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Posted by Anonymous

Got a hibbet coupon that says $25 off any $100 purchase, total item's I pulled came up to $100 before taxes, got to register coupon wouldn't take, then they tell excludes promotional products, we'll that's not what my coupon said, this is so misleading to get you to shop online or in store, say a lot of people waiting in long line's to be told same thing

Posted by Donnie

I would like to start off saying that I've been shopping consistently online at hibbet sports since August. I've encountered not receiving a few items once, from one purchase which I received my money back.
I work with the FBI besides an organization that shelter children whose been human trafficked. My main reason for purchasing will be to give back to the population and the community for people in need!
I so happened to place an order for my brother for Christmas on Dec 17th, on Dec 22nd I called to check on my update status due to it being unavailable online. I spoke with a manager named Donnie.
My experience with this manager was the entire worse customer service I've ever had with hibbet. As a clinical therapist and advocate I was very concerned to speak with this man, as to the way he spoke to me was way out of character. Unexceptional behavior. He degraded my character as a person and basically called me s thief. He had to sympathy to the fact that I never got my order that was meant for Christmas and told me he wasn't given me back any credit.
When I asked what's the reason he stated to me that I've gotten a credit every month because I always called in stating I never received my packages.
I've asked this man to please go over history and refund because that was untrue and told him about the few items from one purchase that was sent to me and a return item that I got my money back for, he didn't want to do so and kept cutting off my request of proof. He stated I have all these purchases and enough is enough.
I was unsure on what my purchases had to do with what he was insenuating. I requested he checked the order and he stated he did already and I wasn't getting my money back. I requested another manager and he said no one was available. I requested to speak to someone over him and in a condescending manner he stated he was the person I'm speaking with!
This man stressed me out to the point that he was even in a power struggle with a customer.
As I hung up and called back to speak to someone in the cooperate office, I was told he should have never dealt with the situation in that manner and can't deny me a refund.
The last tracked my order and noticed my shoes never made it to the postal service, she then spoke to Donnie who then seemed calmer but was still hostile in his words by stating this is my last refund and the discount of the coupons he was given me he's no longer doing that!
Very nasty the way he spoke to me and with this bad experience. My husband whose an attorney should be reaching out I also have a recorded copy of his conversation that Donnie asked me to hear.
You're working with a narcissist and it's only a matter of time he shows it to his employees if not already doing so!

Posted by Anonymous

Hibbett Sports is awful when it comes to fraud protection and client support. Had my debit card stolen and had a fraudulent order placed. i caught the order within 15 minutes and contacted Hibbett. The rep was unable to locate order using card #, called corporate office 5 times and nobody responded. They supposedly opened a case for the fraud team, but again 4 days later and no contact. Now order shows as having a label for shipping and Hibbett gives lame excuse we can't cancel because it is out for shipping...

I did all the legwork contact UPS to try and stop fraudulent shipment, again called Hibbett 5 days later only to be told they don't have a contact # for fraud team.

I am surprised they are still in service with the lack of consumer protection.

Posted by Anonymous

I'm trying to figure out my rewards points but I forgot the phone number I used plse help my name is Danielle Kelly email addresses that could hve been used

Posted by Anonymous

I am currently sitting outside of the St. Louis Store on West Florissant Avenue. The store should have been opened 31 mins ago and it still is not. There are no other store close to my home I can buy football cleats from.

Posted by N/A

This is the third horrible experience we have encountered with your store in Turtle Creek Mall in Jonesboro, AR. The latest, was this past Saturday, April 22. We went in specifically to purchase shoes for my daughter. Your store was not crowded, in fact only one other customer was trying on shoes. You had a group of 4 employees clustered by a rack of clothing talking, my daughter chose a shoe she wanted to try on and as we waited for someone to come and help us we were completely ignored. I had the shoe in my hand and made repeated attempts at waving the shoe around without being completely rude, but I cannot believe these employees could not have put their conversation on hold for a short few minutes to wait on us. I finally placed the shoe back on display and my daughter and I left your store. We walked down about 8 stores to another shoe store where we purchased shoes. This is basically the same experience we have had of being ignored the last 3 times we have entered your store. We have not, nor have I witnessed other customers, being greeted or asked if they could be helped. I have, however, noticed what in my opinion is an abundance of employees for what could only be viewed as a meager customer base. I would hope that you would engage your employees in training in customer service before you lose your entire customer population to other athletic stores at this location as there are many other stores in this mall.

Posted by Beth

Super upset with this company. I've tried for weeks to get a hold of someone to fix my MVP rewards account. I've emailed them, followed the steps that the website has given me... still no one has replied back. I've almost emailed them everyday for two weeks... I've called the corporate headquarters and have left messages for ALLISON and have not received and calls back. I have never changed my login information to my account. So this is super frustrating. Oh and get this, I got an email saying I have a reward in my acoount... FUNNY!!! Since I can't login to my account. Can someone give me a call back or email. Is it Really that hard???

Posted by Anonymous

I very rarely do this but as I was putting on my worn out sneakers this morning I thought, as a salesman, perhaps a company would want to know if they have a store offering "poor" service (poor being an objective jusdhment on my part). I also give the 3 strikes rule, I don't typically say anything till I've had 3 bad experiences. Maybe my expectations are too high but anyway...I have been buying my shoes at Hibbets for the past 4+ years and I consistently get bad service here in the Bardstown KY location. The only reason I'm writing is because the last time was the worst...I walk in last week at a fairly slow time, (I'm to a point where I dread going in by the way, but it's the only place local to get decent sneakers), there are 3 employees and 1 customer and I was never really helped. The manager I feel was doing a lot of other work so was in and out the back, naturally couldn't get away. I went to another clerk and asked for assistance (he almost seemed annoyed that I pulled him away from whatever he was doing on his phone). I never walk into Hibbets without spending money, I don't shop, I go to get shoes. Needless to say I didn't purchase anything this particular day. Very disappointing, why, the products and prices are fair, but I can't wear a 10-1/2 so someone (anyone) has to step in the back and grab a size 12 for me, not this particular day. Facebook was the priority. As I write this I realize I'm becoming a cranky old man who writes complaint letters, actually this is my first. I do realize the younger generation is harder to motivate and maybe this letter is completely erroneous but anyway. I hope things improve, who knows, maybe I'll give a fourth chance. Peace

Posted by unsatisfied customer

The hibbett sports in eastman, ga is the worst.. go to get a refund and the manager don't even try to do it, all she says is " we only have $350 in our drawer and can't refund $51"..what kind of store can't do a refund? Never liked that store and will never go back.. called corporate office and all they can do is make up excuses for the store.. they suck!!!!

Posted by Anonymous

TERRIBLEEEEEE!!! Getting me and my son some spring shoes they had all of my son sizes in shoes there so I bought him 2pair. That was good. I wanted me and my son to have a matching pair so I ask if they have the Jordan's in my size and he said no but I can store order them for you. At first I was hesitant b/c I'm at the age now where I could careless about shoes. Then I was thinking my son and I can take some nice spring pics with them on so I said why not? I'm not in a rush, I don't need them right away.... so I paid half then when I placed the order with the employee, then I was told I would have to pay the rest once they notified me that they were in the store and ready for pick up. They came fast and they notified me like they said they would. So I came to the pick them up on Tues. April 11th during my lunch hr the order was placed on Saturday on the 8th.... came a lil too fast if you asked me. They let me know the shoes were ready for pick up on Monday the 10th. I wasn't able to get them Monday b/c I work 10-7 across town and they close at 8. Coming to pick the shoes up, the same guy I placed the order with was there to bring out the shoes...... ready to pay the remaining balance. His bagging up the shoes not offering me did I want to take a look at them. Which most shoes stores do especially if it's an online order. So I take a look myself but it was a brief one b/c I had to get back to work, I was already pushing it! Get home that evening from work and picking up my child from daycare I take a look at the shoes........ AND THEY GAVE ME SOME D*** FAKE A** JORDANS FOR THE PRICE OF THE ORIGINAL AUTHENTIC ONES... THE ONES I ORDERED, PAID FOR AND PLANNED TO HAVE LIKE MY SON! My son shoes are the real deal. They give me Jordan flights and if you wear Jordan shoes you know the difference. They better take these shoes back too with a full refund! I don't want to hear any excuses! I know he looked at the shoe and knew those were the fake Jordan's and he didn't care he just wanted a sale under his name. Like I don't understand if you knew you couldn't get the shoe and they were completely sold out then ok just say that rather than try to get over on people just for a sale! They about to feel all my frustration come April the 12th!! -Sincerely, A pissed customer!!

Posted by Renaud

Went to purchase a pair of running shoes, one of the best service I received in a very long time, Juan was on the money, answering all the questions, ask his colleagues for more info if needed. Top notch.

Much add the manager ( young ladie ) remembered me since she made a comment about my wife, we came 3 months ago and she remembered us!!

Again to the team of Hibbett Sports Marble Falls Texas ( store 1352 ) kudos and thank you very much for the great service.

Posted by First and Last Time

Terrible Professionalism in Macon Ga!
My friend and I pulled up today about 12:54pm... granted the store wasn't open and had a few minutes until opening; but as customers pulled up and walked up to the door, one employee was outside locked out as well. More customers pulled up and at 1:00 there were about a minimum of 20 customers awaiting to get into the store. A few left but more came. The one employee who was also locked out looked as though she was calling key holders. Two other employees eventually pulled up with Subway bags at 1:12. The girl was laughing and the white guy who had the key was very nonchalant that the store was opening 12 minutes late with now about 28-30 customers standing around waiting for them. This is by far one of the first worse experiences I've ever had being I've never shopped at this location before.... and I never will! Write up are definitely in order for this manager/key holder!

Posted by Loyal customer

The assistant manager on the Merrill road jacksonville FL location is very rude. While waiting to be cashed out I watched as she rudely spoke to another customer . While checking me out another customer came in from the gym next door and she told him she didn't know if you guys had a tennis when asked if she could check another store she said no . In the process of her checking me out she was on a phone call. Not sure if she owns this store but it is not a good look. I will no longer frequent this store as this is my third meeting with her being rude .

Posted by Anonymous

I was in the south gate mall hibbits trying to purchase some new air Max's I stood there for 30 minutes with two shoes in hand and not one of the 3 employees could be bothered to help me. Very disappointed. I live in a small town and don't have many options for buying sneakers, other then online but sometimes I'd like to buy my shoes and have them that day instead of waiting 3-5 business days to receive them. I called customer service and I was told sorry, we will talk to the manager. I thought maybe they might offer some sort of coupon or something but they did not. Looks like I'll be driving an hour to buy my sneakers or continuing to purchase from finish line online store

Posted by Anonymous

Refers to the Weatherford Hibbett store in Hudson Oaks, TX. Time: this week Experience: came in to buy soccer shoes for a child. The salesman got the shoes and gazed off while we struggled to get them on and determine if they fit. He seemed totally uninterested in assisting us. The store did not have the correct size which he told me; I asked if he could order them; he said he could call the Weatherford store after I suggested it. We bought shin guards and soccer socks for 2 children. Again he was no help in suggesting style or brand--just said it was whatever I liked. Since it was my first time to purchase this equipment, I had no idea what I liked. On to the cash register: the child with me asked for cheese crackers which were on a stand by the register. I asked the price for the small bag and was told by a different clerk it was $3 or $5; he said "I really don't know." FYI: Academy is under construction in Weatherford and you all need to be on your game. We went to the Weatherford store to get the correct shoes: great service and knowledgable clerks.

Posted by Anonymous

Anthony at East south Blvd location very rude and and exhibited very poor customer service when I returned items purchased several days ago with my receipt. He tried to say I had worn shoes when evidently they were like that when I bought them because I never took them out of my car. His attitude makes me not want to EVER shop at Hibbett again!!

Posted by Anonymous

Fire them all. Because clearly their terrible at customer service because no ones answered the damn phone.& I've called countless times at 2 oclock on a Wednesday.

Posted by Alexander Richburg

My ship the USS Ramage (DDG-61) is currently going through an upkeep at Pascagoula shipyard in Pascagoula,ms.The ship is originally homeported out of Norfolk,Va but we're getting work done in Pascagoula.I went today (2-4-17) at 1800 to buy shoes at your Pascagoula branch and was treated horribly.I asked the sales rep that I needed a certain shoe in a size 9 and he went to retrieve it,soon after some locals came in I guess some people he knew.As the gentleman went back to get the shoes the people he knew walked back to the entrance of the stock room and stated asking him questions about shoes.I guess he forgot about me because 3 people received their shoes before me but still I waited patiently.Two other sales rep asked me was I being helped because I guess they had seen me walk In before all these other people that was being helped by him.The guy came out and gave two people shoes that had came in behind me and told me I was next.I made the comment of "I guess being a local have its perks ",he looked at me and said let me see what's going on with him.Needless to say I eventually walked out without the shoes.I will never return to that store .I also thought being a serviceman would also ramp up the customer service but it didn't.I had my US Navy lanyard for my keys hanging out my pocket and he asked me was I in the navy and I told him yes.

Posted by Anonymous

I'm very concerned.
I purchased some items from your store in Vidalia Georgia..store #1017 the salesperson was the asst.manger Sylvia #119513...OMG she was so rude and disrespectful..I have never seen a asst.manger with such a bad attitude..I will never returned to that store if she is working there.is hope she doesn't treat other customers like that
Thank you
A dissatisfied customer

Posted by jkeller4

I shopped at the hibbett at crossroads mall in beckley West Virginia. I bought the new retro 13s the dyke at the register charged me 211.40 got home checked the receipt it was only 201.40 went back the next day and the manager told me they would call lost prevention and look at the tape. I'm not sure why we couldn't just see it there but they also told me that she was a good person and wouldn't do that. that is not true her name was bobbie she also came out and talked to me. she is a thief she tried to tell me she was an accountant and knew how to count money because the drawer and paper work was even. hahahahah why are you an accountant working at hibbett and obviously that stuff is going to even out if you just put the $10 in your pocket. she is a joke and I hope they catch her sorry pathetic

p.s your name isn't bobbie so stop lying you short chunky confused dyke

Posted by Jenna

I shopped in your Elizabeth city store in North Carolina. I never felt out of place. The woman in your store could barely be bothered to help us and would not leave the register area there was three of them. We had to walk up to get service it was a chore just to get a pair shoes. I try to shop local. I will never shop in your store again . I've never been treated more rude in my life . We did buy a pair of shoe . The people in the store need to be trained how to sell a pair shoes too .

Thank you for you time
Jennifer Schinski Pierce

Posted by Worst customer service ever

My daughter received a small under armour duffle bag for Christmas from her grandparents that live out of town. She needed a larger one so I took it to our local Hibbits for an exchange initially. They did not have a medium duffle in that style or in any other medium in women's styles/colors so I asked if they could order one and they said no. I asked for cash back so I could order her one direct from under armour. The "assistant coach" told me I would need the receipt for cash. . So, I contacted her grandparents and they drove us the receipt over this weekend. They arrived late and left after a short visit. I brought the bag and the receipt to the store today and the same "assistant coach" told me he could not give me cash because they paid with credit and he would have to put it back on their credit card. I was pretty agitated and reminded him that last time he said I would only need the receipt but I relented and told him to go ahead and add it back to their card even though I had already ordered one from under armour online and paid myself. Then, he actually asked me if they were with me. I had walked into this small store and went straight to the counter. The grandparents were obviously NOT with me. He then said he had to see the ID and credit card to swipe it back onto the card. I told him he could see her grandfather was not with me. He said that if he talked to him and got his credit card number over the phone he might do it but the reason for all this was to prevent theft. I told him that I was not trying to steal the bag---I had the receipt. He then offered up that even a gift receipt would not have worked. I told him this was ridiculous and that I did exactly what he said and brought back the receipt so I wanted either cash or on the card. He actually then said he had told me the first time that he would need the receipt AND that IF they had used a credit card he would need to be present with ID and credit card. I told him that was absolutely not true and that he had not said that at all. He outright lied! There is nothing that makes me angrier than a liar. If he had said that then why would I have come back to the store with rhe credit card receipt on my own? He stopped trying to push that after I repeated that I was 100% certain he had not said that and he knew it. I told him I would like for him to call his store manager. He said she would only say the same thing. She wasn't working so he said he was calling her personal phone but then didn't leave a message for her---said she didn't have voicemail. He wouldn't give me her number. I asked when she was working next, took the bag, receipt and left. I DO NOT want store credit because I will NEVER shop Hibbits again! I tried to call the corporate office and got the run around being transferred from one dept to another after being disconnected a couple of times---so I can definitely see where the customer service training comes from. Finally, I ended up leaving customer service a very mixed up message---I was just so angry and frustrated. I'm supposed to get a call in 24 hours from the district sales manager---not counting on it considering the service experience thus far.

Posted by Anonymous

I just left Hibbett Sport In Eastdale Mall Montgomery, Al, worst service ever. So rude, I will never spend my money there on nothing.

Posted by Anonymous

After reading some of these other complaints.. I suggest upper management get their team players into training or your going to lose the game big time... I appalled by the complaints I just read..
I'm a veteranian in my home town and drive miles daily to farms to treat ppl animals that they depend on and care for greatly. I would never ever treat my customers the way I've read and from my own story. If I sold them a bottle of pennacillian for their cattle and a week later the cattle became sick I'd do whatever I had to to make up for it At no cost.. YOU DON'T TREAT YOUR CUSTOMERS THIS WAY.. SHAME ON YOUR GENERAL MANAGERS FIR NOT BEING ON HAND MAKING SURPRISE VISITS OR EVEN HAVING MYSTERY SHOPPERS COME INTO YOUR STORES.. I to have noticed in your Rising Sun stores your employees goofing off with each other they say hello when you walk in than can I help you find something. If you say no thanks than their off in a corner laughing and flirting and acting their age..
TEENAGERS. I'VE NEVER SEEN A PERSON WORKING IN YOUR STORE HERE OVER 21?? I know if my employees a ted that way in my office they'd be at the unemployment office the next day... and both my daughters work for me.. if they ever acted that way I'd toss them out on their butts... Boy I was mad over my sports bra but after reading the other complaints I'm REALLY PEED OFF NOW... SHAME HIBBIT SPORTS SHAME ON YOU.. AND ANOTHER THING YOU SEND ME TXT TO ENTER CONTEST BUT WHEN I TRY TO DOWNLOAD THE SITE IT NEVER WORKS? WHY IS THAT?

Posted by [email protected]

I shop reguraly at your store in Rising Sun, Maryland. This Christmas I received a under armour sports bra from my oldest daughter. She got me the wrong size and it was totally to small I couldn't even get it over my head.. I took it back and was SHOCKED at the service I received from your "HEAD COACH" he said since it was wore (which it never was at least not by me bc I couldn't even get it over my head) and I didn't have the tags bc my daughter had tore them off before wrapping it.. and that they no longer had any of the same ones left that there was nothing he could do... now read the return policy of your store it says " a even exchange for credit without a receipt will be issued as long as the item is not wore or damaged " which I never woreceived the item, once again I couldn't get it over my head.. and it was in perfect condition. . Now I've managed stores in my 45 years on this earth and I know the sky # is right on the tag sewed into the item. Plus I know inventory records would show the last retail price on that item.
Instead he wanted to argue the point with me and instead had me keep giving him dates as to when my daughter bought it . I was not with her when she bought the gift but to waste if he wanted to play games I figured I'd play along and threw a couple guesses at him which of course he couldn't find the transaction. I even called my daughter while there but she couldn't answer her phone bc she was at work.. I talked to her later that night and she said she bought it back in the end of October beginning of November but couldn't remember the exact date.. she said she swore the tag said 38c but the sports bra was actually a 34DD..BIG BIG difference ð². When she told me it cost $51.00 I was more upset than I was when I though " MAYBE $35.00".. So now I'm stuck with a very expensive sports bra that I can't even give away bc first I know famity that cam wear a 34 but not a DD cup.. I spend alot of money in your store and I love your stuff and guality. To be treated like this makes me want to start going the extra 7 miles out of my way to Olympian Sports.. I wouldn't of had a issue like this there..
You need to train your young managers how to find out imformation on your merchandise weather they are still on the racks or not.. so now Im STUCK looking at this experience sports bra nobody can even use.. let alone my daughter felt like crap that her gift turned out to be useless to me.. Very disappointed
Mrs. Carla Benjamin, DVM


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Posted by Anonymous

I love this store. I bought a dri-fit material exercise shirt for my brother for his birthday. Thank you. Do you all have children's and ladies shirts? Thanks and God Bless You All, Anne Bratton Russo :) :) :)

Posted by Anonymous

I've bee to the roswell n.m store and the main manager has been there to greet customers professionally the stores been kept up a very clean customers are taken care of in a professional and timely manner

Posted by Patricia R.

I had a Awesome experience at Hibbett Sports STORE # 249 today in Jesup, GA The cashier Adrian was so polite he made sure I left the store with a pair of nice tennis in my price range

Posted by Denise Winston

I was recently visiting the hibbet sports in Goldsboro, NC and the two gentlemen that work there I believe the names are Glen and Andrew were extremely helpful. I don't see Andrew (I think that's his name) but every time I'm in the store Glen has been extremely helpful and polite. Not to mention he's extremely hilarious and very kind. Always happy to shop in stores like that one.

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Posted by Anonymous

I am wondering how to leave my resume to regional manager of Arkansas can you tell me how to get to them


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