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Hewlett-Packard customer service is ranked #530 out of the 946 companies that have a CustomerServiceScoreboard.com rating with an overall score of 30.46 out of a possible 200 based upon 1503 ratings. This score rates Hewlett-Packard customer service and customer support as Disappointing.


1,424 Negative Comments out of 1,503 Total Comments is 94.74%.


79 Positive Comments out of 1,503 Total Comments is 5.26%.

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    • 30.46 Overall Rating
      (out of 200 possible)
    • 1,424 negative comments (94.74%)
    • 79 positive comments (5.26%)
    • 2 employee comments
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    • 1.7 Issue Resolution
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Posted by Anonymous

I returned unused ink to the HP warehouse and I have yet to receive my refund which I was told I would be getting. I have been talking to Rebecca, a supervisor, and I thought she was going to help me in this matter but as of yet I have not received my refund or even the credit.

Posted by Nancyree

A couple of weeks ago I purchased ink for my computer from H.P. When I received the ink my printer broke, I got in touch with HP and was told to return the ink and I would receive a credit. There is no FEDEX in this area so I took it to Rome, Ga. to ROME PACK & SHIP AND they shipped it back for me. I had a letter inside with the ink showing the RMA # and all that was needed to get my refund back. As of this date I have not received a word about the ink return or my refund. Who handles all this anyways? Am I going to get my refund? Please advise. Thanks

Posted by Bethemay

Worst Customer Service ever! Transferred 4 times and then disconnected. Never by an HP anything

Posted by Cain Mahan

I cannot believe how ridiculous your replacement/return system is. I was supposed to receive an email to which I was supposed to reply with my copy of receipt. This email was never sent. This failure to send was after 5 hours of getting tormented by your Indian offices and phone systems. I am using this as proof that I submitted my request for a return within the 30 day window and was approved. I doubt they inputted my into your system, because it was built that way. I will never buy an HP product again after this nightmare. Send my thanks to James.

Posted by HP 23.8 -Led Monitor

I purchased a 23.8 inch LED Monitor HP at Walmart Marshalltown Iowa on 02/05/18.
I unplugged it from my unit and when plugged back in -it had a foggy picture with red and blue lines on the left an d the picture kept "jumping". I had a computer repair lady check it and she said it could not be repaired. The Walmart would not take it back- 15 days had elapsed and said call the company.

Posted by Anonymous

I bought 3 brand new HP laptops for family gifts. All three computers arrived, unboxed and all seemed fine from the outside, until they were plugged in. One of the laptops had a screen defect and is unusable. I contacted the store, but since it was passed 15 days they would not accept it back (now I see why) and told me to contact the brand name on the laptop which was Hewlett Packard. After several phone calls and constantly being put on hold and wasting my time, the best they could do for me is for me to pay $450.00 to get it fixed... THAT'S RIGHT...THEY WANTED ME TO PAY $450.00 TO FIX A DEFECTIVE SCREEN ON THEIR HEWLETT PACKARD LAPTOP THAT WAS NEVER USED AND WAS LESS THAN 30 DAYS OLD...

I told the Hewlett Packard Rep to stop playing on the phone and let me talk to their manager. After speaking to the manager. He opened a case order and said someone would contact me before the 3PM. They did keep their word on that because an HP salesperson called me and told me to email the receipts and info on this brand new HP laptop that was less than 30 days old and was useless. I sent him the info. Then, after he possibly reviewed the email I sent. He then called me back to offer me a coupon for $125 to use only on their website to purchase another HP laptop which was another $300 + out of my pocket.


I told the Hewlett Packard sales person I didn't want to pay for another laptop, so I ask if I could use the $125 coupon for a new screen from their parts department to fix their defect on this new HP Laptop that I cannot use. And he said NO!!! the coupon is only good for another Hewlett Packard laptop with the additional $300 plus out of my pocket to purchase another laptop.

Let me repeat that...the coupon is only good for another Hewlett Packard laptop with the additional $300 plus out of my pocket to purchase another laptop, and I can't use the coupon for the parts I need to fix their defect on this brand new Hewlett Packard .

I told him thanks for trying to help by selling me anther Hewlett Packard Problem. Oh, I think I said I should have bought a DELL or ASUS. But, I'm not sure.

...And he said, I QUOTE "its responsibility to inspect and make sure the laptop works properly when you receive it. And since you didn't plug in the laptop, it's your own fault." Don't come back to Hewlett Packard after 20 days and say there is a defect with the laptop".

That's right...It's all my fault that I received a defective laptop from Hewlett Packard. Thanks so much for standing behind your product by blaming the customer for receiving a defective Hewlett Packard product.

All I have to offer is to save yourself from the headaches dealing with Hewlett Packard reps. They have zero integrity and will NOT back their product... buy from another computer company and stay away from the runaround and expensive out of pocket expenses I had to deal with and nothing to show for what I purchased.

I purchased a brand new Hewlett Packard laptop and after 30 days my recycle bin got bigger, they took my money for an HP laptop that was defective and then blamed me the customer. I'm just another unhappy customer like the millions before me complaining about receiving a defective Hewlett Packard computer that does not work. Oh! And for the other 2 that seemed to work, they have started to freeze up. It's very clear to me now...Hewlett Packard is like a con artist trying to get you to spend more money to replace a defective new Hewlett Packard Laptop.

I will never buy another Hewlett Packard product again. It's very sad they don't back their Hewlett Packard product and also have no problem pointing their finger at the customer for the defect. If you read this and still purchase a Hewlett Packard product. You only have yourself to blame, but I'm sure the HP folks will remind you of that when you call to report your problem with your HP defect.

Posted by Lovely

It don't have a CD drive I thought it did when I brought it I was trying to return it

Posted by Anonymous

HP customer service is absolute crap. Received the wrong printer, and after hours on the phone and numerous failed promises, I still don't have a return label a week later.

Posted by Sarah

HP Support is not very helpful and will drag out a problem as long as possible hoping you will go away. They have technicians who speak broken English and will give you every excuse possible. Do not buy from them. Their quality has really gone down hill. After having my Operating System reloaded by HP, I am now pursuing legal alternatives.

Posted by Anonymous

Well after 20+ mins. on the phone with Barry, I revd my RMA email ERROR 404 Message,The server has not found anything matching the Request-URI. No indication is given of whether the condition is temporary or permanent.If the server does not wish to make this information available to the client, the status code 403 (Forbidden) can be used instead. The 410 (Gone) status code SHOULD be used if the server knows, through some internally configurable mechanism, that an old resource is permanently unavailable and has no forwarding address.

Called the number on the email; has nothing to do with HP returns? Next, Under TROUBLE SHOOTING: went to Fedex Return Lable, entered my user name and password provided by HP on in the email, system error AGAIN.

Called FedEx as provided in the email by HP for any technical support, FedEx tells me that they can not help, have to call HP Next, called HP 716 633-3600 for questions about my shippment (HP HHO Returns Dept. This number is incorrect and they could not help me! I am asking myself why does HP put numbers in the email to me if they don't help??

I called 888 999-4747, after 20 mins on the phone with another difficult to understand person, transfered me to another similar person. I got fed Up and asked to have HP schedule thru FEDEX a pick up at my house. Put on hold for another 15 mins. Women came back on and said FedEx will pick up my box tomorrow. It's now 9:49am and I have been on the phone with HP for approx. 1 1/2 hrs. just to get my laptop returned. I really think they do this on purpose to make you go away.

Never again will I ever purchase ANY THING from HP and for those of you considering HP, take notice there are other companies out there; DELL, Lenovo to name a few that respect you more than HP.

Posted by Anonymous

I am on the phone with a mam named Barry (won't provide last name or any other identifier). I called to get an RMA to return a computer. I am trying to understand the man but because of the LANGUAGE barrier it is very difficult. This is another reason why I am returning this computer and buying a great laptop and twice the expense from DELL.

Why doesn't HP spend a little more money and have US based call ctrs.???

Posted by Fly917

HP-the worst! I bought their laptop Envy 360, which is supposed to be a great, fast laptop with an 8 hour battery life. Well, not the case. My battery power drains in less than 3 hours and the laptop is super slow. I've had the laptop for 2 months and they will not replace it, instead, I'm supposed to ship it to them for analysis, it will take them two weeks (at best) to "fix" the problem. I've spoken to four representatives and just keep getting bounced around without resolution. Will not buy or recommend another HP ever!!

Posted by nONE

Never Buy For Hp Try To Return A Power Cord That They Said Would Fit My Laptop And I Paid For It They Sent It To Me 9 Days Later I Got And It Was The Wrong Power Cord. Her Comes The Problem Try To Send It Back And You Will Face A Nightmare. They Ask For Your Order Number And Then They Will Keep Transfering You Back And Forth And You Will Never Get Anyware. 3.75 Hours Trying To Get A Return Shipping Lable. And Still No Progress Try Asking For A Supervisor They Will Hang Up On You

Posted by pole99hode

I bought an HP pen but it is not recognised by my HP tablet.
I am finding it difficult to find an email address to contact them about a refund

Posted by Anonymous

I bought a HP windows 7 about 6 years ago, didn't have problems with it till around the 3rd year. It started freezing up. So I sent it to get fixed, but still had problems with it. So I bought a new HP windows 10. Had problems with it from the get go. I heard sizzling noises, now my key board won't work. I have to use the on screen keyboard to log in and type anything. After reading all the comments I'm fearful of trying to return it. Never again will I buy HP.

Posted by Radhika

HP's policies are really not suited for genuine customer help. On buying a product I assume that it works properly and that it does not have an inherent issue with it.
At first instance I tried contacting HP services in Santa Cruz Mumbai. I was asked to pay RS. 750 for installation of a printer which costs 7300. I installed the printer myself. Even then the printer did not end up working. So I called up HP services once again for help. They ask me to call up at some number which I did. I have been contacting HP for a long time and today someone finally came to check the printer. I was told there is some problem with the printer and therefore I could replace or return it. I purchased it on 10th Oct from a store in west bengal. I have been facing this problem with its installation from the very beginning. I did not assume that HP would be providing a defective product to a customer. Now it is impossible for me to go back to West Bengal within the time presribed by them. I guess HP does not understand the difficulties and costs involved in travelling from one place in India to another and that too only to return a product which is defective and is a problem that I have been caused because of their faulty product. After paying in full for a product, you receive a defective product and then you receive a callous attitude from HP. Wow. this is ultimate payback for customers and the most efficient kind of customer service for a company which operates throughout India. I am sorry to say I am hugely disappointed to a level that I will never be going back to HP and would discourage everyone from doing so at every possible level. Just in case HP would like to know the case number I am putting it up here: BLFB-9067. And I would request HP services to not trouble customers by asking them to call numerous persons for the same problem and to develop a better efficient service system for defective products. You could take it as a feedback in case HP believes in feedback of customers

Posted by [email protected]

Your Printer Is The Worst Priner Ai Have Ever Tribe Ti Use It Is 3 Months Old And Had Nothing Plus Problems . I Demand A Full Refund And Will Tell You Ai Will Report The The Concumer Protectionfrom You Peratrating On Others And To The Better Bussines Beaureu Nad Institue A Law Siute. Think O Ak Playeing Try Me

Posted by Fedup

I bought mine in March 2017 from QVC and waited 3 weeks for it to arrive. That should have been my first clue. I bought it as a back up to my 9 year old hp desktop, which works better than my 17 inch hp laptop .It is crashing and freezing too much. Last week I had to do a total recovery.
The company has obviously been sold to a group that cuts corners and doesnt give a damn. My laptop came with 1 year support and after reading all the reviews online, its probably best to cut my losses and buy another brand.

Posted by Anonymous

I have been waiting nearly two months for a refund of $218 for an HP printer I bought on June 12 and returned on June 20. I have spoken to HP personnel on six different occasions and have been told every time that the refund was imminent but it has not yet appeared on my credit card statement. I have used HP equipment for decades, but considering this level of customer disservice I shall certainly never buy another piece of HP equipment.

Posted by Anonymous

I have had an HP Pavilion Laptop and have used it daily for the past 5 years.
Never a glitch, no problems and it is still going strong. I would certainly buy another HP laptop when the time comes to replace it.

Posted by Anonymous

I have never been so rudely talk to by someone trying to help you. The guy was a total jerk. It was almost harassment. His name is Daniel Brian and he was on the phone with me at 4:00 central time. I hope that this call was recorded and can be listened to by higher ups. This jerk should NOT be in customer service.

Posted by Kurran

I want to get rid of this laptop as it is just such a bad laptop and always has faults, it's been sent back for repairs 4 times and I've had it for around 6months it's unacceptable

Posted by Anonymous

No services. Kept transfer your phone call. I went thru 5 people and get disconnected. I wasted my whole hour.

Posted by Anonymous

Printer will never connect to my computer the first time. Have to restart the printer every time i need to print or scan something, Then have to wait several minutes for the printer to run its maintenance. I have the latest printer drivers and Apple updates. Throwing this piece of junk in the dumpster

Posted by Profdawg

HP customer service is near worthless. They appear to be in a 3rd world country and difficult to understand. I inquired on how to turn off the ink monitor in my Officejet Pro 8620 computer. For those unfamiliar in an attempt to sell more ink HP turns off the color printing once a predetermined number of pages are completed. Regardless of the amount of ink remaining in you cartridges you can't use it. Remember HP is not a printer company, but an ink company. There is a way to turn this monitor off, at least on some printers, allowing you to use ALL of the ink you paid for. I went thru three techs. They would went off on a tangent about checking drivers, etc and wanted to squeeze me for $50. They just could not comprehend what I wanted. Of course I'm dome buying HP products, yet wonder if others pull the same stunts.

Add your review!

Posted by DAS

I purchased a new Spectre last August 2016. I had to call HP customer service a few times in the last two years (I was too dumb to fix it). I also needed to call them yesterday to check on a few things.

I LOVE HP customer service, esp compared to Dell. HP updated my Bios, drivers, checked through the thing and connected my wireless HP printer. Everything very professional. I loved following along as they worked and they showed me a few tricks. Guess what? They are calling me this coming week to see if the computer is running ok since the retooling yesterday. WHO DOES THAT?

Been with computers since 1985. I LOVE THE HP Spectre with the coroe i7. Wish I had gone with HP years ago
--70 year old grandmother who started with a custom built 386 in 1985 with 80 mg of memory. :)

Posted by PapaCoot

A real mixed bag vis-a-vis tech and customer support. My 2-month old Pavilion AIO crashed and burned. After a lengthy chat session the tech determined the unit needed repair. A convoluted process that took many days more than it should have finally resulted in me getting the materials I needed to ship the unit to Indiana for repairs. Initial fix and delivery date was given as November 8, but that was extended to December 15. No repaired computer arrived on December 15. A call to a case manager revealed that my case had been closed. Imagine my surprise. An email to HP, Inc. CEO got me a phone call from HP headquarters. A young lady there was very helpful, and decided to send me a new, upgraded unit at no cost. In addition to a new computer she sent me a coupon for the HP Store. This is customer support at its finest. Lo and behold the new computer arrived, and it doesn't work. A call to tech support revealed that it needed to be sent back for repairs. Another call to HP headquarters (to the same young lady that previously helped me) resulted in yet another new computer to be shipped to me. So, tech support: 1 of 10 stars. The tech support centers in India and Manila are pretty awful. The repair center in Indiana is just about as awful. Customer relations: 10 of 10 stars. My case manager there is amazing. She was with me every step of the way once the case got into her hands. Bravo, HP, for employing this high caliber of person to handle customer issues directly.

Posted by dave

Wow Iam amazed at these comments about HP - I have bought 4 computer systems( over the last 4 yrs )branded HP ( two towers and two laptops ) and none of them have ever given me a hiccup. I have never needed to contact support for any reason ever. Just today I ordered a new Omen Desktop System - i hope it is built as good as all my others were

Posted by Shubham

Really excellent service I m really impressed . From now onwards I by HP products only. Very good keep it up

Posted by Lynne

I purchased a HP Office Pro printer. It's been less than a year I recently I've been having problems with my printhead. I talked to tech. support just today and they are sending me a totally new printer. My support agent's name was Richey. This gentleman was a gentleman. He was very accomadating, understanding kind and patient with me. Transferring my call to correct extension and also I was helped by Richey in a timely manner.
I understand that customer service is difficult at times, but so can the customers. Now really, if you approach customer service appropriately and calmly, you will be treated the same. You won't get to far with rudeness. You need to put your self in their place. You don't like to be spoke to that way either. I had no problems with HP and I still like my printer. I try to stay calm, which I have learned over the years in the health business. If someone is rude to me I will tell them immediately and I expect the same in return. Thank you for reading this. Lynne

Posted by Anonymous

Service Within Warranty Is Good And Quick.

Posted by Anonymous

I would like to write a positive comment about your tech Reaksmey Yan. I had a problem which resulted with a previous tech. While the tech solved an earlier problem another was created unintentionly.. The former tech attempted to solve the problem but was unsuccessful..Mr Yan solved the problem. This is a thank you for a job well done. George Margosian

Posted by SK Temal

awesome service SK Temal Solved all my problems Awesome Service

Posted by popbrick

I am still waiting for my rebate, It has only been 5 months. The computer works wonderfully.

Posted by Looking for arpita paul

It was a great experience talking to the representative and the service was good. About my laptop display. Her name was ARPITA PAUL/PAL. how can I contact with her further?

Posted by Lynda Sloane

I would like to express my thanks and admiration for the help and support given to me recently by Lauren of HP Printer Support. I had upgraded to Windows 10 and everything worked fine except for the printer. Lauren was tireless in helping me to sort this problem, having to escalate the issue to Microsoft because HP did not have the fix required. After three separate phone calls, two of which were about 1 1/2 hrs long (at HPs expense) the problem was finally resolved. Lauren was very clear about what she was doing, what she wanted me do, what would happen next etc. Her managers also became involved and provided additional support.
The whole experience (apart from Windows 10!) was of exceptionally good customer service. Most impressive! Thank you all.

Posted by benduck

I am absolutely happy as hell!

Chris could not have been more cordial, professional and helpful.

I sent in my desktop and had it back within 7 days with all problems

fixed and ready to go.

Two days from now I will have it reloaded and ready to test; I anticipate

that all has been corrected.

My repair # is
Chris and his staff is the very reason I have purchased HP's since 1997

for my daughter and myself; we have bought 6 or 7.

Very happy with HP and the people like Chris is the reason why!

Posted by Shylah Rae

I have had my HP pavilion for almost a year, about a month before my warranty is up, my power jack brakes. Some how my power cord tip was crooked, and when inserting it into my laptop it messed up the insides. I took it to best buy and they said it could be a easy fix or it could need a whole new motherboard. A $500 + fix?!? I asked why it would cost so much if it was still under warranty? Well it is not under warranty with Best buy but with HP. The man I was talking to tried to dis the idea of going through HP to repair my computer. I ended up leaving Best buy and calling Hp about my problem. Although it was extremely hard to understand the accent of the person I was speaking to, they shipped me a box to put my computer in at no cost. I actually just got it back today, it came with a sheet that lists the items they replaced. DC power jack, SYSTEM MOTHERBOARD, AC power adapter (I had already bought a new one :), and a cable. This was a extreme expensive fix and they did it all for FREE!!! (Even cleaned my computer screen while they were at it) I am extremely happy with HP and would definitely buy from them again :) Thank you guys.

Posted by Anonymous

Best service I have ever received. As soon as I was talked too everything was handled fast with people that care. I really appreciate it, you guys are amazing!

Posted by jay

Would like to say I big thankyou to hp customer service team for the help I received very helpful threw out my phone call

Posted by Anonymous

R. Hariharan solved new printer problem and made several helpful corrections/additions to my computer in same session. I AM MOST GRATEFUL for the efficient help.

Posted by Anonymous

I have just had the most wonderful experience with Rosalyn in Manilla--case # she spent three hours with me on the telephone and solved all my problems with my printer and was delightful and diligent. I do hope someone will let her know how very helpful, pleasant and knowledgable she was. Mary Ware

Posted by Cooler888

In the last 6 to 8 month's I have been in the possession of a HP Elite Desk PC with 2 23" Elite Display E231 Monitors got to say as an IT Support technician and front desk responder for IT in a school in the Ribble Valley for the last 13 years I have never had such a brilliant workhorse PC it works speeeedily I 5 CPU 8 GB of Ram love it Thank you very much

Posted by Anonymous

Soumya Jyoti helped me with my computer. Very helpful and very friendly. 10/10

Posted by helianth

I had a top assistance from Neda who works in Serbia for my HP officejet 100 411. Very skilled lady and very helpful. Amazing!

Posted by Anonymous

the virus I had took a lot of time to remove and the tech performing the repair was the best and most thorough I have ever had / pc is working great/ the guy needs a promotion or salary increase/ most follow a script but this guy reallYYYY yyy knew what he was doing

Posted by POMPOM

After having serious problems with my HP Envy, I gave up trying to fix it myself and called tech support. I spoke with Trevor. He went above and beyond to help resolve my issues. He was very personable, knew what he was talking about and was able to fix a problem that I needed done immediately all the while being professional.

Posted by Anonymous

I have nothing but praise for the way my query was dealt with.my printer broke down[ and after chatting online to the rep on Monday I received a new printer on Thursday.well done hp.

Posted by Anonymous

Highly satisfied. Tech name was Mohsan Awan.

Very pleased.

Thank you so much. Racheal Travis

Posted by laura408

I was just helped by Lucy V. She helped me fix some issues with pop ups and downloads that my nephew did and I did not and could not remove them nor get the pop ups to stop. She was very professional and diligent in her work. I give her a 10+ out of 10. Awesome. This is the second time I have had to use online support and both times I have received exceptional service. I highly recommend HP online customer service especially Lucy V. My case She deserves to be acknowledged for her great service. Thank you again Lucy!

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Posted by Anonymous

I have worked for HP for about three years now. I have worked in numerous departments and here is some points to remember when calling into HP.

1. Please do your best to co-operate when calling in, our number one metric we need to follow is resolving your issue. If we do not resolve your issue our managers will ask us for a valid reason why we did not. Plain and simple: if we don't fix computers then we don't keep working for HP.

2. Many departments (including every one I have worked in) only have one level of technical support, above us we just have nontechnical managers who will enforce policy even more heavily then the agents who answer the phone will. If you want to speak with Corperate level then go to the contact us section of hp.com.

3. We support the product you are calling in about for 40 hours a week, 52 weeks a year. We take lengthy training before we take a call. Although this means if you are in the wrong department we do need to transfer you, we may know your product a bit but we have to transfer you to the department who supports this model exactly.

4. Threatening or yelling gets you no where. Be curteous to us and we will happily return the favour.

We want to help you. If no one calls we have nothing else to do but sit there. We have no games or other things to do and without a call our shifts crawl by at glacail pace.

Posted by Anonymous

HP Warranties default to the date of manufacture. Keep your receipt and if told the warranty is expired be ready to fax it. Unfortunately they don't always update the warranty information in the case, so you might have to repeat this if you have to call back again. Keep your case number, it does speed up troubleshooting if you have to call back.

It is helpful to write all the symptoms of the product before you call in. By having them written down, you can describe clearly the situation and not leave anything out. Try to have a clear understanding of what you require to resolve the problem. Replacement of the entire system or a credit toward a new product is usually not going to happen. If the system is less than 30 days old you can just have it returned and get a new product. Outside of the 30 days and less than the year, you can expect it to be repaired to the specifications of the device. Meaning it will not be faster, use less consumables etc, unless those were affected by a material defect.

If you are unable to understand the service center person, you can ask to speak to someone who is a native English speaker. Higher levels of support are based in the US and it goes much faster.

If you want to avoid calling in, you can use itrc.hp.com You can check warranty and submit a request for support. Make sure your description is detailed and a customer service representative will contact you either via phone or email. There is also a link for active chat if you prefer.

In all cases, have your product number and serial number easily accessible.

Many of the problems associated with HP computers are actually a result of problems in the software. A system recovery is usually recommended. If you back up your system and do the system recovery before contacting service you can reduce the time to get hardware service authorized.

HP does not cover damage inflicted by misuse. Prior to sending in any hardware for any vendor, it is a good business practice to take a picture of the unit first. If the shipper damages the unit, you can see about insurance coverage.

Hardware outside of the warranty period can be covered by an extended warranty, but if not, support can be obtained by posting in the forums.

Most HP internal service manuals have been found on third party websites. Obtaining a service manual for your product can resolve many issues. There is usually a section in the manual for troubleshooting.

If you have the service manual and your system is out of warranty, running a search on sites such as Ebay for the part(s) is usually possible.

A final solution, any HP technician can use a feature called Voice of the Customer to submit a case on your behalf when regular service channels have failed.

Finally, if the technician has been less than professional or unwilling to provide assistance, the request to speak to the supervisor. You may have a wait since they are usually with other customers. Tell the technician that you are done talking to them and will wait for their manager. Remaining calm is actually to your benefit. Have a clear idea of what you require to resolve the dispute also.


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