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Harris Teeter customer service is ranked #66 out of the 946 companies that have a CustomerServiceScoreboard.com rating with an overall score of 66.32 out of a possible 200 based upon 26 ratings. This score rates Harris Teeter customer service and customer support as Disappointing.


19 Negative Comments out of 26 Total Comments is 73.08%.


7 Positive Comments out of 26 Total Comments is 26.92%.

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  • Harris Teeter

    Customer Service Scoreboard

    • 66.32 Overall Rating
      (out of 200 possible)
    • 19 negative comments (73.08%)
    • 7 positive comments (26.92%)
    • 0 employee comments
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    • 1.0 Issue Resolution
    • 3.8 Reachability
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    • 5.1 Friendliness
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Posted by Jude Doherty

I made a mistake with an online order at the Harris Teeter store in Bethesda MD 20814, and followed the instructions to call the store to fix my order. But when I called at 8 pm ET, not one person working in the store knew how to use a computer to edit an online order. So I'm stuck. There should be a way to edit an online order to correct mistakes. I should be able to make the changes myself online and update the order for pick up.

Posted by Anonymous

My first Harris Teeter experience in Herndon repelled me from ever wanting to return to another one again. Very annoying loud acid rock music made trying to find produce prices impossible. there were no prices. when I asked the person who was stocking produce How much 3 items were that were not priced, he said take them to cashier and scan them. The assistant manager was very disgruntled to have to come out and find the prices for these items and took them to the service counter to print labels out... while waiting the toxic music rattled my nerves to where I just left and went to Moms Organics. I told the assistant manager that the acid rock music is making the store unbearable for me and she said "I get compliments on it" so basically If you dont like the music in Harris Teeter, you dont belong at Harris Teeter. So I will not be returning to a Harris Teeter and will choose stores with no music or a non-melodic instrumental background music

Posted by Ann Marie

Highland Creek store is doing a great job making the pizza on Monday night. Elizabeth and Kyle made our pizza and it was done well n time. Thank you

Posted by Solitable

I've been trying for 2 months now to sign up for a Harris Teeter Vic Card with no progress. They must know that when you click on the vic card logo all you get on the next page is a banana. You cannot sign up on line and this website needs to be updated properly. The store employee told me I would have to sign up online but it doesn't work at all. Is this to keep people from signing up because if so it sure is working.

Posted by Anonymous

I just came from HTeeter in Suffolk VA...one cashier open...waiting in line 10 minutes..finally a cashier opens and she takes people who just come walking up instead of taking the next customer who has been waiting in the only lane open. After she checked that customer out, I told her she should have taken the next customer who has been waiting in the only lane open. She said nothing. Her name was Melissa. I told someone who was monitoring the self serve lanes. He just said sorry. Harris Teeter has gone down hill after the first two years they opened. They never have enough cashiers. The person at the customer service desk didn't even pay attention to the lines. I wish Whole Foods would take the place of Harris Teeter in Suffolk VA and in Portsmouth VA.

Posted by Pretzelrings2

I just visited the Harris teeter on Pennsylvania Ave S.E DC and had the worst experience with a manager name Tanya she was nasty and rude spoke down to me like I was her child I needed help with a type cheese what type of management are you hiring, I guess people who know nothing about customer service care, I will tell you this this will be the last time will patronize this establishment with my business

Posted by Anonymous

You had the best pimiento cheese but you have changed that as well. I will not be buying that again. Terrible product.

Posted by momto10cats

Last Sunday, I was at my local Harris Teeter #340 in Huntersville, NC. The Deli Manager waited on me at the deli. First of all she was noticeably irritated by her glaring stare, because I took her away from whatever she was doing. She was again irritated because I asked her to lay my cheese in a "shingled" way...which after giving me my package of cheese, it was not...it was all stacked on top one-another, which means it will all stick together. Anyway as she was cutting my cheese, I noticed her long hair was not pulled back, but in fact, hanging down and touching my cheese. I work in the food industry and know that is a health code violation. Her hair is supposed to be pulled back or under a hat or hair net. I emailed Harris Teeter and they told the store manager to contact me. He called me. I went to the store to talk to him. He told me he had a talk with the deli manager and said he told her to "get a new hair style." Seriously, a new hair style!!! That's it!!! I was not at all satisfied with his so-called apology." So, today I went to HT to get some items, and guess who was working in the deli slicing meat and making subs for customers with her hair hanging down exactly like it was the week before? I couldn't believe it! I saw the store manager, but decided not to say anything to him, because he obviously had seen her already and knew she had not changed her "hair style." I'm more likely to believe he had just been patronizing me the other day and had no intention of even talking to the deli manager about anything. So, I'm calling the corporate office here in Matthews, NC, to get something done. It disgusts me to think that both of them don't care about her hair getting in the customer's food. What I should do is contact the health department. Maybe I will!!

Posted by Anonymous

Did you ever get so stunned you did not believe what you saw I was at Harris Teeters today in NewBern I buy all my fresh meat there mainly steaks and chicken breast and pork chops. I asked the meat cutter to cut a chicken breast in half. She took it to a bloody metal table threw it down and cut it with a knife. I did not know what to say I also got a steak, which I quickly told her not to cut. I first was going to pay for it and throw it away instead I stuck it in a cooler .In frozen food. I did not know what to say it was disqusting Not sure if I will return and I will damn sure never ask them to cut anything for me

Posted by Anonymous

I was issued a rain check for Tide Pods 16-count 2 for $9 at Harris Teeter store number 363 .I am down at store number 365 and they're stating that they don't accept photocopies of rain checks. you could clearly see that this was hand written on this rain check

I called corporate who called the store to confirm that they have ran out of rain checks during that period so the store ended up honoring it, however my entire lunch break is gone because they called me a liar in front of several customers. what type of customer service is that? If i didnt have my smart phone with me i would have been screwed.If you guys want me to do business with you ever again I suggest that you send out some type of apology letter and a gift card because this is not right . You could pull up my Vic card and my personal information buy telephone number thank you I am beyond livid and I am about to go on Facebook unless someone resolves

Posted by Anonymous

harrassed by the central avenue sekg check out supervisor tonight in front of other customers who are my neighbors
i went to the store manager, Adrian who of course was not in...
if I am approached by this employee again, (Lorenzo) i am standing my ground and calling 911 NOT store security...
if you continue to hire street thugs to operate your business this is exactly what you can expect.

Posted by Sarah

Very unhappy and upset with the new vendor you are using for your floral department at your Stone Ridge, VA location. The prices are now crazy high, and I now will be shopping at Wegman's or Giant. I have purchased flowers every week for the weekend, over the past 3 years and now will stop, giving you my average business of $100 - $200 per week for groceries and flowers. I don't know why you switched to Life Indulgences as your vendor, but I must say they seem to be much higher than what I was paying just last week, and consequently I am not a satisfied customers.

Posted by Rosie 60

The store on Carolina Beach Rd. Wilmington DOES NOT live up to it's commercials.Customer in distress, cashiers tried to comfort her,one cashier got manager out of office, he was very irritated, other manager ignored her totally. Told cashiers that they were to get to their registers.Then both managers let her stand there at her cart,not offering her a seat,water,or a tissue for here sweating face. This incident happened on Oct. 5,got to get that hurricane shopping money! I am in Health care, I could tell from a distance she was in distress. After I checked out,I went to where they left her standing, she was on oxygen, gave her a tissue to wipe her face,she was very tense. She had been in the restroom had a panic attack because bathroom had no air conditioning, very small, no air stirring.I stayed with her for awhile massaged her shoulders and got her comfortable, no help from staff! PANIC ATTACKS ARE SERIOUS! very disappointed with the staff. Eventually she got to her car, no help from staff, just ignored her! Gee, What great customer service! Shame on all of them!!!

Posted by Christos

Don't try using the Amazon Chase Credit Card Cash Back for 2% for prescriptions at the pharmacy because it doesn't work!
The pharmacy is not coded as a pharmacy only as a grocery store!
So, you only get 1% cash back !

Posted by Quake

The Haris Teeter on Stonecrest has some of the worst Managers I've ever seen. By worst, I mean unprofessional and lacking job morals and work ethic. When I go to shop anywhere, I look at many factors (customer service, cleanliness, etc) and I also look to see how employees treat one another. When I see employees (managers) using their positions to be unprofessional towards other employees, I let my feet do the walking and simply go spend my money elsewhere and in groceries I spend several hundred dollars per month. I predict other customers will do the same if that type behavior continues to go unaddressed and not properly and promptly corrected.

Posted by Anonymous

Today at about 12pm I was at Harris teeter on hoadly road Woodbridge va.Robin Porch store manager, when I left the store there was a employee smoking a cigarette right at the front door of the store, how nasty it smelled, I do not know your policy for this type of thing but seems to me you would get one.as I passed the girl I could see her name was Lori, she was wearing a hair net so I assumed she worked in one of your food areas,I guess because I was looking at her to get her name she felt like she could look at me in a not very pleasant way, if I have to walk through second hand smoke to get groceries then I will not be going back to that store.

Posted by Anonymous

The men's bathroom at your store in Weddington is nasty and looks like it has not been cleaned all day. When I told the only employee in the front of the store she said it has been a busy night. I understand about being busy, what I don't understand is her attitude. All I wanted to do was let her know it needed attention. You want to know why I am starting to go to Publix more often even though I pass 2 of yor stores on the the way, attitude. Friendliness, cleanliness. You are slowly losing a customer..

Posted by Anonymous

I am very pleased with the customer service at Harris Teeter located on Creedmoor Rd in Raleigh NC at Stonehenge Shopping Center. The manager Mike is always available to help and always has a friendly greeting and smile on his face he's a wonderful asset to the company...his position is greatly done and very much appreciated!



Earlier This A.m. I Viewed A Teeter Info-mercial And Phoned In To Take Advantage Of The 30day Money Back Guarantee With The Initial Pmt Of $14.95 Then 3monthly Pmt @ $99.95 After The 30day Trial. I Refused All Additional Offers, Gave My Shipping Addr/billing Addr And My Cc Acct #, Exp Date And 3digit Code Found On Back Side Of Mc Cc. I Gave This Info To Csr: Julie & Was Advised That The Type Of Mc Cc I Had Was Not Acceptable With Teeter Billing Requirements. Advised Julie I'd Call Back Around 14sept13 With A Visa Cc & Complete Order On Machine/teetertotter Thing @ That Time.the Call W/csr Julie Completed @ That Time And I Made Notes Of Future Plan To Order Tt/reverse Gravity Eqp. Then, About An Hour Ago, I Was Researching My Mastercard Credit Card Activity Re Other Transaction Posts, Mind You, Not Expecting To Find Any Activity In Re To Attempted Order Since My Cc Was Declined Due To The Type Of Card. Guess What? Your Csr Charged My Cc Acct With 3pmt Transactions & I Even Had My Order Refused With The Reason:"ccard Was Declined Due To The Type." So, Why Did You Make 3debit Transactions Against My Credit Card? Are You All Involved With Credit Card Fraud? I.e. Electronic Banking Crime Aka Embezzlement Of Funds Via Electronic Theft? I'm Sure The Crime Has A More Suitable Title Found Within The Federal Criminal Code And Its Statutes But I'll Make A Phone Call And Visit To My Attorney Come Tomorrow. This Being Sunday And All, I'll Stew On This For The Remainder Of Today, And Confer With My Legal Counsel @ His 1st Convenience, Knowing He'll Love This Bs You've Pulled. He Just Loves To Burn Evil Witches @ The Stake, All For The Sake Of Honesty And Trust In This Criminally Infested Financial Network. It's People With Shoddy Business Ethics As You That's Caused Our Commerce To Rest On Shaky Ground &/or Quicksand. You & Your Kind Are Responsible For The Us Currency Having Little If Any Value In World Trade Today. Y You Very Well Could Be Involved In A Coo To Overthrow Our Nation. Who Knows? God And You Is Who. Good Day. Kturner

Tulsa, Ok, Usa.

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Posted by Jerline

It's a great thing to shop and the cashier take time to explain without a attitude. Harris teeter on Lawndale Greensboro nc has that. Her name is Teresa. Such a nice cashier to be involve with at your store. Hats off to her
May God and Harris teeter bless her.

Posted by Anonymous

Most people call and complain I would if there was a reason but there's not I always shop at the Harris Teeter Mount Holly Huntersville Road and I went yesterday and there was a cashier named Austin f is on my receipts and she was so nice it was just a joy to be in her line and also the manager Jamie was so kind he bag the groceries cuz it was very very busy in there and there is not one time I've been in that store that he is not just busting his butt every manager should do as he does does not very many do I hope this comment gets to the store because they deserve a pat on the back they made my day

Posted by Anonymous

I shop at Easton,MD store and have made 4 request (2 with cashiers and 2 with mgt.) to have some of the smaller baskets at left side entrance with the larger ones. Not a huge request but there all always on the right side entrance.

Posted by Not sure what that is.

I shop at H/T just about 5 times a week. So, I know most of the store's management and staff. I just love all of them. They are extremely attentive, helpful,and knowledgeable about their department. They will stop what they are doing to help me or just some friendly chatter. I try very hard to learn all of their names. Because they make my shopping experience so easy. I own a small business and really appreciate all of the hard working people at store #316

Posted by Anonymous

I had the opportunity to visit store 278 and it was a Peak time cause the store was really busy. Their were 5 cashiers, but they would not stay at their register. People were waiting in line and it should not have been. Their were 2 front end Managers and 2 Co-Managers on duty. Harris Teeter is a good store but, it need to be better Management for this location. I honestly will start going back to food lion where the customer service is constant daily.The Co-Manager were sitting in the Office at the wrong time. Their was a gentlemen before me that was upset and made a suggestion on his way out to Co-Manager Bernice. To much horse playing on the front end for this chain you expect more. I can say their was a Black Male Cashier his name tag said Matt. That if he is not a Manager he should be he was very interactive with his customers and to displayed the customer service and Friendliness that should though out the store. Great Job Matt

Posted by Anonymous

Today I went to Harris Teeter near Wrightsville beach NC for my usual Sunday 5.99 chicken. They didn't have any out so I asked the man in the deli department. He said they had sold out . The store manager Jennifer McMahon overheard and saw my disappointment. I had already had such a hard day. Just starting my new job and having no insurance for 90 days, I couldn't get my blood pressure medications because I couldn't afford to go to the doctor. Jennifer must have sensed my struggle and told the customer service lady not to charge me for the 8 piece roasted chicken. I was so grateful and thankful for Jennifer's kindness. I asked Candace, the checkout lady who the woman was . She said they all loved working for her. I've always been a loyal customer. Their employees always are so kind.

Posted by Picky Customer

Best customer service and pricing. Replace and refund or better. Amazing company (I am truly not an employee)

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