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Hertz customer service is ranked #479 out of the 946 companies that have a CustomerServiceScoreboard.com rating with an overall score of 32.09 out of a possible 200 based upon 1061 ratings. This score rates Hertz customer service and customer support as Disappointing.


990 Negative Comments out of 1,061 Total Comments is 93.31%.


71 Positive Comments out of 1,061 Total Comments is 6.69%.

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    • 32.09 Overall Rating
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    • 990 negative comments (93.31%)
    • 71 positive comments (6.69%)
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Posted by Anonymous 2

The gentleman I talked to indicated that I had sufficient points for the entire 7 days in a Standard SUV. We also inquired regarding a larger SUV and determined that my points were not sufficient for a larger vehicle. Therefore, I proceeded with the reservation for a standard SUV, and was told that my responsibility was only for fees and taxes, in the exact amount of $154.16.
A few minutes later, I received a voice mail from the same gentleman, who asked me to call back to confirm some information. I did so, and received a different representative, who informed me that the prior representative had; in fact, misquoted the amount we would have to pay because my Gold Plus Rewards account was 13 points short of the amount necessary to get a free weekly rental. I was quoted $418.31 instead - a significant increase from what I was initially quoted. I indicated that was unacceptable and asked to speak to a supervisor. After waiting on hold for at least 10 minutes, the representative told me that there was nothing she could do - and I would have to pay the higher amount or buy more points. I asked to speak to a supervisor because that was an unsatisfactory resolution. When a specific quote is given by your representative, Hertz should stand by that quote. As a Gold member, I feel that my continued use of Hertz warrants a level of service that I did not receive today. I also know from my years working in business that a misquote by a customer service representative is normally honored by most reputable companies. Therefore, I felt that asking for the same was warranted, and should be expected from Hertz. The supervisor in a raised voice at all times, spoke over me (even though I asked her repeatedly to stop doing so) to the point that my son and daughter in law across the room could hear her without being on speaker phone. She stated that if I chose to go to another company that was fine, and there was absolutely nothing she could do to assist. She was rude, argumentative, and displayed the lack of customer service that should never be displayed by any person in contact with the public. I was appalled at the lack of concern for my situation. I was treated horribly and received no satisfaction.

Posted by Anonymous

Whatever happened to the concept that one CSR could handle everything for you. Well, certainly Hertz has never heard of that concept. They have to transfer you to somebody different if you want to change a reservation, extend a reservation (is that not changing?), transfer points from one account to another, etc. etc. etc. Ridiculous - I hate Hertz. Too bad my company's corporate account is with them - because I would definitely be somewhere else with my loyalty. By the way, I'm President's Circle with them - not that that makes any difference.

Posted by Anonymous

I asked to pick up my car an hour early and was told there would be no problem and that my rate would not change. When I returned the car, they said it was half tank empty gas, which is untrue, it was maybe an 1/8 tank low. They said I could take it and fill it myself or it would be $9.99 per gallon which would.likely be about $45 for half a tank. I took it to fill it and it only took 2 gallons to be overfilled. When I told then this upon my return, they said the car has a really small 8 gallon tank, to which I replied that is untrue. The clerk then said my rate was roughly $12 higher than originally quoted. I had people waiting for me so I didn't stay to argue and signed over the keys. As I was walking away the clerk mumbled about me being "uptight". I would rather be considered uptight than unethical like these employees.

Posted by Anonymous

This morning I received a call from Miss Haley about 11:47 a.m. stating they will be charging me $300 for cleaning the van for pet hairs and species and the van was dirty which is not true. She went on to say there were food stains and the van is not rentable from the way I agree turned it they would have to have it detailed Monday and charge me the bill. I tried to explain to her the only thing they specify is that I have no smoking in the van or no pets which I left a $50 cash deposit. When I picked up the van from the Costa Mesa location on Harbor Boulevard the manager stated that someone stole the vacuum cleaner that day and he was not able to vacuum up the raisins and other debris on the carpet in the van which it had food in it already under the gas pedal and front floor.

I don't think this is fair after they received over $1,600 for the time I had the rental and to think they cannot cover the cleaning cost. Could someone please help me out with this situation or give me some directions to solbe the problem.

My contact information to this matter

Brenda Smith

Posted by Anonymous

Jan 6, 2017 Van Nuys Ca. State Farm lists Hertz as their preferred rental company. I needed to contact the local office and called the first day. The number rang 15 times but was never answered. This was midday, on a Thursday. So I called again the next day and it was answered after 8 rings and I was politely asked to hold " just a moment". That moment turned out to be 20 minutes until I finally gave up. I called State Farm to learn I could use any rental company I wanted and within minutes I had a call from a lovely agent from Enterprise and within the hour had the perfect vehicle for my needs. Hertz if this is your service to potential customers I never want to learn how you might treat someone who becomes your customer. I will NEVER put myself in that position with you.

Posted by Anonymous

I stay in Ruston, Louisiana. My car has broken down on me..the day before Christmas Eve... I reserved a car online. For me to get. Went their by the way I had to get a friend to drop me off at...gave the employee my information and driver license plus debit card.. had ask to do a credit check. So OK.. I was denied a vehicle to travel all because of a dam credit score... ridiculous ... I call customer service. They said they never heard of such a thing.. where does credit come in place for a car rental...I can see if I was buying the vehicle.. contact me tyhesia Woodard. please leave message if no answer

Posted by Candy Ellis

I rented a car from Hertz due to an accident with a deer. I was told it would cost $50 a day and a $50 deposit on a credit card. When I dropped the vehicle off at Hertz in Tomball,Texas I was told they would email me a receipt. I have been trying to call Hertz for a month now at the corporate office and all I got was either a wrong number or no one would answer the phone. A month later after never getting the receipt I finally found another phone number for Hertz and dialed it and finally someone answered. She told me they billed my sister's credit card for $928.57 and never bothered to tell me plus overcharged me. The bill was supposed to be paid for by my insurance company. What a way to run a business. Hertz you need to adjust the bill for what you said it should be when rented plus charge the insurance company not overcharge our credit card.

Posted by Kim

1st hertz on union street. I needed a rental I was promised an SUV when I got there is was a very small car.out of desperation I tool it is was told to come in on Monday, Tuesday I went no SUV. on Wednesday I called hertz on Atlantic Ave I asked for an SUV if I could pick it up today I was told yes. I was placed on hold 15minutes the original pet d on didn't come back to the phone some one else did and said her doesn't have any SUV I explained I was just told u did. know your saying you don't no response

Posted by Anonymous

Very disappointed. I reserved a midsized car for a Florida vacay. First, it took them 15mins to find the keys. The car was a Kia Forte. It was filthy and only had 1/2 tank of gas. The license plate was screwed in on top of the license plate frame and all the way through the bumper and it was crooked. Rusty nicks in the paint. Horrible car all the way around....not sure if I'll ever use Hertz again.

Posted by Anonymous

I reserved a car from Hertz. I changed the pick up time from 9:30 to 8:00 and was charged for an extra hour. I showed up at 7:30 to get in line and when they opened up at 8:00 they said they had no record of the change and that I would have to wait until 9:30. Then at 9:30 they told me that they did not have a car!

Posted by Anonymous

My car is in the shop being repaired from an accident. Picked up a car on Friday September 23rd which was dirty. Oil light came on on Thursday the 29th and the car was stalling on Friday the 30th. I made it home. Saturday @8:30 I called the Duluth office where I got the car from. No answer at first then the line was busy. This went on for about an hour or more. Called the 1800 number and was told that none of the locations near me had a vehicle. She tried to call the Duluth office but was not able to get through. I drove to the office in Duluth to see if I could exchange cars. I was told that no car was available in the category I had but there were cars on the lot. Then I was told that I could take the car and get the oil changed. I went back home and call the 1800 number, they arranged a tow truck and I had to go about 50 miles to the airport to get another car. The second car is not much better. This was my first using hertz and it will be my last. Very unsatisfied.

Posted by [email protected]

How do I register a complaint? I am sitting in Midland Texas awaiting a car for a reservation confirmed and paid for six weeks ago that was supposed to be ready two hours ago. What are my options for compensation?

Posted by Anonymous

Rented a vehicle at the Seattle Tacoma airport for six days, August 19th. We were asked if we wanted the additional damage/collision coverage. Our response was "No we do not need the additional coverage our car insurance covers this." THe attendant then pointed and told us to initial several places, including filling the gas tank. Imagine our surprise when we arrived home and further looked at our receipt at the very bottom is an additional charge for car insurance coverage, $180 to be exact! We explained we did not want the insurance and told where to sign,trusting the attendant only to find out he still charged us! This is obviously a big money maker tactic and very upsetting to be deceived. I called Hertz explained the situation and was told by Joanna it was our responsibility to read the contract, not theirs. My response if you are working with an attendant and explain you do not want insurance why would they tell you to sign and charge you for the coverage!
Ronald Baus

Posted by Jeff

My name is Jeff Lancaster. I was at your Hayward California Hertz Car Sales lot waiting to be helped. I sat near the bathroom, none could really see me unless they made a right turn to use the bathroom.I heard a Bellicose voice complaining that "the Coons who come here never have decent credit" Now mind you I am a light-skinned African who is often mistaken for Hispanic. Then, he further insulted Afro-Americans by saying he Hates working in Hayward, it's too ghetto and broke: he further states that money can't be made here with all these N (word) and Spics in this town"
I stop my deal with a Salesman named Johnny, made up the excuse that i better get my wife's approval of the Color of the Altima and left that Nazi lot! I cold member;s of my church and they urge me to file suit, however, I choose to notify Hertz first, because I buy all my cars there and my childrens, not to mention my recommendations from my church brethren. However, I will no longer shop or recommend this location and Hertz-after all you all hire these bigots!!


I booked my rental vehicle by hot wire. And vehicle which choose was a luxury Cadillac and pickup and drop same location which was PVD AIRPORT and it was for one whole week.
And even call directly to hertz rental car at PVD AT THE AIRPORT just to make sure. And it was a female The female from hertz yes your is luxury Cadillac and pickup at PVD AIRPORT so they had my information.
And when I arrived at PVD AIRPORT and went to HERTZ retail office to pick up the vehicle and was by hertz employees we don't keep Cadillac car. And I show my print out paperwork it says what car insurance paid for. But I was told it third-party and they pictures on the computer and they're wrong. So I no choice to get SUV vehicle and they said we give same price. But even if was trying explaining about my booking they were don't keep it.
I will say to all customers don't book from HOT WIRE OR FROM HERTZ and don't payment advanced even if is cheap until you see it first not a picture on a computer but with your on eyes face to face.

Posted by Graham

Disgraceful customer service - ripped me off for an exhorbitant cleaning fee, returns staff were incredibly rude and unhelpful, and customer service staff a joke. I will take my money elsewhere...

Posted by Anonymous

I reserved a car online with a debit card. Went to pick up the car to use for a death in the family. They ran my credit and I didn't pass the credit check. Now hertz will not give me my deposit back. It has been 11 days and still will mot give me my deposit back. Do not rent from them. Customer service people said that it's too late.

Posted by customer service

On. May 27 2016 I rent a mini van on Denver, Colorado and prior of the travel i paid in full the fee in my countrry Republic of Panama. Lubel travel agency. The trip was greatt but looking at my charges I find out that the voucher I sign in Denver office for any inconvenient charge me the rental car amount that was already paid. My mame is Jose Loreto i will like the refund.

Posted by Miles

All was fine until your check-in guy, Mike, when I returned the vehicle made me feel like I had been pulled over by a traffic cop. No, I did not have a gas receipt for the 1.79 gallons I purchased just outside the airport for the 34 miles I put on the car because the receipt machine on the pump was broken. Ever have THAT happen to you? He stated that Hertz has a new policy of: "proof required" of fuel purchase or he was going to have to charge me $13.95. I asked him in a very direct manner: "Just when the hell did THAT rule start? Can you not just look at the fuel gauge?" At that point he folded his little tablet against his chest and began to explain Hertz's rules and why they were needed. I frankly did not really give a good crap about that, I did not have the time as I had a flight to catch, and told him to just print my receipt and I would go my way and call the 800 number later. He, and I am dead serious here, SNAPPED at me like he was a cop and raised his voice and told me he was FOLLOWING THE RULES and *I* just needed to live with it. He then printed the receipt, told me he also credited the $13.95. So ok Hertz, listen to me. Two years ago I quit traveling for business. Thus, no more rentals two to three times a month. I always preferred Hertz but corporate policy made us, at times, take Avis or etc. I kept my Hertz Club Gold just because I always liked Hertz best. This trip to Tucson was a last second family emergency, no naturally I booked through Hertz with no regard to cost. I didn't have the time, look at the time of booking if you want to verify that. This Mike chap you have there, demonstrated the personality that he "enjoyed" having what he perceived as a touch of "control" over me as he went through the check-in process and took great enjoyment in making me stressed. So yes, I may not be a regular renter anymore, I may only have the occasional vacation rental. But understand this, I will never, and I mean NEVER rent from Hertz. Done. I will post this story to Yelp and travel advisor sites as much as I can. Good bye.

Posted by Pat

Denton Texas, never again will I use this company. Rented compact car I was given Fiesta Ford. My pick up time was 5pm. Got there @5pm. Got the car drove off got all the way home as I started to noticed AC didn't feel cold. Asked husband to double check and sure enough the AC was out. Drove back across town worried they were closed made it on time thank God. The guy there explained to me how "they normally have problems with those cars". And was trying to adjust the tempature and said that's what you have to do to make it work. So I tell him to get me another car we we're driving for 9 hours I cannot drive in the heat like that. He was OK with that,however the only other compact car was gonna be the same brand car. I refused to take the same car after he just told me "they have problems with those cars". They didn't have no others in compact. He could get me the next up car but it be a price difference. I asked if there would be at least a discount for the inconvenience. He said No! So now I'm very upset cuz he was gonna send us in car "they have problems with" and couldn't offer no kind of discount. There was a reason why I chose compact car it was cheaper and I didn't need much room. I can't get a hold of anyone to complain! Their Customer Service sucks! I wish I would have read the reviews before. Lesson learned.

Posted by hurt by hertz

Hertz at 1005 s Commercial Blvd Arlington, please please send in a new manager and or send undercover boss to see what's really going on there, they are so unorganized there is one pregnant girl who looks like she just crawled out of bed and came to work the manager is not manger material she seems to not care there is one young lady whom must be new she was trying her best to try and help a line of people with no help she was nice she went to the back I think to get help but nobody ever came to help her I think her name is terry or Teresa or something with a T the preggers came our only to look and walk back to the back she looked like she just woke up her hair was a hot mess, people started leaving saying they were going to enterprise, I feel bad for the young lady that was helping the best she could these people working here need retraining and maybe a new manager, two people waiting for me said they picked up dirty cars so ive decided not to do business here anymore I hate to say it and im a black woman these young African americans need to get it together evidently they have been giving a chance to work but they donht seem to like it or take pride in it please go and have a meeting with them.

Posted by Anonymous

Went to Prattville AL to rent a car while my vehicle was being worked on. The only agent I saw had an attitude from the moment I walked in. It was like I was a bother to her and there were no vehicle available. Beside the agents unfriendly disposition, having no vehicles available to rent is like going to your bank to cash a check and the bank has no cash. Also you facility needs some attention as well.

Posted by Navy Chief

I made a reservation online from Hertz to pick up a van on a Saturday at 12:00 pm at their Temecula location (27452 Jefferson Ave, Temecula Ca 92591). Paid online and got my confirmation email. So I went to pick up the van on that day, and was told that they don't have any cars since 10:00 am and the manager showed me the key box that is empty. The manager (Rowell Tolentino) told me that there's nothing he can do. I was confused since I already pay for it and have a confirmation. He even told me that they are supposed to be closed already. Seems like he is in a hurry to get out and did not even attempt to help me in any way. He just handed me a brochure and told me to call a number for help or refund.
So I called the 800 number on the brochure and after about an hour of endless holds and transfers. I was told that the best they can do is to have me pick up the vehicle in the nearest airport which is about 65 miles away from where I live. This is ridiculous since I don't even have a car to go anywhere. I had never seen this kind of incompetency anywhere. They did not even give me a courtesy call ahead so I can make other plans.
Now I'm stuck with no vehicle to pick up my family from the airport and ruined all my plans for the weekend. Thanks Hertz I should have not count on you. I used to rely on Hertz for my rental reservations because of their professionalism and efficiency but now they act like a bunch of unreliable rookies. Your service is falling apart I hope someone from the Corporate Office is aware of this.

Posted by Anonymous

6 April 2016 had a reseverd Car in Fayetteville N.C my flight were delayed I keep calling no answer so I left Voicemail to keep reservation for next day. Of course they didn't so here I am late for my school and no rental. They Suck

Posted by Anonymous

I booked this car from priceline. When i picked the car i told them i already paid to priceline full amount and there should not be any additional charges. Now you charged extra $168.48. When i called customer care, they are saying upgrade i opted and i signed the card. I got the worst car i ever had in my life manual version even do not have remote lock. I want you to return the extra charge you did. I did not opted for any upgrade. I am declining this charge. Respond back quick.

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Posted by Robert

The staff in Victoria coach station hertz car rental are very polite, I am extremely satisfied the way they handle with my reservations and queries in particular Robert is very friendly, I will return that's for sure.

Posted by Robert

I would highly recommend Hertz,for the way they deal with customers the service they provide, the staff were friendly and very helpful, definitely I will be using them again

Posted by jerlking

My first time renting from Hertz, the price was excellent. At the South Holland, Il location 1 person working. The line is long phone ringing it was awful. Customers complainting about dirty cars. Mine was dirty also.

Posted by Anonymous

what happen to the hertz rental in Duquoin at Duquoin auto service.It was very covenient for people there and was close enough to the amtrak station to walk and get a car.People there were very friendly and helpful.

Posted by Anonymous

I rented a vehicle from Hertz in North Kingston on post road in Rhode Island on june 26th. The excellent service I received from Mark the service agent was amazing in so many ways. Mark is a great employee and Hertz should be proud to have him representing the company. I had a miserable experience at a local Thrifty and because of Mark's service I have made another reservation in September at the same location. With that being said Hertz should be a little more informative to people making reservations on line about the $200.00 hold fee when using a major credit card. I was under the impression that this $200.00 fee only applied to debit cards not major credit cards. The $200.00 fee is a bit much. But lets focus on that amazing service I received from Mark.

Posted by rinakim

I had a great trip thanks to hertz after dealing with budget car rentals i last minute booked through hertz great customer service and even got a free upgrade i will only use hertz from here on out thanks guys for saving our trip;!!!

Posted by KJ Pang

We received our car in Paris on April 18. Few days later, people told us that our tyre has a bulge (egg). It us dangerous to drive on. We went to Hertz Grasse and tried to reflect this to them. There was a French woman and a technician that totally can't speak English, and i can't speak French. Impressively she asked me to wait and called to hertz center and asked them to translate for me! More, she found a nice gentleman (her friend i think) to do translation for us and wrote a letter to us (a French's explanation letter), then advised us to go Nice airport, which is a bigger hertz center and request to change a car.

Which this letter, we reached Nice airport and met another nice person named Alexandre, who is taking care the desk of hertz. I guess the letter is efficient, so Alexander dealt with us effectively, politely and changed a brand new car for us. I am really impressed with their passionate, professional, helpful, efficiency, and patient. Made my trip wonderful.

Posted by newyorktosanfrancisco

We received the best service from the location manager, Gary, at the San Francisco Fisherman's Wharf office. He was extremely understanding and accommodating after our flight was changed and we needed assistance regarding our rental agreement.

Posted by Anonymous

We rented a car, and had a problem with the outlets, came to the Hertz in Barstow, Ashley Soutar quickly attended us, and fixed our problem. Great service, and quick.

Posted by Anonymous

my husband and I have done business with hertz, river dale rd., west springfield, mass. Nicholas Jorge has always been most helpful, very kind, highly knowledgeable, and very pleasant. He is the reason we do business with Hertz.

Posted by Anonymous

The staff at Hertz York Street (Ottawa, Canada) is excellent, especially Meghan.

Posted by Anonymous

We returned our car to the Hertz location at McCarran Airport in Las Vegas, NV on October 8, 2014. The person who handled our return was Wayne White and he drove us to the airport instead of making us take all of our luggage out of the car and waiting for the bus. We had been on a 16 day cruise so of course we had alot of luggage to drag along. He was very polite and very nice.

Posted by Anonymous

I just want to tell you that you have some very good associates working for your company. Your manager Michelle at your West Palm Beach Airport location. She went above and beyond to locate the last car I was in that had my decal in it. She actually walked with me to find the car, and took the time to look it up on the computer to find the location of it. I also want to thank another lady named Kim she was also helping locate it too. If you have more people like that you will have a successful company from here on out. Please do something nice for them, cause they really deserve it!

Posted by Pgh-erG

Wanted to give congrats to Crawford Murray in the Orlando Hertz. His service was outstanding. Good job.

Posted by Dr. Dr Brian Kvitko

I would like to compliment Christina for her wonderful service! In the process of trying to make a reservation, I had just had an unpleasant experience, first with the telephone automated reservation system and then with two different Hertz representatives. I was about to take my business elsewhere which would have been a shame because I have been a loyal Hertz customer for a decade or more. The automated telephone system was awful. It didn't seem to hear me even though I was speaking very clearly and deilberately. Then the first Rep I spoke to sounded like he was in India which would have been fine if he could have understood me. His English was pretty good but I did have to ask him to repeat himself several times in order to grasp what he was saying. The biggest problem was that it was clear to me that he didn't understand some of my very basic questions. I'm sorry to say, I did not get his employee #. I wish I had. After speaking to him, I was transferred to Melissa . She was not very helpful. In fact, after speaking with her, I had pretty much made up my mind to leave Hertz altogether. If it hadn't been for Christina #9692 of the Oklahoma City Web Support office, I would now be a disgrunteld EX Hertz customer. Instead, I'm a happy customer again. I don't know if anyone at Hertz corporate office actually reads these reviews but if you do, you should commend Christina #9692 for saving the day. Give her a thank you or give her a raise. Do something nice for her. I could have just as easily made this a negative review and dwelled on the bad or I could have written a nice review about Christina and three negative reviews about my first three contacts. I chose to take the high road because I am a business owner and I know that it can be difficult to get employees to do and say what the president and CEO would want them to do or say. Some employees take corporate policies so literally that they leave no room for compromise. It almost becomes a power trip for them as they espouse what they CAN'T do for the customer rather than trying to figure what they CAN do for the customer. That would describe Melissa but NOT Christina Again, thanks Christina for saving the day, and a Gold customer.

Posted by Anonymous

i was at the west palm beach hertz last night and i just wanted to say that the service i received was amazing! Yuri was my rep and she made the whole experience worth coming back anytime! thanks to her i will be using hertz over the competition any day! She deserves to be praised for the job that she has done!

Posted by Anonymous

Hertz has called back promptly, after receiving my feedback on a St. Louis rental that felt like a bait and switch. Problem resolved. Faith in humanity restored.

Posted by Anonymous

I originally rented a standard size car from the St. Louis Hertz. The counter person asked me, a very weary traveler if a Camry would do, to which I said yes. She did not explain it was an upgrade, and I foolishly did not examine the receipt carefully. Bait and switch. I will not do business with Hertz again; this is the second time I have been let down, and the last.

Posted by Anonymous

To whom it my concern:
I would like to offer my praise for one of your employees I encountered At Orlando International airport. When I returned my rental (7-1-14) to Hertz, Mr. Crawford Murray was very courteous and accommodating to us. He has such a pleasant and helpful attitude. He makes me want to come back to Hertz then next time I rent a car.
Sincerely yours,
Kevin Casey

Posted by Anonymous

I am trying to leave a note of commendation for a customer service representative who was particularly helpful to me - and should be recognized for her service representing Hertz. I am a Platinum Hertz member (through AMEX Black card) - my Hertz number is 28189904. The customer service representative who was particularly helpful to me is Christina R from Oklahoma City. Although through a chat session, her demeanor, the attitude she displayed through her responses and her knowledge of Hertz programs was certainly commendable. I hope the fact that I spent 30 minutes navigating through the web site to find a way to leave a commendation for Christina R tells you how pleased I was with her responsiveness and her great representation of Hertz. Please make sure that she knows how much I appreciated her help! Thanks, Ronald Cornelison.

Posted by CB

Another big Thank You to Hector at Hertz at the Ft. Myers airport (RSW) location. When returning our car, my wife forgot she'd left a sweater in the back seat of the car. She remembered it just as we were ready to head through security. Hector contacted the cleaning area to determine if the car was still there, then went to retrieve the sweater and ran back to us. No problems making our flight and my wife was happy to have her sweater for the flight home.

Thank you, Hector!!!

Posted by Anonymous

I rented a car from a Local Addition Hertz on Bell Road in Phoenix. I received great service from Chuck and Jamie.

My rental number

Posted by Very Agitated

I visted Hertz Rental Car at Memphis Airport on 2/19/13 It was the worst!!! First thing they charge my credit card and told me that it was decline and come to find out the credit card company had an approved authorization crazy!!! I waited for two hours to even get that straighten out. They refused to take my Debit card finally after getting they straighten out they had no cars.. it was crazy no member of management would even come out to address the line of customers waiting on cars.. Customer service was wack!!!through it all the Customer Service Rep **Chris** who worked by himself to tackle all the angry customer was Oustanding Kudos!!to Chris..

Posted by asheATL26

All too often customers are quick to lodge a complaint or write a nasty review of a business if they have a negative experience or issue. They often dont take the time to offer praise or give positive feedback for great experiences when it is rightly due. Well after the past 24 hours and a not so pleasant experience with Enterprise, Im happy to report that within a matter of a few minutes, Hertz was able to provide me with the car rental services that I was in need of. They even went above and beyond what I would have expected of them.

My insurance company set me up a reservation with Enterprise for a particular class of vehicle. When I got to the branch, I was told they didnt have it and they charged me more for a higher class. I spent the next morning and afternoon calling multiple branches trying to locate a sedan so that I could get in the vehicle that State Farm had approved. The branch I rented from never called me as they were supposed to when another vehicle came in. When I called them later in the day to check in and repeat what State Farm had said - suddenly, they had a sedan available for me, but couldnt hold it so I would need to come right then. I was aggravated that they didnt let me know about the vehicle and had every intention of returning it in another city the next day when I was near another car rental place that I could give my business to. I was searching for a Hertz to go ahead and get it arranged and was surprised that they now had one in my city. It was about 4:50pm when I called and asked about a 4 door sedan. I was told they had one available to rent that day. I was so excited and then I asked what time they closed and was told 5pm. I explained the situation with Enterprise and was going to reserve it for a pickup tomorrow when Brandon told me to go ahead and call State Farm to get it switched over, he would stay late and wait on me to come and get the car. When I got to his office, he was extremely polite and helpful. He worked everything out with State Farm for me, and even went as far as to follow me to the Enterprise office, to return their car. I made it a point to let them know that I had rented from Hertz when I was asked about needing a ride home. I took satisfaction in being able to say no, that they were in the parking lot waiting on me as they also pick you up. By the time we got back to the Hertz office so Brandon could get his car and head home it was 6pm. It was freezing cold and Im sure he had already had a long day. He was so nice and made it such an easy, pleasant experience. I will never rent from Enterprise again and Im happy knowing that Hertz now has an office in my town. They will always get my business, hands down.

Posted by Johnniejohn

I am a stand up comic and travel to LAX at least twice a year to perform. I must mention your employee at LAX Mr. Fernando Torres. He has been such a great help to me when traveling to Ca. He is a true professional as well as a company man. Your company should acknowledge his performance for your better interest. He is a true asset to your company Hertz based at LAX. Last Trip from Newark N.J. on December 22, 2013 thru January 5th 2014.

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Posted by A

I used to work for Hertz. The reason customer service is so bad across the board is that most of their employees are unhappy with their jobs. Hertz treats its employees very bad and that reflects back on the customer. They are a greedy company that changes the rules to make their profit margins increase at the expense of their employees. They set unrealistic sales goals so that they get to keep their employee's bonus revenue. At that point there is very little motivation for the employee to strive for exceptional customer service.

Posted by MasterMind22x

Hertz suspends praying Muslim shuttle drivers
Thirty-four Somali Muslims who drive airport shuttle buses for Hertz were suspended Friday over a dispute over praying on the job.

By Lornet Turnbull

Seattle Times staff reporter

Zainab Aweis, 20, is one of the Somali Muslim shuttle drivers Hertz suspended for not clocking out during prayer

In the three years she's worked as a shuttle driver for Hertz at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport, Zainab Aweis, had always taken time out of her shift each day to pray.

An observant Muslim, she prays five times a day with one, sometimes two of those prayer times falling during her shift.

"That was the one benefit of the job," the 20-year-old said.

On Friday, she and 33 other drivers all of them Somali Muslims were suspended indefinitely from their jobs after they took religious breaks to pray while at work without first clocking out.

A spokesman for Teamsters Local 117, which represents the workers, said it is trying to get the workers back on the job.

Both the company and the union late Thursday said they were waiting to hear back from the other.

While the drivers were allowed two, 10-minute breaks during their work shifts during which they could pray, Teamsters officials said managers had agreed in negotiations that workers would not have to clock out and in, though the contact itself does not address the matter.

And the workers and their union said Hertz had previously not required that workers clock out for prayer. The union said it has filed an unfair-labor-practices complaint with the National Labor Relations Board against Hertz for failing to notify the union in advance of what it called a policy change.

But Hertz said the rules aren't new; that it had been trying for some time to enforce the terms of an Equal Employment Opportunity Commission settlement it reached with the workers two years ago that required them to clock out.

A Hertz spokesman said the workers had been repeatedly told they needed to clock out and that the 34 suspended workers had not complied.

"We felt it was reasonable for our Muslim employees who need to pray a couple times during the workday to clock in and clock out," said Rich Broome, spokesman for Hertz.

Broome said it's not about pay break time is paid time but to ensure that workers were staying within the 10-minute time slots, which has been a problem.

He pointed out that Muslim workers who clocked out were not suspended.

On Wednesday, a few dozen people from area labor and faith organizations protested on behalf of the workers outside the Hertz counter at the airport, waving signs saying, "Respect me, Respect my religion."

The Teamsters represents about 79 drivers at Hertz about 70 percent of whom are Muslim earning between $9.15 and $9.95 an hour. They receive no health benefits, vacation or sick leave.

Aweis said she was not aware the rules had changed until she arrived at work on Friday and managers told her and six other women who were about to pray that several other workers had been sent home that day for praying.

"He said, 'If you guys pray, you go home,' " Aweis recalled.

"I said, 'Is that a new rule?' And he said, 'yes.' "

They prayed anyway, she said, contending that managers stood over them taunting and disrupting them.

"I like the job," Aweis said. "But if I can't pray, I don't see the benefit."

Mohamed Hassan, of the Somali Community Services Coalition, said the workers cannot afford to be away from their jobs. "They need to pay rent and buy food for their children."


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