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Hawaiian Airlines customer service is ranked #731 out of the 946 companies that have a CustomerServiceScoreboard.com rating with an overall score of 24.57 out of a possible 200 based upon 48 ratings. This score rates Hawaiian Airlines customer service and customer support as Terrible.


46 Negative Comments out of 48 Total Comments is 95.83%.


2 Positive Comments out of 48 Total Comments is 4.17%.

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    • 24.57 Overall Rating
      (out of 200 possible)
    • 46 negative comments (95.83%)
    • 2 positive comments (4.17%)
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Posted by Anonymous

I had a business trip booked and had to reschedule. Hawaiian Airlines is going to charge me a re booking fee 10 less than the cost of the ticket. Unbelievable. I have to change flights often and have never encountered this. I will never fly Hawiian again. There are other airlines to fly on. In addition, the person helping me spoke broken english and could not communicate effectively. Then he asked if I wanted to take a survey and disconnected me. No more Hawaiian for me.

Posted by Anonymous

Ladies at the Kahului airport where they do changes on ur ticket up at the gate is VERY rude!THey are so un helpful!!!!!!!!!!!!THey are all snoddy unles you know them they will smile.They will change ur ticket ONLY if they know you.I have experience this a lot of times so sad

Posted by Anonymous

I recently called the customer service for Hawaiian Miles services and got the most unpleasant Idk. I was trying to change the email on my 8 year old's miles account so that I may access his account and Ethan was very rude, seemed irritated to help me and what was worse was when I asked to be transferred to someone else he seemed even more irritated. When I asked to speak to his supervisor or to transfer me to his supervisor he told me I'd need to call back if I wanted someone different. I closed the call with "For working for Hawaiian Airlines Miles Service - YOU HAVE NO ALOHA." He didn't seem to care - he just kept saying to call back. WOW!

Posted by jackie

Unfriendly in last vegas airport. Didn't accommodate my 1 small paintings. Very very bad. There were a.lot of people who did not have carry on why couldn't. They accommodate 1 more of ours. Bad service! !!!!!

Posted by kp333

As a frequent flyer, Pualani Platinum, with Hawaiian, one of the benefits is no change fees. Four times since January 1, 2016, I have tried to change my interisland flight online to a different day and to a fare that is actually less than what I paid, and the website says I have to pay additional money, more than what a person booking a new flight would pay. When I call Hawaiian, after much arguing and confirmation by them that as Platinum I should not pay a change fee, they will eventually consent to change my reservation at no additional fee. Then they fix their website so that next time online, it's correct, not charging additional fees. However, this fix lasts only about 6-8 weeks before they change it back to charging their frequent flyers more than someone else. Phone calls take an average of 30-35 minutes to try to resolve the issue, with rudeness, obstinacy, and refusal to answer direct questions, and sometimes having to hang up and try another person. Surely it cannot be legal to tell their Platinum members there is no change fee, and yet blatantly overcharge on their website. Today I tried to change a flight which I paid $100 for to a flight that costs $95 if booked as a new flight, and the webpage says I have to pay $7 in addition, a total of $12 more than someone else booking a flight. I would like to know if others are having this experience.

Posted by Anonymous

April 5 we flew to Kauai for vacation with the intent of returning April 19. April 13 my diabetes flared up meaning I needed to return to Seattle immediately. The best you ticket agent could me was am flight two days later for an additional $900.00. We declined and instead went to Alaska airlines and received a flight the next day for $400.00. So now it looks as if you will resell my seat on the 19th as well as keep my return flight fee. obviously you do not recognize medical emergences but must keep charging exorbenant prices. This letter is to inform you of my dissatisfaction with your service and that I will contacting my congressman, the news media, and of course social media to warn people not to fly your horrible airline. I will never use your services again and will tell everybody I can about the cheap and shoddy service we received.

Posted by Anonymous

After receiving an email notice that my Hwaiian miles were going to expire, I contacted the people at Hawaiian Miles. I ended up agreeing to accept a certificate for 2 pairs of Maui Jim sunglasses and two certificates from Foodland for $25.00 each. This for 43000+ miles. Now 2 or 3 months later, I have received nothing. In short I have been screwed by Hawaiian Airlines. I am unwilling to go through your interogation any further. My feelings are so bad for your airline, I will simply tell my friends not to use your airline. I would rather try to swim to Hawaii than purchase a ticket from you. I am only sending this to you out of courtesy. I am having dinner next week with some friends that use your airline from Seattle to Hawaii approximately five times per year. I am actually excited to let them know how you have treated us. I'm pretty sure they will change carriers in the future.

Posted by Anonymous

First time travel to New Zealand with Hawaiian Air. Very poor and unsatisfactory customer service. When first arrived Hawaiian Air departure area, there is no signs of direction where the customers should go for checked in between inter island and international. Many people were lost asking around or standing in the wrong lines/lanes until they reached to the counter or asking other workers standing around. We only saw Section 1,2,3/checked in and no specifications on where to go.
We used these electronics machine to check in and it denied our information. No useful tool! And finally a worker came over to help us and she said we were in the wrong area and directed us to section 3.
As we entered section 3, we saw this little signs stated, international (Breisban, Soul, Tokyo, Auckland etc.. ).
We were standing inline for 3-4 hours 10:15am before our flight time @ 2:30pm By the time we reached to the counter it was 2:00pm.
I've noticed a oriental lady worker (a man and a women) came out and called the people that were going to Korea, Japan, and other flights, and they took care of them first, while we waited and waited for our turn inline. I think it's unfair! and while other customer workers were taking their time and talking story behind the counters.
I didn't understand why they didn't called the people that were going to Auckland, New Zealand tho.
I saw only three workers checking in others, by the time we reached there. it was 2pm. The lady(kaleo) that helped us took her time and told us that I needed to pay "$150.00 for the three travelers for a Visa in order to enter Auckland. And one of us was a hassle to input the information in the computer." However, she disappeared for twenty minutes and came back and said, only one person had to pay for the visa. I asked her why? And she answered,"I don't know".
By the time she finish, we rushed to the other section and the lady("Ray" as she claimed is her name) or Rachel, was standing at the entrance told us to stand in line just like everybody else. I explained the situation and told her, we are running late and we going to miss the flight, she firmly responded, you won't make it, might as well go and rebook your flight. She had no compassion at all, no courtesy to help us out. We miss the flight!!! And we have been standing in line for three hours for what? What kind of service is this? And the supervisor did not help at all, but said to go downstairs and rebook your flight. Or talk to whomever that booked your flight.
BTW: I don't understand why your workers don't treat people with passes or stand by just like any other customers. You should take care of your employers family first or even like others. why offer this benefits if you don't care about us? Just saying....� It is sad to see these kind of service. No hospitality, compassion, courtesy, friendly etc.... and definitely, looks like they're races!!!
We had to find another airline in order for us to make it on time for our family event in Queenstown. thanks to Air New Zealand for rescuing us.

Posted by Mark M

Hawaiian Airlines change of flight fees are outrageous. Please customer beware, there is a $200 change fee plus what ever cost difference between what is booked and the new flight. The change fee is over 40% of the cost of each of my families tickets. I booked directly with Hawaiian rather than an outlet resale company as I support directly with the company and USUALLY get better support. Bottom line is the company is standing fast with their outrageous fee and unwilling to bend because I made the mistake of booking the wrong day by one day.
Wish I would have stayed with Alaska Airlines

Posted by Anonymous

Friday night at 9:30pm shouldnt be that busy but.. For 20 minutes i was givin' the run around. . The automated message said to go on line. What if i wanted to chat w/ a person⯓Crappy service~
Mike H. Bell

Posted by Anonymous

We had some delay at the security check point but made it to the gate, then we were held at the counter and was told by Hawaii Airlines agent that we are not allow to board the airplane even though the plane is sitting outside with open doors and required us to re-route our flight with $1,000 surcharge. Hawaii Airline had failed to understand and serves their customer.

Same issue with our return flight from Hawaii to Seattle. We were 1 hour early at Honolulu Airport but Hawaii Airlines refused to check us in and required us to re-route or come back next day for another flight. I never had this kind of issues with other airlines what so even. It is to my believe that Hawaii Airlines had given our seats away assume we were not there which is why their agents are not willing to resolve the issue with us. I will never fly Hawaii Airlines again as long as I live and will ask families and friends to stay away from Hawaii Airlines.

Posted by Anonymous

Brandi KEKEI IN CUSTOMER SERVICE should be replaced. ....obviously and specifically she doesn't listen to a simple complaint from loyal HAL customer William Norris and his wife Adrian

Posted by Adrian

My flight was delayed, Hawaiian Airlines was gracious and gave all passengers vouchers for flights. I booked another vacation and when I called to reserve my flight to my surprise the agent stated that my voucher had expired. He states that need to book it by July which was the booking date not from the date of the event which was October 8th
therefore not as stated in the document I received. I read again the document that you provided and in line 5 it clearly states "This credit will be available in four hours and is valid for one year." The representative state he could not help and referred me to your "Consumer Affairs Department" which after talking with them they stated they only transcribe and sent me here. please review the supporting documents and specifically line five. I feel I have a very strong argument that if not misleading at the very least it would have been a flat out ploy to misrepresent and mislead anyone who read the document. I would rather find an equitable solution I have already booked hotel and know must come up with additional expense not ready to incur, I would not like to look into litigation but if necessary just so that Hawaiian Airlines at the very least changes there policies and provides clear understanding on what a voucher requirements are. please respond in an appropriate time frame so that I can look into my options

Posted by Anonymous

On a flight from Honolulu to LAX, the plane was "downgraded" and my seat assignment with two other travel companions was arbitrarily changed. I made more than one request to be able to sit with my travel mates and both were ignored. No attempt was made on the part of the airlines to reseat all three of us together somewhere else on the plane. I strongly believe I was DISCRIMINATED against because couples (with the same last names) were not separated. My formal written request for a refund of my fare was denied.

Posted by HA SUX

Booked a inter-island flight to the Big Island from Honolulu online. At the time of booking, only seats available was exit row seats ($10 charge). Since I had to go at that time, I opted to pay the $10. When I checked in this morning, I saw that there were over 10 seats available. Called customer support and was told that the seats are displayed by avail. I'm concerned that HA is blocking out regular seats to upsell the premium seats. To have over 10 seats suddenly open, concerns me. It may not seem a lot but I'm very suspicious.

Posted by Disappointed customers

On 6/04/2015 we flew from San Diego to Honolulu, bound for Maui. We sat on the tarmac in Honolulu for approximately 30 minutes due to an airplane in our unloading dock. The captain informed the passengers that he wasn't sure how long it would be shortly after landing and did not say anything after his first notice. We had another flight to catch and would have had an 80 minute layover if we didn't have the delay. I understand that there is always the possibility of a delay, but the captain could have informed the passengers who were catching another plane that the baggage may not make it to interisland flights that were in the process of loading passengers and taking off. We got to Maui at approximately 1500, waited for our luggage for 30 minutes then went to a customer window, told them what happened and were told that the luggage would be on an 18:30 flight arriving in Maui. We got our rental car, drove around until 1830, returned to the Maui airport, checked in with customer service and were told that they were not sure where our luggage was. We filled out a baggage irregularity report and were told that someone would be bringing our luggage to our room as soon as it arrived. It's now approximately 1845. We checked into our condo and waited, called three or four time to 808-891-8405 asking if our luggage had arrived. The customer service woman "Lana" was very helpful and expressed her concern. She called us at approximately 2100 informing us that she found our luggage at a town car would be dropping it off. We finally got our luggage around 2300. We missed our wedding rehearsal dinner; my wife unfortunately had her medications in that piece of luggage and needed it badly. We have flown Hawaiian airlines for years and have always been more than satisfied. This was a terrible experience that could have had less stress if the captain would have given passengers some kind of information regarding the luggage possibly being delayed, what to do if it wasn't on the luggage carousel. The airport could have informed passengers that were missing their luggage of what to do. There were several things that could have been done to inform passengers, reduce stress levels and could have been much more customer friendly.

Posted by PatientJohn

This Airline needs to Fly one delta Flight and book a delta or Virgin flight to see how messed up they are.
I get the pace is 50% of the mainland but you can't drop off the map on service. I spent five hours with their customer service trying to redeem a credit for my family on a delayed flight. Its no redemption to punish customer like this. Someone should step in and protect them from the obvious. I can't wait for a travel app to allow me to bypass this untrained unconcerned non customer facing team...go surfing because your day job is coming to an end . Wake up Hawaiian Air.

Posted by Cedricgetscancer

I stopped flying Hawaiian years ago from terrible customer service issues. I travel to and from the mainland and Japan once a month and would not use them even in an emergency. My new wife, on the other hand, did not know of my experiences and had booked a flight to Hilo with them from Japan. Let it be known that "Cedric" was the worst customer "support" rep I have ever dealt with. Always ask people their names after they treat you like trash, then they begin to worry about being reported.

I cancelled her ticket and paid for a new flight on United, since they had the best availability for the time. It ended up costing some dollars but honestly the Hawaiian fees were so outrageous I couldn't bring myself to pay them.

Posted by c yamaura

I was forced to buy tickets despite having enough pts. HA mastercard elite is a SCAM. Filipino customer svc were INCOMPETENT & RUDE beyond words. They have no check in counters at JFK only 4-5 kiosks and 2 was broken. 10 hr flight with 2 bags crushed peanuts, cups of soda only (no full cans). Flight attendants very unwelcoming, kept to themselves, they did not smile, they seemed very tired or partied like it was 1999 the night before. Chef Boyardee in a can is a much superior meal than the half heated pasta with curdled tomato paste they called food. They charged $$ for all tv shows/movies that are complimentary with other airlines, but HA history video with smiling friendly crew are free woo-hoo! Having a root canal is much pleasurable experience than HA. I SHALL NEVER EVER FLY THEIR UNFRIENDLY SKIES EVER AGAIN!

Somehow they successfully managed to kill the spirit of aloha along with the easter bunny in my world! Pls note: use of hawaiian airlines will result in an urge to use other carriers or a theraphy session.

Posted by Hapuna

Hawaiian Airlines is the biggest scamming monopoly of all time! They need regulation and some lessons on customer service. I had to cancel my husband's and my SFO-HNL one-way tickets due to work emergency. They said we could apply the value to new reservations, good up to one year, but that they would charge a $200 change fee EACH TICKET. Given that the one-way fare was only $223, I guess we'll each be able to recoup $23 on the ticket. Well thanks a lot. I love giving my money to monopolies like this that sucker the public, JERKS!

Posted by Feedup

9 15 14 Hawaiian Airlines in Honolulu drive through checkin customer service is horrible. It's nothing new. The message is clear. They don't want you to fly with them. If you're blessed and they take your money then you should feel satisfied because that's all you're going to get. Rude. No Aloha. Bordering on Racist condescending attitude regardless of your status. First class or coach. Platinum or Not. Just plain bitter rude cold attitude. I fly a lot of different airlines and have rarely seen such consistent rudeness from one airline. So beware. If you're flying on Hawaiian don't expect Aloha friendly service. Expect the opposite and maybe it won't be as bad from time to time. Don't count on it.

Posted by Hawaiian Airlines

11-11-13 I submitted a complainant relative to my HA trip experience on 11-06-13. I was not able to complete my complaint due to not enough space was allotted for my explanation
I hope that you will allow me to complete my explanation as to what had occurred on the date and provide you with proof of circumstances that will substanciate the events on that date.


Posted by Hawaiian Airlines

11-07-13 I boarded HA flight 35 and sat in seat 13C. After getting settled I pluged in my HA purchased ear phones and found that my seats audio system was not working. I tried all the channels switch the pug around and still got no results. Shortly after take off I made contact with flight attendant "Nina" who was my attendant throughout the whole flight. I informed her about the audio system having no sound, she replied "did you use the double prong adaptor". I replied that I had and that it dose not work. She said nothing more and just walked away. I waited for someone to check my seats system but no one did. I had thought that Nina would have checked it out herself or contacted another employee that would assist me. No one assisted me and I travelled the whole flight with my audio system "out of order". I was not happy with the response from Nina, I was not happy wiyh the sevice of HA employees.

Posted by Hawaiian Air

On 11-06-13 at about 5:45 AM I was in route to the Pheonix Airport to return to Hilo Hawaii. I was staying in the Casa Grande area and when arriving on the freeway Interstate 10 we found the traffic at a stand still. I learned that two separate simi truch accidents had occured at about 4:00AM and had closed westbound and eond my controlastbound lanes for about 5 hours. I made contact with Hawaiian Air using the telephone number on my Pualani Gold card. I did inform the female employee that I would be missing my 8:00AM flight and requested to be booked on the next flight. Which would be on the following day the only flight out of Pheonix Arizona. I was shocked on thw two hundred dollar additional charge to Honolulu and the $77.00 additional charge to Hilo. I tried to explain the road closer that was bey

Posted by T2dot

This is the first and last time we fly hawaiian airlines. Our flight has been delayed twice and it will be almost 24 hours before we board, that is if the plane actually arrives. In the mean time we have lost the cost of one day lodging at our condo rental, the expense for our rental car has increased, and have spent one vacation day in the airport. Hawaiian airlines has had no interest in trying to get any of us to our destination through another airline, and it is their mechanical problem that is causing this negative review. We are being issued a voucher for another flight at another time on their airlines, but it will not be used. Aloha hawaiian airlines

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Posted by donald

We traveled to Hawaii on flight #1021 Thursday, and I must say we were really impressed, it was the most enjoyable flight we have ever been on. Your staff was amazing. Especially Kehao she was kind,professional, and personable. We told her so. I hope you know what a jewel you have.I hope one of you will tell her how much we appreciate the quality of service she gave. We flew Alaska last time, and let me tell you, they were rude and uncaring.Great job. Don and Cindy Crenshaw

Posted by MauiNana

I absolutely love this airline and would encourage anyone traveling to Hawaii to fly with Hawaiian.

I live in Hawaii and visit the mainland several times a year. The customer service on this airline is absolutely the best. They are friendly, kind and very solicitous of the needs of their passengers. You're kept informed about every little bump in the journey and never feel like you don't know what's going on.

True, they're like most other airlines: seats too small and food pretty bad. But, other than standard complaints we all have about every airlines (unless you can afford to fly first class), this airline absolutely excels in customer service.

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