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    • 32.36 Overall Rating
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    • 97 negative comments (96.04%)
    • 4 positive comments (3.96%)
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Posted by Anonymous

My name is Dudley dock the racism from your staff here in Knoxville tn This unexceptable the Hibbet store on 4243 Sam Walton WAY Halls cross roads my numbe this treatment of ppl based on how they look is wrong I'm beyond upset and being watched and cornerd off I like both of them I bust my TELL WORKING hard for what got WANT and have I actually was looking to purchase 3 pair of sneakers but to be treated like I was treat i will spend another DIME!!!!!! With as COMPANY!!!!!!!!! And JUS BECUZ your store is mainly ran by white workers that don't mean all of us as BLACK PPL.steal TAKE nor sceem I watched others who were not my skin didn't this problem while they were in the store with BUT I WILL BE post in my blogs and on FB book and twitter about the racism in your company here in Knoxville tn and Again JUS BCUZ IM A BLACK MAN OR IN TERMS OF LABELLING AN AFRO-AMERICAN MALE THAT!!!!! Don't mean all black folk still NOR am I a theif!!!!!! Nor jailbird nor a criminal SO Y MUST I COME INTO YOUR!!!!!! Store or BUSINESS ESTABLISHMENT!!! And ALLOW YOUR STAFF TO TREAT ME AS SUCH WHEN IN NO WAY SHAPE FORM OR FASHION HAVE I PRESENTED ME NOR ME WIFE AS SUCH

Posted by Tbrantley

I have 3 sons who all of course love going into your store. This is where I buy 95% of their shoes especially Jordan brand. In 2013 I had a raffle ticket for the Legend Blue Jordan shoe and again this time I relented for another raffle drawing for the AJ Retro 11 Space Jam. Drew from store 796 called me and said I won a size 10 and to be at the store between the hours of 8am-9am to claim my shoe otherwise after those hours it would be sold. I still have the message on my voice mail. I did as instructed and arrived at 8am only to have to be turned away by a police officer who simply pointed his finger to the line that had formed. All the waiting shoppers had tickets and told me that this store was making them wait outside even if you have a ticket . I get it, you don't want the store bombarded at once because staffing levels etc however where is the transparency on this when they call to let you know you won? Better yet why not tell your paying customer this who is willing to spend their money in your store when the information is taken for the raffle ticket in the first place? I would have even understood a sign in the window on this policy. Instead it was just a message to report to the store between 8-9 with your ID and ticket. That way people like me and there were many in line who had won a raffle before would know that it changed from entering the store upon arrival with the requested information to waiting in line with my son in 25 degree temperature for 45 minutes. Where is the customer service in that? Just a important- where is your honesty? Had I known ahead of time I would have exercised my right to take a chance at another store who has similar practices. I have never had a bad experience at Hibbett Sports until today and I am someone who values my choice to shop and spend my money where I choose . Today was that day. Going forward I will not support your store. I actually told The cashier Lauren to keep my MVP card ending in 9375- as I will not be back. Even she was not customer service oriented as she explained" well we just don't want a lot of people in the store at once and you didn't have to stand that long." An easy statement from someone warm inside the store who probably doesn't have a teen son who wants your product as soon as it hits the store. Maybe as an employee she has the benefit of first choice- which she should. She should also learn to listen to her customer and empathize even if it means being quiet because I didn't ask her one single question. I merely voiced my disappointment in the fact that your process is not transparent when I comes to the raffle. So assure her that although she asked me twice if I was sure I wanted to return my card as if I will regret it- I do not. I have a card with Finish Line Foot Locker also. That's the great thing about shoes- your store isn't the only path to get to them.


Tywanna Brantley

Posted by Anonymous

I visited Hobbit Sports in Marion Illinois today. First of all, the salesperson was very pushy and followed us everywhere in the store. However, my complaint happened when I checked out.
My husband wrote a check, because the total went well over hundreds. The check was declined--although there was plenty of funds in the acccount. They handed us a card that had a number to call, which he did. The ironic thing, which doesn't say much for your company, is that they didn't know why the check went through either. The bank said the check was good and it had to be the machine at the store. WHICH I totally believe. And this is why.
A year ago, I went through this same incident. At the same store!! I wrote a check. The machine wouldnt accept it. Called the bank. The bank said the check was good and there were funds in the account. AT that time I suggested to the cashier that maybe they needed to check their machine, and the salesperson agreed, having commented that she had had a problem with another check clearing the machine.
APPARENTLY, the problem has not been corrected and needs to be addressed. Not only is it embarrassing for the customer to go for that and have people look on from in the store, but it also deters us from going through that same situation again and making future purchases.and if the cashier is admitting that there's a problem with the machine, then by golly, someone needs to look into replacing it with one that works. Not everybody has a debit card or want to put that large of a purchase on a credit card. I am definitely giving my businesses to other sport stores other than Hibbit Sports in Marion, Illinois. Or go to another town. You're notthe only sports Store around and you won't be the last. And if I have gone through this TWICE!!! And you haven't fixed the problem, then you don't really care about the customers. You're more concerned with the making big bucks. And that is not how you should be making the customers feel!!!!!

Posted by diy4017

Went into Hibbets in Pascagoula,Ms. & had to be the worse customer service. Maybe check your cameras but around 4:15-430 pm. Nov 26, there was one employee eating chips on floor while joining 2 other employees standing around right side shoe area talking with a friend that was sitting on bench. A couple next to us was looking at kid shoes and not once did any employees ask if they needed help. Other customers walked in and then walked out just like we did. As a Supervisor myself, I could not believe these kids are allowed to run a store where customer service is an important key to not just making profit but upholding the name branded on door. Get it together Hibbets and start monitoring what help you have running that store.

Posted by Anonymous

I bought a pair of Under Armour shoes for my grandson in the Livingston store. My first experience at buying them is a nightmare. They have obvious defect. The soles are coming apart from the shoe, the leather is cracking and peeling off. I am within the terms for a refund or exchange. I have my original receipt, paid cash, have drivers license and it had been less than 90 days. I took them to store to exchange, clearly stated I didn't want my money back and was told by the store manager that there was nothing she could do to help me. She stated the sales receipt states unworn or unwashed items. I reminded her her it also states or defective, but was still told there was nothing she could do.

Posted by Anonymous

Just left the store located in Fountain, CO. Your website has this location listed with hours open on Sundays until 6pm. When we arrived at the store we noticed the sign showed only open til 5pm and it was after 4:40pm. My husband told the associates that the website displayed a different time for their closing but that we would hurry so they could close on time. When I entered the store I received no greeting, no welcoming smiles and the experience only continued with that theme. We were stared at by the male and female that were working and only gained their help in getting the shoe sizes we were interested in after I had to ask for their assistance from over 15 feet away. The young lady checked us out and barely spoke. Her demeanor seemed annoyed even though we spent over $150. While we were checking out another customer came in and they failed to greet her at all. She walked back out of the store without any acknowledgement from the associates. This is extremely disappointing since I've always had better customer service when I've been at this location in the past. Don't think I'll be making any trips to Hibbett in the future.

Posted by Anonymous

The store here in blytheville arkansas has some piss pour service. I have spent a lot of money in this store and after the service today i will never spend another dime.

Posted by Anonymous

I've probably spent $10-15000 in the past 7-8 yrs. Today, I visited your Villa Rica, Ga location as my family has many, many times before. As usual, the manager, a very nice and helpful man was cordial as always. On the otherhand, his assistant/team player was an jerk (a..h...). He acted as if he didn't want to be there and didn't want me there. I asked him a question regarding the quality of the underarmour mouth pieces.(I have recently purchased one that fell apart. I was looking to see if they had a refill because ours evenly divided in half..) He replied by telling me it was not the mouthpiece that was the problem, it was the kid. I asked if he played when he was younger, and did he chew his. He replied that he stopped chewing his at 12 and kids don't take care of them and think they're free.....in both cases, he never looked at me and never stopped doing price changes while I was directly in front of his counter. I quietly and quickly left the store and didn't shop for anything else I was interested in.

Posted by Anonymous

Sumter store hours are 10am opening Monday- friday .
We have been waiting on this location to open for 16 minutes now and there is still no sign of anybody .

Posted by No short shorts

Went shopping at the Hibbett Sports in Weatherford, OK today and was shocked that the young sales girl had shorts on that were so short when she bent over you could see her behind. I would assume this would be a uniform for a bar, not a sporting goods store. My husband was accompanying me and commented on her attire before I did!! Management needs to have short length a requirement!

Posted by Anonymous

I've always had a great experience while shopping at Hibbett Sports, but today while shopping I was asked if I was going to purchase the shoes on my daughter's feet. Well, the shoes on my daughter's feet belonged to her, which were purchased from Hibbett Sports before school started. If I would had requested for a pair to try on I could understand the misunderstanding, but we never requested a pair. Very disappointed customer that shops very often at Hibbett Sports

Posted by [email protected]

Worn shoes 2 times purchased on 9-6
After washing on sink due to stepping in mud sole is coming off a
Sales personsaid they were well worry crappie days. No refund no replacement just attitude by the way have receipt.
Amother customer that came on while I was there brought a pair back needless to say she,was treated totally different no receipt and cheerfully told her to go choose another pair needless to say she was another race???
This is racist he started off with her shoes are not,worn out . Excuse me 2 days of wear policy is not to refund or replace a new pair
I am beyond do words no wonder I never see any customers in the stores in Florence all Cox Creek Pkwy.
I do,expect compensation for the shoestrogen a,refund could not be more dissatisfied witha company in general.

Posted by George

Hello I am a very upset customer of the Lexington nc store u have they and the manager is the biggest one (Kristie) they are holding shoes for people who works in the store and they only let certain people win the raffle for shoes and I am a loyal customer and don't think that's right or fair and I drive down every week and NEVER get called this has been 2 YEARS!!!! I HAVE SEEN THE SAME PEOPLE GET CALLED FOR SHOES OVER AND OVER AND IF SOMETHING IS NOT DONE ABOUT THIS I WILL FILE A DISCRIMINATION SUIT AGAINST THEM!!!

Posted by Anonymous

I always try to shop local in moberly mo just left our local hibbetts was ready to spend money on a new pair of walking shoes. As I entered not one person greeted me as they all stood talking to friends. I looked at several pair I would have tried had someone helped. I will drive 35 miles to Dicks sporting goods this weekend to spend my money. Sincerely Nora moenck

Posted by new York giants

Tried to exchange a shirt for my son. All we needed was a smaller size. It wasn't even 24hrs since we bought it. Assistant manager said his manager told him he's not allowed to exchange anything unless it has a tag on it. We had original receipt. We weren't asking for our money back or even a different item. We wanted same shirt just a smaller size. Never had a store in my life that did that. I will never be back just because of this. Obviously they don't care about there customers.

Posted by Anon

I have a complaint about the store in Roswell NM which I attended about two weeks ago. The DM Pam Stephenic was very pushy and hovering over me while I tried on my shoe and making me feel very uncomfortable. She also kept on insisting to help my son with his shoes when I clearly had said he does not need any help. I enjoy shopping when I am calm and do not feel pressured and pushed by the DM there.

Posted by Anonymous

my wife left her iphone 6 on the sales desk after being checked out at store 205 tyler was salesperson the transaction was at 749 pm i went in the store monday at 10am tyler told me he did not see the phone i asked to view the security tape we were told there is none i would like to know how many sales were made between the hours of 8pm and 9 pm on 08/10/2016. if your employees are dishonest with customers are they honest with you check store 205 if you donot have vedio at this store maybe there are some people that would like to know.we wont shop at hibbets again

Posted by Anonymous

Walked into the store in Elizabeth City, NC at 5:50 pm on 8-13-2016 was not spoke to or even asked if I needed any help by the 3 employees that I saw. They walked by my daughter and myself numerous times. I went in there to purchase some fast pitch softball cleats. We walked out of the store at 6:10 pm. I have never had this experience in a sports store. Very disappointed in the service. Excuse me I didn't get any!

Posted by Anonymous

I purchased airforce I Le from Brookhaven MS I told the salesperson I wanted a size 10.5 she took them to the counter for cashier to ring up only to go home and discover they are a 12. Purchase price 85.60 I had to go back to town inconvenience I'm from wesson ms trans action no. 416578 I used a coupon but it won't profit me because of a wasted trip. Contact sales clerk Amy I want some more coupons mailed to my address for my inconvenience.

Posted by Anonymous

Sitting, waiting... Have been sitting back by the shoes waiting for someone to help us.. An associate has walked by twice.. It's been 20 minutes. We are about to leave

Posted by FixtheAC

Hibbet sports in Georgetown, KY.

First off I would like to say the staff there is absolutely amazing! The blonde hair lady was so nice, helped us with everything we needed and answered every questions we had!
Unfortunately our stay there was cut quite short, the store was so HOT!
They had no A/C.
I get it things break from time to time.. But this has been a problem for months! Every time I go in to try and shop it's so hot I have to leave! I don't see how the staff puts up with the heat and continues to be so helpful!

i have to make a 30 minute commute to another store or purchase things offline because it's so muggy.

Posted by Buddyslove

You employees in the Beaumont, Texas store are extremely rude and aloof. On July 28 at approximately 1pm I went into your store to purchase a pair of Adidas Superstar sneakers and your employees behaved as if I was not there. The other people in the store as well as myself were wandering around trying to find what we were looking for. One of your employees walked past me without speaking. They stood around conversing with their friends that were in the store visiting with them. It wasn't until I took out my phone and snapped a photo of them not working, did they approach me. After I left the store a young lady followed me into the mall and had the nerve to tell me she can't allow me to take video in the store. I told her to get away from me and I was sending this picture to your corporate office so that you can see for yourself how they are stealing time from you and not working. I would like to upload the photo so you can see for yourself. Never once did those girls say hello or may I help you. As a matter of fact one of the walked past me to go join in the conversation.

Posted by Anonymous

I do not appreciate the fact that my husbands account got messed up and I called the store to pick the check up but they told me I had to wait until corporate called me. I got charged a 34$ fee 2-4 times each time by my van knot counting hibbetts fees. I am very dissatisfied with your alls service. I will NOT return.

Posted by Anonymous

Today I went to the Roswell NM store. And the main manager was very unprofessional. She was too busy flirting with the other employee which was a male while the other female employee was busy helping customers. This is not the first time I have noticed this but how unfair is it to the other employee she talks badly of this other female assistant coach to customers and stafff. She is not manager material due to the extreme lack of professionalism. I stingy agree that the other assist coach should be the main manager. She has more professionlism. Is ready to greet and assist customers while the other is busy flirting.

Posted by Anonymous

The Hibbett in Roswell NM is the worst main manager Kayla is always having her husband in the store waiting for her to clock out and go home . She is always telling us the customers that she hasn't had a day off since her her boss fired everyone and that the new assistant head coach Gloria doesn't do anything I even heard Kayla make an unprofessional comment about Gloria her assistant that she is always messing up the shoes and that she needed to scold her about it. What is 2years old to be scolded. She is always bad mouthing her assistant gloria to us customers as well as employees. While it's gloria that's always greeting us with a smile and is always readily available to assist the us customers. When Gloria works with the other employees and Kayla not around it is a pleasant store to shop in and the employees are in a good mood. But when Kayla is working it's hectic and nothing but chaos and unorganized and the employees are unhappy. And Kayla is very unprofessional by always having her husband there.


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Founded in 1945, Hibbett stores have a rich history of convenient locations, personalized customer service and access to coveted footwear, apparel and equipment from top brands like Nike, Jordan, adidas and Under Armour. Today Hibbett is one of the...