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Hearst Magazines customer service is ranked #333 out of the 946 companies that have a CustomerServiceScoreboard.com rating with an overall score of 37.73 out of a possible 200 based upon 359 ratings. This score rates Hearst Magazines customer service and customer support as Disappointing.


337 Negative Comments out of 359 Total Comments is 93.87%.


22 Positive Comments out of 359 Total Comments is 6.13%.

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  • Hearst Magazines

    Customer Service Scoreboard

    • 37.73 Overall Rating
      (out of 200 possible)
    • 337 negative comments (93.87%)
    • 22 positive comments (6.13%)
    • 0 employee comments
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      (out of 10 possible)
    • 2.9 Issue Resolution
    • 2.6 Reachability
    • 2.1 Cancellation
    • 4.1 Friendliness
    • 4.1 Product Knowledge

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Posted by Bbjeffreys

I am receiving magazines and invoices for items that I never ordered and in some cases have never received, yet I continue to receive bills. There is no contact information or customer service phone numbers or email addresses on anything nor can I find anything on the Corporate website.

Posted by Anonymous

There are two magazines ordered by mistake and I have been trying to cancel them. County living and women's day. Your website gave me a zin-- contact information but they couldn't find any information they sent this site. Please cancel these now. It has been very very difficult to contact your company. I called was placed on hold then when it seemed like it was going through I was disconnected

Posted by Carmen

Subject: Other

On November 19th 2017 I paid for a subscription to Pioneer Woman. I was charged on my credit card four times by Hearst for this subscription. I called Hearst and they credited me one subscription. My bank investigated and credited me for 2 subscriptions so I have paid for one now and I have not received the magazine. Hearst tells me it was cancelled due to non-payment, however they should have a record of one payment going through. This has been an extremely frustrating situation.

Posted by Anonymous

Would you ple. stop sending me an invoice for my friends�s subscription. Pl. send the invoice to her. I gave a few copies of your magazine, so she can decide if she wants to order it. Stop sending the invoice to me now!

Posted by Anonymous

My name is Barbara Przysiecki, I received a notice that I am going to be getting your magazine. I don�t want it I didn�t subscribe to it I don�t know how that happened when you send it to me it will be sent back don�t send me anything I don�t want anything from you I don�t know how much clearer I can make that. My address is 2841 NW. 54th Ave.,

Posted by Anonymous

I had ordered In Style Magazine about 4 months ago from the Hilton Rewards Program. I received this week the magazine "Seventeen". I really don't have any use for this because I am quite a bit older than Seventeen. How can we change the subscription to the magazine that I had ordered? On "Seventeen" above my name the following SUPP and above this is:
Please assist. I did email Hilton an email and have not received a response to this error.

Thank you,

Lorraine Tweeddale

Posted by Anonymous

I recently took advantage of your offer for 2 magazines for $12 - HGTV and House Beautiful. I sent in money for 2 years of that offer. I have only recieved the HGTV magazine and not the House beautiful one. Would you please check on my order. Thank you

Cathy Jarrett

5360 Hwy 358

Paragould, AR

Posted by Anonymous

My checks were cashed and to date no magazines. Redbook website states subscription "suspended." No customer service contact phone number or email address! Is Hearst a scam?

Posted by Lulu

I received a copy of Veranda Magazine which I did not order. I called you about it and learned I need to send you $12.00 & something for a check that bounced. I did not write a check; I told you that & that I don't want Veranda, but I still get the magazine. I suggest you check you records and find out who ordered the magazine for me and stop sending me dunning letters...I know the name of the person who ordered Veranda for me, but I don't intend to state it here. If you want to know, contact me.

Posted by Good Housekeeping

my name: Sonja Collier

I received an email saying you will renew my Good Housekeeping automatically if I do not decline. I CHOOSE TO DECLINE RENEWAL. I there is any balance due I will decline that also. I did not authorize any renewal. This continuous service clause is the reason I will not be renewing any magazines in the future.

Posted by Anonymous

I am trying to cancel any magazine subscriptions..he did NOT subscribe to ANY!!

He is 85 and legally blind! Hasn't

@igned up for any, doesn't or can't read and hasn't driven for 6 years.

I will not pay $55 to have him unsubscribed when it can be done for free!

Thank you,


Posted by vnimmo

My name is Vicki Nimmo. Several times when I have entered a sweepstakes, Hearst Magazines has signed me up to receive magazines. I've told you before, I do not want any magazines. Do not charge me for any magazines as I do not want them and will not pay for them. My email address is: [email protected] if you have any questions. Hearst has acknowledged my request to not subscribe to any magazines, but you continue to charge me for magazines. Please acknowledge this request.

Posted by c

I subscribed to Woman's Day Magazine and now I am bombarded with junk mail for every magazine you publish. I send them back saying not interested and still they come. This is why I will NEVER subscribe to a magazine again. I did not ask for your constant harassment by sending me junk mail every single week.

Posted by Anonymous


I Just Received....a Copy Of Veranda....did Not Subscribe.....have Sent Back To You My Cancellation Notice ???

And I Really Really Do Not Want This Magazine...!!!!!! I Want To Return To You My First Copy...and Am

Requesting That You Will Honor My Request.....?????? Thanks In Advance

Thanks In Advance....marsha In Denver

Posted by Anonymous

I sent at check for $10.00 for a year of Woman's Day and one year of Good Housekeeping the 1st of February and have of yet to receive any magazines.

What is the hold up and how long does it take to get magazines. You have my money and I have no magazines.

Posted by Anonymous

I did not order anything and will waste no more time trying to figure out how to contact you people.

Chuck Neuenschwander

Posted by Anonymous

Hello I did not order any magazine from your company when I enter a sweepstakes it's none of your business what sweepstakes I enter so stay out of my business as some third party intruder and assume I want a magazine from you which I don't ...please unsubscribe me from your mailing list as I don't read magazines ever I don't like magazines in my home so stop sending them to my home what kind of scam company are you anyway ....no one wants your magazines so you have to sneak your magazines into people's homes telling them they owe money for something they didn't even order or want shame on you ....I will never pay for a magazine I never ordered so you keep all your junk ..I don't want it...got that you scammers

Posted by Sue1971

The flash sale really is not a deal at all. I got billed for much for than $1.00 per magazine I hope my cancellations will be acknowledged and I do not want them auto renewed which is something I was not aware of at all and was not mentioned anywhere in the ad.Since I get Country Living from Hearst I thought they where legit and were rewarding a good customer.NOT THE CASE.so absolutely disappointed.

Posted by rod

your flash sale says one year subscription for one dollar. Not until I pressed submit did it tell me that it is only for 6 months. This is false advertising and a definite "bait and switch". Cancel my subscriptions. for all (7) SEVEN MAGAZINES. AND SEND ME A RETURN CONFIRMATION NUMBER TO MY EMAIL. ...

Posted by anon

Hearst Magazines just pulled a bait and switch on their "Flash Sale"It states 1 year subscription for a $1 (a great deal to be sure.) After I paid, my confirmation states it is a 6 month subscription. Called customer service and they said it could not be resolved. BE AWARE

Posted by what does this mean

I am tryng to renew a subscription but your web site does not like the idea that this is a gift and when the gift circle is tagged the page looses all details. I have tried this 6 times always the same. I then called the number given which is pay line which keeps you on holding without connecting you to an advisor. You need to sort things out.

Posted by none

Lousy company trying to charge me for a magazine I didn't order. I don't know who ordered it but I didn't and got a email saying I ordered country living which I didn't, going o call bank make sure they don't take money that I didn't order!

Posted by Anonymous

Hi, I ordered the Good Housekeeping magazine and the Womens Day magazine for an additional 5.00 $ a while back. I still have not received any of those 2 publications. When I phone the 1 800 number I cannot leave my correct info as they ask for zip code but I live in canada so it's a postal code. CAN you tell me when I will receive my magazines or if you received my order. Thanks

Posted by phillip hansen

plese bancel all magazines for phillip hansen these magazines were subscribed through publishers clearing house there not what they ust to be, not satisfyed, damadged deliveries,thank you

Posted by Anonymous

If you people keep sending me scam invoices for magazines I have never ordered and to which I have not agreed to subscribe, then I will be very happy to cancel any and all subscriptions I do have. Is business really so bad that you have to resort to this kind of crap? SHAME ON YOU

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Posted by Anonymous

Kate helped me today and did a great job.

Posted by hunkyrahn

I was very, very impress with your customer service today. I spoke with Jodie, I believe and she was helpful and fixed my problem very fast. It's so nice to speak to a person, whom is from America that you can understand. Along with having a customer service that treats you with respect. Thank You Jodie for your time and effort. It's sincerely appreciated. That's five star person you have there, Hearst Magazine. I think she should get a fat raise!!!

Posted by Saran2

I have read through many people's comments about getting magazines they didn't order (which often is because of other companies sending them) and subscription they are getting because of sweepstake entries. Wish people would read before they click buttons. It clearly tells you. I had excellent service and the rep explain things and took care of my issue.

Posted by Carol

I read several reviews and I lost hope that I would be able to solve my problem. But I was pleasantly surprised the agent answered quickly, after the recording said they were having a shortage of agents due to a snow storm. I may have waited a minute. I was very happy with my experience.

Posted by Fossill

I just got off the phone about my Country Living Subscription. The representative was wonderful! I did not have to wait long on the phone. I was helped immediately and in a very pleasant way. Thank you!

Posted by Anonymous

GREAT SERVICE! Only waited 2 minutes and the customer service rep, Christy, was enormously helpful and pleasant.

Posted by Anonymous

Thank you for having this information available! I was able to call and have my problem resolved promptly. Thanks again.

Posted by Anonymous

Quick hold time and instant fix. They renewed my subscription but I didn't want them to. Easily refunded me the money.

Posted by Anonymous

I ordered Elle through a charity for one year and paid for it months ago.The year ended and the
magazine continued to comer unwanted. I am also getting Harper's Bazaar that I never ordered.
I continue to get over due bills that I find disturbing and a waste of my time. Your representative
gave me phone numbers to call to stop this harassment. She was polite and helpful.

Posted by N. from Newport AR

My subscription was renewed without me asking to renew. When I called I was told it was done automatically. The representative was friendly and helpful. She took care of my cancellation without being pushy about renewing. She did offer another magazine, but remained curteous.

Posted by Anonymous

I have been giving 2 different gift subscriptions to FoodNetwork magazine for the past 3 years..recently recieved a bill for the renewal for $43.94 for 2 subscriptions that were due. Checked the website and found that I could give a gift subscription for $15.and receive a free tote bag with each subscription. Phoned Hearst magazine (explained the situation to a representative, and they honored the $15.00 price for the renewals...saved $13.94--don't be afraid to ask!

Posted by Anonymous

Again, I am shocked to see so many negative remarks. And to all those who claim they can not find a phone number for Hearst - well I dont understand why you can't as it is listed right here on this site. And you can always speak to a live person. I do every time I call. I called today as I have been missing issues. I think it's more of a problem with the USPS rather than HEARST. But HEARST as usual was eager to help me, and since the missing issues are all sold out now, they gladly extended my subscription to make up for the missing issues. Never had any problems dealing with them. They are always nice as well. Wished I could get the same kind of service from other companies!

Posted by Anonymous

I have just completed a live phone call with associate from Hearst customer service re: questions about my billing between them and my bank. First of all, a live person, no automated messages. She was helpful, very personable, professional, and approachable. I love my many magazine subscripts, HGTV, Country Living, Veranda, etc & knowing their service is direct and easily in reach is really satisfying!

Posted by basketsbylynda

I am so surprised to see so many negative comments. Whenever I have had any problems, I call customer service and they are so nice and very helpful. My latest problem was that my April issue of Seventeen was delivered all torn up. I reported it online right after I received it, and expected I would receive it shortly. Well as of today, I still had not received it. So I called customer service (which I should had done to begin with) and told them what was going on. The rep was very apologetic and not only was she going to send me a replacement issue, but said she would extend my subscription an extra month as well. And that is the sort of service I have always received. My suggestion is to always call customer service rather than deal with any issues by email or at their website.

Posted by Anonymous

Contrary to the mostly negative comments about Hearst's,customer service,I have had a more positive interaction with them.
I had inadvertently entered an incorrect postal code(Canada) on a gift subscription and the service agent corrected it, and gave an additional magazine to compensate for the one that was undeliverable: no questions asked. Secondly, I mixed up the name of the magazine I wanted and this,too,was corrected politely and efficiently.
Thank you Hearst

Posted by Anonymous

I ordered Good Housekeeping and Redbook with the exception of missing a month which customer service cleared up right away and extended my subscription I have had no problems. I am now renewing both subscriptions. Thank you Hearst

Posted by OH lady

I ordered Popular Mechanics as a gift; it came to me in error. I also paid the invoice but then received a bill for a higher amount! Called the 800 number and spoke to a CSR, Lindsey, who quickly sorted things out, restarted the gift subscription and applied the earlier payment in full to the new (full-year) gift. Thanks, Lindsey!

Posted by cathugger

i paid for duplicate magazines. in minutes the hearst representive had me taken care of, she was so polite and nice, i should have gotten her name and commended her to her supervisor. hearst has always been a wonderful company.

Posted by Anonymous

I received a letter saying that if I didnt pay my good standing was at risk. I called the 800 number and hit ## and talked to a great representative. Evidently I ordered with the understanding that I would get magazines forever and pay when the renewal notice came unless I actively canceled my subscription. I thought not renewing the subscription was canceling my membership but thats not how it works. Thanks goodness I was able to cancel on the phone. Thank you Tim - you were very patient and awesome.

Posted by Anonymous

Despite the comments on here, I actually talked to a nice young lady that helped me out a lot. My old address was still receiving my subscribtions from over a year ago, but she quickly cancelled that and redirected my address. I just opened a new subscription at my new address so she made it so my subscription now won't run out for 2 years! I guess I was just lucky enough to get a nice one!

Posted by Lizsab

Was having the same problem as others with demands for payment for a renewal I did not want. When I found this number and called, spoke to Sherry, who has supposedly dealt with it efficiently and pleasantly. I trust the notices will stop now.

Posted by Anonymous

I just called the number and followed the prompts and had the most wonderful and friendly and American girl help me ...Melina...Thank you so much!!

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