisfied and they exceeded all our expectations! They went above and beyond to keep us happy. Thanks to them so much!! We would recommend this hotel for a wedding to anybody!

Posted by joan

Hello, We stayed at a Holiday inn/express in Alabama on May 17,2013. The problem is, I feel that we were over charged for one night stay. We were charged $150.00 for one night 2 people one king size bed. There was a storm coming and we were in a hurry to get a room, so we stopped at holiday inn. We were not even given a receipt! The room was on the 1st. fl. It was very noisy, doors slamming all night long. I was awaken at 3 am by doors slamming. It was not a very good experience. Thank you Joan.

Posted by Anonymous

Amanda Ordos is a great employee. She understands customer service and is very polite.

Dr. Jay W. Gould III

Posted by FOOTBALL

visit the holiday inn in duncan, family and i had breakfast and everything was great.the preparer was very very friendly not only was she friendly but she was helpful we appreciated her service and the food was excellent.

Posted by Anonymous

The holiday inn at 102 st. in south Tulsa is a great place to stay. We were here for 2 months,and we felt at home. Everyone was great but there is one lady that works the desk that is fantastic, I heard a rumor that she is being let go and I wanted to let you know your stupid to let her go. Do you even care she is great at her job, it is almost Christmas and she has KIDS!!!!!!!!!!! Please rethink you decision

Posted by Thank You

My colleage was supposed to stay at the Holiday Inn Express in Sandford, NC this weekend. I sent him packages to the hotel, but his event was canceled. I called the hotel and the two ladies working on 9/25/12 in the afternoon went above and beyond helpful and assisted me in retreiveing those packages. They were sweet, kind and considerate and should be role models to those who struggle with Customer Service abilities. Thank you ladies at the Holiday Inn Express in Sanford, NC.

Posted by Tom

I have stayed a 2 holiday ins the past few months and both of them were very good. One holiday in in College Park MD and the other Old town Alexandria VA. Staff was very good at both of them

Posted by Alex

Holiday Inn Express, Nuneaton.
My family, a friend and I have just spent three fantastic nights at this branch of Holiday Inn fact, we stayed an extra night as we felt so welcome and refreshed.
All the staff were fantastic but two people stood out. The first was a lovely Scottish lady who was in charge of the breakfasts...she welcomed us and helped with the six children we had in tow...nothing was too much trouble. The next person as an absolute star! His name is Graham (apologies for not knowing his surmname) and he made our trip really fact, the children bought him and the Scottish lady a box of chocolates to say thank you. Extra towels and pillows appeared via Graham, without being asked for, advice on where to go, how to get there, as well as information on the best deals around was volunteered. His warm smile and ability to know what was needed before we asked for it was uncanny. I highly reccommed this hotel and will be staying there again on our next trip to the Midlands. Thank you everyone!

Posted by R. Pepkowitz-Gilstrop

We want to pay a huge compliment to the staff of the Holiday Inn Express on Gay Street, Baltimore, MD where we stayed from Friday 8/17/-8/19/2012. Letitia, Ro, James and Erica were all extremely helpful to us during our stay over the Sabbath when we do not use electricity. People were respectful of our needs, quick to help in any way possible and sincerely seemed to enjoy our improptue Saturday lunch held in the lobby with friends from the synagogue who had come to admire our hotel accomodations. The staff of this Holiday Inn Express had better understanding of our special needs than we have had at far more expensive 4 and 5 star hotels in the past!

The creative renovation of the old bank is a wonderful example of repurposing historic buildings instead of demolishing them! The lobby furnishings should be a bit more elegant and "weighty" to compliment the grandeur of the fine Corinthian columns, gilt carvings and soaring ceilings. But our fully accessible room, equipped with one king AND one double bed was spacious, sophisticated and delightfully clean and comfortable.

I was delighted to see that the breakfast foods were carefully temperature controlled serving hot foods hot and cold foods cold...a must for quality control!(I am in the food service business myself) and my husband got a huge kick out of using the automatic pancake maker at breakfast!!! And on Sunday mornings it is a rare treat to walk right across the street to enjoy the delicious hustle and bustle of Baltimore's Open Air Farmer's and Prepared Foods Market. And with a fridge and microwave in every room, you can actually buy food at the market and enjoy a home-cooked meal in your room or the lobby.

The free shuttle service to downtown and Inner Harbor East is extremely convenient, and will serve as yet another selling point as we spread the word about this downtown Baltimore best-kept secret hotel!

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Posted by FixIt

Robert from the Sherman location is withholding my paycheck. He claims I shouldn't get paid for the hours I worked because I quit my job. Will make this a legal matter.

Posted by Anonymous

Sherwood park alberta is in need of new supervisors they dont train or do anything to help with matters when they arise they just blame the person for being honest . As far as i m concerned having black supervisors, dont seem to know anything about treating employees fair they hired black house keepers and they get more hours then the rest of thier housekeepers which is not fair, they are rude they have nasty mouths . Seems like management dont care so im concerned how they can just do whatever

Posted by Anonymous

Holiday inn express, nice place but in need of better supervisors, and management . They are not fair to the employees as hoise keepers, the supervisors dont really train anyone, and they give more hours to there own kind which is black . The manager dont care, here we all work full time but not treated fair .

Posted by Anonymous

I worked here for a week and was treated like crap. I was not happy with the way they trained. I even had experience in hotels before and I was very confused. I asked for help and the manager would complain the whole time. I have never hated a job so much before.

Posted by Anonymous

To whom it may concern....I am an ex employee. I worked at the Holiday inn express in Waco Texas...I was let go because me and a server named Angelina got into a heat argument over the control of the kitchen. I was told my my boss Rashmi Pastel that I control that goes in there and that no was allow behind the line but Angling took it upon herself to cross that line and when I said something about it she got mad called me a child and said that I was immature and childish. I got very upset and got ready to walk out when I realize I left my chef knife on the cutting board I went to go get it she follow me into the pastry and started a fight she try to jump me. I backed back and wed tryigto put my knives up then she changed at me while I still had them in my hands. Another cook got better US to stop the fight after that I left. The next day without wanting the boss and the .HR woman brought me imthe office to explain what happen...without any verbal, written or suspense I was fired and yet Angling is still there with just a slap on the wrist..she went cryng to him claiming I was ttrying to kill her with was not true. She still there he has done nothing about not even run the tape back to see what she he just took her word for it. I feel like I was created unfair and very wronged he had no feeling for his employees non do he cares. I want apologize forwhat he done. In writing. Softer what happen I fill never ever work in another hotel again and what I seem I this one I will never stay in one. I believe you need to check in on the doing of this hotel because I feel that Rashmi Pastel is ruining the images of this beautiful hotel him and her wife Mamta. Please!!!!!! Thank you

Posted by Lanna

Hi my name is Lanna Ivey and i live in Muldrow oklahoma. I have a Problem with Holiday inn in Poteau oklahome.
Im a mom of seven kids. I was looking for work to help my family.And it was christmas time.
I was hired at Holiday inn in Poteau oklahoma.
on the 14 day of December.
I got to work for three days.
They did not know who i was because they never ID me.
On the third day i got to work i was told to come to the office to do paperwork and that i would need my ID. As soon as i got done with the paper work i was told i was being let go because i was just needed for the inspection.When i was working i learned we was not allowed to take a break not at all not even a bathroom break.And if you took a bathroom break you would be fired. But the head housekeeper was allowed to sit in the break room and eat and talk on her cellphone.
while i was being trained the first two days went ok But on the last day i worked i was put with the Mexican Housekeepers and they got mad at me because i did not know what they was saying. so i ask to be moved.See here is the thing i did not need Training I have worked at Holiday inn be for in Muskogee oklahoma. And can say i was not treated like this. And i also worked at LaQuinta inn and Fairfield inn and Baymont inn and not one time was i ever told i could not go to the bathroom.
And we alwas got a 30 minute break.And that was for everyone not just one person.
And them not IDing me thats Dangerous. i could of been anyone.And they put me in peoples rooms around their personal stuff and ther kids.I'm not going to stop until something is done.Because this is not right.And ther is stell people haveing to work there.On my pay Holiday inn is refusing to pay me. If i can not get something done by comeing to you then i'm going to the press. Thank you for your time.
Lanna Ivey

Posted by Anonymous

Worse job I have ever had. Holiday Inn will not accept complaints about abusive treatment of employees by franchises.
I was an exemplary employee, always on time, never missed a day, worked 7 days a week when asked, came in when called be cause a scheduled employee didn't show up.
I was fired with no warning written or otherwise for refusing to give out my personal information to a guest.
The franchise management are most ungrateful and unfair people I have ever worked for. The fact that Holiday Inn doesn't care is intolerable.

Posted by anonimus

I am a new employee for the Holiday Inn firt time working with then recently August 10,2012 and Iam alredy thinking quiting. Because they abuse the employees this expierence with this hotel is been horrible they make the housekeeping personal clean 24 to 30 rooms per day that is a abuse. holiday Inn need to stop abusing there employees. The salary is ?.

Posted by Rello

I am currently employees at the holiday in located in Charlotte,NC on little rock I've only been there for about 2 months ... And everyday it's something supervisor stays on my case about everything ....but jus Sunday he wrote me up twice in one day .... So at the end of my shift I was told I was suspend for a day ...I came back to work and was asks y was I there and am suspended for 10 not 1.... But he didn't show me any paper work stating that I was suspended

Posted by B7777

Holiday Inn Express
Worse interview I have ever had
They are not an equal opportunity employer

I have applied twice
Finally this young lady with no interviewing
Skills /made a total fool out of me

I am an older worker
Need to always work
If she had any insight/since they have constant
Turnover /she would realize I would stay
Age Discrimination is against the law

Posted by Anonymous

I work at the Holiday Inn in Tombstone Az. I don't know about other hotels in the chain but the owner of mine is horrible. The rooms are disgustingly dirty and he has no desire for us to clean them. He doesn't want housekeepers to work more than a couple of hours a day and if the rooms suffer he doesn't care. The bedding is often not changed and alot of the towels would be better suited to be in the rag pile. I mean he pays minimum wage to the housekeepers and then does nothing but complain if we are there for more than two or three hours in a day. I would never stay at this hotel. The owner in Tombstone at least is more concerned with room turnover than cleanliness.

Posted by Anonymous

working at holiday inn is overall a very good and pleasant experience, but the pay is horribe, ther are no benefits and no direct deposit . the owners want perfection from their employess which is understandable, but there should be an incentive for the hard work that we do. the owners have beautiful homes and i am sure hefty bank accounts while the employess struggle to put food on the table and support their familes. please don't misunderstand we are greatful to be working and are very proud of our work, but a decent paycheck would be so appreciated and give us the incentive to do even better.


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