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HoMedics customer service is ranked #100 out of the 946 companies that have a CustomerServiceScoreboard.com rating with an overall score of 57.71 out of a possible 200 based upon 27 ratings. This score rates HoMedics customer service and customer support as Disappointing.


24 Negative Comments out of 27 Total Comments is 88.89%.


3 Positive Comments out of 27 Total Comments is 11.11%.

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  • HoMedics

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    • 57.71 Overall Rating
      (out of 200 possible)
    • 24 negative comments (88.89%)
    • 3 positive comments (11.11%)
    • 0 employee comments
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    • 5.5 Issue Resolution
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Posted by Anonymous

I have an Homedics back massager which is great. Problem is I lost the AC adapter for the unit and there is no Model number anywhere to be found on the unit. I have a photo of the remote for my unit but don't know how to attach a photo to this message. I'm hoping that you can send me a replacement unit. as to how to attach a photo.



How Come We Cant Get Service When You Warrantee A Product For Two Years Product Heat Message
Hhp 205h
Contact And Advise

Posted by Anonymous

Hung up after holding for 10 minutes. How dare you treat customers like that! I have a lot of Homedics products that I use, but if you have this much contempt for customers, I think I've bought my last one. Apologizing for the delay? How about hiring enough support people?

Posted by Anonymous

I bought your Percussion Pro Elite Dual Node Massager for my husband for this past Christmas.
My son was just using it on my husbands back. After about 2 minutes, the massager made a pop noise and sparks went flying onto my husbands shirt, which was smoking and turned my sons pinky black!!!
Obviously this shouldnt happen, no less a month after getting it. The wire is now a mess and its black where it connects to the massager.
TO say im upset is a MAJOR understatement !!! NEVER again will I buy a product that has your name on it. Im just thankful no one got seriously hurt.

Posted by Anonymous

A message was sent some time ago regarding our Homemedic massager model #IR610. The cord has a small break whereby the wires are exposed and appear to be broke. Asked in our prior message if there was a defect in this item or if it can be fixed. My husband depends on this unit for relief from progressive degenerative disc condition and would like to have a response before purchasing a new one....this one is our preference and do not know if still available. A response would be appreciated. :)

Posted by spoythress

This is the WORST company I have ever dealt with. Made a Christmas order on December 9. Visa was charged immediately. Never received items. Despite MANY calls and emails, have never received a response. Have waited on the phone as long as 45 minutes, only to hear a recording say, 'We're closed. Call back." The whole thing is inexcusable.
I have begun my mission to contact every company I can think of, to try and keep others from having to go through what I have. (Including the company that highly recommended these items.)

Posted by Did not reach operator

Placed call to service center at 1413 hrs on 1/16/17.
Listened to your music for 37 mins before I disconnected.
Is this long wait caused by a shortage of personnel in your service center, or so many products that need recall/repair?

Posted by Fuji

Purchased a $100 diffuser. It broke within two weeks on both of them. I returned the second one for an upgraded one by the gracious store that I boufht it from . It hasn't broken yet. But I haven't heard back from the company! Nothing!!

Posted by Anne Noel

I purchased 2 Homedics comfort massage cushions & I'm

Very dissatisfied. There's more vibration than massage, therefore

You can't feel the massage.

The telephone number posted doesn't ring.

This is the worst.


Posted by Anonymous

I have 2 mch200hc units, and enjoy it very much. But I have a small problem, each unit's covering material (from the rollers) are pulling away form the sides and exposing the roller units. How can this material be repaired and would I have go get it

repaired by a seamstress. There both it great shape and I really enjoy them, but I feel that it might be a safgety factor...Please help


Posted by DEX

Your Customer Service Is Ridiculous When A Customer Has To Sit On Line And Listen To All Customer Service Techs Are Busy For Over 1 1/2 Hrs And Cant Even Flash A Operator As You Can On Other Sites

Posted by Frustated

This has been going on since mid May 2016
Bought a wrist Cuff Blood pressure machine at Walgreens. after one month found out that this wrist unit was 20 points off and giving me a false reading on my wife's blood pressure. She just had a stroke from HIGH Bp so that was why the readings needed to be accurate. Run like the wind away from Homedics, they never answer the phone and when they do most can not read or speak a bit of English, plus they always make promises that it was sent to another dept. for refund that never shows up, they sling a lot of BS but never ever the truth. The owner must be a bonehead to think he has a great customer service dept. I filed a Attorney general complaint and also a complaint with the FDA on reguations.

Posted by Anonymous

sent you a blood pressure machine to be update in April it was returned as address in you book was no longer good. Called 800 number but never responed sorry we are busy...3 times on line for better than 10 mins and phone goes dead...ok just forward address to get my blood pressure machine BPA 450WGN CALIBERATED along with cost. Bought at walgreeens

Posted by Anonymous

I bought a massager model BKP-110H-THP @ abouut 7:30 today;your web site is offering 15% discount called APRIL IS STRESS AWARENESS Month,the site states the offer is for a purchese of a massager, which I did.There is NO area shown to place the supplied promo code "STRESSFREE" in the area for completing purchase.Needless to say I did NOT receive my 15% discount.

Posted by Anonymous

I can't spend any more time waiting for a simple answer.
I want to send my HOMEDICS Blood Pressure monitor (BPA-250-WGN) back for recalibrationrtux
Can't reach anyone for info.
If anyone gets this message I can be reached on my E-mail address.


Posted by Anonymous

I live in Dubai and I bought a homedics humidifier from a local pharmacy, after 3 months of using it stopped giving vapor and started to leak water from the tanks to the floor, took it back to the pharmacy for warranty, been sent to the supplier and replied after 2 weeks that they will replace it with a new one (fair enough),kept telling me give us 2 or 3 days and will get you the new one, till lately I've been informed that I will not get a new one and I have to use it as it is and that its working with a one tanker instead of 2.
I am really shocked and disappointed by this answer and this supplier of yours in Dubai.
i hope you can help me with this issue and tried to find an email on your main website but couldn't find any, instead i found this support on the web and hope its fine to complain here.

Posted by Anonymous

Ordered replacement bulbs and bulb covers for my outdoor fountain. The order arrived with no bulbs and short on the bulb covers. Made numerous attempts to contact customer service concerning order. I would just sit on hold indefinitely. Won't be doing business with this company again.

Posted by Anonymous

I tried for several hours to reach someone in customer service, and finally gave up. I bought a back massager QRM 400H 2907 a few years ago, and about a year ago tried it and it just didn't work. So I bought a cheap massage cushion for about 25 bucks. It was worth about 25 cents. So I returned it and got credit; then I bought a dual cushion shiatsu MCS 370H. It's Ok. I called to tell a representative that I didn't want to throw away the QRM 400H, but would be willing to send it back at my expense, so maybe HoMedics could fix it and someone could use it.
Unfortunately nobody will answer the telephone. After a few hours of listening to the most boring music on earth, I gave up and Homedics is now on my list as a rotten company regarding customer service. I'll just throw the massager away.

Posted by Anonymous

This is the WORST company on the planet for customer service. No one ever answers the phone and after you get tired of holding you are directed to press "5" to leave a message...at which point they say they are closed and you get disconnected.

Posted by Anonymous

I got as a gift the homedics sound spa plus. I plugged it in, it's not coming on. What am I doing wrong?
Connie orms

Posted by Patricia Holmes

I have called several times and waited on hold forever just to order a replacement cord for a sound machine.

Posted by Anonymous

I called and left messages on Feb. 8 with a question about a particular
humidifier. No one has responded and it is difficult to get through.

Posted by rh40

I have emailed Homedics twice about my new, defective humidifier, once through the website "customer service" portal and once directly to their customer service email address. That was days ago, and I have received absolutely no response, not even an acknowledgement of my messages.

Posted by Anonymous

I recently purchased a Blood Pressure Monitor at K-Mart in Manistee, Michigan over 30 days past. The readings seem to be much higher than normal. Instruction book indications the plus and minis, however, I took the monitor in for my doctor to check and he indicated the readings are too high. Example: When taking my reading(s) the doctor said the system was a plus 30 and the lower reading was plus 5%. K-Mart will not exchange monitor and I need a more accurate reading(s) because of my blood pressure and I have to mail in my results to my doctor in Manistee, Michigan. I am now in Florida for the next five months. Any assistance you can provide is greatly appreciated. Marshalll .D. Kuriger,Thank You

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Posted by jdharris31

Ordered filters for air purifier that were never received. Nothing done to get new filters to me and my review on their website was blocked. Now that's customer service the CEO should be proud of...

Posted by Anonymous

I called customer service re my sleep machine. I needed an adapter. In no time at all they said they would send me a new adapter at no cost to me. Customer service was excellent. I give them 5 stars!!

Posted by NanaSue8

I did have to be patient and hold for a customer service person but I only had to wait about 15 minutes. I was looking for a replacement water reservoir for a cold mist humidifier. My husband drop the water reservoir and it broke. Customer service took my name and address and said they would send us a replacement at no charge! It may take 2-4 weeks but I am pleased after reading all the bad reviews. If I don't get it then I will write again with a different review but for now I am quite satisfied.

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