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Hitachi customer service is ranked #909 out of the 946 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 17.00 out of a possible 200 based upon 171 ratings. This score rates Hitachi customer service and customer support as Terrible.


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Posted by Pk

In a bid to get my 1.5 ton hitachi window ac (kaze) serviced, contacted customer care number obtained from internet.

Someone from this number answered that my service request was noted & i will get a call from them soon. Subsequently, i got a call from & the person told me that he was calling from hitachi customer service n asked me the problem. I told him about the servicing of my ac. He noted my number n address & told me that the service engineer will visit my home.

Later i was visited by a person from Hitachi Service Centre, named Rajan Singh from R S Services, an affiliate of Hitachi based at B-1/226, Khurdai Bazar, Gomti Nagar, Lucknow (). He checked the ac & told that the capacitor has to be replaced and some gas had to be filled in the compresor. He did so & charged Rs 3300, which i paid. But in his presence, the ac did not work. He told us that that it will take halfan hour for the ac to work and asked us to start the ac after 30 minutes and left. But after half an hour, when we switched on the ac, it did not work. We have been calling his mobile but he never picked up. I also called and told them about the same. They assured us that they will send the technician but no body turned up. We have been calling all their numbers and

but even after a week, no body has turned up.

We feel cheated by such fraudulent customer service of Hitachi.

I just want to say & appeal to everyone that

Beware of Hitachi n their service affiliates. Horrible service n customer service. Its better to switch to other companies.


Posted by Anonymous

Beware Customers Please!! Service of Hitachi, a air conditions company, is not providing after sale service. The bill no. 0217/16-17 from M/s Electronic Centre, Sector 35, Chandigarh. The dealer said it is not our duty, as it is duty of Hitachi. It is unacceptable behavior. We have registered the complaint so many times. But nobody turns to give the service till date. Hitachi will provide three after sale services free of cost as told by dealer at time of sales.

Posted by Anonymous

I need a Hitachi customer service rep in St Petersburg, FL area.

Our 10 year old plasma tv was connected to Verizon cable facility in 2012 which ran perfectly by turning on the Hitachi and then using the Verizon for channel changes, volume, etc. Now Frontier is our cable facility and when asking them to solve the problem, they say it is the TV. Plasma Television
So, if you would kindly refer us to a local representative, we would certainly appreciate it.

Thank you. Barbara Walls

Posted by Anonymous

Am a buyer of Hitachi washing machine, Just used for 3 years... Now the machine spoilt.. It return F..i still have guarantee ...if no more.. How much have to pay...

Posted by Eggi

After sales service is bad.
Broke down after 1 year plus, and told me to wait 3-4 weeks for the spare part to arrive due to Hitachi did not keep any spare part in Malaysia. Customer Service will only say once it reach, we will contact you.

Believe me, if I ever know the maintenance is so bad, I would not buy for it.

Posted by Anonymous

Hello my name is shane kelly i tried contacting someone to speak with on the phone to try to resolve a problem with my tv today.I was met with rudeness and no knowledge of what i was trying to explain to the operator.Her name is Realo the only person that works in customer service aplenty.when i asked to speak with someone else she defused to transfer me I'm a loyal Hitachi product user but never again. I know that one tv sale lost is nothing to a large company like yours.But for someone like myself a tv is expensive.All i was doing if figuring what steps i need to take to get my tv fixed cause my extended warranty told it is a manufacture default recall posted after the one year manufacturers was up.So i was told to contract Hitachi. Please contact me back at

Posted by RS

Never buy Hitachi fridge. I bought a two door unit. Started over freezing in frozen compartment, freezing in fruit compartment, feels like room temperature in the higher compartment (despite temperature control showing 3 degree celsius) and intermittent mechanical noise. Contacting customer service was not a pleasant experience.

Technician was contactable, but advised for change of components one after another (with additional payment) yet to solve the problem. It is an agonising months after our first complaint. Compressor is under warranty for two years. Technician insisted its not compressor problem and advised trial changes of other parts.

My toshiba has been with me for about 8 years yet never had a single problem.

Posted by Pauline

I waited patiently for 3 weeks but I really can't live without a fridge for 3 weeks, so I decided to write this.

I bought a Hitachi refrigerator (R-V490P3M, 451L) for only 7 months and then the fridge stopped working on 7/7/16. I called the sales person and he promised to lodge a complaint for me so that they would send a technician to check on the problem since it is still under warranty. On 12/2/16, a technician came to replace some parts but found that the main problem was the compressor. Thus, he told me that another person who is in charge of the compressor will come to repair it.

Patiently waited for a week, there was still no call. Thus I gave the sales person a call. He promised he will look into it but he told me that if it's the problem with the compressor, the company will change only once though it is stated that it's a 10-year warranty. I was utterly appalled and speechless. I thought Hitachi equals good quality. How could they guarantee that the compressor that they are going to change would last for 10 years???

I am really not satisfied with the product and the service they are rendering. I really hope your company will write to me since you asked for the email address. Thank you.

Posted by nitin narula

I have been taken for a ride by Hitachi A/c. I purchased a window A/c last year and had been facing regular trouble since . The unit was replaced within 3 months of purchase and its control panel was changed within 2 days of purchase. But now after its warranty expired its PSB has stopped working. The service centre offered to change it for Rs. 2200 + Rs. 500 visiting charge. I was given an alternative of buying AMC for Rs. 1928 which I did on condition that the part will be changed in a day. On second day I am being told by service in to wait 3-4 days more as part is not available. On my objecting to this lapse in commitment and taking this issue to higher management, I am being told by him that my AMC would be cancelled and refunded after deductions. Another objection to this action invited a threat in cancellation of warranty on compressor. I am still wondering if Hitachi Service Centre's are run by mafia or what as any customer oriented service centres will not behave like this. They have all the shots to rob customer of his money without giving any service Buy Hitachi at your risk as its a sham on Japanese brands. regards

Posted by Mohit Dhawan

I am submitting feedback on behalf of Mr. Mohit Dhawan

We have bought new Ac in month of April this year itself. Since then we are facing problem. One of your reputed dealer delivered the damaged piece to us. Grill was broken. Till date it's not replaced always got fake commitment. Now gas leagage issue is there we have made complaints 3 days before but no representatives bothered to visit till yet

It's our very bad experience with hitachi. I think nobody should take producta of hitachi. As they are not capable of fulfill.

Preeti Dhawan

Posted by Ashok Kumar Jain

With my personal experience Hitachi has one of the worst customer service. In fact the co told me that my fridge will be repaired only if part is available. If the company does has spare parts for its products it shall not sell anything because the customer is losing all his money as the products he purchases is worth nothing.
In my opinion one should avoid purchasing any Hitachi product as the value of their money can become zero at any point of time.
Ashok Kumar Jain

Posted by Sanjeev

I have used multiple brands earlier including Godrej, Whirlpool, Carrier,LG, but Hitachi performs worst among customer service. The motto is Once you buy it, take the sh*t to your home and find someone who can repair. They will not budge.

Here is Hitachi disgraceful performance of providing customer service

Logged : 16-April

Attended : 22-April-2016

Initial diagnosis suggested : Service

Request for relook and come again: 25-April-2016 as I believed the issue is not with Service

No visit till 29-April-2016.

Follow up done with Customer Service after request was closed

Asked for status - Nothing available with customer service ( spoke to Ms Priyal)

What a fantastic way of closing request without knowing the action taken or without checking with customer

Logged : 30-April-2016

Again followed up with customer service and spoke to Ms Suman for checking status (past 48 hours, when there is no response).

To my surprise, she opened a new complaint # 16050305123 ( Third request for same problem), I was asked to follow up with service center ( what more can be bad than to notify customer, you go and handle the sh*t yourself)

Visit completed by Service Technician and he could now see the problem.Advised to replace capacitor which was done, The unit could not operate again more than 2 hours

Again called the service center very same day, they advised to arrange a senior technician

No one showed up, followed up again myself with service center.

Called service center on the same number ( was informed that they will revert)

Waited for 2 hours, Called again customer service ( spoke to Mr Umang), Again as expected, asked to follow up yourself.

Now watch What a wonderful way of tracking the problem ( no one has any clue of the real problem start date)

In between connect to management - reached out to manager, no change in behavior

Reached out to next lever, no response till now

Last level left only - Reaching out to Board of director

Posted by Zomby25

bought a TV 50v500 50" flatscreen and it needed a lamp replaced and i have done this before so i replaced it. now that its actually able to power on my display is so fuzzy i cant even see the numbers of channels or read ANYTHING. i go online and the serv ice online is garbage AF so i call them and since my tv is a year old all they can do is refer me to a service center and they want to charge me 100$ before the tech even comes to look at the tv and after the estimate the light engine will need replaced 1500$ im stuck with a useless 3k tv set. needless to say this was my FIRST and LAST hitachi product. its honestly surprising that this is legal sell garbage products then charge an arm and a leg to fix your trash with more faulty trash and wait until it breaks again(because it will break again) and rake in the dough. pathetic i hope hitachi blows up they are scam!!!!!

Posted by More than worst to worst

Last year purchased window ac of hitachi, from the last year facing only problem till new.AT the time of purchase Hitachi were giving free 3 services that time too happy to know but didn't realise to fooling customer. On first time service didi fight so much with hitachi guys then they only provide now this month servie will expire to again i did request for service but no one is coming and listening. already 15 days got over.don't know what to do. they are not responding.

Posted by After RAVI no one has attended t

I have purchased hitchi AC in May 2015. It is almost impossible to register for service. Service Center cook the paper and send compliance report to higher office. Higher officer of customer service never re check whether customer has been actually attended or not. It is clearly failure of control system of Hitachi. People in service center making money by false submission. It is my current opinion. Because since 08.05.2016 I am notable to get service of my ac inspite of complaining to first officer

Posted by Worst product

Hitachi is the worst product. and customer service is very bad. There is no responsibile person in hitachi.. No one attend the call...

Posted by jimlil

The customer service agent for my Hitachi TV would not even discuss my problem--which is not a common one, nor discussed on the website. If your product is over a year old, Hitachi will no longer even talk to you.

I would never buy a Hitachi product again. They have made a decision not to support their customers

Posted by Anonymous

We have purchased a number of your 18v battery drills, grinders and recipricating saws. The grinders are hoples i have two grinders that have malfunctioned one has melted the brush harness which got that hot it burnet the students hand and the cost to repaire was moore than a replacement unit and the other is sitting in my workshop, we have tried to get warranty service but your web site is of no use we are now thinking of distributing this info to other govt institutions advising of the problem, i hope that you will take note of this and remidy the over heating problem.

Posted by fida

Hi, I am the one who bought refrigerator by Hitachi since 2013. However, two time you technician came and do repairing and change the motor. Now, one again the motor broken. Why this happening? The same thing happen and i have to pay your service. It is your brand not really good quality? Or your service not good?

Posted by NISAR

I Purchased A Microwave Oven Mro-100e, The Display Is Cannot Be Read Without Additional Illumination, Which Means Have To Use A Torch Light Or Certainly Need Additional Flood Lighting To Read Display. I Am Surprised Hitcahi Made This Dificullty For Cutomer In 2016 Where The Display Technology Has Much Advanced, Now I Am Really Stuck With This Product And Every Time I Need To Use Torchlight To Read, Can Hitach Fix Mr0-200 Or Mro-300 Display To This, To Solve My Problem Or I Have To Suffer With This?

Posted by Anonymous

I purchase fridge 415L Double door on 21 Oct 2014 from M/s Vijay Sales Vadodara.I am registered at your office on my mobile I was told that you can enter in AMC after completion of one year. Since from 10 of this month I am trying to contact Ahmedabad as well as Vdodara office regarding AMC, but no reply from both offices. Then I contacted Vijay Sales they in turn talked to Baroda Office and assured me to get quote for AMC. I have contacted on Vadodara office cell no 7574832161 number of times & gave him my mail address but he just does not care to respond. I think this is worst after sales service.

Posted by HITACHI A/C

I Am Sujit Dandy From Mumbai

I Am Not Satisfy With Ur Hitachi Ac Becoz I Am Purchase A/c In Ur Infinity Mall Reliance World On Date 14/01/2015 1.5t5sra

And Very 2nd Day A/c Gas Lecage And Ur Company Not To Cheking For All Products

Becoz In 22/09/2015 Again Same Problum In My Hitachi A/c So Pls Reply Me To How Is Solution I Dont No How To Tecal My Problum But Aas Soon As Possibale My Solution Other Wis I M Complat To Thew Cansumer Cort So Pls Ans My This Complants

Sujit Dandy

Thanking You

Posted by Aditi

My main concern is about ur telecalling training which is not upto the employee called up this morning regarding AMC.when he opens the call he was very soft but when I politely said NO.HE hung up on my face without saying a word.I mean this is rude in sales call.pls teach them soft skills this is also a mandatory part in outgoing calls.As I blv hitachi is a reputed co. Worldwide and they should impart proper training before they hit the floor as it can effect ur co. Name.consumer will nvr recommend your company. Just a suggestion.

Posted by Anonymous

After purchased the product(SUMMER TM 1.5 Ton Window AC) it was detected by Hitachi's technician of 33,Kabir Road,Kolkata 26, that the Relay wasn't working and the same they repaired with an old parts(They got the parts from an old machine in their workshop) I purchased the machine on 23/08/2015 and it get repaired on 29/08/2015.After replacement the parts(Power circuit breaker)the unit didn't run smoothly. I requested several time to change parts with a new one.Till date there are no response, I don't know what's going on,how the company like Hitachi doing this nonsense job.

Posted by Anonymous

After purchased the product(SUMMER TM 1.5 Ton Window AC) it was detected by Hitachi's technician of 33,Kabir Road,Kolkata 26, that the Relay wasn't working and the same they repaired with an old parts(They got the parts from an old machine in their workshop) I purchased the machine on 23/08/2015 and it get repaired on 29/08/2015.After replacement the parts(Power circuit breaker)the unit didn't run smoothly. I requested several time to change parts with a new one.Till date there are no response, I don't know what's going on,how the company like Hitachi doing this nonsense job.

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